Had my usual 8am poop today......had to strain a bit for this one
must have been the sandwiches the day before......had one forlunch
and one for dinner. Once it came out....boy was that heaven....had a few nice farts at the end too the kind that make you feel warm and fuzzy all over......what a morning!!!!!

Tim: In answer to your was a perfect example of what happens to me if I eat 2 sandwitches during the course of one day......I guess it would be 4 slices of bread that would do it. I don't get to badly constipated it just makes my poop harder to push out. Cheese is another good binder except if you're lactose intolerant like me :o)

Kendal: I'm glad Mike was there to help you feel better when Alan was a jerk.......I hope he's not bothering you anymore. That's so cool that you have people to buddy dump of now I've never gone in front of Friends are shy about that sort of thing........perhaps in the future I'll have a "toilet" experince with someone :o)

Buzzy: Did you go to the gym today? I may go tomorrow :o) I'll be thinking of you at 8am tomorrow morning!!!!!!

I have a question for everyone.....Yesterday there were delays on the Metro (subway) and of course there are no toilets on the trains and I had this strong urge to poop....sometimes I go twice in the morning...especially if I had a lot of ruffage the day before. Anyway I felt myself start to panic inside so I pulled out a word serach book and that helped to calm me down and the urge left. Does anyone else ever feel paniced if all of a sudden you realize there are delays and it could be a while before having access to a bathroom? If so what do you do to take your mind off the situation?

On That Note...Good Night All!!!! Ciao Emily

I had a general bonified accident today. I was at work, and something I ate didn't sit with me. I had diarreah. But my supervisor wouldn't let me go. I kept working, trying to hold it in and thoght that if I let out some gas I'd feel better, but instead- SPLAT! I made a big mess in my boxers! I finally got to go to the bathroom, and sure enough, there was a large brown spot all on the crotch, I had to throw the underwear away. I hope you all enjoyed my story. has this happened to any other guys?

Hey Kendal, have you ever had a poop accident in your pants at school?

Ben in N.Y.- you said that only aquatic animals produce ammonia. Actually, I'm pretty sure that cat urine has ammonia in it.

Kiki- Wow, I had no idea that there was a chemical that could change the color of the pool water when you pee in it! When I was a kid, I was afraid that peeing in the pool would turn the water green (yellow + blue = green, makes sense, right?) But when I finally had the nerve to try it, I found that the color didn't change at all. Also, I really enjoyed the warmth of my pee in the water and the chance to pee in front of other people without them knowing it. In fact, I still do. Pool peeing is one of those childish pleasures that I can still indulge in, and I'm now in my twenties. I must have never been in a pool that contained the chemical you know about. If that happens, I guess I'll just be busted! How about you: do you enjoy pool peeing, and have you ever been exposed by the water changing color around you?

Hey, I just posted, but there was something I forgot to say, once again to Kiki: I love that scene in "Beloved" too! I've read that she really did pee in that scene to make it realistic. Supposedly, she drank about eight glasses of water in order to produce that powerful stream. Just thought I'd let you know.

I just got out of the bathroom, i had lunch and sat down at the computer then i was sitting here and got an urge to shit for the longest time. I finally went and it was a huge load, a log about 6" and it was light brown and really soft. Still from that medication im almost done thank god.
Last night i felt the need for a suppsitory cause there was shit stuck up me and i really went after that too.

To Casey: I liked your story and i have pooped my pants on purpose before. What kind of underwear were you wearing when you pooped your self?

To Tommy R: Yeah it's a good think you were on the toilet when you heard that noise or else you would have probably shitted your self.

Before I discovered this forum, I thought I was the only one who liked to use a mirror to watch my poop coming out. I am pleased to see a number of other posts about this recently, from girls as well as guys. I'll tell you about a new comfortable poop viewing position that I tried recently.

As I left work, I felt the need to poop but decided to hold it until I got home. Walking normally caused uncomfortable pressure on my rectum so I walked to my car with a 'hip swaying' walk. The drive home takes about 15 mins but I stopped off to fill the car. (Diesel had gone up again to 83.9p/litre, that's about US$4.60 per US gallon!)

