So last night I went out out to dinner and a movie with some friends. We ate at this amazing Italian place and after dinner, we all got cappacinos. I don't drink coffee very often and I dont think my system could really handle it because on the way to the movie theater, my stomach started to really gurgle. I let out a couple silent farts and luckily the windows were open because it was a really nice night. I felt better, but as I stepped out of the car, I got a really intense cramp and let out another fart. Unfortunately it was a prepooping fart and I knew that I had to find a bathroom quickly. I'm really shy about my pooping and I hate going in public places, especially when my friends are around, so I told them I would meet them inside and ran to the bathroom. Of course, bathrooms at movie theaters always have incredebly long lines, so I knew I would have to wait. As I was standing in line, I let out a couple more farts, but I dont think anyone noticed because I think a few ! of the other women in line were doing the same. All of a sudden, my friend Liz rushed up to me and asked if she could go first because something she had eaten didn't agree with her. I let her go in front of me, but even so, she let out a fart and I could tell it was a wet one. Two stalls opened up at the same time so we both rushed in. I heard her let out wave after wave of liquid poop. Even though I am shy, that helped me feel better and I let out a huge amount of soft poop. I finished up after about five minutes, but she was still going. After I wiped and flushed, I knocked on her stall. She told me to go ahead without her, she just gets the runs sometimes from too much rich food. She eventually came into the theater about a half hour later. Anyway I often have to poop after drinking coffee, does anyone else have that problem? I hope everyone liked my story!

Once when I was away at camp we had been playing practical jokes all week. I like practical jokes except when im the victim. That night for dinner we had a chefs special. Later that night my stomach was feeling pretty gassy so I bolted out of there and ran to the bathroom. I barely made it and i sat down and let it go. Suddenly, I felt the warm squishy poop flow down my legs and all over the floor. I jumped up to realize that someone had put clear saran wrap under the toilet seat so when someone had to pee they would pee all over themselves. Well this wasnt pee and it was everywhere. It took about a week for the smell to go away and the counselor even got sick trying to clean it up.Unfortunatley I had the diarrhea all week long.

To Lizzie (college gal): I always enjoy reading your stories. Sorry to hear about someone else spying on you; it must not have been too fun, especially since you seem to value your privacy while in a public restroom. On a few instances, including just the other day in my previous posting, a little girl or boy was standing just outside my stall door trying to get a peek through the crack. I figured they were just curious, so it didn't bother me. I haven't experienced anything similar to what you have, Lizzie.

Mike D.: Here are my answers to your questions:

1) How much time do you spend taking a dump? On average, I spend about 5-10 minutes doing a bowel movement. If I'm reading something interesting, I may spend 15 minutes. I try to finish more quickly in a public restroom.

2) What is the texture of your poop? In a normal BM, my poop is firm, sometimes hard. However, on occasion I may push out soft poop, which usually happens when I have a massive BM. It is very rare that I would have runny poop.

3) What is the size of your load? Normally, I poop about 3-4 medium size and firm pieces. On some of my more massive pooping sessions, I will often flush the toilet while seated in order to alleviate the smell or prevent the toilet from clogging. I estimate those loads to be two dozen normal logs or a pile half way below the water line.

4) Do you leave a mild odor or drop real stinkers? Sometimes I leave a mild or no lingering odor, while at times I can leave real stinkers, especially on massive poops or when I had farted a lot.

Additional notes: Presently I have relatively small pooping sessions normally, though I'm still capable of producing an occasional massive BM. However, during my last two years in high school and my college years, I had very large bowel movements more frequently.

To Kiki

I read somewhere that the scene you talk about in Beloved is genuine.
Apparently Oprah had to drink ten cups of water to achieve the effect.

Hi I'm a 14 year old and I remember one time in the second grade when
I had the stomach flu and I crapped myself in class. Everyone was teasing me all week long. I was very embrassed. Does anyone else have a story like this?

