Comments! What would others have done in this situation!

I was visiting relatives in Michigan last week, and before I had to
leave for the airport, my sister had everyone over and made a terrific lunch. I ate waaay too much, but that always happens when I eat at my sister's. Sure enough, an hour into the flight home, I could feel that I would have to unload soon. I was hoping I could wait til I got home but the urge got worse and worse. I walked from my seat to the toilets at the back of the airplane. Both were free. I pushed open the folding door to the one on the left side and almost fell over backwards from the stench!! Using text, I can hardly begin to describe the details of what I saw, but I will try. The toilet lid was up, but the seat was down. The entire seat was splashed and smeared with poop. The underside of the seat lid was almost completely covered with poop. The wall beside the toilet and most of the front of the vanity on the otherside was splattered with poop. The outside of the toilet had streaks of brown leading to small pools of diarrhea which had collected near the bottom of! the toilet. Poopy toilet paper had been tossed around the floor and the toilet bowl was full almost to the level of the filthy seat with once-white paper. I have never in my life seen something like this. I let go of the door and it unfolded to hide the hideous mess within. Who did this? What could make a person do this? Should I inform one of the flight attendants? Hmmm... inform an attendant? I decided not to. I would be too embarassed that they would think I did it, even if I said I didn't. I walked to the door of the toilet on the right side, pushed on the door and it was clean and actually had a very pleasant smell. I sat down on the spotless seat, dropped three big pieces, peed like crazy, wiped and flushed. Pop-whoosh! All that remained was a few streaks in the bowl, no water. I washed my hands and exited, wondering if someone else had looked inside the other toilet yet. Nobody was waiting, so I guess not. As I walked back to my seat I was worried and embarrassed that ! someone might go to the left rear toilet, see the mess and tell the attendant I was there last. Maybe I should tell them? No, I better not, they would
surely think it was me. I couldn't stop thinking about the left
rear toilet for the rest of the flight. Nobody said anything
about it, and I never had to go again for the rest of the flight.
I still wonder how many other passengers saw this? Would one of
the attendants try to clean it up, or just leave it for someone
else to clean after the plane landed? Should I have mentioned it?
What do you think? Honestly, even though it was only for a few
seconds, this is something I will remember for a long time.

I was in my backyard when all of a sudden I felt this big rush of a wave of poop coming and my back yard is huge and I had a bricked with a hole in it just big enough for my butt so I sat on it and I could never poop unless I was sitting on something so I sat on it and I had a major blow out of diarria so I was crying and I stopped pooping and held it in and my mom wasn't home so I had a fridge in my garage and it had a ice chest with no ice so I sat in that and relived my self and then I relized I had nothing to wipe with so I rubbed my butt along the carpet then I threw it away that was the biggest BLOW OUT I have ever had!!!

Bryan-Hope that you are feeling better from the med. for you illness. Sounds like you haven't been having as good of BM's as normal...maybe you should try the suppositories again. I use them too, and it's nice to know that others do as well. How old are you again...I'm 26m. I enjoy reading your posts man. take care

Well I had a little adventure of my own today. I didn't have to take a dump on Thanksgiving but I had to today when I was at the mall getting some new clothes. I don't poop in malls so I hurried what with I was doing and got home and when I got home I went into my bathroom, pulled down my pants and laid a big one. I felt so releived or what other people would say " five pounds lighter". I could've went at the mall if I wanted to I just don't like to take a dump in public. So to anyone out there DO YOU LIKE TO POOP IN PUBLIC?

SM-Thanks for answering my question pal.
Kiki- I hope you still post letters on the site.

kim and scott
hello this is kim and scott with another post.our thanksgiving one was innapropriate for the moderator to post but I (Kim) squeezed out a 19 inch log! that was 2.5 inches thick for anyone who is interested. the day after on friday me,my boyfriend scott and our friends john and his girl nancy went on a double date.we all hopped into scotts car and took off down the road john was wearing his blue sweater and blue jeans,nancy a sweet girl who got A pluses in everything wore a nice pink dress,scott wore his red sweater and blue jeans and i wore a tight form fitting blue dress that really hugged every curve of my body I had high heeled shoes on my feet. we ate at a place called "fridays". which was a fun family and young people eating place. after this we took in a movie. were scott and i shared a jumbo popcorn. And john and nancy who did not like popcorn shared little candies together.when the movie was almost done I had the strong urge to have a massive ,bowel movement. i whispered this to scott and friends who said ok.I decided to wait till the movie was over so i could let scott see me shoot out a huge brown sausage when we got home since my parents where out themselves having dinner with friends.the movie soon ended. and we got back into the car. scott drove our friends home. then he took off to my house. as soon as we got to my house we walked upstairs to my bathroom.I then took off my shoes,slipped off my dress,and took off my underwear. i then sat naked on the bowl.I then took a deep breath as i started to push out a log. my ring started to dilate as my log kept growing bigger and bigger. WOW! said scott.on seeing the huge size of my log coming out of my ass. "Dont strain yourself kim .you could hurt yourself." "Dont worry scott. I am ok!" I replied. as a matter of fact I was A-ok and in my element squeezing out a huge log like this one. really turned me on!I then squeezed harder as my log was still coming out! I then put both hands in the back of my legs and raised my legs up,bending my knees to my chin as I pushed really I watched this gigantic brown saugage explode from my quivering asshole and hit the water with a big splash. "WOW!'said scott once more as i got off the bowl to admire my log with him. scott then got the measuring tape and measured my log at 16 1/2 inches long. 2 inches thick. "Thats amazing kim. i dont know how you crash out one massive bowel movement after the other like that?!!' scott exclaimed. i just looked at scott and laughed. "I am lucky i guess!' as we both started to laugh. my parents came back home a minute later so the only thing more scott could do with me was to help me zipper up my dress again. well at least i had fun crashing out another monster log in front of my boyfriend again. hoped you all liked the story bye now and happy holidays from kim and scott.

