Hi! I've been so busy at work I haven't been reading the posts for a couple of weeks, and I don't remember the last time I posted a story. There's not much to report lately, as my pooping sessions have been fairly regular and normal. There was one time last week that I had one of those days where I didn't feel very well in the stomach all day. Even though I made my usual trips to the ladies room to pee, I didn't have enough urge to poop. I had gone to work early, so I was able to leave the office a little early that day. I was starting to have an urge to poop, but I thought I could make it home in time to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there were a couple of unusual stretches of heavy traffic on the way home. Meanwhile, the urge was building up to the point where I had to stop by someplace.

I was approaching the medical building where my dentist's office is. Though I just had an appointment a few weeks ago, I decided to stop there, since it was relatively quiet and the ladies rooms were clean. I quickly got to the floor where my dentist's office was located and headed for the ladies room. I went into a stall, lifted my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and panties, and sat. I pushed out a thick solid piece of poop that started to splash into the toilet before as it was still coming out. Once it did, it was quickly followed by a long continuous motion consisting of several very soft pieces of poop. By the time I was done with that wave, it was a full load, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I was just getting started.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and pushed out a huge load of soft (not runny) poop that was coming out in one continuous motion but was breaking up into several pieces as it hit the water. It was like a soft serve ice cream dispenser gone beserk. I farted loudly and pushed out another huge wave of soft poop, after which I flushed the toilet again. I continued to push out wave after wave of soft poop for another ten minutes, flushing four more times.

At that time, I was winding down and thought I was finally done. After pushing out a couple of medium size pieces, I started to get some TP when I felt another sharp pain and pushed out another wave of soft poop. At this time a mother and her little daughter had entered the room. They both peed and went to wash their hands. While the mother was washing her hands, her daughter came to my stall door and was looking through the crack. I could see her eyeball but continued to look straight ahead. Suddenly I unleashed a nasty wave of soft poop that lasted about 20 seconds, all while the little girl was looking in. Her mother pulls her out, telling her it wasn't nice to spy on people when they need their privacy. The little girl told her mother, "She's making doo-doo, and it stinks," as they left the ladies room. I flushed the toilet again, and this time I was done. After wiping several times and flushing a final time, I saw that I left some brown stains in the toilet ! bowl, at the bottom and at the water line. I felt much better and a couple of pounds lighter.

I was in the elevator just a few minutes ago, coming to work. It was just me and this attractive guy in his 30's wearing a suit. Then he farted - LOUDLY! He didn't react in any apology, no embarrassment...nothing! Then he got off at his floor. I thought it was great as I fart all the time, but very few people do. And no, his fart didn't smell!

I had another giant crap session. I sat down and began to push hard as this dry log slowly slithered out of my hole. Then it got stuck! I looked between my legs and saw about 12 inches of it hanging out. Oh no, I thought. I couldn't open myself wide enough to let it pass through. I tried rocking back and fourth, but it wouldn't budge. It was another big log consisting of dozens of round pieces. I grabbed a magazine and folded it into a tube. I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. I thought my head was going to burst from the effort. My legs were tremblng as I squeezed the magazine with the effort I was using to push out the giant log. My ring stretched wider and I yelped a little with the sensation. The log slid out another few inches and dropped into the toilet. I gave a sigh of relief. My face was red from effort and my body shaking from exertion. It was about 16 inches long!!! I had trouble flushing it so I took the toilet brush and broke it ! up.

Now I'm starting to do Kim-style logs!! I know how she must feel after crashing out monster logs.

Linda G.S.: Nice story! I can't believe your teacher asked you in front of your whole class if you had just pooped! I probably would have been inclined to answer yes too, seeing that you were already embarrassed.

I just had a nice dump a few minutes ago. Normally, I don't do big logs a whole lot, but I pounded out one this time around! I could have waited until I got home (I really don't like taking dumps in public restrooms very much), but my insides were hurting so I figured I'd better do it here at work. It was one of those that just laid vertically from the hole on up, about 10 inches long. I feel really good now! Funny thing was when I was washing and drying my hands, a Federal Express deliveryman came in as I was throwing my towel away and about to leave. We said a respectful "hello" to each other, and as I left, he went into the stall next to the one I just got out of. I bet he had to pound a big log out himself (ha ha)!

I gotta finish up some work before heading home. Keep the good stories coming!

well the most memorable time of desperation for me hapened a few yrs ago but i still remember it cos ive never been so close to the brink of peeing in my pants
it was last lesson at skool and i hate using the toilets at skool and i usually make it fine thru the day.but 2day i must have drank too much or something cos i found myself really busting to go!
anyway there was a lesson left and i remember having to sit down and try write all this info my teacher had written on the board.
anyway it was getting so urgent that i couldnt help but put my hand on my crotch trying to releive the pressure
i remember my friend sitting next to me noticing but she didnt say anything and i didnt really care at that point
anyway so this went on and by the end of the lesson i was so desperate i was actually shaking and sweating,the effort getting so large
anyway the hardest thing had to be when i realised i had to go to my car and wait for my sister to come out of the school and that was the most horrible torture of my life
i cant remember exact details but im certain i made it safely home and went straight to the bathroom
if theres anyone out there my age(18) who wants to get in2 contact email me cos i used to think i was alone with this fascination!

