HI, before today I didn't even know this page exsisted, I'm staying at my cousin Michael's house for the holidays and almost had a very bad accident and he said I should share it on this page.
Well I just had my 16th birthday and we all went to my relatives for Thanksgiving and to pick up my present. We all did the turkey thing and then all the adults went to watch football & drink while the kids played outside. Michael and I are the same age and not big sports fans so we grabbed a bottle of wine and went for a walk. About a 1/2 mile from his house there is a little park with a lake, it was deserted due to the holiday. so we sat talked and drank some wine. After an hour or so I really had to pee so we headed to the restrooms. All was ok, I walked into the ladies bathroom and started to pull up my dress when I saw this huge rat. I screamed and came running out. Michael calmed me down but I still had to pee and I was not about to go in there with that rat so Michael sugessed I use the men's room. Well I knew I would probably not make it back to the house so I said what the hell we were the only ones there.

I went inside and it was terrible. The toilet was clogged to the top with crap and trash to the point of heaping over. I called Michael asking what to do. He sugessted I use the urinal. I didn't have a clue how, but Mike said just stand there in front & just let go. He preceeded to pee to show mw how it was done. OK, well here goes nothing... I told him not to look, and guard the doorway. I picked up my dress and pulled my pantyhose & panties to my knees and stepped up to the urinal. I caught Michael sneaking a peak at my bare butt. As I started to relax the pee started to flow and I realized something was wrong. The pee started to run down my leg and making a splash. I could'nt stop my stream and I didn't want to ruin my shoes & pee all over myself I instinctivly turned around and backed up into the urinal where I peed for what seemed ages. Mike turned around and his mouth just dropped. When I was done I asked mike where the toilet paper was, he checked the st! all, nothing. so here I am with my bottom half all exposed after a minuet or so I pulled up my hose & fixed my dress. We walked home & Michael suggested I share my story. Has this happened to any other girls??

Well this is the holiday season, and for me that means good eating and a lot of belching and farting. On Thanksgiving, I always overeat. So the results were, I kept blasting out thick farts, all day long. My system is sensitive so I get gas from just about everything. With all that blasting, I knew the restroom was my next trip. Before I could even sit down, I splattered the whole damn seat. My brown soft, watery shit made a mess in the restroom.(damn, I really had to go.) I managed to aim the rest of the shit in the toilet. But I had a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards. While cleaning the mess I made, my ass kept blasting out those thick and loud farts. I was belching and farting at the same time. I've always been the queen of farts, but I still couldn't believe the noise coming from my ass. I don't just fart, I REALLY fart!! I'm talking monster farts. The holidays really are here, because when I eat, I know that several shits will follow. I've already splattered the f???i! ng toilet, I sometimes wonder what will I splatter next. My ass don't play.
If I have time, I'll give more stories


My bowels act up whenever they want to...although 10 PM is my normal time. How long have you gone at 8 AM for? Are you really happy when it gets to be near that time? I always look forward to the sense of relief given to me whenever i drop a load.


some dude
Kerry - If I had been in your situation, I would have done the same thing. The flight attendants would have at least suspected that you made the mess if you had told them.

Sorry it's been,work,ect. My Thanksgiving dump was pretty diappointing, probable because I let out a 16-inch log a few hours before I ate. As a result, there was only a small load of very small soft turds, and a lot of gas. This was in a store bathroom at 6 am Friday morning, the big shopping day. The bathroom was completely deserted. This was kinda good, as I dont like for others to be around when I take gassy dumps, but kinda bad, since it would have been cool if there were other guys taking messy Thanksgiving dumps too.

Kiki - I think I can answer 2 of your questions with 1 unpleasant experience I had. I once had a severe diarrhea attack (caused by stress). My poop was a grayish-green color, and completey liquid. As for "streaming," it came out of by bakside like water from a high pressure hose!
It wasn't very fun!

