On foot through Africa

As part of her TransWorld Walk, English girl Ffyona Campbell walked across North America then Australia. At the age of 24, she set out for a 10,000 mile walk through Africa from Cape Town to Tangier in 17 months. Ffyona wrote a book about her walk called 'On foot through Africa', published by Orion Books of London in 1994. She mentions pooping a few times, mostly the runny kind, so you have been warned.

Chapter 10: "The infamous 50th day dawned and I had soiled the bed. That's a polite way of saying that a dose of diarrohea hit so suddenly during the night that I had no time to unzip the tent before it exploded."

Chapter 14: "I was on the path one morning, squatting over stomach cramps, when I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment. At that moment, I looked through the trees and spied a lone cyclist winding his way towards me. Hurriedly pulling up my pants, I dashed into the bush, hoping that he would slip past. Instead he stopped, waiting for me. He was joined by a giggling group of women carrying sticks, dried fish, nuts and berries to market in large baskets balanced on their heads or hips. So much for privacy.

Chapter 15: "My shits returned; my bowel felt like an Alka Seltzer was dissolving in there and sounded like a squeaky rocking chair. Giardias is tough to kill. I got over the worst and felt good having shed a lot of weight. When out walking, I'd skip off the track to go the the loo. Most locals would politely move on, but when a white woman dashes behind a bush and makes a noise as though she's murdering a goat, they take a look."

In Chapter 20, Ffyona is on a 4 day river boat journey to Kisangani on two pirogues lashed together. "The on-board rules weren't explained to us - like what to do when you needed to go to the loo. We just assumed, having watched them piss in the river, that you did it from the boat, so when I needed to go the next day, we set the umbrellas up lying on their sides to give me some privacy from the crew. They must have smelt it as it got clogged between the hulls. They sat there fuming and pulled over onto a bank."

Chapter 34: "Something else began too, which was making life very difficult. It began near Tan Tan, the first large town after the desert, and in true Morrocco. I had diarrhoea and was squatting behind a bush. A car stopped and I waved it off, shuffling further behind the scant bush. But the guys in the car just stayed there, staring at me. I gave them hell."

"Later that day, I was followed out of town by two guys walking quickly. I wanted them to overtake me so that I could duck behind a bush in privacy. I walked way off the road and got down behind some bushes just in time. One of the guys left the road and came down to me. 'Stay there!' I shouted. 'You can see what I am doing!' He kept coming. He came right up to about ten metres away and stood there watching me have diarrhoea. Loo paper was hard to come by in the north. I was so sore, I felt as if I'd been bu**ered by a lavatory brush. 'Leave me alone!' I called out. Still he just watched. When I'd finished, I walked up to him and told him to f**k off. He just stared at me."

Hi Linda, I'll be thinking about that "major poop session" of
yours. Like my Mom used to tell "take a deep breath and bear down
really hard".- JW

JacobG in Florida
Bryian: Cool story about pooping in the urinal. I think it would be interesting to walk into a public restroom and catch someone in the act of doing that - which leads me to a question I wanted to ask you. What would you have done if someone walked in a saw you doing that?

Billy L.
Usually I poop after lunch at school (unless we do have school). Today, I did not have to poop at school, which is kind of wierd because I did not poop at all yesterday. When I got home, I went to soccer practice. Before I have to poop, I sometimes fart really smelly farts. The field we practice at has woods in the back. About as soon as the practice started, I fell a load getting ready to come out. About midway through practice, just before a water break, I knew it was almost time. So i said to my coach I got to go to the bathroom. So I went to woods, behind some brush and pulled down my shorts. I pushed out 3 big logs. After I was done pooping, I got some leaves and wiped my butt. I heard the coach say to my frind Paul, "go see what is keeping Billy." It did not bother me, because Paul see my poop at school and at home when he is there. Plus we have buddy pooped in the woods before. Anyway, when he got there, he said way loud, "wow, what a load. Did you make that all yoursel! f?" All the other kids where on the other side of the brush heard and came out to see. The coach said you must not have gone for days. One of the girls on the team said her mom does not even drop a load like that. We all had a good laugh and went back to practice.

