Just finished reading all your posts and as uaual I have to poo-
TO EMILY-I just love reading your posts of your morning poop-So now you sit longer on the bowl?Do you go more after sitting there for a bit?Is it a lot more?Keep those posts coming-I for one enjoy them a lot!
Been reading these posts this a.m.while sitting on my blue plastic bedpan( got the idea from reading BP POOPER"S post the other day) waiting for my urge to build up and now I really gotta go-I'm going to relax my anus and push---OHHH a nice long fart-Farting into a bedpan sounds and feels cool-kinda muffled-Ohh here comes my first turd-I have my legs open so I can see and It feels long --uhhhhhhh--it's still coming out and it's hitting the bottom of the pan and it's curling around towards the front of the pan--I can see about 5-6 inches of it and it is smooth and I can still feel it coming out my asshole-I'm going to just let it hang there for a bit--
TO BRYIAN-If you are talking about the shower thing-don't ask me about it-ask this other poster CASEY-it was his idea--It was fun though-Got another cramp and I gotta push the rest of this turd out--AAhhhhhhhhhhhhh---oH boy -the reat of the turd came out followed by some more farts with a lot of soft stuff--I'm sitting on this bedpan on top of my computer chair in front of the monitor and it's quite comfortable-this is fun-Wait gotta go some more--AAAAAHhhhhhhhhhh-Oh yeah-A bunch of soft stuff with a nice long fart after-This pan is getting full-I can feel it touching my butt-It's so cool sitting here pushing out my morning stuff-as it's coming out my butt i'm hitting the "A" and "H" letters on the keyboard-I sometime wish I had one of those digital cameras to let you all see,but I don't know if I'd have enough nerve for that!Anyway,I feel done-let me look ----WOW big load in the pan-one long 10-12 in turd around the outside of the pan with 2 piles of soft poo in the middl! e-the 2 soft piles are spreading out in the pan and covering the whole bottom--hold on gotta sit again feels like the tail end----OHHHHHhhhhhhh-I just did some squirting in the pan-it was real loose and covered the soft stuff followed by a nice wet fart-Now i'm done-I have to go take a shower now and get on with my day-You guys and girls(esp the girls!) should try this sometime for fun-the only drag for me is cleaning the pan-this part I DON"T like but the fun of going while talking to you guys is worth it!Have a great weekend all-Happy pooing!Hey Turkey day is just around the corner-that means some serious pooing next fri for me and hopefully some of you!esp the ladies which I want to hear from next fri a.m!BYE

kim and scott
hello all! TO LAWN DOGS KID & KENDAL-dont worry guys no offense was taken by me or scott when you talked about "busty shakeups" probably meant me that the moderator meant. matter of fact i know it was me the moderator was talking about! theres no need to apologize but thanks anyway and thanks for liking our posts! we dont have a new story now but more in the future. so long now. love,kim & scott

Mike D.
Hello everyone, I have been very busy with work and school lately so I haven't had time to check in. I want to send a thank you to Jane, Kim, Nicola, and Althea for responding to my questions-all of your answers were quite informative. By the way, Kim, I passed a 17 inch log the other day. I know that pales in comparison to the monsters you produce, but to me dropping such a prize is an olympic event. I hope I you are proud of me. And Jane, that was one hell of crap the other day. I have dropped some big loads in my time but nothing I have done approaches those proportions. In my book you are the undisputed pooping queen. You are also tell the best stories. I also want to say hello to Emily. I sounds like your 8:00a.m. poops are quite healthy. I was just curious, how long does it take you to poop? Well, that all I have to say. Until next time, everyone take care.

LAWN DOGS KID: I liked your story about the little girl peeping at you. Thing was, I realised it was going to be a girl before you said. If it had been a boy, his undies couldn't have fallen off without his trousers as well ! So when you said you only saw the undies, I guessed it had to be a girl wearing a dress ! Oh yes, as for letting you watch while I wet my knickers on the toilet, well, to coin a wonderful phrase from Linda, GRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!

