emergency girl
I just submitted this same post a minute ago but it somehow got submitted before I was finished typing it so I am submitting it again. Me and my mom were coming home from vacation. It is an eight hour drive when you are VERY lucky, and we got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half. By the time the traffic jam had cleared up, I had to go to the bathroom SO BAD!!!!!!! I then saw a sign that announced a rest stop. I forget exactly how many miles the sign said it was to this rest stop, but I remember I knew I wouldn't make it that far. I was sitting on my heels on the seat, wiggling back and forth trying to keep it in. And then, well, you know how sometimes when you have to go to the bathroom so bad you can't describe it, this searing pain rushes through your stomach? Well, that's what happened. It hurt so bad and we still were a ways away from the rest stop. Finally, my mom had to stop by the side of the highway.It was not private AT ALL but I absolutely did not care.I spr! inted to the grass, and began peeing even before I could pull my pants down! When my pants were pulled down I sat down and peed more than I have ever peed before at one time. It was SUCH A RELIEF!!!!!!! I hope I am NEVER in that situation again!

Ok I know this is ganna sound crazy but it is true. The man that invented the toliet is thomas crapper.
I do not know any other information about it though

Logger--I've gotton the runs after drinking shakes from McDonalds, but the one I had before I went walking from from the soda fountain of our drugstore. So you think it is the syrup in the shakes that causes it?

Kim--how big was your post Thanksgiving dump? Inquiring minds want to know!

Kiki--what's the most difficult dump you've had?

Hey! Could a person pass a 4-inch thick log? Somebody I know claimed to have done this. That would take alot of effort.

Tony. Thanks for your interest. To answer your question, the 15 inch jobbie (followed by a 6 incher) I did at 1.30am on Sunday morning was dark colured, about one and a half inches thick, and medium firm but not too hard. Like you I don't enthuse greatly over 'greens' but I do eat them. Apart from the nutritional aspect, they're a valuable source of roughage or 'dietary fibre' as the medics call it and they do help to maintain regularity. I think you'd be a lot better off eating some cabbage or cauliflower than using vitamin pills which tend to be expensive and can be of dubious value. Matters seemed to have settled down vis a vis the soreness question and, I think the Hakle wipes are suiting me better than they at first did. Thanks for the advice though.

To the person who asked when toilets were first invented. Well, toilets of one kind or another, have been around for as long as mankind has been on the earth. For centuries they were very basic. Holes in the ground were common for a long time and later buckets were used in outhouses often called "Privvies" but by a myriad of other names too. Flush toilets as we know them only date back to the 19th century and in some rural areas of England they didn't make an appearance until the mid 20th century. Indeed there are still a few homes where the bucket or earth "Privvie" is still used, although I'm pleased to say that mine isn't one of them! Most households, even in fairly rural areas though, have had flush toilets since about 1925 or 1930. I hope this goes some way towards answering the question.

Aaron: My friend is a woman indeed and she spent a couple of months in Bihar( Where the city of Gaya is located) in the Nort east of India about two years ago. To her it seemed like the only way the women where being discrete about peeing is that they cover themselves up really good with their Saris while doing it. She isn´t interested in the Net at all but I speak to her quite frequently so I may ask her about other related stuff to.

Heloo, Im soo confused here. How old is LAwn Dogs Kid? and Kendal? thanks

Billy L.
Usually I sleep throught the night without to go to the bathroom, but the night before last was different. About 2:00 AM, I need to poop. I got up and started to poop. I made 2 or 3 soft logs, then I pooped diarhea. I went back to bed. ABout 5:00 more diarrhea. At 7:00, I had to poop again. I went to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet when my little brother came in. He said that he did not feel good and he thought he was going to throw up. He did not look to good. I told him that I could not get up now and that he should throw up in the tub if he has to. He stood there for a minute and then ran to the tub and puked 3 times. Then he started crying. I said what's a matter. He said that he pooped his pants. Then he said he did not have to go. I looked at his PJ buttoms and there was a big wet spot that was brown. Then I told him that it was not his fault. I asked him except for the poop, how he felt. He said better. I told him I was done pooping for now and will help him ! clean up. I wiped my butt and went over to him. He puked in the tub near the drain. I started the shower and rinsed all the puke down the drain. Then I told him to get into the tub and take off his tops and buttoms. I cleaned the buttoms in the water from the faucet, told him to clean his butt with that water and then take a shower. He did this. My mother came in because she heard all the noise. My big brother came in to poop. He looked at the toilet, said yuck and sat down. She told my brother to brush his teeth and then go back to bed. He did. Then I washed my hands and went downstairs for breakfast. I wsa not hungry, but was able to drink some juice.