November 10, 2000....Toilet Diary Entry (9pm)

I'm on the pot right now......just comes the poop
plop....plop....kersloop....ahhhhhhhhh relief.
Wiping now....pulling up my panties and jeans.

My Brother got me a laptop computer for my birthday last week!!!
I've looked over his shoulder while he was surfing the web a few times and saw he reads this site a lot......I love this site and decided to be creative with my laptop and type up toilet diary entries as I'm going...........Until Next Time.......Peace and Love Hillary :)


I go to a Catholic HS, which used to be all boys. A couple of years ago, it started letting in girls. The girls bathrooms are new, but the guys bathrooms are the same old ones they always had, which have no doors on the stalls. We have the same problem, in beteen periods when the bathrooms are busy and the doors are open, girls in the hallway can see guys peeing and taking a dump. Once last year, I had to take a dump, so I'm sitting there with my pants down to my ankles and my shirt short of lifted up and one guy starts talking to another guy out in the hall and leaves the door wide open. This girl I sort of like passes by AND SEES ME ON THE TOILET! And she just kind of stands there looking at me for a minute. Then the guy realized what was going on and starts to laugh and says, "Sorry buddy" and closes the door. But meanwhile she got an eyeful and I heard she told her friends that she saw me taking a shit. Very embarrassing.

Hi, folks. How's it going?
I used to post here, but I'm using a different name now.
I stayed a couple weeks with some friends that live near my college. One afternoon, one of the guys and I were watching TV and talking, and he said he really had to use the toilet. So he got up and went to his room (both bedrooms in the apartment had bathrooms in them.) The walls in the apartment weren't really all that thin, but I was able to hear the ventilator when he turned it on. After a little while I heard one of those big booming farts, and it was really loud and clear. I could even tell how it echoed in the toilet bowl. It was really funny. After a while, when he came out, I asked him if he felt better. He laughed and said he did. I guess he sprayed some air freshener in there, because I was sleeping in his room and he was staying upstairs in a nother apartment, and I didn't smell anything later when I went to bed.
I'll post again later with a personal experience from that same visit.

This happened to me this week. I work in a hotel in an office. There are two toilets for us the "slaves", but the doors were painted two years ago and the signs are lost, so nothing shows which toilet is the ladies or the gents. No problem, the one with two stalls is for the ladies and the other one for the men. In the men's toilet there isn't a real stall, but a seat behind a door, it looks like a small room. There is an other room with the sink, so it's separated but there isn't much space at all, only for one person.
It was a busy day for everybody, and I could go for a pee only in the afternoon. I had a great relief after I've finished and just wanted to go out when the secretary rushed into the toilet and opened the door immediately. As she saw me she told sorry, but she had to go badly and the ladies toilet was occupied and I had to let her in immediately. As I mentioned there wasn't much space inside, so she had to step back. I saw she was really desperate and as she stepped back I heard a fart. She said: "Oh, it's too late!" and she pulled up her skirt, but it was really too late and I saw a bulge forming in her panties. She was totally frozen and she was unable to move even to pull her panties down. It was only a few seconds and I couldn't move just watching her as she messed herself. Suddenly she started peeing, but by now she could move and she sat on the toilet and peed there through her panties. She looked up at me and was in a panic. She asked me not to tell anyone what happ! ened. I promised her that I won't tell it anyone in the hotel. She told me it happens her often because there is always a lot of to do and she cannot get the toilet in time. She takes always some spare panties with and she asked me to take her bag to change her clothes. I took her bag from the office, thanks God noone saw me this time or else what could I tell him why I took the bag? As I got back the door was already locked and she didn't opened it wide just I could give her the bag. She thanked me again and I let her alone. It wasn't the first time I saw someone peeing or pooping but it was the most interesting one. I'll post some more stories later.
Go on with the stories!

I have to respond to Ray.

I consider finding a doorless stall a great find. I love seeing other guys in them, I like using then and I like the convesations that start and take place because there is no door.

I absolutely hate those restrooms, and they seem to always be mensrooms, where you can see what's going on from outside the bathroom. I've been to many bars, as well as other places, where there is a clear view to one or all of the urninals from outside the restroom. Luckily I have not run into your situation. I would have found another place to go. If you are going to see me on the toilet, then you have to be in the room to do it, not just outside the door. You are much bolder than I.

I'm still waiting for a womens restroom which offers a similar view from outside the restroom.

And while I'm at it... how does everyone feel about doorless restrooms, the kind with a short hall but no direct view into the room?

I've always thought it was a bit odd and uncomfortable but could never really figure out why, until... I was at a movie and went in for a piss after the movie. As I was leaving the room, another guy came in to use the toilet. While I was standing outside waiting for "the girl" (sorry ladies but you know it's true), I heard EVERYTHING he did, from cleaning the seat before sitting to the final flush. Every grunt, every groan, sigh, splash, fart... all of it. And he was not being noisy, the sound just carried.

