Jo - I don't post very often, but I thought your story was interesting. I don't "engineer" situations where others can see my dirty underpants, but I think that a girl in my dormitory does. We only have two showers on my end of the hall, and they are very close to each other, so when two of us are getting getting ready to jump in, we have to strip right next to each other. I have second period every day this semester, along with this girl Brianna, so we are always taking showers at the same time in the morning. At the beginning of the term, she used to leave the crothc of her panties up so that her skidmarks were partially visible. I guess she thought that I hadn't noticed, so about a month ago she started leaving her panties and clothes right next to mine so it was obvious. Three weeks ago, she got out of the shower at the same time that I did so she could see the reaction on my face when I saw her poop stains. When she saw me bend down to get my clothes, she said sorr! y and reached around to get hers out of the way. She acted so casually about the situation, and she just smiled as we both rushed to get dressed. She also bent over with her underwear on, almost to show off her skidmarks. Do you think she is doing this on purpose? Why do you get a rush from showing off your skidmarks? Also, do you like to check other girls' underpants for poop stains? I swear that my roomate from two years ago used to check my panties when I left them in the laudry room. I didn't understand this because I know that she used to leave marks in hers often.

I would also like to share a story about my pooping experience on an tour bus. Tuesday, while on a four hour bus ride to a regional conference, I had a strong urge to poop. I was making smelly silent farts for at least five minutes while waiting for two people before me to go. When I finally began to sit on the toilet, a small piece of soft terd had already landed on the toilet seat. Because there wasn't enough paper to clean up the terd on the seat and wipe, I had to virtually stand up and poop because the bathroom was so small. I left a long, coil-shaped soft terd in the toilet that was very visible becasue the toilet was starting to get full. When I was getting ready to wipe, I heard a knock so I decided to clean up the seat for the next person. I made sure not to cover up the poop so that the next person could see my huge prize. I could only scrape enough paper for two small wipes, but I figured it didn't really matter since I had red panties on and jeans and n! o one would know.

PV - Hi!

Yeah, I bet your sink pipes were just mouldy then.
We clean our sink a lot to keep the mould away but
dried wee deposits will help to block it too, so
we run lots of water down it each time.

On the runny turds, LOL. It would have been a big
explosion to beat the one I had when I was 15 and
my bum just burst all over the place. I have felt
like maybe I would do it again, but I have not had
the same effect since then. LOL I did not like the
clean up, so I know what you went through!

Yeah, the different feelings you get when you want
to wee. Steve often wants to wee about 20 minutes
after he has had a dump, it is like his body just
wants to make more, and he says the feelings are
different too. Funny we have never talked about that
before. I sometimes want to wee soon after dumping
as well, but not as often as he does.

LOL so you have weed in a blocked up urinal too??
No, I did not venus the wall above other urinal
because I forgot about it. I was looking at my pool
in the first urinal to see if it was draining. I
will have to go back and do it.

Steve wrote all about the girl who weed in the middle
of the road, didn't he? I would not want to do that
the way she did. I mean, that night I stood with
Steve in an alley so we could squirt on the wall
together, and there have been times when I have
been seen having a squat like lots of girls, but
the girl that night went way too far I think. I
bet Steve was right. I bet she wanted to do it
with lots of people watching for a long time.
On the beach it was different, all the girls were
just doing it. I was glad the girl did not get
arrested for it, the policemen were in a good mood
I think. Steve has two old college friends in our
local police and he knows a few more of them anyway
because his dad was a policeman here, and he says they
like to have lots of things to laugh at to help handle
all their stress, so I think that girl did that ok! LOL

Stand up for your right to stand! (Am I now the candidate
for the Pee rights movement?) Oh yeah I need the right
platform! You know I made Steve laugh when I said
the platforms that politicians stand on with the
microphones looked like urinals! LOL and I wonder if Gore
and Bush have underwear that turns brown just now?


Hello. My name is Heidi. I go out with Prince Morgan sometimes. He's been after me to post here. I'm not really into this, but I enjoyed reading all your stories, and I finally promised him I'd post.

