Hi all, it's sleeting here in Mississippi at the moment. I'm glad I didn't attend our football game. Brrr!
To Aaron, wow, it is a small world. I'm not sure if the moderator would allow me to name the school I attended or attend now, but our mascot now is the bulldog. What was yours? And what part of the state was your college in?
I'd love to hear more about your India stories. Luckily, I've grown accustom to their food since I have made lots of Indian friends. However, once in a while, some really oily Indian food will upset my stomach. So here's one incident from this summer. A lot of the Indians here at this college live in an apartment complex right near the campus. I was visiting some of my friends this summer, and one night one friend had prepared all kinds of good food. And it was really good, just a little more oily than I was accustomed to. She did warn me about it. so later I went upstairs to another friend's apartment to watch some TV and talk. I started feeling uncomfortably hot and sweaty and my stomach started rumbling. I knew i was going to need to make a quick trip to the bathroom but I didn't want my friends to know this. Luckily I was sleeping downstairs in yet another friend's apartment (I did say I had lots of friend there) so I hurriedly ran down the stairs to that! apartment and into my room. Each bedroom there has a bathroom in it. But unfortunately, I didn't quite make it because I let out a small quantity of diarrea (pardon the misspelling) into my panties. How embarrassing! But no one knew I'd done it. Even though it was a very small stain, I wouldn't be going home for a while, so I just rolled them up into a small ball and put them into the bottom of the trash can in the bathroom. But usually indian food doesn't bother me.
Okay, catch you guys later. have a great weekend!

I was waiting for my husband and my brother-in-law to come out of the mensroom at the HomeDepot. I was standing at the water fountain, and as the door swung open, i saw my brother-in-law urinating at the urinal. How degrading for men !!! His penis was in clear sight for anybody standing ouside the door. This is a brand new store, i might add. I think this is terrible. Opinions?

Hey everyone, I have some questions for the guys on this forum. Apologies if this has been covered before but I am quite new here, so don't shout at me.

I noticed a while ago that someone posted some questions to the girls, so I'd like to ask the same of the guys...How long do you spend on the toilet when you have a crap? Is this time spent crapping continuously or do you read/whatever and sit there longer than you really need to? How many times a day do you crap? How many turds do you produce in one sitting? What's the longest time you've ever had to sit on the toilet when having a crap?

I know, so many questions...

thanks :)

BP pooper
SANDRA - I know of others who hover over the seat, but I prefer to be comfortably seated, incase I have to do a number 2. Guess most of us hover when the seat is dirty or messy, and I will try to hold on till I get home or a more comfortable toilet. If I am bursting to poo, I will use lots of TP to give it a good wipe and then put a couple of layers of TP so that I will not come in contact with the dirty seat. On several occasions, the toilet blocked up when I flushed. (Sorry, couldn't help that).

Happy Pooing!

Louise--I tried pushing extra hard tonight in the shower and it was more successful than my failures the past couple of days. I think that's partially because I've been really tired and had trouble starting cause I didn't need to go badly during my showers lately. But I'm going to keep trying. I'm going home this week for Thanksgiving. Not sure if I want to try at home...

Billy L.
Today, we had our last soccer game. It was a little while after lunch. On the way to the game, I knew I would have to poop. So when I got to the field and looked around. All there was was a portapoop. I said to my friend Paul, remember what you saw me finish up the other day at practice? Well, guess what I have to do now. He said, "I have to make a big poop too." I said, "let's go." So I told the coach and my parents that we were going to the bathroom.

Paul got in first. He was there about 3 minutes. He said that he threw the paper in back so I could see his poop. So when i got in, I looked in the toilet before I sat down. There was a pile of used toilet paper with three logs on it. Then i sat down. I did not go again yesterday or yet today. So I pass four big logs. I threw my paper in the back too. I am used to pooping in the woods and leaving a pile there, but it was weird to leave a pile in a toilet like that. Of course, there is no way flush. So when I was doing wiping, I got up and left. A 3 year old kid came in as I was leaving. I heard him say to his dad, do I really have to poop on that?

I felt a little guilty during the hand-shake after the game. When I was wiping, I got a little on my hands. My dad tells me that when I get poop on my hands, I probably won't get sick from it, but I might make others sick. Oh well.

