i pissed in my panties when i was 11 sharing a bed with my little bro on a holiday!

I have loads of stories i could tell but i know people have different tastes. I would like to please everyone so can you let me know what you would like to hear.

This is cruel: a friend told me he read in the paper about a woman suing because she was fired for going to the bathroom too much.

Apparently she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohns Disease and has to crap diarrhea every hour. I find it cruel she was fired. It's not like she can help it, and crapping is a normal bodily function.
Had she been a junkie she wouild probably still have her job.

I had a female friend in high school named Kimm. She was only 11 days younger than me. Kimm was very pretty, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a "10" body.
Kimm also loved to wear lots of perfume, and always smelled very pretty. One day after school, Kimm came back to my house for reasons that I now forget. However, we used to hang out at each other's houses, so it was nothing special. As soon as we got home, we both had to go to the bathroom. I told Kimm she could go first.
So, she went in and came out after a few minutes.
I went in after her and noticed the smell of her ever-present perfume and a mild BM. It wasn't until then that I was turned on by the smell of a BM done by somebody of the opposite sex. I finished up and took a few more whiffs of her perfume-n-poop before I came out.
Kimm told me sorry about the smell, she had to go poop. I told her not to worry about it because I could smell her perfume, which is great.
Unfortunately, although Kimm and I hung out periodically for the next two years, I never again got to smell her poop. Every time she had to "go," it was just a pee, but I still loved smelling her perfume which inevitably lingered in the air after she stepped out of the bathroom.
She moved out of town, with her family, just before senior year in high school. We did keep in touch for a while, but eventually parted our ways. Although I am now 31, I still have fond memories of Kimm, and especially that day she pooped at my house.

To J. Reed: What was your reason for not giving toilet paper to the guy in the next stall? It is not really a big deal to help another guy in this way. I have helped several guys caught without toilet paper while crapping in the adjacent stall. They are usually real grateful. Also, if you enjoy shitting with other guys, it gives an opportunity for making a communal shit more enjoyable. Recently, at our University Library, I was taking my morning dump. A fellow student walked past my stall (I could see him through the door crack) and went into the next stall. I heard him sit on the crapper and I could tell he was shitting since I heard the usual crackling sound. He then suddenly noticed that there was no paper in the stall. He then knocked on the partition and asked me to pass him some toilet paper. I passed him a single piece under the partition and told him to let me know if he needed more. I heard several plops as his logs hit the water. I had done crap! ping, but was waiting around and enjoying the sounds from the next stall. I then started to wipe my butt. The guy started to wipe too, but still needed more paper. He asked me for some and I passed another piece under the partition. I continued to pass him more paper until he was done wiping. I flushed when he did and we both came out of our stalls at the same time. He looked sheepish, but thanked me several times for helping out. He said that next time he would check for paper before starting to dump.

J.Reed, many guys over the years have asked me for toilet paper and I've also asked for some on many occasions. I always willingly give and only once did the guy in the next stall not respond at all to my request. Most guys make a joke of the situation and it's a great way to have a conversation with the guy shitting in the next stall.

Okay I finally peeled Elena off the ceiling, I don't think she will be on -line for a while as she keep hearing stuff and people seem dead set on frightening her. She antsy about learning about the black poop thing.. so as you can see.. her relaxing on the toilet is OUT of the question. Maybe I need to work harder on getting her to ease up. srtess doesn't seem to be helping her much as she's been constipated lately and well she's worried about that now too.Oh well, anyway it's fallen on me to tell this. Linda came in one time when I was taking a shower. I heard the door close and I poked my head out of the shower.... there Linda undressed and sat and looked at me and said.. sorry just using the potty. I smiled and went back to my shower. Even over the water I heard her moaning and straining. I didn't hear any plops but after a bit of silence.. I heard her sigh out loud. When I got out of the shower she was gone, but [dramatic music] the toilet was clogged. I asked her and she ! said that it had been a while.. she think the medicine they gave her for her cold is making her constipated. Can cold medicine do that? Well I'm off, with a sick little girl and a scared by anything and everything wife.. I have my hands full.

While christmass shopping with a friend of mine at the mall, my bud needed a toilet so we made our way to the food court but boy the line up was incredible.

Now i did not have to go but steve (my bud) needed to poo so i said i would wait for him.

