HI, To Kim,I have pooped a couple of times in the locker room and i admit to geting a sort of a buzz when other girls see me,my mom told me to be proud of my body,and i guess i am,besides that, what's to hide?,The way i feel about it is that my friends don't have anything different then i do under their clothes and when they sit on the bowl the same sounds and smells come out of them too.

Just last week during P.E. i had the urge to poop and during my shower i let out a couple of farts and so as soon as i dried off i went directly to the end stall (still in my birthday suit)with a towel wrapped around my wet hair and one of my friends was in the next stall and i heard her farting and when i sat i let out a loud fart and droped a firm log that smelled kind of bad and plenty of girls walked by and some even said hi and my friend Kelley who was in the next stall was pooping out a real gassy one and we we were makeing fun of each other and when she finished up and stepped out i was surprised that she was also naked,she is real short with a skinny little butt and i watched as she stood in front of the sink across from my stall and brushed her hair and we continued talking as i droped my last log and pulled of the tp and reached around to wipe my big round butt,i looked in to the bowl and saw that i left three poops one of which broke in to pieces and the other t! wo about five or six inches long sort of curved looking.

When i am home i sit on the toilet naked alot,my mom has walked in on me and laughs,she thinks i'm an exibitionist,i have never let my boyfriend see me on the toilet,i might in the future.

Sara T.
Beer gives me softer poop, but not diarrhea, although I usually don't drink a lot of it. It also makes my farts smell like crazy.

PV- thanks for the advice and encouragement! I was going to try standing in front of the sink but I am very short and the sink is waist high to me. I've also done what you said re: the bath, hang my legs over the side and go. I'm a little afraid to stand to the sink and pee because I just know that it will squirt everywhere! I pee standing in the shower quite well (with my hands, and I get quite a good stream) but it seems that out of the shower I don't grip quite as well and squirt everywhere.

Not it's not another Undin, it's just me the Greek one that moved temporarily to London.

I stay in a friend's house until I find a job in UK. This lady is a bit fat I have noticed that when she goes to the toilet she always flushes 2 - 4 times. On Friday she was going to Greece for some days and she was in a great hurry. She got into the toilet and after few minutes the bell rang. It was the taxi driver to take her to the airport. I knocked the door and I told her who was it and she flushed only once got out and rushed with the baggages. When I saw her getting to the taxi I got in the toilet and I saw a huge log of about a foot long with some small balls around it. It was about 2.5" thick and had a dark brown color. I flushed twice, the balls went away but the monster stayed behind. After a couple of hours came the cleaner and she seemed surprised. She said I have got used to it as she leaves sometimes for me to "admire" her stuff pretending to be in a hurry. She got 3 buckets of water to "kill" the monster

Anne, Kim, Nicola and other poopy girls; Thanx a lot for your impressive stories

Tony you were about to say something for your mum's stuff but I haven't heard from you

Last weekend I visited the University I completed my degree to see some old friends and next time I'll tell you another story from a girl using the ladies toilet in the University.....

Lumberjack the Log Man
My wife and I were making fudge (the candy) for the holidays. Once it was placed in the container to cool, we were like kids and licked the spoon and pot. We had made mint chocolate chip fudge and used a lot of green food coloring for the tint. The next morning my turds and pee were very green.
This ever happen to anyone else???

I wonder if Gore could have won Tennessee and saved us all of the ado if at the conclusion of his last canpaigning speech he said in as thick a Southern accent as possible:

"Excuse me nau Ah gotta pee in the toalit."