Then later, I was in a hotel, nice hotel, with the same set-up, no door on the restroom. I walked by, not even by, just near. My eyes watered! Someone had taken a healthy and very ripe dump! The whole lobby smelled! For at least an hour!

Now I like to listen and I enjoy a good view but some sounds and smells belong locked up or at least separated. Hence the need for the door. Okay, that's the end of my soap box!

So... lots of great stories from guys! Let's keep it up Jordan, Jason, Kyle, Mike! All of you.

And hello to Drew of course!

- Steve

Greetings, All. Hello to all you regular people!

To PV, Hello again, and sorry for making you wait (ooo err!) so long before I had the opportunity to tell you what Louise and I saw last week.

It was an ordinary night. Hundreds of people were out in the pubs and clubs, socialising and inevitably becoming the worse for wear due to the drink. Tiresome as it is, there were scuffles among the youth element that always sour the atmosphere. As always, some of the aforementioned youths could be seen watering the sides of buildings to the disgust or amusement of any girls in the area. All typical stuff, nothing out of the ordinary, no surprises.
What was a surprise when we turned one corner into the busiest street was the sight of a teenage girl, I'd say 18 years of age, in the act of squatting and dragging her knickers down to her knees, when in the _middle_ of the road. Guess what she was about to do. Now I've seen plenty of women urinating, must be approaching 500 now, and then some. I have seen them doing it out in the street, or in the gutter, mostly (but not always) fairly discretely, but I have never ever seen one doing it in the middle of the road. It made men slow down, and their jaws dropped as the girl began washing the road surface with a powerful gusher. She seemed quite pleased with herself, as if she were fulfilling some long held ambition to do this. Louise looked on in sheer astonishment! This was something that she would never do, it was a degree (or several) beyond the semi-public alley pisses that she has a liking for. I would say it went much further than Louise's public urination on the Spani! sh beaches. The girl who was performing for this large audience did not appear overly intoxicated on anything but the attention she was now getting. Police arrived just as she was finishing, pee trails spreading and running away to both sides of the road. It was obvious that they were as astounded, really, as the rest of us, and I think they had some difficulty keeping straight faces when deivering a stern-as-they-could-manage lecture before sending her on her way. Louise was quite speechless. For once there was simply nothing to say! As for me, I thought I had seen it all!

I realise I still need to write a proper reply to your most recent post on the subject of Louise and her friend Jackie. Yes, I will do that in the coming week, work permitting, and until then I would like to wish you well. If you go to the beach, remember your sunscreen, won't you?



Hi everybody.I'd just like to start by saying that I'm a fourteen year old male and i've been reading here for almost 9 months. i would just like to say to Nicole your not alone I've hadd similar experiences and that I'd like to hear more of your's

AARON- Yes, I have peed in pools before. I usually do when I'm too lazy or cold to remove myself from the pool.

LIFEGUARD- While I agree that urine does screw with the Ph of a pool, the urine itself it actually sterile. So a drink of pee, while tasting gross, is actually unharmful.

KENDAL- Every day I read your name in these posts. Who are you? I'm lost!

love you all!

Ray: I'm also a high school student and saw your post about the restroom at your school. We have a similar one with four doorless stalls and about 8 urinals. The door to the restroom opens on the area where the sinks are so that people outside in the hallway cannot see guys pissing or shitting. I agree that it is probably not a good idea for girls in the hallway to be able to see guys shitting or pissing when the door opens, but I would not be too worried about it. Our restroom is a real friendly place. During breaks, all four stalls are often occupied by guys shitting with their pants around their ankles. I usually poop there after lunch and sometimes in the mornings. The urinals are right opposite the doorless stalls. When I am shitting, guys who I know often stop for a chat. Also, I often stop to speak to other guys while that are dumping. Most of the guys seem pretty cool about it. My advice to you is don't worry about who sees you wiping your butt. Remembe! r everyone does it and I don't think most guys would give it a second thought.

Ben in NY
Lifeguard- although I didn't really know about the kind of hazards peeing in a pool proposes in public places, I was merely reffering to a private pool, which was the original subject of the post I responded to. My fault for not specifying. But anyway, in a private pool where there's only going to be a couple of people, it is not hazardous, nor to human urine ever produce amonia.

Peace and love,

Yikes, I am under attack! Well, I am taking biology right now in school, and I know for a fact that human urine does not produce amonia. Whether an interaction between it and chemicals in a pool can produce amonia is beyond me, but it would have to form an amonia compound from simpler ones, because the human body does not produce amonia in urine. Not to say that it is never produced by the body itself though. Also, I was unaware that cat urine has amonia in it. Very interesting! Well, at least cats don't pee in our pools (unless some of you have really wierd cats!).