I very rarely post, but htere have been a number of interesting pooping happenings at work. on thursday of this week, our unisex toilets were in constant use. a large lady from marketing went in while i was making coffee in the nearby staff kitcen.i could here her lift up her skirt and pul toen her tights and panties and poo around four logs, she wiped five times. at lunch time, one of the regulars from finance went in. she is around forty, with dark shoulder-length hair and of heavy, not fat build. i could here her lift here skirt, pull down her light coloured tights and underwear, pee for a while, then a serios of loud plops and splashes and a sigh of relief! she wiped a few times and left and came in and had a chat.

later in the afternoon, a younger lady from finance came in a pooed on large log, quickly wiped and left, quite embarresed i thing. i could only make one small offering that day. however, the ladies further down the hall appeared to be quite quiet that day.

i must say that i do like sandra and jill's stories. the pooing on train toilets is something that always facinates me.

hey everybody! i've been reading this for a while and i decided i would like to contribute. i love hearing what you guyz have to say. i havent had any good shits recently, but i did have a 3 1/2 incher today, but that was about it. If you guyz have any good shit stories to tell me, email me at ok?? i enjoy hearing you guyz telling about your shits. i also would like to hear about all of your thanksgiving shits ok?

To Aaron: A reason that you never saw a woman pee might be that they do it while talking to someone or just standing still and spreading their legs. They rarely wear any underwear under their saris and they prefer to do small squirts more often than a forcefull gush while being full. The chances of wetting their Saris or legs is reduced while doing small but powerfull squirts. I havenīt seen it personally but a friend of mine saw this in the City of Gaya a lot of times. Were in India did you go?

J. Reed
Well I just wanted to tell you guys this story I had one time when I was walking in the park. I was walking in the park and I get this sudden urge to go pee. So I saw this portable potty and it was occupied so I had to wait. It had been about three minutes so I knew that the person in there was taking a dump. So five mintute later this girl I know who goes to my school gets in line and she asks me " how long have you been waiting" and I said " about five minutes". So were just waiting there for about another ten minutes and the girl says " I don't think I can hold it any longer" and i'm just sittng there trying to hold my pee in. Then a couple minutes later she starts to cry, and starts saying " OH NO". And not only does she pee her panties but poops in them as well. Just at that moment the guy who was in there comes out, and I was going to go in but I look at the girl whose just peed and pooped herself and I ask her if she wants to go in ahead of me. She says yeah and goes in! . She took about five to seven minutes then she was out. When she gets out she asks me if I will walk home with her. I say yeah so I hurried up took my 60 second piss, got out and walked her home. I did feel sorry for her since the incident, and we've been some what of friends since then too. And the weird thing about it too is I only had to pee. Well that's my story. Now my question is WITH THE EXCEPTION OF CHILDHOOD HAS ANYONE EVER PEED OR POOPED THEIR PANTS/PANTIES IN THEIR TEENHOOD OR ADULTHOOD?
Hit me back anyone.

Kiki- No I've never pooped out a turkey bone. Have you ever pooped out a turkey bone Kiki?

BB. This question is for the guys. How many of you get turned on when you hear a girl peeing?? I get instantly to attention when I hear it hitting the water.

