I want to tell you a story which happend last summer in Greece.
Sorry for all the mistakes I'm going to do.My English is not the best.
During my summerholidays I met a very nice girl from Sweden.She was large with blonde hair and very beautiful but also very coy about her bodyfunctions .After a few days I spent the night at her apartment.
The next day we woke up und sat on the balcony. We had a nice breakfast and a nice conversation.After a while she got nervous and frantic.I have to bring up that her apartment was very small with thin walls.We talked each user for a few minutes until she got more nervous and told me to stay out at the bolcony.She said she had something to prepare for the beach in the house.I did not ask what she wanted to prepare. But I thought that she act realy strange.
She went very quickly into the house.Suddenly I noticed she had to take a big dump.The day before she told me that the greece food wasn't that good for her stomach.I actually wanted to hear what she was going to do.I never heard such a beautiful women taking a dump.
I remembered that her bathrom had a window around the corner of the balcony.So I went quickly to the window and was surprised as I saw
that it was open.But I couldn't look into the bathroom.

Suddenly she rushed into the bathroom and tried to take her clothes off.She talked something in swedish to her self and a heard her jumping around.After a few seconds the got it and sat on the pan.
In the same moment I heard a explosion and a huge amount of realy loud farts.She was moaning very loudly and continued to take her massiv shit.I Thought it would never end.Then a couple of farts escapted and she talked to herself something.I was realy excitied.
Now I could undersatnd why she wanted me to stay outside.If you could see her you wouldn't believe that this beautiful model is able to make such noises.
After 15 minutes she began to clean up and I walked quickly back to the table.Then she came out to the balcony and asked if something strange had happend.I said no and she sat down.She said nothing about her long yourney to the potty and we talked about something else.
The hole day I had to remeber what this shy girl beside me was doing in the morning.
Did anyone else have such a experienc.

I hope you enjoyed it & Sorry about all the mistakes.

Many greetings

KC: Nope, I never got sick. And to answer your questions:

1) What about your parents? How could they allow their kid to go day after day.....week after week...without a BM? Surely they must have known? Did you guys talk about it?

My parents knew and they were always on my case. I had "toilet time" every night where I had to sit on the toilet for 20 minutes after dinner, but it didn't help. They gave me mineral oil or something like that every night and then eventually daily stool softeners. They would also give me enemas when it got to be a very long time. They also made me drink prune juice sometimes (ewwww) and I wasn't allowed to eat cheese or bananas a lot (which are some of my fave healthy foods). They took me to the doctor a lot of times.

(2) How did you feel? Were you sick? Did your appetite dwindle after not going?

Yes, there were days when I had no appetite, this is partially what determined for my parents I think when to give me the enema. I also got headaches sometimes. But I didn't really feel that sick. I guess I just got accoustomed to going so seldomly.

(3) What physical evidence was there? Was your stomach hard and distended?

I don't remember. Sorry.

(4) What (if any) remedies did your parents or concerned others offer you?

See the answer to #1. They also had a teacher who I liked a lot help. If I sat every night and tried as hard as I could, I would get a book at the end of the week or every other week or something.

(5) Perhaps the most important question... Do you suppose that because of your problems as a that why you're seeking out a board like this one? (in my case...I know that the answer is yes)

Of course. I would have loved to have been "normal" too, especially cause when I eventually did go it hurt SOOOOO badly. That's why I guess I wonder what "normal" is for other people.

PV--Yes, it is a very good thing that I've eased out of the vicious cycle. Now, whenever I feel the urge to go, I don't let myself wait at all because I know I won't be able to go again later until my body wants me to and that could start it up again.
It sounds like you're having a lot of fun with the summer. Here in the states it's FREEZING!!! I'm hoping to go to the pool tonight, so maybe I'll try standing out of the shower again like last time.