Today I was playing in a soccer tournament. After the first game, I had to take a dump. My games were played on school grounds, so the school's bathroom were open. I went in. A soccer coach was standing outside one of stalls. The other was being used. I went into the unoccupied stall and tried to close the door. Unfortunately, the door wouldn't stay close, so I went back out. Then the old coach said, "Why do you think I am standing here?" When the kid in the stall was finished, the coach said to me, "Don't worry, I poop fast." He was right, in about 90 seconds, he was done. While the old was dumping, two other boys got in line behind me. Thena father with his 3 year kid got in line. WHile I was dumping (only two bug turds, took about 2 minutes, they were big, so they slid into the water without making a splash), the little kid said "Dad, I can't wait." So the dad took the kid to the stall with the door that didn't close. The dad said, "I have to do that too." When I was done,! I went over and washed my hands. Sure enough, on the way out of the bathroom, the dad was sitting on the toilet with his kid standing there. I guess he really had to go too.

robert, i would like you to tell us you're stories as my only real accidents happend when iwas 14 and 15 - your age

Hello everyone. I was pleased that some of you liked what I wrote, and I hope Robert will tell us of his experiences. Hi to Garrett too.
Kendal, glad we've something in common but when I said Peter (that's not his real name because I don't want him to know this is me) watches me I meant when I am desperate for a wee and thats when he does things to delay me going to the toilet and he sometimes tickles me to make me wet myself.
I don't know if I want him seeing me on the toilet but there's a boy at school who I sit next to sometimes in the last lesson before lunch and I'm dying to wee who seems to be very interested and I am thinking of letting him in on my secret. Then he could see me wee outside in my knickers, I think he would like that because he watches me jiggling about in my seat and putting my hand between my legs when I really am about to burst.
The main reason I don't go to the school loos is that my freind Suzy says the boys sometimes go in there and look under the doors, stuff like that.
It's also that I am embarrassed to be seen going to a toilet like last month when I was a bridesmaid at my Aunties wedding and I was the only one on the wedding photos with my hand between my legs, how embarrassing! I had a long pink dress on and after the photos I wet my knickers, it filled my shoes and they made squelchy noises! It didn't show on my dress luckily!
Me and Suzy go shopping on Saturday afternoons and always need to wee, we both find it fun to wee in different places so one we did it in a shop in one of those changing cabins. We went in together and watched each other. We like to see each other wee in our knickers too and its exciting to wee where there are other people and they don't know we are doing it!
Thats all for today, lots of love, Nicole.

This is my first post.i just discoverd the site and think it's great.

I have read some of the old posts and i realy like Kim's and the way she talks about crashing out her logs,i also love the feeling of being on the toilet naked and droping my poops,at my High School in our locker room we have four stalls,two with doors and two without and i have no problem with takeing a sh** in the doorless one if i have to.

Last week i had to poop and went directly to the open stall after i showerd and sat my big round ass on the bowl and all i had on was a towel wraped around my hair and as soon as i sat my log started out with a loud fart and my friend Kelly was in the stall next to me also pooping and we talked as we did our business and smelled up the locker room and it's was a real buzz for me as other girls walked by and said hi or just ignored me out of embaresment i guess.

One day i'll get up the nerve to poop in front of my boyfriend,he's 17,one year older then me and i think he'd like to watch,i'll let you know.

I really enjoy this site. I've been reading this site for several weeks now. I thought I was the only person interested in watching and listening to other people shitting. When I was younger I used to watch people shit but it was a rare because of the fear of getting caught. This was done in school. I think it is fascinating becuase for me it's a turn on especially if it's a female. The aroma of someone's shit is also pleasurable. I would like to have the chance to do it again. Since this is my first time writing on this site, I will open up more. I would like to chat with people who have an interest in this.

Linda GS
Yeah well I was justing being silly when I told that to the teacher. Plus I felt soooooo good after pooping.. I could have been shot in the arm with a harpoon and not have felt it, so I guess it was just the heat of the moment. Also cause now that I remember and think about it..I blush like crazy. ^-^

Why do some girls have hang ups about using public bathrooms? Cause some of us girls feel that going to the bathroom shouldn't be THAT public.

I do Kim-style logs all the time.. no telling how big and bad they will be when I'm her age. I hope I never find out.

