Lizzy (college gal)
Hello once again fellow posters! I hope everyone here that celebrates Thanksgiving had a nice one and to everyone else…I hope you had nice day on that particular day. First off, no this is not a post about a good after-Thanksgiving dump I had. I’m not a big turkey fan so I don’t each much more then usual on Thanksgiving, sorry. This is however about a nice dump I had soon after I arrived back at my dormitory after the break. I suppose it wasn’t a big deal but I figured it was at least worth sharing with you all.
This story starts with me arriving home after a long bus ride back to campus late last Sunday. I had bought a ticket for the last bus so I didn’t get home until about 12:30 at night. When I walked in my roommate was in bed watching television so I proceeded to unpack my nice clean clothes that my mom had washed for me. After what had seemed like an eternity (I pack heavy) I finished that task. It was then that I decided to hop in the bathroom for my nightly shower. Early into my wonderfully refreshing shower I began to feel the slight need to have a bowel movement; I hadn’t had one since very early in the morning and my dad had taken me out for a big dinner. Luckily I was in the shower because I soon found myself passing small puffs of gas that filled the shower stall with my stench surprisingly quickly, I have never passed gas in front of my roommate. Not too long after that, maybe ten or fifteen minutes later when I rinsing off, nearly done getting clean the sligh! t urge had totally overtaken me. It was the worst urge to poop I had felt in months and it had crept up on me so fast. It was exciting to know that I was soon going to expel such a large amount but I was holding it back so hard that I was very uncomfortable at the same time. By the time I was turning off the water I had lost the grip on my anus and only my tightly clenched butt cheeks were keeping me from making a terrible mess on the floor.
I opened the shower door and grabbed my towel in an attempt to get as dry as possible before sitting on the toilet so I wouldn’t make a mess in there. After drying the upper half or my body and my butt I rushed naked and still dripping wet into the small separate room in the bathroom that houses the toilet. I noticed that one of the other girls had peed and not flushed. So I flushed and sat down as fast as I could, covering my upper body with my towel and spreading my cheeks with my hands. The noise of the toilet refilling itself made me feel so comfortable that I was able to let go without worrying about all the noise I was making. Without even pushing an ounce a long, soft, smooth log rushed out of my open hole, I could feel every inch of it push past my anus, and I could hear the crackling sound, it felt extremely good and relieving. The huge turd fell into the toilet with a soft splashing noise. After that I could feel another piece hanging out but not moving. ! I pushed softly and the short turd inched its way out of me and fell into the water as I was exhaling, with a more audible splash. To top it all off I peed a weak stream into the bowl for a few seconds. The smell of a satisfying bowel movement hung in the air.
When I was finished I stood up to wipe myself and looked in the bowl. The water was surprisingly cloudy but I could see the two light brown, smooth pieces of poop. The longer one was laying at the bottom, part of it had disappeared down the hole so it was impossible to tell exactly how long it was, but I could see a good 7 inches of it. A short 4 incher floated in the uncolored but cloudy water. As I began to wipe myself I noticed that the soft turds had left me very dirty back there. It took six wads of paper to clean myself but I was still left with a wonderful feeling deep in my ????. Afterwards I flushed my handiwork, got dressed and went to bed. Hope you all enjoyed reading my story. Ta ta for now ^_^!