Hi everybody, I tried to post yesterday but when I clicked on the submit button nothing happened and I didn't have time to re-write it all. In fact I was so desperate to go and wee that I couldn't sit still long enough and didn't want to leave the computer on while I went to the loo!

Kendal - So pleased to hear that you enjoyed your experiment even if I did feel a little guilty for encouraging you to do something that resulted in pooping your panties! I agree the warm feeling is nice as it spreads but its true that later its not so nice being cold and wet down there!
Even Suzy doesn't go pantyless at school, the boys here are more crude and just lift your skirt to see your panties so she only wants to do that when we go out together. I agree with her that it makes it easier to wee in public when we cant find anywhere and are really bursting but I'm too worried about people seeing too much. Oh, and you have to be carefull not to leave a big puddle!
Do you watch Andrew wee? I mean do yousee his willy when he does it? Peter wont let me see it and I only saw it twice when he didn't know I was peeping around the loo door.
What do you do when you cant wait any longer to wee and theres no loo about?
Well thats enough today, lots of love Nicole

PS I'll write to Linda GS if she would like that too, how nice to have found so many new friends!

Lawn Dogs Kid - Thanks for your kind advice, you have made me stop to think a bit which is a good thing! I wish Peter was as kind and thoughtfull as you and would talk more about these things. Maybe it would be good if he joined us here too.
Lots of love to you as well, you are a really nice person, like Kendal, Love, Nicole.

Suzy wants us to have a contest to see who can wait longer before weeing and no cheating so we will both drink the same amount. Does anyone think this is silly or even dangerous? Hope to here some advice and from others, especially our age (11) who have tried this.N.

I haven't eaten my Big Dinner yet I already had a giant log before lunch. I sat down and got out a mirror and spread my legs open. My hole was open a little so I gave a big push and watched my hole dome out. The dark brown log moved a little out then stopped. I stopped pushing to catch my breath and looked at it just hanging partially out. I then touched the edge of my hole-the skin was stretched tight. I took another breath and pushed harder and watched it grow wider and longer out of my trembling butt. It was about 2.5 inches wide and 16 inches long, and dry as usual. It didn't even splash when it hit the water. I felt good after getting that out!

In late september I took my five mile walk on a warm day. As I approached my turnaround point my ???? felt funny so I pushed out some smelly gas and felt better. Then when I arrived at my turnaround point it hurt again so I rested by a sign, knowing that I would need a bathroom soon.
I turned around and headed back into town. My stomach cramped up again and I knew I was going to have diarrhea. I was in a complete panic! I was so scared I was going to crap myself as I walked through town. I hurried up and when I had a really bad cramp I grabbed ahold of a tree and squeezed it in pain and maoned softly. It really hurt.
After it stopped I ran home the last two blocks. As soon as I sat my ass on the toilet it exploded in frothy orange shit. It must have been the milkshake I drank earlier.
I had never been so panicked in my life! I would die if I crapped myself in public!


Me and Kevin and Lou all went for a pee together on the way home from school today. Me and Lou squat to pee outdoors, but Kev's read this site and he says girls can stand to wee too. Now he's trying to persuade us to have a go, but we're not really brave enough. We don't really know how to either.

We've all made up now, and Little Lou has forgiven Kev for making her have an accident.

I can remember a really funny incident about 6 years ago. Little Lou had only just turned 3.I would have been 8, and Kev was 9. Our oldest sister Shannon had just come home with her best friend. She was about 15 at the time. Lou was just out of nappies. Well, that day had been Lou's first experience with fizzy drinks. Well anywas, Lou was sitting on Shannon's friend's lap, when she suddenly let go, and weed all over this girl. Well, needless to say, we all found this funny. Even she saw the funny side eventually!