After this, I went upstairs, got ready for school. I explained to my brother that the last time I threw up, I had diarrhea ebfore i puked. Then, I puked. I was still in bed> I puked all over my chest. At the same time, I filled my pants. I said, you know how when you poop, you use your stomach muscles to push it out? Well when you puke, you use the same stomach muscles. He smiled. He asked me for water, which I got him.

Then I went downstairs. My mom asked me why I was not hungry. I told her I was up with diarrhea. She told me that I did not have to go to school. I told it was ok. THen I went to school. About 15 minutes after class started, I had to poop again. I got and went to the bathroom at the back of the class. The teacher wsa just finished talking about somethng and had us do a in class writing assignment. We have these writing assignments about 5 or 6 times a day. He told us at the beginning of the school year that we should go to the bathroom during these times. I guess the teacher wsa a little worried about me. He came into the bathroom (I always leave the door open). He asked if I was ok. I told him I just had the runs. He said, ok, but if you do not feel well later to tell him. About 2 minutes later, Paul came in while I was washing my hands and said what smells? I forgot to flush the toilet agian. He looked into it and said yuck. He flushed the toilet and sat down.

At lunch I was not very hungry. My more gave me a sandwich, some apple sauce, and potatoe chips. And some cookies. I ate the apple sauce and cookies. I drank the orange and drank some soda too. I had to go again. I was eating with Paul and Mike. I said I had to poop again. Paul just laughed. Mike said whats so funny? I got up and went inot the bathroom. Usually I poop after lunch, so it wsa not big deal. Mike and Paul followed me. I sat down. Mike said he had to poop too. I started pooping diarhhea. Usually, we play sink the sub (pee on floating poop or toilet paper), so I hold my pee until after everyone has pooped. Mike said, why are you peeing? I said that I am not peeing. He said, so that explains the smell. We just smiled. I wiped and got up. We usually don;t flush between poops, but mike decided it was a good idea. After he was finished pooping, Mike and Paul played sink the sub. I did not have to pee, I guess because of the diarrhea. After recess, Paul and I went po! op again. I had the last of diarrhea for the day.

Yesterday morning, I had to poop diarrhea, this time at 6:30 & 7:00. When I got to school, I had to poop agian. My brother had to do the same thing. I am just glad it is only a five minute walk to school (Plus there are woods on the one side, so if I really had to go, I would be ok).

Today, I had two diarrheas, once when I got up and once at school. After recess, I had to go again. Mike and Paul both came in with me. I made a bunch of really smell floaters. After I got up, Mike made two huge logs (he said he did not go yesterday or today until then). Then we played sink the sub. My brother, Mike, Paul, me and a few others went out in the woods to play after school Paul, Mike and my brother had to poop. My brother made a big pile of soft smelly poop. Mike and Paul also made big logs. So at least my brother and I making almost normal poop agian.

Hey it's me again, and this is for Cory: I am very shy of pooping in public. I never do it. But I'm only 13, so maybe I'll get over it. I just hold my poop till I get home. One time I was at camp, and didn't go for 5 days, coz I didnt want to use the toilet!

Kelly, please tell us more about your Soap Chip trick! I wanna know about it!


I had another huge shit last night and it felt good. Well i was talking on the phone and i started to feel an urge to shit, it was minor at first then it got really bad. Then it was almost bedtime and i get ready for bed then i decide to take my shit. I sit down and push, i pushed really hard and i was straining a bit. It didn't really hurt this time, well maybe for a sec. Then i felt it come out and I stood up and inpected my product, this time my log was about 8" and the bottom had broken off once again. I still felt more shit up me so i pushed and pushed and i strained alot too. Then i said well I'll try the hot water thing where i fill the sink up with hot water and sit in it and it will stimulate my bowels sometimes. I also put my finger up there to help it. I did notice that my hole expanded when i did this, i guess from all the pushing and the hot water. I did manage to get a few chunks out. Then i cleaned the sink out, and i wiped my self...Not much to wipe cause! my ass came pretty much clean while it was in the water. I did wipe 5 time after that. Then i went to bed. I know im probably gonna take another huge shit either today or tomorrow, i ate alot today and yesterday. I've noticed a definate change in my bowel habits.