I always kind of knew he was into pooping and peeing. He never told me, exactly, but I got the idea, from little things he said. Whenever we are going to have sex, he always pees first. I asked him why once, and he said, "Hey, I could do it during!" He sounded a little too excited, so I said "No thanks. Go piss."

That was about the extent of it until the Sunday before this last one. I was with him when he went in that picnic shelter, and yes, it was pretty much like he told it.

He said "I have to take a dump!" Charming, as usual. I figured he meant in the toilet which was no more than twenty feet away. But no, he said "Those stink." So I followed him up to the shelter, and he proceeded to do just what he told you he did. Then he asks me to bring him toilet paper. Talk about needing to plan ahead! Actually, I didn't mind all that much. He's fun, and even kind of cute. But I'll tell you, his poop sure does smell! I think it's because of the vegetarian crap. If he ate normally, maybe it wouldn't stink so much. I eat meat, and MINE doesn't smell that bad. Oh, well.

You guys seem really nice, and I'm glad you're all having fun. Enjoy yourselves, and stay out of trouble. Tell my bad Prince to do the same, maybe he'll listen to you! He sure doesn't to me!


Hey, everyone:

I am someone who is curious, about the bowel-habits, of competitive pro/amateur bodybuilders, particularly-women. From what I have been reading, on the web, in mags, etc., is that competitive-bodybuilders need to eat like a horse, all the time. One article, in particular, said that you can never let yourself get-hungry, and that, if you did, it was too-late. What they were suggesting, was to eat @ least 6 meals a day! That would work out to a meal every other-hour. Which makes me naturally-assume, that most women-bodybuilders, and men too, for that matter, would need to crap, @ least more than once a day. Would any of you who are bodybuilders, especially women, shed a little more light on this? I mean, how often do you people have to go, and how often do you eat? The one ex lady-bodybuilder that I would love to see/hear/smell taking a crap, would be: Amy Fadhli! She has got to be the most-gorgeous woman that I have ever seen. I would give all the money i! n the world to experience one of her craps, in person. Particularly, back in '95, when she won the 1995 "Ms. Fitness America" pageant, w/ a one-piece swimsuit, that "brought the house down". l would give all the money in the world, to have been there, when she took one of the dumps that would have come from her have to eat all the time, to prepare for, and win, the competition. You shoud see hoe "ripped", she looks in that suit! I'm a guy, and I don't see-myself getting as ripped as she was! I probably-could, if I lived the bodybuilder-lifestyle, but I am not someone who wouldn't-mind having to crap all the time, like I am sure they would have to do.
Awaiting any responses,


How long are your logs and how big in diameter? Do you measure them like kim? Do you do one huge log, or several smaller ones? You seem to at the same time to greatly enjoy doing these monsters and also to be embarrassed by them. No need to be self-conscious; just enjoy what comes naturally; be proud of yourself; many girls would LOVE to do such huge logs. Don't make other's hangups your hangups.
How do you sit on the toilet- frontwards or backwards? Do you hold yourself off the seat? Do you like it when people watch you go?
Do you plan on any record breakers in the future? Does your boyfriend film you crashing out these monster logs? Your stories are great!


Hi there. Nice post about trying to use your sink as a urinal. I assume you were trying to sit on it like a toilet? That might be a problem, especially with older fixtures, and yes, you don't want to be making embarressing explanations to fix-it people! Could you try standing up to it like Louise and I do? It's really very easy, just park your womanhood over the edge of the porcelain and have a delightful wee, with or without hands!

That was a good alternative, though, sitting down and weeing into an old shirt folded on the floor. On one or two occasions in my early experimental days I folded an old towel on the bathroom floor, hunkered down and have a first-rate wee on it. It held a bladder's worth, and I must say wringing out the towel over the bath drain was a warm, wet experience all its own! After that I just washed the towel as per normal and no harm was ever done.

Another interesting way to do it is to sit on the edge of the bath, just hang your bottom over the interior, and wee down the inside of the bath as if it was a urinal. It's not super-comfortable on the back of your legs, but it's a bit of fun.

