Hi I'm finially ableto tell of my Thanksgiving poop. I didn't go on Thursday but had to go 3 times on Friday. I went at 8 am just before i left for work & twice while at work. The first one was a quick stop. I'd farted a few times since I woke up & then had to go. I dropped a dozen or so small turds then had to get to work. I knew I had to go more but couldn't sit around waiting. At about 10 I felt another urge so I went to the bathroom & heard someone in the next room (we have 2 1 person bathrooms) shitting up a storm. I sit & pee like crazy then my hole opens wide & a long turd slides out fairly effortlessly. It falls & I drop 3 more smaller ones. Looking I see a nice 10incher with the 3 smaller ones next to it. Now I have my lunch & at around 3 I get a sudden URGENT need for a shit. I mean it came on really fast & I almost had to run to the toilet. I quickly shut the door & whip my pants down. As i'm doing this I let out a god-aweful ! fart & sit just in time to have shit explode from my ass. It wasn't diahrea but it was soft. It was accompanied by a lot of farting & i started to pee at the same time. God it felt great. I sat there doing this for almost 10 minutes. After a lot of wiping I see my pile filled the bowl ;pretty good & i had to flush twice.

Buzzy--hey you sound like you had a good thanksgiving shit day too. Dropped some good loads.

Rita--love your fart stories. give us some more!! I too can really let them fly!

Hi, everyone. Just a quick post :

Anne (Bus Driver)- Yeah the sewage smell can be pretty bad in India sometimes. I affectionately refer to New Delhi as "Smelly Dehli"

TTT- your Indian friend is right- the most common worry is stepping in animal dung, because all sorts of animals, wild and domestic, roam the streets, even in crowded cities.

Andy- Wow, how did your friend get to see or learn so much about women's peeing practices? My experience is that women over there are usually VERY discreet about such things. I was traveling in North India- New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab. Where is Gaya? Is your friend a woman? Better yet, could you get him/her to post on this site and tell me more? Thanx.

That's all for now. More stories next time.

To Billy L: Cool story, i liked it. I thought it was funny about the hole you had and you guys all peed in there and when you left it was frozen.

Never thought this site exsisted. Great I poop three times a day and love it. I poop with my husband. We go together in the ladies toilets. He loves the sound of ladies farting and shitting.

Hi Guys, This is such a great site! Has anyone tried the soap chip trick yet? I think I mentioned it several months ago. I would love to hear about any experiments from the girls. Hey, any girls from Florida out there?

Elena--I don't envy anyone having a baby. I came across a website that had alot of photos of birth. The buttholes of the women were really pushed out and often the tip of a wide log was visible. That has to be embarrassing! It's amazing how the human body can really stretch!
Plus women make alot of grunting noises and moans during birth while everybody is loking at their bottom. It's not for me.

Can having a baby damage the rectum or anus during delivery?

That woman in the smaller photo really looks like she is having a hard time crapping. If all those people were around I would too.

J. Reed
Hello everyone. It's me again. I'm kind of in a rush so instead of telling you a story I decided to ask you all a question and answer you guys questions. My question is IF YOU GO INTO A STALL AND THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU ASK FOR TOILET PAPER BECAUSE THEY RAN OUT WOULD YOU TO THEM? Hit me back anyone.

Emily- I think I know what poop book you are talking about. If shows pictures of animals pooping or a little kid pooping then I've read the book in like the third grade. I don't know who the author is and I don't even remember the name of the book.

Liz- I think it would be weird if girls peed standing up and that's all I'm going say about that.

Later guys!
J. Reed

Liz: It isnīt weird! If you learn to do it well you wonīt ever think about sitting or squatting again. Did you know that among some tribal people like The Tuaregs in Africa the women pee while standing and the men squat. The men did it standing before Islam arrived but since Muhammed peed while squatting they thought that they respected him more by following in his footsteps. The women never stopped peeing while standing for some reason.

I posted on hee once a long time ago. I have a little POOP story to share with all of you. I am 32 and very good looking. kinda like a Tom Cruise Type. I share a town house with an older lady named Marlene. She is 59. She is a very sweet lady and she is very fond of me and I of her. We have kinda like a pseudo "Mother-Son" type of relationship.

One day, we were having some remodeling done to our house. So, the bathroom in the hallway by my bedroom had no door on it because the guys were replacing the door and doing some other remodeling work in the bathroom. Well, Marlene was lying in bed because she was recovering from knee surgery. SO, I knocked on her door and told her that I really had to go to the bathroom terribly bad and that I could not possibly wait for the guys to get done and put the door back on the regular bathroom. SO. I asked her if I could use hers. She said fine if you don't mind using the toilet in front of me because I can't get out of bed. because, the strange thing about that is that her bathroom was all hers, and it was inside of her bedroom...but it just happenned to not have the door on it at this time either. AND, she could not possibly get up out of bed because of her knee surgery.and I would never ask her to.just over something like my having to go poop. I told her I did not mind becaus! e she is more like my mother than anything else. She lays sideways in the bed facing the bathroom. she just always does.that is just kind of her natural way of lying in bed. The toilet is directly inside the bathroom door. SO, She said I could use her toilet and I said "thank you". SO, I walked into the bethroom.stood there for a minute just thinking. NEXT, I moved around in front of the toilet and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. And then, with MArlene looking right at me because of the way she lies in the bed.I slowly pulled my underpants down to my ankles and sat my bare butt on the potty. I sat there and she talked to me while I went poop, and then after about ten minutes of sitting there and slowly having the biggest poop I've ver had right in front of this was time to wipe my butt. The hard thing about that was that the way the toilet was situated was that the right side of my body.the side where I wipe my butt from was the side of my thigh that was situated on! the side of the toilet facing her. This fact was especially unnerving for me because I had a huge soft poop which I could feel made a huge mess of my butt and would need to be clened up. BUT, I didn't even think anything of it, I just grabbed the toilet paper and started wiping my butt with her looking right at me. I had to wipe many times to clean my butt. It felt kinda neat actually. Starange I know to go poop in front of a member of the opposite sex.but I liked it and I want to poop in front of her again.

