Well it's been awhile since I last posted. Been real busy & haven't had anything interesting happened poop wise. That is until a couple days ago. I'd been kinda constipated for a few days. It wasn't that I didn't shit at all just that they were those little turd-balls. I'd drop a couple here & a couple there but nothing big. Finially after a few days of this I'm at work & get a pretty serious cramp. Letting out a major fart I feel a bit better. After about another 1/2 hour I get another cramp. Knowing this spells big time poop session I decide to hold it as long as I can. The cramps come & go & i fart quite a few times but after another hour I can't wait anymore. Quickly making my way to the bathroom I can feel the shit sliding into place. Closing the door & quickly pulling my pants down to my ankles I sit. Immediatly a turd begins to emerge. it drops to the water after a couple seconds followed by some farting. the next one is crackling a lot & sl! owly creeping out my hole. it keeps coming & coming & coming. after like forever it slooshes into the toilet with barely a sound. This is immediatly followed by a lot of smaller turds& some farts. I get another cramp & soft poo shoots from my ass. a long stinky fart & i'm finially done. Taking a quick peek I see a 12 inch sausage with a pile of soft poo on top surrounded by a lot of smaller turds. I wiped really good& flushed twice. Best shit I've had in a long time

BUZZY-- sounds like you've had some good loads lately. I especially like to hear of your trips to the gym. Great stuff.

Looking forward to hearing of peoples Thanksgiving shits.

LISA (not the one with the

Edie asked about guy's pooping habits. I can only answer for me.

I usually poop once a day, usually in the morning before work. Sometimes I go at work; some days I do not go at all and other days I go 2 or 3 times, especially if I do not go the day or two before. I am never constipated. I usually pass 1-3 formed logs, the biggest is the first. Usually it is about 8-10 inches long, but sometimes up to 20 inches long. If there are additional logs, they are smaller, about 4-6 inches or even less. The logs are sometimes nubby, especially the first part, but they are almost always soft. It usually takes me about 1 - 2 minutes, pants down to pants up. Except when I have have diarrhea (maybe about every other month), the longest I am on the toilet is 10 minutes, and this is rare. Sometimes instead of passing a few logs, I pass a bunch of little logs or even those piddly-widdly things some people talk about. This takes longer , maybe 3 or 4 minutes. Because it takes so little time, I rarely read on the toilet. If I am at work and someone leave! s a newspaper behind, I read it while I poop. By the time I get into something, I have to stop and wipe. Sometimes while I shower after my morning dump, another very soft turd comes down. I just squat in the shower and pass it. In addition, if I dump before taking the shower, I just use the fawcet water in the shower to clean my butt. I figure I am saving some trees. Of course, I do nto pay for hot water, so I really don't care about the extra use of hot water.

The only thing that I noticed that really affects my poop is canned fruit. If I eat canned fruit, the next day I have to poop when I get up. THe poop is real soft, but not runny. And if I eat lots of raw broccoli or califlower, I do not poop a lot, but I pass lots of smelly gas. The funny thing about this gas is that it passes almost without my noticing it passing (but I do notice its smell).

Rose: To answer your question, most of my poops are relatively small, about 3-4 normal size pieces. Occasionally I may produce bigger loads, and once in a while I will have a real massive bowel movement, like I did the other Sunday, which ranks as one of the biggest I have ever done. I may flush the toilet frequently during those massive pooping sessions in order to alleviate the smell (though that is usually fruitless) and to prevent the toilet from clogging, sometimes called the proverbial courtesy flush. These massive pooping sessions happen far less frequently now than they did during my last year of high school and my undergraduate college years.

By the way, since that last BM, my poops have returned to normal, which is twice daily and small loads.


Your story about your younger sister is the sort of thing that makes me see red. That's how one kid can act against another and provoke the wrong reaction from a parent. I hope when he owned up that your brother received a penalty that was at least as degrading as the one he manoeuvred his little sister into receving. That was absolutely wicked, and an emotional scar no child needs to bear. Kids have a hard enough time growing up without that. Peeing is supposed to be an innocent human pleasure, not something you get punished for, or that makes you vulnerable to the abuse of your siblings. Pardon me, there's steam coming out of my ears.


Hi dear! Lovely letter -- looking forward to your next, and I'll answer both together in one go, and probably have some extra adventures to report. (Yes, some more bikini wees are in store, and the nude beach calleth me...)