Me and my little sister Louise have been trying to learn to pee standing up as our brother Kev suggested. We've been practicing and Little Lou's got it, and I can nearly do it too. I think it's a really good idea, and I wish we'd discovered it before!

Lou managed it really quickly. It really made me laugh on Saturday to see Lou (who is a tiny little blonde thing with hair down to her waist)peeing against the fence in the fields near our house next to Kev (who's 15, and very big).

I can almost do it, in fact the past 3 times it's been really good, but I'm not brave enough to show Lou and Kev yet. Kev says if I can do it for him by Friday in the park when we're coming home from school, then he will be the perfect brother all weekend. I must admit it would be exciting, all three of us doing it.

Oh, and me and Lou have finally got to the bottom of why Kev has been a bit strange lately. We thought it might have been because he was starting to see girls in a different light, and we were right. It all turns out that he was seeing this girl at school. She pressured him into doing 'it',(it was his first time) and then she dumped him. I found out from my friend. Kev still doesn't know that me and Little Lou know yet. We don't really want to say anything cos all three of us are getting on really well at the moment.

I'm still mad at him for what he did to Lou, but he's my big brother, and I hate that girl for doing that to him.

KENDAL-You say you are an only child, but you are very lucky to have Andrew there. He sounds so nice. I wish my brother Kev could be a bit more like Andrew sometimes!

PV-thanks for the advice for me and Lou on peeing standing up. We both think it's great, and will be useful as we grow up.

Bye bye, love Ellie xxx.

Lawn Dogs Kid
KIM: Pleased I haven't offended you or Scott. Looks to me as though there are a number of people disappointed not to read about your thanksgiving poo, including me !

LOUISE: Your right, I am 15, but I have a real baby face ! Some people think I'm only 12 or 13. But they get a real shock when I speak to them, because I already have a very deep bass voice ! The point I was trying to make was that my dumping is probably over within the first five minutes of going to the toilet. During the other 25 minutes while I read, I probably pee every minute, enough for a whole bladder full after 25 small ones ! So perhaps if I got off the loo straight away, I would need to go again within half an hour !

ELENA: Is Cousin still alive ?! We seem to have alot of common coloured underwear. I'm beginning to wonder if we both wear the same variety !

LINDA: Elena says that you and she had your thanksgiving poops one after the other. Look forward to hearing about that when you have time. I bet Kendal will too ! Take care babe !

NICOLE: Has Suzy mananged to pursuade you to go without your knickers this weekend ? It would certainly get rid of that cold wet feeling you have described before. Any news about you and Peter ? Kendal and I are very curious ! Love Andrew.

TONY (SCOTLAND) & ADRIAN (ENGLAND): My household videoed the Take a Girl Like You episode. Kendal's house did too. If I'd known about the toilet scene in True Confessions, I'd have videoed that and borrowed the other from Kendal's Mum and Dad. But I didn't, so too bad ! However, Adrian, I've watched the Take a Girl Like you scene you described so well in your post. But I've played in frame by frame mode the bit where it was the character Jenny's turn to go. As you know, this bit of the scene was shot as if the other lady was watching what was happening via the bathroom mirror as Jenny lifted up her 1950's skirt ! However, if anyone else has done what I did, am I the only one who thinks that when she lifted up her skirt, her knickers were already someway down her legs by several inches ? Did anyone else think that, or notice that. I can see several members of this site returning to their video players now ! Also, didn't you feel sorry for Jenny who was clearly emba! rrassed about being watched, especially when the other woman announces she's gasping for a drink, and walks out the bathroom door, leaving Jenny perched on the toilet, with her knickers right down to her ankles. Because there was no door shutting noise, the inference, and the look on Jenny's face as she hastily grabbed toilet paper to wipe ( you didn't see her wipe unfortunately ) was that the other woman had left the bathroom, leaving the door open for the whole world to see her if anyone walked by !

Sunday was clearly a D-Day in the UK !

PS Kendal and I didn't get to see one another this last weekend, so no toilet stories to post from either of us. However, she is going to Kirsty's next weekend, so I bet there will be some good stories coming from that, while I suffer another quiet weekend. That is unless there is another good toilet scene in the next episode of Take a Girl Like You !