How many of you are shy about pooping in a public toilet? I know I am. What % of people in the population you think has any intrest in pooping?

Are you drinking those thick shakes, like Dairy Queen, MacDonald's, Burger King, etc.? We used to call them sh** shakes, because after any of us drank them, we would almost immediately have the runs. I think it might be all that corn starch that they use as a thickener. Anyway, no more sh** shakes=no more runs.

Dreamer...I've seen chastity belts in museums and other places. The part covering the vagina has a narrow slot so that urine and menstrual slop can be voided. The slot is far too narrow for a penis to go into. The part covering the anal region has a none-too-big hole with sharp teeth lining it. A penis probably could go in there but would be all gouged up on the teeth. No fun at all. I'll bet the first thing the husband with the key does when he returns is to clean the damn chastity belt. They must be a mess after a few days.

LIZ - Oh come on, girl! What could be weird about standing
up to pee? There is no natural reason why girls should
*have* to sit or squat. Is there?? I very often stand to
pee, and let me tell you that there is nothing that means
girls have to do it with their legs bent.
I am sorry I am mad at you, but it is that thinking that
stops proper urinals being put in ladies rooms. You know,
the thinking that says 'men must always stand, ladies must
always sit'. What a load of poo that thinking is!
It is like PV says when she wrote and told me about a girl
who stood and got shouted at by a teacher for using 'improper
gender manners' or something! Oh, please!
My boyfriend does not always stand, because when he dumps
he usually pisses as well, hovering or sitting over the bowl.
I know that because I watch him do it a lot when we go to the
toilet together, and he has squatted sneakily just for a pee
when we have been on a beach. He does not *need* to stand and
pee to prove he is a man, he already knows that he is and I
do too. I mean he usually does stand, it is just that he knows
men *can* squat. Just the same as that, I do not *need* to sit
and pee to feel ladylike. I can stand and still feel feminine,
and it is a lot of fun too.
So please give it a try. Next time you are in your shower
or your bath, stand up straight and let rip. If it does not
work for you the first time, practice and if you need help
then ask me for it and I will tell you how to get better.
PV is another lady who I write letters to on here, and I bet
if you ask her to, she will help you as well.
It is like my boyfriend said to Ephermal, if you learn to
stand and pee, that skill will pay off on some future

LAWN DOGS KID - Thank you for your answer. My boyfriend does
pee enough to be empty during his dump, but he seems to have a
full bladder again soon after. I think you are 15 aren't you
so you will be developing a deeper voice and all that. I am
real curious to know if other men Steve's age (he is 34 and I
am 27) do the same. I do not know if it would be the same for
a teenage boy but thank you for writing.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! What page is your Thanksgiving letter on?
I know other people have written about it and it sounds like
I would love to read it.



I had 2 big dinners for thanksgiving. one at my folks house & one at my girlfriends folks house. that night while my girl & i were getting ready for bed i felt the need for a shit. my girl was in the bathroom pissing so i went in & told her i had to crap bad. she didn't take long & moved to sit on the tub while i took my shit. I pushed a little & let out a long hard fart. she said oh sounds like a good one. a bit strained i said yea it should be. i pushed again & let another major fart. then i started to shit. it was slow coming & i had to push to get it going. once it started it came on it's own power. after several seconds it fell with very little sound. i took a deep breath & pushed again. my girl said you have another?i just nodded as i grunted for another push. a kind of funny sounding fart slipped past the turd & i dropped 5 smaller logs. now i was really in need of a piss but was rock hard from my efforts. so i wiped & figured i c! ould come back when i was ready.

First thing the next morning I got a major cramp & let out a really bad smelling fart. I quickly got out of bed & headed for the can. I could fill a major shit coming on. I was just sitting when my ass exploded with messy crap. my girl heard me & came to see if i was ok. I was but continued to shit like crazy..all soft mush.

my final shit was after shopping that day. i got a feeling at the mall & must have had a look on my face. My girlfriend asked if i was ok. I told her i needed to pinch a loaf & headed for the toilets. What a mistake. there was a line waiting for the stalls. i took a quick piss & while standing there let go a nice tight fart. the guy next to me was dude good one. i said yea too bad the crappers full i gotta take a crap big time. My girl & i were done shopping so we headed home. When i got home we left the packages & headed straight for the can. i feel this monster turd waiting to come otu like RIGHT NOW. i sit & the beast begins to slide right out. long & smooth it shoots into the water. that was it..1 long log. looking i see a monster tht curls around the bowl. it was about 18 inches. feeling great i tell my girl to leave the packages & we head for the bedroom. next time i'll tell of one of her bathroom sessions if ya'll care to ! hear them.

any of you guys ever have major gas at inappropriate times?


Hi Louise,

How would we educate people to throw of the 'girls must sit' nonsense? Is there any way to address such a topic, given that these assumptions underlie all polite conversation? One way would be to have an organization of some sort that performs public education, and on the basis of this (through the medium of pamphlets in doctors' surgeries, info in day care centers and so forth) it would be possible to garner public support and then write serious, respectful letters to public planners. We could request that account be taken of the fantasy aspect underpinning traditional planning and point out that a growing number of women and girls are fully aware of it, and would frankly like to be extended the option of exercising their biological capacity to urinate in a standing position -- thus the inclusion of entirely conventional urinals in future ladies' rooms would be appreciated.

What do you think? It would take a lot of effort over a long time, but the ball is already rolling and it has momentum.