After the game, we went for pizza. I went into the washroom to pee and wash my hands. Paul, Mike and JOhn were with me. Mike had to poop, so he went. He pushed out one large log that was floating. So when he was done, we all got up to the toilet and aimed at the log. We call it trying to sink the sub. After we were done eating, we played games there for a while. Dad said, we are leaving in about ten minutes and the other parents said the same thing. So I said that I had to poop again. Paul said, after that last poop at the game? I said yeah, I did not go yesterday. Everybody laughed. John said he had to take a dump too. So we all went into the bath room. John went first. John dropped two big logs, one that sank and one that floated. I sat down. While I was pooping, Paul started talking about how he saw the last two logs come out of my butt the other day at practice. Anyway, I dropped like 50 little turds. Between John's logs and my turds, the pile of turds was sticking up ! out of the water. Plus John's floater. We played sink the sub again with John's floater. This time, John and I let our pants stay down (so we do not get streak marks), and wiped after we were done. When we were done, we flushed and everyone washed his hands. As we were leaving an old guy came in and said,"did someone die in here?" I guess it really stank.

Ok one time I was at school and I felt horrible. So I got into the bathroom. Went past the urinals all the way to the last stall. It was pooking its head out. Lowered my pants and EXPLODED! I was having a 15 in. shit. Then my friend Pat came in because I saw his shoes under the stall next to me. So we started to talk and then he started to poop like fire.

Ok one time I was at a park with my friend Pat. We were talking we my stomach was in so much pain. We looked for a bathroom, we found Port-a-potties. I didn't really care that much then. We go to the bathroom together a lot, so I let him come in. I was shitting like crazy. It stunk so bad too. When I was done we looked in. 17 inches long!!! Oh yeah I was straining a lot too.

Casey - I don't know if you read my last post, but I'm 14 years old and I think your stories are cool. I tried your shower thing, but couldn't get it to work for me. How exactly do u do it? I tried doing like what you said, going on my knees in the shower and pushing as if I were taking a poop, but when I do that it feels like poop would come out before water would go into my butt hole, know what I mean? Does it work best when your constipated? Let me know.

How many others here like catalogue their daily BM's?
I try to maintain a log of my mine... Not for any particular medical reason, I just like to keep a list of my accomplishments during the week. With my electronic organizer, it's easy to keep track of things like times, odours, sizes, amounts, and the effort it took.
I think think these gizmos are great! Before I wipe, I usually get up for a moment to examine what I've done. Unless I'm turely awed by the BM, it usually doesn't take more than a second or two to get a good idea of what's just happened. I immediately sit down and record the effort. Once I'm satisfied with the note, I put the organizer back in my pocket and clean up. I wipe front to back like most people but I think I'm in the minorty because I do it standing up and turned around facing the toilet. I like to have one last look before I flush my jobbie...

I don't rate them on a scale, I just note my feelings and how that BM compared to other jobbies I've done recently.

Taking a massive dump
I'm not the self-concious kind of guy who holds their shit in all day. Whenever I can feel crap up my ass, I go to the bathroom and get rid of it. This goes all the way back to last year. I had enjoyed taking a shit before that but I hadn't done it in a public place before. I really wanted to, though.

April, 2000: I was sitting in my science class when I realised that there was a massive amount of crap up my ass. So I left and went into the bathroom. The bathroom had only one stall for crapping and it was occupied. I walked back to class dissapointed, and when I got home and took a dump, it was really HUGE. I wished I could have released that load into the school bathroom. The next week, I wussed out and left the bathroom before coming to the stall, but the next time was different.

May, 2000: Math class. An enormous amount of crap in my rectum was pushing on my sphincter and causing me to let out small smell-less farts. I excused myself and headed for the bathroom. I was afraid of being caught on the crapper by a friend so I walked quitely. When I got to the bathroom I sat myself down the handicapped toilet and waited for someone else to come in and flush a urinal so the noise of my crap would be covered up. Someone came in and did this and I dumped the quickest dump of my life. Damn was it huge!! I was about to leave when someone in the stall next to me sat down and started ripping farts and crapping up a storm. When he had finished, he said, "Ah, that feels good," It was my friend ********. I said something back to him and we had a conversation before pulling up our pants, flushing, and leaving the bathroom. I was rather happy. I had taken a shit in a school toilet!

Has anyone seen the comercial for a thing called the Potty Putter? Elena called me in to see the comercial and I thought it was a big joke.. but it seems it's real. It's a small putting green for you to practice putting while.. well you know. they show a few guys on the toilet.. pants down putting. And yes guys (whew) they show a gal too. What killed me the most is that it came with a sign to put on the bathroom door that said do not disturb.. telling people you were practicing in there.

great site.
could someone please tell me where in the old posts there are good stories about girls having to squat in the woods. thanks.
lets have some stories about girls going to the bathroom while camping or hinking

I have finally gotten up the nerve to post i have reading the posts here for some time now this happened to me I was in the 5th grade in school I had stayed home from schoo; the day before because i had been given laxitive how ever it did not work and so i was in school itwasa after lunch in P.E. class i got this urge needing to pass gas so assuming it was gas i relaxed to slowly let it come out but it was not gas at all the next thing i knew was that i had filled my drawers full of poop right in the middle of gym class so i quickly went and told thhe teacher in a whisper what had happened and he sent me to the office where i called home and my mom came and got me and took me home no one ever knew what happened that day and all of you posters keep up the good work Casey you posts are the greastest keep it up