Hey, it's me, Casey! I did the thing wit the shower thing, and it worked quite well. The only problem is that it doesn't make me poop very much. It is usually just water and like Buzzy said, wheat shredded poop. It's always mixed in water, though. I want to hve a soft mushy poop, with no water, after I do the shower thing. Hey Buzzy, Should I hold in the water longer? You seemed to get good results with it. I usually hold in the water for a minute at the most. And I have a few general question's. Fist of all, I read a post a while back about a girl who put some Fa Body Wash on her finger, and stuck her finger up her anus. Does anyone else do this? I don't do it, because I am afraid the shampoo ( I use Shampoo when I do it ) might damage my rectum. Does anyone have any advise or stories about sticking something, like shampoo, up their anus? And the next question is, does anyone ever just stick heir bare finger up their anus? I do this sometimes, when I haven't gone poop for a w! hile, to see if I am ready to go. Does anyone else do this? Thanks...

TO EVERYONE WHO ASKED: For the shower trick, here's how to do it. Get on your knees and hands in the shower. Aim the jet of water right at your anus. Then either relax your anus, like you had just pooped a big poop, or, if yo have to fart, fart ashard as you can, and relax your anus, and after you fart, the water should pour in. Then you can do whatever.

Josh: Cool, I'm 13. Do you have any cool tricks or anything poop related? Post me back!

Bryan: Was it a rush, pooping in the urinal? What if someone caught you? I think it takes some balls to poop in a urinal. Good job, man. If I get enough courage, and poop in my butt, I'll try it sometimes. Have you ever pooped in a public toilet, with one of those seat covers, but with the middle still in? I was gonna try that the other day, but I lost my nerve. I thought someone might hear the crinkly noises the paper makes.

Buzzy: Tell me when you do it again! I think itz awesome you like my idea. Do you ever poop in your pants, on purpous? Read my other posts if you havent.

Ok, well, I'm out. I am getting the urge to go poop, but I think its gonna be just a little poop. OK, the urge just got stronger. I don't have a laptop or a bedpan, or I would give you a live pooping session like Buzzy. OK the cramp went away. Does anyone know if cool stuff to do if you have to poop, like pooping on the floor, or ideas of stuff that makes you go poop? Ok, cya leter!


I was watching a program about Spice Girl, Mel-B on TV last night( BBC Choice a UK channel). The interview took place in her home. One part of the interview was from her downstairs toilet. This room was a far size and covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling including the ceiling and even has a glitter ball hanging from the light.

The best part, there were too highly polished stainless steel toilets facing ever other (face to face). The interviewer asked why. Mel B responce was girls always go to the loo together so why wait for the 1st person to finish. She then said she had even done a poo whilst some one was sitting watching.

This must be the best buddy dump ever !

Mel-B in case you are out there I would love to share a toliet with you.

Are there any other clebs looking in on this site, may be the Queen or Tony Blair. Please say Hello if you are out there.