As for Rock Bitch being on the outer edges, I heard that Spice Girls are known to water hotel lobbies -- I'm not sure if that report was accurate...

"Arcing into the audience? Well that would be amazing. Maybe they do not go on television very much then! LOL"

Yes, they *would* need a helluva reach to hit the audience... Chuckles! It reminds me of a scene in the James Bond movie "Never Say Never Again," (which was shown a couple of nights ago here and refreshed my memory of an hilarious bit): Bond has been sent to a health farm to get back into shape, and he's sitting in an examination room when a nurse looks in a bit nervously and holds up a glass. "Mr Bond, I'd like you to fill this beaker..." She's still half-in, half-out the door and seems to show no intention of coming any closer. Bond, straight-faced and dry, says: "From here?" A short while later Bond has a devastating fight with a gigantic thug that wrecks half the hospital, and the only thing that stops the rampaging behemoth in his tracks is when Bond, in the wreckage of the lab, flings the contents of a beaker into his face. The giant staggers back in agony and Bond glances at the label on the beaker... "Urine sample -- J. Bond."

"Oh yeah, we would have to do some promotional videos to get more interest in our Women's Pee Rights Congress. Maybe push for the Olympic sport as well. LOL"

Oh yeah! We could circulate black market copies or show it on pirate TV stations...!

"Maybe the building planners would always say to us that there was 'no room for urinals in the ladies'. It is just another way of telling us 'know your place'. Well that is how it seems to me."

And me, love! The statistics indicated that waiting time and number of persons who can be served is far higher in bathrooms with urinals than without, and the facilities at bars, clubs, sporting events and so forth would move those shockingly long lines along at a faster clip. The fact is that women are using the mens' rooms in enough venues already for it to be an issue concerning management and security, and they have policies and laws and all the rest of it. So just give the gals urinals and/or provide unisex urinal facilities for couples who traditionally go together.

I look forward to the vital statistics on your Mom's pee-reach! And how could I forget your sis? There are now four on your pee-squad, and that's a third of a team already! Jackie sounds like a ready convert to the sport, and an inspiration to those considering membership!

"Please write and tell me about when you next go to the beach and let rip like that. I think that was a great story and I know it must have been really hard for you to do. Good on you, girl!"

[Basking in a proud moment!] Well, I've weed in my bikinis twice more since then! These last two have been less ambitious, though, I was just standing up to my waste in the sea and flooded invisibly, which I think everybody does... Still, it was fun and a relief to feel the warmth flow. I think I might try lying half in the surf line in the rushing sand and wavelets, and wee my panties there, it would be pretty much invisible but daring all the same!

"His girlfriend is very inhibited about weeing and she always sits and trickles real slow. You know the type? I am always real careful not to need to wee in an alley or somewhere when they are with us because I do not want to embarrass Steve. There was one time when I got so full that it was painful. It was a real good emptying I had when I was alone with Steve in an alley!"

I'll bet it was! Yes, I know the type, Steve's friend's girlfriend is a gal who has grown up in probably a tightly controlled atmosphere where bodily functions were all behind closed doors and never to be spoken of, thus she has difficulty when it comes to any open expression. Also ... and this is just a thought, there may be some difficulty arising from an incident in her past. Inhibitions don't just happen, they are learned, I know that at first hand, and I can perhaps recognize it when it's true of others.

"I think you did the right thing in the rail shelter. I bet it will be better for you to have more beach type adventures before you go that far. If you have a bad time maybe it will be a real setback for you and will stay on your mind."

Yes, precisely, that's the mechanism I mean! There's nothing to help better than a sweet success, and nothing does more damage than a disaster. So yep, I'll keep watering the beach and the back garden for the moment, and branch out when I feel more confident.

All my best to you and Steve,



Oh, your period timed in with your trip home! I see. Yes, it's soooo much easier just to plonk down on the seat and relax while you fiddle with tampons and get cleaned up. Sorry to hear you have "evil cramps" too, it has to be my least favorite thing about being female. Hm, yeah, a whole message board where gals can rap on the subject menstruating -- that's a novel idea, at least!

Cheers, and I hope you're back to a healthier schedule.


Buck (IL)
the only thing weird about girls standing up to pee is that anyone would care about it enough to make it an issue. There are a couple of other wsb sites that deal with this (not in a pornographic manner, but from a social standpoint). They are constantly getting people who think it's sinful and odd, yet many other cultures in the world think it is okay for a woman to stand to urinate.
As a male, it is usually more convenient for me to stand, especially with the poor public restroom habits of some that make public toilets filthy. I would think it only logical that women woulf not wish to put themselves into an unclean situation either. I have also heard many women tell how they fell more "empty" when they pee standing up as oppposed to sitting or hovering.

Did any British posters see the film True Confessions at 9.00pm on Sunday on our Channel 5? In one scene two attractive women are in a bedroom where there is a WC at the end. One, the brunette, goes over to it, hitches up her skirt revealing her panties (full briefs) which she pulls down then sits on the pan. Now unfortuately you dont hear anything and it is obviously only wee wees by the time she takes but she does take a piece of toilet paper to dry herself, then pulls up her panties and adjusts her skirt. Then her blonde friend does the same, again alas no sounds and only wee wees, but she also wipes herself with toilet paper before pulling up her knickers. In both cases the women pulled their panties down almost to their ankles before sitting on the pan which I believe is the American custom, most British women I have had the pleasure to watch doing a motion either have their knickers at the tops of their thighs to preserve modesty or at their knees. Anyway, this is a ste! p forward if a Hollywood film will show women simulating doing the toilet, even if only number ones to start with, and even more so a British Broadcast TV station will screen this scene uncut, (it was after the 9.00pm watershed).