Yesterday, I was at school (university) and I had a few hours before class. I went to the computer lab to work on a couple of items and I usually see this good looking blond girl working on her class project.. I noticed that she stepped away and was gone for a while (10 minutes). When she came back, the direction she came from was from the bathroom. I figured that she took a dump. I would have liked to seen her on the can but that is a long shot dream.

Other than that, I have no good dumping stories.

Sara T.
I think I've mentioned before that I take a night class with my friend Cynthia (she of the nonstop farting lol). Last night we were sitting in class and I got up to use the bathroom. There are four stalls, one without a door (the one I always use since it's cleaner). And four sinks facing them. I was fighting the toilet paper roll before I got on the toilet when the door opened. I thought it was a janitor so I waited to see who it was before I peed. It was Cynthia. She came and stood by the window in front of the doorless stall (I was in the stall but not sitting down) and we talked for a few. She didn't move and I would have peed in front of her but I didn't know if she'd be uncomfortable. What do you guys think? Next time (probably today) should I just go for it?

Then I flushed and washed my hands and she used the same stall. We both commented on how we had bad gas and our stomachs hurt so I just farted right there and so did she. Hers were silent and mine was loud but neither of them stunk really badly. We flushed to cover the noise and both passed more gas.

Then when she was washing up I brought up the idea of peeing in the sink to her. She said she would the next time. We both would like to but the sinks are in front of the door and if someone walks in we'd be screwed!

Hi, PV! :)

Buzzy: Good Morning....getting ready for work but thought I'd post my poop session first. It was 8:05am and I felt this strong urge to poop....I knew it would be a good one just from how my stomach felt. So I raced to the toilet, pulled down my panty hose and white cotton panties with little red roses on them and let out a loud fart, then peed a bit before my turd fell out with a huge kersploot!!!! I sat there for about 10 minutes afterwards just enjoying the empty feeling in my ????. I peed a bit more and had a few quiet farts before wiping my arse. I looked in the bowl and saw a huge snake perhaps 7 inches somewhat coiled around the bottom of the bowl......I'm really ready to start my day now!!!! I hope you had a good poop today :o)

To Everyone: I'm looking forward to the posts after Thanksgiving.......I know I'll have a pretty good poop session the day after!!!!!

Happy Holiday Everyone...........Going to spend it in North Carolina with my Folks..will be back on Sunday but they have a computer so I'll post again Friday!!!

Ciao Emily

Billy L., you are so lucky to have adults around who don't care if you poop and pee with your friends. Once some other kids and I tried to pee at the same toilet at school, and we got busted. Plus, other kids made fun of us.. At school do your teachers notice there are more than one person in the toilet at the same time?

Also- at the McDonalds, was there a stall around the toilet, or did that man and your teacher see you sitting on the toilet? That would seem a little creepy to me.

This is my first post here. Is anybody interested in books with peing and pooping in them?

To Jill/Electra: were you the one that had the story about not being able to crap at camp because you grunted really loud? Then when you got home you had to push and pull your big log out?

Hovering poop study

In Sandra's post last week, she wonders how many women bend/hover to poop. This is something that I have been studying for years. A number of my previous posts to this forum over the past year explain how I have been able to watch women going to the toilet. I must say, you ladies on this forum are very polite. I can imagine what you think of me but no-one has called me a F.D.P or perhaps someone tried but the Moderator didn't allow it! In any case, I think you would be absolutely correct!

I have seen many hundreds of women using the toilet over the years. A back view of a woman pooping while hovering over the toilet is my favourite view but I can confirm that female hover poops are very rare. When it comes to peeing, the number of women who hover depends on how clean the toilet facilities look. If they don't look too clean, most will hover to pee but even in the cleanest toilets, some women still hover. Larger ladies are more likely to sit than hover.

In public and semi-public toilets in the UK, few women poop at all, possibly only 1 visit in 20, although more pooping takes place where people stay overnight such as camp sites. When women do poop, they normally sit down on the seat. If it doesn't look clean enough, they may cover it with strips of TP but the amusingly named 'butt gaskets' that are available in the US are virtually unknown in the UK and I have never seen anyone use one. The few who do a high level bend/hover poop are normally slim and agile and the pooping is normally quick and easy but not soft or runny. Sometimes, they do a low level hover poop just above the seat, possibly in case it is loose and might miss the target.