I'm getting braver (and better), PV and Louise :o)

So, I decided to go to the pool tonight to relieve some of the stress I'm under right now. So I had to shave before going so I went to the bathtub and turned on the water and before I started had a fairly neat (only a little bit dribbled) and consistent forward pee. Then I rinsed off myself and the bathtub before proceeding.

So then I went to the pool and had a nice swim. Of course being emerged in water for a bit . . . anyway, I turned on one of the showers with the water pointed to a corner away from me and stood right outside of it and managed to get all of my pee into the shower and didn't even dribble on myself (that I noticed at least, I already was dripping wet) but I rinsed off anyway.

Linda--I know what it's like to be tiny and have huge poop. When I was younger I used to always be constipated and sometimes went a month without pooping. So when I finally did go it was HUGE! And oh did it HURT (which is probably why I was afraid to go so didn't) My dad and I would have to plunge for ages and even use the snake which is this long coil you twist down the toilet to get it to push the blockage through to the bigger pipes. Once, I even broke the toilet and we had to get a new one. My brother was so mean to me, too, he used to call it "elephant poop." I had this problem up to and into high school but then I decided that I could go at school and it wouldn't stop up the toilet there and if it did it didn't matter. I don't know exactly when it got resolved, I think it was just a slow process as I got older and went through puberty and all that. Anyway, I'm older and wiser now, watch my diet a bit more (still not well enough, but college does that to you) a! nd have fairly small poops most of the time now and almost every day. Regardless, I'm still quite prone to constipation, but it usually resolves itself in a few days.

Okay, back to work...

Last weekend it was real cold and me and two buddies decided to go hang out at the mall. We were mostly at the video arcade and then had a Tex Mex lunch at the food court. After lunch, I needed to shit. The rest room was down a long hallway off the food court. A young Latino guy walked down the hall behind me. He was wearing pants slung real low on his thighs, a satin shirt and a baseball cap. When we went into the rest room, there was a sign saying, "Please excuse our mess. This restroom is being renovated for your comfort." The place was a real mess, but still available for use. The 3 toilet stalls were separated from the urinals by a partition. The partitions between the 3 toilets and the stall doors had been completely removed and were propped against a wall in front of the toilets. The young Latino guy and I inspected the toilets. The first of three was full to the brim with water. There were turds floating in the water and the toilet was obviously clogged. ! The young guy said to me: "Oh shit, is this a f****** mess or what?" I told him I had to shit real bad and would just go ahead and use the facilities anyhow. He grinned broadly and said: "Me too. I'm Jorge," and shook my hand. We both pulled down our pants and sat on adjacent crappers. He farted 2-3 times and I let one loud fart. We then both started to grunt and strain. Our first logs hit the water with loud plops. Our plops then alternated as our logs hit the water. Two guys who turned out to be Jorge's friends then came into the rest room and walked to where we were crapping. They started kidding him. One said: "Hey Jorge, how come you've been here so long? We thought you'd fallen in." Jorge just grinned, but he introduced me to his buddies who both shook my hand. They continued kidding Jorge. By this time we had each dropped 5-6 logs and I thought he was done crapping. Then he seemed to get a second wave. He started to grunt and sigh and I heard another 3-! 4 loud plops as his logs hit the water. His friends kept kidding him as each plop occurred. Eventually, we were both done crapping. We shared a toilet paper roll on the floor between us to wipe our butts. He wiped sitting down. I stood to wipe my butt as I usually do. When he stood to flush I saw several large logs in the bowl. His friends kidded Jorge about his quantity of shit production. I flushed, but Jorge just pulled up his pants and headed to the sinks without flushing. I said goodbye to the guys. I am often a bit shy about shitting in front of other guys, but Jorge and his buddies were real friendly and I felt real comfortable shitting with them around.