Anne, (Bus Driver), I wouldnt worry about your jobbies starting to discolour the water in the pan. As Adrian says, unless it was red, dont worry, and I assume it was brown. As you are no doubt aware a formed stool is achieved by the large intestine or colon absorbing the water content of the feces which are liquid diarrhea when they are expelled from the small intestine or ileum. The longer the feces take to pass along the colon the firmer they become. Now obviously this means a turd is water soluble and even a hard constipated jobbie will absorb water, swell up then start to crumble and dissolve if left in the pan unflushed for long enough. ( I have seen this many times). Now you said Anne that your motion was formed but easy and it came out as 3 large easy smooth jobbies. As it was softer it would start to leach into the water thus the slight discolouration. Obviously a loose stool will greatly stain the water but we wont talk about those and yours was solid not mush! y Im glad to read. Anyway, like Adrian, I hope you enjoyed doing it as I guess you did and felt good afterwards.

I also detest sprouts and just wont eat them, nor cabbage, spring greens, lettuce, or any of that type of stuff. I take multivitamins to make up any deficiency and the last time I had a medical a few months ago I was A1.

Adrian, that was a whopper you did, 15 inches then a smaller 6 incher. Was it thin or fat however and firm or soft? There are types of moist wipe apart from Hakle brand. Try shops own brands or medicated baby wipes.

Did anyone see the opening episode of "Take A Girl Like You" on BBC 1 last night? There was a delightful bathroom scene, set in a country house, when two young women needed to go to the toilet and, carrying on a conversation, took it in turns to go for a wee. One was seriously desperate and went first and the other one followed, obviously doing a smaller and less noisy wee. It sounded very much as though they were weeing for real and they both wiped afterwards, using that hard toilet paper in vogue before soft tissue became widely available. Modesty was preserved by the fact that they were both wearing fairly long skirts - at least by modern standards. For a play supposedly set in 1959 it was remarkably open though about the call of nature. I got a hunch fairly early on that it was the sort of play where somebody would say, sooner or later, they had to go to the toilet. It came as a surprise though to see such openness about it. Although I enjoyed the scene, and I susp! ect a lot of other people did too, I don't think it contributed significantly to the plot though. It was the sort of scene that would have been easily expendable had a censor decided that it should be cut. I'm glad it wasn't though!

Monday, November 27, 2000

Plunging Plop Guy
I meant to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA,but I got the date wrong!Hope you all had a good time,enjoyed your food and the inevitable outcome! I agree with ANNE about sprouts,a vegetable I can't stand,and unfortunately well established on the British Christmes menu just because it's traditional!

Did I over-react to what I perceived as a criticism,CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST? Glad you see this subject as a "continued interest",and hope I didn't sound too sensitive to your comments."Whatever turns you on"! Close friends
in the past in whom I confided my interest doubted there would be others so-inclined!

Someone was concerned about a forthcoming rectal examination,I believe it was Casey.Anyway,if you've not had it yet,perhaps my experiences may reassure you.
I had to starve for 24 hours,just drinking sweetened drinks and having a strong laxative drink twice during the day.Surprisingly,and as I did nothing physical that day;I didn't feel hungry.The effects of the very fizzy citric acid drink were that I emptied my gut easily as the it came out as liquid and not like diarrhoea,but as brown water.
I was very nervous about the barium enema,but the hospital staff were extremely gentle,respectful and considerate,and there was no pain at all.I had a relaxant injection,then the enema with the barium was inserted quite painlessly,and for about 15 minutes was x rayed as I lay on the bed in different positions.I felt quite bloated with all that stuff inside,but that was the only discomfort.When they've finished,the solution is drawn off,but I still felt full,and was advised to sit on a toilet in a cubicle to let the rest out.I couldn't seem to "go" any more,but got dressed,was given tea and a few biscuits,and went home.I live only a few minutes walk away from the hospital and when i got home,I sat on the toilet and released a lot of gas and some of the water and clay-coloured barium.Over the next 2 days I was excreting white turds,and had to scrape away at the bottom of the toilet and flush it a lot to get all the residue off.
Anyway,there was no fault found,and if you are having a sigmoid examination as I did,all the discomfort you should feel is just a sense of being bloated for a time.
Have a stick handy in the bathroom to scrape away all that white stuff,and after 2 days it will revert to being brown again!
Hope that's been of help,
Best wishes to everyone, PPG

Does anyone think it's weird for girls to pee standing up?

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim- TO LOGGER-sorry about me not posting the thanksgiving story. it was just too sexy for the moderators to post. sorry.thanks for liking our stories! TO LAWN DOGS KID-hello !I see that you like when i leave my clothes on sometimes when having a dump- with my dress above my hips. sometimes i DO do this. but i love to sit nude on the toilet better!. plus in public places i sit nude oftentimes too and squeeze out a monster log. It really turns me on doing this sort of thing!!!plus leaving my enormous log in the toilet for others to see is also a major turn on for me!!. WOW!!i dont think i will ever stop doing this stuff in the near future. i really love it!!and scott doesnt mind questiones to me from other guys. its A-ok.well thats all for now. scott and i wish to thank all of you who like our posts. we appreciate it very much.bye now. love,kim and scott. p.s. scott and i are looking forward to more stories from you andrew and logger! plus LINDA GS-hi. did! you have any recent monster logs?. if you did honey i would like to hear about it .plus other posters peeing and log stories. bye now!

Billy L.
For Thanksgiving, we went to uncle bill's (this is where I got name). We were up late until about 1:30 (about 4 hours past my bed time). I guess becasue of this, I did not poop all day. After Thanksgiving dinner, we went up to Uncle Bill's cabin. He just built it in the woods. Unfortunately, it has no running water. He says he will put it in in the spring. Anyway, me, my three brothers, two uncles and 5 cousins went. Me, my brother bob, my cousin mike and bill (uncle bill's kid) got one bedroom (becasue we had to go to bed early becasue we were up so late the night before). The adults got the other.