Some public toilets in the UK now have vandal-proof stainless steel bowls with curved pieces of wood fixed each side as a seat. I don't know what goes on in ladies side as I have never found one with viewing facilities but I suspect that most women hover. One woman wrote to our local newspaper complaining that she couldn't use this type of public toilet when she was pregnant. She didn't give details but I guess that she found it uncomfortable to bend/hover.

Sandra is also correct that many men have no idea that women may hover to pee or poop in public toilets. I had no idea of this until I found it out when I was a student and first got intereted in this sort of thing. There was a toilet on campus where there was a small hole bored through the wall from the gents into one of the two stalls in the ladies. The view was a front/side view and was rather restricted but still very interesting for a 19 year old male. I liked watching female students, especially one summer when I saw one one changing into her bikini to go sunbathing! I didn't like seeing some of the middle-aged women staff however. At first, I wondered what women were doing when they were standing up and bending forward but by putting my ear to the hole, I could hear them peeing as clearly as if they were in the same room.

I also heard some interesting snippets of conversation. One day, two women members of staff came in and one peed and said to the other, "Thank goodness I'm not squitting but I will be after lunch. I've got total diarrhoea thanks to the penicillin tablets the doctor gave me". I kept a lookout for her after lunch but she must have gone somewhere else to 'squit'.

Another time, I witnessed something revolting that put me off going back there for a few months. If you don't like reading about diarrhoea, I advise you skip the rest of this post.

A 'mature student' in her 40s came in. She took down her red cord jeans revealing stockings and a suspender belt (this was in the 1970s). She then took down her panties, bent forward and hovered high over the toilet. I couldn't see much so I put my ear to the hole, expecting to hear a tinkle of pee. Instead I heard her doing a stream of noisy runny poop followed by a long wet fart. She paused then let out some more noisy loose shit followed by more farts. She had several more waves of diarrhoea over the next 5 minutes or so then wiped. She did all this from a high bend/hover position so her aim must have been good. Fortunately, this sort of thing is very rare in the UK and I have never witnessed anything like it since.

child psychologist
It's been my experience that children get a charge out of going to the bathroom. As we grow up that charge kind of wears off for some people and others continue to get a charge out of it. Our posters are obviously of the latter persuasion. And, of course peeing and pooping are closely linked to sexual stimulation. Then there is the satisfaction factor of emptying a full bowel and bladder. But you all knew that. Children are also quite intrigued with seeing public bathrooms and all the different types of toilets.

Hello and happy Thanksgiving! This will probably be my last post until Sunday as I'm going home and the computer at home is terrible.

PV--good job! I don't think I could do that, but I didn't think to pee standing up before I met you and Louise either. Speaking of which, in response to LOUISE's post, I don't think my mother has every thought of peeing standing up. It's just not a conventional thing to do. To be honest, I didn't think about it until I met you guys, but it sounds like a good skill to have for those horrible situations like rest stops, etc. I don't know why I don't think I'll feel so comfortable practicing at home. I mean, even though I don't lock the door at home, it's so much more private (I have my own bathroom) and I suppose there won't be any evidence with the shower running for a few minutes afterwards anyway. We'll see. The other thing is that it's that time of the do you guys deal with that and peeing standing up? And Louise, you and PV are my teachers :o) Who else would be willing to teach me? It's not something I'd bring up with my friends...

Okay, I have an interesting story that happened tonight. I went out to dinner with some friends about a half hour from here and on the way home really needed to take a dump. Needless to say, by the time I got back, the urge was gone, but about a half hour later it came back very strong. It was bigger than usual, a large amount of my usual small droplets and also a log about 6 in by 1.5 in (guesstimate). Well, the log landed horizontal laying across the drain and I flushed twice but it wouldn't go down! So I finally just nudged it with one finger to aim down the drain and it went away. After that I of course washed my hands extra well. I was also very happy that no one came in the bathroom while that happened.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

i like the story that are in here ilove it when a women farts or shit. i never saw a women shit. i had one fart for me. its was a little one. thats all for now.i like to here from a nice women if it ok.