To: TTT The conference was at the President Hotel in Biloxi,Miss

I had a close call today. I all started at my school during the second hour of my class and I had a urge to poop but I ignored it for the time being. When class was dismissed the urge was subsided and I had to walk over to my friend's house. It was a 3 mile walk and it takes me 45 min to get there. Halfway through my walk,I started letting out some gas and the urge came back strong but, I had to hold it in hoping I can go in the woods nearby. When I got there, that could not happen because, I was not able to enter the woods undetected. So I decided to hold it until I arrived at my friend's house. I was able to hold it until I arrived at my friend's house and I went to the toilet and quickly pulled the pants down etc.. and let out some gas and a 11" long poo,2" diameter(approx). I was suprised about this because, I have never ejected something that size before.

That is all for today
Peace out yall!

Dr. Poop
Hi everyone long time no post, good to be back. I have some questions for Jane. When you are peeing, do you pee hard or do you tincle? Also do you wipe sitting on the toilet or do you stand to wipe for peeing or pooping? I wipe standing because I am male and my junk gets in the way wen I sit. Your stories are grate. So long for now.

Cool site!!!! I have a question....the past few times I've been at my Boyfriend's house for dinner......after he excuses himself to use the toilet, he leaves the door partially open and then starts talking to his poop and trying to coach it out. He knows I'm in the next room and can hear everything. Do you think he is giving me an open invitation to watch him poop? I've always wanted to go in front of each other...we've been dating a year. Should I ask him or just pop in the partially open door next time he's in there?

Uncertain and Confused,

Hi my name is Miranda. I am 15 years old and I have a story that happened to me last year which was extremly embarassing. Well I was in my class while I had to go to poo real bad! I actually thought that I could't even hold it for 1 minute. I just ran out of the class without permission and rant to the closest washroom. I went inside I closed the door behind me and I felt releived! It felt soooo good to be not stuck lol! Anyways I have that habbit of pulling my pants and panties up after I open the door. I don't know why but I guess I learned it from my mom. Anyways I opened the door and while I was pulling my panties and pants up I saw a guy infront of me. I screamed real bad then I looked at my left and I saw two urinals. How embarassing. first I went into the guys bathroom and second that guy saw me naked! well i don't get usually embarassed from bieng naked infront of my parents, my brothers or any person from my relatives but infront of a stranger?????????? how embarassin! g. Unknown I guess I did use the guys washroom but I wasn't awawre of that. thank you al

Nick (Canada)
Donny - I definitely agree that we need more comfortable toilet seats out there. Some of those industrial strength public toilet seats are so bloody uncomfortable. It's hard to relax when you're sitting on one of those things. The new flat, contoured seats are more comfortable than those older seats that are thick with the extra hole cut out at the back. Or those thick black ones that have are grooved--they're really tough on the ass.
At home, I prefer my soft seat.
And yes, I always read when I'm on the can. It's the best place to relax and read.

Sara T.
I did it! I peed in the sink!
Using my stepstool I was finally able to sit on top of the sink. It was fun :)

Yesterday I was hanging out with my friend Cynthia and we went back to her house. We were in her room and she began changing in front of me. She recently lost some weight and has a great curvy Marilyn Monroe-like figure. I couldn't believe she was just taking her clothes off in front of me and I *really* couldn't believe it when she began farting in front of me!! They didn't even smell. Then we went outside with this guy friend of ours and she kept farting. Personally I could not fart in front of friends!

I had to walk home from her house which was not a long walk but I did have to pee. I might have done it outside but I was on the main road and didn't feel like pulling down my pants with a ton of cars around.