Who is Kendal? She is MY best friend and Lawn Dogs Kid's sweet little cousin. Talk to her.. you'll see she's very posh. (giggles)

Anne (Bus Driver)England
Heh thanks for feeling for me, but I'm polite enough to NOT use their bathrooms for that.. I'll wait till I get home..or I'd just wait till I'm about to leave..go in there and do my thing.. then it if gets clogged..I say well must be going home BYE.. and dart out the door. Thanks for the story as well.

Kendal and Andrew (Much shorter to just write your name)
Thanks you two.. but hey I'll wait. But enjoy this funny story. I went to the bathroom this morning.. needed to pee badly. (We had breakfast at this place and like most resturants.. they just keep refilling and refilling my glass of iced tea.. and me being too polite to say anything just drink it.) Anyway I pulled down my lilac undies (glares at Andrew) and sat. As I peed up a storm I was playing gamboy.. then my cousin pokes his head in and goes HEY!! Give me back my silver!!!! I got you gold so you could leave mine alone!!(Ironicly yeah he got me pokemon gold.. guess he feels I'm gold too) Anyway this scared me and I dropped the gamboy.. as my luck would have it it feel straight and right between my legs..oh the splash and horror it would have been had I not squeezed my thighs together and barely caught it. Whew. I got after my cousin and told him he wasn't allowed to just walk in anymore.. he now had to knock. he told me.. and who's bathroom is this again? I said Elena'! s!! (It's true we all live in her apartment at her aunt's condo) Anyway hope everyone had a great weekend.
P.S. Mr. person in charge.. I'm sorry about picking on you about the posts.. just.. well didn't see anyhting wrong and it felt you were just picking on me. I'm sorry. Oh and your post.. thanks for showing me why you're the moderator of this site.. and not writing Dr. Suess books.[giggles]

Plunging Plop Guy
DONNY,Good to read what you said about enjoying a good splash when you drop a turd.That is my BIG turn-on and I always hope any guy I'm listening to is getting his arse well-splashed and enjoying it!
I like to use strong toilet paper that sounds really loud when you're wiping your arse with it and the sounds of it being torn off the roll are great and really carry.Anyway this sort of paper is good for wiping a wet arse as it doesn't disintegrate like the soft paper.Try it if you can get it if only for the sound effects!

I'll try and think of a few young guys I'd love to see sitting on a toilet,BRAD.I too love to see and hear a guy covering the toilet seat with his jeans and pants down,determined look on his face as he grunts,farts and plops loudly.With me ,however,it's mostly people I see every day especially young guys in tight jeans riding bikes.I often find I'm seeing the same ones every day and I think a well-muscled arse on a bike saddle looks terrific.

RAY I too wonder why the powers that be inflict embarrassment on men sitting on toilets in full view of people in the corridor outside the toilet.To be on full view of other men on the toilet is one thing and enjoyable to quite a few of us and others who would like the chance,but to be exposed to women passing by the door or anyone else who may or may not want to see a guy on the toilet seems to indicate that the designers of the toilet layout,architects,or the school governors are trying to make the use of such toilets as off-putting as possible.For students,male or female to have to ask and await permission from the teacher,and then feel uncomfortable when they use it I think is very humiliating and a violation of the rights of young men and women that at least wouldn't be tolerated in Britain with its taboos and fear of references to toilet functions!
I'd love to use and share in the use of American toilets but as regards High School toilets,some respect and consideration for students is needed.
In Britain,the toilets in public parks were especially hidden away to avoid the embarrassment of people going to use them and there was often a lot of shrubbery to conceal the building.Once inside and this is very common and still is the case in the majority of public conveniences-There is a wall or partition as soon as you enter to prevent anyone outside being able to see anyone using either the urinals or the cubicles(supposing the door was still open)
So we have the best and worst of things here!No shitting on show to others in there,but no observation possible to people outside either!

Thanks JUSTIN for your reply to my comments and yes I certainly realise the potential dangers of being caught looking over the partition when a guy's sitting on the next toilet.Even when I've been in conversation with someone as we've been shitting and on rare occasions expressed an interest,and I've invited him to watch me as I shit or he's said I can look over;I realise someone else might just happen to notice and decide to intervene in some way.
Not that that is something anyone needs to do where you live with the culture of openness!