TO JAY-You lucky dog,you!Wow-I would have went nutz-a beautiful woman taking a wicked dump-Hello, Mr Winky!Cool story!
TO CASEY-I only did the shower thing once so far-I held the water in for about 5-10 mins and let it out with some loose poop-better yet-I have one of those shower massage heads and it can detach cause it has a 6"hose on it and I could take the head off and put it right near my anus and get the water in and it worked great-As far as pooing in my pants on purpose-no that's not my thing-I just like the feeling of poo coming out my butt,not the poo in my pants-too much of a mess for me!
Had a nice BM this a.m-got the urge at about 8am and sat on the bowl and did one 6"turd with no gas and then i decided to get up and do some chores-didn't have to wipe cause it was a knobby hard one-After about 20 mins,I had to go more so I sat on the bowl but this time I sat facing the tank,just for the fun of It i guess and put my nlegs up on the wall so i could see good and looked between my legs and again,no farts-I pushed and this real--long turd snaked out slowly and after I saw about 8 in of it or so i decided to hold it off and let it hang there for a bit-It looked really cool this long turd hanging halfway out my anus and half of it curving in the water-It was smooth too and about an inch and a half round.Then without pushing i let the rest of it out-it then tapered off and fell into the bowl-It was a nice size one-I guess about a foot long-Its' unusual that i do a big turd after i did the first one-It was a quiet BM-No gas at all,but it felt great- it was cool ! going it that position with my legs up on the wall,you can really see well that way!try it!then i sat there for a bit pushing my anus in and out and got off-I almost got off as this big poo was coming out cause it felt so good,but it's better when i can do it afterFun stuff! hae a good day all!BYE

Hey Casey.
I'm not sure what you mean by asking if I know any poop tricks. Well I can tell you some cool stuff I've tried but I'm not sure whether you'd call them "tricks". The next time you go poop, instead of sitting on the toilet, try squatting, like with your feet on the toilet seat. That's really the most natural way to poop, and it's much easier to push out your poop like that. Also, if you put a mirror between your legs, you can see your anus opening and the poop coming out... Itz really cool. I don't know if you've tried that already. I've even tried videotaping myself pooping in that position! Also, try squatting on the floor, and pooping on top of toilet paper or something else. That way you'll be able to look at your turds more closely once you've pooped. I don't do stuff like putting soap or shampoo up my butt, but I have put my bare finger up my anus. It helps to ease the pressure when I feel like I have to poop.
As far as stuff that makes you poop more, try eating a lot of fiber, like bran cereal, whole wheat bread, etc. Also try eating a big salad. Oh, and sometimes if I eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn, I poop bigger loads the next day, but I'm not sure if it's just cause of that. I'm sure there's other stuff that makes you go poop but those things are all I can think of for now. See if that works... I haven't had any really satisfying dumps lately, don't know why.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY – Lucky you having experienced a buttock-to-buttock shitting. And no, it wasn’t a real dream, just a daydream – fantasy if you want.

When I read the posts here, it always surprises me how many shitting experiences people here have had. I think that is more unusual in Norway. I think there are also far fewer people accidentally shitting in their pants in my country. That may come from our very strict food cleanness regulations. I have heard that the standard is a bit lower in for example the USA.

My experiences are limited to for example shitting in the beds of our garden. I have done that a couple of times. Dug a hole and squatted over it, fearing that the neighbours might see me.
Some years ago I also used to sneak out in the winter night, in order to squat and pee in the snow in the garden. And in the light, Nordic, summer nights, when I squatted among our berry bushes and made water. I am actually a boy (age: 18) but was a little fascinated by squatting.

Watched a fascinating program on BBC TV last night. It was presented by Adam Hart-Davis and was about the Roman contribution to civilization. He visited the Roman fort at Housesteads on Hadrians Wall in Northumberland, England. He showed us the remains of the latrines that served the Roman soldiers. It was a communal shit-house. There were places for 30 men, without partitions, much like some military establishments today. Although there were none remaining he said that the seats were probably stone, with a keyhole-shaped hole in them. You sat on the seat to do your business and your turds fell into a channel below, which was flushed, whether continuously or intermittently, he did not say, by a stream of running water from a very large tank. The shit etc was carrried downhill by the water, in a sloping stone-lined sewer to the open country below, where it just was deposited on the land. The fascinating thing though was the arse-hole-wiping arrangements. TP had not been ! discovered, but the Romans were very clean. You wiped the final traces of shit away using a sponge mounted on a stick, that could be cleaned in a small stream of running water that ran through the centre of the latrine-house. Apparently it is not known whether they used a stock of communal sponges on sticks, or whether each man carried his own sponge in his kit bag.