My next memory also comes from Cyprus.

Again, I was eleven years old (same period as last). This time it involves a tall lady, who I noticed her belly expanding in size - evident as we were together for the whole day. We were all invited for dinner round her house you see.

Now, I heard her talking privatley in the background to her friend that she has a belly ache, and explicitly says that she was passing heavy wind at some point earlier.

Later, everyone is socialising outside in the open, and she was sitting on the bed leaning against the wall (yes, in Cyprus, most individuals sleep outside) and her belly became enormous; she even undone her jean button before everyone.

Judging by my previous findings of people going to the toilet, I knew she was bound to go any moment now. I was pretending to play with the kids while my attention was fixed on her.

The time came.... and my supersonic radar ears were activated (well... you know what I mean).

She used the outside toilet. She closed the first door out of two, so what I did when she fully went, I stealthly pushed open the first door to make the noise more audible - I'm sure no-one saw what I did (I hope not - otherwise it would be embarrasing!!)

Then the moment of truth - as I carefully animate the action (timings are of course approximate):

Duration in toilet: about five mins. She urines for 30 seconds, with her plopping miniture stools (with hisses of air simultaneously). Silence. Plop. Silence. Minute later, lieterally one plop just turbo-shot out of her hole which echoed in the bathroom (it went "BOINNNNGK"). Then, my most memorable part, her release of a HUGE HUGE storage of fart.....

It lasted 7 seconds - you know the sound of when you blow into an empty bottle, well thats what happened, BUT IT WAS SO POWERFUL IT ECHOED IN THE BATHROOM! It was such an amplified fart that i heard it across the garden! ffffFFFFFFFUUOUOUOUOUOUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! What ever she did was just a bomb, and what ever bothered her belly is now evidently gone!

And guess what? She had run out of toilet roll! As she went out to fetch one, I quickly went in to see what she made...

Those plops made were just constipated meat balls, so no logs, and her air was just plain and dry, so mo marks anywhere.

Summary: her belly went back to normal, but to store such a huge amount of gas is unbelieveable.

How do they do it?!!

I will share more of my personal turn-on soon. Happy farting!

Pardon me for writing again.

Message for Rita: How old are you, and how and why do you fart to a heavy-duty standard? What food item(s) really play an effect on you?

Mr. Noname
Hey Kiki,

Nobody to "chat" with? i will! Nobody has responded to my posts either.

Hello folks
I will give you another interesting extract from the Norwegian author Agnar Mykle's disputed book: "Sangen om den röde rubin" / "The song of the red ruby":
The main person, the young student Ask and his girlfriend, Constance, are on a skiiing holiday in the mountains. They stay in a little cottage with a little annex serving as a shithouse:
" One evening he had to leave the cottage in order to make a call at the tiny place where even the king goes on his feet. He dressed in an anorak and a skiing cap, it was a two minuts' walk, it was cold and dark, minus ten grades Celsius, and the place itself was the most blowing example of the kind of "Mansion of Draught" that any mountain farmer ever hade made up of old planks.
-Oh, Constance said, can't I come with you!
- What?, he said.
-It so terrible going there on my own, she said.
- But c-c-can't you go together with Gerda?
Gerda wasn't going to go. Besides, she thought it was to cold.
- It is a strange phenomenon with girls, Ask said, that they can't go to the toilet without company.
He smiled, but was deeply scared. He had done a lot of things together with girls, but never this. It had two seats. How did a man behave in such a situation?
They went through the snow, had a flashlight, but fell though: There was drifting snow, and they hardly managed to hook the door hook. How can she, Ask thought; Constance had already slipped of her knee breeches and was sitting on the seat, he could see a glimpse of her white thighs; the flaslight lay flashing on the floor, the storm made the tiny house tremble; how can; there is something strange about women, they are without inhibitions; they are impudently natural.
He swallowed, arranged himself, sat down. As he was about to do it, he let out a wind down into the deep hole. A shyness without comparison came over him, he had never in his life experienced something as vulgar as that; here were he and Constance sitting on the same toilet bench, the situation was impossible, the torture and embarrasment made him quite petrified, had to abandon his errand, rose and quicklu pulled up his trousers. He stood, with his back facing Constance, until she was done. He grabbed her hand and pulled her over the field, into the cottage, where he parked here. Then he went on himself back to the tiny house, sitting furiously he relieved himself, he said to himself, people are going to be for themselves, on their own with this kind of business. It was the most embarrasing he ever had experienced, that he had sat in moaning harmony at Constance's side. Did she hear it ? He hped and prayed for that the winter storm had drowned his horrible appearance.
On his way back to the cottage he stopped, paralyzed; he thought: when to people are mariied, and mix with each other daily and intimately, then those kind of things must happen, even often ?. That may happen, not just to the man, but also to the wife!
I am never going to marry, he thought.
He knocked his boots against the steps to get rid of the snow; he thought: but when you usually have got a toilet with one seat, indoors, you have to do it one and one: you can lock the door and be safe and spared. Marriage might be a possible institution, though, he thought."
That's all