Linda GS
Kendal and LDK(much shorter this way Andrew)
I had a talk with my cousin before your post went up. Let me tell you what happened.. well that day I felt an urge to poop come on and I went and gave up and decided to give in and go do the deed. As I was about to pull down my pampies (mint green.. go ahead and laugh) my cousin walked in..(I left the door open) he said he was sorry and he was about to leave. I looked down and said sadly it was okay and that I was sorry for whatever I did to make him not want to be here. he came back and looked at me.. I had to poop bad so I pulled down my pampies and sat. He came in and closed the door and knelt down to me as I peed. He said you didn't do anyhting sweetie...I'm sorry you feel that you did something.. but it has nothing to do with you. I finished my pee and I felt tears forming in my eyes as I asked why he started doing this. He sighed and told me to wait a second..he went out and called Elena. I started pooping or tried to anyway. it wouldn't come out..sigh. Anyway Elena came in and he told her to sit. She did on the rim of the tub and he told us what happened. he was at our grandmother's house and our little cousin Mel had to go pee.. but our aunt wasn't listening.. too invovled in her conversation to even look at her own daughter. Mel started crying and my cousin's heart broke so.. he took her. Well when he came out my aunt saw them coming out and got after my cousin..telling him he had no business taking her little girl to the bathroom.. he should have asked one of the other women there or ask her. My cousin scolded her saying your own daughter told you many times she had to go.. and you ignored her.. she had even leaked a bit in her panties because of it.. and he didn't feel there was enough time to find someone.. besides he saw no harm in it. Well my aunt got after him again and the other women.. our own flesh and blood turned on him as well. They said stuff...mean stuff to him.. then they said and I wonder how things are with you and Lin da.. she's not even your child and you two seem too close. My cousin is a very calm person but he HATES being accused of stuff he hasn't done... and on top of that.. by his own family.. and about me. So he told them off and left. My aunt, his mom, got after him.. saying it's not right for a girl my age to be so attatched to an older man like me.. people will talk. My cousin said they already do. And left.He was upset about it... very upset.. and he was hurt. He did that for the best.. but it was nothing I did really.Elena placed her hand on his shoulder and told him.. why do you care anyway. You told me once you didn't like much because they expected the worst from you. this is our home.. what we do here is OUR business, not theirs. And you don't live with them anyway so why must you follow their rules?I broke the silence as my poop picked them and there to come out.(trust me it was loud) I told him.. it was okay if he felt I was too big to do this anymore.. but are you doing ! it cause it's what you want.. or cause it's what they want. He stroked my hair(always makes me feel relaxed so I pooped 5 hard poops one after another) He said I don't have that much of a problem with it. he said.. no one in my family trusts me much.. you did.. and Elena does too.. you two trust me to see somehting no one else does.. and it makes me feel special. Elena felt bad for not letting my cousin see her poop anymore.he winked and said.. that's okay I have.. you don't always close the door all the way.Elena turned RED and he told me.. okay linda.. it's your choice.. you can pick when your too big to go in front of me..I think you're old and mature enough to make that choice yourself. I said please stay with me..I looked at Elena and asked her too to stay. And so they did and I finally finsihed pooping 15 minutes later oh to enjoy pooping again. Anyway so everything is fine.. except for Elena who now LOCKS the door. heh for now anyway.. and they told me somehti! ng special I have to share with you Kendal, JW,Andrew and everyone here!! I have something extra special to be thankful for this year.. Elena's gonna have a baby!!!!!!!
P.S. Kiki..I'm sorry you feel that way.. i used to feel that way too cause no one talked to me much. if you want.. i'll talk to you and reply. I promise

To Plunging Plop Guy

That was a well said, articulate message you wrote (as seen on Thu), although the "child psychologist" of course did have a respectable statement to make and both of yours were indeed fair.

We are all sane people at the end of the day, and this site is one way of exercising our fetishes (whether you deny it or not), I mean, for example, at work I may appear to be a "sane, respectable individual". When I come home from work, I literaly beg my girlfriend to fart for me or allow me to watch her kak - yes, it turns me on...(she may even hold it to spite me sometimes) and she is still proud of me as a person, because that is our personal thing that is exclusive to us - us only.

Believe me, if somebody was to attack this site on grounds of taste, I would ask kindly to piss off and concentrate on WORSE controversal sites out on the web... like policing horror sites.

I am proud to write on this site because the author has made clear that items published are subject to editing or denial, or to fit the purpose of this forum.

I'm sorry to sound abrupt, but this site is just spot on - and I'm enjoying it by far! Well done.

I will write another farting parable very soon, about my cousin.

Kiki...don't go (I mean leave)...I'll chat with you...what do you want to chat about?

Today is thanksgiving in the usa, im wondeing if im going to have to take a huge shit after all that food i ate...I don't know cause i had a huge bowel movement last night. I posted yesterday that i had felt an urge in my stomach like the shit was sitting down there and i had no urge in my rectum. I ate a big sandwich last night and about an hour later i felt an urge to shit. I went up stairs and man it wouldn't come out, at first 3 tiny balls came out then the next part was really stuck(i was expecting a huge log in diameter) I really had to push and strain to pass this it was huge to pass. Then i let out this huge piece of shit and it was a bunch of balls stuck together and it was really i guess i can say i was mildly constipated. Then i had no sleep at all last night(very little) and i woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach(nausus feeling...empty stomach) and i felt as i needed to eat something. I felt as this may have been from that huge load i passed(maybe ! more was still up me)..I tried to go but no luck. I'll take a huge load in a few days probably.

I better go think im getting an ugge to shit, bye

Mia. It wouldn't have mattered all that much if you hadn't got home in time. Yes, you'd have been in rather a mess but that's the worst of it and you could easily have got cleaned up. Few people go through life without an accident or two and the occasional close shave. I remember having an 'ambush motion' when I was on a day out. I was 18 at the time and it really caused me some angst as I thought I'd outgrown the age at which 'accidents' could possibly happen. People were really understanding though and after I'd got home, showered and changed, I didn't think anything more of it.