Graffiti I can remember seeing written on toilet walls includes the following-"xxxxx and xxxxx (16 and 17) come in here every day for a shit.Try it with a friend-it's great!"
" I like to hear men in the next cubicle pull their pants down sit on the toilet and the sound of the splashes"

These are very rare to see as the majority of what I've read on toilet walls are of a very blatant sexual nature and I've sometimes seen a wall that's absolutely covered in messages and "adverts" and there are quite a number of toilets I've visited where shitting is a minority occupation and there is a lot of observation of men in the cubicles and at the urinals and not the sort of place to have a buddy-dump.Even in central London I' went into a toilet in a busy area where eyes were on me as soon as I went in!

Well'next time I'll describe some more positive events that have happened and in the meantime look forward to more of everyone's great posts.
Enjoy your shits everyone! PPG

Mr Mike - Where have you had the best dump? Any other adventurous shitters around?

kim & scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again but kim doing the talking...TO LIZZY(the college gal)-my boyfriend scott and i did enjoy your story. that lady was a bit perverted peeking in on you like that even though i had a little girl peeking in on me recently when i had a huge log. i think she was just curious and Idid not mind. but this older women who did it with you should know better. enjoyed your post keep em coming. TO MIKE D QUESTION ONE-on average it depends but i am usually sitting on the seat for at least ten minutes or longer. because i love to take my time pushing out huge logs and my boyfriend scott loves to watch me do it. so its over 10 minutes less then half an hour i guess?QUESTION TWO- my poop is usually thick,dark brown,very long and solid. my logs are usually between a foot long to the biggest i did which was 21 inches long. my logs are almost always huge,solid and long. QUESTION THREE-my logs are so big i usually fill the whole bowl.either with huge letter U ! shaped bowel movements or huge ramrod straight logs. QUESTION FOUR- it depends sometimes my shit is mild and sometimes it stinks up the whole joint but you would not even notice the smell mikey because you would be too busy looking at a cute,voluptous,naked blond girl squeezing a huge log out of her ass for you to care about any smell.(I shit nude on the toilet) i think the smell would be the last thing you would be thinking about! TO MIA-I loved your story on your monster 16 inch log great. if ya dont mind can i ask you what you look like and maybe your age?(Dont answer honey if you dont want to.) i am just sound real nice! i am sure you know what i look like right?loved your post see ya later.PLUS KENDAL HI!! I know i am the "no busty shakeups and no trips to the gym gal" but i am the one who asked the moderator what is acceptable and they said i can still do my sexy posts but dont go too sexy with em. thats fair enough i think. and andrew(Lawn dogs kid) should ! not worry if one post isnt taken in. his next one probably would be taken in. keep posting you two. scott and i really like you guys. we think you are a lot of fun. really!!haha!well thats all for now. keep up the good posts everyone .and if their is anybody on this site or just reading this site who wants to ask scott or i a question never be afraid to ask ok? bye now. from kim and scott

Mike D, in answer to your questions:-

1. On average, how much time does it take for you to take a dump?

Answer Depending if its easy or hard anything from 5 to 15 minutes from pulling down my knickers and sitting on the pan to pulling them up again, fixing my skirt, washing my hands and leaving the toilet

2. What is the texture of your poop(i.e. is it hard, firm, soft, runny, etc)?

Answer. Usually hard to firm. A bit knobbly the begin with then usually becomes smoother. If I pass two jobbies, the first one will be harder and lumpier than the second which will be smooth. Im lucky that I very seldom suffer from loose or runny stools.

3. What is the size of your load( i.e. do you fill the bottom of the bowl, half the bowl, of the entire bowl)?

Answer. If it comes out as one big panbuster as very often happens, say a fat log of 14 to 16 inches long this will often stick up for the last 4 or 5 inches out of the water (a beacher) and thus stick up out of the bottom of the pan. If I do two jobbies, say a 12 incher and a 6 incher these will fill the pan especially if they lie side by side. If Im constipated and pass a load of big balls these too fill the bottom of the pan.