Linda GS
Man I need to see if my cousin will let me use his iBook in the bathroom. Anyway, my name is Linda, I'm 10 years old.To answer questions.. I don't measure them.. I'm just glad to get them out.. plus well I don't know..sometimes my poops are half way down the hole and to measure them right.. I'd have to take them out. EWWW! My poops are usually a HUGE long one.. then several smaller ones, It sometimes takes from 25 to 45 minutes. Mostly cause I wait to see what my poops are going to do.. and I HATE making lots of trips to the bathroom so it's like COME OUT NOW.. or don't bother me again. When I was younger I HATED to poop.(You can read my old old posts and see this) but I learned to live with it.Hey it feels good, besides.. kinda cool how me the smallest girl in my class can do something THAT huge. But my sisters and my mom can beat me... not to mention Elena's friend Nora.(Kim... that my just be your rival)It's okay.. I didn't mean to sound mad or stuff.. just saying hey I can! do that too. Um but I've never done it naked like you.. well a few times like when I was either going to take a shower or already was and "it" hit. Also one time when I was small I was in the bath and had to go but since I was wet.. I almost slipped off the seat. hee hee. I can laugh now but I was scared. Anyway, I'm expecting a MAJOR poop session soon as it's been 2 days since I pooped. (I hope it happens with you Kendal.. it's your turn to wear the cheerleader uniform Heh) Okay.. my cousin showed me a cartoon from japan that they showed here in the US for a while. It's dragonball.. not dragonball Z this one came before. Anyway.. in the show this guy Oolong is given a voice activated laxative. It kicks in when ever he hears the word piggy. It's funny cause they say it and he runs off holding his bottom and disappears behinds some bushes. Okay I'm off for now but I'll be back. And.. I just don't like the new pic on this page. Sorry just isn't as cool.

To Former marine: I know what u are talking about, in fact last week i saw a picture online and there were a bunch of military guys sitting on this big wooden toilet, with holes all around, not many partions. But behind them was a wall and more holes.

To Kevin: I liked your story, its cool that you are open with your brother. Did he watch you poop? Did he poop too?

Hello all,
To Spyderman, where was this conference? I've been to some church functions there. I live in Mississippi. A friend of mine almost stopped up a toilet at the last conference I went to there. It was about two years ago. I think she was having some stomach problems that weekend. Because on our way back to Raymond, Miss, where we were going to school, she stopped up the toilet at her grandparents' house also. Hi again, folks.

I sent the last post before I was finished. Sorry.
Anyway, to Aaron, I hope to visit India one day soon. I've got lots of Indian friends. Can you describe what restrooms in India are like? Are they similar to those in the west?I think that if I asked my friends here that question, they'd give me a funny look.
One night last week I was at our university's gym in the workout room. Lots of guys were in there lifting weights. Some of them were really grunting and straining. I wonder if any guys have ever let out a load of poop accidently while straining to lift weights?

Good morning all-hey,cool new pic on the forum now-One question to the moderators-I see you fogged out a certain area,but is that a poo coming out in between her legs?It looks like it is and thats kinda nice-It reminds me of myself when i poo at the gym-I sit the same way with my legs apart-great pic!
TO CURIOUS- you know I have often wondered about the same thing-I too would love to see a woman bodybuilder take a good dump-yes i too would like to hear from those folks!Some feedback on this,please!
TO JANE- Boy do you do some good pooing-i love your stories-are you a big girl or small?sounds like you are about 5'10" and 135 lbs-am i close?Kep up the great pooing i love reading about them!I would enjoy buddy pooing with you,jane
Was at the gym yesterday a.m.and decided to really try to hold my a.m.dump for as long as i could-It was one of those dumps that comes on slowly and the cramps came in waves-so i held it in for about an hour and a half which is really long for me and just worked out until it really got intense and i walked briskly to the toilets and got undressed and went into a stall and it was quite busy with other guys taking some noisy a.m.dumps and this just made me want to just explode-so as I heard 2 other guys farting and plopping,i sat down and sat like the girl in the picture at the top of this forum and I had to go sooo bad that there was no gas-as i was sitting down on the bowl the turd was coming out already!by the time i was fully seated,the turd was halfway in the bowl and still coming out my domed anus-then it fell in the bowl with hardly a sound-I looked in the bowl and it was curled 3/4 around the bowl!It was a whopper-it must have been 12-14 in long and smooth-it was a ! model turd-smooth all the way from one end to the other-then i got up off the bowl and stood gor a bit while I was enjoying the sounds of all the other guys shitting-then i got another cramp-it was pretty small,but i decided to sit down anyway and as soon as i sat down a passed a hissing fart and without pushing very much,another long turd came out my asshole pretty fast and towards the end of the turd it all of a sudden got really soft and then my anus exploded with pudding poo and farts and i knew at that point I was done-I was groaning with pleasure as the poo was flying out-boy did it feel great-I love when i can hold it til i really have to go bad!Then i sat there pushing out my anus and i passed some more gas and got off in a good way and had to wipe a few times-my ass was messy from that dump!I then went right to the shower to clean up-Right before i flushed I looked in the bowl and saw the long turd wrapped aroung the bowl along with another long turd inside it with al! l these soft chunks floating around and the water was halfway brown-Now that was a great dump!I love thse kind of poos-with i could have shared it with someone buddy pooing along side of me-Have a great day all!So far this a.m i don't feel like I have to poo yet-after yesterday,i'm not surprised!BYE