LINDA: How are you doing ? I didn't get time to tell the story of Kirsty last weekend, other than saying she let me watch 4 times over the period, including a poo. I think she must be just like you, because it was a long time coming, but eventually she decided to have a good push and one big one came out followed by several smaller ones. I've never seen anyone go as red as she did. That was from the straining in the first place, and then because she was embarrassed about the plopping !! I told her not to be, and that I wished my poos would plop like hers ! Later in the afternoon, I needed to have my poo, and I told her she could come in if she wanted. She hasn't been into poos before, I could tell. But this day she seemed excited about it, so I was really pleased when she came with me. I have to say I felt a bit embarrassed because she stared so much. Normally, she has just made a few glances, and looked away as if disinterested. This time, she stared without looking a! way once. As usual, my poo came out quite easily, so I didn't need to push or strain too much, and as usual, I did three floppers rather than ploppers !! But when I'd done, she said she'd give anything to swap my poos for hers. She hates having to poo anywhere but at home because they make too much noise, and people would hear. I wonder what she would think if I introduce her to this site ? Take care Linda, and hope to hear from you soon. Lots of love, Kendal xx

Sara T.
Hi everyone.
I got up the courage to use a stall without a door on it. Mind you I was the only one in the restroom but other people could've come in. It was kind of a thrill. Plus it was very clean. The other three stalls had pee on the seat, or blood, or had no toilet paper. Mostly I was scared of the male janitor coming in. Also I think I'm getting up the nerve to poop at other people's houses. This is something that's always embarrased me.

I was thinking about this earlier:

You know that scent that comes with pooping? That warm, steamy scent? Do you suppose that they could bottle that scent and sell it at Christmas?

I recently found out that I'm going to have a child. I can't wait! Know why? Do you have any idea how much pee you can produce while pregnant?
If anyone out there has stories to share, I'd like to hear them!

The Kikster

Mike and Mark, my name was cut off from yesterday's posting, in case you were wondering who was replying to you. My friend Nick will be spending some time with me this weekend. I sure hope he needs to take a dump.

I had to visit our head office in London this week, using our none too reliable trains. So I couldn't pass up the opportunity of doing a no.2 in the train loo on the way home. I had been feeling the need since lunch (a good big lunch!), and it was a relief to see that the train was already there when I got to the station. I was wearing my knee high boots with 3 inch heels, which mean I can't walk as quickly as I would like to when I am in a hurry. By the time I got to the train I was really ready for it, and I went straight to the loo and got on with my business. Once I am sat down I can relax and take my time, knowing that the train is going to take me home, however long I take. Actually I was only in there about 5 minutes, but it did get rather smelly - I actually heard someone outside the door comment on the stink! There were at least three big poos and some smaller ones, and quite a lot of it was sticking up out of the water. I waited until it sounded quiet outside and the! n flushed and left, thinking I had got away with it. Oh no, there was a (quite attractive) guy waiting outside talking quietly to someone on the platform, and they both looked at me as I made my exit. I didn't stay around to discuss the matter but I distinctly heard the word "dump"! Ah well, I felt much better, if slightly embarrassed.
Love, Jill

Hey, Itz me again! Nothing exciting has happend lately, just been pooping in my pants. It's a really good feeling, pushing out a ball of poop into your pants! I am so glad ppl have tried my shower thing. But when I do it, I let it out as soon as it is all in. Should I wait a little bit, and then let it out? Sometimes, itz just water that comes out, sometimes its water and poop, but never just poop. I have to go! I'll post here in a little bit!

Buzzy- I am happy you like my idea. Did it hurt at all? It doesnt hurt for me. And did it act like an Enema? I mean, did it do the same thing a Enema does?

My sister has a really cute friend that used the bathroom at our house. My bedroom is right next to the bathroom, I heard the whole thing. I heard her pull her jeans down, sit down on the toilet. Then after about a 20 second pause I heard a quiet fart and a turd drop in the water. She wiped three times and flushed. I went in after her, and it smelled like she took a big healthy shit.

Billy L
Someone asked about hover poops, when the toilet seat is too messy or something. About two years ago, when i was 8, i had to poo after lunch at school. One of my friends with me in the bathroom said that he had to go at the mall and the toielt was messy. So he tried to do a hover poop. I could manage it, but it was really hard, because even with the seat up, the angle my thighs make is too much. It is a weird angle. But if someone really pooped all over the seat and I really had to go, I could do it.

During the summer, my friends and I often play soccer in a field about 2000 ft from our neighborhood, thoruhg the woods. This is the field where I had to poo 2 or 3 days ago during practice. We also have a tree house in woods where we play in the woods. A lot of times, either going to play soccer or when we are playing in the tree house, we have to poop. About 30 feet from our tree house is a log that is laying against a tree. Either we sit on that and hang our butts out or we squat over the log where the log is lower. Once, Bobby and me had diearra while we were there. The poo landed on the other poos that were there, but really spread out. It splahed too, but fortunately, there was grass under the log that kept it from splashing on us. Usually, if we are going to soccer practice, we try not to poo near the tree house, though. Otherwise, it probably would really start to reak.


Hi dear, looking forward to your latest adventures! oh, re the last message I posted, "runny turn" is of course supposed to be "runny turd." Darn typos!