Hope everyone's turkey was good!I myself had a great dinner-i ate like crazy and yesterday,i dumped 3 times in various places which i will tell you all after i answer some of your posts-
TO EMILY-Glad you told me what you looked like-I thought you were abotu that size,but I thought you had brown hair-I like red hair on a woman-Now I have a better picture of you on the bowl-I love your poo stories-I guess I'm an average looking guy I'm 5"10 and 168 slim build,but my legs and butt are muscular from all the biking I do-I guess that's the best looking part of me(LOL) I have brown hair and blue-green eyes.I have a nice looking butt and I like to look at my butt in the mirror as i poop-it's kinda fun-I'm sure i'd much rather look at yours than mine-but when you have no one else what else can I do!I hope this helps you out!Did you poo a lot on fri?Tell me about it!
TO KIKI-Glad to see you are still around-Some years ago after a thanksgiving meal-I did swallow a bone in pieces and the next day when i was pooing i felt the bone scratch my anus as it came out and then another part of the bone got stick and really had to push it out and when i looked i saw 3 parts of the bone in the bowl-that was weird!
Well here's what happened the next day after stuffing myself with turkey-When I got up I felt the urge to poo but i decided to hold it as long as i could which was about 20 mins-then i went into the toilet and got totally undressed and sat on the bowl facing the tank and put my legs up on the wall and just relaxed my domed anus and it came a knobby turd at first and then it got smooth and curled down toward the bowl as it was still coming out-it was a long-- one-then it fell in the bowl silently and usually i feel some relief from a big poop like that but not this morning! I still felt full as i looked at this turd curled around the bottom of the bowl-I sat thwre for about 2-3 mins and felt another cramp and push and out came another long--- turd but this one was totally smooth and came out faster and was a bit thinner but just as long as the first one-Ohhh was this fun!and felt wonderful!I looked in the bowl and saw twin turds about a foot long each curled around the out! side of the bowl-I then felt done so i wiped and got dressed and went to the gym to work out--
When i got to the gym,i had to go again and when i got to the toilets there was some serious shitting going on!I was glad i had to go more when i heard this! so i went into a stall and sat down while listening to everyone push out their thanksgiving dinner-The 1st poo i did had no gas at all,but when i sat down I let out a loud fart followed by a huge load of pudding poop and right in the middle of me pushing out this load it felt sooo good i got off in a good way!That was nurvana for me! WOW-Then i got dressed and did my routine and showered and drove home-Now on the way home i felt some cramps and another urge to go-so i decided to go to the mall and go in the public toilet there-By the time i got there,i really had to go and when i went into the toilets they were as busy as the toilets at the gym and just as noisy!It was great-so i went into a stall and sat down and this guy in the next stall was exploding in the bowl and i farted a small fart and out came a bunch of ! soft poo and a lot of farts and we were exploding together-It was a fun day for me-I sat ther for about 10 mins and pushed out the tail end of my turkey dinner which now was mucus and some more gas -but boy did feel super!One of the best poo days of the year!I went home a happy guy-3 big loads for me!I'm going to the gym today too-maybe i'll poo somemore-Let me hear some post-turkey stories from you all have a great day!BYE-ps emily I was thinking of you pooing too!

child psychologist
Do we all have a case of arrested development??? Nah, I don't think so...I prefer to describe it as "continued interest!"

Kiki- Yes, me and my friends have done steaming shits in cold weather back when I lived in NY. Our steaming pisses were more impressive especially when the humidity was high in the cold NY winters. We would send a steaming stream up into the air for about 10 feet. I saw green shit in a girls toilet once. She had probably eaten some food product conaining large amounts of green food coloring. I did a yellow shit once after a night of drinking.

kim and scott,
Kim, why don't you try to remove the offending material and repost about Thanksgiving? I'm sure that you could get the message across without being blatant. A lot of us love to read your great stories about your huge logs!
I sympathized with your childhood difficulties. I, too, often went for days and weeks without #2 simply because it was SO PAINFUL to pass one of those huge, rock hard logs. I can remember feeling the urge, going to the toilet and sitting, then starting to push and strain, all to no avail. After LONG periods of time sweating and straining, I would give up; Eventually, the mass became SO HUGE that it would take on a mind of its own, and would end up in an hour-long of straining, sweating and shaking before the giant hard log felt like it was slowly ripping and tearing its way out of your poor little butt! After ONE of these sessions, ANYONE would be reluctant to go through THAT again! Thankfully, in time, my anus seemed to be a little more able to accomodate these huge whoppers, and I didn't mind going as much. Now, I am able to pass HUGE logs and actually greatly enjoy it!
Before anyone says it: Yes, my parents gave me mineral oil, milk of magnesia, suppositories, enemas, metamucil, fresh fruit, prunes, raisin bran, etc. ALL TO NO AVAIL!! It just must be a quirk of one's system, and it may or may not change in time. I happen to think, looking back at things, that this trait is LARGELY (no pun intended) genetic (hereditary) in nature!
Oh yeah, went to the toilet Friday after Thanksgiving; sat down, had steady urge, let system go on "auto pilot" and comfortably enjoyed a 2 1/4 by 18 1/2 incher as it slowly, smoothly slid continuously into the bowl; it silently ended its journey as a big "beacher"(as you Brits call it). Naturally, it took three or four flushes to send the monster to its watery grave! Now, let's hear some other good Thanksgiving weekend stories!