Prince Morgan
BRYIAN- Good for you! You finally got to do it! Glad you enjoyed yourself, dude! Good thing the bathroom wasn't busy. You lucked out. Urinal pooping isn't something I would want to do with anyone else around. The only time I did that was the very first time, when I was a little kid, and it was my best friend. Everytime since then I've made sure there was no one but me there.

TO EVERYONE-I love your posts, as usual! Keep up the good work!!!

I was at a movie theater the other day. The place had nice, huge restrooms. The men's room had 8 urinals and 8 toilets and a seperate area with 8 sinks. I was standing at one of the urinals and noticed 2 young girls come in with their father. One of the girls asked: "What are those guys doing" and her father answered "Going to the bathroom," Then all 3 of them went into a stall. A teenager pissing next to me finished and then said to his friend: "Great, now I have to shit!!!" So he went into a stall. His buddy took his time washing up at the sinks. You could hear loud plops and the girls pissing and their father was giving instructions to them and I think he wiped their asses for them. They exited the stall and washed up at the sinks when ANOTHER girl came into the restroom with (I think) her older brother. She looked around and said: "Three girls, 5 boys and 2 men going to the bathroom!!!"
Personally, I don't care if girls or women come into the mens restroom and I think we should have one big unisex restroom, but I know some guys wouldn't like that.

Back when I was cleaning elementary school restrooms, I was in the boys room wiping the urinals about 3 PM when a mother and her two sons came in to use the toilets. She asked me if it was OK since I was in there cleaning and I said no problem. The two boys went into stalls and sat down on the toilets, trying to put some dirt in the toilet. The mother also went into a stall and took a wicked piss. They had just moved to the area and were checking out the school and the mother commented to me how nice the school buildings were and that the bathrooms were very nice. I said "Yeah, it's more fun to clean a nice, new, attractive bathroom that an old beat up one." And that the school was brand new and easier to maintain. Not as many plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning problems. She commented on the large, white plastic, countoured toilet seats and said that she wished she had that type at home, they are so comfortable. I said: "Well, they run about $45, and y! ou can order them from a pro plumbing supplier, they are manufactured by Bemis. You need to have elongated toilets, though, otherwise the seat will hang over the bowl about 2 inches in the front. They last forever. I can tell you that a lot of kids sit on them and read and do homework, they are so comfortable, believe it or not." She giggled and then went to check the boys to see if they needed any help wiping their bottoms. I saw her a few weeks later at a school function, and she said that she bought the toilet seats for her home, and thanked me for telling her where to get them. I think the modern seats are much more cool than old style ones. I would like to hear from people who apppreciate good seats, and how many of you read while on the toilet?