Well while waiting for him two girls about fourteen a bit on the ???? side came walking real fast towards the womans toilets,one of them was just ahead of the other, the one behind suddenley stopped and put her hand on her bum real tight, making a face and going red, ive done it she said to her friend, her friend turned around and laughed and just said ok i wont be long and rushed into the toilet. The girl just stood outside the entrance against the wall, i smiled and started to smell her load, at that point my friend came out and we left, but iam still curious as to why she never went in and at least tryed to clean up.

To Emily cool i wish i could have seen your log come out, sadely i no longer see sandra (i guess i keep screwing up relationships)

Can any girl give me some advice for a friend of mine, she wants to pee standing up, so far she has had no luck, she ends up wetting her pants, whats the secret??

CC this sounds like that Luis Bunell movie where the normal roles are reversed. I cant remember its name but its mentioned in Old Posts so have a browse back in time. The concept is that while urinating and defecating together in public is a perfectly socially acceptable activity, eating is a taboo to be indulged in strict privacy, never in public and indeed when someone in the film starts to eat in front of others they recoil in disgust much as would happen in Britain and the US if someone pulled their panties down in a public area and did a motion in full view of everyone.

Moira, that was an amusing incident. I have had a few like that. I remember one time at school when I was about 16 or so, one of my friends hadn't finished her maths homework and wanted my help. I would give the answers and she would then write them into her book. I was going to do this during the morning interval but a big jobbie was on its way down . I obviously didnt want to have a big accident in my navy blue knickers so we both went into the Girls Toilet and she came into the cubicle with me. I cant begin to think what other girls must have thought when they heard "2X squared, UH! NN! AH! 4 ab over c AH! 4/3 pi r cubed KUR-SPLOONK! ahh!" as I did a big fat jobbie.

On the Toilet Lockout situation I can confirm what Moira said that in the UK this would NOT be permitted. Once in our school some building work being carried out nearby broke a water main and cut off the water supply. There was no drinking water, no supply to the canteen and of course toilets could not be flushed. The Headmaster (School Principal) came on the PA system and told pupils that the afternoon session was cancelled and that pupils were to go home until the problem was solved. We were to phone in next day to see if things were back to normal, (they were). So no desparate pupils of either gender unable to use the toilets, those who did need at the time simply went to the public toilets in a nearby shopping mall and I didnt hear of any girl or boy wetting or soiling their underwear.

My husband did a whopper yesterday at home during the night. We were both asleep when he woke up needing a poo about 3.00am. He didnt want to wake me so gently slipped out of bed and went to the toilet. Now he was a bit constipated and after dropping a couple of hard balls I heard him call out "Nicky, help Im constipated and cant pass it, its too big and hard!" Obviously I got up and went to his assistance gently rubbing hs ???? as he does for me in similar circumstances and urging him to "try hard, do a nice big jobbie for Nicky!" With a bit of urging slowly but surely out came a lovely big fat lump with a loud "KUR-SPLOOSH!" we looked at the fat knobbly jobbie floating in the pan, one of those logs about 10 inches long but very fat and compacted. Both of us got a buzz out of this! I assume other couples who post here help each other when one is constipated?

The inventor of the flush toilet was Lord Harringdon,towards the end of the 16th Century....hundreds of years before Thomas Crapper.Harringdon invented a toilet for Elizabeth the First,similar in design to Japanese toilets.(The ones you need to squat over)

anoter name can be "let the food do the opposite of what you did with it"

Hi, I am new to this web site, so I thought I would tell you about the urge to BM I had today.

I live in Nuneaton in Warwickshire and I study A Levels at KEGS. I was in the yard at lunchtime playing footie and felt the urge to fart. So, I farted successfully and decided I needed a BM. I headed for the gents. I opened the door and three of the cubicles were already full. Unfortunately the toilets here are a bit crap because the doors have no locks and surprise, no arse paper. Anyway I walked in to the fifth and final cubicle by the outwards door. I shut the door and pushed my bag against it. I pulled down my undies and sat on the cold seat. I farted several times before letting out a big dump. The water splashed up my arse. I continued for another 10 minutes. I want to know urgently. How long do other college student sspend on the loo and where they prefer to go?

Plunging Plop Guy
I too missed this forum for a few days and thought there must be some fault with my computer!Anyway,great to have it back again,and no doubt there were good reasons for it not being around.It gave me a good chance to look at old posts and some absolutely brilliant ones there are.I love reading about guys shitting with other guys in rest rooms where there's a lot of grunting farting and loud plopping going on and comments from everyone.

Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet-that was John Harrington,grandson of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1695. There have been various types of water closet over the years,and when toilets were becoming much more established in Victorian times-there was a strong influence by the various local authorities as to the efficiency of satisfactorily disposing of the excreta.
In London,the water in the water trap had to be sufficiently deep enough to drown the excreta,and the basic design was what is known as the "Wash down",such as is commonly used in Western E
urope,Australia and the USA,(although I believe the American toilets are not as deep).
The "Wash out" toilets are the ones with the water trap at the front and the excreta lands on a shelf with a very shallow sump,which doesn't give a good "plop" or allow much if any splash and so the turds are not drowned;hence the stink that often occurs.
These are very common in Eastern Europe,although I have actually seen one in the cellar of a Manchester house built in 1900,and also in houses in York and Scarborough but with slightly deeper "shelves".The other fairly common type of toilet that still resembles the standard shape is the siphonic toilet which works by suction and usually has a small water trap(again useless for a good plop and splash)and very often useless for flushing away big turds.I remember dropping a 10"turd in one of these in someone's house once and they had to unblock it! Well,they should have had a PROPER

Did anyone see an episode of "Ellen" some time ago in which a woman was really concerned over whether her boyfriend had telehoned her while he was on the toilet? The entire plot of the episode was that Ellen's friend had been on the telephone talking to her boyfriend and during the call she heard a few plopping sounds and asked him what they were but he said they were nothing. She then discusses with Ellen that she thinks he must have been sitting on the toilet when he called her and decides that she must get into his flat while he's out to see if the telephone cord will stretch to the bathroom.She hopes it won't as she feels it would be terrible if he was actually shitting while talking to her! I can't remember whether it did or didn't but I think she's left wondering,and it seems so important to her, that their relationship depends on it!

Regarding giving toilet paper to someone asking for some in a public toilet.
Being asked for some may be that the guy genuinely needs some ,or it could be a way of starting a conversation.Either way,I'd be gled to help out if I could and if there's a gap under the partition,it's easy enough to pass some through and a good opportunity to ask how much they might need etc. I was once on a toilet when I saw a piece of TP being held under the partition and assumed it to be a note from someone hoping for some "Immoral act" or personal questions.Anyway,the guy was asking for some TP.I passed him some,then got a "thank you"note from him and telling me he was then going to some wine lodge.I don't think he wanted any paper at all,just a chat-up ploy!
It's often surprised me that when someone has gone into a cubicle and found none and I'm sitting in the next cubicle,why they're so shy of calling through to ask for some.Instead I hear them going in search of some muttering about the useless facilities!
British reserve again!

A few years ago I was sitting in the same public toilet,listening out for some good sounds before I had a shit myself when I heard 2 or 3 young Frenchmen enter the toilets.One of them went into the cubicle on my left,pulled his jeans and pants down,sat on the toilet and I heard him having a long piss,then the loudest and longest lasting fart I've ever heard in my life!It was real pan-reverberating and rip-roaringly echoing through the toilets for AT LEAST 10 seconds and possibly even more.I sat with baited breath but that was all he did,and as usual I got to the sinks just as he was coming out and we both washed our hands at the same time.He was a good looking Latin type probably about 20 years old and I went into his cubicle where he hadn't flushed and the water was a deep yellow from his long piss.I sat on the seat relishing the feel of it where he'd been sitting and farting so well,and wishing like anything I could have had a good shit but wasn't able to go,nor did I f! eel the need to go either.Those of you who know how much I love getting my bum splashed when I shit may understand how in these circumstances I'd have LOVED the added dimension of getting my bum splashed with this guy's piss when I dropped my turds!
Anyway,it wasn't to be but I'd love to have had a portable cassette recorder with me switched on for that perfect fart! What could he have eaten?If it was sprouts (!)
-I'd have started eating them daily,but I wonder how he shits!

I've been continuing to do small turds all this week,I still can't produce the logs I want to do and which so many of you do regularly.I'm having no laxatives at all now and am eating white bread again but nothing seems to be bulking up the turd size.I'm still having a high fibre breakfast so all I can think of that is lacking is enough fluid intake.Does anyone have any theories about how much to drink?I seem to feel as though I want to do more when I'm shitting but that it's too small to get pushed out.
I drink about 3 pints a day and don't feel thirsty enough for more!