Thanks for your letter, I love your descriptions of events, I can just visualize Louise and Jackie using the urinal with their contrasting styles. I'll write a proper reply to post tomorrow.


On the question of the hovering poo, yes, I've done a couple. Pretty much experimentally for me, like pooing in the squat, it's not something I've done much as I've hardly ever gone outside. But it sure has its uses!

Best to all,


To Billy: Cool story about you and your buddys pooping at school and that girl coming in the boys room.

To rabbit: I liked your dreams, they were cool and discriptive. did you dream about them or is it that you are wishing for that?

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been real busy with school and work.

To former Marine, I liked your posting about boot camp. Some of it sounds like fun even though parts of it are hell. My father is ex-military and I heard him say several times with one of his friends about the 3 S'. Shit, shave and shower.

A couple of nites ago, I had a good dump. I was in my 2 classes which is one right after the other. After my 2nd class, I headed to the bathroom. I sat down and there was a long fart before a couple of turds came out and as they came out, there was more gas. It was enjoyable. Unfortunately, there was no one around to hear it. I also during class avoided farting since it would be noticed and not the right place to do it.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Just had my morning poop..........this one was nice and soft and just
slithered out like a snake.......had a fart or 2 with it also. Boy is this the ultimate relief!!!!! Will be leaving to start my day soon......glad we have flex time at work...will start going in at 9:30am in stead of 9am to allow extra time for my morning I didn't tell my boss that was the reason!!!! I just get off at 5:30pm instead of 5pm now but it so worth it!!!!!!

Ciao Emily :o)

PV - LOL I look forward to your letter. I have a lot to
tell you but I will need a lot more time.

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Well I am very glad for you, you
are doing so well. Did I tell you that maybe you can
help stop the dribbling by pushing hard just as you
get going. Well maybe you have found your own way,
just as long as it does work for you. You are getting
a lot better at it if you can stand outside the
shower like that and squirt all your pee into it.
I think that is really brilliant!

Got to go wee, I am bursting!



During the summer my 4 year old daughter and I were at an amusement park that we frequent quite often with family. We had just gotton off a water ride and my daughter ran down the exit ramp and was on the observation deck where the boats come down. I was trying to catch her so we could get out of the way before a boat came down but as I was reaching for her had I looked up and saw this wall of water coming toward me. I felt like I was in the move, Titanic, and I was soaked from head to toe! I was laughing so hard when I felt something warm coming down my leg. I told my cousin I was peeing in my pants and of course we laughed even harder. For the first time in my adult life I had totally emptied my full blatter in my pants. No one could tell because I was wet anyway and I enjoued every second of it. I felt like a kid!

Had drinks with a few coworkers last night. It was a split mix of men and women. After many drinks, the conversation got into toilet habits and we women discussed the practice of "hovering" over public toilets for hygeinic reasons. The men had no idea of this practice! Naturally, one eventually asked if any of us hovered while doing a number 2 and several women in our group said they did (I don't). Anyway, it does raise a any of you out there hover while doing a poo?

TO EMILY-Good to hear from you!Glad to hear that you tried sitting on the bowl for awhile-It really works well-Emily,do you eat or drink anything before you poop?Try bringing a cup of OJ or coffee whith you when you go to poo cause when you are drinking ,it will uaually bring on the urge to poo some more-this uauslly works for me when I have to go somewhere where I can't poop so this helps to make me go faster and not worry about it later-like on the subway or something! Let me know how you make out!Speaking of poo Emily,I feel one coming on as i write this post,but i can hold it til i'm done posting-this feels like the kind I can hold for a bit
TO BP POOPER- On occasions,i've used the bedpan for fun and a change of routine-It's pretty cool-First you have to sit on it or squat on it-and make sure your penis is in too so you don't pee on the floor!The only thing i found that was a drag was if I had to poo a lot I would fill up the bedpan and the poop would be touching my butt-so if you can,get the biggest bedpan you can find-the old ones tend to be smaller,so get a newer one-although,the real old ones are huge but hard to find and they are cold to sit on and if you sit on one and do a real long one sometimes you really have to push besause as the poo comes out,it hits the bottom of the pan and starts to curl around the pan and you have to push to get the rest of the poo out,but it is fun to do.Let us know how you make out!You'll like it a lot-esp watching TV and going at the same time!That give me the idea to get my bedpan out soon-have fun BP POOPER Have a great day all! I now really have to poop-I'm off to push o! ut some stuff BYE

