I got paid to poop in my pants once when I was around 11 years old. It happened when myself, two other boys and a girl were at another girl's home playing in the backyard. We were all about the same ages, from 10 to 12. We were watching the girl's (I'll call her Susan here) baby brother. He was nearly 3 and still wore diapers. He toddled over by the side of the steps, got quiet and his face turned red. I asked Susan. "What's wrong with your brother?" She said, "nothing, he's just pooping in his diaper". The other girl, Jane" said. "thats gross." Bobby said, "I wonder what it feels like?" Susan answered, "It must not feel too bad, he acts like he likes poopy diapers". My friend, jimmy jokingly said, "Maybe one of us should poop in his or her pants and tell us what it feels like. "Not me" said Jane. We kept talking about pooping in our pants, then we decided that one of us would really do it. Both bobby and Jimmy said they didn't have to go, and Susan said she might be able! to poop, but she didn't really want to do it unless someone else did too. I said, "Well, I do have to poop, and I'll go in my pants, but everyone has to pay me a quarter before I do it. I collected 4 quarters (two from Bobby because Jans wouldn't pay), put them in my pocket. Then I stood like I had seen Susan's little brother stand and pushed. It was difficult at first, but suddenly I felt my bowels start to move and I filld my pants. I stopped, and felt my bottom. My shorts had a buldge in the seat. The poop felt warm, soft and mushy against my bottom. I pushed again, and more poop filled my pants."What's it feel like?? asked Bobby. I told them it felt warm and soft, not at all gross like Jane said. Susan finally tried too, but could only manage a tiny bit in her panties. I stayed and played a while longer before going home. I tried to sneak past my mom, but she caught me. "What's that smell, it smells like you pooped your pants" At first I tried to deny it, but then told he! r I had an accident. She made me go clean up and wash my own messy pants and shorts in the laundry sink.

Hi again, all. Looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving. Problem is, there is only one working bathroom in our house, and there are three of us there when I'm home. So we'll see who fights to get it first in the mornings. Unfortunately, no matter what time of morning I wakeup and have to go, my stepfather is in there on the toilet.
I read something funny, I can't remember where though. It was either in a book or somewhere. anyway, this took place in India. A guy is about to marry this girl. Well, he's really nervous as most people are at their weddings. He goes outside the place to a tree to use the bathroom. And then he is totally embarrassed because he finds that his bride-to-be is on the other side of the tree when he's peeing! Eeks!
Hey, folks, I'm working on a different twist to some Christmas carols. I'm currently writing a new version of Joy to the World. here's the first verse.
Joy to the world,
There was this girl
Who saw me on the loo.
My pants around my knees,
Me letting go the breeze
And pushing out a poo,
and pushing out a poo,
And pushing, pushing out a poo.
I'll post my second verse as soon as I finish it. But I'm open to suggestions. We could have our own songs this Christmas. What do you think?

Nature Calls
A couple of months ago I was at the airport waiting for my luggage to come off the carosel. I noticed a boy about age 9 walking back and forth from the other people in his group. Once in a while he would place his hands in his crotch and then would go on as if nothing was wrong. He also kept looking around to make sure no one was watching him. After about 2 or 3 minutes, he walked over to his mom and tried to get her attention by pulling on her shirt. She was busy talking to another lady, and told him not to bother her right now. So the boy walked away and continued pacing the floor, periodically holding himself and crouching down.

After another 2 or 3 minutes passed by, his older brother (about 11 or 12) came up and asked him if he had to go to the bathroom. He nodded his head yes, and the older brother then asked him something else. He nodded again, and they both walked over to the mom. The older brother told her that his brother had to go to the bathroom. The mom said they couldn't leave until they had all their luggage. The older brother said that his younger brother had to go really bad, but the mom said they can't leave yet. So the two boys walked off toward the carosel. The older brother whispered something to his younger brother and he in return got a worried look on his face.

After another 5 minutes, the group retrieved all of their luggaged and the mom headed toward the door. I'm sure she probably forgot all about her son needing to use the bathroom. I don't know if they stopped before they left, but I assume the older brother spoke up, as he seemed very concerned for his younger brother's predicament.