TO LISA-Nice story of your post-turkey day.Boy you can really poop!I esp enjoyed your 2nd movement-those feel the best,don't they?keep those stories up lisa,i really enjoy them!
TO CORY-I too have wondered how much of the population really enjoys BM's as much as we all do on this forum-It would be nice to know-this way you wouldn't offend those who aren't and have a great time with those who are!As far as public toilets go-i myself only go to those places in which i am familiar with-i feel more comfortable there-I've had some weird stuff go on in certain places and i am NOT into that at all,so in that light i guessi'm shy about going to strange toilets-I enjoy pooing and listening to others poo there and that is it-no weird stuff
TO WIZZER-You too had a cool story of your post-turkey day-felt good,didn't it? Don' you really enjoy those morning poos when you really got to go bad as soon as you get up! Yes absoultly,tell us about your bathroom adventures with your girlfriend-you guys should have buddy-pooed that day!Good stuff!
Nice new pic on top today folks-very attractive woman,although she looks like she is posing rather than going #1 or#2-I've noticed that a lot of thse pics are of women doing just that,I don't know- i can just tell from my own experiences from seeing women poo and pee-You can tell by the look in their face-hard to explain -but they are really nice to look at anyway!
My poos lalely have been pretty quiet-so nothing much to report-I was going to poo outside the other day but it was too cold-I guess i'll have to wait for the spring-too bad!Well,EMILY & LISA I feel like I have to BM very soon-I just love to read these posts and post myself as I feel the urge to dump comes on- Had a cool story about a gym poo a few days ago,but I don't know why it didn't make it on to the site-(Moderators-was it too much or did It just not get thru)-Great stories,all-Really Must poo now- !BYE

The friendly young woman at the top (and the last one who was up there, too) seems to be saying, "All right, you can stay in here with me while I go, if you want, but I'm warning you: after what I ate yesterday, I might really stink it up bad in here!" And no doubt she'll do just that.

mia - One of our children was born in South America. I stayed with my wife during the whole process to coach the delivery. The very understanding physician explained to my wife how she would have to alternate between relaxing and pushing. If you have to poop or pee, he told her, don't worry, there's nothing to be embarrrassed about. It's all natural. That's a much better approach than in the US, I think, where women are routinely given an enema to cleanse the lower bowel before a delivery, whether they need it or not. I think that's a bit much, on top of dealing with a delivery. No, a normal delivery should not damage the rectum or anus, but an enema could, if not given properly. Sorry if this is off topic, but delivery doesn't always have to be a traumatic event. I know it's different for each woman, but it went very smoothly for my wife. There are some good books out there on proper breathing and relaxation techniques. BTW, these techniques are also great for ! both genders for retaining an enema. And, yes, having a baby does have a lot in common with having a bowel movement. Push. Relax. Push. Relax.

Did magician David Blaine poop at all when he was stuck in that block of ice for 60-some hours in NYC?

Cousin,Linda GS,Elena
We love the pic at the top.

Elena: Well Miguel loves it more.. it's the school uniform she seems to be wearing.

Linda: Yeah, naughty boy.

Miguel: So sue me. Anyway I like it cause she appears to have been holding it a while and just barely made it to the bathroom and now after the whole ordeal.. she's relaxing and enjoying a nice go on the toilet.

Elena: Can you tell Miguel is a writer? He can make throwing up sound poetic.

Miguel: Well yes, but I believe that's for another page on this site. ANYWAY.. thanks to all who gave us their congrats on me and Elena expecting.

Elena: No, I'm expecting.. you just get to sit by and watch me swell up like a balloon.

Miguel: Sigh. Linda?

Linda: heh. Okay Kendal.. I'll post again soon and about my Thanksgiving poop, and if Elena's is in a better mood, maybe she will too. Bye.

Responses, responses....

For the record, Actionman, I am 23. And yes, I am pregnant. You wouldn't believe the amount of poop that has been flying out of my anus the past couple weeks. I only wish I could weigh it.

Emily...10 PM has been my normal time for about a couple took me a little while to catch on to the fact that that WAS my time, but, nevertheless...I didn't have a decent Thanksgiving load...alas I had to wrok :(

Elena: :)

~Dreamer! About the chastity belts (good question, by the way)....they weren't welded onto the body or anything. I was once told that a maid would remove it in the bathroom for the girl to go. My personal theory is that they had compartments that opened to go...but then that would defeat the purpose...I guess going to the bathroom isn't very chaste....

And finally, about the history of toilets....they'e always been there. They always will be there. Do not question what is good and true. :)

G'day, all!