Nicole. Don't have that pee holding contest. Such contests are most unwise and it's not natural or healthy to make yourself 'last' longer than nature intends - particularly if you've tanked yourself up on fluids.

Casey. The rectal examination, if it is just a straightforward one, should be okay and quite painless. I had one earlier this week (see my posts about seeing the doctor over itchiness) and it was no problem. You will have to lie on your side and, whilst being examined, you may be asked to 'bear down' as you would if trying to expel a motion. It shouldn't be an unpleasant experience though.

To J Reed.

I once went into a ladies room to shit. I heard several women shitting - especially one who took the stall next to mine and shat several large logs.

Smith reporting on lady's repurcussion. I can identify with your experience because it reminds me of an incident, already listed in the 'archives' here, when my Aunt Anne visted (I was 6 or 7 at the time) and, like your visitor, she put off going for a poo much longer than she should. In her case however, it was just straightforward prolonged farting and her stomach wasn't distended. Also she did make it to the loo in time and, despite dropping what would almost certainly have been a heavy load, managed to avoid making a mess. Thirty years down the line it is still a very memorable incident, although I do love her to bits. Ironically, at the time she would have been round about the age I am now.

Nicola. I enjoyed the account of your enormous 18 inch panbuster. Your husband was lucky to see it and I bet you felt a great sense of relief, getting it out of your system. I bet you hadn't been for #2 since the big poo you did on Friday. Keep up the good work!

Did anyone see 'Emmerdale' the other night? In one scene Viv Windsor (the shopkeeper) is seen clutching her stomach the morning after a night out with a house guest. Clearly the suggestion was that she was either suffering from nausea or, more probably, was trying to restrain the need for a runny #2. The scene ends with her hurrying upstairs - presumably to the bathroom.

Hey everyone. I figured I might as well begin to share some of my expansive experiences concerning that subject that is perpetually fascinating.....Just finished thanksgiving dinner and am expecting quite a nice load tomorrow morning. Considering that I ate less fiber than usual today(no salad with dinner) it'll probably be a smooth log instead of a pile of smaller turds. But who knows....Has anyone here ever noticed the consistency of their morning dump changing in relation to the amount of coffee consumed before it was dumped? I find that if I dump after 2 or less cups, it's more likely to be a log, but after 3+, it's usually a pile of smaller turds. I make no preference between the sensations of's usually over in 10 seconds or less. One giant push and I'm done. It seems to me that many people here have sluggish bowels, with all the talk of having to grunt and push and is that possible? I can honestly say in my whole 19 years on this earth I have ne! ver taken more than a few minutes to take a dump. I must have very strong bowel muscles indeed! I wonder if there is a difference in the strength of bowel muscles, and does it impact on the time it takes somone to take a dump? Oh and say that noone talks to you....well why not start a discussion? I'll ask you a few questions: How old are you, how many times a day do you typically dump, how do you wipe? Do you have frequent panty skidmarks or not? is dumping pleasurable to you? ....I'll ask more later if you answer this. I wish everyone the best and I'll see you later.

LINDA: I'm so, so pleased that you have had the chance to talk to your cousin about things, and that they have worked out the way you wanted them to. Now it seems that he is happy to be with you in the bathroom again, I hope you are feeling much better about things, and that you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving poo ! Oh, and pass on my congratulations to Elena and your cousin about the baby. I hope you are ready to become, well, I can't work it out really, some kind of cousin ? Anyway, you'll be like a sister to the new baby won't you ! Do you know the bit of your story that made me cry, not unhappy, but with, well, happiness ? Where you said that your cousin stroked your hair and how it makes you feel relaxed. Andrew does that to me too. If I'm ever upset, Andrew gives me these wonderful hugs better, but at the same time, he strokes my hair so softly and gently I could just melt ! It makes me feel so at peace, and that the nasty world has gone away ! He will often do! it when we are sitting together as well. Its one of lifes eternal joys for me ! Your cousin is wonderful Linda, just like mine, and you make sure you tell him so ! Take care, lots of love from Kendal xx.

KIKI: I felt terrible when you said that nobody writes to you, especially when I have made some lovely friends on this site. You might find you get more replies if you talk specifically to people, like you asked me that question a while ago, and I replied back to you ( but not before Linda got in first ! ) Hey, Linda is bound to talk to you now that Elena is going to have a baby, and you say you are. Elena sometimes posts on here as well. Elena and you would be able to have a wonderful time exchanging pregnant toilet stories. See what happens !

ELLIE: I've enjoyed reading about you and your sister, and your naughty brother ! I think its wonderful that you look after your little sister like you do. I don't have one, and sometimes, I really wish I had !

NICOLE: Please don't feel guilty that I pooed in my panties. That was my fault for being silly and trying this experiment when I needed to poo as well. I know Andrew felt terrible because he thinks that if he hadn't tickled me so hard, I wouldn't have pooed. But the way it happened, if I'd let my wee go even without tickles, the poo would have come as well. It was just me being stupid ! I am sometimes !

Andrew and I have a very close relationship. Of course, when I pull my panties down, even though I leave them high up my legs, my bits are revealed to him. So to be fair, when he goes to the toilet for me to watch, he pulls his trousers and his undies down as well. So yes, I can see his willie, and his bottom too ! If you and Peter are shy about these things, then doing it with knickers still on will enable you to enjoy something that you want to do together while protecting your modesty. I'm with the child psychologist who posted a day or two ago. I get much more of a thrill watching Andrew go at the toilet than when he does it outside. And I know Andrew much prefers to see me go on the toilet than squat and wee on the grass. The toilet is so much more secret than outside. So its much more exciting !