Let's here some other stories about kids you have seen or stories from your own childhood experiences. I'm sure we can all think of times as kids when we had to go really bad. Let's share some of these with the rest of the group and relive some childhood memories.

Hi Louise,

Oh, yeah, grrrl, you get this feeling when it's going to be a messy explosion. There are times it can come as a surprise, but you learn pretty quick -- when breaking wind is a certain temperature and a certain smell, and it feels kinda "busy" back there... Safety first!

"Maybe if enough girls wee in sinks it will change to 'girls privilege'. Jackie and I had to wee in sinks when we went out a few weeks ago, and other girls did it too because there was a real long queue for the stalls. This time we did not park our bums on the sinks but because we are both tall enough we could just stand in front and do it. I let Jackie take the corner one to make it easier for her."

This is really amazing -- and other girls did it too? Did the others sit or try standing??? I've always been fascinated by the way girls adapt to this situation -- I mean, the way we are oriented toward always having the privacy of a stall to do numbers one and two regardless, but can then step outside that conditioning when the time comes. It sounds more and more like if proper urinals were provided they would be used by quite enough on a regular basis to validate their inclusion. I mean, what would folks prefer, purpose-designed urinal catchment devices, or a line of women peeing in the handbasins??? Not that having a wee in the sink is in any sense an unhygienic act, but you wouldn't wash your hands in a urinal (Smile!!!) On the face of it, it sounds like rather a simple choice.

Mmmmm, interesting paradox re Steve's post-poop-pee (!) (Dr. V scratching her head.) It might be as simple as lifetime habit -another reflex arc that shunts fluid to his bladder shortly after emptying his bowels. I can see this is a matter for a serious research project. He'd better report to the institute so we can thoroughly "plumb" the issue!

Yes, "Rock Bitch" is definitely German to the best of my knowledge. And from what I've read, they don't just go in their pants, they do the whole thing, pants down or right off, they wash the stage, and probably do arcs into the audience! My impression was the audience gets in on it too, it turns into an all-girl piss party/orgy. I went to their website once, and while it was not specific about that, the orgy aspect was stated up front. Like -- sheesh!

Yes, the International Women's Pee Rights Congress would have lots of departments and workshops underway. Your Mom could be a senior instructor training other instructors in how to teach kids. There could be a major psychological seminar on the implications for bathroom policy in the home with mixed-sex siblings, and of course a major political forum on campaigns and public education measures for the introduction of the standard urinal to women's restrooms everywhere... I guess there would have to be a photo call for the media. That's where twenty or thirty delegates demonstrate the techniques, shoulder to shoulder...

Well, what a bathroom odyssey that was -- three gorgeous ladies side by side demonstrating the verity of all that speculative nonsense above! Stream width is a major factor, isn't it? A narrow, powerful stream can reach a long, long way, I'd love to know what your mom's reach is. And yes -- I knew Jackie would get better control if she added a little manipulation too! You three are becoming a pee-team to be reckoned with. Mm, she should aim higher and see what that does to range and force. I did a nice standing arc in the bath yesterday, not super-powerful but a high arc with a reach of two feet plus.

"Oh I am so delighted for you! That public wee in your bikini sounded a huge thrill! And then there was the wee straight into the pot later on. What is the next step then? The nude beach? Well maybe that is a big step and a bit soon? Maybe you should do more thru-bikini wees to help your avoidant problem? Well done!"

Thanks for your enthusiastic support! Yes, it was a huge thrill! I didn't think I'd be able to start, I wished I'd drunk a lot more water before going, but when I started I just stood there with the waves washing about me and all this warmth flooding out of me. There were people like five or ten yards away, and I don't think they had any idea what I was doing.

"You got it when you told him he was very kind to that girl who peed in front of a crowd in the road. I bet it was a good thing for the lads that they left her alone!"

I sure wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a Wing Chun exponent! And I do think good folks get gold stars on their karmic report cards for looking out for others. Well done, both of you!

Small near-adventure. I was getting the train home today and needed a wee. There was no underpass at this station, just a shelter. For a few minutes I was in a place where I was not visible from any direction, and I considered weeing on the wall in the station. I didn't, though, and soon there were other folks about. I'm not up to doing a Sandra on the platform!