Billy L made a comment about pooping from a great height - a tree house in his case. Any of you guys ever dropped a load from a great height and then watched as it went SPLATT!!!!! on the floor below.
It reminds me of when we were teenages a group of us guys would go to railway bridge that spanned across a main road with plenty of cars flying past below. This Railway had open spces between the sleepers and you could see down below. We used to squat over the holes and wait for a car. aim and SLPATT!!!!!!! It used to be a hell of hoot when they put the wipers on and smear the screen with shit!!!!
In hindsight it was probably o really stupid thing to do - but it sure did get our rocks off!!!!!

san grio
If anyone has been here since around the timeof pages 50 or so could you please tellme whether pooping girl and jill are the same ones from the daily dump awhile back and if they're still posting.

Lumberjack the Log Man
And now for a poo that's comletely different - While walking through the Ministry of Silly Poos one day...........

Today I had a ratherbad laxative experience. I tok some milk of magnesia a few times over the last few months at my grandparents house. I didn't shake the bottle so when I had more the chaulky stuff was more concentrated and last night when I did it was all chaulky and hard to drink. I did anyway. this morning when I woke up there was someone in the bathroom and wouldn't be coming out for a while. I put on some pants and shoes and struggled outside. A while ago I'd found an old styrofoam cooler in the undergrowth (my gps live in the country) and was going to save it for an outdoor dump. I pulled it into easier ground (it was still pretty dark) after realizing the urge I had wasn't condusive to just squatting and going. I pulled my pants and undies down around my ankles and squatted down on the cooler. It was very wide. The watery laxative poop came out like piss, it just flowed in a liquid stream for about 20 seconds. This was hard work and after about ten more secon! ds I let out about 15 seconds more worth. It was about this time that I realized I had to piss. I lowered myself a little more into the cooler(it had mud in it from being in the woods) and let it flow. After the pee attack subsided I heard two huge loud wet farts and felt something a little solider flow out of me. The relief was indescribable. I had one more watery flow from my behind before I pulled my pants as much on my dirty behind as I could and walked toward the front door. My grandpa was out of the bathroom and I told him I'd stepped outso the cold air could wake me up. I don't know if he bought that. I then proceeded to the restroom to wipe the liquidy sewage from my crack. I will tell the second stage later.

2 of my buddies and myself were shopping in a mall last week, we decided to hit the restroom. We walked into the mens room in JC Penneys, only to find 3 doorless stalls, the middle stall was occupied by one of my buddies dads, who is a department manager in JC Penneys. Gary had to poop really badly, so he used the first stall, next to his dad. Craig and myself , just stood and waited for someone to finish, It was kinda funny to watch father and son pinch loafs side by side, but they both wiped themselves identically. They both laughed and chatted with us during the entire "performance" (and neither was bashful about their 'extreme male shortcomings" whch i can see is heredity. LOL


I like your stories about instructors at the gym listening to you having a plop. Do you ever hear them. Please give full details of the ounds.

Hi all,

Just a quick report of a pee adventure. The summer has arrived in Aus with a vengeance, and I went to the beach this evening. I enjoyed riding waves, body surfing, feeling the water almost swipe my bikini off! But after a while the familiar urge came through to my brain, and thought it took several attempts, I was able to stand thigh-deep in the sea, amongst a fair crowd of people, and piss my panties.

It felt incredible as the hot urine filled my gusset and I glanced down to find a stream falling into the water, perhaps only distinguishable to my own eye from the cascading water from the waves slapping about me, but none the less real. I started and stopped four times until I was comfortable, over the space of a couple of minutes.

Then, a bit later, when I was dry and leaving the beach, I went to the foreshore restroom where the doors are off the stalls. I didn't dare try to use the gents' as it was a busy evening, but I did rather surprise myself anyway. I stood up straight, drew my shorts and bikini bottoms aside and weed straight into the potty. It was so easy! No anxiety, no problems, just a healthy, satisfying emptying. And with no door at all!

I was very pleased with myself, as you might guess!

Best to all,


to Electra: Nice story about you shitting in the train. But I have two questions about it. Was the train still waiting at the station when you were shitting and did it flush to the ground at the station?

Dr. Poop
Hi again This question is for Movie Fan Movie Fan did you ever see the football movie Any Given Sunday? There is a poop scene in there where you can here the guy farting it's all sound afects I thing. Buy for now.

Ephermal...this is for you. I would like to ask you a few things. But; first I suppose that I should tell you that I also had a lot of trouble with constipation as a child...and; like you, it has pretty much eased. However; a month? I never went a month without a BM..'cause I would just get sick. Didn't you ever get sick? I would be able to maybe make it to two weeks...and then; all of a sudden I would be nauseous, have a fever...kinda like the flu. Mom would give me an enema...and almost instantly I would be fine.