By the time I got home, I really needed to poop. I went to the bathroom and put 3 strips of TP side by side on the floor. I propped a mirror up against the wall, took off my trousers (pants) and pants (panties) and sat down on the TP with my knees up, leaning back slightly to keep my anus clear of the floor. The pressure if sitting made my poop slip out on its own onto the TP as I watched in the mirror. I picked up TP and dropped it down the toilet with the poop, then wiped.

I find this viewing position quite comfortable, especially if the poop doesn't come out immediately. If it's big or soft, it's a good idea to move back as it comes out to give it some space, otherwise it can pile up against your butt and make a bit of a mess. I'd love to buddy dump with a woman in this position. Any offers?

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In the news today, Pat Bucannon may have gotten votes intended for Al Gore. The labling on the ballot was misleading leading an unobservant person to punch the wrong hole.

A couple years ago this happened to me! The janitors were cleaning out the restrooms. The ladies was cleaned and the mens needed cleaning. I walked in to the ladies and dumped a short dump. While in there I thought the bathroom was not very dirty then wondered if I was in the woman's.

When I came out the lady janitor was not very upset. We both do the same thing.

The sign for the men's had an arrow pointing th the men's and the woman's had an arrow pointing to the woman's. Hence the MEN was closer to the woman's washroom and the WOMAN the closer to the men's washroom.

John (VT)
HI, everyone!

Kim: Yet another SUPER story! I'm still here reading (of course!),
just haven't had much interesting to post... but it was nice to be remembered! I have a question, though... what kind of a position were
you in for that girl to see your torpedo? I can't picture that. I CAN
picture your finished 18 inch horseshoe, though... WOW!

Sandra: I've also been enjoying your posts. I'd love to be near you when you did one of your daring public panty poos... you are one brazen woman! Tell us more, please!

When I was 7, I tricked my friend John. We were in the backyard, totally naked, and I told him to put his hand in between my legs. I held my legs tight around his hand and peed.
He went Eew! and wiped his hand on the grass and started chasing me with his peed-on hand.

Hi everyone! I am new to this website. I was reading some of the stories about people who have had to use doorless stalls. I am a high school student and i had to use a doorless stall while at school today. The stalls at my school really suck because when someone opens the door to the bathroom the people on the outside can see into the two doorless stalls. These stalls do get used fairly frequently, it is quite common to see a guy with his pants pulled up really high sitting their taking a dump. Today that guy happened to me. I had to dump after lunch and the bathroom was really crowded with guys peeing. I went to the first stall and quickly undid my pants and sat on the toilet. There were a whole bunch of guys walking in front of me and the door to the bathroom was being opened frequently so anyone passing by in the hallway could catch a glimpse of me on the toilet. I dropped quite a few big logs. None of the other guys in the bathroom bothered me. I finished up pooping and ! as i was wiping my butt the bathroom door opened. I do not know if anyone glanced to see me whiping me butt. I finished whiping my butt and pulled up pants and washed my hands. In the past in the hallways i have sometimes heard girls teasing guys they know about seeing them on the toilet taking a dump. I don't know why they don't give more privacy. If you are in the hall it's not like you get a full view of the guys sitting on the toilet, but you do get a fairly good quick look. Does anyone have any comments on this set up?

Hey Mr Mike - Like you I really enjoy having a poo and now and again I have a shit in places other than the toilet bowl!

Travelling out of town the other day and felt the urge - I was getting to that point where much longer and I would end up with a few fresh turds in my jockeys. It was raining heavily and I didn't fancy stopping to go and squat in the bushes. I finally spotted a rest area with a sign indicating toilets.

There was no one else around and if it hadn't been raining I would have just dropped my pants by the car and had a poo right there on the ground. I headed into the men's side of the toilets undoing my pants before I even got in there. It was a real old, run-down place. The urinal was just 6 feet of concrete wall and a trough. A guy had obviously used it not long before I got there - fresh pee up the wall and in the trough. There was one stall, the door open and the bowl just waiting to be sat on and shat in. By now I'm getting my pants down and really looking forward to having this dump - it was going to be one of those big, enjoyable ones. I looked in the bowl (as you do) and jeez! Someone had done a huge shit in there just recently - the shit was still fresh where it had splattered up the bowl. At the bottom of the bowl there were three or four really big turds! I mean, I do decent sized turds - fat and four or five inches long. But this guy did whoppers! Solid looking t! oo! By not depositing used TP or flushing he was proud to leave them on show too!