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA: So pleased you've had a talk with your cousin, and that it has worked out ok for you. You had me and Kendal really worried about you for a while you know ! You take care babe. PS Mint Green ??!! Can't laugh really 'cos I've got some lime green ones, EEEEEERRRRRRRRR !!

LOUISE: I don't need to pee within an hour of going for a dump. Thing is, I sometimes spend upto half an hour reading while having my dump, and I am doing little pees all the while I'm there. So, basically, I pretty empty of pee by the end of my dump !

KIKI: My poo can be sandy coloured sometimes !

KIM: Another magnificent production ! I know you like to go naked while you produce your huge specimens, but the thought of you sat on the toilet with a tight form fitting blue dress up above your hips while you went is much more of a turn on ! I presume you don't go naked when you are forced to produce one of your monsters in a public toilet ? Hope Scott doesn't mind me asking personal questions and making these comments that I have !

NICOLE: Thank you so much for your kind words ! Kendal and I have always been able to talk about anything with each other. Thats the relationship we have, and we are both very thankful for it. With regard to you and Peter, I'm pleased it has made you think ! This kind of thing should never be taken lightly, because someone will finish up getting hurt otherwise. Why don't you persuade Peter to join us. I would be more than happy to chat to him about it, and I'm sure Kendal would too. Any time you want to ask something, just go right ahead and ask. We are both very open about what we do, on this site anyway. At home, its a huge secret ! But we love the fact that we can talk all about it on here where no one knows us ( we hope ! ). Kendal and I have watched each other on the toilet for the past three years now. We can't do it all the time because we don't live together, and most of the time the olds are at home anyway. Thus when we do, its always special ! Although we do ! it for each other because we know it excites the one watching and listening, its also hugely exciting to be watched by someone you love and trust. Perhaps one day you may know that feeling. Take care, love Andrew. PS I won't steal Kendal's thunder about the first time she let me watch her. Do ask her about it, although I shall be very embarrassed when she tells you !

To Sandra. You were very diplomatic about the ethics (or othewise) of my ladies toilet viewing activities. Nowadays, who needs a spy hole when there are those amazing mixed 'squat' toilets on camp sites in France with gaps under the partitions? (see my posts on pages 407 - 425).

I think I'm disgusting but boys will be boys you know! We are driven by certain powerful instincts and different men have different ways of expressing them. I am only interested in watching adult women, especially larger, more mature ladies. You are quite right that it's an invasion of privacy but they never know that I can see them so it seems fairly harmless to me compared to the terrible things that some men do :-(

To BP pooper. Thanks for sharing your story about your prune feast with us. I found out about the laxative effect of prunes the hard way (soft way?) at the age of 4. I was with our baby sitter and suddenly she picked me up and carried me to the toilet with my feet hardly touching the floor. She pulled my trousers and pants down and sat me on the toilet. I wondered how she knew that I needed to go but I guess she had smelled the 'prune surprise' that had started to come out in my pants without me realising.

Nowadays, I prefer dates or dried apricots. More recently, (well, in the 1980s!) I walked the 'Lyke Wake Walk', a 40 mile hike on the North York Moors in England. A group of us drove overnight from London then started hiking at dawn, about 4:45 a.m. in mid summer, aiming to finish by 8 or 9 p.m. There were no toilets near the start and none along the route. After the first hour, a girl I was walking with (not my g/f) was walking a bit awkwardly and announced that she needed a bush, a BIG bush. I waited about 5 minutes for her so I guess she had her morning poop.

After about 25 miles, I was getting quite tired and decided to eat my 'emergency rations', some long lasting energy-rich food that hikers carry. I had an 8 ounce slab of compressed dates and I ate the lot, hoping to complete the 40 miles before they came out the other end. About 10 miles further on, I really needed a 'big bush' but I was on open heather-covered moorland. I was walking alone at this time so I went away from the path, squatted down in the deep heather and did a nice big soft high fibre date poop in the fresh air on a beautiful summer evening. It felt SOOOO good as Melissa used to say (are you still around Melissa?)

