EMILY- A 10 PM poop story, eh? Okay, let me go through my files....

I used to be in a local chorus when I was little (keep in mind, this is before I was a regular 10 PM pooper). We used to travel around during the summer and sing in the local churches and such. Once, we got the opportunity to go fishing at the local dock of one of the towns at night. There were a lot of fireflies, and, me not a fisherman at the rie age of 8, decided to catch them. Minutes passed into hours, and I realized that I had wandered too far from camp. I began to get nervous, and, like any other youngster, had to go to the bathroom.
So I searched for a place to go. When I finished my long pee/poop session, the rock which I defecated on moved. Apparently a bunch of campers were asleep at my poop site. I had gone on somebody's sleeping bag!
I ran out of there. The people never saw me, and nobody missed me back at camp. A day to remember....

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Billy L
Someone said that Thomas Crapper invented to toilet, but they had flush toilets years before this. So I guess Thomas Crapper did NOT invent to toilet.

Anyway, all the boys in my class poop and pee together. I think that is becasue we all grew up together, except one. He moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. So when we went to the bathroom, and the door was lopcked, we knew who was in there. Of course, if the door wasn't locked, we soon found out anyway who was there anyway. Of course, Joey locked the door only when he was pooping. But someone else was pooping, he would wait outside until we were done. Then one day, i just finished pooping when when he walked in. We were all about to take aim at the turd (I made one floater and a few sinkers). He said, what are you doing? I said, playing sink the sub. Then he watched. After that, when he came in and someone was on the toilet, he would join us after that. He still did not poop in front of anyone. That changed in the summer. We went to a camp where there were no doors ont he stalls. So he had no choice. Because about 5 of us went there, he started get used to poopin! g in front of us. After this, he kind of had no choice. We would go and play soccer or baseball or swimming or play in the woods. The soccer and baseball field was near the woods and had no bathrooms, and the lake we swam at is next to the fields. So when he had to pee, he would go in the woods. But when he had to poop, he went home, which took like 15 minutes. And if it was getting near lunch or dinner, he would not be allowed back out until way later. So I guess he decided to poop in the woods instead of going home. So when he and someone else had to poo, they ended up pooping together. he got used to pooping with us. And it worked out nicely, because at school he makes the best floaters for playing sink the sub. Now the only place where he locks the door is at his home, but that is becasue his mom is kind of strick about that stuff. The rrest of our parents don't really care too much, as long as the girls stick together and the boys stick together.

Well done PV!Bet you were on a high for a while after your public pee?!

TO J REED-I've had guys ask me for toilet paper while i've bee in the stall next to them and i always gave them some with no problem.I don't think i remember having to ask anyone for paper cause i always look before i sit down,but I've never had anything weird happen to me from anyone else-
TO EMILY-Good to hear from you-i just love your stories!I agree with you that doing little balls is never as fun as a nice smooth long sausage-it just feels so much better-i used to do those little balls when I was a kid and it was such a drag-it felt like i was doing little spiked balls coming out-once in a great while,i do a BM like that but it is usually followed by a long sausage poo-hey emily,speaking of poo,i've been reading all these posts and for the last 2 days there was no new posts and now i'm catching up on reading them and as i've bee sitting here reading them for about 20-25 mins and now,i have to go poo-i've been sitting here passing gas for a bit and by rectum is quite full-hold on,i'm going to get my bedpan---- Ok,i'm now sitting on the pan and I can feel the poo staring to come out without me pushing so now i'm going to push--Ahahhahhhhhhhhhhhh Oh yea that felt good -let me see one long turd wrapped around the bedpan-looks about 8-10 in long-no pre poo fa! rt either it was right there ready to come out!I really enjoy sitting on eight the toilet or bedpan while i talk to you all-it's so fun!I'm waiting to go more but i don't feel anything else-lately i haven't been pooing that much-so maybe this is all i'm going to do,so i'm going to wipe now and clean up-if i have to go more i'll do it at the gym and that's always fun!So let me get my ass off this pan and clean up-Oh wait! I got to go again-let me sit down again--Oh--- some gas now-- here it comes-- AhhhHhhhhhhaaha---Oh man --another sausage,but this one came out fast and is now touching my ass-let me look---Yup,it's another long one,but soft and then is loose at the end of it--Now I feel done-I'm going to have to take a shower to clean up-Wow- that was cool-Some of the soft poo as it was coming out piled up on the 1st turd and was touching my butt and now i have a poo mark on my butt from it -off to the shower,quick! Great posts all!BYE