You know-one of the things i like about this forum is people give you some cool ideas-the other day i read from this poster CASEY about the shower thing so this a.m.Casey,i tried it-I was up about 10 mins and decided to take a shower and when i got in the shower I got on the floor of the tub and directed the shower head directly at my anus and I got on my knees and spread my buttocks and relaxed my anus as the water was right on target-You know,it felt really nice -i could feel the water slowly going into my ass-after about 2-3 mins of this I got up and turned the water off and got out and walked around for a bit-Then i heard my ???? rumbling and I started to get some cramps and i felt my rectum filling up quickly and I knew that the water was doing it's job-So I waited til it got really strong and went back to the toilet and took off my robe and sat down and right away i passed a wet sounding fart and water came out along with some schredded wheat poo.then some more water ca! me out and I was getting some pretty strong cramps and pushing but nothing else was coming out-so i got up and stood by the bowl til i felt like I had to go again-then I sat back down and started to really go-No more water,just a lot of soft shit that came out like chocolate moose with a lot of hissing gas along with it and it was breaking up as it was coming out and hitting the water like-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-fart-plop-fart-plop-plop,I hadn't gone in 2 days so it was a good load -the last few times,i've really did some serious pooing-must be that cycle I get once in a while where I poo like a champ for a few days-It's so great-This poo felt soooo good that as I was letting all this out in the privacy of my own toilet,I was grunting and groaning loudly as each turd came out-Oh boy was this great-Then I sat there and pushed out my anus and got off and wiped and got back in the shower to clean up-Cool idea-I'll have to do that again sometime-felt great-You guys should try th! is-It really works well! BYE

To Prince Morgan: Yep, i got to shit in a urinal, im glad that you are glad that i did it(some encouragement). See when i had to shit the other day i was in a grocery store and the bathroom was all thw way in the back and it was empty. Now i want to do it all the time. I wonder if someone cleaned it up or it got flushed away or disoved or what.

To Casey: I tried the shower thing where the water is sprayed up your ass, and it didn't work for me and i was really uncomfortable laying on my stomach and knees on that hard tub? Any sugestions on how to do this? Explain again how you did this? After water goes up you ass did you have to poop or did the water come out with no poop?

Good stories, DONNY and HIKER....I better be going i feel like i might have to shit soon.


Well done, grrl! It took me a while to get my stream to move out more than 12 or 18 inches, so you're well up with the learning curve. It depends how each gal is made down south as to how effective we can be, but my experience is that relaxation is the key to it all. Once you relax, anything is possible. Not meaning to brag, I've stood at one end of the bath and easily hit the other -- and I believe Louise has done double that distance!


Hi grrl. Hmmm, I know what it's like having fixtures at the wrong height! Last year I used to wee a lot at urinals at the mall, and I found that they were placed too high for me to use, even when wearing high heels. I'd always have to use the single urinal mounted lower for boys or shorter guys. And my sink is at a height that means I need to come up on my toes to wee over the edge, though in heels there's no problem. You could try standing on something, a box maybe? Another experiment is to try what I did today. When I showered, I weed into the bath from a standing position alongside it. You can push your hips forward so your outlet is safely over the interior, so drips are collected. I produced a beautiful arc up and over, it was a lot of fun! But don't give up on the sink just yet, it makes a lovely hume urinal.

LOUISE -- letter coming soon, dear!



Buzzy: You did ask me before how big I am - I'm 5-7 and weigh 130, and trying very hard to keep it no more than that. I'm sure you would have enjoyed buddy dumping with me the other day. I don't know why I'm suddenly having huge dumps again. I'll have to watch it closely for the next few days. So far, so good.

I've also noticed more instances than usual of little toddlers of the opposite sex accompanying their older sibling, parent or guardian in the public restroom. Since there's been quite a bit of discussion about unisex restrooms lately and at least one TV show that showcases it regularly (Ally McBeal), I wonder how much longer until we start to see widespread use of unisex restrooms.

BP pooper
This is a really wonderful site! (thought I was the only one interested in such matters). Thanks to everyone that has made so many contributions.

I like to watch TV whilst I poop, but can't see it from the bathroom. So, I went around the antiques shops and managed to get my hands on a bedpan, so that I can poop in it and examine my poops whilst watch TV.