Billy L.
Today, we went on a school field trip. We had to be on the bus at 6:00. I usually get up at about 7:00 and poop after breakfast. About 8:30, I said to Paul that I have to poop. I was about to get up and go to the back of the bus toilet when the teacher said that we would be stopping for breakfast at McDonalds in about 5 minutes. I said to Paul that I can hold on for that long. Anywany, my urge to unload was strong but a little less. When we got to McD's, about 5 of us went strait to the bathroom. There was an open toilet and urinal. Kevin sat right down and let out a bunch of farts and his poop was making that crackling sound. A guy about as old as my dad came in. Kevin poop one or two more logs. And then he wiped his butt. THen I sat down. I started pooping and I was pooping lots of little poops. I also heard some crackling poop noises. Kevin said how could you make all those plops and that crackling noise too. I said that I am not making that noise. He said, who is then? Jus! t then the guy made a large fart and more, louder crackling noise. He was standing right in front on me. Keven said, oh. I said to the guy, I could have waited 2 or 3 minutes. You should have said something. His face grew redder. Just then, my teacher came in and said that he had to go. He could wait, but he needed to get out and watch the other kids. We all just started to smirk. We have all pooped in front of the teacher before and he has pooped in front of us, so he knew it was not that. But then, I pooped my last and wiped my butt. I flushed and the teacher sat down. Just then, the guy farted real loud and let out that crackling noise again. My teacher said to the guy, how far do you live? He said, about a mile. My teach said, well I suggest you start walking. He started wiping his butt. Only needed to once. The guy said why? my teacher said, well, I have about 20 boys with me. As he said that he got up and Paul sat down. My teacher continued saying that about 6 or 8 of th! e kids will need to use the toilet, and he won't let the guy until after the bus leaves becasue he won;t let his kids be uncorfortable or have to wait while some guy cleans out his underpants. Plus the teacher said that with the load in his, pants, he's going to mess up the toilet and sink and use up all the paper. The guy was looking redder and redder. All of a sudden, their was a large fart from the guy and some more cracklin. He said, well, I am done now. I hope you're happy. He turned around and left. We said, Way to go Mr. Paul and we gave each other high fives. When Paul was done pooping, we lifted up the seat and played sink the sub when we aim at the floating turds. Mr. Paul left two big ones for us. Two other kids from our class came in. One used the urinal while the other one sat on the toilet and let out a lot of turds. We washed our hands left.

After lunch I had to go again. I was with Paul and Kevin at the Museum. We were near a restroom in the basement, so we went in. Only me and Kevin need to poop. So Paul peed in the urinal while Kevin and I took to the stalls. we would normally use just one toilet and play flush the sub, but we want to get back to see the stuff in the museum. We both pushed out about 3 logs wiped and got out. A guy came in while we were sitting there. I was out jsut a bit before Kevin. I forgot to flush. The was kind of holding his butt. I guess he really ahd to go, because he sat right down. He poop started immediately, and there was lots of it. And it really smelled. We left and got back to the museum. Mr. Paul came in to pee just as i was getting out the stall too.

We stopped for dinner at Burger king. Kevin and I had to go again at Burger king. We went right after we were done with dinner. I usually only go once or twice a day. I only went one yesterday at the soccer game, so maybe that is why i had to poop so much. We only had a few minutes to go, and Franklin said he hap to poop too. Kevin went. Then I hopped on the toilet and dropped three logs. When i was wiping, Mr. Paul came in to pee. He was at the urinal when I got out. He said, boy Billy, you really had to go a lot today. I said, it must have been something I ate. Franklin, who say me poop before breakfast, said from the toilet, yeah what did you eat yesterday? Mr Paul just washed his hands and said, yeah some days are like that. Then he said, at least you go when you have to go and not wait too long like taht guy this morning.

I was all excited because I thought I was going to be able to read what Andrew had written about the events of yesterday. But it looks like it hasn't been allowed. He said he thought that might happen because of too much detail ! Looks like its up to me again then ! But before I do,

NICOLE: Thank you for your kind words. I just hope that Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid) and I have been able to help you. Anyway, what I shall describe below was inspired by you ! I didn't think we could make suggestions to you without trying it ourselves. But beware, as you'll see.

I went round to Andrew's yesterday afternoon because I decided to try out his suggestion of wetting in my panties while I was sat on the toilet, just to see what it was like, and to help me to know what it might be like for Nicole if she decides to try it herself with her brother. I took a spare pair of panties with me in my dress pocket as I didn't fancy staying in wet panties afterwards. Unfortunately, when I got to Andrew's house, his Mum and Dad were home, which meant we wouldn't be able to do this, as we never go in the bathroom together when the olds are at home so we can never be caught. They always go for a long walk on Sunday after lunch, but Uncle had fallen asleep. Well I was really needing a wee when I got there, and I had to wait for ages. Then I thought of a very naughty plan to wake Uncle up. I pretended to need a drink and got up to go and get one and then tripped over his legs ! That woke him up ! Of course I said I was sorry, and I meant it. Sorry to ha! ve to wake him that is ! Anyway, it worked and Uncle and Aunty went for their walk. So I was able to take Andrew to the bathroom with me.