More news soon, and I look forward to your and Steve's letters.




Well, that's the way teenage boys grow up, isn't it? I suppose it's just nature, but it's sad too when the ties, that used to make brothers and sisters as close as folks can be, start to unravel. It's an uneasy period, and it's never devoid of bumps. Still, that's not to forgive him. He owned up, but what he did has left Lou with a complex -- a very small one, but a complex all the same.

That's where you come in, and I'm delighted to know you're doing everything necessary. You're her sister and her best pal in all the world, and the more open and free and happy you can be about it, the more comfortable she'll be. Maybe one day she'll be able to put it behind her as just a nasty trick played by a big brother, who knew he'd gone too far but by that time it was too late. Lou needs love, and you're there for her. The fact you can wee in the park together, or anywhere else, at home is perfect, I think will be a powerful healing tool, it'll be a reinforcement to put a positive complexion on the deed, and blank away the bad overtones.

And I too think Kev deserved more than a temporary revoking of privileges. He got off LIGHT.



Ok everybody. Lets hear about the Thanksgiving dump.

Hi, everyone!

Hey, all you fellow Americans: Are you ready for THANKSGIVING?!!
Can't wait to hear the results! Ready for a new record, Kim?

Nick (from Canada)
Edie - I tend to shit on average about 2 times a day--first thing in the morning and just after supper. Sometimes I'll have a small dump just before bed. I usually sit there about 10-15 minutes and read. I like to make sure my ass is on the seat well before I start to shit. Start with a piss, then the dump. It seems to come in spurts. I'll shit a little, break, then a little more. My dumps are often soft and sometimes messy. Other times, it's like my ass explodes. The longest I think I've been on the toilet was about an hour and that's when I had one of those days when I kept shitting for what seemed forever. The shortest I've been is about 3-4 minutes. I simply do not like to rush. I like to relax and oftentimes enjoy the peace and quiet (or in a public men's room the sounds of the other guys shitting away).
After a good dump session, it's great to get off.

After seeing many different women pee outdoors (from a distance) over my lifetime, I had some questions that I hope the women of this forum (at least those that squat) could enlighten myself and other male readers. 1) Which posture is most common (or do you use)? - I have seen 3 types - nearly standing, but doubled over at the waist; a second position that approximates sitting on the toilet; and thirdly, a deep knee bend squat. 2) Where in relation to the feet does the stream land? - in front, between, behind, or somewhere in between. 3) If there is a wall available (like in an alleyway), which direction do you face? 4) Do you worry more about being seen in the act or the embarassment of a friend finding the puddle later? 5) Where is the craziest place you've ever peed (out of desperation, not a prank)? I just want to see what goes through women's minds, because the act is the same, but men and women take care of it differently.

Anne (housewife)
Tony. Thanks for the appreciative comments. Yes I really did feel like doing those 'jobbies' pretty badly. Hubby gave me a right ticking off for letting fly at the dinner table in front of his mother. I couldn't help it though and the expression on her face was a real picture. I'd not done anything since the previous Wednesday so I guess I was well ready. Although I was brought up to go every day, nowadays I only go when it suits me which is about three times a week. As to the question of age I'm a thirtysomething. How old are you. I don't stop by here very often but I like to drop in occasionally.

TO LISA-Hey,long time no hear-good to hear from you-real nice poo story-you do some serious dumping,lisa!Yes,I have bee doing some nice loads lately-i guess it's that cycle for me-very enjoyable-We should sit on 2 bowls next to each other and do some great loads together-pooing and farting-that would be fun!-I have to find a woman to poo with and watch her poo-I've been dating a few women but it's like they are in their own stupid world-It's slim pickins' out there,i'll tell you!Enough of that!LISA,let's hear from you more often!Yes,I'm going to the gym right after i post and i feel the 1st slight cramps of my a.m. BM coming-I'll do this one at the gym-lately i've been pooing at home cause i don't think i can hold it til I get to the gym,but i think I can hold this one-I'll let you know how I do!
TO EMILY-As usual,i really enjoy your morning poo story-ARe you a big girl or small? Please tell me about your post turkey BM on fri morning -I'll tell you mine too-It's always a great dump that fri after thanksgiving for me!Well,I got to get to the gym to do my routine and do a poop-i feel it starting to come on soon!Have a great turkey day,all and looking forward to those fri posts with some serious pooing from you all(myself included!)HAPPY THANKSGIVING !BYE-Off to the gym!