PV - Hi! I think one of my letters got lost on page
468. In that I answered the question how do I find
standing to pee when it is my time of the month. I
have been talking to our moderator, who is looking
at why the page is totally blank, so if it does not
appear I will have to re-send it if that is all right.
Can you look out for it, because what I wrote in that
letter is important I think.

Yeah, I thought the same thing about promoting standing
to pee, you could put leaflets in doctor's surgeries
and places like that. Yeah, the more women are aware of
whatv they could do if they tried, the more support
there would be but it would take a long long time. I
mean there are some women who would still think it was
evil and perverted or not accept it is possible for them
to do it, and I bet they would hold things up and stop
any progress. You know what they would do, don't you?
I bet they would go on about all those stupid designs
for female urinals that were all just a load of rubbish.
Things like vacuum tubes and stuff like that. Oh yeah,
that reminds me about the governor in a women's prison
going on about how the facilities were not suitable for
ladies because there were urinals that *could not* be
used by women! Shows how much *you* know, sister!
I like what you say, though. It is education that is
needed and I think it will take a long time and I do
not think our generation will see a lot of change that
way. It is very sad isn't it?

Yeah, the Spice girls. Steve once wrote about them but
he did not say it was them. I have actually bumped into
them. He said how ages ago (about 3 years I can not
remember) I went into a ladies toilet when they were in,
and in the stalls with the doors all open they were
pissing and shitting. I just kept out of their way a bit
because I did not get friendly vibes from them and I did
not trust them. I did *not* ask for their autographs.
Yeah, I can believe it if they have weed in hotel lobbies.
I bet they would soak the carpets!

HAHAHAHA the Bond movie. That always makes us laugh, it is
so funny. Steve used that line on me one morning when I
asked him if he was going to pee when he was standing a
long way from the toilet. "From here?" he said and he had
a straight face a bit like Sean Connery did. It was so funny
and I laughed so much I nearly wet myself. I fell for that
one big time didn't I?
I can not remember the big guy's name now, but that fight
when the specimen in the beaker gets thrown in his face
makes me laugh too. LOL

Yeah I said before I would go and use unisex urinals but I
would need Steve to be there with me. I just hope that just
talking about it you and I are helping to make a difference.
It would help women a helluva lot if the rest of us all just
woke up and looked at what they can do. Oh yeah, let us get
rid of that silly nonsense that urinals because they are
urinals must stink! You and me, we both know they do *not*
have to stink! The queues would be shorter, that is for sure.
How much shorter the queue was when some girls took to going
in the sinks that time!

My mum has a reach of about 4 or 5 feet, a little bit shorter
than me. I think my sister is about the same. The next time
we go swimming I think we will try to find out!

Oh well done! Yeah I think it maybe it would be daring to have
a wee in the rushing wavelets. It is about building up to
the next thing isn't it? Good on you!

I think Steve's friend's girlfriend did grow up in a female
only sort of place, and she would have only learned the
'sit to pee' kind of thing. Oh and she seems to go as often as
she can, like when she feels the first feeling that she can
piss at all. So she does this really quiet trickle that lasts
just a few seconds. I do not know what she thinks when I have
a wee then!!!