Hi folks, been reading this site for a while now and I just got to write something here of my own. I always was sort of fascinated with anything to do with having a pee and the other stuff, shit or whatever you like to call it, well, thats OK too I guess but I prefer peeing. When I was little I never did like to say I needed a piss so I've got a few memories of wet pants from way back in junior school days and then, when I was about 9 I used to pee out of my bedroom window at night rather than go to the bog like everyone else. I remember having piss contests with my mates too, when we had to go for as long as possible without a piss and then see who did the most or who could piss the furthest. Once we were pissing down a slope, the first stream to reach the bottom won, and my friend's sister, 8 she was then, badly needed a pee so she joined in and to our surprise she was the winner. I suppose girls always have a bigger bladder than us guys, is that right?
Now I'm 34 and still like to pee in unusual places and as I'm a driver I often really need to piss when on the road in my van. Once I was so close to pissing my pants that I did it in a plastic water bottle while stuck in a jam on the motorway, and thats not so easy as it sounds. Do any of you out there have any stories to tell of having to pee in the car?
What do you reckon to those old fashioned French bogs still used on the motorways? You know the type, hole in the ground, gripping handles and usually filthy. I call 'em 'Man Fridays' as there's 2 footprint sized places to stand on while you do the job.
Well that's my lot for now, stay happy.

Mysterious Internet Traveler
I would have to say this is a rather interesting site you have here. I will be honest and say I never knew such a site existed. Though I was a bit surprised at first, the stories were very interesting and before I knew it, I was finished with the first page. Anyway, just posting to say that it was very interesting and that I'll probably be back.

Ohmigod. I embarassed myself pretty good yesterday. I was at school. sitting in science class and I REALLY had to pee. I guess maybe b/c I drank so much at lunch. Anyways, the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom, and the urge was getting worse and worse. Finally it was time to switch classes, so I had time to go to the bathroom. I ran out of the room, and the hallways started filling up with people. Someone accidently hit me, and I fell. Well, anyways, when I hit the ground I must have lost control of my bladder, 'cause I just pissed EVERYWHERE. I went and called my mom to come pick me up right away! I'm so damn embarassed!

Oh hey- I found another movie that has to do with this sort of thing in some scenes. The movie is called Final Destination.

1) Alex and Todd take a shit together at an airport before their plane leaves.
2) Carter pisses himself after almost being killed when the train is coming towards his car- you can see this huge wet stain on his pants.

Hi! It had been quite a long time since my last post, but I think i had nothing interesting to tell, really.
I went to the steam (Turkish) baths last sunday and, of course, privacy has no sense there, since everybody is going naked around. I was there at about 3 PM, right after lunch, that in Chile are traditionally huge on Sundays. I spent some time in the different baths, in the pools and all that, and noted a pair of young boys (about 15-17 y.o.) who looked like trying to hold a shit. I think that that was funny, as they stretched and clenched their cheeks un full view of everyone, but I soon forgot that and relaxed.
Not later, I felt the urge to go to have a shit, so I walked to the toilets, that are communal and open (no partitions, no nothing, just like some military communal toilets I had seen in certain South American countries), so I sat in the pottie, fully nude and started to crap. I usually take a very short time to squeeze mi logs and getting done, but this time I was so relaxed and tired that I remained a bit more there. Then, the teenage boys came in, in a rather shy way, smiled at me and looked around: to their despair, there was no privacy at all, but when they saw me there shitting and nude in a natural way, one of them said:”I cannot hold anymore, I’m going to shit a really big turd RIGHT NOW”, so he squat over the pottie and let out a real big one. His mate soon sat down beside him, and started to let another one, though not visible, but they both looked relieved. Then, two men came into the toilet to crap as well, smiled and congratulated then, saying “See, they won u! s the race”, and the other replied ”Yeah, but they’re young and have a good digestion”, and after that, we all broke in a loud laughter, and commented our shits (the turds from the first boy were amazingly big, even more than mine). We talked about boys being shy about crapping in public or in toilets without doors, so one of the men commented that they had to be cured from shyness, as they were shitting in front of 4 other more people and fully nude. They laughed and relaxed definitively, and I recalled and shared with them a post that I saw here long time ago (posted by Redneck, if I’m not wrong), about teenage boys shitting in doorless stalls, a fact that surpridsed Redneck, as he thought that boys were not prone to shit without privacy. We chatted quite a while, then each one started to wipe, left the communal toilet and headed for the showers to clean their assholes; I regarded as very funny to see the conversion from shy to unhinhibited of those boys. After all, there’s! no sense to be shy in that environment.
Next weekend (fri. 17 thru mon.20) I’ll go to the nude beach (summer is close), so I think that I might heve some story of nude and/or outdoor shitting to share next week.
See ya guys, and have a nice shit