Keep trying, you'll get the sink-pee worked out in time, and it's so much fun you'll be hooked!




Hi dear! Loved your post about the amazing spectacle of a girl having an enormous wee in the middle of the street! I meant to write a proper letter offline earlier, but I'll have to write tomorrow.

Cheers from Aus, and hugs for Louise,


a question for the forum: does beer give anyone else a mild case of diaheria? having just turned 21, I have little experience with what the effects of alchohol are on the system... btw, for all who are interested, I"m 21, male, and a goth/deathrocker. as far as appearances, I look like Billy idol on a bad night :P. aaaaaaanyway, I'm sure you'd rather I get to my story, which, I must admit is (a) not anything exceptional (b) most likely not exciting, and (c) certainly not as good as some of the old posts I've read here! Currently, I had a party. nothing majr, just bauhaus records, and beer. alas, about an hour after partaking of the second, I got a severe stomach cramp which could only signify one thing - soon, I would need to shit, and it wouldn't be a nice, big, pleasant bm. well, sure enough, in 15 minutes, I was in the wc. I was ill for the rest of the night, and narrowly missed shitting myself (more on this in later posts). for those of you who are wonderin! g, I"m new on the forum, ran across this sight, and was wild with glee that it was a site that addressed an interest of mine - i.e. the bathroom, and pee/poop experiences, but yet was not about scat play, which makes me feel quite ill to understate. well, I'd better go, I'll try to post more later on, and for those of you who are thinking "oh no, another guy who writes about nothing but diaherria", you will be no doubt be pleased to note that, unless I'm dreadfully ill and need advice, or somesuch, most of my stories will be about nice, solid movements.....

Rick (peeper)
Long time with no post, too busy watching videos of women pooping. Ha ha. Anyhow, in response to Nicola (England) about men being fascinated with women pooping: Men love o see and hear a very pretty sexy woman sitting on the toilet and grunting out a large one. There is some mystery and fascination with how such a sweet little thing could let out such a huge log. Of course, large well built ladies turn me on and I love to see them bringing on those large dumps. Remember Melissa from NY? Where has she been all this time, I use to love her stories. Of course, it depends on a person's gender preference. There are a lot of men that like to see men on the toilet and women who love to see ladies doing their thing. Different strokes for different folks as they say. Oh yea, the hand washing thing with those kids not washing their hands. I will tell you first hand, I have witnessed Doctors, Lawyers, and other highly professional people go into the stall, take wooping dumps, and leave t! he bathroom without washing their hand. On the way out, they even look at me like I am strange for washing my hands! Chow.

Mr Mike
robert - My best dump must have been the time when i was at the beach with my family and there were no bathrooms . I felt the urge groeing and growing until i couldnt help it anymore so i finally decided to run over to the tall grass by the rocks and took a huge dump there. it was very exciting for me and i would do it again anytime ....... whats yours?

kim and scott - i love your stories and it turns me on sooooo much when i read your stories .... so please tell me whenever you too have another good pooping experience together .... thanx

This is kinda funny so i thought i would post it. last summer my now ex girl friend and i went on a hike, we spent the day near a waterfall having lunch and a bottle of wine.

well on the way back we both had to pee and poo, it was getting really desperate for both of us and i really thought one of us if not both would end up peeing or pooping our pants we came across an outhouse it looked bran new, so wendy went into her side and i went in mine.
ok heres where its so funny, this place had seperat doors (male female)but when i walked in, it was one room, wendy and i looked at each other and burst out laughing, well we both sat down on the toilets (well a plank of wood with two holes in it)and did our pee and poo wendy really stunk up the place and wiped at least five or six times, and i wiped three times, not much of a story i know but i thought it was funny.

this happened at school in england. one day in class a girl christine darling wet her knickers in class, now she was very discreet about this and the only reason i know about it was i happened to be looking at her at that moment.

well she quickley and quietley got up from her desk and got the duster that the teacher used to wipe the black board with, and begun to wipe up her pee on the seat and the floor, she finished and put the duster back near the black board.

now a few minits later the teacher grabbed the now very wet duster and started to wipe the black board, he saw the board going wet and promptley hit the roof, demanding to know who did this.
well christine put her hand up, and got into a lot of trouble mostley for wetting her knickers (navy blue)its funny but its not if you know what i mean.