Today, I had to poop during school after lunch, as usual. We have a boys and girls room in the back of the school. The boys room has a urinal and toilet. These are both open, but you can lock the door if you want. After lunch, we have about 10 minutes to rest and get ready to get back to class. Usually about 5 of us go to the bathroom at this time. Usually I have to poop. Usually one of my friends does. What we do is whoever has to poops goes first. Today, Joey went first, then I went. Pete also to poop. While we poop we don't pee. ANd when we poop, we don't flush and we fold the paper after we wipe so that it is real small. Then everyone gets to gets together and pees, aiming at floating turds and paper. There was huge pile of turds. While we were peeing, a girl came real suddenly. She said, what are you doing? We said peeing. Then she said that she really need to go poo-poo and both toilets were being used in the other room. And there like 3 or 4 girls in line ahead of her. ! COuld she use ours. We said sure. She sat right down put the toilet seat down and started to poop while we were washing our hands. About 5 minutes later, she came out. We noticed that her sneakers were squeaking. THere is tile around the doors to the bathrooms. The teacher looked at her and said what were you doing in the boys room? She explained that she had to poop, and the girls room was being used. Then she turned red when the teacher asked why there is water on the floor. I guess me and friends dropped a big load, because I looked in the toilet when the janitor got there, and there was about three huge turds floating in the water. So I guess it was our buddy pooping that did it, but she got the blame.

Thought of the day:

Why do we pee on an angle?


Maxine - Yeah, from what you said, I think your boyfriend would like it if you came into the bathroom while he is going. So go ahead and go in there, see what he's up to. I usually leave the bathroom door open when my girlfriend comes over and I tend to masturbate a little while I'm on the toilet and she caught me. That was hilarious. My other friends (male) leave the door open also when they're using my toilets. One friend's wife even started doing it, and she uses my bathroom even when she doesn't have to go very much. She just likes going to the bathroom and likes my bathrooms.

I've started something new. I've started composting my poop. I bought a cheap clay pot and I'm going to start crapping in it. I will then cover the turds with some potting soil and let it sit outside. Crap makes good fertilizer when composted and I will throw it on my ivy after a few months and see what develops. Anybody else out there compost their poop???

Mike, I've come across bathrooms with reflective tiles in quite a few places, especially shopping malls. You usually get a decent view of the guy's ass on the seat and of him wiping, but you never get to see him actually shit. Mark, great story about you and Jorge. I'm still amazed that so many American guys think nothing about taking a dump in front of another guy. You would never experience anything like that in either Canada or Britain.

Do you really flush the toilet THAT many times??? I didn't count, but it seemed like you flushed about 15 times during your poop session.

I did it again!! I went out all day today i went to the mall to do holiday shopping and before i left i knew i was going to have to shit but i wanted to hold on so i could do it in public any way it wasn't very urget. I go to the mall and i go into sears and i use the restroom to poop im looking at the urinals and thinking should i poop in it? I decided to, i got a sanitary seat cover and put it down and i was about to let go and i heard the door open so i went to the handicapped stall i was just standing then i decided to sit down and act like i was shitting and this other guy that came in was shitting in the middle stall so i was trying to listen to him...not much sounds. Then i moved stalls to the first stall and sat somemore and another guy came in and took the handicapped stall, so it was a full house. Then every one left and the bathroom was empty. By the way the sanitary cover i had on the urinal got flushed down the drain. I go back over to the urinals after the co! ast is clear and i sit on the urinal and i drop my load.....I quickly did this incase someone came in. I looked at what i did and there was 12" snake log curled around the urinal and it was dark brown. Then i went to the stall to wipe. I wiped alot, like 15 times.Then i came back to the urinal and i tryed to flush it and it wouldn't go down....Then someone came in after i finished washing my hands and i quickly left. Then i did my shopping and i came back a few hours later to the same bathroom to pee and my log was gone. Either someone fished it out or the pressure of the automatic flush broke it in pieces and flushed it away. I was very excited about what i did. Then later i was in JC Pennys and i went to the batroom to wipe my butt some more, it was itchy. I did notice some vadilism in the stall about xxx..i put something on the stall(a word).

Then after i did my shopping i went to the movies i saw a movie called "Meet the Parents" There were some bathroom seens in the movie. The parents trained their cat to use the toilet. The sister and the boy friend came from Chicago to New York to vist her parents and the boyfriend stayed in the den and he was told not to flush the toilet as the toilet in the den drips and makes the septic tank back up. Well he woke up one night to pee and he flushes the toilet by mistake and trys to stop it, then the sisters father saw this on tape cause he has video cameras all around the house. Then the other sister was supposed to be married and the septic tank backs up and the back yard where the wedding was all set up over flowed, it was like a swamp. Then a truck driver broutht the alter and got stuck in the sewage and his tires were spining and got shit on every one. Then there was one part where the boy friend goes to the bathroom and walks in on the cat sitting on the toilet. This! movie was funny, thats it.