This was a pattern that repeated itself over and over during my pre-teen years.

So; for the questions:

(1) What about your parents? How could they allow their kid to go day after day.....week after week...without a BM? Surely they must have known? Did you guys talk about it?

(2) How did you feel? Were you sick? Did your appetite dwindle after not going?

(3) What physical evidence was there? Was your stomach hard and distended?

(4) What (if any) remedies did your parents or concerned others offer you?

(5) Perhaps the most important question... Do you suppose that because of your problems as a that why you're seeking out a board like this one? (in my case...I know that the answer is yes)

I was very very embarased by my situation...I would have given anything to have been "normal"...

I really hope to hear from you...


Linda GS
Lawn Dogs Kid
Imagine kendal is still wearing her undies when she uses the toilet.. that about the only way you'll ever see it. Seems a shame to ruin cute panties(pampies)for that.

Tell me more about seeing Kirsty poop. Now I'm interested. And you should se me go, my face gets quite red too. Well I did finally go, but it made me sad. Before you think I'm insane let me explain. The feeling hit.. BAD.. so I ran and whipped down my clothes and sat. In the middle of going(JW I think you know what I went through)my cousin walked in. He said he was sorry and left. I told him it was okay.. and that I could use some comfort. well he got Elena to take care of me while I did it. After I was done (9 poops in all one LONG one and 8 hard semi long ones)I sat down next to my cousin and gave him a sad look. He understood and said,"You're getting to big for me to be in there with you. If we were the same gender, it be fine.. but you're a girl.. and you're growing up. I can't do that anymore." I got mad and hit him in the chest and left to my room. I hurt so much. Later Elena, told me he wasn't mean.. and that there was more to it than just that. All she kn! ew was that his family had said something to him.. and he came home.. rather angry and hurt. Somehow I think I'm to blame. But really Kendal.. have you thought about it.. when you and Andrew get older.. will you stop or still do it? I'm sorry if I didn't write much about my mjor poop but as you can tell.. I didn't enjoy it much.

Hey all!

Just wanted to post something/anything, since I've been away for so long. The computer was out of commission (faulty power supply apparently), so I haven't had a chance to stay on top of the Toilet (this chat room, I mean).

I've been kinda crapping throughout the day today. A little at home, a little at the library, a little at school, etc. I'm sure some of you people have had this kind of experience before. Today, it's been those soft, squeezy squiggles. I've noticed that if one pushes hard to try and get more of this squishy stuff out, it starts to create a warm sensation in the anus. Kinda weird.

One more thing. While making my pit stop at the library today, one of the two available stalls was rendered unusable by someone who had clogged up the toilet with a decent-sized turd and a whole mess of TP. But, it looked like the turd was on top of all that paper and the flushing had just proceeded to clog the drain. Perhaps an intentional act? Comments, queries or theories requested, please.

Anyhoo, I've got to go push a little more out now. Poop wisely!


PS - Has anyone ever experienced the phenomenon of pee that smells like the meal it was spawned from? Very interesting.

Hi Steve,

I find myself reflecting on the female pee escapades, what others refer to as "sightings" are pretty much a fact of your life, and that's a special and enviable position. (Enough about 'positions,' I don't want to upset our moderator! Chuckle!)

That's an interesting pint, that Jackie might have been more comfortable, or sure of herself, removing her pants completely to be able to go. The extent of variation between the way human beings are made never ceases to amaze me, and that could well be the case. Or perhaps she felt more at home with them off as she knew she was probably going to make at least something of a mess, and it wouldn't matter if she was bare. With Louise's tuition I'm sure it won't be long before she gains accuracy and control.

As for reactions to the visual surprise of the fittings, I find there's always an element of curiosity when going into a new venue, as the design of fittings varies so much. I can count eight, maybe ten, distinctly different designs of urinals I've used in the immediate area, which makes for continued interest-- after all, a loo is basically a loo, although there are of course lots of designs of them too. The difference is, one rarely gets to appreciate the subtle nuances -- one is usually facing the other way!

I look forward to a detailed posting from Louise, in the hopes they had some three-gal fun at the pool! My fingers are crossed. By the time I log on to send this, she may have posted something!

"Louise of course stood a couple of feet away and aimed forward with her fingers."

Yep, the range thing. It's funny, really, when you learn how to balance pressure against manipulation. It's almost as if you're hunting for the perfect degree of relaxation and opening that favors a linear freestream (fluid mechanics, an awful subject but apt to an understanding the physics of the gentle art of having a wee!) I could hardly believe it when I sprayed forward at all the first time, but that was just manipulation. When I practiced and relaxed fully, I started doing stuff I would never have believed. Four, five feet from a standing posture, but I know Louise can do much better than that. I read about a young porn star who claims she can piss thirty feet -- I have to say I'm extremely skeptical of that, it sounds like hype to me. 'Nuff said about that.