Andrew and I have decided that we like the new toilet picture because it hasn't had to be edited. Where do you get them from !!

NICOLE: What did you reckon to my last story about Andrew and I wetting our undies ?! And I know what you mean when you say you're not sure about doing the same as your friend Suzy and not wearing your knickers. What if you hadn't been wearing any when that boy saw your wet pink ones. He would have got an eye full !! I'm with you about wearing them. Besides, at my school, we have got some silly mirrors on sticks in the science trays, and the naughty boys at school use them to look up the girls skirts to see what colour panties they are wearing ! Oh yes, I forgot to say that I hope we can be good friends too ! You'll have to start writing to Linda GS as well. She needs all her friends at the moment. Take care, love Kendal.

LINDA: My very dear friend, what are we going to do with you girl ? I bet you were really shocked when you found out that I had wet my panties on the toilet with Andrew ! Not as shocked as I was at the first attempt when I pooed myself as well. That was really bad !

I don't know how much I can help you, other than being honest with you about my thoughts. When I get older, I still think I'll do this sort of thing with Andrew. I think it will only stop when one of us eventually moves away from home. Even then, I think we will visit one another when we can, and I bet we would want to go together even then. Its so difficult to say isn't it ? Andrew and I are very lucky. We don't live together, and we can have a kind of brother sister relationship, a bit like I imagine Nicole and Peter to have. You live with your cousin, and although you have a loving and wonderful relationship with him that has allowed you to be together in the bathroom, he is really being a father figure to you, isn't he. I actually don't mind my Dad coming in while I'm on the toilet. I'm cool about it. Its quite rare, and there is always a good reason for him needing to come in. However, if he was then to sit down on the edge of the bath and watch me, I would get reall! y uncomfortable. I know this isn't the same for you and your cousin, because not only don't you mind him being there, but you actually like him to be there, like I do Andrew. But all the same, he is really a father figure for you while you live with him and are looked after by him. Andrew has reminded me about the post your cousin made to him when Andrew was upset about the future and about me growing up and whether I wouldn't let him watch anymore. Your cousin told him then that he needed to talk to me and sort it out. You two need to do the same it seems ! Andrew also remembers him saying that he hoped there would be a time when you would grow up and not want him to be with you at the toilet. ( in a whisper ) you said that you had started on that woman thing that I haven't had yet. Well, that is the surest sign that you are growing up, and your cousin will know it. Andrew and I have such wonderful times at the toilet together. We love to watch one another. But that is the p! oint. We both want this. Your cousin doesn't I don't think, and however much you want him to be there, and however much you believe that it is your decision, your body, your say on who is and who is not allowed to watch, it will and only should happen when the other person wants to be there too. I'm crying now because I think I've said some more sad things to you instead of cheering you up. I hope you don't think bad of me, especially because Andrew and I can still do this together and want to. But hey, you've got Elena. She will go with you when you want won't she ? And have you any other girl friends ? What about your special boy, or perhaps thats not a good idea. Perhaps your cousin wouldn't let you do that. But then my Mum and Dad certainly wouldn't let me and Andrew watch each other. Its only because they don't know and we are careful when we do this that we can do it at all. In that respect, you've been lucky all these years with your cousin. You haven't had to do it ! in secret. Anyway, my dear friend, talk to your cousin about it like Andrew and I did that time. You might not get the answer that you want, but if you can understand why he doesn't want to do this anymore, and that it is his decision and not yours to make, I think you will begin to feel better. I won't take all the credit for this heart to heart with you. Andrew has helped me. He really is a nice boy, and I think he cares about you just as much as I do. We both hope you will be feeling better soon ! Oh, and I nearly forgot. YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME ! If your cousin is getting a hard time from his family, I'm sure he's big enough to look after himself, and tell them to mind their own business ! Don't blame yourself. He came into the bathroom with you of his own free will. Now he doesn't want to go with you, that is his own free will as well. No blaming yourself, GOT IT !!