J. Reed
I just have a quick story to tell you readers. I was in the public bathroom the other day and I had to pee. I never poop in public in case of an emergency. Anyway I was peeing and the guy in the next stall I guess was taking a dump and asks me is there any toilet paper in the next stall. I say nothing. I just pee and walk out and the guy is saying sir, sir. Now I have a question to ask you all. DO YOU THINK WHAT I DID WAS MESSED UP TO THE MAN? WOULD YOU HAVE GIVEN HIM TOILET PAPER IF HE ASKED YOU? Hit me back anyone.
J. Reed

This happened back when i lived in england, it was the early seventies and i was (i think)18yrs old.

It all started the day i took a trip to penshurst place a stately home, there was a classic car show there and i decided to go (to the show not the toilet oh never mind)Anyway while walking around looking at all the old cars, a lady about early thirtys and her (i assume) son was in front of me when i heard her say she needed a toilet.

Now she spoke very posh, and her son (about twelve) said oh mother not again, thats three times now. I of course got very interested in this, i followed.

The woman was now holding her bum and walking very quickley, when she stopped to talk to her husband who had been ahead of them, she said something to him, and then all of a sudden i heard a very loud wet fart come from her, the back of her tan coloured pants went dark as a large wet patch stained her pants.

It was clear she had messed her self, the man led her away to a very nice looking range rover, as she got in the front seat i saw her face screw up as she sat down in her poopie pants she must have smelled, the son was doing dry heaves sitting in the back seat.

It was the end of a perfect day out, beautifull old cars, nice warm sunny day, and a pants pooping episode what more could you ask for. he he he. kevin

I'd like to say that Heather's story (Old posts pg.2) is the best story ever posted here! Wouldn't you all agree? Hey Heather, any similar experiences lately?

Wow, nice masthead, ~s~ just had to give some mention to that, a regular cute girl in a skirt, sometimes the simple things in life are best ~s~

Had a really good go today in the PETSMART store, it's a regular american warehouse type setting for getting pet goods, food, toys, accessories and the like, really a pretty great store, and they allow pets in there. I was alone though today, and I was just browsing around in the reptile section when I got that (not loving) old familiar feeling. I rubbed my stomach a little and realized that it was my indication that I needed to make a stop, and before I headed back to the car. I wandered around for a bit looking for the men's room and found the entrance near the front-left side of the store. I went in and found a rather smallish bathroom with only two stalls and no urinals. ~s~ I thought I had gone in the ladies by mistake but another glimpse of the door sign proved it to me that I did not wander in to the other teams locker room ~lol~ I went to the larger stall and shut the door, and then hung my black leather jacket up on the coathook. I sat down on the seat and! got situated when I looked up, and to my amazement there was a large gap in the stall between the door aperature and the small section of the stall adjoining it to the next one, the men's room door was in plain view to me and I to it, I had to laugh at this design flaw but it was still a bit unthinkable, as the whole point of having a stall is to provide some small form of privicy. I wasn't detured though, I relaxed and looked around at the bathroom from what I could see under the stall door and thru the huge gap, the cealing and within the stall itself. I let a bit of gas go into the bowl, almost with a pop and it sounded like someone mouthed the word "PIP" very loudly into the bowl. I farted another time like this and then let off a gassy strain that sounded like a hissssssssss. I could feel the majority of mass within me slide down into firing possition when I heard the door open, it was an older man, he shuffled in VERY VERY slowly, forgeting to close the door behind! him, he went into the next stall and tinkled and then shuffled out at his sluglike pace. I pressed a little and forced a little more gas out of my butt, there were people passing by the mens room door and I must say, it was a bit embarassing, none of them looked over, but if they did, they could have made me out in my stall pushing and pooping. And in a few minutes I had begun to go. A tingle right at the tip of my hole gave way to a cone shaped tip, which fell out quickly, a kind of rounded-diamond shaped terd pliped into the pot below me, I sighed a bit at the sensation and then pressed some more, as I knew I had quite a bit of pooping to do. I pushed really hard for a few times, retracting and then pressing my butt rythmicly, there was a crackling then after a couple of minutes of doing this then a slippery but chunky bar working its way out of me and I was pressing it on. I grunted a few times and then pressed it out a bit more, it broke off and plopped into the toil! et, then I farted and some residue from the chunk fell out with a soft splut on top of it. A little girl did notice me as she was walking by and begin staring in my direction, fortunately she walked on in a few seconds and left me be. I pushed some more and managed to work another big hard but slick node, longer than the first one down to my hole, it was halfway out when I heard someone comming very near the men's room door, I leaned back to see who it was, and the terd broke off. It was a store worker, she saw the door open and came in to check on the bathroom. She looked at the trashcan, like she was about to service the bathroom, but then she must have caught wind of my efforts as her eyes seemed to convey, then she looked into the gap and saw me seated on the toilet, unfortunately an untimely fart came from my hole further signifying my presence, her face turned a bright hot red and she just said "oh my god I'm sorry" and left the bathroom, pulling the door up a bit as she left. I enjoyed the rest of my pooping in relative privicy, I pressed out the rest of the big terd that broke off, and a final softer passage of poop that reminded me of pressing out processed sausage or something, it was smooth and creamy ~s~ After I was happily much emptier I got off the bowl and spun some toilet tissue off the roll and wiped up. It took several wipes (four or five) but I did get it all clean. I flushed the toilet, but it took two flushes, and all the poop still wasn't gone, so I flushed a final time and all that was left was a small brownish streek around the bottom of the toilet.