Well, I'm back after a little while, been busy in school and flight school. I was in Physics the other day, and I overheard this one girl talking to her friend. I didn't know what she was saying, so I thought I'd listen in. I thought for sure she was talking about some guy who she had the hots for or some other thing like that. Instead though, she was telling her friend about the poop she had the night before. She was saying that she got this full feeling really fast and that she almost didn't make it. Then she said that after a mad dash to the toilet seat, she sat down with her panties around her ankles and tried to let it come. That didn't work so she tried pushing. That didn't work either, so she said that she ended up rocking back and forth on the seat saying stuff to herself like, "Come on, get outta me you big annoying load of shit!" It was pretty funny, because to that point, I couldn't imagine her taking a shit, but now I suddenly could, and very well at that.! LOL

Anyway, nice to see how many pages of new stories there are. Kim and Scott, nice stories lately, Nicole, Sandra, Lizzy, and all the other people I can't remember on lack of sleep and a shitty dinner.

Happy and huge motions to all! Dave-NY

Billy L - Cool story about pooping with your brother and your friends. How old are you? I'm 14.

Casey - I understand how a lot of people don't like to poop in public. I used to be that way too... I've held in my poop for long periods of time, especially at camp a few summers ago, when I couldn't go at home. but I got over it a little over a year ago. Now I go poop at school whenever I have the urge to go and if it's convenient. I don't like to poop in completely public places that I've never been to before, but I have no problem taking a dump at school. I just said to myself - everyone does it, so who needs to hide it? I really like it when I'm pooping in a stall in the school bathroom and a kid goes into the stall next to me, so I can hear him pooping. If you feel shy or embarassed about pooping at school, just remind yourself that you're not the only one who feels that way, and that all your friends poop too. Have you ever pooped at school?

My partner and I have been into buddy-dumping for a good while now, including mutual enemas. But now there is a new twise: due to a recent bizarre accident I am healing, with my legs kept out straight for over a month -- either a wheelchair with legs extended or in bed. Dumping? we now have a commode in the guest room: a portable toilet, basicaly a seat on a heavy-duty lawn chair with a removable pail under it. (I pee in a urinal, even while in bed). To dump,, my partner helps me slide from the wheelchair to the commode, with my legs still propped up straight on the wheelchair pads. Then I huff and puff (,y doctor told me "I have problems taking a crap uphill..." and drop a good load in the paid. Wiping is a bit of gymnastics, with me always afraid the damn thing will tip over, and then she helps me back onto the wheelchair, cover the pail, and I wheel away to rinse my hands while she empties the pail. Even with our buddy dumping it's a bit strange -- hate to say hum! iliating, but there is a touch of it. And helpless! Probably one of the big rewards at the end of the month will be the freedom to take a good dump on a real toilet.

Wow, lots of good posts to reply to today...

TO LIZZY - You *really* go, girl! In the words of someone else who hangs out here, It's simply the best when a long log slides out slowly past your ring and you can feel and enjoy the whole thing. Glad you made it to the toilet in time.

On inventing the toilet, I once saw a photo of ruins of those Roman stone toilets GEORGE (Scotland) mentioned. The holes were edged by a rounded indentation, nice for resting the bum, but the odd part was that the hole narrowed at the front but continued down the vertical part for a few inches. Seems to me that might sometimes cause the user could pee on himself or herself while sitting down. These toilets were in long, facing rows with no partitions. No inhibitions there! Reminds me of some of the third-world places I've described here.

TO BUZZY and CORY - I think a whole lot of people are into the pleasure of having a good BM, but it's just too taboo for most people to talk about. Which makes this forum really special.

TO MIA - I don't know the answer to your question on David Blaine, but I'd guess that his metabolism was pretty well supressed while he was in that ice block, so he probably didn't poop and peed very little, if at all. Remember those little Mercury and Gemini space capsules, used before the shuttles? The astronauts who flew on those used to get an enema before going into space. Sort of a pre-blast off blast off. They also wore diapers while aboard.