Oh, and yes, with regard to the scrutiny you received while "performing," my impression is that lots and lots of women are fascinated by this subject, both the male and female functions... I believe Louise and I spoke about this aspect a way back, and came to the conclusion that a good part of the fascination is the product of the "demure female" conditioning society promotes. If we could socially let rip on walls the way so many males seem to do all their lives, it would probably be much less fascinating -- it would have been made ordinary. Hmmm, maybe there's a benefit in the social drawbacks -- it promotes a delicious excitement!

The hot weather has arrived Down Under, and I had a wee in the yard last night, my first of the season. I stood spread-eagled over the outdoor floor sink, drew aside shorts and panties and dropped a healthy stream down the drain with the wind ruffling the fuzz in my nether regions. Now there's a tickling sensation I've missed!

You said: "Pooping in the road? Haha, I agree with you. That would most likely have made all the difference between being given a lecture and going for a ride to the cells! Would there have been any gathering of the evidence? I'll leave that one with you to ponder over..."

That reminds me of a Judge Dredd story, many, many years ago. Dredd comes across a pile of human crap in a shopping mall, citizens are standing around with expressions of shock. Dredd kneels by the mess and calls it in, demanding a forensic team come out and subject the turds to analysis. If I remember correctly, he looks up at a nearby witness and says: "Don't worry, citizen, we'll get to the bottom of this!"

Yep, that lassie was on a thrill-trip. "Wee-hee, I'm weeing for all the world to see...!" I'd have thought maybe off London Bridge in broad daylight would have been *more* obvious, or up the side of the Landseer Lions in Trafalgar Square, or into the fountains below Nelson's Column... The only problem is, she'd definitely have been arrested in any of those venues!

That was a very kind and chivalrous thing to do, Steve -watching to make sure those lads weren't following her. Okay, she did a very ribald thing, and was inviting trouble by it, but there's never any "asking" to be raped, and that's what was at stake. Maybe she was being very silly and ignoring some basic rules of caution as well as propriety in the name of a very personal thrill, but it would still have been a tragedy for her to be hurt as a consequence. I mean, really, did she hurt anybody by what she did? Did anybody see anything they hadn't seen before (except the act!). I think not, and you're right, the police can always use a non-crisis situation to give them a laugh during their watch. As you say, "this society," is one in which there are risks in all things, and it would have been terrible if she suffered the wrong consequences.

Well, there are some floods in Aus now, we have wheat crops in NSW that are being ruined by rain at the wrong time. But it's not my fault, I only just started hosing the yard!

Cheers, Steve, and we'll chat again,




Hi dear -- sorry to hear it all went down your leg tonight, but, as you say, that's what showers are for! :-)

Gee, what a time you had a kid, it makes my own look small scale. To answer your question, yes it is pretty common in kids, and they usually grow out of it. I'm not at all sure why your situation should have been so severe. Liquid parafin, the white stuff (Agarol) and enemas should have been enough to leave you squeaky clean inside and out.

If a person experiences "intestinat impaction," ie. a bowel blockage, there is only one sure-thing remedy, and that's an enema, usually a highly concentrated medicated enema of small volume, that is guaranteed to work. But large volume warm water enemas are common and historically can't *not* work, so your problem might have been less constipation than a condition called "lazy bowel" in which peristalsis is intermittent or faint. In such a case persisting into adulthood, water enemas are usually the quick-fix as they don't interact chemically with the body, they effect a mechanical cleaning only.

Still, all of this is traumatic for a kid, and it's such a shame when it happens. I was miserable enough with a course of suppositories and some powerful tablets that gave me the grand-mom of all stomach aches, but at least it wasn't as severe... From your parents' perspective, they must have been very worried, and most concerned for you, and perhaps taking the time to go was an adjustment you simply needed to make. It's very common amongst school kids, and indeed amongst folks at work, that their occupation leaves them little time, and they simply hold on when nature says "go." If you do that very often, you begin a cycle of events that can end in all kinds of difficulty. It's a vicious cirlce. Still, you've eased out of that cycle now, and that's what matters.

All my best,


I took my usual morning shit yesterday after coffee
and it was a good one. I really like a turd to slip
slowly out of the anus. It makes the balls and penis
which are pressed against the front of the toilet
seat, very sensitive. I love to converse with some-
one female when I'm on the toilet and they seem to
enjoy it too! I find the smell not bad if you haven't
eaten a lot of meat products.