Former marine
To Smiley: You asked about how guys in the military relieve themselves. I did my boot camp training in San Diego. Marines piss and shit just like any other guys, but there is very little privacy. Also, the terms used are a bit different. A "head call" is to go to the urinal. A "sitting head call" is when you have to take a shit. A "head call" is usually no problem, but you have to get special permission from the D.I. (Drill Instructor) for a "sitting head call" if you are in drill instruction or are involved in other training activities. Only guys who need to shit real bad ask for permission - most just hold it in! They always give you an hour of free time before you turn in. It's basically time to shit/shower/shave - we called it the three s's. That's the easiest time to take a crap. Most guys go to the heads before showering. The heads have partitions, but they're open, so you're basically looking at the guy across from you. Sometimes two guys across from each ! other have a conversation while shitting. Other times one guy would be reading a magazine and you could see by the movement of his one arm that he was jerking off. Most guys just accepted this as normal because the heads were the only place that we had partial privacy while at boot camp. The showers were completely open with spigots. After taking a dump we would just get in there, shower up and lather down, and get out. You have to be pretty sure you're clean because before you go to sleep at night they have health inspections. We had to be sure that our assholes were real clean - skid marks on underwear were a cause for disciplinary action. Boot camp was real tough, but one of the great things is the friendships that develop between guys. Most marines feel totally cool about showering, peeing and shitting together.

This one's for you Mike:

1. I allow 15 minutes for a normal bowel movement. Longer if it is loose and crampy.

2 and 3. The texture and size varies from hard in small or large amounts or loose and thick in large quantities.

4. I leave a smell if I eat cheese or fruit and vegetable fiber, previously.

Today, I was at church with my family. At the beginning of the sermon, my 3-year old brother said to me, "I have to go potty). I felt the need to a dump, so I told my dad I will take him. The bathroom in the church has just an open toilet and sink. As we about enter the door, two little kids came out and went to their dad. I closed the door. My brother stood next to the toilet and peed. WHen he was done, I said I have to poop. I looked in the toilet and there were two small piles of poop with different shades of brown, so I guess both kids had to unload. At home, my little brother usually doesn't flush, so he did not flush. Any way, I sat down and one real long turd came out followed by a small one. The large one kind of curled around the two piles. I wipe my butt (it was a clean dump, only need to wipe once and also no crap came off). So I flushed. About halfway through the flush, the flushing stopped and the water level kept rising (everything went down the hole in the bott! om. It rose almost to the level of top of the bowl. After that it slowly drined while my brother and I washed our hands. By the time we were done, the water level went back to normal. When we came out, a kid I go to school with said what took so long (we were there only about 3 minutes)? I said that I had to take a dump. He said that he had to crap too. I guess he was in for surprise. I just hope he did not flush while he was sitting down.

I'm 14 years old and I've been reading the posts here for some time now. A lot of the stories are awesome, and I think this forum is really cool.

Casey - I think that putting soap up your butt hole is safe. From what I've heard the way it works is that it irritates your bowels, causing your muscles to contract and push out all the poop. But I wouldn't do that too often.... I myself have never done that when I've been constipated. I used to get suppositories and enemas, and had to take mineral oil when I was younger and couldn't poop for several days, but now I hardly ever get constipated anymore. I usually take a dump once every day. About pooping in your underwear, I have done that in the past, but only by accident, never on purpose. I think it would be fun to try, but it would be a mess to clean up. When I was 8 or 9 and had accidents in my underwear, my mom made me wash it out myself, by hand. That wasn't fun. How do you clean out your underwear? Your shower trick for getting water up your butt sounds cool, I will try that and let you know how it goes.
I like your stories a lot, keep posting more!