However, I am not sure how to use it. Though the name bedpan suggests using it on the bed, I am not really for the idea of messing up the bed if accidents happen. So I tried it out on the floor.

Now comes the curious part. Does one stretch out the legs in front of you as you sit on it or does one adopt the squat kind of position? Or is it really for someone on the bed, lying down?
Has anyone used this kind of thing before?


Just a quick post this time folks, it's late and I'm getting sleepy.

To Coprologist- I enjoyed reading about your experience which was similar to mine, although I think you had to wait a few hours longer than me. I could feel your pain! What is interesting to me is that, like me, you were able to wait. When I read posts about people who "lost control" and peed themselves, it's a little hard for me to understand, since my need was terrible that day, yet I didn't wet myself even a little. I wonder if others' bladders are actually weaker than ours, or is it just their willpower?

To everyone else- I'd love to get some of the rest of you involved in this discussion too. I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I've enjoyed yours. I'd love to hear from you.

Its ages since Mum and Dad let me use the computer, so I'll be making up for lost time !

KIKI: My wonderful friend Linda told you a bit about me. Like her, I'm 10 years old, soon to be 11 though in a couple of months. My cousin is Lawn Dogs Kid ( who I call Andrew ). I'm an only child, like Andrew. My Mum and Andrew's Dad are also only children, and my Dad and Andrew's Mum are brother and sister, with no other brothers or sisters. So Andrew is my only cousin, and I'm his, and we live in the same village in South West England.

KIM: Andrew loves your stories, so he and I are both glad that you have got an arrangement with the Moderator ! I didn't mean to be rude to you about "busty shake-ups". Anyway, those comments I made were really Andrew's !

NICOLE: I'll call your brother Peter, just so we know who we are talking about ! I'm sorry I mis-understood what you said. I thought you meant Peter watched you on the toilet. Of course, you shouldn't let him see you if you don't want him to see. But I bet if he is into reading this site, he would love to watch you go ! When he does tickle you and you wet yourself, does he know you have wet your knickers ? Perhaps he does this to you so he can see it happen ? Anyway, if you don't mind him doing that, then whats the harm. I wouldn't like Andrew making me wet my knickers. Its much easier to let him see me on the toilet ! Oh yes, and I'm with you about not using the school toilets if the boys peep at you. I know from personal experience how horrible that is ! And finally, the boy who sits next to you. Make sure you can trust him with the information about how you pee through your knickers at lunchtimes onto the grass. It would be hugely embarrassing for you if he turned! out not to be as nice as you think, and went around telling everyone that you pee your knickers all the time !! Take care. Love Kendal.

LINDA GS: What do you mean I'm posh ?!! Well I suppose I am a very lucky girl living in a nice house, and we are much better off than many people I'm sure. But I wouldn't call myself posh. In fact, I've always disliked posh people because they always seem to look down their noses at you. We have some of those in our village. I would never ever do that to anyone. Every body is special, whoever they are. And especially you !! Oh yes, and when people do look down their noses at you, its amazing to see how much hair they have up there ! Posh people always seem to have very hairy noses !

I hope I managed to get into your cheerleaders uniform for you the other day when you needed that major poop. I don't have a uniform of my own ! On the subject of lengths of poos, I'm with you Linda. EEEEWWWWWWWW, fancy having to pick up your poop to measure it !! No thank you. I'm just content to see it sitting in the toilet, and making a subjective decision about whether its a big one or not. No objective scientific measurements for me ! I loved your story about nearly dropping your Pokemon game down the toilet between your legs. Its a good job you were able to catch it between your legs, otherwise I bet Miguel would not have been very happy with you ! If I'd been playing with it while having a wee, it would have had a job to fall in the toilet. I sit too close to the front of the seat for there to be enough room for it to fall down. Now if I was pooing, that would be a different matter altogether of course !!