To Kiki. Have you ever had a poop emergency from eating too many prunes, dates or any fruit? Have you ever peed or pooped outdoors?

to Kiki, no I've never craped out a bone from thanksgiving but I have pooped corn. Thats neat to see corn floating around after pooping.

Kiki- Yes, me and my friends have done steaming shits in cold weather back when I lived in NY. Our steaming pisses were more impressive especially when the humidity was high in the cold NY winters. We would send a steaming stream up into the air for about 10 feet. I saw green shit in a girls toilet once. She had probably eaten some food product conaining large amounts of green food coloring. I did a yellow shit once after a night of drinking.

Casey, cool story about your thanksgiving dump. I had mine yesterday morning, and let me tell you it was big. When I felt the urge to go I went to the bathroom, put my feet up on the toilet seat so I was in a squatting position, and put a hand mirror which I have in the bathroom up to my anus so I could see the poop come out. My anus opened real wide, and I pushed out a huge turd. It wasn't even that hard to push out, it was not soft but not hard either. I dumped one 10" log (I'm estimating) plus two or three 6" logs and a bunch of small balls of poop. That's a lot of crap, for me at least. I saw corn in my poop too (corn had been served at thanksgiving meal).
Have you tried any of my suggestions yet from my last post, I think it was 2 days ago?
Good luck on your rectal exam, I don't know exactly what that is. If I may ask, why do you need it? I don't think it's a routine thing for young people, unless you have bowel problems.
Well anyway, gotta go now. Post more stories, your stories are cool. Do you have any stories about pooping at school or in other interesting places besides at home?

Last night i was i bed and i felt the urge to shit, i knew it was that thanksgiving meal making it's way out. I went to the bathroom and pushed out this lumpy log about 7" or so. It was a bit hard. Then i go to bed and i had this dream i was in a public bathroom using a doorless stall and i was having trouble pooping and another guy(don't know who it was, and he was about my age) was waiting for my toilet(must have been only toilet there). I stood up and told him to go, I can wait to finish up.I watched him shit, and it took a shit right on top of mine(buddy dump). I watched his log come out, as he lifted his but up for me. Then i noticed his had some lumps, of undigested food and his log was light brown and 12" +. I never did finish my dump

Last night i was at this restaraunt, and it's in this old building which was bilt in the 1700's or 1800's and i went to the bathroom to pee and they have 2 old fashion urinals, the long kind. I noticed that the stall partion seems to be a bit short there, im only 5"3 and if i could stand on my tipy toes i could probably see over, imagine a taller man coming in (like 6ft) and he could definatly see over.

To ME: I do use suppositorys if nessacary, i used some last week. Im 19. And im feeling better, i think my BMs Are getting back to normal.

Like i promised earlier, here is an account of my cousin, who exploded quite strangely in Cyprus....

Again in my early teens, I was 11 years old, watching TV in her front room (watching SSVC - the a BBC channel for the services), and to my advantage, the toilet was opposite the front room. By that age I technically fine-tuned my ears to hear toilet noises - and blimey, at 21 it still works.

Suddenly I could hear her (yes, my ears only work with women as may have gathered) running up the stairs in panic. She thought I was her son and told me to go and mind the shop downstairs... but then recognised me - she was 30 at the time - so she told me to carry on watching the telly.

She SLAMED the toilet door, could hear her pulling her shorts down, sit down swiftly, and then.........


I then thought..."wowwww!". To my shock, she then came out the toilet, and ran back down to the shop! It timed to 20 seconds!!! She came in, emptied her bowels, didn't even wipe, and went down without flushing the toilet!!!!!!!! (they have to ration water there).

I went to investigate......

It was all brown water she farted or diaorreared out (with corn on the cob remains). Oh yeah, not one smell either...

I thought: how did you do that?

BY THE WAY, how do some members of the forum manage to shit out a straight 18 inch shit - that is too big and I'M JEALOUS!!! I just about do 9-11 inches on a good day.