Being a country girl, there are lots of fields, and hedges to hide behind, so I have simply pulled my panties down and squatted behind a bush if I have needed to go that urgently. Thankfully, I have never had to poo outside. And also thankfully, I've never needed to wee so badly that I had to squat and do it somewhere in a town. I would be like you, afriad of making a big puddle that everyone would see !

Hope to hear that you and Peter have taken the plunge one day ! I'm just so excited at the idea that you two might one day go to the toilet together ! And if I'm excited, I bet your heart must be skipping beats at the thought. I don't have time right now. Don't want to run the risk of Mum telling me to get off the computer again ! I'm supposed to watch the time myself, so I get into trouble if Mum has to come and remind me ! She calls it taking responsibility for myself. Anyway, what I was going to say was if you're interested, I will tell you about the first time Andrew saw me on the toilet and what I did to encourage that first time ! Take care, and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Love from Kendal x

TO EVERYONE IN THE USA: Hope you've all had a lovely thanksgiving, with lots to eat and drink that will make you all enjoy some nice big wees and poos. We don't do this until Christmas in the UK !

Bye bye everyone, love from Kendal.

Anne the housewife, thanks for the reply and Im glad you enjoyed doing those big jobbies. Im about 10 years or so older than you in my late 40s. Interesting that you do a motion when you need, and are not obsessed by having to defecate each and every day. Nor am I, I go when the need arises, sometimes twice a day, sometimes every second day. Likewise my wife Theresa. Anne, let's hear more about your toilet events especially when you do big solid jobbies!

Nicola, as you guessed the motion described was one done by my mum when I was a teenager. I do sometimes look back although I dont have all the old "Job Sheets" for my teens, Im sad to say. I did look back to one day in November when I was about 18 just before I left home to start work and live on my own. This is about 30 years ago. Details:- Mum = After lunch, One single long fat jobbie about 10 inches long, KUR-SPULOOMP! , carrot shaped, sinker, dark brown, rather lumpy and constipated. lots of "OOs and NNNs". Myself= about 15 minutes after Mum, buddy dumped on top of hers, two fat easy smooth formed jobbies,slid out with only a slight UH! AH! one 12 inches, one 7 inches; KU-FLOOMP! KA-SPLOOSH! light brown, curved, floaters, very smelly. Combined load went away after 3 flushes. Left large skid marks in bottom of pan.

Like you and others I agree that many when young have an interest in defecation, but as we get older we are conditioned that "nice people dont talk about such matters" or "Doing the toilet is a very private affair and should only be mentioned to a Doctor or Nurse" We are told that it is something to be ashamed of rather than a natural function to be appreciated. Now while many do appear to lose this fixation by the time they are adult, quite a few people such as myself and I would imagine nearly everyone who posts to this Forum still retain this as a turn on when grown up. When I first visited this site it reassured me to realise just how many otherwise ordinary people are into coprophilia both men like myself and women too.

Mia, I liked your tale of the big fat 16 incher you did. As regards the near messy accident when you almost had the runs in your panties I suggest you stop the milkshakes. You arent "LI" are you? I have heard of people getting the runs after drinking a milkshake, is it the milk or the syrup used to flavour it? Anyone know?

I also saw the program about the Roman Cloaca. Interesting and ties in with the US idea of doorless toilets rather than the UK idea of cubicles with partitions and lockable doors. I remember an old soldier who lived down the road from me when I was a kid telling me one time that when he was in the Army the Officers had ordinary toilets with partitions and doors but other ranks had a toilet with a row of seats with a conduit which had a continuous flow of water and carried away the turds dropped into the sewers. No doors or partitions. Also Ive seen the House of Easement at Hampton Court, what a toilet! Considering the sheer size and eating capacity of Henry VIII I bet the Groom of the Close Stool or Keeper of the Royal Wardrobe had his work cut out to deal with the huge turds that Henry must have produced!

I was watching a news program on Msnbc on cable and the topic was airline safty and violence. There were a number of passangers who started fights etc. There was one man who got drunk on the plane and then he got up from his seat and went to the food/beverage cart and they said he was so drunk that he started releaving him self, on that cart,he was peeing. I thought this was funny.
Any one have stories about being drunk and releaving your selfs in strange places?

To Casey: I liked your story that you had to dump right after the big meal./...Hey how old are you?? May i ask why are you going to have a rectal exam...i think thats cool...when you do it you should have some poop up there so the doctor sees it, if you can.


Well that's a relief! I hope you all get on well from now on and there's only good fun and good feeling.

If Kev is reading this site, he's reading the posts between myself, Louise, Ephermal and others. I would recommend you run back through the pages for the last few months and follow our discussions of the whole standing phenomenon. There are times we've gone into plenty of detail as to technique. You and Little Lou are at the ages when it could be learned probably quite easily, and serve you well your whole lives through.