I promised to tell you about our first session with Andrew there the other day. It seems so long ago, I've almost forgotten. Andrew said he would post about it if I liked, but I didn't trust him not to make a big thing about the colour of your pampies ( you don't seem to use that word anymore, would you like me to stop using it as well ? ). Anyway, he went first ( as usual !! ) and was delighted to show off to you his lemon coloured undies. However, to save you from embarrassment, he didn't pull them down to go like he would normally do when I'm there ! You were pleased about that. However, he did do something on purpose. He pressurised his wee so that it sounded like a huge powerful waterfall into the toilet. In fact he pushed so hard that he trumped quite loudly, and I nearly wet in my panties from laughing so hard about it ! After he finished, we agreed you should go next. He did everything as you asked and turned his back until you were sitting on the toilet and read! y for him to see. In fact from where he was standing, if he had wanted to, he could have watched you getting ready by peeping using the mirror on the wall. But I watched him, and he didn't, the good boy ! Anyway, after you sat down, you grabbed a great handful of toilet paper, and scrunched it up, and held it in front of your bits so he couldn't see, then you said for him to turn round, and began "peeing up a storm", very similar to him. Andrew grinned wickedly, and went "HHHMMMMMMMMMMM... lovely purple pampies". You were about to throw the toilet paper at him when you realised what he'd be able to see if you did ! So you told him to "watch out buster" or he'd soon be in ICU !! He was good after that. Anyway, he turned away again while you wiped and pulled your pampies back up again. As soon as you finished, I quickly pulled my school skirt up and got my boring white panties down. However, the first half of my wee was missed by both of you while you finished pretending to ! beat him up ! I called for both of you to pay attention, which you both did with lots of sorries ! I told him it was a good job, otherwise I would get a complex that he would rather watch you than me !! Well, I suppose it was the first time you ever let him see, Linda !! He would be interested wouldn't he ?! What did you think to the story ?

I've run out of time to tell what happened this weekend with Kirsty, but lets just say I'm obviously her best friend, because I got to see her go 4 times, including a poo !! She even wanted to stay while I had one too. I wonder what she'll do when I introduce you to her, Linda ?! We'll see ! Love you loads my friend, and take care, Kendal xxx

PS Lawn Dogs Kid's computer is broken at the moment if anyone is wondering why he hasn't posted recently. It should be fixed soon.

Adrian (England) you mentioned that you have a unisex toilet in the office you work in. Lucky you. Do you ever get to hear the women doing their motions and even more so do you ever see the jobbies they have passed if they are too big to flush away. If so, please let us know.

Undin, what was it you wanted to know about my mum's motions? In my last post here I mentioned in passing that she often would pass a large hard turd then her next one either later that same day or the following day would be an easier stool. Still solid and formed but smoother and softer and usually a lighter colour than the harder jobbie. What other details do you want to know? From about the age of 5 till I left home in my late teens I listened to her doing her motions and often I saw what she had passed if the flush didnt work properly or her jobbie had been too large to flush away as it quite often was. Generally her turds were the classic jobbie shape referred to, Fat, blunt and knobbly at the start and then tapering to a point for the last few inches, not usually too smelly and would float to begin with then sink to the bottom of the pan. Unless she did one that was so long as to be a "beacher" they made a really good "KUR-SPLOOL-LOOMP!" when the dropped into our toi! let pan as this was the old style with a long drop and an deep water filled sump. Often she would pass a big one of 9 inches or so long then a smaller one of say 6 or 7 inches and the sound effects would be spectacular, "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! KUR-SPLOOSH! Hope this satisfies your queries but if you want anymore details please ask though a trawl through Old Posts would be of interest Im sure.