kid - Are you male or female? I know the feeling of crapping yourself at school. It only happened to me once, in pre-school, so I don't remember all the details of that, but I know how embarassing it can be... But it almost happened to me again last year. I had a stomach flu and had to shit badly, a few squirts had already come out in my underwear already. Well I ran to the bathroom the first chance I got, but when I got there I saw these guys who were bullies sort of loitering in the bathroom, they had often teased me before. I knew that if they heard me having diarhea in a stall that they would make fun of me most probably, so I decided to hold it in cause the school day was almost over. So I was able to hold it in till I got home, and sat down on the toilet as soon as I got there. Man what a relief it was. As for my underwear, I cleaned it myself at the sink, wasn't too much of a mess that time.

I like the new picture. She looks as though she's enjoying a serious poo and there'd plenty of paper in the holder for her use.

Anne (the bus driver). Monday evening. I've just been for a big dump and done a huge panful. I counted at least six sausages of various lengths although I think the longest (about four of then) were about six inches long each. As is often the case when doing a panful like that, I'd just come from work and had my tea. Somehow the main meal seems to act as a natural stimulant. I'd be interested to know if you've ever had a particularly enjoyable lunchtime poo on your day off. If you had to pick a favourite time of day for having a motion, when would it be?

Did anyone see Cold Feet last night? There was a really funny bathroom scene where someone was in the bath and their house guest needed a #2.

mr. noname
I'm new here, but I've been a reader of the posts on this site for over a year and a half. I think it's great that so many people can share their thoughts about going to the toilet. Great site, keep it up!

I really enjoy reading about all the women who have big dumps. I had a girlfriend once who used to make really big ones, and I found it a real turn on., especially when she couldn't quite flush them.

I have a question for Mia. Just how big are your dumps? I mean, how many inches in diameter? By the way you describe them, they must be a good 2-3 inches wide!

To Kimberly and Scott: great posts! Just how wide are yours, Kimberley?You usually say the length, but not the width.

That's all for now. Perhaps I'll post more later.

To The unnamed poster: About going to the bathroom at camp, and saran wrap was on the toilet. That must have not have been good and a mess to clean up.

To Kevin: I liked your story about having to poop during your socoer tournament.

To Casey: About filling your butt up with water, it sounds cool. I want to try it!! Darn i finished my shower about an hour ago. How does it feel?? Afterwards do u have to poop???

To the person who started with the male celebs, i've got a few stars to add.....
Nick Carter(Backstreet Boys)
Johnathan taylor thomas
Leoardo Dicapri

Last night i was out and had a soft buttery pretzle well any way i get home and i was on here then it was time for bed and i had to poop, it was soild and a bit soft. Then i went to bed and woke up and i had to go to work. When i woke up i was a bit gassy then i go to work and im like i've got to shit, i started to go ahead but then people were in the other room near the bathrooms and i decided to hold of. Then im preparing lunch and i had to shit like crazy, i couldn't hold it and i thought i would have to ask for coverage while i went to shit. But it didn't happen. I ended off holding off till we were done. Then i go and someone was in the bathroom and i went to the other bathroom that is upstairs. I shitted and it was all loose and watery and there was corn in there. I wiped like 6 times.

I had been reading all these stories (lurking) and I thought that it was about time that I finally posted.
I went Biloxi,Miss for a church conference for 3 days and 15 min in to the trip back to Atlanta,Ga(I live in Atlanta) I a sudden urge to do pee. I asked the driver to stop at the next exit and the the next exit was about 5 miles away and we were on a 2 mile long bridge! Bad news for me because I knew that I was not going to make it. So 2 miles after I decided to let go and I let loose a torrent of pee in my pants for about 30 secs and I still wasn't done. After we got off the bridge. The driver pulled onto the shoulder and I had peed for 10 secs. After that we stopped at the next exit and I changed clothes. 30 mins after that I had a strong urge to pee once again! (And I didn't consume anymore liquids!) The driver pulled to the shoulder of the road and I barely made it! I peed for 10 more secs. And I bladder was finally empty!