TO GINNY - Welcome! Great story. Don't worry, your interest isn't all that unusual and you're in good company here.

To ELENA and KIKI, congrats to you both on your babies. Believe it or not, learning to relax on the toilet while having a BM without straining is good practice for childbirth. I don't know if our worthy moderator will allow this, but Dr. Grantley Dick-Reed's (Read's?) book on natural childbirth is a helpful read, IMHO, whether you're going the hospital or midwife route.

BTW, ELENA, black poop is not normal. It may just be something you ate, but it can sometimes be a sign of an intestinal ulcer or other internal bleeding. If it happens again, I'd see a doctor.

Take care, all!

Sorry, I think I forgot to include my handle earlier today when I posted to LIZZY, GEORGE (SCOTLAND), BUZZY, CORY, ELENA, AND KIKI. 'Twas I, the Traveller.

TO PV - Loved the wall and gutter urinal story. Here in the US, we don't have as many of those as there, I think, but we do have a men's urinal shaped like a shallow bathtub and about half as wide. They're used a lot in high traffic areas like stadiums. Do you have those there? If so, have you ever used one? Like the wall and gutter type, you can watch your own pee, along with that of all your companions, slowly flow toward the drain, the yellow highlighted against a white porcelain background. You'd love it, I'm sure.

BTW, ELENA, "recount" indeed! LOL! That was a good one. Keep that sense of humor and you're gonna do great.

Have any girls s**t them self in a thong?

Hi everyone, just caught up with the posts after a couple of days because I've not been well. never mind I'm OK now but I had the runs at school and it was so embarrassing. I did try not to use the loos but at lunchtime I couldn't wait and I did some runny poop in my knicks so I ran to the tiolets only just in time. After lunch was P.E. and because my knickers were so dirty I didn't want to go in the changing rooms so I said I was ill and was sent home.

Kendal - Hello and yes please do tell me about the first time you went to the toilet with Andrew, I would love to hear that.

Lawn Dogs Kid - No Suzy hasn't persuaded me to go out with no knickers on but it's really cold in England you know! Last week we went into a shoe shop and there was a young man I suppose about 18 serving and when he was helping Suzy to try on shoes she forgot she had no knickers on! He went really red in the face! I couldn't spend long trying any on because I couldn't stand or sit still becaude I was DYING to wee and Suzy deliberately took a long time because she thought it was funny. I was having to walk back and forth and dance about to stop weeing and when Suzy was paying I said to her 'hurry up, I'm going to wet myself!' and the man must of heard because he went red again. I went between two cars and weed for ages and it ran down the gutter, I'm sure people saw it! This is for both of you of course, love, N.

I see a lot of posts from girls who wee standing up but I have tried it once and wee down my legs so how do you do it? Suzy wants to know too. Bye, N.

I'm glad to see this site updated. I was beginning to have "Toilet" withdrawal symptoms. Thanks moderators.

A few weeks ago, I attended another large classic car event. The restrooms at this place were the biggest I've ever seen in my life. I was astounded when I walked up to what I thought was another pavilion of car parts, but instead, was literally a huge warehouse converted into a men's bathroom. There must have been 25 stalls and 50 urinals. To top it off, it was practically a full house. It's finally beginning to get cold here in Florida, so the first thing I noticed were all the jackets hanging over the stall doors. The second thing I noticed were that the stall dividers and doors were made out of plywood and were much shorter than normal and higher off the ground. The result was being able to see lots of guys, from their mid section up, walking into stalls, shutting the door, taking off their jackets, and then turning around and finally seeing their heads disappear as they sat down. Anyone could have walked up to the stall and easily looked in from the top. Of c! ourse, nobody did that. Imagine the sound of about 20 guys grunting and farting all at the same time. That's what the sound effects were like. Interesting restroom.