Peace and love,

Anne (Bus Driver)
Kevin, I havent, THANKFULLY!, ever done a poo in my panties while driving a bus or coach. I have done a jobbie in my knickers while driving my car to meet a friend at a Motorway Service Station.(see old posts). Briefly, there had been an RTA on the motorway and there was a large traffic jam. While square wheeled in the traffic I needed a motion and although it was solid I couldn't hold it in and it slid out into my knickers. I had pulled my skirt up at the back so it didnt get soiled, my knickers taking the burden. I phoned my friend on my mobile saying that I was held up in the traffic and didnt feel too well and cancelled the meeting. When the traffic moved again I merely turned back at the next interchange and drove home, and got showered and changed. Thankfully I was alone in the car and it was only a social meeting, nothing of any importance.

The closest I have come to doing a poo in my panties while driving a bus was once when I felt it come down but knew I was due to come off at the bus garage. Now as I drove to the last stop at the garage, there was a traffic hold up as a car had stalled. I felt the big fat turd push against my ring and it started to come out, what is sometimes called "getting the turtle's head" and I felt it touch cloth but thankfully it stopped there. When I got to the stop I was glad to see that the other driver was at the head of the queue so I handed over to him and went straight into the ladies toilet. Pulling down my pink panties I saw a large round brown mark in the seat where the jobbie had touched. I sat on the pan and it slid out, a fat log of about 9 inches KER-SPLOONK! followed by a 6 inch jobbie KER-SPLOOSH!. I then wiped my bum and changed my knickers for the spare pair I always carry in my bag, a white pair with blue flowers as I recall, and put the soiled pink pair in the ba! g to be washed.

Adrian, I have a days leave today, part of our rota, as also Friday as we have a rolling duty roster and will be working this weekend. Another big sauasage this morning when I got up at about 9.00am, had a cup of coffee, put the breakfast on and felt it slide down, so went to the toilet. I was wearing a pair of Black Sloggi Briefs. I sat on the pan, did a long hissing wee wee and as this tinkled to an end I felt the big easy jobbie slide out of my back passage with very little effort on my part and slip into the water with a gentle "flimp!". It was a beacher, a lovely big easy long fat sausage, light brown, smooth, a bit smelly, about 14 inches long. It took 3 flushes to get it to go away. For your information Adrian, I dont have a motion every day, say 4 or 5 a week . This doesnt bother me at all, when I need a jobbie I do it. Sometimes like this morning its an easy, formed, solid motion, at other times, it will be a bit harder and knobbly and take more effort to pass. ! Both types of motion are equally satisfactory to me whether big fat hard lump or big fat smooth easy sauasage. Im lucky that I very seldom have loose stools or the runs.

Linda GS, when I was at Primary School, about 10 years old, a similar incident occured. I needed a poo and asked to use the toilet. The teacher said yes , but be quick. I went down the corridor to the Girls Toilet. Now I was a bit constipated and it did take about 15 minutes to pass first some big hard balls then a lovely big fat jobbie. The toilet pans were smaller than the full sized type in one's home so the big jobbie stuck, (its a while ago now but I think it was about 9 inches long, lumpy amd fat). When I came back into the class the teacher remarked "Anne, you were away rather a long time?" The other pupils giggled as I replied "Sorry Miss, I needed a number two but I was constipated!" She went a bit red in the face and told me to sit down and read the pages I had missed, then do the exercises on the board. At the break one of the other girls went into the cubicle I had used and saw my fat turd still stuck in the pan. "Here Anne, did you do that big jobbie?" I quit! e happily replied that I had. Others had a look too . It didnt stop them from inviting me to their houses I have to say, and I did as I grew older do a panbuster in the toilets at a few friend's houses, but this didnt bother them in any way as a few of these girls did equally big jobbies. On one occasion in my teens I remember one classmate's young brother got quite excited on seeing the big brown whopper I had produced when it stuck in their pan.

Peeing in the swimming pool? Like vitually everyone I have done this when I have needed a pee while swimming. The filtration plant, massive volume of water and chemicals in most public swimming pools will easilly cope. I suppose if every swimmer was to piss at once then this would cause a large chemical reaction but that is unlikely to happen. I dont think many people would get dripping wet out of the pool to use the toilets just to pee. A motion of course is a different matter. I assume some swimmers, adult and kids have done a solid poo in their swimming costume or trunks. (Any stories?). I did once see a man have a nasty diarrhea accident in a swimming pool. He had obviously farted but what he had thought was wind (gas) turned out to be liquid stool. It permeated through his black swimming briefs and discouloured the water around him. Now a kid noticed this and as the horrible little *******s do he yelled this at the top of his voice. Life Guard blows whistle, lots of ! mad moves to get out of water, great embarassment to the man in question and I believe he was banned from that pool and they had to empty all the water. (I honestly would have thought that the filtration plant would have removed the greatly dissolved and diluted fecal matter and rendered the water safe but I suppose it was an aesthetic point to reassure customers).

All the best folks, especially Adrian. BTW Adrain, how about a reciprocal gesture and tell us about YOUR good motions when you do a nice solid one? Also, if you can say withot compromising your identity, what do you do for a living?