Well, that's all for me, I hope you enjoied it. Hope to hear from all of you on your recent poops, I love reading the posts and am more of a silent lurker than poster. Hope everyone has a great day, and an even better poop!


The toilet Invented By
Thomas Crapper of England, although the antient Greeks hand flush toilets.

No joke. The name of the toilet creator, was Crapper. Do an online search. And here is trivia. Dana Delany, is related to Mr. Crapper.

oh, i really hate shitting . 'cause comode wets me . an supose i went to a party and ate alot an shit is a littel too hard , then when it drops into the welit f????n well splases my ass an i don't like that.

I seem to have had an interest in people going to the bathroom for some years now and I've felt guilty about it, that is until I found this site. It seems I'm not the only one, and I feel much happier. I am particulary fascinated by other women having dumps, even though I am heterosexual. Maybe I'm a repressed lesbian, I don't know.

The first time I became truly aware of this was about 10 years ago when I was in my teens. My family went to a campsite in Devon (England) and stayed for a long weekend. We had a large tent and right next to us was another family. Just over the way was the washing/toilet block. Being in tents meant you could hear just about everything being said, and one evening I was alone listening to the radio, my parents had gone for a walk down the nearby beach.

The family next door were obviously also going to take advantage of the fine weather because they set off also for the beach, all except that is the mother who announced, "I'll join you in a few minutes, I need to spend a penny, in fact a few pennies!" She was a large built lady, aged about 40 ish with a Northern accent - quite attractive but a bit tarty. I guessed she needed a poo.

I decided to walk over to the toilet block, and took the second stall of 4 stalls (someone was in stall 4) - and waited, but not for long. The Northern lady soon came by and went right into the stall next to mine, I could identify her by her brightly painted toe-nails and flip-flop sandells. She dropped onto the seat and I immediately heard a 'flop,flop,flop,flop,flllllop' followed by a sigh. I waited a few moments and she held her breath and then a long wet fart rang out. An incredible smell emanated from under the partition - I was really excited. I heard a rustling of paper and thought it was over, but no, another grunt and suddenly a soft explosion took place and she wispered something, possibly 'Oh that's better'. It went quiet then and with more paper rustling. I decided to leave, and as I did so another couple of women walked in. One of them said, 'Cor, someone's died in here.' My heart was thumping from the exhilaration.

When she said she needed to spent a few pennies she wasn't joking.

Hi, all you fun types (especially the list I posted last time),

I wanna tell you about an experience that I know will make Louise grin and give me a slap on the back!