Here's a tip -- practice in the shower when nobody is looking! First just get used to having a wee when standing straight, get used to it flowing in an easy, relaxed way, while the shower is on, and then experiment with your position and adjusting your aim with your fingers. Eventually -- and as Ephermal has demonstrated, it doesn't take very long -- you'll get a clean stream to move out forwards. When you can do this, it's a matter of working this into your routines with different types of clothing.

No pressure, though, dear -- you do what's comfortable and what's pleasant, that's the recipe for a good life.

My best,


Linda- What wonderful news! About Elena having a baby. She had
better be prepared for some REALLY difficult pooping! Your cousin may need help wit h an enema now and then. Pregnancy can mess up uor bowels big time. The fact the Elena has trouble going to begin
with will only add to the problem. Hope she share some of her pooping trouble with everyone.- JW

Question for the guys! Do any of you out there always pee
about 30-60 minutes after having a dump even if you pee
*during* the dumping session like my boyfriend does?

PV - Hi! I think there were 2 or 3 girls who used the
sinks after Jackie and I did. Maybe they struggled a
little bit because they had not weed in anything like
that before. I mean we could not really stay and watch
or anything like that. Oh yes yes you are so right, I
am sure if there were urinals in that ladies' room that
they would have been used. It is just that dratted
'girls must sit' thing again isn't it? You are so funny.
I can just see some girls mistaking urinals for hand wash
basins and wondering how to make the water run! LOL
Yeah, maybe Steve's post-shit peeing would be puzzling to
the doctors. I wonder if any of the guys here will tell us
something about it.

Yeah, it looks like Rock Bitch is a German group. They look
like girls with few limits so I am not surprised if they do
piss on stage. Oh I don't know if I could do that. Steve
has heard a few things about them too. Arcing into the
audience? Well that would be amazing. Maybe they do not go
on television very much then! LOL

Oh yeah, we would have to do some promotional videos to
get more interest in our Women's Pee Rights Congress.
Maybe push for the Olympic sport as well. LOL
Maybe the building planners would always say to us that
there was no room for urinals in the ladies'. It is just
another way of telling us 'know your place'. Well that is
how it seems to me.

I am not sure how far my mum can reach if she wees forward
but I bet I can find out. Oh yeah, and do not forget my
sister is included in our team as well. Jackie is very
good at standing now, she went swimming again last night
with us and yeah, we went into the men's toilets. Jackie
had good height on her stream and went quite high on the
wall. I wish Steve could have been there too.

Please write and tell me about when you next go to the
beach and let rip like that. I think that was a great story
and I know it must have been really hard for you to do.
Good on you, girl!

Well thank you! Yep, I believe in Karma and so does Steve.
Maybe it was a little bit of 'like father like son' when it
came to looking after that girl. Oh yeah, I think the lads
would have had a big shock with him!
When his best friend visits to spar with him I always worry
a bit that one of them might get hurt badly. They are like
two peas in a pod because they grew up together and learned
Wing Chun together and it is sometimes like they do not need
to say many words to each other to communicate.
Just sometimes I will go out with Steve for a drink and his
best friend and girlfriend join us. I have never seen his
best friend pee on a wall or anywhere which is a shame
because he is cute. His girlfriend is very inhibited about
weeing and she always sits and trickles real slow. You
know the type? I am always real careful not to need to wee
in an alley or somewhere when they are with us because I
do not want to embarrass Steve. There was one time when I
got so full that it was painful. It was a real good emptying
I had when I was alone with Steve in an alley!

I think you did the right thing in the rail shelter. I bet it
will be better for you to have more beach type adventures
before you go that far. If you have a bad time maybe it will
be a real setback for you and will stay on your mind.

I will kick Steve and get him to write!

EPHERMAL - Hello girl! I will get Steve to write to you too!




PV-I suppose you're right about Kev, it's just that he's growing up. My friend has a brother a year older than Kev, and he went all weird at about the same age too. Me and Lou chatted about it when we walked to school. We came to the conclusion that it's cos he's started seeing girls in a different way than sisters or friends and he just gets embarrased.

I'm going to help Lou all I can to get over what Kev did to her. We've always been happy about sharing everything up to now, and I don't want that to change just because of what Kev did. Lou said to me earlier that she'll probably look back on it and laugh one day, which is a good sign.

Thanks for the advice on helping Little Lou feel happier about going to the toilet in company again. I've told her it's nothing to worry about. I'll let you know what happens....