I'm newer to this site, adn not all that in to it. And I have a question. Any of you who have been in the army, when/how do they releve themselves??


Why were you in John in the backyard naked? I had a similar experience with my little sister when i was 12, and she was 9. Except I peed on her in the backyard and she liked it 8-)
Write back

Hey Nicole, Yeah I'd like to hear more because I do this too. It is really exciting. Anyway, I have to go. Bye for now.

To Emily: I will have a panic if i have to shit and there is going to be a delay that i can't get to the bathroom. If this happens i have to be sitting down and i will put my hands above my head and hold my arms and hands really tight. It just seems to work this way for me. Then i will sweat cause im nervous.

To Ray: I liked your story. I want to use a doorless stall so much but i never have. What is it like sitting there with other guys coming in? Was another guy shitting on the other doorless stall too when you were in there?

To kevin: I liked your story, funny how you had to wear girls clothes.

Tonight i went out to eat, i went to pee when i first arrived...then after i ate i went back to the bathroom to wash up, while i was washing my hands this guy came in the bathroom and when for the first stall....i saw that he was sitting down to take a shit. I had then decided to pee, i was going to use the urinal but i decided to use the handicaped stall so i could listen. I heard a grunt or 2 and i heard some gassy plops. I think he must have had some loose shit, it was also starting to smell in there, I then finished peeing and washed my hands again.

I'm being very naughty now. Mum's gone out for a while leaving me with Andrew on our own. We've already had a wee together, rushing into the bathroom as soon as it was safe ! He had Lemon ones on today, Linda ! And now I've come back on the computer as well. Only quick though. If I get caught I'd be in very hot water !

NICOLE: I liked your first post. You say that your brother Peter watches you have a wee. Does he let you watch him back ? You seem to have a similar relationship with your brother as I have with my cousin Andrew. We watch each other all the time, well when no one else is about to catch us that is. We also let each other watch when we poo as well. Have you had a poo when Peter was watching ? There is the same age gap between you and your brother, 11 and 16, as there is between me and Andrew 10 and 15. I wonder if that is significant ? I don't think Andrew would ever make me wait until I wet in my panties though. I don't know if I'd like that really. Must go. Hope you'll post back soon.

LINDA: With Mum away, we've had our first get together with Andrew, but I'll keep you in suspenders ( suspense ) until I'm allowed to post next time. What do you Americans say ? I mustn't "get busted" ! Bye xxx

Some people don't like it when their load splash their ass, but I like it. Don't have to wipe as much. I did buy some wet wipes at the store: Says on the package: "For use with your regular bathroom routine, during your period, or for a quick clean-up of your hands, or face, anywhere." It's the Kleenex Cottonelle brand and they come in a plastic box. I keep them on top of my toilet tank. Cost about $1.80 for 50 wipes. I use them after I wipe with regular toilet paper, then I use another one to wipe off my balls and my dick. Feels cool, contains aloe...

I just did a HUGE bowel movement between posting on here. I could not tell how big it was at first cuz most of it was hiding in the trap of the toilet (a shy one), but it felt like a long one. So I reached in and pulled it out. It was about 16" long and 1.5" in diameter and smooth. I didn't poop yesterday and I've had a LOT of fiber in my diet lately from eating Raisin Bran, apples, dried apricots, chili with beans, potatoes with the skin and whole wheat bread! I felt this thing moving down my colon as soon as I woke up but delayed it about 2 hours. I wiped 7 times with Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper (with ripples) and used 2 wet wipes after that. I then put some vaseline (which I also keep on top of the toilet tank) up my ass and wiped again. Felt pretty good. Then I washed my hands. I haven't flushed it yet and probably won't until this afternoon until it's like semi-dissolved otherwise it definitely would clog the toilet.

TO EMILY-Yes,it's about8:25 and I still have my friend's laptop and I read your most recent post as I was sitiing on the bowl pushing out some nice sausages and a few farts-very enjoyable!Maybe we were going together!To answer your question-A lot of times I can hold it for a bit and think about baseball or something(LOL) but sometimes i really got to go pretty much right away esp if i have some coffee-but half the fun is holding a good load to get to the toilet and letting it out-a lot of times i read all the posts on this forum as my urge to poo gets stronger,until i really gotta go then i go and let it out and it is truelly great!Emily,you should sit on the bowl a little longer and maybe you wouln't have to poo later when you are on your way to work-next time you go,after you let out your load,sit there for a bit and just relax and you would be surprised at what may come out if you take your time pooing -it's great- try it! I may go to the gym today for a workout,but i love! to go there to poo too,but the last few mornings,i have to poo at home cause almost as soon as i get up i got to poo and it's not the kind i can hold for long-as soon as i drink some OJ,i feel the urge right away!I'll kepp you posted on my gmy pooing when i go there!You should try it- it's really fun!BYE

Hi Louise,

Mm, the problem with the drains must have been mould, because the smell hasn't come back after I did the caustic thing, even though I've used it a few more times for late night relief.