I had one of the most satisfying wees of my life today! I went up to town for a few hours, and knew I'd be doing a public toilet at some stage. I had enough to drink to be sure I'd want a wee at some stage, but before long I sensed a reasonably large poo in the offing also. I used one of those bathrooms with the violet lighting and it seemed odd because that's to keep addicts from seeing their veins... I'm no body-builder but I had no trouble in finding a vein or two by it's shadow when I turned my arms... But back to the point.

I released a six-incher successfully, but also dropped most of a bladdereful in an absolutely ordinary sitting pish, which left me a bit disappointed. But a couple of hours later I felt like another wee was in the offing, and went to another city bathroom...

Only to find the ladies' closed for repairs. Water was draining out of the place and I heard a mutter about somebody flushing a pad and jamming the system. Be that as it may, there was a line up of folks and as these toilets are attended, it had been arbitrarily decided by the attendant that men and women could use the mens' in rotating groups. I waited in line with heart a-thumpin' and was in the second group of ladies allowed in. There were six of us, and I was fairly ready to go after one group of ladies and a group of ten men had all gone first.

There were only three stalls, and those in line ahead grabbed them. That left three waiting... The urinal was the same model as at the cinemas, a steel wall with a floor grating of chrome bars ahead of the tiled platform, with a couple of veryical dividers for a modicum of privacy.

After a minute another gal, a young, punky-looking type, without a flicker of an expression, turned to the urinal and picked up her skirt. That was my cue, and with some starnge feelings floating through me I toom a place between the stall wals and the last partition. I unzipped my jeans, undid the button, eased them down a few inches, drew my panties down at the front and found a tissue to guard against drips.

I pushed out on my bladder once, twice, and the third time I felt, to my astonishment, as my system started to go into "urination mode." By the fifth push I felt my urethra relax and my water started to flow. I was listening to the other girl weeing on the steel about ten feet from me (she was on the end nearest the door, no inhibitions there!).

I can't describe the elation as I stood there, splattering happily into the gutter and onto the wall. I can't say how long it took, but it was long enough for me to look around and find one lady washing her hands, the other still waiting. I didn't bother to read their expressions, I was not interested in their aprobation. I was just so overjoyed that I was DOING IT! No drama, no anxiety, no difficulty, I stood up and emptied my bladderm basically with an audience, though the screens helped considerably.

I was accutely aware that my stream was visible beyond and below the partition, and that was MY yellow in the gutter. And it was wonderful. I finished off, wiped my puss and zipped up, popped the tissue in the waste bin and rinsed my hands before I stepped out, feeling like I had nade a great stride, and all due to fortuitous circumstances putting my in front of a very inviting stainless steel contraption again.

Hope everybody enjoyed my account!



looking through some very old posts,the time has come to send one in myself.
the question i would like to ask everybody is; did you as a child or teenager often have dirty underwear? i’m not talking about one off accidents, but did you often hold your poo just to avoid going to the toilet?
thinking back to when i was a boy, i cannot recal a single time of actually going to the toilet, but many instances of holding back often for hours at a time until the feeling passed. i had various hiding places arround the house & garden where, when i had to do a poo, i would run to and stand with my legs crossed squeezing with all my might until the feeling passed and i could carry on playing. depending how desperate i was this would happen from once to ten or more times a day! i do not recal any particular reason for not just going to the toilet- my way just seemed better. obvoiusly ones ability to hold back is not always sucessful and so pooy pants (underwear to all you americans) often resulted. i would always know when this had happened, as i would get a cold feeling arround my bottom from the dirty pants. i would then usually go and find mum to clean me up. i never recal being shouted at and this continued up to the age of 13-14 after which i used to wash my! own pants and hide them to dry before putting them in the laundry basket.
as far as i could tell, most of the other boys i knew did a similar thing to a greater or lesser extent. i think my best friend used to do it on a major scale. often when we were playing he would crouch down, squirm about and make the most strange faces as he faught to keep the poo back. strange noises would often be heard which we called ‘having a baby’ neither of us ever admitted what we were doing but i think we both knew. once his mum came into his bedroom and said ‘where have you hidden youy dirty pants: don’t deny it, i can smell them” she was also always asking him if he needed to go to the toilet so i guess his pants were a constant problem.
slightly later on when i was in my early teens another friends little brother who was 10 had the same problem. i never saw him holding it but i saw and heard plenty
of evidence to confirm that he definately did. by that age i was facinated by the idea, and often used to go to the bathroom to look in the dirty washing basket for his underwear. every pair i ever found was soiled to some extent, from mild stains an inch or so long, to major brown patches four or five inches long! he was always being told off and shouted at by his mum.
amongst all the other boys i knew i would suggest that it was the norm rather than the exception to have dirty underwear and it certainly wasn’t considered odd.
there were various techniques used to keep poo back- some worked better than others. crossing your legs as i did worked pretty well, crouching down as my friend did (i have tried in later years) does not seem to work too well- big messes resulting. i have seen other kids just shove their fingers up their bottoms which obviously results in major dirty pants.
so come on then lets hear your childhood/teenage memories. did you or your friends do similar things- did you try to hide/dispose of your underwear? i would imagine girls do the same sort of thing but probably not on the same scale as the boys.
peace to you all.