Guagein. From my researches and experiences over 40 years it is more common for a man or boy to be turned on by a female doing a motion than the other way round though many women are turned on by doing large solid jobbies themselves as bourne out by the number of women who post to this website. As to whether you consider this "perverted" a word I DONT use as a rule, then if you have been brought up to be ashamed of your body and its natural functions etc and to consider these as "sinful" (whatever that means in this modern day and age), then anything other than procreation is "perverted". To those of us of a more liberated and open minded nature, no, its just another variation in the natural way of things. Finally, I would say that a female's motions smell different to a male's though this is probably due to the residual pheromones she has released while urinating and having her vulva exposed.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Lumberjack the Log Man
Oh, I'm a lumberjack
and I'm Okay....
I eat lots of fiber
and poop twice a day!

I go to work,
and work real hard.
Eat lunch, drink beer
Which makes me Fart!

kim and scott
hello all! how is everyone? HI LINDA GS -thanks for writing me back. thats good no hard feelings between us. I like you!! and your posts keep em coming. TO MIA-thanks for answering my what do you look like question.TO MR. MIKE-thanks for liking the kim and scott posts.Its mucho appreciated!! TO NONAME- my logs are usually a foot to 21 inches(Which is my record) they are usually 2 inches or 2 1/2 inches thick. TO LOGGER- you ask me how i sit on the toilet?answer: frontwards. sometimes i EVEN sit on my boyfriends lap and crash a monster out. we both love to do this sorta thing. Do I like it when people see me go?-answer: I only let my boyfriend scott see me go. with the one exception once of letting his friend john in on it. its almost always just my man scott. do you plan to do world record breaking logs in future?-tell you the truth logger when i had my bigger then enormous 21 incher i did not plan on it i just crashed the son of a bitch out! but yes i think i can do bigger. ! I eat a lot of high fiber cereal,and stuff. does your boyfriend film you do logs?-answer: yessindeedy he does(Please look at all our old posts they would explain alot)scott gets a buzz from seeing me crash out my monsters and i get a buzz from doing it for him. scott also takes sexy nude pics of me without crashing out huge logs too!haha!bye. TO CURIOUS 1- hello .you asked questiones of female bodybuilders bowel habits? well scott and I are not pros but we love to lift weights and we look like pros.(Note:many people who watch bodybuilding competitions look just as good or better then people posing. the non stage bodybuilders look just as good oftentimes as the ones posing on stagein other words. it has been noticed by many people!!.) scott and I do eat a ton of food but i only eat three huge meals a day. for example BREAKFAST: a couple of bowlS of a high fiber cereal called TOTAL. LUNCH: chicken,fruits,vegetables and salad. DINNER- beef and potatoes. it varies but thats like w! hat i eat. my boyfriend scott is like a black samson he has 20 inch arms! and my arms are 17 inches when fully pumped ! not bad huh? i look kinda like that sexy trish stratus type from pro wrestling - facewise!I am little blond dynamo!!and am only five foot four , but i have a huge chest and big muscles!and great looking facewise too.(AT least thats what many people tell me!)plus amy fahdhi is gorgeous(shes more fitness bodybuilder than i am. i have the muscles of a pro like hannie von aken,kati rubos,and that gorgeous blond bodybuilder christi wolf. i am sure ya know those names right logger you seem to know alot about bodybuilding huh?).plus dont ask how much i can bench. scott does real heavy bench presses but even though i can do heavy bench presses too i love to do alternate dumbell curls a lot more -that could actually go up to 100 pounds!! and up sometimes. i can also see why you would like to see amy fadhli take a big shit but i bet you would not mind seeing me! take one for you also.haha!with me filling your toilet bowl with one of my very thick,dark brown long sausages!!boy! would my log notch that measuring tape of yours way up when you measured it!haha! plus scott has logs every other day that go from 8-12 inches and i have logs every day that go from at least a foot and up!!!hahaha!!. as a matter of fact i just squeezed another monster out just before i wrote you this letter that measured 16 1/2 inches long. 2 inches thick.well i hope i answered all of your questiones .byeee. P.S. I eat a chocolate protein bar and that super chocolate protein drink too that helps me gain weight to build muscle but it also causes me to have enormous logs too which i love! well i hope i answered most of your questiones be well! logger. from kim and scott

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