His turds looked a lot darker than mine normally are. My first thought was to sit down, really control it and drop just one turd on top of his pile. Someone inspecting the bowl later on would catch two contrasting shades!!

I closed the stall door. Usually wouldn't have worried, but I planned to do the rest of my load on the floor behind the door and didn't want to risk someone coming in and seeing me in action.

I dropped one real nice one. It plopped straight on top of his pile. A medium tan, fat four inch turd resting on his big, dark brown logs. Got up, squatted down leaning against the wall and with a few grunts eased out another four good ones. Only the last farty bit was messy. Like his up the bowl, it sort of splattered everywhere at that final push.

Don't know if I'm allowed to say this in this forum, but I had a real hard-on by the time I was finished.

Re: Videos of girls doing it - The only decent ones I've seen are homemade videos. There's a few hidden toilet cams on the net, but they only show women pulling down their pants and sitting - you've got to imagine what's going on and it's only when they start wiping behind that you know they've had a shit. There's a few pics around tho of girls dumping outside :) The best sites seem to be male - some good video available tho and some real adventurous shitters!

Hi this is kevin have been reading all the old posts really enjoy them. I thought i would share an incident that happend to me when i was ten years old.

It was a friday and i was going to go to a friends house for the evening, straight from school, now tina was a good looking girl (well for ten anyway). Now about half way through the afternoon at school i needed to poo, i hated using school toilets so i figured i would wait till i got to tinas house.

Well school was done for the week and tina and i scooted out and begun to walk to her house just a few blocks away, now about now my stomach cramped real bad, so bad in fact that i stopped held my stomach and said ouch (or something like that)tina asked what was wrong and i said oh nothing just gotta poo iam fine, so we continued walking.

Another four steps and suddenley my poo begun to fill my underpants white cotten briefs, i stopped and caught my breath and tryed very hard not to start crying, tina looked at me and said its ok ive done that lots of times, mum will know what to do.

so we carried on walking me bow legged and smelling and tina walking right beside me as if nothing had happend, i think thats why i liked hanging around her she was so cool.

Anyway we got to tinas house and she told her mum what i had done, her mum just smiled and said come on i will get you cleaned up, this she did, but boy did i get a suprise.

Tinas mum took off my trousers and underpants washed my bum and bought in some clean clothes while mine were being washed, it was a dress, one of tinas and a pair of her nylon blue knickers, just wear these till your ones are dry she said, and thats how i ended up doing a jig saw on the floor with tina in a dress and a pair of her knickers. kevin

Hey guys, I did something cool last night. I took off all my clothes, took some toilet paper under my butt ( I was holding the toilet paper though ) and pooped right into my hands. It was so cool. I love Prince Morgan's game. I am really getting good at it. But the only problem is that sometimes I have little ball poops, and when I stick my poop out, a little ball falls on th floor.

Prince Morgan - I can't wait to do the urinal poop. It seems like areally cool thing to do. I am gonna try the chair thing, sometime when I am home alone. Pooping in my pants was so cool. DO U do it a lot? Yes, I have tried the mirror thingie. It's cool, huh? Do u have NEother cool things to do with poop, like your game? I love your posts. Keep em comin!