When we got there, I took my spare panties out of my pocket to show him. I was really excited about what his reaction would be, because he really wanted a chance to watch me wee my panties. But he didn't get it ! And whats more, he still didn't notice when I sat down still with my panties up ! I actually had to point it out to him what I was going to do ! He can be an idot sometimes ! Anyway, he started to tickle me and things, but then we realised that my dress would get in the way of seeing me wet myself, so I decided to take it off. But by now, I could feel my afternoon poo coming on, especially after a big Sunday lunch. Stupidly, I took no notice. I didn't want to spoil the experience we were both having. But I really wish I had taken notice, because Andrew tickled me so much that I completely lost control, and before my wee started, a big poo went in my panties first ! I was really shocked and although I continued and let my wee go, I felt awful about what had ha! ppened and began to cry. But my lovely cousin sorted me out, helping me to empty the poo out of my panties and into the toilet. They were in such a mess we decided to just throw them away. So the whole experience wasn't very nice in the end.

Andrew got me a towel and told me to wash off in the shower, because I got poo all over my bottom and some on my legs as I tried to get my dirty panties off. But before I did, I knew my poo wasn't finished yet, so I sat down on the toilet and did another four or five pieces. They all made a good plop noise ! So beginning to feel better about what had happened, I had a joke with Andrew that if my poos will only make a plop noise after I've done one in my panties, then I'd rather do without the plops and stick with the flops I normally have !

After all this chaos, we decided that Andrew would wet his undies for me on another day because we afraid Aunty and Uncle would come home. As it was, Mum rang to see where I had got to because it was beginning to get dark, so Andrew walked me home. The poor felt very bad about what had happened, because it was his suggestion. But I told him not to, because it was my silly fault for not stopping when I realised that I would need to poo as well. I told him I wanted to do it again, properly this time, and he could do it for me as well. We didn't say when last night, and I wanted to grasp the bull by the horns, so I met him straight off the school bus today. Andrew's Mum and Dad don't get home from work until after 6.30, so I knew we would be able to go to his house and try again.

Incidently, I spoke to Chloe for the first time since she split up with Andrew. She's going to come round to my house later this evening for a talk, hopefully not before I've finished this !

Anyway, I made sure nothing would go wrong this time. I had my poo as soon as I got home from school, and then I had four big glasses of water to make sure I need to wee. When I met Andrew off the bus, and told him what I was planning as soon as we got to his house, he began to laugh, and got a bag out of his coat pocket. In it was two pairs of undies. He had been and bought some cheap ones, one pound each, one for me, and one for him. The one for me was to replace the ones I messed, but I laughed and said mum was bound to notice and ask me why I'd bought some cheap undies for myself. So I decided that I would wear those to wee in, and then they could be thrown away after.

As soon as we got to Andrew's, he changed into his cheap light grey undies, and I changed into these light pink things. I wore my winter school skirt today because it was cold. The materials really thick, so when I lift it up to go to the toilet, it will stay up round my waist. No need to take it off. However, I did have to take off my tights, despite what Andrew said to me. I wasn't going to wee through those too !

Andrew went first. As I watched, I asked him when he was going to start. I was surprised when he said he had started ! I couldn't see anything. Then there was this sudden snake of wee came through the material. Although his undies had turned dark where the wee came out of his willie, it didn't go dark all over. Then as his jet started to subside, it suddenly disappeared for a few seconds before re-appearing out of his bottom. The last of his wee looked like it was coming out of his bottom, which made me laugh. That was dangerous, as I was in serious need myself now after all that drink ! When he finally finished, he took off his undies, and there was just a long line of wet from where his willie had been, round to where his bottom was. It really hadn't spread very far at all.