TO CASEY-The info you wish about the shower thing is on my post rom 11/16-it worked pretty well!Have to run-BYE

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi Everyone,
I've been trying to think who I want in my hall of fame for men on the toilet but can't think of anyone that hasn't already been mentioned apart from most footballers and hundreds of guys I see walking around and on bikes every day!Ricky Martin,definitely!

BRYIAN,are you able to give me any indication as to where you found the website with a picture of soldiers sitting on a latrine?I know the rules of this forum prevent information of other websites being mentioned but if it is acceptable to the moderator,perhaps the keyword you used to access the site would be allowed.
Before I found this one I used the words "shit,bathroom,toilet,poop,dump,restroom,"and only found this one because someone at another forum recommended it.I was certainly put off by the very scatological nature of several of the ones I found and the massive amount of info. on toilets I wasn't looking for,although I did find one that contains a few shots of public toilets with partial views of the men and women sitting on them.The word I used that found it was bathroom.
I hope this is in order to mention it!

MARK,Great story about you and Jorge shitting together in a public toilet,I'd love that to happen to me in real life.To actually alternate the plopping between you is brilliant and the friendliness you described when his friends came in was really great.

RABBIT,Was it really a dream you had about 2 guys standing back to back and shitting? I did it myself with a friend some years ago!
I'm not claiming copyright but anyway we stood with our buttocks touching as we stood over a bucket and plopped into it.It's in one of my posts of a few weeks ago.Unfortunately ,the turds we both dropped weren't sufficiently big to be felt by the other,but it would be great to do when both are pushing out big logs,I'm sure!

Reading about the clingfilm that had been stretched across a toilet seat when someone innocently sat on it and found their piss was running everywhere but in the toilet reminded me of a trick I heard of being played on several people a few years ago and quite a cruel trick too.There were a few isolated occasions where a man was sitting on a public toilet having a shit only to discover that when he'd finished and was about to stand up,he couldn't move as the seat had been coated in superglue and his arse was stuck to the seat!
Either the fire brigade or an ambulance had to be brought and the poor guy and the toilet seat had to be taken to the local hospital to have it removed.Presumably there would have been a lot of amusement at the guy's predicament and a lot of acute embarrassment as he and the toilet seat were taken away and the guy having his unwiped arse on show at the hospital for whatever means they had for separating the two.
These incidents were reported in the newspapers so they must have been true?!,although there are some modern urban myths going the rounds such as the man who dropped a lighted cigarette in the toilet as he sat on it and as his wife had thrown some white spirit down it before,the toilet explodes and he's taken to hospital etc.Don't believe that one!
The moral would seem to be -always check the seat before you sit on it in case it's got glue on it!

Interesting comments I can remember hearing in a public bog:
As the guy next door to me was pushing out a turd,his friend outside the door said "Stop w--king in there!" to which he replied "I'm not w--king,I'm trying to do a big one,UUUUHHHH,Come on you f--ker!"
It must have been a whopper as it made no sound unfortunately,the type thats's part in the water as the other ends's still sticking out of the guy's arse.
Once when a guy 2 doors away from me was "pebbledashing" the toilet with frequent plops that were quite loose sounding,his friend waiting by his door said "Keith,I bet your arse is wet"!
I wished I understood German when I heard 2 young German guys in adjacent toilets next to mine as they laughed and commented as each made a loud plop in the pan.Perhaps they were especially enjoying the novelty of loud arse-splashing plops as such toilets are not often found in Germany.

My own shits are still baffling me as to why they're not as solid as they should be at the moment.Does anyone else find they're doing quite flaky turds as I'm doing and which feel faily urgent?I've reduced the Isphagula Husk I was advised to take by my doctor for constipation ,but even with reducing my fiobre intake it still seems too mushy or urgent.It also seems to have the effect of giving me a very itchy anus after shitting and is very difficult to get properly clean after.AsI don't want to risk the straining which I had to do before to do very small turds I'm very cautios about reducing my fibre too much.
I can understand and enjoy the work put in on pushing out a big solid,heavy satisfying,loud arse-splashing knobbly turd,but can't understand why small turds have often been difficult to do,unless it's just not enough for the sphincter to bite on.
I'd really appreciate any more advice on this subject that any of you can give me.
Anyway,some days I really enjoy my shits and I did when on holiday,but as the proctologist I saw last year said-The stools should be big,firm and clean!

Good plopping to you all, PPG

Had a most amusing toilet experience yesterday, Friday.

I had been on early duty so finished work at lunchtime. I drove back, had lunch at home then needed a motion . Going to the toilet I passed a single well formed jobbie , a nice big long fat panbuster of about 14 inches in length, a beacher which only made a quiet flump when it dropped into the pan. It was a "classic shaped jobbie" for Tony of Scotland's information. Needless to say it stuck in the pan when I pulled the flush, so left it there.