To guagein

Male and female shit smells more or less the same, but there are huge individual differences in smell, which exceed the differences (if any) between males and females. I think more men get excited by the sight and thought of a woman shitting than women do about men, but it is clear from posts on this site that there are quite a few women for whom seeing a man on the toilet is turn-on.

I was interested in Aaron's post about not having an opportunity to pee for hours on end. It happened to me once when I was staying with friends in the Netherlands. We drove to Friesland for an afternoon on their boat. We cruised some distance along the lakes and canals and I needed to pee. They had a toilet they told me, and showed me it. It was reasonably screened, but it was really a potty rather than a proper toilet. No standing up to piss! You had to squat down on it like a child. Anyway, I found it so uncomfortable that my bladder refused to do its job. I just had to pretend that I had done it. When we eventually got home after 6 hours since we set out I was in agony. I had to sit on the toilet for about 10 minutes before I had done peeing, and within half an hour I had to go again. My bladder seems to sort of seize up and it's nearly impossible to get it to perform. It happened once when I was in hospital and they had to catheterize me to get the urine out. (They stick! a tube up your urethra and it sort of siphons the piss out). Fortunltely, that sort of thing does not happen often.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Someone asked recently for more about the story of how Noah Wyle messed himself. I've still got the magazine article in which the tale was told.

"Oo-ER! I've sh*t Myself!"
TV Doc's Accident
Telly heart-throb Noah Wyle has confessed how his worst nightmare came true when he shit himself in a crowded bar. The star of the medical drama ER was a shy student in California eager to make new friends when he came unstuck. Noah, 25, who plays nice-guy doctor John Carter suffered the embarrassment when he 'followed through' and messed himself after what he thought was a bad attack of wind. As soon as he realised what had happened he he tried to deal with the catastrophe. He said "I ran to the bathroom and sure enough there was a wet streak down the back of my trousers!" Noah removed his soiled underpants and flung them in a bin and then tried to wash the stain out of his light coloured strides. He added, "I should have walked out of the place but I couldn't as I'd been given a lift there." Hunky Noah - who's been romantically linked with co-start Sherry Stringfield - returned and sat at his table for two hours with his pants still wet. He admitted, "No-one mentioned my! accident. To this day I still don't know who else knew what had happened."

Mr. Man: There have never been any posts here like the one you are looking for.
~Dreamer`~: That will kill us all for sure.

Been way too busy lately and really need to get to bed, but thought I'd do a quick post. PV--thanks for all the encouragement, you're the greatest! I had a nice pee in the shower tonight. I need to really work on getting started cause I tend to dribble a lot on my legs before I really get the stream directed forward. My goal is to hit the wall which is an arms length (maybe 2 ft or so as a rough estimate) from the other side of the shower (which doesn't have a door but opens into a private changing area (tiny) and a curtain there, kinda confusing, gotta love those dorms. Anyway, I'm not quite halfway there, but it's getting easier.

Anyway, this week has been impossible, next week too I'm sure...normally I tend to get the urge to poop only when I'm relaxed and calm but this hasn't happened for three weeks. So today I had come into my dorm after lunch and needed to pee, so I stopped at the bathroom on the way back to my room. I gathered my skirt (long and with a lot of material so I pulled it tight against my back and held all of the material in front of me and up) and as soon as I was done peeing, I realized I had to poop (yup guys, us girls are lucky). Like I said, I've been under a bit of stress lately and it was a bit hard to get out (not constipated hard, just need some effort to get started hard) and I could feel my stomach muscles contracting but they couldn't expand enough cause of the skirt, so I had to unbotton three of the buttons (it's got buttons all the way down the front). I've never had that happen before where my stomach expands so much like that. Strange....