J. Reed
Well I was just surfing the web and I found this site, and it seemed pretty intersting. I think it's cool how you can talk about your stories on the toilet or how tried to find a toilet. Anyway there was this one time when I was walking by a store and I had to take a dump. I walked in and there is no toilet paper in the men's bathroom. So I decide to go in the ladies room and sure enough no one is in their. I go in their and start doing my businees.When I finally am finish a lady walks in and I have to wait for her to get in the next stall so she wouldn't see. You can say I pulled it off. So to anyone out there have you ever had to sneek into the ladies/mens bathroom to pee or poo? I want to know anyone.

this might be my last post!
i think one of the best things about this site is the fact that everyone chats with each other about bodily functions. well...try as i might, no one chats with me.


BP pooper
Hi everyone, its been a while since I had a proper poop. Must say its been about 4-5 days with absolutely nothing or one or two small blobs, kinda like chunky peanut butter. My ???? has been feeling distended and bloated. Being the time of the month doesn't help.

Today, I went in to the doctor to call in sick, and took the day off. After I returned home, I took the opportunity to gorge on a whole box of prunes after breakfast and settled down in front of my computer to get some work done. The prunes felt like it had absolutely no effect on me till about late afternoon, when I began to feel my ???? move, and I held on because by then I was playing RA2, you know what its like with PC games.

The feeling continued to build and I continued to resist. Finally, After getting the message "You are victorious", I went upstairs to my room and seated myself on my pink toilet. .. and pushed.

With much huffffing and pusssshing, nnnnnnn, nothing happened. I grabbed the seat and leaned forward and pushed again, but it was really stuck. I grunted and heaved and did all the stuff other posters did and it slowly began to move..... tears began to flow, as it very painful, trying to shift the huge log. Felt like it was tearing my butt. Felt really dry and hard and MASSIVE. Bit by bit the log inched its way out. Finally, it appeared and hung below me. I pinched it off and it splashed into the bowl, with half of it poking above the water. (Funny I thought, I had prunes?).

So, I remained seated and played tetris with my Palm and caught my breath. After 10 minutes, my ???? started to move again, and this time, the mushy stuff came out, semi-soft. I managed to push out about 6 logs of this type before the brown piss started to flow from my butt. Gonna spare you the details, but I really demolished the toilet by spraying it brown. Lots of mushy poo flow after that for several waves. Got bits splattered everywhere. Some even managed to splash outside the bowl. Underneath the toilet seat was utterly disgusting.

Enough of the gory mess details. After cleaning up myself, I inspected the mess I created. The whole pile of poo was totally above the water, like a island being created. There water level in the bowl was nowhere to be seen. It was a whole mess of poo and TP.

Had to throw in a couple of bucket loads of water to shift the mess because the toilet subsequently blocked up.

Whew, what a mess. Glad I hadn't use the bedpan that time otherwise, it would have overflowed!!!

hiker_uk -
Thanks for the results of your hover-poop survey. It answers a lot of questions, but I assumed that I would get responses from several women not one man! Still, results are results! It seems there are more hover-poopers than I thought. I'm not too sure about the ethics of you peeking through holes to watch women poo as I would say it's an invasion of privacy, but you didn't make the holes so... Only 1 in 20 women poo in UK public toilets you say? It's probably the same in the States but at work during lunchtime it's more like 1 in 5. When I go to poo at lunchtime, the stalls are usually all occupied and I would say every single day I can hear at least 2 other women pooing. And that doesn't count the silent poos that many women make.