Its time to cheer you up. Well, as you know, Andrew is here, and we are going to leave the computer online while we all go to the toilet together. Are you ready ? ....

Right, we're back !! Are you ready for this ? No, there was no pampie wetting, and Andrew had to leave half way through your performance because you decided you needed a good poop and that was strictly us girls only ! What a pity Kirsty wasn't here as well. You were asking what she looked like when she went. I guess she is very much like you. She has rich dark red hair, quite long though, freckles ( I can hear you going Grrrrrr now !! ). Shes about three or four inches taller than me, and she goes very red in the face while she does it ! She pulls her jeans right down to her ankles, but keeps her pampies just above her knees. Thats until she starts to get really red, then she pulls them below her knees, and takes hold of the front of the toilet seat with both hands, between her legs, and really pants. She doesn't make vocal grunting or straining noises. She has a thing about noises in the toilet, she doesn't like to make any. Thats a bit hard I would say ! But once the ! first poo is out she has a real succession of them all making splendid plop noises ! ( my turn to go Grrrrrrrrr !! ). Anyway, enough of Kirsty, and back to you. What a splendid look of concentration on your face tonight ! And just because you were able to take your time, you managed to do your poo in one great big long piece that rivals Kim's anyday ! So big, there were inches and inches of it sticking up out of the water. Smelly !! You let Andrew come in to see it, and he marvelled about how such a big piece could have managed to fit in your little ???? in the first place ! Anyway, Andrew tried to wee it off the back of the toilet bowl and into the water. Unfortunately, his jet wasn't strong enough to do it, and when I sat down to have my wee, well, wees don't go backwards like that for girls do they !! ( sorry I couldn't poo as well, that would have been a real buddy dump ! But I was so desperate when I got back from school I knew I couldn't possibly hold it until after! Andrew came. My tea would have pressed on it and made me go in my panties again. No thanks !!). Sorry, back to the story ! We had to have four flushes afterwards ! Mum and Dad will notice the water bill has gone up if you have too many more of those in my house !! How was that Linda ? Did that story help to cheer you up ? I love you very much, and I hope that next time I hear from you, you'll be much better about things. Love from Kendal xxx

ILEO: Just in case you still read this site, heres a big hug for you. I won't forget you, or all the nice things you used to say about me. I hope you are ok too. love from Kendal x

Lawn Dogs Kid
Quick post before I go to school !

LINDA: Kendal phoned me last night. She was really upset that she didn't get to talk to you properly last night in her post. She will tonight because her Mum and Dad are out, and I'm going round to keep her company. Keep your chin up, babe !

NICOLE: I did say something to you on my last post which didn't appear. Just to say that Kendal and I hope that you and Peter manage to work things out amicably. Letting someone watch you on the toilet, even if it is your brother, is a very big step to take. So, be sure you want to do it, then there won't be any regrets afterwards.

Wetting my undies was a quite remarkable experience. After sitting down on the toilet seat, I took courage and just let go. The strangest thing was, although I could feel the wee was coming out of me, it seemed to get trapped between the end of my willie and the material, so much so that I could feel distinct pressure building up in my willie from the wee trying to escape, and the wee working its way down. Eventually, it just burst through the material in a rather normal looking stream. However, as the pressure subsided, it suddenly reverted to running down the inside of my undies towards my bottom, causing this strange, warm, ticling sensation around my balls before it seeped through the material once again.

Great experience ! Glad I tried it ! But Kendal and I have decided that normal service will now resume. We would both prefer unhindered evacuation of our bodily wastes in the future !

I love the new photo. She looks as though she's bending forward to really let a serious poo out. Also she looks as though she eats well and has a good throughput.

Nicola (england). Good story about your panbuster last Friday. Have you done another 'big one' since then? Your husband is surely one lucky fellow and it sounds as though he appreciates your capacity for laying big jobbies.

I've been having some more discomfort with anal soreness and, in line with my own advice, went along to the doctor again this morning (last time was in September). This time he examined me and couldn't find anything wrong. He's decided to treat it as a 'possible' case of worms and prescribed appropriate treatment as he thinks that's the likeliest possibility without being 100% sure. I took a sample with me but he didn't wish to see it. Can't say that I really blame him. I'm still using Hakle wipes but I think there's something in them which compounds the soreness. Can anyone recommend any other wipes. Any ideas Anne (I know you use wipes)?