4. Do leave a mild odor or drop real stinkers?

Answer this depends what I have been eating and drinking. Usually my motions dont make a strong smell, just the typical odor of a healthy solid formed stool a bit like a strong dry fart. My husband says the smell is not at all unpleasent and he always accompanies me to the toilet at home when I do a motion if he is there. If I eat curried eggs or the likes then the smell is quite powerful to say the least! I also once drank a couple of pints of Draught Guinness. Now this didnt have the laxative effect some people suffer, but I have a cast iron constitution, as they say. What did happen was that next day I did a big easy long fat black jobbie which stunk to high heavens, even I quickly wiped my bum and got out afterwards! Did it stink! I had to burn Joss Sticks in the toilet to kill the pong and of course it was too big to flush away. It took a couple of buckets of water down the pan to shift the monster. I noticed a similar smell and black colour to my motions when I was o! n Iron tablets a while back.

I hope this answers your questions, Mike D

Mia, that was a nice big one you did. I do them this size too, panbusters as I call them, difference is I usually leave them for others to see when they stick, or if at home throw a bucket of water down to dislodge them if they wont go away after a few flushes.

From reading this Forum it amazes and pleases me how many men enjoy listening to or seeing a woman doing a poo, it must be one of the most common fixations.

Hey Guys, I did it again! I pooped my pants! I took off all my clothes but my Fruit Of The Loom underwear. Then I sat on the toilet, with my underwear still on, and pushed. I sit on the toilet cause itz easier for my poop to come out that way. It formed a big ball in my pants. My bottom got all poopie! It was cool! And I know Ive asked before, and I have gotten mixed responses. Is soap harmful? I mean, is it alright to stick a little up my bottom hole to make me poop? Or is it unsafe? thanks!

Buzzy - The way I get water up my butthole is: Go into the shower. Get down on your knees, and put your face on the shower floor. Then take your hands, and lightly spread your buttcheeks apart. Then, wit water running on your bottom, push really hard, like you were going poop, for 5 seconds. Then slowly stop pusing, and wather will fill your bum, cause it has an open entry way. Itz really cool! Try it and tell me what it felt like!


Anne (the bus driver). Thanks for your latest post. That 14 inch jobbie certainly sounds like a whopper, especially as you needed three flushes to get rid of it. Wow I wouldn't have minded watching! I take your point about only going 4 or 5 times a week. I didn't think you went any oftener because of what you've said on previous occasions and the sheer size of some of your panbusters. If you're comfortable with that and it's not causing you any discomfort, fine. It would naturally worry me if your habit of missing some days was bunging you up or making you feel uncomfortable.

In answer to your questions, I usually have at least two motions a day. It perhaps for that reason that they're seldom very impressive - at least by comparison with yours. I had a poo after lunch today (Saturday) and did a seven incher followed by another one of about 3 inches long. Both were about 1/2 to 2 inches thick. I'll probably have another motion before retiring for the night. I'm interested in women needing to 'go' for either #1 or #2 and either having accidents or only just getting there in time.

So far as profession is concerned, I work in an office where I have ready access to facilities (it's a unisex loo). I have to go for a #1 quite often at work as I drink rather too much coffee whilst there. Mostly I only ever do #2 at home.

Saturday, November 11, 2000

To Brad: You compiled a great list of celebrities for the "Celebrity Shitters' Hall of Fame." Other celebrities who should be in the hall of fame are Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater and George Clooney. I agree that seeing any of these guys and the guys on your list taking a dump would be real cool!

tung lov
i shit.i pee.i go to the shitter.i'll be back in a few minutes.
oh so once i was at baseball practice.i felt like i need to shit but there was no place nearby.i waited.then the shit got serious.the only place was about 4 blocks away across a field. i ran all the way , holding my asshole as tight as possible.just as i got to the building where i could shit i lost it.shit a big turd in my underwear.i hobbled into the bathroom and sat down.i shit the rest of my shit but i had a bunch of crap stuck to my underwear.what to do???well i couldnt see throwing my unders away so i pulled em back on shit and all.i walked back to practice and got my ride home.i sat on my history book trying to hide the fact i shit myself.everyone figured it out.cold as hell but all the windows were book got a big brown stain.i threw my underwear away when i got home.