Love Ellie xxx

TO BP POOPER-Yes,you are right you didn't do that load on a bedpan-that would have been quite a mess!Sound like a serious dump-I don't know how you don' poop for 4-5 days!WoW!Must have felt great!Cool story!
TO SANDRA-What a great story-Some years ago,i had the same thing happen to me too-i couls hear this nice looking lady taking a big dump as i was doing the same-i could hear everything very clearly too1Too bad that bathroom is now about 800 miles from here,otherwise i'd go there every day!Nice stuff!
TO KIKI-Don't get discouraged,a lot of times I don't get responses,but every now and then you get a connection with someone who has ahd the samr thing happen to them-post what you feel,kiki and i'm sure you will touch a nerve with one of us-keep on posting!
Went to the gym yesterday a.m.and when I got there,i had to really poo cause I held it for quite a bit-I worked out for only about 10 mins and then I couldn't hold it too much longer-so I went downstairs to the toilets and got undressed and went to the stalls and they were all full and I had to stand in line-So here I am standing in line with one guy in front of me and you can hear guys farting and shitting and that made me have to go more-I must have looked uneasy cause the guy in front of me said"Are you OK?"I said"yea,I just really got to go" He said" you can go ahead of me,you look more desparate" and laughed I said "thanks" and when the next stall opened up,in I went and as I was sitting down on the bowl the poo was coming out my butt-When i finally sat down it was plop,plop ploping into the bowl.Boy did it feel good too-no gas just a lot of poo and as I was pooing the guy that was in front of me went into the next stall and said to me"Sound like it's a good thing ! i let you ahead of me"I laughed as i was pushing out more turds and then I heard him let out a big fart along with a grunt and then i heard what sounded like soft poo coming out his ass fast and he kept groaning ,so I said 'Sounds like you had to go bad too"I really enjoy talking to guys as we both are pushing out our dumps,it's really fun to me Then he said as he farted "Ohh this feels so good"I was pushing out the tail end of my BM and said " yea-sometimes I look foward to dumps like these" and He said "Oh yea" and laughed.I may have been wrong,but I think this guy was getting off as he was pooing-It was kinda cool-I didn't see anything,but I think I could tell-I guess it takes one to know one!LOL_ I think a lot of guys there get off too-I guess that's the interesting part of going at the gym-So Of course,I got off too-Fun Stuff-Then I wiped my butt and went to the shower and it was a fun time today at the gym.As long as no one tries to get weird-it's really a fun thing to d! o-It's great to sit there in thetoilet with 5-6 other guys pooing along with you at the gym,and I thought I was alone in getting off on the sounds of it,but now I know i'm not and it's a lot more fun that way!
Have a great turkey ,all-looking forward to tomorrow's posts and my own dump-In turkeys past,i usually poo 2-3 big loads throughout the next day!So we'll see!! BYE

BRANT - I will give my answers to your questions.
1) I have done the nearly doubled over at the
waist stance, but I only do it that way if I
want to fire my wee backwards and then I will
have to push down on my pussy with my fingers to
help that happen. If I squat I sometimes do the
deep knee bend or sometimes a hover.
2) Where the stream hits the ground depends on how
much I wanted to wee really. If I am bursting then
if a deep knee bend, my stream hits the ground
I think just in front of my feet.
3) I like to keep my back to the wall if I squat,
and I think most girls do it like that because they
do not want people to see their bare bums.
If I stand then I like to wash the wall like a guy.
4) I am not really worried about being seen in the
act but I will not embarrass my boyfriend in front
of his friends. Other times I do not mean to
expose myself to people but I have become more
daring about where and when I do it than I once was.
5) Craziest place I have ever peed? Oh I don't know,
there have been so many! Oh how about in a men's
urinal at work and into a large office plant pot?
Also when I have been on nude beaches in Spain I
have washed rocks and stuff like that.

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Thank you for thinking of me as
one of your teachers! LOL Well, with PV and I helping
you out with your standing pee I do not think you
can go far wrong. You know, I think you will find it
a lot easier to practice at home. If you lock your
bathroom door, you will feel a lot more secure in your
own mind and I bet you will relax a lot more. Yes,
please write and tell us how well you do. Oh yeah,
keep the water running if you do not want anyone to
hear you. You are right, lots of women do not even
know that they can pee with their legs straight!
Maybe it would be a bit late to try teaching your
mum, and yeah I do not think you could talk to her
about it. My friends are maybe a little bit more broad
minded than lots of girls, and they will often be
happy to try something new. It depends really. I bet
the more times you pee in a shower it will soon not
seem such a hard thing to do.
I do not like it when it is my time of the month, it
just gets in the way, you know? I do not use towels
for that, I use tampons. PV is right, the discharge
can catch you out, and when it is my time I usually
do not stand to pee (but not always). I do not know
really, because I am just a little bit uncomfortable
down below during my period I do not feel happy with
my aim either. With the tampon in I find it does not
help. So I sit or hover during my period. Then I enjoy
myself and have fun the rest of the time!!!

PV - Oh I'm sorry you get bad pains at your own monthly
time. I think I am lucky that way really, but I am like
you when I am having my period. I do not feel happy with
my standing aim because of the tampon.
Yesterday I was in the ladies toilets at work, and I did
leave the stall door open while I had a hover. My Spanish
looking friend came in and we chatted about her new
boyfriend while I had my skirt lifted right up and I
was blasting inside the bowl. I did not expect her to
come in and she saw everything when she was there chatting
to me leaning against the frame of the door! When I had
finished, she came in and had a wee the same way while
we were still chatting!



Ok the other day i had nasty diareahre in the bathroom at school

Hi Coprologist

Yes LOL at us both writing up the Romans thing.. you wrote it better than me, and I loved your follow up about the chap having to wipe the King's arse - I wonder why he didn't wipe his own?? do you think the Queen of today has a similar servant? ;)

I'm a her, not a him. I think you're a him, tho' - right?


From big guy- It was the summer of 1972 and my
girlfriend at the time was a real turn on. She
had the best body and face imaginable.
The most excitement I ever got from her was her pooping habits.