kim and scott
hello all! TO LOUISE-sorry my thanksgiving post was a little too sexy for the moderators to was never posted. but here is another story. yesterday night I was asleep in my bed. i usually sleep in the nude but since the weather was cold now in america i sleep in my red pajamas. In the middle of the night I awoke to sharp pains in my abdomen and I knew it was time for me to squeeze out a log. earlier in the day for breakfast i had a cereal named total-which was high in fiber. for lunch i had chicken with a dish of salad on the side. i had a mammoth lasagna dinner later on. i then went to bed without having a log all day. but now with my abdomen cramps the urge to have a dump was very strong so i got out of bed and sleepily walked to the bathroom wich was right next to my room. Inside the bathroom I left my pajama top on but I let my pants fall to the floor at my feet. I then sat my bare ass on the bowl. i then started to push. soon a dark brown log started to appear out! of my ass. i then pushed harder as my ring expanded and my log grew bigger and bigger. this was the type of log that you enjoyed pushing out because you knew it was going to be a monster! i then looked down on my log and saw a huge stick of brown dynamite making its way out of my ass. this log was not only big and long but thick also! still looking down at my log I pushed harder as i saw my ass quiver excitedly and my log grow to just an unreal size! i then pushed real hard as my ring opened up real wide! I moaned "ooohh!' in pure pleasure as i then started to piss like crazy! all my bodily functions were beginning to release in great mass now! Ohhh! what an unbelievably pleasureable feeling it was to have your ring stretched to the max by an enormous,horse sized bowel movement! i tell you folks if I was not fully awake when i walked to the bathroom i was fully awake now as i pushed out this massive beast! my whole body from my long blond hair down to my toes quivered excited! ly! I was very energized1 i felt the greatest tingling sensation in my ass as i braced myself for the upcoming explosion! I then closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as i crashed out the rest of my mighty torpedo from my quivering hole! my log hit the water like a depth charge. water flew up everywhere splashing my ass! surprisingly i did not wake my parents with all this noise. which was good. if i had they would investigate to see what was going on! i then got off the toilet and looked at my log. my log was soo enormous half of it was in the toilet hole while the other half stretched all the way out of the water-up the bowls porcelain!this log was almost too thick to get into the bowl hole but it did barely.I really let this log loose folks! I then moved my log with my fingers to see how long and big it was. Wow! there was still a lot more log there that I didnt see before! i then got my measuring tape and measured my log at 19 1/2 inches long. almost 3 inches thick!!. what! a whopper! my record log though is 21 inches long. i then wiped myself and flushed with difficulty. talk about a major toilet pipe clogger, this was it folks! i then pulled up my pajama pants and walked to my bed with a big smile on my face. i felt many pounds lighter after i passed this monster! hoped you liked the story. bye now. love,kim and scott

Tony (Scotland)-
What a coincidence you talked about movie toilet scenes as I was about to relate this! Some of you may remember a post I made well over a year ago about a TV movie /play I watched in the mid to late 80s while over in the UK visiting my family. It was one of those gritty, "realist" films and had a scene in which a very harrassed mother was trying to deal with loud, unruly kids. She yells at them to be quiet, grabs a magazine and goes into the bathroom. The next scene is the mother, shot from the waist up, sitting on the toilet, flipping through a magazine. It seems more peaceful and you hear the muffled sound of kids shouting. When one kid bangs on the door, the mother shouts something like "can't you leave me alone? I'm on the lav!" Then you hear the sound of pee trickling (no big deal - I'd heard that before in movies) followed by a sqeaky sound. I remember thinking that it couldn't have been a fart - probably some sound made turning the magazine pages. But afterthat was ! the unmistakable sound of pooing!! You clearly heard poo splashing into the water! I was with my husband and my parents and there was sort of embarrassed coughing and sighing! I thought it was a sound effect they'd dubbed on, but I was shocked! The tabloids the next day had a field day with headlines something like "disgusting actress defecates on camera". The actress wasn't well known. She said she'd been asked by the director to pee but decided to poo just before the scene was shot for realism. Anyway I can't remember the name of the movie / play. And as I didn't have one response from my post I assumed I may have dreamed it! Until last night! I had soem old friends over from England for dinner and I mentioned this play - they remembered! But they couldn't remember the name either, or the actress! So here we go again...can anyone remember the name of the TV movie / play? It was probably shown on Channel 4. It may even have had a theatrical release in the US. Now it's driving! me nuts!

LIZ --

I was about to post in response to your question, but I see Andy, Louise and one or two others (by now I should thin) have done a pretty good job of answering your point. I'll just say this: cultural stereotypes are broken every day, some people like them, some people don't, it's a matter of taste and the ability to adapt to new modes of etiquette.