Just thought I would give this sight some quick honorable mention, I love the forum, the masthead, and the great stories. My recent favorite has been you HILLARY, I love the play-by-play, or rather the plop-by-plop coverage, it brings a personal prospective to the cyber toilet experience, kudos all and happy purging ~s~


Brad: Your list of celebrities who you would like to see taking a dump is real cool! I agree with all of them. I'd like to add Rob Lowe to your list. I sure would like to see him on the crapper. Incidentally, two of the guys on your list are seen taking a dump in movies. I remember Mark Wahlberg taking a dump in a movie - I think in "Basketball Diaries"? Also Devon Sawa is seen taking a dump in "Final Destinations." His buddy Todd persuades him at the airport that they should both take a shit before a 7-hour transatlantic flight. We see them from above on the toilet in two adjacent stalls. It's not as good as the real thing, but Devon Sawa looks real cool sitting on the crapper. I'd also like to watch Jason Priestley taking a shit.

This just happened tonight. while driving back from a resturant with my new girl friend, jen said she needed a bathroom, i asked if she could wait and ahe assured me she could.

Well we got back to my place, and i said i was going to take a shower,now as i was showering jen of course sat on the toilet and all of a sudden i heard her pee splashing in to the toilet, and then a loud fart and a steady plop plop of poo dropping into the water.

She then wiped at least four times, flushed and left, i quickley got out of the shower and mmmmmmm i could smell her aroma and looking into the toilet a few skid marks left on the bowl. Next morning as she was putting on her panties i noticed skid marks in her light blue panties.

Lizzy (college gal)
Hi again to everyone here at this wonderful forum! Things are going well for me here at school and I am anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving vacation. Hope everyone else is doing fine too. Well, the story I have for you gals and guys today is about something that happened to me this very morning; I just had to write about it a.s.a.p.
This story begins last night when I went into the bathroom to take my nightly shower. Remember, in my building there is one bathroom for every two rooms. Anyway, when I entered the bathroom I looked down at the toilet and noticed that the water in the bowl was very low and there was toilet paper in it. Meaning that one of the other girls had clogged up our one and only toilet, again. This didn’t worry me yet because I usually have my bowel movements when I get up in the morning anyway. So I just peed down the shower drain and after my shower I was done in there for the night. This morning I woke up with that special urge deep in my ???? as usual that means I am do for a good, deeply satisfying dump, a feeling that I just love. Unfortunately upon entering the bathroom I noticed that…the toilet is still broken! I was so disappointed, but I went on holding it in. I washed up, brushed my teeth and all that good stuff then decided to leave for my morning math class ! early, so I could go have my dump in the food court at the quadrangle and get some last minute studying in for my math quiz. It was still early so I assumed it would be fairly empty. I trudged all the way there and was absolutely horrified to see that BOTH ladies rooms were closed for cleaning. This was certainly not shaping up to be a good day. I went back to holding it in and went to find a seat to start studying. After about 20 minutes I knew class was going to start soon so I went to try the ladies room again. Success! It was open. I walked past the row of sinks and took the handicapped stall on the far side of the room. There were four stalls and two of them were missing doors and there was a girl using the stall adjacent to the handicapped stall so I had to take that one. Upon entering the stall I hung up my jacket and backpack on the hook that was on the door and pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees. I then sat down on the toilet with my legs spread a! tiny bit and preceded to begin my morning dump.
I was a little nervous because it was dead silent in the room and there was a girl using the stall right next to mine, but I swallowed my pride and began to push. She finished soon after that, flushed, and left. Right as she flushed, the soft stinky load just about flew out of my anus very quickly with soft splashing and crackling sounds. A mild smell wafted up to my nose. After that I peed a decent stream for about 10 seconds. It was then when I was still sitting there pushing to make sure I was done that it happened…
I saw an elderly women peeking into my stall. When I looked up and saw her she quickly walked away. I was absolutely mortified so I pulled my t-shirt down to cover up my privates. On top of that the perverted old woman repeated the heinous act 2 more times; I really wanted to just scream at her, I felt terribly embarrassed. I was in a rush to get out of there after that had happened. I tore a wad of paper off the roll while still seated. With the wad in hand, I pushed my pants and panties down all the way to my ankles and spread my legs as far as I could to get a look at my load. With the light shining down into the bowl I could see three soft turds floating around in the yellow water. Surprisingly the poop was a light green color. My one big turd had broken into three pieces, the triangle shaped tip had broken off early, then I could see a longer, kind of skinny turd of about six inches or so, and then another triangle shaped piece where the end had broken off a! nd dropped into the water last. After examining my droppings I remained seated and reached between my legs way back to wipe my butt. I examined the green streak on the paper, folded it and dried my wet vagina. Then I stood up to finish, it took five more wads to clean me up totally. Then I went to the sink to wash my hands and went on to class. Hope you all enjoyed my story! Bye for now.