Talking about runny turds, I fancied a hovering session this evening, and though it wasn't precisely an explosion it was a bit more enthusiastic than I expected! It all hit the target, but I needed to do a bit of clean-up afterward! Must be the impending fun in the sun preying on my mind -- hahahaha!

It's good to know you've experienced the same kind of thing, high desperation for a lesser amount in the bladder. Maybe there's an aspect of stretching the bladder to a certain extent, and if it doesn't get stretched that much so often a different level of desperation registers on the brain -- that's a maybe. A different feeling of needing for each way of going? I'll have to take note, offhand I can't relate that to my own experience. If I can, you'll be the first to know.

Oh, a blocked urinal! I weed in a blocked one once a looooong time ago, I kinda wondered what was happening as the pool was filling up in front of me! I got finished without moving, maybe it was draining just quick enough to balance my rate of input. I can just imagine you stopping your flow, then stepping to the next one with a sound of heels on the floor, and a few spots of wee falling as you move. Delicious image! Question -- did you "Venus" the wall over one or both? Or half a Venus symbol for each as the pish was divided between them? :-)

Looking forward keenly to Steve's posting -- it's always a feast when it's from Steve & Louise!

Stand up for our right to stand up -- hey, sounds like an election issue. Maybe a candidate could "stand" for office on a "pee rights" platform... It's about six inches high, with a steel gutter in front of it...



Mr Mike
ROBERT - thanx loved your story .... wish i had a few to share with ya but none today ..... if you have any more stories feel free to tell me and that goes for anyone else too......

I've got Andrew here with me, and he says he has yet again caused controversy on this site with the content of his last post (not put on the site yesterday) He says he must be the one coming under "no breakups" and "no broken hearts" allowed ! But he's definitely not the fluffy rat ! Oh yes, and he wonders if Kim is the "no busty shakeups" and "no trips to the gym" ?! However, he still wants to say thanks for what you tried to do Linda.

Actually, the main point of Andrew's last post ( as Lawn Dogs Kid )was to relate some stories that have appeared in the new TV times over here in flooded England. So presuming that they are not the problem with his last post, and seeing as we have the TV times in my house, I'm going to copy them out for him again.

On page 24, there are some film stars saying what their most embarrassing secrets are. The two most interesting ones for our friends on this site were as follows.

DEMI MOORE: I needed to pee desperately while making GI Jane and we were doing a training called "surf torture". They wouldn't let me go back up the hill to my trailer to strip off my clothes and wetsuit. My technical advisor said "you just pee, you just do it" and I had to. Finally I managed and I raised my hand and said "I'm peeing right now and nobody is leaving until everybody does it."

KATE WINSLET: Making Titanic and working in a huge tank with millions of gallons of water, Leo DiCaprio and I had to pee in situ because it was too difficult to get out of soaking wet clothes. I'd swim away, blush and hum a tune while I felt a warm patch around me.

Aren't they great stories ? I'm glad Andrew showed me them. Oh and finally, just for Andrew,

JENNY K: Lawn Dogs Kid liked your story about you and your friend Zoe weeing and pooing in your panties. He hopes to hear more from you and your friend soon.

Right, I think he's happy now ? He's nodding his head ! Good, now its my turn.

LINDA: You are funny, as if the Moderator wouldn't know it was you anyway ! All I can say is that its a good job I'm doing this post for me and Andrew, because I bet he wouldn't have been able to stop himself from teasing ! Oh, and fancy telling your teacher that your poo was still there and she could go and look if she wanted. I wouldn't dare say that to my teacher ! Mind you, my teacher wouldn't have been so personal to ask if I'd been having a poo in the first place ! We'll have to postpone our first get together with Andrew. Mum's in, so he can't come in the bathroom with me anyway ! So he had to stand outside and listen while I had my tea-time poo. Two plops today he told me, so he could clearly hear, even though they only made a small flop noise. He must have had his ear glued right up to the door ! Anyway, must go soon before Mum says I've been on the computer too long. Take care and lots of love, Kendal xx.

MYSTERIOUS POSTER: To the person who asked if I've ever had a poop accident in my pants at school, well, boringly, the answers no. With usually having my poo sometime soon after I get back from school, there has been a few occasions when I've nearly pooed my panties on the way home. Actually, with Andrew sat at the side of me, he has reminded me that I did poo my panties coming home from school when I was in the infants class. He remembers, because he was walking me home at the time, and he got into a lot of trouble because it was his fault. Apparantly he was tickling me and wouldn't stop. I remember wetting my panties, but I don't remember pooing as well. Perhaps he's teasing me ? No, he swears he isn't ! But I was only 4 at the time.

EMILY: Alan lives away, so hopefully I'll never see him again. Oh, and its Andrew who helped me. Mike is who Chloe is now seeing instead of Andrew. I really hope that you get a chance to have a toilet experience with someone one day. It really is the most exhilerating thing I know. I used to go all the time with Chloe, and I have very special times with my big cousin Andrew. I'm hoping that my new friend Kirsty will like it as well. We've done it once together already, and she's coming to stay with me on Saturday.