We got there when it was about 6 oclock. We emptied out our cars and truck ans wnet inside. We had turkey sandwiches and chips and sodas. Then we started playing board games. I played monopoly.

Anyway, at 9:00 o'clock, Bill said he had to go to the bathroom. I thought he just had to pee. When I saw that he took the toilet paper, I figured I should go too, so that we could poop together and get back tot he game together (I was not really looking to going outside for this, but if you gotta go. . . ). Dad saw I was getting my coat on and said where are you going. I picked up another roll of toilet paper and said where do you think? He said, do you kinow where to go? I said in the woods. He said, just go behind the truck. Bill will show you. He said don't forget the wipes for your hands. I didn't knwo what was behind the truck, but I went out there anyway. When I shined my flashlight, I thought I saw bill standing behind the truck. I kept walking to where he was and said what are you doing. He said pooping. I said what? Why would he be pooping standing up? When I got to the back of truck, I saw one of those toilet seats taht attach to a trailor hitch. Underneath was ! an empty hole, exceopt fir some pee. I shown my flashlight in the hole, and i saw a huge turd haning from my cousins butt. Becasue it was so cold out, it was steaming. Then it fell in. Then about 3 more. The last one had corn in it, I guess from the turkey dinner. He said he was done and hopped off the seat. And wipped his butt next to the truck. I hopped on and popped 2 huge poops and then two small turds. I also added some pee to the hole. Just as was about to wipe, he said, I think I got to go again. JKust then, i made a real smelly fart and pushed out a pile of diarrhea. He said it look like I was pooping creamed corn. Anyway, I was done in about 2 minutes, and he said, hurry, I got to again. So we switched places. I wiped my butt while he made creamed corn. Just as I was pulling my pants up, my uncle came out. He said what it taking so long (he knowns usaully it takes about 1 minute each to poop, especially in the cold). Bill said our hineys are broke. Uncle bill said, wh! at? I said we had the runs. He said, hurry up, don;t forget to wipe your butts good (I use the wipes when I was done) and wipe your hands. Bill was almost done. He wiped and wec went in. Uncle bill gave some pink pills, told us to finish our game so that the 4 young ones can go to sleep. We were in bed by about 9:45.

About 2 am Bill woke me and said he to pee. I said that I do too. When I got to the door, I said I better take this too> He smiled as I reached for the paper and wipes. When went out to the truck. I hopped on the seat and let out a bunch of soft turds. WHile the poop was coming out, I look between my legs and saw one large log that was added after we went to bed. I guess on of the big people had to poop too. Anyway, when I was done, I wiped my butt and Bill hopped on. Uncle Bill came out and said what are you doing? I said we had to poop again. Uncle Bill said, ok, hurry and get back to bed. He said do you still have diarrhea? I said, no, but there is still corn in my poop. Bill didn't have the runs eiuther.

Then next mornign, we got up, had cereal. We were going to go out and play in the woods. I said, I better take this and took about 10 sheets of paper. Bill said, I better take these. he took the rest of the role and the box of wipes. He sat down on the truck toilet set and pooped. He made on big solid black poop. No more corn though. Under his poop was about 2 more loads. So I guess someone got out before us that mroninhg. Bill left the roll of toilet paper and wipes on the truck. Later, we were playing hide and seek. My little brother said he had to go to the bathroom. I said just pee against the tree. He said he had to poop. I told him to put his butt on a log leaning against a tree and make his poop there. He sat down ans started pooping. He made about 100 tiny loogs. And it really reaked. One of my cousins saw what he was doing and said, Mind if I join you. It was my cousin ron. He is 19. He sat down and made 4 huge logs.

After lunch, it was my turn. I went to the back of the truck and did my poop. By now, my poop was a bunch of little turds, about 100. Very smelly, buyt otherwaise normal. The next day, we had to clean up and get ready to go back to my uncles. I had breakfast and went out to the truck. My incle Jack was sitting there with his pants down to is ankles. I looked and saw a huge turd fall foloowed by about 3 large logs and about 5 little turds. He wiped his butt then his hands. I sat down and made a huge turd. It was about 14 inches. I had miniwheats for breakfast and for snack after lunch. Plus I was eating a bunch of fruit. I guess that is why by turd was so big. We finished cleaning up. Then we went into the woods to play. When i go back, Dad said lets get everyone read and go back. Everyone was there. Then unlce bill said, anyone need to toilet? Bill said I do. Uncle Bill said to me and bill, ok, go and poop and then fill in the hole. He gave us both shovels. Bill took fis ! final dump. He was about 4 brown logs. He wiped. Uncle bill showed us how to take the seat off tyhe hitch. We looked at the all the poop in the hole. Around the hole was a solid ring of yellow ice. I guess that was frozen pee. Plus Bills poop was still steaming. I said I have to pee, and peed in the hole. of course, i was aiming at the poop. Bill did the same. We were amazed at all the poop in the hole. I guess i never though we made so much poop. Plus, some of us pooped out in the woods.