Today for lunch, I walked to a café down the road from where I work. Instead of walking down the sidewalk as usual, I decided to walk through a conference center in our complex. I saw a restroom and decided that I would take my lunch time poo in it. Nobody was in the restroom, so I went to the last stall, which happened to be the handicapped stall. It had a sink in it, which is nice because I like to wet the toilet paper when I wipe to clean up well. All the other toilets backed up to the wall. However, the one in the handicapped stall faced sideways. The sink was to my left as I sat down. Just as I was beginning to push out my poo, I noticed the tile was highly reflective and I could very clearly see the reflection of the back of the toilet in the stall in front of me. I've seen this before, but it was always a situation where I had to turn around to see the reflection. In this case, I could see it while facing forward. I wondered if I would have a show. Withi! n a couple of minutes, I had pushed out all my poo and started to wipe. Suddenly, someone came in and entered that stall. I could see the guy's hand as he wiped the toilet seat with toilet paper, then carefully begin laying toilet paper on the seat. He had on tennis shoes and jeans. He turned around, pulled down his pants, sat down, and then leaned far forward. He pulled his shirt up high on his back. As I continued to wipe, I could see his butt muscles moving as he strained to poo. I also heard him taking deep breaths and grunting. This was very entertaining to me as I wiped. Unfortunately, some man walked it, turned on the water at a sink full blast, and started brushing his teeth. That grounded out all the grunting sound effects I love to hear so much. I hate it when that happens. I finished wiping and left. I'll have to visit that building again one day. Happy pooping!

Hi -its me again, with my recolection of farting reports during my teenage years (I could write a book on this...)

My thesis today reflects on a woman (will not mention names for discretion) who constantly has wind (as us Britons would say, but I say she needs to constantly fart)

I discovered her constant fart problem when I was aged 11, and I used to deliberatley spend Saturday afternoons at her house just so I can get to hear her blow off in her frequent visits to the toilet. (she also had cable tv - which was such a novelty them days, having 30 channels against the boring 4 channels us Britans had too suffer for years).

Anyway, I've established she has a wind problem, but the most significant time was when it was her birthday, and she held a house party. I stayed the night in her house (I was 13 years old). The bedroom I slept in was next to the toilet - geographically, the toilet was on the same wall as my bed, so I got 100% coverage of the sound she would make.

I stayed awake on the night waiting for her to go toilet. She went in, and decided to go for a shit... lasted 3 mins and made 1 plop per minute. I thought...thats not much!

She then went to bed, and 10 mins later, I heard discreet wet farts "escaping" her bum... I thought "she is going to build up".

The next morning was proof... I woke up 4 hours later at 7am, just in time because I her violently jump out of bed, and run to the toilet. She slam the seat down... waited.... waited and then..... her bum started hissing.... like a burst car tyre...

All the current postings about someone in the next cubicle needing toilet paper and asking for it is amusing in the context of a toilet event which happpened to me this week.

I have a new secretary, Lisa, who is aged 25 and came from a far more traditional practice than mine. She was a bit shy to begin with but soon got used to the more relaxed culture for example that we call each other by our first names unless clients are present when more formality is used. Also of course our Ally Mac Beal type unisex staff toilet, (as previously stated we do have other separate gender toilets to satisfy regulations and those members of staff who prefer this, clients' toilets are of course separate). Now I had sent her to Court to have some papers sealed (stamped) and was waiting her return to check and sign them, insert in the file with other documentsd them send her with them to a bank. Trouble was that as I waited I was needing a motion, and I could feel it was going to be a real whopper! Fortunately I was alone in my office as I was busy and nobody had to endure the silent but deadly farts I was emitting into the seat of my white cotton interlock knicke! rs. Eventually I could feel that if I didnt go to the toilet soon this lawyer would be producing the evidence into her briefs, so asked reception to send Lisa into the toilet with the paperwork. Picking up the file I went to the toilet, into a cubicle hitched up my navy blue skirt, pulled my white knickers down to my knees and sat on the pan. I did my wee wee, tinkle tinkle hiss tinkle and could feel the big jobbie start to stretch my sphincter. I gave an UH! NNN! and felt it start to come out. This one was going to take its own time, being a bit compacted, knobbly and very fat. It was however a pleasent sensation as it slowly slid out and grew in size with my maintaining a steady pressure giving the occasional NNN! AH!. At this point Lisa came into the toilet and discretely said, "Moira, Ive got those documents!" I replied, "great, just slide them under the door, Oh excuse me, NN! UH! KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" The big jobbie plunged into the pan. Forgetting herself for the moment L! isa exclaimed "Bloody hell!" Then, "Oh excuse me Moira!" I just laughed and replied, "Yes it was a big plop wasnt it!" I signed the papers but having finished I asked her to wait while I wiped my bum, pulled up my panties, adjusted my skirt and came out. I did pull the flush but as is often the case my jobbie was too big to flush away, about 14 inches long I estimate. As I came out I saw that Lisa had a good look down the pan. To avoid her being embarrased as i certainly wasnt I smiled as I washed my hands, "You can see why it made such a great splashdown" Lisa replied, "Yes, some of the other girls were telling me that you are well known for dropping huge logs Moira!" This amused me greatly to say the least. Im not the only one in our practice who launches panbusters, one of the male partners can match me inch for inch and I have been blamed a few times for his jobbies and vice versa.