Now it was my turn ! I sat down and just did it. No tickling or anything. Gosh I had got desperate by now ! My wee flooded out of me, but what a strange sensation ! It was all lovely and warm, but it was filling my panties without coming out. It felt like I was sitting in a lake ! Then all of a sudden it seeped out, all over according to Andrew. Out of my bottom, out of the side of my legs, and a good stream from the usual spot where the wee comes out of me anyway. It really was a thrilling experience. I loved it. So now I think I know about all the sensations that you must have, Nicole !

LINDA: I'm so sorry that you are feeling so sad ! Damn, Mum has come in to tell me to get off the computer now ! Look, Mum and Dad are out tomorrow night, and Andrew is coming to look after me. That means we'll be able to have a threesome, and no one will be about to stop me telling you about it and talking to you then, thank goodness. I promise with all my heart I'll write to you tomorrow. Please take care and don't be too sad ! Love you loads, Kendal xxx

TO EMILY-Good morning-Glad to hear about your nice long sitting this weekend-Did you go a lot?You should try the laptop thing-it's really fun to sit on the bowl and read these posts and push out your a.m. poo at the same time!Speaking of a.m. poo,I did a really nice one about 5 mins ago-I was reading your posts and I had to poo,so i went to the toilet and sat down and passed some pre-poop gas and pushed out a nice long sausage(About 10 in)and then i wiped and got up and came back to the computer to read some more posts-I knew i wasn't done,but i felt like reading the post while i waited for another urge after about 5 mins or so I felt my rectum start to fill up and went back into the toilet and sat down and didn't push-just relaxed my anus and started passing all this gas-It kept coming out and they got shorter and shorter in length til I felt like i wanted to push and out came this real long soft poo along with gas in between it sort of sounded like THHHHHHhhhhfart thhhhhhhh! hh-fart plop plop plop- and at the end was a long fart-I had a lot of gas don't know why,but I love to poo and pass gas at the exact same time-it feels soooo good-EMILY,i was thinking of you too as i was pushing out this stuff hoping you were going at the same time-Love your posts keep 'em up!
TO EDIE-I for one will gladly answer your questions-I take about 15 mins to dump every morning -I usually poo in 3 parts as i sit there-A lot of times I bring the paper with me as i poop-most of the time i poo naked cause it feels better to me,why?who knows-I don't poo the whole time i'm sitting there,i wait for cramps to come and i push out the poo as i get the urge while i'm sitting there-The 1st load is when i sit down uaually with some gas first and then a smooth long turd comes out-then i sit there for a bit and push out some soft stuff with some more gas-then i sit there for another 5 mins or so and let out the tail end which is usually loose with some gas along with it-I usually go once a day-sometimes in the hot weather, i go 2-3 times a day,but that is rare-How many turds?-I really never counted,but a usually push out 1 long turd and then push out another long one but towards the end of that turd it gets soft and then i push out some squgglies and loose stuff at t! he end-sometimes i can really fill up the bowl and other times it's no big deal-A few times if i was sick with the runs-i've sat on the bowl for up to 1 hour,but that was no fun-i don't like the runs-i like more solid poos-Hope that answers your questions,EDIE
TO BP POOPER-You just have to get used to going in the pan-There are so many different kinds of bedpans I have the plastic blue-green typeit's pretty big but there are times when i fiil it up to where the poos are toutching my butt-Try some fiber in your diet-it's better to go in the pan when your poos are soft and well formed-Let us know how you do-if you are going to try suppositories-try dulcolax-they work the best-you insert them and wait about 10-15 mins and sit on the pan and let it flow-you are better of with a higher fiber intake-try it! keep us informed-believe me,when you finally poo a good load in the pan,you well love it!
Great stories all-every day i read these and they almost always make me go poo-better than coffee and OJ!!BYE

I had an interesting experience yesterday afternoon. A friend of my wife's dropped by to pick up a package left at our house. I had just gotten home from work and was alone at the time. My wife's friend is an attorney, and always dresses very well. She was wearing a navy blue tailored skirt and jacket with matching high heels and ivory hose. The outfit complemented her long blond hair.
She is always rushing around, but yesterday she seemed even more stressed. With a look of near panic in her eyes, as soon as she came in the house she said " I need to use your bathroom right now!". I said "OK" and went back to reading my paper, in the living room, which is right across the hall from the bathroom.