Ben in NY
Lumberjack the Log Man- is your poem to be sung to the tune of the Monty Python song? They're one of my favorite comical groups!

Maxie- it sounds like a definate inviatation. Here's how I would handle it: peek your head in, and ask him a question, about what you're doing later that night, how to work the remote control, etc. If he doesn't seem to mind your being in there, walk in, sit down, and talk to him, not about what he's doing, but just other stuff, and see how he reacts. If all goes well next time you should leave the door open when you go to the bathroom and invite him in. It sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Peace and Love,

P.S. Does anybody know of any websites where I can get sweatshirts with band names on them?


To JacobG in Florida: Well if someone walked in while i was doing it i would have quickly walked to the stall...or i may just stay and finish my business, depenends how exciting i am.

To Billy L.: I liked your story about pooping in the woods and every one seeing your production. Did any one see you squating??

To Buzzy: I tried what you did and i couldn't get it to work.

Hi Louise,

Fortunately the "explosion" wasn't a disaster, everything ended up where it was supposed to be! But runny-turn syndrome has been persisting... Just yesterday I felt like breaking wind a few times, being very cautious because it felt funny, and eventually I headed for the toilet. Good thing I did, as seemingly out of nowhere came a torrent of pale brown sludge. I'd hate to have let any of that out in my brand new thong and favorite white shorts. Urgh!

Regarding dried residue of urine blocking sink drains, I read somewhere (and I think it was here -- profuse apologies, I can't recall who posted it) that in hotels originating in the Victorian era, the sinks provided in suites tend to be well blocked up, and on investigation it's found to be -- dried urine deposits! Apparently they called it "gentleman's privilege" in those days to use the sink during the night. Well, we certainly skew the logic of that title, don't we?

I tend to wee all day long, and usually with a dump, it would be very unusual if I didn't do one with the other, it's like when you're in full dump mode the bladder just relaxes too as a natural side effect! The effect Steve mentions could be the result of taking pressure off the bladder by emptying the rectum just behind it, so the urge to go fades somewhat, then the tissue contracts to a more normal volume and the signal to urinate returns... I'm not sure if the logic follows -- sounds like a subject for a high-priced research project!

Keen those Venuses coming, we need to get the message across! Hahahahah!

Yeah, that was pretty bizarre, the night time road pish. But when you think about, it's probably little different to the way some rockers will piss on stage. There's a an all-girl band that goes by the name of "Rock Bitch," who always wee on the stage during their act. They're a German band, I think, with a heavy rep. Apparently the audience has an orgy while they "perform." But, all the same, an ordinary street is not the same as an auditorium, so yes, it was way over the top for anything even vaguely approaching polite company.

Oh, yes, you'll have to be Britain's delegate to the International Women's Pee Rights Congress. This will be a gathering of women from all over the world to discuss political, social and economic issues surrounding the dispelling of the "female urination posture myth," and which will feature bathrooms fitted with a range of urinals for the candidates. At all conference tables, huge jugs of spring water will be kept topped up. By Day Two the Congress will probably have taken on the aspect of a peeing contest, so we're counting on you to "Hold the British End Up." You'll be our big gun, so lay down a salvo in the name of women's pee freedom. Hey, I could represent Australia...

Yes, I should think Bore and Gusch are skid-marking these days, over here the papers call American "no-man's land!"

Hugs from Down Under, and all my best to Steve,



Well done, grrl, keep at it and you'll be joining Louise and me as a genuine porcelain-pounder! That's wonderful progress, it's getting more natural, isn't it? You're enjoying the process and getting good results, and that's how we all learn, whether as children or adults. You're taking a step that is, I feel, in its own way, rather special. :-)

But oh, your constipation when you were younger! A MONTH? Oh, good grief! I went probably between one and two weeks when I was the same age, and the situation dragged on for many months as I'd get part of the backlog away, but more would build up... I'd produce a very narrow kind of turd, as it squeezed past the blockage. It was a miserable time when I lived in pain and discomfort almost incessantly.

A month? You know, kids shouldn't have to suffer like this, and social conditioning about how the "dirty" end of the body is treated, considered, and *not* talked about, is to blame. Kids are embarressed to draw attention to the problem because they feel that they will be embarressed, their dignity will be taken away, by correcting it, and it's the social basis for that feeling that is wrong.