Today was one of the most embarrising das of my life. I had just gotten off of work. From my job to my house it's about 45 minutes. Before I left work I had druk about 2 liters of water. I finally get on the highway and I get caught in traffic jam. After about 20 minutes I really needed to go to the bathroom. 5 minutes goes by I reall y need to go more. I'm still in traffic and i've been holding my urin about 25 minutes to a half an hour. Finally I get out of the traffic jam and I am speeding home. Finally I make it to my house, I'm cruising out of my car and open the door very quickly. As soon as I get to the first bathroom in my house but my son is using the bathroom. So I run downstairs to the other bathroom and my daughter is in that one. So I yell out and say hurry up christie reall need to use the bathroo. Then after about a minute my bladder gives in. My nice very white panties with flowers on them was soaking wet and yellow. My urin came running down my legs, My legs f! elt like I just got of of the shower feeling wet. urin was also running down to my socks, and my socks also turned yellow. My shoes were also wet. I must have peed on myself for 2-3 minutes. then I go upstairs Get anew pair of panties and clothes. I never felt so bad

Sara T.
Hope this isn't too weird to post (though I think I've seen weirder here in the past lol)
Today I had a lovely time peeing- I was going to try the sink like I've seen some others here have. However my sink is quite small and also there is no way to get on it (short of getting a stepladder and climbing up, then standing with my feet on the sink top and peeing that way- uncomfortable). Plus the sink is quite shaky and I can imagine telling the guy who has to fix it, "well I was sitting up here to pee, and it pulled out from the wall!" no thanks, spare me that embarrasment! So I got one of my old shirts (one I wear to dye my hair), folded it up and put it on the bathroom floor. I then sat down and peed on it. I had to finish up in the toilet though because I didn't want to pee through it onto the floor.

Mike D.
I really enjoy the sight and sound of a woman pooping, and the bigger the load the better. Having said this, the following the questions are aimed at the women of this sight.

1. On average, how much time does it take for you to take a dump?

2. What is the texture of your poop(i.e. is it hard, firm, soft, runny, etc)?

3. What is the size of your load( i.e. do you fill the bottom of the bowl, half the bowl, of the entire bowl)?

4. Do leave a mild odor or drop real stinkers?

All of your reponses are greatly appreciated. Also, are there any women on this sight who live in the Portland, Oregon area ? If so, please let me know. Until next time, happy pooping.

hi my name is (uknown) well i am the kind of person who doesn't get usually get embarassed of going to the bathroom until i was camping with my friends and my girlfriend and the bathrooms were all nasty!
i couldn't do anything but trying to hold it as much as i can! well i kept it for two days until i said i will hid somewhere and poo and i will wipe my self with whatever leaves and stuff i find. anyways i did hide but i thought to take my friend mark to cover up and tell me if someone coming. anyway i undid my pants, pulled of my underwear and an explosion just came out! it took me like 30 minuts! anyways i was cleaning myself and here comes all the girls and my girlfriend.
mark told me quik but it wasn't too quick i guess. they were all laughing at me taking a dump. my girlfriend dumped my from the embarassment. thanx for readin and please write to me on

Why do so many females have hangups about taking a dump in a public restrom?

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