- Casey

Hey,all-very nice looking woman sitting on the bowl pic folks,although i don't think she is really pooing,she looks like she is just posing for the camera-beautiful lady though!
TO MIKE-I know what you mean about some public toilets where you can see what is going on-Once in a while,i bike out to this italian restrauant to use the toilets cause the whole bathroom is done in black marble-beautiful bathroom-When you go in to a stall you can see at the back wall the bowl in the next stall very clearly-it's like a black mirror and when someone is pooing in the next stall,most of them lean foreward and you can see everything!It's pretty cool-I saw this one guy once there go in and really let out a tremendous load and i could see him sit down and his anus push out and all this poo slide out his butt-I saw a few good ones there-also i think a few times other guys were looking at me too and i obliged them by leaning forward and letting them see my poo come out too-one time I could see the guy in the next stall as he was pooing he was looking over at me so i pooed along too and he saw me as i saw him but thank gad it didn't get weird or anything!Cool stuff
TO KATHIE-you sound like my kind of woman that i'd like to buddy poo with- I really enjoyed your post!More stuff!
TO PRINCE MORGAN-I've done ALL those things-I once took an old chair and took out the center and put some paper down in the middle and took off my clothes(I love to poo nude) and did a big load sitting on the chair-very cool!I also love the mirror thing as well!I liked that story of yours of you dumping at the picnic table-It's so cool to poo in strange spots,isn't it?
TO CASEY_ one question-how can you get shower water to go up your butt,-your anus is uaually tighly closed and shower water doesn't have enough pressure to go in-so tell me how did you pull that one off?
TO EDIE-Pretty wild story about your male friend doing all that pooing-I 've pooed on occasions for 30-45 seconds and believe me,that's a long time for poo to be coming out you butt steady for that long-but for mins at a time-are you sure?This guy must have a rectum as big as a duffle bag!I'd love to do a 5 min poo where it comes out for that long continously-are you sure it was that long?
TO EMILY-I really enjoy your a.m.pooing stories-keep 'em coming-This a'm i had my friend's laptop and read all the posts while I was on the bowl pushing out some long sausages-I sit down on the bowl and read some of the posts til i really have to push and then as i read on I fart and relax my anus and let out my a.m. excrement while i read-Somtimes i swear,when i read these posts it makes me poo more-it's real cool- I wait til i'm done reading and then i wipe and reply to all-try this Emily it's so fun!
Great posts all-BYE

Ben, you're incorrect when you say the body functions do not produce ammonia. Small amounts are produced by protein metabolism, plus decomposing pee produces larger amounts. I didn't say peeing in a pool PRODUCES ammonia, I said that the ammonia (and other related chemicals in piss), REACT with clorine to produce cloramines. Cloramines are not a desirable chemical in pool water and when they build up, the water has to be changed.


Well done! It's getting easier, isn't it? Oh, I remember the first time I ever tried, and to my amazement my stream moved out forwards and hit the shower stall wall. Not much, I was standing real close, but it went forwards, and yeah, you get this funny "guy" feeling!

You know, there was an essay published in Playboy in the late 1970s by a woman who described once trying to wee like a guy. She described failure and seemed to put the seal of official correctness on the social phantasm that Women Must Squat. I might see if I can locate the article, as the quote is rather apt to all this.

Personally, I've releived myself in the bath or shower my whole life through, I never miss it, it's just a natural part of the whole warm, liquid experience. The brain says "ah, that feels right..." and the bladder releases comfortably. I have a lot more fun with it these days, though! Another "desensitizer" you can practice is one I did early in "training," and that's use the bathroom floor drain. Squat over it or stand and relax, and you can come to have a relaxing wee in a more unusual place, perhaps with the shower running to cover the noise.

When I first used a urinal with an audience (female) I got my stream to move forward at least twelve inches, and some squirts were more than that. It was a steel wall/floor style design, so my stream was landing in front of my feet in a steel catcher recessed in the floor. That was quite an experience!

Oh, how I know what it's like needing to go in a hurry and not being able to. You *know* you'll never make it through the trip ahead if you don't, but you know everybody is waiting for you -- it's embarressing! Still, all such things are conquerable, and you're doing it the right way, dear. You might make additional progress if you discovered a shower-pal who enjoyed the same diversions, and the whole act became one so casual that little importance was placed on it. Just a thought!

All my best,



Regarding your question regarding unusual places for doing it, I remember once when I was a kid, and in the midst of my upset ???? era, for the hell of it I once put the toilet lid down, sat myself down in it and emptied my bowels there. I still remember the feel of the large, warm load developing between my cheecks. Only ever did that once, though!


Thanks for your letter, darling, I'll post a reply tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about this amazing sight you and Steve expeerienced!



Boy, did I have a big crap session last night! I hadn't gone in a few days and finally the urge hit. I sat on the toilet and began pushing. I could feel my ring stretch impossibly wide. This wide, dry log slowly crept out of my quivering ass. I didn't have to push hard, but it was so WIDE. I moaned a little from the sensation, paused, pushed harder until it droped off and splashed water on my hole. When I looked down I saw a huge ball consisting of dozen round pieces congealed together. It was massive, to say the least.

In other news my boyfriend dumped me. He didn't have the guts to do it in person or e-mail. I saw him one night in another state at a convention. When I turned around he was gone. Forever.