Anyway, then I was at the grocery store with a friend tonight and got that feeling again. I held out as long as I could and finally was like "I'll be right back I'm just going to run to the bathroom while you finish up" and left my cart with him and did. Of course there was a big sign on the door saying "leave the light on" but of course someone turned it off, so it was really dark (the light still was barely on when I was done). So I went in and locked the door (it was a single-person bathroom) and pooped as much as I could quickly cause I didn't want to keep my friend waiting. Both times were about normal and it's really unusual for me to go twice in a day unless my stomach is upset.

And in reply to the message reminding us to wash our hands YES!! Please, it's quite nasty if you don't. I don't even think twice about it, it's just one of those natural Pavlovian responses: instead of salivating to bells, wash after relieving yourself. For your own health AND for the health of those around you.

Okay, there are my stories for today . . . sorry for the incoherency, it's late, I'm exhausted. Good night.

Had another doozy of a log. It took lots of pushing and several pauses to catch my breath. After about ten minutes I crashed it out. Another 16 incher that was clay-like. It left me shaky and red faced. I never would have been able to do that in a public restroom!!

After that, I wondered if anybody ever pulled their poop out by hand when it got hopelessly stuck halfway out? I thought I was going to have to do that to get this one out.

Kim, I'm 5'8 with long, reddish brown hair. Rather chesty and average build, about 145 lbs. I used to be alot thinner but a hormone imbalance put weight on.

Today I had a couple of major pooping sessions. It must have been the effects of a cookout that a neighbor had the day before. The first one occurred while Gary and I were attending church services. My stomach started hurting as soon as the Mass was beginning. I was able to hold it for most of the Mass. However, as soon as I received Communion, I told Gary I had to go to the bathroom, so I raced to the ladies room. I proceeded to let go massive wave after wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet four times while seated and wiped several times, flushing twice more. By the time I was done, the Mass was over, and Gary and I went home to change and went out to the mall.

We had lunch first before shopping. I headed to some clothing stores while Gary went to the book store. After a little while, my stomach began to hurt again, and suddenly I had an urge to poop. The mall was a little crowded today, so I wasn't too crazy about going to the public restroom. The department store restrooms were somewhat better, so I went into the nearest department store. As I was walking to the ladies room, I let go a fart. It wasn't very loud, but I could smell it. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but I wasn't concerned about that.

I went into the very middle stall, pulled down my black slacks and white panties, and sat down. Immediately I pushed out a massive load of soft gooey poop, complete with loud splashing and plopping noises. It went on for about 30 seconds, after which I let go a booming fart that echoed throughout the room. I flushed the toilet while seated. My stomach continued to ache, and I continued to push out a continuous series of very soft and thick pieces of poop. I pushed out a couple dozen pieces, flushed the toilet, pushed out another couple dozen pieces, and flushed the toilet again. I felt a cramp, then unleashed a massive torrent of soft (not runny) poop that lasted about 20 seconds. I flushed the toilet again. The smell, by this time, was very strong.

Until this point, I was alone in the bathroom. As I continued to push out pieces of soft poop, a couple of Filipino women came in. I was familiar with some Tagalog words from a few friends and co-workers, and I overheard one of them comment about the terrible smell. Both women peed, and I heard one of them fart, but they were done quickly. In the meantime, I kept on pushing out soft poop and flushed the toilet twice more. The women washed their hands. As soon as they were drying off, I felt another strong stomach cramp and let go another massive 30-second wave of soft poop that ended in a loud thud. I heard another comment in Tagalog about my bowel movement. I flushed the toilet as they were exiting the ladies room. I pushed out another small wave of soft poop, then sat for a couple more minutes until I was sure I was finished. I wiped several times, flushed the toilet, and wiped several more times until I was finally done. I flushed the toilet a final time and! saw I left a few brown stains in the toilet. As I was washing my hands, a couple of 12 year olds came in and went into adjacent stalls. One of them went into the stall I just used and said, "It stinks in here!" The other one said, "If you think that stinks, wait until I get started." As I was drying my hands, I heard a few plopping sounds, and as I was leaving, I heard a grunt and a rapid succession of plops.