The house was quiet, so I knew I would hear her in the bathroom. As she walked in, her heels clicked on the hard floor, and as soon as the door closed, I heard the sound of the toilet lid being opened., followed by more steps as she got ready to sit. I could hear the rustle of her skirt being raised and the sliding of her pantyhose and panties being lowered. More steps as she lowered herself onto the throne, then silence for a few seconds.
The sound of her powerful, hissing stream echoed as she released her pee into the toilet. The thundering stream ended abruptly, followed by a couple of quick spurts. I thought as the sound of toilet paper being pulled off the rool that she was finished, but it became silent again.
Brrpt! Brrpt! Brrpt! Her farts signaled more was to come! A soft sigh, then, accompanied by a few dribbles of pee, the unmistakable crackle of a turn on the way out. Ploink! Ploink! Several turds splashed into the bowl, followed by some foot shuffling and another sigh. Silence again, then a couple of more splashes.

This time she was done. Wiping sounds, more T.P. pulled off the roll, then the sound of stretching pantyhose, the snap of the elastic waistband, and rustle of her skirt. She flushed, and soon after the door opened.

I tried to look disinterested, as she leaned into the room, and said " I really had to go! I hope you don't mind". .I said "Not at all" and bid her goodbye.

As soon as she had left, I \went into the bathroom, and saw a couple of light brown skidmarks and a scrap of tissue left floating, and on the air was the exotic aroma of a woman's motion. What a treat! She will never know how much I enjoyed her performance.

PV - Yeah, LOL I know how you must have been feeling
when you did that torrent of brown sludge. You just
*know* don't you when it is going to be like that?

Maybe if enough girls wee in sinks it will change
to 'girls privilege'. Jackie and I had to wee in
sinks when we went out a few weeks ago, and other
girls did it too because there was a real long queue
for the stalls. This time we did not park our bums
on the sinks but because we are both tall enough we
could just stand in front and do it. I let Jackie
take the corner one to make it easier for her.
If we do that enough then one day they will take
the pipes apart and wonder why the girls are all
using the sinks! LOL

Yeah, yeah, I see what you mean about how when
Steve dumps maybe it takes pressure off his bladder
and then his urge to wee returns, but I do not think
it is just that. It is like when he does have a wee
about 30-60 minutes after dumping, it is quite a
full bladder and not a little dribble. I know
because I have seen it but I do not know why it
happens. Well, it can happen to me as well but with
him it is just like, every time he shits.

Oh yeah, I have heard of Rock Bitch! I heard they
were German but someone else told me they were
English but I do not know who to believe. No I bet
they are German. I guess they do just piss in their
pants when they are one stage. Steve says he has
heard of them too, but he has not seen them. I have
heard that they often strip off partly. They would
not squat and let rip on stage would they?? I would
love to know. If I was in a girl group like that I
would not be able to do it.

LOL the International Women's Pee Rights Congress.
What you wrote in your letter was very funny. My
mum would have to come along too to give advice on
more modern training for mothers and daughters.
Steve's favourite Pakistani girl would have to be
there as well. Hehehe.