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

PV--thanks for the encouragement. I had another successful pee in the shower last night. The shower was free so I was able to experiement a bit more and not be stuck within the confines of the small bathtub. I felt like a guy with it shooting forward (a little bit still dribbled down, but most went straight ahead, about a foot or a little more, not terribly far). Tonight I did not have to pee while in the shower :o( Maybe tomorow . . . .I still have a lot of work to do at this stage before moving on to the next, but I look forward to your guidance when I feel ready for that.

You are also correct about my "toilet dependence" as I seem to only be comfortable going in the toilet (though now the shower is becoming more common place) and even sometimes suffer from bashful bladder especially when I know someone is waiting for me. The worst is on a long trip when I need to go quite bad and just can't. Living in the dorms has made going to the bathroom in a less than private bathroom easier, but still not fun or simple.

Last night I was going home from the train station when I ran into a neighbor. We are friends and started chatting. I hadn't been for my lunchtime poo as we were so busy and I really wanted to go but I also wanted to chat to my neighbor. I realized I was wearing panties now the weather is colder so I decided to poo in them while chatting. Without missing a beat and trying not to fart, I let a fat log slide out of my bottom into my panties. I heard a slight crackling sound but my neighbor had no idea that I was pooing right in front of her! Happily there was no smell. We talked for about 15 minutes then I went home. I said hello to my husband, ran to the bathroom and tipped out the poo which was all fat and curled up but very firm. It hardly left a stain on my panties which I put in the hamper.

Mr Mike
Hey everyone whats up? I have never posted here before but i have been a reader for a few months. i love to poop and i look forward to it everyday. has anyone ever pooped on the floor or in other places other than the toilet? and also does anyone know of any movies that have great female pooping scenes that you can get a local video store?

Hi tonight i went out and i gotta a story to tell, I went to this restaurant and i've been there before. I was thinking about pooping in this urinal that is there(the low kind with lots of water in it) but i didn't have to poop. Any way im there and i've finished eating and im sitting there and i say i might as well go pee while im here, i go into the bathroom and at first i thought someone was in there cause i heard water running. This is a single bathroom with a toilet and a sink on one side and the urinal on the right side. I open the door and the bathroom was FLOODED OUT. The urinal overflowed. I mean there was like 2 or 3 inches of water on the floor. I said, oh well i'll wait as i didn't have to pee that bad. I decided to use another mens room on the other side of the restaurant and that bathroom was freeing cold, good thing i didn't have to poop or i would have freezed my buns off.

Today I did something for the first time ever. I pooped in my pants, on pourpous! I knew I had to go, so here's what I did: I took off my shirt and pants, and just had my underwear on. I went in the bathroom, with a clean change of underwear, so I could change after I pooped. I locked the doors, and stood in front of the mirror, pushing. It was kinda hard, cause I have kinda tight underwear. Anyway, I pushed really hard, and then said to myself "This is it" and I let out 3 balls, and then 2 more. I sat on the toilet, just to ease my bottom, with my underwear still on, and pushed out 5 more! They were squeezin out of my underwear, into the pot. It was so awesome. I encourage all of you, even if you have never done it, to try pooping in your pants. Just strip down into your underwear, and go into the bathroom, and push. It was such a thrill, feeling the balls against my cheeks, and pushing then out, one by one. It was wondeful. I want to try it again. Also, last night, I took th! e long mirror into my room. I put down about 15 kleenexes, on the ground, and got down on all fours, and looked back at my butthole in the mirror. I pushed really hard, and 3 logs came out on the kleenexes. It was awesome. Well, thatz all for now. Still need some help on things that make you go poop; cause I want 2 have a HUGE poop, outside in the dark, behind my house. I have it all planned out. I just need tips on things that make you poop. And I can't seem to hold in my poop, cause I love pooping, and I cant go 5 days without doing it, cause itz so unfun. Well, thanks!


Tommy R
To Bryian: Yes, when I went in the stall I needed to poop. But I had no intentions of letting it out (I've been known to go without pooping for the better part of a month, although I do not recommend it). When I heard that tinkle through the vent, my nerves got shot and I couldn't control it anymore (good thing I was on a toilet, eh?) thanks for reading my story! I will post more very soon...

Ben in NY
Donny- don't worry about it. Peeing in a pool doesn't produce amonia. In fact, humans never produce amonia. Only acquatic animals produce amonia as their waste.

So people, have no fear! Pee in the pool with pride!