It was early morning just before chemistry class. In one of those old 1940 era buildings with restrooms having hot, humid, stagnant air. The kind of air that can get so saturated with suffocating shit smell its like walking inside of a turd as you hold your breath and supress the gag reflex.
Anyway I put the toilet paper on the seat and sat down. This was a pleasurable session! I sat there for a good 10 minutes savoring every shot into the water. When I stood up lo and behold I had created the worlds newest island! A healthy brown stack clear out of the water. And mind you this was a LARGE bowl! And yes it DID stink. The whole restroom overtaken by the odor. I depressed the handle (a chrome rod handle coming out of the grey marble wall) and down the island of shit spiralled into hades. To my delight several thick rich brown impact marks were left on the bottom of the bowl.
I wiped and wiped and thought that was all. And wiped more and more. One ply slick surfaced toilet paper. Cheap shit causing more than one person to get shit on their thumb or finger for sure.
So I flused again and to my great delight the tp plugged the toilet!
I can still remember that day like it just happened. And that was 1992.

I was at school and just got done eating. I had about 5 pounds to eat. I felt i had to go real bad. An hour later it was worse. Ten minutes left of school. I asked to go and when i got there every seat was taken. I went to the other boys bathroom. Taken again. I went into the girls bathroom every seat was open. So I started pushing hard. When i got done school was already 10 minutes done. Girls from basketball practice came in. They all sat. There are 4 stalls and my four favorite girls sat down and all pooped. I watched them the whole time. My least fav of them got done first. then two others got done. It took them two 32 minutes. WOW. Then my favorite sat there. Looked up and saw me. I was humiliated. She said hi. I couldnt believe it. She said shes only half done. I had to go again. I went it took me a half hour. She wasnt even done yet. Shes been there and hour and 13 min. I said I was sorry and left. She said will you wait and walk home with ! me. I said you almmost done. Almost she said. I heard a loud splash. She told me to go in there. It is the biggest poo i have ever seen. She said she ate a lot the last 5 days and hadnt gone yet. We washed our hands and left. She said it takes her about an hour to go all the time. On the way i said i had to go agin. So did she. Then i went to the boys and she came in and said all hers are taking. There were no walls and there were two toilets facing each other. We went. It took me 13 min and took her 45 min. We walked home and the next day at school at lunch she went to the bathroom and the bell rang and we went to class. She is in the class above me. She didnt come out til next period! Well that is the last two days

Plunging Plop Guy

To SMITH,just read your comments in reply to mine.I should have added to my last posting the competitive and exhibitionist aspects of shitting in company also.Almost as though many of us want to prove ourselves to others as looking as good and sounding as good as those we wish to emulate.So there's certainly a broad spectrum of reasons we all enjoy our interests!
All the best to you and your girlfriend.

I enjoyed hearing from you DOMINIC,in that you described yourself as having a sexy arse.To know a guy is proud of himself and especially when he's on the toilet and admiring his physique as well as what he's doing is great as a friend I used to know who let me watch him on the toilet and who didn't think much of his musculature
did tend to reduce my admiration of him due to his own lack of self-esteem!
By contrast,my friend who used to swap tapes with me used to add some graphic commentary sometimes.On one of his sessions he said"Here's a biker with a muscled arse sitting on the toilet with his jeans down anticipating getting splashed when the turd drops"!!!
He referred to his big meaty arse and the fact he covered the seat with well-mucled buttocks and was certainly not conceited but honestly proud of how good he looks on the bog.
So I hope that next time you want to go at work,there's a toilet vacant so you can get your "sexy arse" on the toilet and admire both how you look and what you're doing!

Some years ago I was having some work done at home and the young workman aged 20 was making a a new door for the bathroom.I had to go out and leaving himt to it decided to leave the cassette recorder running in the kitchen.(the bathroom led directly out
of the kitchen and there was no door on until he'd fitted it)
I thought that just in case he should want to use the toilet while I was out and if he should go within the next 45 mins.I might hear something when I got home.Amazingly,that is exactly what happened.Within 2 minutes of me closing the front door,he walked right past the recorder,pulled his overalls down,sat on the toilet and within about 20 seconds had had a loose loud shit!
As well as hearing all this on the machine,I looked down the toilet and saw the most impressive dark brown heavy skidmarks at the bottom of the pan which looked great.Quite lucky for me I know but I wonder what he'd have done if I hadn't gone out and if I was still in the kitchen?

Some years ago I remember reading in the press that Loughborough University were advertising for volunteers to assist in designing a new toilet seat.The idea was that men and women would each in turn go into a room with a toilet seat which they would sit on and modify accordingly to their own individual comfort.They would then leave it in this new position for the engineer or designer to take the measurements before the next volunteer tried it and so compile statistical information on the optimal comfortable toilet seat.Presumably this was then passed to a manufacturer and has been
incorporated into modern toilet seat design.
I certainly think that wooden seats are the most comfortable,although I do sometimes appreciate the sensations of a plastic seat piching my buttocks after I've been on for a long time,and knowing I've got the imprint of the seat on my arse and thighs.Has anyone ever noticed someone wearing shorts who's just come out of a toilet and seen a seat-mark on their legs?I'm still looking!
Hope some of this at least has been of interest,and that everyone has really comfortable toilet seats to sit on.What are those new ones like in the USA that some of you have mentioned?
Best wishes to everyone, PPG

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