Now I had a few things to do about the house, the laundry, etc. Then I fell asleep on the couch. I was still dozing when my husband came home with one of his workmates. They had been for a pint after work and his friend needed a pee so went into the toilet. As I woke on hearing them come in I heard a roar of laughter and this chap say "There's a huge turd stuck in your toilet pan!" My husband replied, "Oh that will have been Nicola, she's always dropping torpedos!" I found it difficult to keep a straight face as they obviously didnt realise that I was in the house. When they came into the lounge they both went bright red, but I merely laughed and told my husband's mate that I wasnt in the slighest bit embarrased that he had seen my big poo. He stayed for a snack but no I didnt serve SAUSAGES!

Electra, I too have done some really big jobs in train toilets. Once on travelling to London from Birmingham I went to the toilet as the train drew into Reading Station. I did two jobbies, a big fat 12 incher and a shorter 8 inch one but the flush worked and they both went away, it was one of the more modern toilets with the flap at the bottom of the pan so everything fell out onto the tracks. As I was pulling up my knickers I heard someone as they boarded saying, "Bloody hell, did you see the size of those turds that came out there, someone must have done a huge shit in there!" I stayed in the toilet until the train moved off again and made a detour to the buffet car first before returning to my seat.

Mike D, Im glad the answers I gave were of interest to you. Are you doing some sort of survey? On that subject, will the Moderator be giving an update of the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey"? Congratultions on the whopper you passed yourself! Had you been holding it in deliberately to do a big one or was it just a normal motion that turned out to be bigger than usual?

Recently in the heavy rain I was walking home and got soaked. It had been a nice day when I left home or I would have taken the car. Anyway, I was totally soaked, my tee shirt, skirt and through to my panties and I needed to pee. What the hell I thought, as I was soaked anyway I peed in my knickers. It felt strange feeling the warm wetness which of course soon cooled down again. When I got home I went straight into the shower and put my wet clothing into the washing machine. I dont make a habit of peeing my knickers but this time I felt there was no problem in doing so as I was soaked anyway.

BP pooper
Hi everyone, guess you'd remember me as the one who got hold of a bedpan, hence I chose the name "BP pooper"
Over the last few days, I have been trying very hard to push out my turds into the pan, but managed to produce several small hard ones. I tend to be more on the constipated side and as far as using the bedpan is concern, gotta wait till my husband is not around, as he doesn't know about my new toy yet.

BUZZY - Glad I managed to start a new trend in BM's into bedpans? Just a tip I discovered as far as washing the darn thing is concerned, is cover the bottom with TP first, so that its much easier to just flush the turds out with water and whatever follows.

Since I tend to be on the constipated side of things, think I am gonna be abit naughty and let it buildup for several days in me. Choose a day when I have my privacy at home, then take a suppository and settle down infront of the TV for a good session.

Still wondering, if anyone else can give some comments on the different type of bedpans and how to use it correctly? Mine is the "perfection" type, so its kinda elongated type and not the round bowl kind?

Anyone has any comments or suggestions?

Hay Linda-- What's happened to your dear? Have you
had that now FOUR day old poop yet? I've been holding
my breath, straining, trying to help you. -JW

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Mariah Fan
Hey, everyone:

Well, it finally-happened! Mariah is finally-engaged. To her longtime-boyfriend, Luis Miguel, no-less. Man, what I wouldn't-give, to be that guy! Who know how many times he has seen her on the toilet, and experienced her BM's, first-hand, and, maybe, even wiped her a** for her! Some guys have all the luck. Oh, well, if I continue to be a "good-boy" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), maybe next-lifetime.


Mariah Fan

Hi, i'm Dominic a sexy young man, aged 22 from Warwickshire. I work at in a warehouse on a fork - lift truck. I was working when suddenly I had the urge to poo. I could not stop so I held it the best I could. At lunch I rushed to the bogs and surprise surprise, the cubicals were all full. I waited and waited for 10 minutes until a young man flushed and opened the door. I ran in, no lock so I held up the door, pulled dowm my Kalvin Klein boxers and whoops I had had a poo. I sat down and continued to strain LOUDLY. no more poo though, just farts. I stood up and wiped by sexy arse with a lot of hard paper. I took of my boxers and pulled up my trousers and set off back to work

Dr. Poop: About peeing, the stronger my urge to pee, the more likely I will pee a hard stream. If I also need to poop, I will pee hard first before I commence my bowel movement. If I start pooping first before peeing, I will more likely pee in a tinkle. I remain seated when I wipe, and I wipe my butt from behind and my vagina from the front.

Rose: Who were you asking when inquiring about flushing multiple times during a poop session? If you were asking about my last post, I was referring to two different pooping sessions that day.