We took of and went to a restaurant. By the time we got to the restarunt, my little brother had to poop. Bill and I went in with him so we could play sink the sub (when we aim at floaters or toilet paper floating). There were too toliets without any stalls in the bathroom. my brother sat down and farted. Then a bunch of tiny turds came out. They all floated and really smelled. WHen he was done wiping, we lifted the seat and took aim. THen we flushed. The toilet water rose real high and slowly fell. I said to Bill htat after lunch, I think I am hoing to poo in the other toilet. He smiled and said me too. After lunch, it was time to poop. I said to Bill, I got ta poop now. He said me too. So we went into the bathroom. Bill sat down. He pushed out three huge sinkers into the other toilet. Right after Bill sat down, a guy and his kid came into the bathroom. He said go ahead and we will wait outside. I said, no, go ahead. I will go after my cousin. He said ok. HE sat down on t! he toilet (the water had returned to normal). He made a bunch of turds. He started talking to his son and said do you have to go? The kid said he had to pee. Then the guy got up and wiped his butt. The kid went upt to teh toielt and peed standing up. THen he said, now I have to poop. He sat down. Bill and I chnaged places. I lookrf nehind the kid into their toilet as I sat down. There was like one juge turd and and bunchg of tiny ones. The kdis sat there for about 2 minutes. We were done pooping at the same time. I made aboput 5 huge turds. Then we played sink the sud. While we were peeing, I looked at the kids turds. They were about 10 and they were pencil thing. I flushed and went to wash our hands. Then the guy flushed after he was done wipoibng the kid. Just before flushing, he said to the kid, say bye-bye to your poops. THe kid did. THen the guy flushed. Unfortuantely, the toilet did nto flush at all. Water just started overflowing. We just left after washng our hands. WE! started laughing as soon as we left the bathroom.

Hi everyone. Hope you all had great Thanxgiving dinners (if in the U.S.) and great post-dinner poops. Unfortunately, I seem to be a bit constipated now. Can't seem to get over it. I can't risk taking any medication for it because I have lots of classes tomorrow and can't afford to be making frequent and last-minute trips to the restroom.
To Aaron, I think I have heard of the Rangers.Since so many people relieve themselves publicly in India, did you ever have to watch where you stepped? One evening here at school, an Indian friend of mine and I were going for a walk near his apartment building. He said that in India you often have to watch your step because since cattle wander around free, it's possible that you could step in cow manure. Yuck! Oh, well. That could happen here too, out west where there are horses. We'd taken a trip through Colorado, and we stopped to take some pictures near a really big rock. My friend (the same one I just mentioned) kept having to lead me around huge piles of animal poop. I don't know what left them, but there were so many.
Today, I had a really close call with needing to pee. I was riding back to school, which is about a 3-hour drive from my home. We usually stop in a town about halfway between home and school, so we can grab some snacks and sodas, or use the restroom, or both. Well, my mother decides today that we won't stop. And as you can guess, I really had to go. In fact, I had just finished a 20-ounce Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper makes me have to pee more than other sodas for some reason. Has anyone else ever noticed that? Anyway, I had to wait an hour and a half until we got to the dorm I live in. And before I could get to the restroom, I had to help bring in some bags and my computer, and lugging heavy stuff like that is NOT easy when your bladder is about to burst. Well, finally, I made a mad dash to the restroom on our hall, flew into my favorite third stall, latched the door, and finally.... oh no!!! No tissue! so I had to unlatch the door, run to the next stall, and this t! ime I checked... once again, no TP. This was getting annoying. So I tried one more time and went to the final stall in the bathroom, and there was at last some TP. And I got the relief I desperately needed. But wouldn't you know, the stupid toilet wouldn't flush. It just made a weird glug-glug-bubble-blurg sort of noise, so I left it alone.
To Anne the busdriver, I don't really care for Brussells sprouts. yes, we have them here in U.S., and lots of my family love them. I can tolerate a few of them, but the more I eat the worse they taste. They really are bitter after a while. I like asparagus, though. We had some at Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Sprouts don't give me gas, but sometimes spinach does. My auntie makes sandwiches using raw spinach leaves instead of lettuce. It tastes great, but gives me gas. Anyone else ever eaten raw spinach leaves? They're good.
Okay, my post here's long enough to make up for my Thanksgiving break I guess. If anyone has some ideas for a remedy to my constipation that won't involve me making mad dashes to the public restrooms, please let me know. Thanks, and catch you guys later.

I just had this huge bowel Movement ever, my biggest yet(or biggest in about 10 years). I mentioned earlier today i was having a minor urge to shit. It went a way, then i was sitting online and it came back on and it was getting stronger so i wanted to finish up what i was doing then go, cause i could hold it a while. Towards the end i would feel it get stronger, like it's almost coming out(which i think it was) and it was starting to hurt at this point. Then it would go away and come back. So finally i knew it was time. I go upstairs and sit down and i push and push, it was hard to get out. Then after i finish i inspect what i did and i was amazed at what i saw. 1 big log about 12 inches, and a few other small pieces. The top and bottom of the log had broken into about 2, 5 inch pieces. Then there were some smaller one. I then wiped, i wiped about 10 times. Also my log was specked, it had lots of nuts in my log. I had been eating alot of nuts over the past few days. My load w! as really hard. I've seen a change in my bowel habits from soft to a moderatly hard. Last two times i've had to poop i've had trouble passing it at first. I enjoy it like this because i knew it's gonna be a biggie. Also, this log was like that log the other boy had in my dream the other night, except his was a light brown and mine tonight was dark. Brown. What an enjoyable BM, i'm hoping for more. Must have been the combination of the Nuts and Thanksgiving!! Thats it.

I was relaxing in the bath tub this afternoon, when i heard the front door opening, it was sandra my new girlfriend ,she came running down the stairs opend the bathroom door, not even saying hi or anything she lifted up her denim dress and pulled her white cotten briefs down, even before she sat on the toilet i could hear the splash splash of her poop dropping into the toilet.

she moaned and groaned, grunted and farted still dropping her poops then she begun to pee a long hard steady piss the look of relief on her face was pricless.

Shit i had to go so bad she said she looked into her panties which were just below her knees, she swore under her breath, you ok i said getting very exited no i damm well messed my self coming down the stairs she replyed.

i took a peak into her panties a long brown log lay in the bum part of her panties, the smell from her poo was filling the air in the bathroom i got out of the tub and gave her a hug, sandra got up from the toilet not bothering to wipe her bum, and said she better take a shower, i pulled the plug from the tub, and i picked up her panties and shook them in the toilet, the big smelly log plopped into the water leaving a thick brown skid mark. well sandra took her shower and i did her laundry.