My advice to those who find that milkshakes give them the runs is ditch the milkshakes! I am concerned about what is in "Fast Foods". I have known people get the shits from the fat substitute they cook the fries in.

Just cant get my head round the idea of the "toilet lockouts" in some US Schools. How barbaric! Over here they would have no choice but to close the school and send the pupils home if there were no toilets available.

Great Thanksgiving poop stories, folks. I especially liked Buzzy and Lisa's accounts. Some pooping!

Unfortunately, I don't have a story of my own. Gary and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year with my family, Gary's family, my friend Sara and her husband, and Gary's friend George and his wife. After dinner Gary went to the bathroom and suddenly shouted for the plunger. It seemed that someone had clogged our toilet! As I handed the plunger to my husband, I told Gary it wasn't my fault!

The next day, Gary and I decided to go with the crowd and dive into Mall Madness. We spent several hours shopping. As I went into the ladies room in one of the department stores, I noticed there were wads of paper towels and toilet paper everywhere, and a few wet spots. There was even a small piece of poop on the floor. I peed and managed to fart twice but no pooping.

After we left the mall, I had to stop by my office to pick up a notebook to do some work at home. After I got my notebook, I stopped by the ladies room to do another pee. As I was washing my hands, someone burst into the room. It was my co-worker Jackie, who was startled to see me. "Hi Jane. I thought I was the only one at work," she said. I told her I just stopped by to pick something up and then asked her how was her holiday. She said, I think I ate too much, and quickly ran into the stall. She sat down and expelled a huge explosion of soft poop, a loud cascade of plops and loud farts. As I dried my hands, Jackie suddenly exclaimed, "Oh God!" and let go another massive wave of poop. I asked her if she was all right, and she said she will be when she's done. She flushed the toilet while she was still seated. I told her to take care and have a good weekend, and as I left I could start to smell her poop.

What happened to Page 468?

I've had a couple of unusual poops this past week.
One started off as a "crackler" but after about 15 seconds, it speeded up, and came out with a quiet whistle, to land in the water with a gentle "faloomp". It was about an inch and a quarter for most of it's 8 inch length, but the last inch or so was very smooth, tapering to a point.
Today i've had a lot of wind (gas) and had to go twice in the space of 15 minutes. The first time, I didn't do much, just some "rabbit droppings" and passed a lot of gas, but the second time I did long thin jobbie. It was only about a half inch diameter but about 15 inches long and it zig-zagged on the surface of the water in the pan... and it SMELLED!

I only usually spend a few minutes on the toilet - sit, empty, wipe, wash, that's it! I've never ever read a book or played a video game while sat there. If a second lot makes its presence known, then I go back. No sitting around for half an hour!

If I do have any sort of booked time, it's after breakfast. When I get up, I always need to pee, but the poop isn't ready - but I sure have to go just after breakfast!

Si :)

Bryian. I understand your frustration at the forum not being updated for two days and, to some extent, share it. With any forum where there are ongoing debates posts should, ideally, be updated regularly, ie at least once a day. However, this a moderated forum (I would not wish it to be otherwise thus) and part of the price we pay for having moderation to keep everything clean and decent is that we have to accept posts being updated when it is convenient for the moderator.