Looking forward to more advice for this continuing problem,and thanks in advance to so many of you kind enough to advise!

Good toilet experiences to everyone, PPG
As for Thomas Crapper-he invented the cistern,or waste water preventer as it was originally called,although a Joseph Bramah was also designing a cistern at the same time during the latter half of the 19th century.

On Friday after Thanksgiving, I shopped at a small strip mall. While there I needed to take a leak. I headed to the men's room. After opening the door, I entered a short hallway. I noticed that the lock on the door was broken. After turning the corner into the small restroom, I saw a toilet and urinal on one wall and a sink and mirror on the opposite wall. There was a young guy sitting on the can with his jeans around his ankles. I apologized for walking in on him and turned to leave the restroom. He grinned at me and said it was no problem at all. He seemed friendly and I decided to take a piss. The toilet bowl and urinal were next to each other. There was a small partial waist-high partition separating the two so that someone sitting on the can could not see the dick of a guy pissing. I'm a bit pee shy and it took me a couple of minutes to get started. While I stood there, I heard plops when the guy's logs dropped into the bowl. He strained and sighed while squ! eezing out his logs. At one point he cut a loud fart. He grinned at me and said: "Excuse me. I guess I pigged out during Thanksgiving." I told him that I had also eaten too much. When I was done pissing, I walked over to the sink, which was directly opposite the toilet and urinal. While washing my hands I could see the guy in the mirror over the sink. After washing my hands, I combed my hair. I watched in the mirror while the guy wiped his butt while sitting. He did a lot of wiping, but folded each piece of TP into a neat square. He examined each piece of paper after wiping and I could see the skid marks on the paper. Eventually, he was done. He shook his dick pretty carefully and then stood up and pulled up his jeans. I continued to comb my hair while he washed his hands. We left the restroom at the same time and he wished me a nice day. The day after Thanksgiving is usually a good one to observe guys shitting at malls.

Um.. Think there maybe more to that actually.. I was rereading and saw the question about who invented the toilet. There's been speculation about it as they say Thomas did not invent it.. it was invented by someone else.. but Thomas bought the rights to it. Plus, Linda once told me as it was once said on a cartoon show on WB. Also someone asked if any girls had had an accident while wearing a thong.. Elena's friend Nora did.. while I was with her. [shakes his head] It was mortifing. But in the end Nora said.. geez.. why do you look worse than me? I'm the one who just unlaoded a ton of poop in my jeans!!! I had never witnessed such a thing and as many of you may have guessed.. I have a weak heart. Welel not really.. but you know what i mean.

Rick (peeper)
Hi folks, remember me, I am the guy who has been standing outside of the NASDAQ in N.Y. the last month with a cup in my hand. It used to not be that way. Anyhow, Here is an interesting fact about the human digestive system: Did you know that the acid inside if the human stomach could melt steel on contact. We humans are capable of eating anything, even shoe leather, no joke. The mucus membrane that lines the stomach prevents a hole from being burned through your body.Incredible! P.S. - moderator, let's see a woman of color sitting on that toilet.

Mr. Pee
The last time, I went in a night club in Hull,Quebec,Canada, I had to pee on a stainless steel wall with gutter at the bottom. It was the first time, I saw that kind of urinal. I am definitely more surprised to see it there, because the niteclub was supposed to be transformed in... library.

'Allo, everyone!

I haven't posted in a long while (since before Turkey Day), so I've missed quite a bit. I did read about four pages to try and stay "on top of the Toilet." (God, this site just makes these one-liners so much easier!)

PV -- excellent achievement with the pee in the men's basin. Being a guy, I probably can't relate as well. But it sounded triumphant. Those urinals are the most fun, anyway. The local minor-league baseball stadium used to have such a setup, then they took it away in favor of those god-awful floor-length urinals that splash your shoes. Depressing.

To all those who've commented on "relief scenes" in film and TV -- I remember two such scenes from Jackie Chan movies.

Scene I -- This is in Rumble in the Bronx, and entails the destruction of a large building. A bomb blasts, the walls come down, and the hapless heroine of the film (an attractive Asian woman, I don't know who) is left sitting "prone on the throne" with her pants at her knees. This last was specified to appease the censors, I assume, but the look on her face is perfect for the kind of trauma involved.