I felt much better after that. The next few days will tell if today was just an anomaly or if I'm heading back into the pattern of huge pooping sessions I had when I was a college undergraduate student.

This post is for prince Morgan and the other guys who mentioned taking a shit in a urinal. Tonight i went to dinner and i ate and afterwards i needed to go shopping so i went shopping i was almost done and i felt a gasy upset feeling in my stomach like i would need to shit soon, so i find the restroom and i see this urinal(the kind with alot of water in it)...Im thinking, i said go for it, i had to shit so i went for it and took a shit in the urinal. It was really thick,soft and loose. It ended up in one pile on the side of the urianal. I quickly ran to the handicapped stall(one and only stall) and i locked to door and i wiped my butt and flushed the tp away. Then i went back to the urinal and i tried to flush the shit away, it wouldn;t go because there was a red plastic liner in it. It's cool that i did this, im going to start doing this when i have to shit in public i think(as long as no one is around). I hovered over the urinal when i took my shit. I was afraid that i may h! ave dripped poop on me, i checked and i didn't.

Ever since i was on this medication(Im finished it) my shit has been really soft and a bit loose, hadn't had any logs in awhile. I hope it returns to normal soon. Thats it.

Hi Steve,

Well, that was a rare sighting! The pee-lover's equivalent of a UFO landing in front of you when your camera is actually loaded with the right speed film...

I've heard of super-bold-faced acts like this, a women who once squatted and urinated in broad daylight on a New York sidewalk, but this one takes the cake. The middle of the road, with a major audience... Yes, that girl was probably winning a bet or something, and obviously revelling in the attention, the whole feeling of being so naughty. It's well to be seen she was not afflicted with a feedback arc that would cause closure when stressed! Lucky for some!

It's amazing she was not arrested for indecent exposure, if for nothing else... But maybe it was just the sheer brazen cheek of the act that left even the cops bemused. It would be interesting to wonder, if she had pooped in the road too she would probably have "had her collar felt" -- which is an indication of the different values society places on the two acts.

Sounds like she was just drunk enough to overcome any vestige of inhibition that might have remained to her, and by the same token top off her tank for a good "jettison manoeuvre!"

I'm stunned, amazed and bemused. I can't imagine ever being there when a UFO actually lands, but I can say I know folks who have!

Yes, I'll take plenty of sunblock when the beach beckons, as it will soon. We have a couple of warm days to come before the weather breaks with a storm due at the weekend, but we're probably getting into the time of year when the heat will come and stay. Then I'll be able to enjoy weeing in the yard at night again, or on the lawn, or in the outdoor sink, and getting around some of the coastal beauty spots!

Hugs to you and Louise (and I'm still shaking my head at what you saw!)


Does a womens jobbie smell different from a mans?

Is it accurate that a man's voyeuristic instincts, of seeing
women using a toilet, is stronger than those of women who
like to see men using the toilet?

Are such instincts common amongst males, or would one
nessecarily be classified as a pervert if one has these

Hi unknown again. my friend told me a story that he saw and it is true cause i saw a part of it.
he was in the bathroom having a poop @ a chineese restaurant. anyways on his way out he so that kid (male) going into the bathroom with his mom. anways it seemed that the kid refused to go in the ladies bathroom. so the mother went inside to the mens' bathroom. he didn't see any harm in that but he was curious so he went inside again. he saw the lady inside pooping and door opened. HOW NASTY!!!!! and the kid watching her outside. AGAIN HOW NASTY!!!!! i was in schock when he told me. he showed me the lady coming out of the bathroom and i started laughing soooooooooooooooooooo bad please if somethig u saw like that before write to me call me uknown!

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