Seems to be a bit of a "log jam", we get a new girl on the masthead but the postings have had no "motion" for 2 days now.

As to when the toilet was invented, this was probably one of those parallel development situations in that no one person or group at a specific time invented a means of disposal of human feces and declared it to be "The Toilet" or whatever word their language used.

As has been refered to in previous correspondence, the Romans had the cloaca where the user sat on a hole which let them drop their stools into a trough which was flushed out by a stream of water, a method still used to this day in some places such as old army barracks. When their empire collapsed things literally went to shit in many places with people simply crapping in any old place, throwing it out of buckets and chamber pots into the street shouting "gardyloo" to warn passers buy, I believe this is a corruption of the French "Gardez L'eau" being "Watch out, water!". Some castles etc had an adaptation of the Roman idea with a channel in the walls so that the dung would fall into the moat, and of course many people have refered to the great "hall of easement" at Hampton Court which was the precursor of the "staff toilets". Over the years many different systems were used with closets discharging into streams and rivers. I once read a book on London's Lost Rivers where a ! 17th century vistor deplored the stinking masses of so called "mud" which could be found when boating in the Thames. In areas away from watercourses the dry privy was used, in its most basic form a box or other structure with a hole with the user sitting and doing their motion into a pit below. Sometimes there was a removable bucket which was filled with either dry earth or ashes from the fire to absorb liquid and cover and dry out the turds. Of course until the knowledge of bacteria became widespread and people understood that contamination of watercourses with fecal matter spread enteric diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc, this state of affairs continued. In the Victoran era when such discoveries were made, for example Dr Snow who removed the handle from the common pump in part of London thus preventing people from drawing infected water during a cholera epidemic, great strides where then made with proper sewerage and treatment works being built, for example th! e trunk sewers and works designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette in London which took the sewage to two filtration plants instead of allowing it to flow straight into the Thames as this had caused the "Great Stink" one summer. It was also in Victorian and to an extend Edwardian times that the various types of WC pan were devised although as with most equipment these are always being refined. I do have to say that some of the older types of pan, while not so pretty and stylish as their 21st century counterparts, are far more efficient,being larger in capacity, having a more powerful flush and being able to cope with larger jobbies far better than their modern counterparts. Who cares if they were plain white and utilitarian. Also for those who like the sound effects such as plunging plop guy, Tony and others, these older pans have wonderful "Kersplonkability".

I hope this is of some use. I dont cliam it to be definitive and I know that there are other posters who have beeter in depth knowledge of toilet pan desigm etc who can probably give more accurate information on this topic.


Yesterday afternoon I was watching TV and on the comedy channel (we have Foxtel) they had a five minute film inbetween programs. Anyway it starts with a woman waking up and shortly after you see her rush into the bathroom, stand over the toilet facing towards the back of it and put a glass under her vagina. You hear a hissing sound and she breathes a sigh of relief. She then drinks the wee. Later she is doing stretches and you see a shot with her bum in the camera and she does a huge fart. It's a pretty stupid film but worth it just to see her doing a wee into a glass!