Hi everyone

I just happened on a TV programme last night (UK)about the Romans in Britain. Maybe you all knew this but I didn't - the Romans crapped in company, makes our 'stall doors or no stall doors' dialogue look a bit precious!
Apparently on Hadrian's Wall somewhere is a perfectly preserved Roman latrine. Lots of keyhole shaped seats over a trough washed by running water. VERY good plumbing, amazing!

So, you sat there on your seat, groaning and straining with your fellow soldiers in total view. when you finished, you took a sponge on a stick and cleansed your anus, then washed it in the clean rainwater running in the trough thoughtfully provided in front of you for that purpose!

The presenter was uncertain whether you took your OWN sponge on a stick with you, or took one from a communal store in the latrine.

OK so this post will be of interest to just about no-one, but I just love the idea of crapping in company and so love to hear that it was once a perfectly normal thing.

Question though: if it was normal, would any of them have found it exciting the way I find the idea exciting?


Anne, the housewife. WOW! what a lovely motion you had, a nice big 2 foot beacher GASP! and an 8 incher to follow up! I bet you felt really great after doing those big jobbies? Keep it up and tell us more! BTW how old are you may I ask?

CD for a while I thought I was the only person who kept a "log sheet" , that is a register of motions done. From reading this website I imagined there were others but this is the first time I have read of someone who did so. In my case I started to do this when I was about 10, that's back in the early 1960's the days of pen and paper. A mate of mine had been in hospital for a minor operation (tonsils) and he told me that the nurses entered up on a chart both the number of times he had urinated and had a bowel movement every day. Now this gave me the idea of recording my own motions each day. ( In wasnt interested in the wee wees). I started by making a chart in an old notebook, I called this my "jobsheet". Obviously I had to use a code as I didnt want my parents to discover such a register, (they never did and would probably have taken it to be something to do with my schoolwork or a hobby like trainspotting). I recorded with symbols date, time, location , eg Toilet at h! ome, Boy's Toilet at School, Public Toilet, Toilet at a friend's or neighbours house etc, Number of turds passed, size,shape, solidity, colour, sound effects made by jobbies as they dropped into the water, sinker or floater, and as I grew older and did bigger jobbies whether they flushed away or stuck. Ar first I only recorded my own motions but soon added my mum's whenever I heard her doing one or had seen what she had done. Example "Sunday after lunch, our toilet at home, two jobbies, one 8 inches long, one 5 inches both 2 inches fat, one cylider, one carrot shaped, firm and knobbly, mid brown, "Ker-spool-loomp! Kur-splonk! Both Floaters, flush didnt move either, both seen floating in toilet pan afterwards". In this computer age I now use a spreadsheet and record my own motions and my wife's. Does anyone else do this apart from CD and myself and in the same detail?

Ephemeral. Sounds like you had a lot of angst about your bowel movements from your parents when your were a kid. I was very lucky. My father was never the slightest bit interested in such things, indeed he was a bit self conscious about such matters and anyway didnt do anything interesting, only once can I recall him doing a "panbuster" to his embarrasement when it stuck and the amusement of my mum and myself. My mum of course was the opposite but didnt get on my case. I was left to do a motion when I needed. If I was really constipated she either gave me the mild lubricant Liquid Parafin which doesn't cause loose stools, or told me to insert some vaseline into my rectum to ease the passage of big a hard turd. Laxatives such as Senna, Cascara, Syrup of Figs, Epsom Salts , Ex Lax etc were NEVER used in our house Im glad to say, yet I was seldom really constipated. I suppose in those days kids ate a healthier diet and got enough exercise. My motions were usually solid and we! ll formed but not too difficult to pass. Mum would occasionally ask if "I had done a good motion?" and I always said I had. Once when I was about 12 I responded, "yes mum, have you?" I expected a slap but she just laughed and said "Dont be vulgar! " As I had heard her doing a jobbie earlier that day I knew she had done a "good motion" anyway.