There is the philosophy that says kids should be taught how to self-administer a water enema, and thus never be subject to such suffering, but society would rather ignore the problem because, like many a "sin that cannot speak its name," we just don't talk about these things. The net result is that by the time it's necessary, we're so inhibited that the treatment becomes a trauma when it should in fact be perfectly acceptable. You have my sympathy!

SARA T. --

Well done! You enjoyed that, didn't you?! Now, try standing on the stool facing the sink, and do it forwards -- if you feel you can, no pressure, dear!

All my best,


Its been a few days since i posted so i thought i would tell you about my big poop i had today at work.

It was just after lunch, now i work in a warehouse loading trucks dealing with customers etc etc, I felt the need to go, but of course i was far to busy to stop at this point.

So i carried on, aware that my stomach was telling me go now or ---well finaly i knew i could not ignore it, so i went to the bathroom, my poo was ready to come out at any second, i did not dare fart, well of course the stall was full, so i rushed up three flights of stairs to the next bathroom.

AAhhhh relief an open stall, i rushed in and started undoing my pants, just then my poo slipped into my panties a big dark brown lumpy one, very smelly.
I dropped my panties, sat on the toilet and pooped out four more big ones SPLASH SPLASH i farted two times and peed, then i was done, i wiped several times my bum very hard to wipe after pooping my self.

I took off my panties and put them in my locker, till i was ready to go home, the damage was not to bad, a big dark brown patch in the rear of my blue panties, but i did smell a bit all after noon.

Greetings All.

To EPHERMAL, Hello to you. It seems both Louise and PV have been successful in converting you to the standing pee. Louise has taken as much pleasure from passing on the general technique to other interested women as she has from doing it herself. I'm quite sure that all the practice you put in will pay off on some future occasion, as it did for her. Perhaps she has not told you about this, but it was her mother who taught her the skill when she was a little girl.

To PV, I now have the time to post a proper reply to your comments about the time Louise's friend Jackie tagged along when we visited the local pool. Yes, I was a little surprised myself when Louise and Jackie removed their bikini briefs to stand at the urinal. It wasn't necessary really, but I believe Louise did it simply for the excitement, and that Jackie might actually have found it easier to stand and pee without the material distorting the downstairs arrangement, if you get my drift.
Ha ha, I think you hit the nail right on the head concerning a girl's first sight of the fittings in the men's latrine. Jackie certainly took a moment to have a good look around, almost as if she were building herself up to do the deed. Yes, probably the next time she will relax more. That might be the case right now, actually, as
Louise, her mother, and Jackie have all gone to the pool before my arrival home.
If they used the men's toilets, no doubt I will hear the tale when they return.
As I remember, Jackie's urine emission shot slightly forward without any manipulation, but it was certainly helped into the trough by the way she was standing so close to the wall. Louise of course stood a couple of feet away and aimed forward with her fingers.
It was an occasion that sticks in my mind for all kinds of reasons, not least of which was the intense scrutiny I was under when it was my turn to use the urinal! Definitely more women are fascinated by such things than will admit!

On the subject of the girl who squatted and urinated in the middle of the road. I don't believe she did it to win a bet. To be believed, she would surely have needed corroboration, but no companions acting as witnesses were apparent at the time. No, I think it was a more personal thing, along the lines of "tonight I'm going to have a wee in the middle of the road. Just for the hell of it!" Yep, probably she was tanked up just enough to make the event possible. Pooping in the road? Haha, I agree with you. That would most likely have made all the difference between being given a lecture and going for a ride to the cells! Would there have been any gathering of the evidence? I'll leave that one with you to ponder over... No, I think for that girl, the thrill of urinating in public was what was sought. Certainly Louise would think it too much, despite her beach adventures.
Not that I'd recommend that kind of exposure, though. I did not go into this much detail in my previous post, but after the Police departed once they had given the girl her ticking-off, at the back of my mind was the possibility that she might have attracted a different kind of unwanted attention. A short distance away, a group of four youths were fairly hyped up and obnoxious, and I think they had seen the end of the girl's performance. Not that it seemed to bother her at all! When she began to walk away following her ticking off, it looked as if this group just could have been following her. Louise and I quietly kept an eye on the girl for a moment or two until I was satisfied that the youths were going to leave her alone. It was an unpleasant thought, but in this society ...

With all those plans you have for outdoor peeing, it sounds like Aussieland will shortly have its own flooding problem!

Well, I'll wait for Louise to come home. I'll enjoy the peace and quiet while I can ;)

Bye for now,


Lawn Dogs Kid
KENDAL: The computer has been fixed sooner than you think, by Michael would you believe ! He and I have made up, and so have Chloe and I. They are very happy together, so I'm pleased for them. Chloe wants to speak to you. You will see her won't you ?