Mia... what do you eat in a day to produce such a big shit? I would appreciate a timed list please; that goes to Nicole too, and the lady who shat an 18 incher in front of her husband shaving (maybe Wed's or thu's message) I know some say eat more fibre (or fiber), but I know forcing more down your stomach can cause more damage than good - especially for haemorroid sufferes.

Much oblidged and happy shitting and farting all (I wish we could ever experience Thanksgiving Day in the UK officially (its Thanksgiving every Sunday in my house), so I hope you American's enjoyed it - and I mean it!)

KIKI - Steaming poo: I've had those quite a few times, but never indoors. I work outdoors, sometimes miles from a town or village, so I regularly have to pee or poo outside. In the winter, they nearly always steam! I always carry some paper towel just in case.
Oh, and I always carry a roll of TP in the car, too. It's wise to be prepared!

I've recently seen - for the first time - urinals with visible water traps. This was in Germany, at an airport. It was a little weird using it, as I didn't know whether to aim at the water or the porcelain, so I did a bit of both. The water is obviously much closer than in a toilet.
They each had automatic flushers, with one of those infra-red detectors that senses when you walk away.
I suppose they're the type that you could possibly get away with pooping in, and it would flush away.
Incidentally, the cleaner (female) was in there at the time, but I peed anyway, as she couldn't have seen anything, except for a tiny bit of the stream.

Anne (Bus Driver)
Hello all. Hope you Americans enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinners and did suitably big logs afterwards. We dont have that holiday over here in the UK, the closest we get to it is Xmas with the same large dinner. A tip if eating British Xmas Dinner. Avoid the brussels sprouts (like minature cabbages for those in the USA if you dont have them there). Traditionally these are served with the turkey etc but I have never liked them, I dont eat them, and I know lots of others who also detest sprouts. They taste bitter, give one very bad wind (gas), and to some people can cause diarrhea, just the thing to spoil Xmas Day particularly for kids. So my advice, put the sprouts on the compost heap or do what I do, dont buy the bloody things in the first place, it only encourages them to grown them! If you want a green veg try brocoli, (calebrese), or if you can afford it asparagas. The rest of Xmas Dinner is like Thanksgiving I suppose, Roast Turkey, Roast Potatoes, stuffing,sausage meat, roa! st parsnips, bread sauce, cranberry jelly. I find the Xmas pudding a bit heavy although I can eat it, so I have usually either have Black Forest Gateau or Sherry Trifle instead. Here in the UK Public Transport stops on 26th and 27th Dec so there is no problem about drinking for us professional drivers as long as you arent hung over on early shift on the 28th. Worse luck I have drawn that duty this year, I think I upset one of the inspectors when I wouldn't let him dance with me at the staff party. I dont mind but he has hands like an octopus and they go below the water line if you follow me!

I had to laugh watching Top of the Pops this week. They had Robbie Williams on a video and in one scene he is shown leaving a caravan clutching a toilet roll. That was all, but I had to say it ROBBIE'S JOBBIE! as I took this scene to its logical conclusion. I imagine many teenaged girls had the same thoughts.