Hi again, everyone.
I woke up really early this morning (around 5:00 AM) and needed a poop. So I left my dorm room, padded down the silent corridor, and into our large bathroom. There's just one sink, but there are 6 toilet stalls. I went into my favorite one, the third one from the door. For a while, I was embarrased by having to use that bathroom because we're not supposed to close the door to the room at all. I never understood that rule. Guys are allowed in our dorm, but they must be escorted by the person they're visiting. So presumably, they wouldn't get a chance to come into our bathroom because they have one near the lobby just for the guy visitors. Anyway, so the door to the bathroom was open. I usually don't make much noise when pooping, but this morning I let out a good loud fart. Problem was, it was really loud. And since it was 5:00 AM, it was completely silent in our hall. ASomeone at the other end of the hall could have heard it, since that bathroom echoes anyway. ! How embarrassing! Luckily, no one was up yet.

Two years ago, I came the closest to having an accident in my adult life (I was 22 at the time) than I ever have. I had the great experience of traveling to India with a young Indian couple who live in America. Anyone who has ever been to India knows that public restrooms are not nearly as common there as they are in the West, particularly on the road. Well, one morning, the girl and I took an early bus ride to Dehli, and I didn't get a chance to pee before we left. After about an hour, I started to need a bathroom. It was at least another hour before the bus made a stop, and then it was at a station where we had to hurry to catch our transfer bus, so I didn't even have time to look for a toilet. I was a little distressed, but what could I do? We rode for about an hour, and my discomfort worsened. Another hour passed, and I was starting to feel desperate. I finally mentioned it to the girl I was traveling with, but she tried to reassure me that it wouldn't be much longer. It t! ook at least another hour, though, probably longer. I needed to pee terribly bad. I've never felt that kind of pain in my bladder any other time, and I was afraid I was actually going to wet my pants on the bus. However, I tried to focus my attention on other things (which was easier because of the fascinating sights we were passing) and I willed myself to hold on until we reached our destination. I was thankful I didn't wet myself. I think that if ever it could happen, it would have happened then. This makes me curious- For those of you who have wet your pants, was there a point at which you actually lost control, or did you give into the urge for that much needed relief?
I have many more bathroom stories fomr this trip to tell which I will share next time.

Monday, November 13, 2000

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim. firstly TO JOANNE-Iloved your post. and thanks for liking mine. when you do your logs in the school locker room do you ever get naked in there so the other girls can see you(And maybe get a buzz from it) or do you just have logs nude at home? plus do you leave your logs in the pan so that other girls can see? I have my huge logs nude in public places and at home and i often leave my log in public places so that others can see them. at home I only let my boyfriend scott see em. just curious about what you do?.keep posting!PLUS LINDA GS-I also liked your posts too. forgive me you sound like a nice girl but you sound so defensive when you say you crash out huge logs like mine all the time! forgive me when i talk about my huge logs i am not bragging about it. i am just telling everyone about it.THIS IS NOT A CONTEST DEAR ON WHO CRASHES OUT THE BIGGEST LOGS OK HONEY? and by the way my logs are usually a foot to my current biggest that 21 incher i talked a! bout. just curious dear what is the range of your logs? and please i dont mean to be nosy How old are you?I am just curious when you said when you reach my age! - i am 21.(I know I am older then you,kendal, and lawn dogs kid but i am not a grandma yet!far from it- seeing my gorgeous face with a mane of blond hair and super-women body should attest to that! bye now . scott and i like your stories!!forgive me if this post sounds harsh.IT IS DEFINETLY NOT MEANT TO BE!bye LINDA GS

wash your hands!
In Waukesha, Wis, 30 children have taken ill, for seriously, when a sick kid contaminated a self-service food bar with E. Coli. The four most seriously ill are being treated for hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can lead to kidney failure,long term health problems or death.
All of this could have been avoided if the kid had washed his hands.
From what I've heard, the cramps from fod poisoning are unbearable.

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