Sorry, got to go, Mum says ! Bye bye everyone, love from Kendal.

Hi everybody.I'd just like to start by saying that I'm a fourteen year old male and i've been reading here for almost 9 months. i would just like to say to Nicole your not alone I've hadd similar experiences and that I'd like to hear more of your's

kim and scott
TO JOHN (VT)-nice to hear from you again.yeah the little girl did actually peek underneath the door stall and I dont think- I KNOW!! she saw everything!!she saw my very naked voluptous body quivering like mad as i shot out an enormous, bowel,movement into the bowl.she got a good frontline view of it too and she was surprised as hell to see this but I could see that she was not put off by it either. she got a good ,pretty long look!!TO MIA-hello. sometimes i do grunt when pushing out a log but i often do erotic female groaning which i am sure turns other people on in he bathroom like when I was at a yankee game and I raided the male restroom and sat on the toilet and pushed out a MONSTER LOG moaning seductively all the way. plus sorry for the breakup of your boyfriend. he probably didnt deserve you anyway.haha!TO J.K. - hi!! yes i do have small logs once in a while and it is disappointing but most of my logs are thick dark brown monsters.that go from a foot long to that 21 inc! h monster i had!!and maybe soon beyond??haha! i think its mostly due to healthy eating. and exercising.I eat alot of fruits and vegetables and I eat alot of that high fiber cereal TOTAL that gives me protein,fiber and energy in every bowl. and thanks for caring about me straining myself and all. i was thinking about you when i was doing it but my log was sooo enormous there was no other way to crash this beast out . I had to strain a little .sorry!! and also you are not demented for thinking its erotic to visualize me nude with a huge turd coming out of my ass. my boyfriend scott loves to watch me do this sorta thing, some of his friends do too and i KNOW MANY of the posters here visualize me in action as well! HOW FLATTERING. REALLY GUYS!! so dont apologize J.K.! and scott and i wish to thank all of you who like our posts .WE GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!! well i hope I answered all your questiones you had recently for me. if i did not? ask me some more .and scott and i will try t! o post another hot kim and scott story when another good one comes up.until then i guess its back to my college schoolbooks darn it! bye now .love,kim and scott

Lawn Dogs Kid
JENNY K: I loved your story about you and your friend deciding to pee and poop in your panties. I have to say I'd want to be able to clean up straight after though, not sit around in poopy pants ! But the story was wonderful. Look forward to more stories from you and Zoe !

LINDA GS: You kind and lovely girl ! I'm not sure I deserved to be cheered up by you, but I am truly grateful that you tried to post the story. Its strange what the Moderator stops sometimes. And now I feel more honoured than ever that I'm allowed in with you and Kendal ! I promise to be as good as your new name ( gold ! ) and do exactly what you say !

I must be getting over Chloe now, because I've stopped having these dreams about her. Pity really, I was enjoying being this ghostly spirit still able to watch her going to the toilet !

Anyway, just thought I'd share with you my toilet reading this morning. The new copy of the TV Times in the UK was delivered yesterday, and as usual, I took it for a read while I had my poo. Under a section entitled "Star Secrets / Embarrassing Moments", they were asking stars to reveal "cringe-making memories". There were two which people on this site would be interested to hear about !

Firstly Demi Moore: 'I needed to pee desperately while making GI Jane and we were doing a training called "Surf Torture". They wouldn't let me go back up the hill to my trailer to strip off my clothes and wetsuit. My Technical Advisor said "You just pee, you just do it" and I had to. Finally I managed and I raised my hand and said "I'm peeing right now and nobody is leaving until everybody does it" ' !!!

Lastly, Kate Winslet: 'Making Titanic and working in a huge tank with millions of gallons of water, Leo DiCaprio and I had to pee in situ because it was too difficult to get out of soaking wet clothes. I'd swim away, blush and hum a tune while I felt a warm patch around me.' !!!

My morning poo is always enjoyable, but the thought of these two beautiful women have to pee in their clothes made it all the more enjoyable today ! Rather like reading Jenny K's story really !

One of my favorite things is to see other young guys taking a dump. There is something real great about seeing them on the crapper with their pants at their ankles, thighs spread wide, dick just visible and hearing them farting and dropping their turds and then wiping their butts. The following is my list of favorite male celebs I would like to watch taking a shit: Matt Damon Ben Affleck Ryan Phillippe Mark Wahlberg Brad Renfro Brad Pitt Brendan Fraser James Van Der Beek Jude Law Devon Sawa Any of you guys out there have other favorities for the celeb shitting gallery of fame?

Friday, November 10, 2000

The question has come up about off subject posts. The rule here is make loads not love. There are no tissues, no issues. No clashing, no high fashion. This means no breakups, no busty shakeups, no trips to the gym, no missing him, no broken hearts, no nude false starts. No crying, no sighing. No lifting rocks, sitting out in the docks at home, all alone. Not with a fluffy rat, nor an orange cat. Not on rye, not up high, not with green eggs and guvm't cheese only your pants below your knees making a breeze. Not the guy posting random keys whenever he please, because in this forum only a big splat or a nice puddle fits the decorum.