TO KIKI dont feel bad no one replys to my posts either, but hey i will talk to you if you want. kevin

KiKi: I do look forward to 8am and my daily poop.....
I've been going at that time for at least 5 years now.
How long has 10pm been your normal time? I went twice the Friday after Thanksgiving!!!! Once around 8am and then again around 8:30am. Real nice, solid poops too...the kind that make you feel all clean and refreshed inside. Did you have a good poop session after Thanksgiving? :o)

Buzzy: You sound cute!!!! Now I can have a better picture in my head of what you look like pushing out those poops at the gym :o)
I'm back home now in in early this morning and took a trip down to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural would not believe the book I saw in one of there gift shops!!! It was called Poop and it had pictures of animals and humans pooping and the kind of poops they even had a picture of a baby with poop in it's diaper!!!! The details were incredible....I've never seen anything like this before.....I stood there and read the whole's more of a kid's book but I think adults would appreciate it too.

Has anyone ever seen this book called Poop before? I can't remember the author's name........I'm tempted to buy it.......would be great to look at while doing my morning poops.....LOL

Ciao Emily :o)

I think someone posted on this page mentioned that if you let water run up your asshole while pushing, the water will go up. Just let me tell you it works great!! My advice is to get as much water up your ass as possible then sit on the toilet. All the water will run out your ass and their will be much less to wipe. I've only tried it once but it really works.For the first time in my life, I'm actually looking forwrad to tommorrow night's shower!!!

Well a Happy post-Thanksgivings-poop to everyone here. Now that that little statement is out of the way, I have a serious question to ask everyone...
I recently watched the movie Robin Hood, Men in Tights (okay, I know it's an older movie but it's still pretty funny) when an odd question popped into my mind. In the middle ages (or whenever the movie is supposed to take place) how did women go about relieving themselves when they were wearing chastidy belts?
I have ideas about this myself but would welcom any imput on the subject by you wonderful people out there (especially Kiki).
Well that's all for now... Ciao everybody!


Boy,we all did some serious turkey-pooing!I really enjoyed reading about them all!I wonder how many of us were at the same time!
TO KIKI-Some years ago,when i was about 19 or so,i was driving on the NY thruway in Feb in the morning after driving all nite and I stopped at a rest stop and had some coffee to stay awake-then about 30 mins later,on the road in the middle of no where,i really had to poop-so after about 15 mins of looking for a spot to go,i pulled over and got out and went up this hill by a tree and boy was it cold(about 15 F) So I quickly pulled dowm my pants and squatted and pushed out a bunch of steaming pudding-it came out fast and I was done in about 10-15 secs-I wiped and looked at the pile of steaming excrement on the ground-It looked cool-it looked like a pile of muddy pudding about 3" high-it was a pretty good load-that was the only time i pooed outside in the dead of winter-Too cold to really enjoy
Well,i'm on my way to the gym and I haven't pooed since fri ( after those 3 bigs dumps,i'm not surprised-i was really cleaned out!) and it's now sun and I can feel the beginings of my rectum starting to fill up-If i can get to the gym,this feels like it's doing to be a good one-It's now 9:28 and i'm sure the gym toilets will be busy-So i'm off to contribute to the morning symphony of farting and pooing in the gym toilets!I'm really looking forward to going there to dump today!Lately,it's been so much fun to poop there!See ya-Really must go! BYE

Anne (the bus driver). Great to see you back after what seems like a longer absence than in reality it probably is. It certainly sounds as though you had a really good, satisfying poo in the toilets at work on Saturday. I'd have loved to have been there when you did those three enormous eight inch jobbies. No doubt you enjoyed doing them too.

So far as your motions discolouring the water is concerned, this isn't an uncommon phenomenon and I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's happened to me sometimes. The only time to be concerned about such things is if you're bleeding or passing blood. If that happens, you should seek medical advice sooner rather than later. My suspicion is that on this occasion it was probably caused by something you'd eaten or drunk at some stage. If you're genuinely worried though, the prudent course is to see a doctor.

The Americans really are on to a good thing with Thanksgiving, eating all that Turkey etc. I think it would be a good thing if we had a similar holiday in the UK, given over to the eating of Turkey and other rich foods. It would plug a few drains though. On the subject of Thanksgiving, my Aunt Anne has been visiting relatives in the USA for the Thanksgiving holiday. She doesn't eat a lot nowadays though, and I think her quota of Turkey will have 'done its journey' long before she returns to the UK. I have to disagree with you on the subject of sprouts though, because they are one of my favourite vegetables, although I can understand that some people dislike them. Although they don't prompt any worse reaction in me, they can be a bit gassy though. It goes without saying that I would willingly forgo sprouts for the sake of someone who disliked them and I would never serve them if for example you were visiting.

I had to get up last night as occasionally happens and go for a motion at 1.30am. I did a real big 'beacher' about 15 inches long and, I think, a smaller motion of perhaps 6 inches. Modest by your standards I know, but I think you'd have been proud of me Anne!

This morning (Sunday) I was on route between services in our benefice, Holy Communion at one church and Mattins at the other, when I decided to call at my office for a coffee and a toilet stop - #1. Well, I went into our office loo, lifted the lid and discovered that someone had done a panful and not flushed. I don't know whether it was a colleague who'd been in over the weekend or the cleaning lady who was responsible and, quite frankly, it was academic. I'd like to think it was the latter though. However, without using stronger language, I can safely say that I've had pleasanter surprises. That sort of thing is all very well, but it can be unpleasant if you're not actually expecting it - as witnessed by another poster who discovered a mess in airoplane loo recently.