Yesterday I was entering the ladies room at exactly the same time that one of my male colleagues was going into the mens room. I went into the stall that is adjacent to the mens room and was curious as to what I might hear. I sat on the toilet, farted and started a slow, relaxed poo session. The wall was pretty thin and I could hear the man's every movement. I could even hear him opening and closing the stall door so clearly, he must have been in the one on the other side of the wall. As I was pooing I heard the man fart. It was insanely long! I was farting a bit and was curoius to know if he heard me - he must have done! Then I heard the crackling sound of poo coming out and then him sighing. I started to wipe my bottom and at the same time I heard the man pulling out toilet paper from the holder. I usually wipe in a few strokes. This guy sounded like he was scrubbing the walls...over and over again! His bottom must have been messy - my poos are usually so dry and solid, ! there is very little left in my bottom...if I'm in a rush I sometimes don't wipe at all. I heard him pulling up his pants then a flush. I flushed at the same time. I left the stall, washed my hands and left the ladies room just as the man was leaving. He said "it seems we took the same amount of time...well I certainly feel a lot better!" I replied "yes, me too...better out than in!" We laughed and went to our separate offices.

Smith reporting on a lady's repurcussion
Great site - this is just the site I have been looking for; it makes a change to see a web site that is regulated respectfully by the author, yet it allows individuals to keep their fetishes to themselves. Nice one!!

Anyway, I have a story of a time of when I was 10 years old (I’m 21 now but the memory plays like it was yesterday) of my mum’s friend of one of her toilet disaster’s in my house, read on.

She came to visit one Saturday, and she sat on the sofa in the kitchen. I noticed her belly became huge – I asked her if she was pregnant (her belly looked like a beach ball, and her skirt and top were creasing inwards to allow her belly button to show). She quickly said she was not pregnant (I mean at 10 years old I didn’t know the difference that it takes 9 months and so on.)

Anyway, her belly was just getting too enlarged, and her skirt was lowered to fit below the belly and her top was just moving upwards. She sat on the edge – so as to block her arse hole – and then at intervals, little popping sounds were audible intermittently, @ about 10-20Hz (sorry – 10-20 pops per second)

She then stood up and walked a bit in the kitchen. She stood. I could see she was getting uncomfortable. Little pops were heard. She made her way t the front room in agony to make a phone call. Her belly was so big by now (from her original size 14, she really looked like she was 5 months pregnant). She went to sit on the armchair and she didn’t fit it. Her farts were obvious as she tried to disguise it by talking loud on phone. She then got up… and that’s when the action started…

As she walked via the passage to the kitchen, I heard a very long, low frequency trumpet fart (wet, floppy). A minute late, while standing in the kitchen, a small wet patch appeared on her bum, which grew to a bigger patch as she was farting. THAT was it…. She rushed to the downstairs toilet – she panicked to get her skirt off. She didn’t even shut the door… all I saw was her long legs and her not even sitting on the seat (oh yeah, her sight was short, thus she was not aware of my presence).

I was a long explosion of shit/water/air at the same time for nearly 30 seconds, and 20 seconds of flipping air on her butt cheeks.

She flushed with pain. She came out and stood on the wall like she did a100 metres. I went to investigate. Apart from the stink, the toilet and cistern was splattered yellow/brown. She came back – she had to go again.

This time was normal. A long urination the following sequential farting, which I wish to animate here. Each letter typed and dot typed represents time. The fart had the sound of like wet ploppets like a clapping fart (if you were to slow it down it her bum cheek would go: flap flup flup flup flup and so :


I was constant air. When she went home, I went back to the toilet, to find it in a state, I don’t think she sat down when she farted – again it went all over the seat and cistern and even the floor.

I don’t know what she ate, but to fart for a minute is a miracle. I’ll never forget it. At 21, I still remember as if it was yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed this piece.


You ask an interesting point of Louise and me -- how does "that time of month" affect one's ability to wee standing up? I hope Louise will contribute on this point too, as there is obviously going to be a lot of variance. So, speaking for myself, when my ???? feels like it's taken the worst of an assault by a rugby forward (a few hours on a single day, thankfully!) I'm usually too doubled-up to even think of standing, I just flop down on the potty and suffer in solitude. But in terms of how viginal discharge interferes with one's aim -- that's another matter, sure.

There are times the discharge can put in an appearance unannounced and I can end up sufficiently sticky for aim to be dicey, and of course having a wee with a tampon in place changes the equation again. It's a very individual situation that has a lot to do with how we're each made and of course the severity and duration of the outward signs of the period.