Scene II -- This other scene was in one of Chan's Hong Kong productions (I can't think of the name). This is the better of the two, as Chan is hiding out in a woman's house to spy on her. Luckily enough for what happens next, he's hiding in the shower. The woman pulls up in a beautiful red BMW Z1 (sorry, I love cars), rushes into the house while unzipping her tight jeans, quickly drops her panties and lets loose an audible stream of pee. She sighs in relief, as Chan attempts to escape through the still-open door, but to no avail. (By the way, the rest of the movie was absolutely forgettable after that point, with the exception of maybe one believable fight scene. Chan is still the current master, though - and luckily, the pee scene occurs near the beginning of the film.)

TONY (Scotland) -- I think it was you wondering what that movie was with the woman audibly pooping, at peace from her children. Now you've got me curious. Don't know if the moderator will let me post the site name, but I'm gonna search the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) for "poop" or "defecate" or "toilet", maybe. , a very informative web site that is basically a free-for-all, much like this one.) I'll let you know if I figure it out. You said it was from the 1980s, I believe?

About the history of toilets -- My, everyone has an intimate of this subject, don't they? Nice to know that Crapper's Crapper has remained a vibrant topic of discussion. While looking for new books on automobiles at the library, I saw an interesting title on the shelf above. Ready for the name? The Toilet Papers, but I don't know the author. Flipping through it briefly, I found no photos of people actually in the process or anything, but the book has a great deal of toilet info in it. There's a brief history of Western toilets, but the bulk of the book (ha ha - bulk) is about construction and utilization of environmentally-friendly alternatives like composters or natural-drain toilets. Interesting reading, and odd that the Dewey Decimals put toilets and cars so close together. I guess that's just my destiny or something.

KIM & SCOTT -- Really too bad about the loss of your post-Thanksgiving story. Kim, your logs amaze me. I had my own personal best about a week ago, probably a good fourteen (14) inches if I judged the submerged half correctly (the water was a bit hazy). And it was about two inches wide by my eye. Yes, I was pleased. Post again soon and often, please.

KENDAL -- Don't know if I just missed you in the rush of old posts, but how are you doing out there in the wide world? Your stories, for one so young, are very well-written and funny. Maybe I sound too much like an English teacher (I'm not), but you impress me. Keep writing, you're good.

BUZZY -- I'm curious, are you doing this bedpan thing at a desktop PC or with a laptop somewhere? Either way, it's great fun to "hear" a live poop session from someone who I'd say has some of the most variable movements I've ever heard of. From balls to plops to sausages, it's good stuff. See if you can get your hands on a laptop so you can copy down one of your outdoor sessions, then find a phone connection and log it in. That would be the pinnacle of live internet bowel movements, I think.

LOUISE -- I hear it's cold in England. Too bad, your beach stories are priceless. But your next summer will most likely be worth the wait. Also, which Bond movie were you talking about? I think that's where they stole the idea of the "coffee" scene for Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Dang, I wrote a lot more than I'd planned. Besides that, it's really late here, and I've got to work in the morning. And besides THAT, I've been pumping out little farts the whole time I've been writing this. If not tonight, then perhaps Mr. Hanky will show himself tomorrow sometime. (For those who haven't seen the classic South Park Christmas episode, I apologize. I also apologize to those who have seen it.)

Well, happy crapping to all -- and goodnight!


PS -- OK, one more thing. About childhood poop-holding: Once, while about 10 or 11 years old and playing outside, I had a slight urge to make a log. It wasn't like it was on the edge, but I thought it would be fun for a change to do it au natural. So, being small, I found a good hiding spot under a nearby pine tree that was next to one of the house walls. Being careful to crouch low and hide myself, I dropped my pants, slipped down my undies and squatted. I peed, just 'cause I could mainly. Then I pushed a bit and squeezed out a strange little turd: Very hard and knobbly to start with, but quite soft and nearly runny at the end. And it was only about five inches! Interesting. Then I realized I had no paper, so I grabbed a convenient maple leaf or two (I think that's what they were, as the leaves were pretty big) and wiped my slightly dirty rear end. Not a long story, but significant as it was my first real open pooping session. And another chapter closes, with one recommen! dation: leaves suck for wiping.

Happy trails!

Saturday, December 02, 2000

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