I still use the Hakle wipes but they don't always agree with me and I would be grateful if you know of any others which might suit me better.

Best wishes

I went to Tampa Florida to see my cousins for Turkey Day. The day after that we went to Busch Gardens. I rode all of the rides and stuff but my favorite part was the toilet everyone was in there craping good. One time after i went on the water ride i went in there to dry off. Suddenly a huge woman and her kid who was about 3 years old come in. The woman went in one stall and I went in the next to listen and peek there was a huge hole in the door. the kid went in the one next to me so i was in the middle. i peed and the big woman pulled down her pants and undies and tinkled for a long time then suddenly see farted and grunted and strained and pushed when i peeken i saw that see was totally naked and it was the best time of the whole trip. The kid was in the stall crying because she wanted her mom to help her poop.

Kiki--my diarrhea was a frothy burnt sienna orange. I'm not lactose intolerant but sometimes drinking rootbeer will give me painful diarrhea.
Someone suggested it was the flavoring in the milkshake.

Smith--I have massive bowel movements if I eat popcorn, bread or potatoes. Some of them are easier to push out then others, but I don't make any noise pushing them out, unless it feels really good and I moan. I'm not a grunter. In fact, I think grunting would make it harder to push out a big log.

It's amazing what the power of asking can do huh?
I'm aware of all of that.[shakes her head] And I'm not looking forward to it. I mean.. I thought I just had the flu.. cause of the fact that I was sick one morning and oh man.. well my friend Nora thought.. what if you're.. you know? My mind I had to find out I guess. So I went home and put a pregnacy test I had bought on the way home to use. I thought I was home alone.. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE...."TAKING" THE TEST AND HAVE YOU HUSBAND WALK IN ON YOU!!!! [face goes red] Sigh, but in the end we found out.. and now.. I'm kinda wishing it was just the flu. Well not really, but the thought that I'll have even more trouble pooping now.. and if a certain guy in the back named Miguel doesn't wipe that grin off his face.. he won't be allowed to help me with that when the time comes!!! Well anyway thanks to those who gave their congrats to me and Miguel. I'll post later about my post Thanksgiving poop.. mine and Linda's happened shortly after one another's.
P.S. Don't feel bad Andrew..[winks] I got a pair that color too.

Well if that's the way you're going to be.. then Linda can be with you in the delivery room when the baby comes!!!![sticks his tongue out] Anyway, let me tell you women something.. I pity you.. I really do. I know we've had our differences in the past.. you all treating me like dirt and you enjoying every moment of it, but.. man.. after witnessing how you gals take pregnacy tests first hand... I'm sorry. Man.. I never knew just how they were taken. So.. embarassing.. escpecilly if it's witnessed. Any of you guys seen such things? Any of you women been witnessed? Anyway I best get going before my wife finds out what I wrote and kills me.(well not really.. that kind of abuse I DO enjoy)

Tony and Logger--thank you for your support and stories. Yes, it was tough as a kid, even laxatives (ie. ex lax) just didn't work on me. Thankfully those days are gone, but I still have to be very careful as any little thing constipates me. For example, traveling. I went home for the holiday and between flying and who knows what else I was just totally throw off schedule. I didn't go Wed. or Thurs. at all and finally was able to go a little bit two times on Friday and once on Sat (but very small amounts). Finally, I got back to school a few hours ago and shortly after returning to my room had to go badly. So I went to the bathroom (deserted as no one is back on campus yet) and it took a lot of effort to get out the lumpy, hard monster. It was one of those poops that my butt hurt for several minutes after being done. Not fun, hopefully now that I'm back at school things will be back to normal.

PV--Yes, my bathroom at home is all mine and quite private and nice; however, I was unable to "use" the shower because of my little buddy who usually needed to be taken care of right before a shower. I find that when it's that time of the month (especially at the beginning with evil cramps) I have to pee a lot more than usual and it's those "gotta go now" types, which is quite unusual for me. Just the joys of being a woman (Kendal, dear, don't worry, you're not missing due time) Hmmmm...this is a bit off topic, they should create a new forum here for that...nice, clean and moderated, that's what makes this so nice.

Well, better get myself settled and get some work done since I've just spent so much time catching up on all the posts I've missed.

Today i was at work, and i had a slight urge for a BM all day, now it's gone. Last week i had one like this and i had such trouble passing it when the urge came on stronger, i admit i love when i have trouble passing a BM like that.

Yesterday when i posted i ment to mention about this one public bathroom i visited reciently. I went to this Holiday place, which sells christmas trees and decorations, and in the spring they sell plants...And it's in this older buliding and they had a public bathroom. As you walk in there to the right is a 1 person shower(wonder what that was used for) then a standard urinal.Then when you walk in and look to the left the are these 3 strange urinals and they all have partions beside them. The urinals are shaped like and oval, almost looks like a toilet bowel, turned around. Know what im talking about? Any one know what they are called? Has any one used this type of urinal? And also, there is alot of water in them and it looks like a guy could crap in them(thats how much water is in there) but there was no tp around them. By the way i used one, i think these are cool.

To April: I liked your story about you using the mens room and your cousin Michael Guarding the door. I've got one question, Wine. Aren't you a little young to drink? And do your parents know you were drinking? Did they ok'd it?


Don't leave! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been really busy!

Anyway, I'll post more later, but just wanted to ask, how old are you? I remember you asking me and found the post where I answered you. I thought you said how old you were in a previous post, but couldn't find it. So how old are you?

I'm only asking because I saw a post from you saying you were having a baby? Or is that another Kiki?

Talk to you later,

Sunday, November 26, 2000

I would like it if people would post about being sick and having the diarrhea or having very explosive bowel movements.

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