It's been a little while since I posted last. I took a huge shit today though. I was getting off work when I felt the urge but decided to wait until I got home. As I'm sitting in traffic my Pepsi catches up with me & I really need to piss now too. I'm going nowhere fast & my need is increasing by the second. I can hold my poop pretty well for a bit but when I gotta piss I can't wait too long. I'm creeping along at like 10 miles per hour. I'm holding myself to try & keep from pissing in my pants. Finially the traffic breaks up & I race home. Driving with one hand & holding myself with the other. Pulling up to my house I let out a little squirt. Going into my house I RACE to the bathroom. Undoing my belt I let another squirt out. Quickly sitting I release my piss & it feels soooo good. As I'm pissing I release a huge fart. I finish pissing & my shit hole opens wide. This monster opens me wide & slides out. I drop 4 more big ones then about a doze! n farts. the bathroom is really stinking. My ass opens again & i drop 5 more turds. after a bit of mushy poop I lay out 1 more really long turd. I'm feeling really good now so like Buzzy says "i get off in a BIG way". Tokk 2 flushes to get rid of that big load.

Edie I liked your story about your boyfriend having to go at the store. I've been there before. I made my girlfriend show me where the can was at the dept. store we were at. I was getting kinda desperate when she noticed & asked what was wrong. I told her I had to shit bigtime & had better hurry. It was really crowded in the store & by the time we got to the bathrooms I could feel the first one poking out. I got lucky cause just as I went in a guy was coming out of a stall (all the others were full) & I procedded to drop a big load.

More later.

John The Poopy Hedgehog
I was chatting To My G/F On IM When Suddenly she said "BRB",Well I waited,,

*OVer Her House*
She Feels an very bad urge to go to the bathroom,She tried to rush to the bathroom as fast as she can but it was too late,she did a massive poop (She Was Wearing Pink Panties),IWent Into her Room And I Can Smell somethin stinky and my g/f pooed in her panties then She ripped a Fart in my face it was so loud ,I fainted.

Any Body Else Have a Good Poop Story,Can Someone Make me a great poop story about me and my g/f,then e-mail me

That lady is ugly up top

To Casey: Yeah it was a rush pooping in the urinal, i was afraid someone would come in.If somone caught me doing it, i probably would have said i had to shit and when i came in all the stalls were full and i really couldn't hold it any longer...Or im would just run to the stall.
Yeah i've pooped in public with one of those seat covers...Theres nothing to be ashamed of pooping in public. Trust me when i was you age(im 19 now) I used to be afraid to poop in public cause i might see someone i knew...then i starting pooping in public. Then the last few years i've been proud to poop in public, i want someone to know im pooping.

i like to see women sitting on the toilet shitting & farting i like it when they fart. i like to make some friends if its ok .thank you

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Edie, personally I crap every day, usually in the morning, sometimes every other day. I sit on the toilet anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes depending on how much time I have. I like comfortable toilet seats and sit there and read and sometimes masturbate. I also work a little vaseline up my asshole when I'm done, makes the next poop easier and it also improves farting throughout the day.

Lisa, the home depot in my neighborhood is the same way in that a person standing outside the mens room door can see all the urinals and the urinals are very close to the inside of the door. This bathroom has 5 urinals total and 3 different styles as if they were trying out different brands. In the bathroom display area, they had a Kohler urinal on display and some young girls were asking what it was. Another time a little girl sat on one of the display toilets with her shorts down and her bare bottom on the seat. Her father came up running and said: "That toilet is only for looking at, you're not supposed to USE it!!! but it was too late as she had already peed in it. I was standing right there, and said it was probably no big deal, they could just take a mop and dry the pee out of the bowl. Personally I don't mind having a woman seeing me peeing as long as they aren't offended and I like to watch them, too.

Ben and Donny: Thank You both for the advice!!!
I was at my boyfriends this weekend and sure enough he left the door
partially open and started talking to his poops again....I asked him if he was alright then pushed the door open a bit more and asked if he knew where the soy sauce was. We were having chineese carry-out for dinner and saw my opportunity. He wasn't at all embarrassed and even said I could come in if I wanted. I did and sat down on the tub and talked to him while he pushed his turds out. After about 5 minutes he farted then we both looked in the bowel and saw 5 medium-sized turds......I told him how cool looking they were and then we held each other and he said: Maxie, next time it's your turn....that is if you are comfortable. Boy am I ever!!!...I've only dreamed of this moment!!!!! Well I did have to go after dinner but I will post that next time.

Maxie :)

Teen's have any of you had pop accidents?

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