Then they showed a program called 'Full Frontal', it's an Australian sketch comedy show. In one sketch they take off Whitney Houston doing that bodyguard song and they show her on stage sitting on a toilet, her pants were up but it was a good indication of how the actress doing the send up would sit on the toilet.

Recently we got a new toilet. It's very comfortable, also a long drop being an Aussie toilet. It also flushes more quietly too.

I had another dream about a girl weeing. We were on an island with some other people (apparentlt we were all in a band or something!) I went to take a wee behind a tree and this girl says "I have to go aswell" so I get behind the tree and make it look like I'm just doing a wee when actually I was watching her. She pulled her pants down and squated. She had a very attractive round bum and I saw wee flowing gracefully from her vagina and onto the ground. I woke up not feeling for a wee but very turned on indeed.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

School Janitor
I posted here a few times about two months ago, but unfortunately I lost my bookmarks. Luckily I was able to find the site again and I'm glad to be back.

If you happen to recall any of my old posts, at the high school where I work, we have "bathroom lockdowns" for various situations. Well, we had one yesterday. A roadbuilding crew working near the school broke a water main, which caused a complete loss of water pressure in the building about 45 minutes after the day began.

When the assistant principal found out that the school didn't have water, she decided that all the bathrooms would be locked down. She went from bathroom to bathroom checking for students and closing and locking the bathroom doors. I already knew that there was no water, but I didn't expect a bathroom lockdown. (Our emergency procedure only has them listed for power failures, tornados, fires and violence.) I was surprised when I saw her locking the bathrooms, but I was shocked when I heard her say "BATHROOMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE" to a boy who visibly needed to go and had just arrived at the bathroom she was locking.

The assistant principal decided to dismiss school at noon (over three hours after the bathroom lockdown started). During that time period, I saw one girl nearly crying when she realized that all the bathrooms were locked. I also saw several girls and one boy with wet spots on their pants, and I had to clean up an elevator after someone got the bright idea to use it as a bathroom. Some students also had to go home in their gym clothes because they were in phys. ed. at the time of the bathroom lockdown, and they couldn't change because the locker rooms were locked because they have bathrooms in them.

After all the students were sent home, I was told to open up one pair of bathrooms for the teachers, who weren't supposed to leave until 1:00 PM. Strangely, one female teacher who's a germ freak told me that she really had to go, but she wouldn't because the sinks wouldn't run and she couldn't wash her hands!

To Bryian: Unfortunately I don't know the name for that type of urinal, but they were in the junior high school that I used to work in. And yes, they do look a lot like toilets. Because the toilets in that school didn't have any partitions (there were two toilets and five urinals in each bathroom, all out in the open), it looked like the bathroom was filled with toilets at first glance.

Hey to the guy that asked about getting turned on by girls peeing. I'm like that. My girlfriend pees in a coffee can for me and it's the most beautiful sound in the world..

Okay.. I'm starting to NOT look forward to this baby now. is there any chance I can have a recount.. maybe someone punched the wrong hole thinking it was for me NOT to be pregnant. Sigh. Man... I'm all tense now. Thanks.
To answer a question you posted a while back.. oddest color my poop came out was charcol-black. No fooling. this happened on a camping trip a while back.. we stayed the weekend and I had to go the friday we got there and well I wasn't going to go out in the bushes or in that god awful outhouse.. so I held it in..MAN it wasn't easy. Then do to weather we couldn't leave so I couldn't stand it anymore and I did it in a bucket.. with my husband Miguel watching.(made it even hader on me)it was dry and hard.. dark brown but the last part that came out of me(OOOOOOOOOOO the feeling) was a dark color.. black. It freaked me out..Miguel laughed and said.. must have been in there too long sweetie.. it burnt.

P.S. Kendal..Linda is sick with a cold.... so she may not post for a while.. even though she has time now. Too much time.. she's driving me nutz!!!

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