There is no biological basis for the duality, only social, and if a man has the bound and right to relax in a seated position to urinate if he so chooses, then a woman has the same bound and right to releive herself in a standing position should she choose to do so. And both sexes have the right to not be criticized for their choice. I mean, these are entirely personal selections, and can be seen as such the moment we tear away the dross of tradition. Nobody knows where the tradition came from, psychologists probably have a lot of theories, but all it takes is a girl's willingness to perform a few experiments to discover that the tradition is disguising a falacy, a fistful of smoke, a nothing.

It's as natural as breathing, believe me!


Adrian, thanks for the correction! It was the program "Take a girl like you" and NOT the film I thought. What happened was that we had come in and swithced on the telly then after that scene I fell asleep on the chair and Theresa changed over to Ch 5 and Robert De Niro! I woke up and thought it was all the same program then went to bed leaving her watching, hence the confusion. Anyway it was first class and I must tape this program next Sunday to see if there are more toilet scenes, maybe jobbies this time, though I think we would be lucky. Of course as I now realise that the girls were English this destroys my theory that US women pull their knickers down to their knees while British women have theirs higher up as has been my observation. Anyone got any views ,observations or other data on this? Moderator, might be worth putting a question on this in the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey"

Yes, Mia, from a nurse relative of Theresa, giving birth can in some occasions cause tearing of the membrame between the vagina and the rectum. Usually if there is a risk of this the obstetrician will perform minor surgery called an episiotomy to make a controlled cut in the margin of the vagina as this is far easier to repair and will cause less damage and heal easier with less scarring.

J Reed, yes I would normally give some toilet paper to anyone caught short without, and have done so. On one occasion I deliberately didnt though. I wasnt self employed in those days but a company's wage slave. Now one of the managers was a right swine and loved to make people look small. I didn't actually work for him but he had dropped me right in it with my own boss over a relatively minor matter which could easily have been resolved between us both had he been a decent sort. Now one day I saw this man going into the staff Gents toilet at work ahead of me. I went into one cubicle as I prefer to do for a pee as he closed the door of the adjoining cubicle. He hadnt seen me enter it after him. I heard him doing a motion, what sounded like 4 formed but soft poos, (this was about 8.00am so his motion would have been softer than at lunchtime). I then heard him say to himself, "Oh **** it!" Then he called out. "You, in the next cubicle , can you pass me some toilet paper? There's none in here. " Silently, I pulled the flush, and left him to it. As I washed my hands I heard him call plaintively, "Hey, pass me some toilet paper please! " Trying hard not to laugh I got out into the corridor then burst into laughter at the thought of him having to pull his underpants up on a shitty bum. I thought, you dropped me in the shit, now you are in it yourself. Later that day I had to drop a report into him in his office. I noticed the faint but distinctive fecal smell and commented, "Excuse me Mr ......., but you didnt step in dog mess when you were out, there's a funny smell" He went a bit red faced and coughed,saying "Never mind that, just leave the report on my table" I sure enjoyed his discomforture having to sit in shitty Y Fronts all day! I wonder what his rather posh wife said to him.

On the opposite approach I remember when I was a boy at home one day my mum went to the toilet and I was as usual listening nearby. She had just started to do her wee wee when she shouted, "Tony, there's no toilet paper, get a roll from the cupboard and pass it in to me" I needed no second bidding and quickly came back as she reached forward to open the door. I couldnt have timed it better as just at that moment one of her big jobbies dropped into the pan with a loud "KER-SPLOONK!". In the few seconds until she shut the door I saw her sitting with her big white cotton knickers (briefs) up at the top of her thighs to preserve her modesty. This was the closest I ever came to actually seeing her doing a motion in "real time".

I did an interestingly shaped jobbie yesterday. It was a big easy one and just oozed out under its own steam, formed and solid but smooth. I landed in the pan with a "flump!" I looked down the pan and laughed. It was shaped like a number 6 (six) having curved right round and across itself. It must have been about 18 inches long. Ive been eating a lot of wholemeal bread sandwiches so I suppose the extra bulk resulted in this big easy jobbie! Im NOT complaining.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Who, what and where was the toliet invented? I'm not sure if you can answer this but I'm doing a paper on the toliet and I can't find any real information about it? I'm not sure if you can answwer this but I thought I'd try.
~Thank You

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