In essence, if I'm tired, or hurting, or if I just find I've gotten into a bit of a mess, or any combination of them, with or without a tampon or a pad, I sit down. It's often easier to change a pad when sitting comfortably too, I find, so it's natural to have my wee that way. It goes in cycles, after all -- if I'm sitting today, I'll probably be up on my feet and spraying again in a day or two.

It sounds like your home bathroom would be very private and congenial for practice -- I hope you have some fun over the holidays. Tell us about it when you get back, I know we'll all be waiting!

Bye for now,


SARA T -- hi bakatcha!

So, Fizz watched the same TV program that I did, and we both wrote it up for the benefit of readers of the Toilet Page!
Like him (her?) I find the idea of shitting in company quite exciting, or even shitting in place where there were no stall doors. But to soldiers or people in the Middle Agews, it would have been no big deal. They had communal shithouses in the Middle Ages/Tudor era as well. At Hampton Court (Palce of Henry VIII) there was the Hall of Easement, where a couple of dozen people could do their business at the same time. But they did not have the fantastic Roman sewer system. The turds fell into a big pit and every few months had to be dug out and carted away by men employed specially for the purpose. Henry VIII had his own private commode next to his bedroom, and a very high companion, the Groom of Stool who would wipe the King's arse and empty the commode when he was done. That job was a very powerful one, as the holder of it had to be a great friend of the king.

PV-Glad to see you agree with me that what my brother Kev did to Louise was terrible. You will be pleased to know that Mum was so angry with him she stopped him from going to his Kick-Boxing classes for a fortnight. I still think he should have been humiliated like he caused Little Lou to be. What sort of 15 year old boy gets his kicks out of making a little girl wet herself? I think he's horrible personally.....

Up until that incident Louise was very open about going to the toilet, but now she's really nervous about going to the toilet in front of anyone, or even saying that she needs to go. It's sad that her innocence has been taken away from her by our brother and his spitefulness.

Little Lou and I usually go to the bathroom together. As sisters we are very close, and we trust each other. Kev used to come too until he decided that he was too grown up to pee in front of his younger sisters. Sometimes I don't like Lou watching me go to the toilet, but I don't mind really. As well as being sisters we are best friends, so we share everything, which includes going to the toilet.

Yesterday on the way home from school, me and Little Lou walked home from school through the park. Kev is usually with us too but he was off school ill yesterday. Me and Lou took the opportunity to pee outdoors. We put our bags down by the swings. Nobody was around at that time of day, so we both pulled our knickers down, lifted our skirts and peed on the ground behind the bushes. Sometimes when we do this one of us (or sometimes both of us) will do a poo as well, but yesterday we didn't. Kev used to join in with us too, but he only does occasionally now, and even then all he will do is pee against the wall, and never poo. He thinks he's too grown up now he's 15 and in Year 10.

Oh well...Bye for now, luv Ellie

Plunging Plop Guy
Yes,Children do tend to be fascinated with bodily functions of the toilet kind! Very probably,I would think due to the parental interest in their health and that they are "going to the toilet all right",concern over "accidents" that might occur more often than to adults,taking on board the knowledge that the whole subject of defecation is a taboo area in most circles,and when graduating to the use of "big" toilets-a sense of personal development they want to share with each other.
Does that mean that we as adults who are still interested in the subject are suffering from arrested development?
If you were to include all the other personal interests,activities,inclinations etc. we continue to exhibit,then I suppose the answer would be yes.However,As we grow up,we are in most cases much more inclined to be fairly inhibited about our toilet functions.Those of us who have a strong body-awareness and often higher developed erogenous zones in the evacuatory area,and with homoerotic,heteroerotic and autoerotic interests that are very closely connected with using the toilet -will therefore be likely to want to share very intimate ideas with others on the same wavelength,and to be physically intimate if possible.
I would think that the most mentally healthy,fulfilled and socially interactive people are those able to express their private thoughts with others rather than suppress them,and suffer the consequences of a frustrated life.
That is why there are so many here who are relieved and grateful for the opportunity of discussing with others matters that can only be shared with others who also appreciate such topics,and are happy to discover that they are not alone.
The range of differing types of psychosexual inclinations is enormous as you will know,but this forum is for those "interested" in toilets,whether for autoerotic reasons,health reasons,or just an interest in an essential and fascinating invention that has benefitted the world a great deal.
If only the internal combustion engine could have benefitted the world (and its climate) to the same degree!,cars often being of great interest to small boys also!
Just my opinion to your message,hope you find it answers some of your thoughts on those of us who like our selves rather than being disgusted when we use toilets.Now,that IS a problem!
Best Wishes
Enjoy your BMs!