And lets not forget the silent "p" in pool

To Ben in NY (and other pool-pee-ers)

You are absolutely wrong. Peeing in the pool is very hazardous. Yes, there is a HIGH Cl content which will neutralize the urine; however, if many people do go in the pool, then the water will become dirty and acidic. This is especially true with public pools (there are many people who use them, and I don't know about you, but I do find it gross swimming in someone else's waste products) or at a private pool where the Cl level is quite low.

I don't mean to be condencending or anything, it's just that it is much more sanitary and courteous to relieve yourself in the toilet.

Hi everyone, I'm Nicole and I'm 11 years old. I found this site by accident because my brother Peter who is 16 visits it every day I think. He has allways watched me when I need a wee and sometimes trys to make me delay going to the loo so I wet my knickers. Now I know it's because he likes this sort of thing but I don't mind really.
I thought I'd post before he does and tell you of my first few days at the comprehensive school. I don't like asking where the toilets are so I went all morning without a wee on my first day so at lunchtime I was wanting to wee very badly. My freinds all went outside with their lunch boxes so I went too and when we were sitting on the grass eating I couldn't help doing a little wee in my knickers. They were white and luckily not grey like we are supposed to wear so they didn't look wet but when the bell went I really was bursting and couldn't wait any longer. I crouched down and pretended to tie my shoe laces and wee'd in my knickers. My friends had left me then so nobody noticed. It was lovely to wee at last and I felt very daring weeing outside. I had to make sure that I didn't sit on my skirt though so it stated dry looking. Now I do this most lunchtimes if the weather is nice and we go outside but if it rains I try to wait until going home which is agony and the boys a! ll tease me because they can see I need a wee. Tats all for now, I'll tell you more if anyone wants to hear it and does anyone else do this or am I the only one? Bye.

Linda GS
Heh truth be told.. I changed my name to sneek past the the guys on this site and be put on.Silly I know but hey I wanted to be posted. Anyway don't feel about about your first try making to plop. It happens to me lots. When you poop a really long and big poop sometimes it's pretty much in the water already so little if any sound is made. Example Nora, Elena's best friend strains like crazy and then suddenly she goes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and there's no sound. but man when you see the monster in change your mind about it being just a false alarm. Heh the other day I clogged her toilet, my cousin gave me a hug and told me"way to go girl, now she knows how we feel" Silly boy. Oh well I guess then Andrew will just have to wait to get the news then. Just as well, I enjoy our private "just us girls" time anyway. Heh you deserve a pat on the back for your final attempt. You get a 9.5 from me.. but those russian judges robbed you and gave you an 8. Oh well, next time we'll h! ave Andrew take their place. Yesterday I had something I hadn't had in a long time. A HUGE poop at school. It was right after lunch and I had an odd feeling in my ????. I went to go see Ian.. well just say hello to him(Kendal..this is the boy I like.. so make sure Andrew doesn't tease me)Anyway I ran to his side of the school and talked for a bit.(I think I make him nervous) Then the bell rang and I scurried back to my side of the school. Well I got a work out.. and well.. that did sitting in class I got the old feeling.. BAD!! I tried to sit still and ignore it.. but I couldn't I HAD TO GO!! I got permission and demurely left the room.. once outside in the empty hall.. I RAN LIKE CRAZY!! No one was in the bathroom (thank god) As I nearly tore my pampies pulling them down..whipped up the back of my uniform skirt and sat. I relaxed as I passed some gas LOUD and it happened. With no pushing at all a HUGE poop forced it's way out of me. I sat there rather shocked and sur! prised as it came and came and came and well you know. And it slid into the toilet with a soft ploop sound(See Kendal.. happens all the time)Oh the relief. Then I sat and had a happy pee as I tried to pull myself together. There was no way I would have made it home and had that poop in comfort.. but I'm glad it happened where it was suppose to. Whew. Well I got cleaned up.. pulled up my Hello Kitty pampies(No jokes) and flushed.. many times but my poop refused to go away. Finally I gave up..washed my hands and left before anyone came in. I went back to class skipping ( Hey I felt THAT good)My teacher met me at the door and asked me why I took so long. She said out loud were you pooping?! Everyone heard and laughed.. well since I was already embarrassed in front of the class I said "Yeah.. and it's still there if you wanna see" She gave me a cross look then told me to sit down. Which I did.. and I got a few comments from a few girl who did go see it. I'm not allowed to use the ! bathroom at their houses. Oh well.. not like they invite me anyway. Wlel I'm off have a good day everyone.
P.S. KENDAl.. if I was in a hurry.. you'd know. As I dance around alot trying to keep my poop in. it's the kind of dance that would have me locked away for life. I never do it with people around.. but hey I think I can trust you.

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