For myself, (yes Adrian, I know you would want to know), I had an intesting motion Saturday. I didnt go on Friday, nothing unusual for me so knew Id have a lot to pass when I did. Sure enough, finished my shift had a canteen lunch, then waited in the mess room for one of my friends, Sally, to finish, she was held up in traffic. As I sat reading the paper I felt it all come down, and passed a huge smelly fart, so went to the ladies toilet in the yard, up grey skirt, down pink panties, bum on seat. I started to pee and as I did so the poo started to ooze out. It was solid but smooth and easy, but as usual very fat. The tinkling of my wee wee stopped and I guessed it was running down the jobbie. "KER-SPLOOSH! KUR-SPLOONK! KA-SPLONK!" 3 big logs came out quickly into the pan, then I let out another long sustained fart. My wee wee started again and tinkled into the pan. Now as I was sitting there doing this Sally came into the ladies having handed over her bus and asked in th! e mess room where is was. (I subseqently heard that one of the male drivers had replied, "She's in the bog having a huge shit if I know Anne!") As the 3 big jobbies dropped loudly into the pan followed by my trumpet voluntary I heard giggling and Sally exclaimed, "That must be you Anne in there". Having recovered as I took a moist out of my bag to wipe my bum I confirmed that it was me. "Go on, lets have a look then" Sally replied, so having pulled up my knickers, with my skirt still round my waist, I unbolted the door and let her into the cubicle. In the pan were 3 big fat smooth light brown jobbies, all about 8 inches long, floating in the water. Now they were solid enough but easy not lumpy and I did notice that they had started to discolour the water around them with a brown tinge. Has anyone else seen this effect, maybe an expert like Tony from Scotland or Nicola could explain this? Sally then said she needed a motion too and invited me to stay as she lifted her skirt, pu! lled her royal blue panties down and buddy dumped a nice 10 inch long, fat knobbly dark brown carrot on top of my 3 logs with a loud KUR-SPOOL-LOONK!" Both satisfied we came out of the cubicle, washed our hands and went shopping and she stayed over at my place last night.

Aaron, I havent been to India but I understand that performing the toilet functions in the open by either gender is quite normal out there and the smell of human urine and feces is part of the background smell of India. Over here, apart from Sandra, people will do anything to avoid having to do the toilet in public and will choose a secluded spot if they have to do so to avoid an accident in their knickers. I do also understand how this contributes to the endemic intestinal illnesses there as the flies must have a field day in such a hot country. Of all the things that the British Empire or RAJ gave to India I am suprised that they didnt build many public toilets and an efficient sewerage system in the cities as the Victorians were very keen on such public health provisions here in England. "mens sana in corpore sano" and all that type of thing.

Kiki, I have often done a steaming poo, especially when its a single big long jobbie, a beacher, and I do it in the ladies toilet out in the yard at the bus depot in the morning on a cold winter's day. I did one like this last week, a big fat panbuster of about 14 inches. No sound effects, 5 inches sticking up out of the water and yes it was steaming. As to colours I have done jobbies from jet black when on Iron tablets to putty coloured white and most shades in between. My usual colour is toffee brown but this depends on what I have been eating.

Kerry, I havent seen a plane toilet as bad as this nor thankfully on one of our coaches with toilets but have seen such a mess in a train toilet so went on to the next one. Now it would be a public spirited gesture to tell the Air Hostess but of course she would possible think YOU had been taken short with explosive diarrhea and made this mess so I can understand why you would keep quiet about waht you had seen. I believe its part of the Flight Attendant's duties to inspect the toilets regularly and either clean them or if they areas bad as the one you mention, lock it and put an our of order sign on the door and get it cleande up by the ground crew when the plane has landed. Any FAs post here who might care to comment and could teel us of more agreeable sights they have seen in aircraft toilets. When I have used one in the past I found that the suction could deal with my jobbies even a big fat 14 incher I passed once on a flight to Scotland to visit some relatives. I was ! over Manchester at the time according to the announcement on the PA.

BTW I just love that happy looking brunette with her panties down at her knees at the top of the page. She really looks as if she has just done a whopper and enjoyed doing it too!

British Empire, "Gave" to India?!

Saturday, November 25, 2000

Hi all. I'm sure there should be some interesting Thanksgiving stories coming up in this forum, but I have none to report.

Kayli- I really enjoyed your story about peeing your pants in public at a theme park. I enjoy pool peeing for the same reason- everyone can see me, but no one knows I'm doing it. The warmth and pleasure of release is fun too.