J.Reed. Personally I would have offered to let the person who was stuck without TP, have some. We all have different beliefs and some people have none, but whatever we believe to be right it is always good to do the decent thing and help people if they're in difficulty.

Ginny. There's nothing dirty or abnormal about having an interest in natural bodily functions and you shouldn't have any guilt feelings about it. For many people it's just the extension of a natural curiosity about such things which first surfaces in childhood. Some people retain an interest in such matters as adults as, indeed I have done, and most of the other people who post here have too. It's good to have a forum where such things can be discussed openly and safely without unwanted (and in my opinion boring) sexual elements creeping in.

Tony (Scotland). Like you, I enjoyed the scene from "Take a Girl Like You" enormously but I suspect it was probably a 'one off' for that programme. I will of course watch this week in case there are any more such scenes but also because I like the play in its own right. I noticed that Jenny was wearing white knickers and the other girl had pink ones on - and yes they were pulled down a fair way. Interestingly, I don't think either of them flushed when they'd finished.

Anne(the bus driver). You'd have been proud of me last night. I went to the loo and crashed out three logs, each one about seven inches long and two inches thick. I also 'splatted' the back of the pan but that was soon cleaned with hot water and bleach. This evening I had a smaller motion and dropped two logs of a similar size.


I have a question for the movie buffs'. A few years ago I saw an ad for a movie (on SBS for those in Aus), in one scene there are about 3 men and 3 women at a table and instead of chairs they have a toilet. One of the men says "Sit" (in a foreign language) and they proceed to undress their bottom halves to sit on the toilet. Does anyone know what this movie is?

Next week I am doing some work experience (I'm unemployed so I'm doing it to enhance job prospects) and that means getting up at 8am and earlier. I've been used to sleeping in 'till 10am or 11 am at which time I usually do a poo. The problem I face is that my body will still be used to this and I'm worried that after I get to work I'll have to do a poo there.

Friday, December 01, 2000

"thank you" Thomas Crapper invented the flush joke :o) What's the paper for? It sounds quite unusual and interesting.

reed--of course I would ask for toilet paper! Living in a college dorm with a whole bunch of girls sharing the bathroom and only being stocked once a day, this happens all too much. Usually though I check and use a different stall...
and I think it's weird for girls to pee standing up, but I like weird things and right now PV and Louise are teaching me.

PV--healthy schedule is something I'm just not right now. I slept until 5something this afternoon (it's so weird not seeing the light of day) and it's not 4:30 am and I just can't sleep, so clearly this throws EVERYTHING off...

Any one see a commercial for this weeks Simpsons episode?? In the preview is says Homer gets a computer and they said what will he be doing during long downloads. Then it shows a public bathroom and alot of stalls, and you hear him sing(in the tune to "I've been working on the railroad") I've been sitting on the toilet, all my live long day, I've been sitting on the toilet all my live long day. It looks funny.
This is a bummer, No updates on the fourm in 2 days

Good Morning!!!! Just had my morning's 7:45am
so it came a bit early today....must have been the KFC I had for dinner last night....LOL

I woke up with a cramp, ran to the toilet let out some good farts then let out my small poops one by one...plop plop plop plop
I don't like the small dropping kind as much as the snakes and logs...they slither out so smoothly. I feel much better now but since it's very near 8am I just may have to do another poop. Sometimes I go twice in the mornings.

J. Reed: That does sound like the book I looked at...I'd never seen it before. It's called Poop I think and the illustrations are pretty cool...almost like water color paintings.

Kevin: I always enjoy your posts especially this last one about your new girlfriend Sandra. I came close to doing a log in my panties this morning!!!!!!

Kiki: I'd love to hear some of your 10pm poop stories!!!

Buzzy: Keep those posts coming!!!!! I think I feel another poop coming on so I'd better get my arse to the toilet.

Ciao Emily :o)

Lisa you need to shit like me. In the open behind a bush and you will not have to shit all day. Pants down low bend over and it all pours out. Wipe first with grass ans then paper and then some cream to help the next load.

Hey girls,anyone have any stories of using public bathrooms without doors on the stalls?If so,please let us know!:o)

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