When I went to the pool with my mum and Jackie on
Thursday I wished Steve was with us but he was too
late. We went and it felt different for us this
time without him when we were going into the men's
toilets, but there were 3 of us so we did feel safe.
Well Jackie took off her bikini knickers so I took
off mine. My mum was wearing her one piece, so she
just pulled it to the side. We just stood in front
of the urinal and let go. Well Jackie did not aim
with her fingers the time when we went with Steve
but she did this time and she weed so much better.
She did a nice geyser this time and she had been
bursting to go. My mum was bursting too and I think
I did not last as long as they did. I think my mum
did the hardest stream. It was really narrow and
hard and I bet it was because she was holding her
pussy more open than me.
Jackie did not even wee down her legs this time so
I think she is getting a lot better at doing it
standing. She does it with her feet wider apart than
I do, so I wonder if she would be better with them
closer. Next time maybe she could try aiming higher
on the steel wall.

Oh I am so delighted for you! That public wee in
your bikini sounded a huge thrill! And then there
was the wee straight into the pot later on.
What is the next step then? The nude beach?
Well maybe that is a big step and a bit soon?
Maybe you should do more thru-bikini wees to help
your avoidant problem? Well done!

Thank you for your latest letter and I will answer
it very soon. I hope it will be tomorrow!
I will tell Steve you have written back to him.
I do not know when he will have time to write but
I will tell him. You got it when you told him he
was very kind to that girl who peed in front of a
crowd in the the road. I bet it was a good thing
for the lads that they left her alone!

Lotsa hugs.

EPHERMAL - Oh well done that girl!!! Yeah I know
what you mean about it being a problem when you
do not want to go all that much. It is a lot
easier when you really want to go and your urge
is real strong. When you just want to do a little
bit then that is when you will get more trouble
with dribbles down your legs.
Steve wrote and told you how my mum taught me about
standing to pee, didn't he? Yeah, I owe my mum lots,
she is lovely and she was never frightened about
talking to me about anything a girl should know.
I really do not know how other women can hide so
much from their daughters. I do not think Steve and
I will have kids but if I had a little girl I would
teach her all I know about standing to pee.
Oh yeah you are right, if you have not been able
to talk to your mum about standing to pee before
then I would not try to start now. I am sure that
is right.
If you keep trying different things and practicing
them then you will get more confidence and you
will wonder how you ever got by before. Why can you
not practice in the shower at home? Is the place
you are most relaxed not the best place to practice?
You can not make a big mess, so tell me how you get
on. I feel you are my student this way so I have to
drive you on. Oh no I am starting to sound like Steve
when he is making me practice! LOL

Lotsa Love,


PV - Sorry I just realised that I have written to answer
your other letter about your beach wee in my last letter.
Oh I am confused.


Anne (housewife)
This weekend I was staying with the mother-in-law. She and I don't get on too well and during lunch on Saturday I nelt the need for a motion coming on. Unable to stop myself I let rip and did a real corker of a fart. After a few seconds the smell gathered and it was a really deep aroma. Mother-in-law looked daggers at me but said nothing and hubby gave a disapproving glance. When lunch was over I went up to the bathroom and dropped a massive beacher of a jobbie, two feet long and a good two inches thick, followed by another eight inch jobbie. I wiped and washed my hands, then flushed. It took three flushes to shift and I felt really proud. It's been one of my best motions yet.

Hi all (especially Louise, Steve, Kim & Scott, Sara T, Ephermal and ... anybody I've forgotten?? Heaps, I'm sure!

Another intersting report for today: This afternoon I felt the urge to go, and I thought I'd do something a tiny bit different. With the recent talk of the hovering poop I thought I'd experiment. I pulled my things down around my ankles, backed over the bowl and had an easy wee, but when it came to opening my bowels the hovering position didn't feel very comfortable today.

Instead, I stood pretty much straight, only a little bend at knee and waist, put my hands on my bottom and firmly drew my cheeks apart before I bore down. Out popped two fairly small turds, two- or three-inchers, and I relaxed a bit, then I bore down again and eased out a seven- or eight-incher. None of them was by itself in any way remarkable, but the feeling of defaecating in the standing position was quite amazing. It was rather different, and I can see how this would be a good way to do it in the great outdoors.