LINDA: Enjoyed Kendal's account of our first toilet experience. Am I now banned for teasing ? Hope not, because Kendal left out the bit where you were teasing about my lemon ones ! Lilac hey ? Hmmmmm !

JENNY: What are you and Zoe upto recently ?

NICOLE: Kendal would murder me if I made her wet her knickers by not letting her get to the toilet. However, you don't appear to mind that your brother does this to you. Thats fine, if you really don't mind. But doesn't it also wet whatever you are sat on, or other clothing ? Got an idea for you that you both might like. Why not take him to the toilet with you, and sit down with your knickers still on. You could still play the game, and try to hold out for as long as possible, and then wet your knickers in the knowledge that only they are getting wet, but not do any other harm. Less chance of being discovered that way ! Hey Kendal, what do you reckon about doing that ourselves ?!! ( I'm dead now, thats if Linda doesn't get to me first )!

There have been one or two posts recently about people being watched by others at Public toilets. I'm thinking about the poster who said about the little old lady peeping through the door crack. And of course, KIM'S wonderful story about the 13 year old girl looking under the door at her. (More cracking ( or is that crackling !!) stories from you by the way !!). Well, that finally happened to me this weekend. Keeping a long story short, I was sat on the bog enjoying a lovely crap when I heard the entrance door to the toilets open. Clearly, it was some chap with his kid. I heard him say "now you go in here, I'll be just outside". I didn't hear the door to the stall being locked, but there was a squeek of it being pushed to. The Guy chose to use a urinal, while next door to me, I heard rustling of clothes. I don't know why, but I bent down low, and peering under the cubicle partition, as far as one can while still sitting on the toilet, I found no one was there ! Then just! as I was about to sit up again, this tiny pair of undies suddenly fell on the floor, at the same time as I heard a great gush of wee into the toilet ! Poor old boy, I thought. He'd obviously lost them off his ankles or something, and he couldn't be too old seeing as I couldn't see any sign of his feet dangling, let alone any legs ! I resumed a sat-up position, and managed another couple of small plops. Then I heard some movement next door, as the little lad jumped off the toilet seat. I bent down again, and saw a little hand retrieve the undies off the floor. And then rustling as they were put back on again. Then, both hands appeared on the floor, and I was shocked to see a little face suddenly peep right at me under the partition. Further, I was still bent down peering myself, so our heads weren't too far away from each other ! But that was not all. The little boy turned out to be a little girl, no more than three I should think ! And whats more, her Dad having finished ! at the urinal then pushed her door open to see what she was up to and caught her peeping at me ! "Melanie, what are you doing. You don't peep under like that, its very rude" ! Then there was a bang on my door. "I'm sorry about that mate". "Thats ok" I said. And then he and the little girl left, her in tears from the telling off no doubt ! Well, I just howled with laughter after they left ! The whole experience was just so amusing. The innocence of it all is what made the experience such a pleasure rather than a horror. However, I couldn't help thinking later that I wished it had been Kim's 13 year old that had peeped under at me. I wonder how I would have felt then ?

PS. I think I'm with LINDA about the new girl on the toilet picture. She looks wonderful, but I prefer it when there doesn't have to be so much blury editing to hide her bits. Much better when clothing does it for you, or the angle of the shot enables modesty to remain intact. Like the way she's got the paper scrunched up on the end of her knee ready for when she has finished her business !

More about visable restrooms
MIKE : yeah, we were discussing restrooms where the insides were visable from outside.....Several places i recall, where doorless stalls are TOTALLY visable from outside, railroad stations, parks, beaches, statiums, bars, and department stores. I find them totally objectionable.

Mr. Noname
Thanks for answering my question, Kim. 2 to 2.5 inches thick and as long as yours are--that's pretty amazing!

I'll just share one story today about my ex. Once about five years ago, I was visiting her home. It was on a Sunday. She was usually a morning pooper, but it was already afternoon and she hadn't gone yet. She was downstairs in the kitchen making pizza for lunch when she came out into the living room where I was. She was all excited and was jumping up and down and telling me she had to go and have a sit down. Then she bolted upstairs. I took it as a kind of invitation, at least that she was so open about telling me. It got me kind of excited. I ran up and listened by the door. Couldn't hear anything, but she was in there a good four minutes. She came out and found me in her bedroom. I think she knew what I had been doing!! I asked her, sort of jokingly, "so, how was it?" She replied that it had been good and big. I asked just how big and she showed me with her thumb and index finger and said "about this big". It looked a good 2 inches in diameter. I remember being pretty am! azed that a girl of her build (she was fairly tall, but very slim) could make such a big poop. I eat more the she does and mine are nothing like that!
She said that she's pretty "economical". She poops only a few times during the week, but when they come out they're big.
She went back downstairs, and I waited a minute to check out the "results". There was nothing left behind when I peeked into the toilet, but the odor of a nice healthy dump was lingering in the air. I got a real rush off of it, and I think that's what got me turned on to this kind of thing and what lead me to this site.