Sara T.
Hi everyone.
I got up the courage to use a stall without a door on it. Mind you I was the only one in the restroom but other people could've come in. It was kind of a thrill. Plus it was very clean. The other three stalls had pee on the seat, or blood, or had no toilet paper. Mostly I was scared of the male janitor coming in. Also I think I'm getting up the nerve to poop at other people's houses. This is something that's always embarrased me.

Hi everyone, this really is a great site and I think it's so nice to chat to my new friends here.
Kendal: Hello and thanks for your advice, I think you're right when you say I should be careful who I tell about wetting myself and maybe I will let Peter see me on the loo one day too. Then perhaps I could watch him using the toilet as well, what do you think of that? Anyway, I haven't said yet but I DO love reading your stories and think you must be a really lovely person and I hpoe we will stay good friends.Bye for now Love N.
Lawn Dogs Kid: How nice to have written to me - I think I'll suggest to Peter that next time I'm dying to wee we do what you say and he can watch me pee my knickers on the loo. You and Kendal have both had similar ideas so I'll give it a go and let you know what happens soon. Love to you too, N.

My friend Suzy said today that next time we go into town she will not wear panties under her skirt! So when we dare one another to wee in a different place she doesn't have to either put up with wet pants for the rest of the afternoon or risk being seen with them around her ankles. I think she's mad and I don't really like the idea of not wearing them, what if it's windy?! Last Saturday on the bus home a boy was looking at me and I was embarrassed because I knew he had seen that my panties were wet 'cos my skirt was short and they were pink but it was also sort of exciting too. Suzy says next week he might be there again so she will try not to wee until then so she can do it a bit on the bus! She's so mad but I love her!
Thats all friends bye Nicole.

Steve--Louise didn't tell me it was her mother, but I read it back in the archives. I don't think this is something I'd feel comfortable sharing with my mother though.

Louise--thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I will keep trying, but this is still quite new to me, so it does take practice. Tonight I failed :o( Everything went straight down my legs, but oh, well, that's the beauty of the shower.

PV--thank you, too, for your encouragement. As far as my childhood constipation went, yes I really did go for a month and no it was not because I was taught it was "dirty" or anything. In fact, my parents wanted more than anything for me to go more often. Every night they would make me sit on the toilet and I just couldn't go. They gave me mineral oil and this white liquid stuff that supposedly tasted like marshmellow but it was NASTY. They put me on daily stool softeners that didn't help and I frequently had to have enemas. I absolutely hated going through all that, but couldn't get myself fixed out. I remember going to the doctor and them showing me pictures of the damages it could do (as if scaring me would fix the problem). Part of the problem was that I hated to take the time to go to the bathroom. Another part was that from being so constipated all the time it hurt, so I was scared to go. I remember holding it in and getting very dirty underwear all the tim! e. My mom would get very upset about that because she knew that I had to go, but didn't. I think that's what upset her more than the soiled underwear. But like I said, I outgrew the problem several years ago, but am still very sensitive to changes (ie. traveling). Do you know if this is a common problem that is outgrown after puberty for many people?

TTT- So you live in MS? I used to live there, too. I even went to a college there for a while. Howz that for small world? Who knows, maybe we've met.
Anyway, about India- the bathrooms there are actually very different. Most of them have "squat" toilets- a porcelain hole in the floor. Some of them are made to flush, others you have to wash your excrement down by pouring water down the hole. It took me a while to get used to squatting to take a dump. I guess that you, being female, would probably have to squat all the time. But because you're female, you may be more accustomed to squatting than I was. At first, I had to steady myself by holding on to something nearby, or at least leaning one hand against the wall. My legs used to hurt like hell. After a few weeks, I got used to squatting. My legs no longer hurt and I didn't have trouble keeping my balance.
You will find some Western-style toilets there also, but you will NEVER find toilet paper. So, if you go to India, I recommend that you take plenty of TP. Unless you want to go for the authentic Indian experience, which is to clean yourself with water from the pitcher provided in most bathrooms. Indians always use their left hand with the water, so they never eat with their left hand. I was forced to try this method a few times when I had no TP, but I wasn't very good at it. Also, it felt very strange to me.
About halfway through my trip, I got bacterial diarrhea, which I had to deal with until I could visit a doctor back in America. It wasn't the end of the world, I just had to know where the nearest toilet was before sitting down to eat a meal (I always had to go right after eating). Sometimes my diarrhea would be really loud and I was sure that people could hear me. I was frequently teased by my friends I was traveling with about my dilemma, and their friends and family whom we stayed with seemed to find it very amusing also.
Well I've written a lot, so I'm gonna go for now. I hope this has been informative for you. I've still got lots more to tell about India if you're interested. Bodily functions seem to be always very much on your mind there, whether your own or other people's. I'd love to hear any interesting toilet/accident stories you might have to tell.

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