TTT- Yeah I know about the bulldog. Have you heard of the ranger? The school is in the northwest part of MS. Back to stories about India-

I've mentioned before that I was traveling with an Indian couple who live in America now. Their names are Rajeev and Sonal. One day during our first week there, Sonal woke up with a severe case of diarrhea. We had all eaten some of the food served by street vendors which is not prepared under the most sanitary conditions. Whatever Sonal had eaten really messed her up. She spent the whole day in bed, only getting up to use the toilet. That night, Rajeev suggested that she take a short walk with us, that she should get out for a little while. She protested that she didn't want to go, that she needed to stay close to the toilet. Rajeev didn't take her seriously and he persuaded her to come with us. We were just going to walk to the end of a short street and come back, but we hadn't even gotten to the end of the street when Sonal cried "Rajeev!" in distress. She had a look of shock on her face. "I just did it in my pants!" she said. "Oh my God, are you serious?" Rajeev said. H! e was very sympathetic then, and we turned around and headed back. Sonal changed clothes, washed up, came out and said,"That was awful. It just started coming out, I couldn't stop it."
Later, I came down with a bad case of diarrhea too. Unlike, Sonal, I never got over it until I got back home and went to a doctor. I didn't have any accidents though. I did embarass myself by making a lot of noise in the bathroom several times. The first day I was afflicted, I kept going to the toilet every hour or half-hour. Once, after spending quite a while in the bathroom, Rajeev called to me, "Hey man, are you all right?" I managed to say "Yeah," just before erupting with a huge KA-BOOM-SPALSH! Rajeev and I still laugh about that.
Like I've said before, bodily functions are always on your mind in India. Another daily occurence that takes a little getting used to is that people urinate and defecate publicly all the time. As you probably know, India is very overcrowded. Add this to a shortage of bathrooms, and you can picture the situation. Men urinate everywhere, they simply turn their back from passersby and go. Seeing a woman is a much rarer occurence, in fact so rare compared to the men that I started to ask people "Where do women pee, or do they just hold it?!?" I never really got a straight answer, but one day I rounded a corner on a busy street and saw two women squatting on the side of the street. They were both facing away from the multitudes of people passing, but it was clear what they were doing. They had their saris (dresses) pulled up to the waist, their butt and genitals were plainly visible, and bright yellow urine flowed from between their legs and into a single stream which tri! ckled down the street (actually, I had seen the stream first before I saw where it was coming from). I tried not to stare too much, but I found the sight to be a turn-on.
The first time I saw a public defecation, it was a woman also. My friends and I rounded a corner on a small side street and saw a woman squatting off to the side with her sari up to her waist, like the others. I thought she was going to pee, but suddenly she produced a big brown log which came out slowly. She never looked at us while she did the whole business, but I'm sure she heard us because we were the only people on the street besides her. I soon got used to seeing people defecate, because whenever we travelled by train, we saw hordes of people taking a dump next to the railroad tracks, mostly men and children.
I've think this post is long enough. More to come.

Whoops? forgot something. TTT- I enjoyed your accident story. Look forward to your next post. Later.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!!! I did and of course it being a bit after 8am I had my morning poop. This one started to come out of my arse not long after I woke up so I ran to the bathroom.....(this is my Folks place so it's a little bit of a longer walk to the my place it's right next to my bedroom). When I got in, I hiked up my nightgown pulled my longjohns and panties down and got ready for my surprise I did have to push a bit to get my poo was sticky and a medium brown color.......I've had sticky ones before but not too often. Has anyone else ever experienced a sticky poop? If so any ideas on what causes that? Just curious :o) Well back to my story....after my poo came out I peed for a bit and sat a while. It took at least 3 wipes to clean my arse out entirely from that poop!!!!

Buzzy: I'm a petite gal, about 5'3, thin and have long red hair and green eyes. What do you look like? It will help me visualize you taking a poop better :o) Love your gym stories!!!!

Kiki: Please don't leave......I'll converse with you have a set time each day your bowels like to empty...mine is usually 8am. Sometimes it takes a while for people to notice you since there are so many people on this site so don't be discouraged. Look forward to seeing future posts from you :o)

I feel my bowel getting ready to go again....close to period time so I go a bit more often then.........CIAO Emily


Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. I would just like to join in a bit. Thanks!

What's the oddest shade of poop/pee you've ever seen? Green is about as far as I go. And steaming poo...anyone have that?


I did not know diarheaa could come in the shade of orange. Was it a burnt sienna or a neon color?


Has anyone actually crapped out a bone from Thanksgiving Day festivites?

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