Okay, hope you enjoyed that one. I've got more stories that I might share later on.


I resd about unisex restrooms being discussed. Probably a bad idea.
I am turned on by listining to ladies doing their buisness, however a restroom is a refuge for a lady if she wants to get away from an abusive boy friend or husband. I don't think they are coming any time soon to the US.

If they do I would enjoy listing to an attractive lady eliminating her waste.

Hay again

I have a dream...
about two young men walking in the woods. It is a long time since each of them had a shit, so they decide to empty their bowels. With cute shyness they pull down their trousers and boxers. Then they squat down, back to back and actually leaning against each other. Through the small of their backs and their buttocks their bodies touch. They feel each other straining and pressing.
-Hey buddie, how's it going?
-Nh, oh, it's on its way.
A little grunting and mumbling.
-Oh man, I can feel that you've got something going!
-Oh yeah, it's huge, nh.
They trust each other, count on the support on the other's back.
-Oh, man it's out. Oh , what a relief.
-I understand you, it's such a redemption.
They piss for a little while, then they get up and pull up their trousers. They look at the two heaps of shit so close to each other, then walk away.

Shitting does not have to be something dull, it can have philosofical and poetic dimensions. Just listen to this:

It is dusk on the beach. As far as you can see the pale beach stretches out endlessly. The sea is calm and the red sun is about to set. A young man, naked and well built, is the only person on this beach. It is a beautiful sight. This young man feels the urge to shit. He is alone on the beach, so it is no problem. But the scene is to perfect to be destroyed, so with his hands he digs a hole in the lukewarm sand. After that he elegantly squats over this hole. Staring out into the horizon, he starts straining and pushing. It takes some time to loosen up his shit. It is a vision of great beauty, his bare feet in the sand, his buttocks leaning over the hole. Finally his shit starts coming out. In two large, solid logs. It is a clean shit and he knows he doesn't have to wipe. From his penis urin poures out and wets the sand. He turns and covers the hole hole with sand. Again he stands there in the sunset, liberated from his load and the beach is as clean as ever.

I come from Norway and maybe you know that my land has fostered a lot of people going on ski to the North and the South Pole. (You know Amundsen.) One man who recently made a trip to a pole (can't remember which one) was asked about how he did his shitting in the cold, ice desert. He answered that he did it just like home, just ten times quicker!

Former Marine

It was so nice and cosy reading about your story from the Marines. I am so glad that guys in the Marines do all those things in each others' presence. Because for non-gay men this must be a really good and cosy way to be and feel intimate with each other, and God knows that our society doesn't give them too many opportunities for that.

Tony (Scotland). Yes I do sometimes hear the ladies using our unisex loo - the walls are very thin. Mostly the just do #1 at work but occasionally #2 as,indeed, I do too. Yesterday I overheard one of the ladies going. She peed for a brief while and then there was silence followed by some light plopping. Soon after she'd finished, I needed to go for a #1 and, lifting the seat (why do women always insist on putting the seat down?) I noticed a small, dark brown 'mick' floating in the water and a distinct #2 smell.

Anne (the bus driver). Yesterday evening (Wednesday) I came home from work and had my tea. After tea I went up to the bathroom and did a real big mixed panful of mostly small sausages and some ball shaped pieces too. A couple of flushes took care of it though.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Greetings everyone!!!!!! I'm getting over a cold so wasn't online for a few days :o( Feeling better now though....still have my 8am poop sessions. Even when I'm sick my schedule doesn't change that much...Buzzy I took your advice to sit a while after doing my first poop to see if I had to go again and sure enough after 10 minutes I did......thank you so much!!!!! Now I won't have to sweat as much if there's a metro train delay which has been occurring a lot this year. I also find taking a book to read with me into the bathroom really helps in passing the time while my poop decides when it will fall from my arse.

Hope you all are's a cold, brisk November day here in our Nation's Capital..........Time to crawl back under the covers.....will be anticipating tomorrow's poop!!!!!

Ciao Emily :o)

Hi all!

Have you ever felt like your poop is coming out sdieways? And in today's world, can one really trust someone who fondles poop?

Love Ya!

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