I worked today and ever since i woke up i felt like i've had to poop(like there is shit way up my anus). I can feel it in my stomach but i haven't had an urge to poop yet, at it's after 10pm. I thought i might go after that huge sandwich i had but not yet.

Adrian, I have just done a nice big jobbie about an hour ago. I have a day off today on my work rota, but my husband is working at a client's premises. He left me snoozing in bed but as I lay there I felt a big poo come down into my rectum. I farted, a dry but powerful fart so got up and went into the bathroom. My husband was shaving and said, "Hello love, have you come in for your morning pee?" I laughed, "I think you are in luck, there's a big jobbie wanting to come out of me, as I pulled down my knickers, (white cotton full briefs with a blue star pattern) and sat on the pan. I farted again, a loud booming report, giving the smell of a solid motion. I started to do my wee wee , hissing and tinkling, then I felt the big jobbie push against my sphincter. I held back for a bit to allow my ring to dilate then gave a push " UH! NNN! AH!" slowly it started to come out of me, my husband by this time having put his razor down and watching intently. As I was sitting forward on the ! pan, (rather like that nice new girl at the top of the page with her panties at her knees- she looks as if she is doing a nice big solid one and enjoying it!) , he could see the jobbie as it came out. "Bloody hell Nicky, that's a fat one!" he exclaimed. I gave another push and said "Yes, I know, Im DOING it arent I!" Slowly the fat turd slid out of me, you could hear the crackling sound as I passed it, and soon the start of it was in the water while I was still doing the rest. I felt it taper off then it slid into the water with no sound. I gave a long AHHH! and my other half said. "Have you finished your jobbie then I didnt hear any Kursploonk?" I laughed and replied, "its far too big for that, its a beacher!" and I got up off the pan and we both had a good look. Lying in the bottom of the pan was a long fat jobbie. A great mid brown turd shaped like a brown cucumber. It was about 18 inches long and 5 inches or so stuck up out of the water, steaming and giving off a good hea! lthy fecal smell. It was certainly fat about 2.5 inches thick for most of its length, knobbly to begin with then smoother towards the end which was rounded. A real Nicola type Panbuster as my husband calls such jobbies. I wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers. Needless to say the jobbie didnt budge an inch when I pulled the flush and its still lying there until I throw a few buckets of water down to shift it later on. I sure feel great after doing it, I can tell you!

Tony (Scotland) I love your idea of the "job sheet". Was the example you gave one of your motions or was it your mum's? Do you ever look back and see what you did say this day a year or more ago? That's what I like about this Forum. You think you are the only person who does a particular thing or gets a buzz from certain matters and you find that it is far more common than you thought. As Psychologist said, most people have this buzz or "charge" when young, many lose it but some like myself and most of the posters retain this turn on into maturity. Its natural, ENJOY!

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

On the way home from work tonight i was stuck in traffic and was very desperate for a poo.
traffic was just inching along, and i was getting desperate, my bum was sweating and my stomach cramping like mad, suddenley i realised i could not hold it any more.

I lifted up my bum and strained a huge smelly log filled my jockey for her panties (just white)i begun to pee i couldnt hold it any more.

More poo filled my panties i farted and more poo came out, i finaly stopped pooping and sat back down in my car seat, poo squishing around my bum, the smell filling the car, my pants were soacking wet as was my car seat, i finaly got home, got out of my car and walked to the door of my house, just as the neighbours little girl came out of her house, she said hi and then noticed my wet pants and iam sure got a whiff of my poo, she looked at me eyes wide, then smiled and said oops you had an accident (shes twelve)never mind its happened to me lots of times. I got into my house and went straight to the bath room to clean up.

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