And what's more, I was very surprised to find that my anus was clean as a whistle. The turds were fairly soft and I expected to be messy, but when I wiped there was only the tiniest trace of brown, gone in a flash. I was so amazed I wiped two or three more times to be sure (wiping from behind, another experiment!), and kept exploring with my fingers, but I was completely clean.

When I pulled my briefs and pants up I realized I had just done a full emptying, bowels and bladder, without sitting down at all!

All my best,


Lisa - your story about being able to watch your brother pee while he was in the Home Depot mens room reminds me of a ladies room that used to be near the library in the English town I used to live in. It was old and had just 2 stalls inside, neither of which had doors. Also, the restroom door opened right into the room without any kind of partition blocking the view from the street. If you stood on line at the bus stop and somebody opened the ladies room door, you could see women sitting on the toilet! On one occasion (and only once) the door opened and I saw a woman in the "hover" position with a massive poo falling from her behind! She had thick, black pubic hair. A small boy on the bus stop line with me said to his mother "uggh - that lady just did a big number 2 and I could see it!" His mother told him that it was a private place and that he shouldn't be looking. He went bright red.

Jane, yes I was talking to you. I just simply forgot to type your name is all. But yes, I understand now about your flushing techniques. I still think you do it quite a bit. Are your poops that large? The reason I am asking is because I don't poop that much, so I am very curious.

Monday, November 20, 2000

For those of u who go on the beach and stuff, do you not have any respect for others RIGHTS who dont wish to lie on top iof their towel near a pile of buried poo??

My toilet habits are a bit unusual. I never poop in a regular bathroom, I always use a stall. I love it when other girls come in next to me and we're bothpooping and talking. I also like asking for toilet paper (even when I don't need it) in the intimate two stall bathrooms. I will post again in a week or two.

Buzzy: I love your posts too....keep them coming!!!
Now that I sit on the toilet first poop is usually the
the largest....the second one doesn't have quite as much to it but it does have more gas. Those nice, healthy farts that rumble a bit in your ???? before finally working there way do to your arse.

I had a nice one this morning and since it's a weekend I treated myself to an hour-long sit on the toilet with a good book. Thought of you too.....perhaps one of these days I'll get a laptop and I can post while in the acting of pooping!!!

To Everyone: I enjoy all of your posts so please keep them coming....Have a Great weekend :o)


Why is it harder to start pissing when your bladder is very full?
Why is it hard to stop in the midle of a big piss once you start?

One time I went to piss in our downstairs bathroom, which I seldom use. After I started pissing the door popped open, but I figured no big deal, I was home alone. Then, I could hear my dad come into the house. If he had seen me sitting there pissing with an open door he would've told me I was a sicko. I tried to stop pissing but couldn't. In a panic I jumped up and shut the door, but pissed all over my clothes and the floor in the process.
Afterward, I had to mop up the floor and wash my clothes.

I'm 14 and my sister Louise is 9. Last weekend we went out to a craft market in the grounds of a stately home. We were wandering around when little Lou told me she needed to wee. I asked her if she could wait and she said she didn't think so. I offered to take her in the bushes as there were no toilets, but she said no. I told our brother that Little Lou needed to go, and he's so horrible that he went and tickled her so she let go and wet her knickers.

She started to cry, and I felt really sorry for her. When Mum found out, Little Lou got shouted at, and she cried even more. Mum took Lou's knickers of and smacked her bare bottom in front of everyone, and said that if Lou was going to act like a baby she'd be treated like one too.

Later on in the day, Little Lou needed to go again. She whispered to me so our brother didn't hear. I took her to the car park and stayed with her while she squatted over a gutter to wee. She's very small for her age (about the size of a 7 year old) so she can still get away with weeing in the open.

She said thankyou to me for helping her, and later on our brother told Mum that it was his fault Little Lou peed herself because he tickled her when she was desperate to wee.

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