Peace and love,

how much bread do you eat? I ate 3 slices today. is that enough? Do you ever try to hold your poo for as long as you can?

Prince Morgan

CASEY- Good luck with the game! It's really cool. If you practice, you can get really great control! Good luck, also, with your planned urinal poop. I enjoy that, and it gives other people a good laugh a lot of the time when they see it. It's true that janitors probably don't like it much, though I knew one who would tell stories about finding that and just laugh. He said it was all part of the job, and he thought it was pretty funny picturing the guys doing it.

I poop on the floor sometimes, too. Not usually on paper, since i mostly do it in the bathroom on the tile and it's easy to clean up.

Did you ever put a mirror on the floor, stand over it and watch yourself poop? How about putting an old towel or paper on a chair (a soft chair is best), taking your clothes off, sitting down and just pushing out a pile? Cool feeling.

JORDAN- I'm still jealous. You have some awesome friends, dude!


To Jordan: Cool story, i loved it how you and your friend were on the road and had to shit. A fraternity house must be cool.

Last night after dinner i felt an urge to shit, i i went ahead. For a change it was all soild. For like a week i was having loose shit from my medication. I can say i had a carrot shapped jobbie for a change...i don't have them too often. It was in the shape of a carrot. The top was light brown and the bottom was hard and dark brown. Then a few hours later i had to shit again and it was much sofer and about 6" or so.

EPHERMAL - Hi, I knew you could do it!!! Yeah, PV is
right, you will find it much easier when you are
feeling relaxed. You must just be one of those girls
who do it better when your legs are closer together
because of how you are made down there. I can do it
with my legs close together or wide, but I know
others can't. Now when you get more confident doing
it standing that way, and I bet you will have to
just practice for a week or two like that, you could
then try a few different things, like aiming with
your fingers. Oh, and keep doing it in the shower
because it will not matter if you get it a little
bit wrong, will it? Have fun.

KIM - I bet your spectator wondered how a huge torpedo
like that could be coming out of a girl with such a
tiny waist. It must have been quite a shock. Hehe.
Say hello to Scott from Steve and I.

PV - Hi!!! We do clean all our bathroom bits and
pieces about once a week, and because I sometimes
like to use our sink as a urinal it does get more
cleaning than maybe it would if I did not. Yeah,
I use caustic in it when I remember, but when I
have weed in it I do run the water quite a bit
afterwards to help it.

No, it is true about having soft or runny turds
being made in the mind. It is what always happens to
me! Hehehe.

Yeah, I know what you mean about weeing less even
though you feel as desperate as when you have done
lots. It can happen to me, I can feel like I really
need to go, but when I do it is not like you would
say, impressive. Sometimes maybe I will do a large
geyser or I will piss not as hard but it will go
on for ever. I think the feeling I need to go is
different for each way I do actually piss. I wonder
if other girls notice that or if it is just me!

Steve says I will make the floods worse so I am
avoiding peeing outside at the moment. Hehe.

I went to my fave men's toilets at work today and
used the middle urinal. I did not know it was a
bit blocked up, so I was real surprised to see
my wee was gathering in a pool like the urinal
was a bucket! Ihad to stop when it got full and
I walked across and dripped on the floor a bit
while I stood over the one to the right of it.
The middle urinal was still full when I left it,
and I do not know if it did drain slowly or if it
was fully blocked up!

On Friday night, we saw something that really
surprised Steve and amazed him. I will not spoil it,
it is Steve's thing to write about!

All women stand up for your right to stand!


TO KIM AND EMILY: You two have been saying such nice things about me, I feel embarressed. There have been many occasions when Andrew has been there for me when I needed him, particularly when Chloe's cousin upset me by peeping at me when I didn't want him to. He and my Aunty came to fetch me home when I didn't want to be there any more because of how nasty Alan was being to me. Andrew calmed me down, and it was so easy to talk to him about it, and he made me feel so much better. So just now, I've been more than happy to return the favour. I don't think I'm doing anything out of the ordinary.

LINDA GS: I hope I don't forget your new name in the future. Mind you, I doubt I could forget the Gold bit now anyway, because that is what you are. After all Andrew's teasing, you tried to post him a story just to cheer him up. I'm so sorry the Moderator disallowed it because I know Andrew would have been thrilled. And I'm really very sorry for calling you a naughty girl for not posting when all the time you had been trying, and with such good intentions. You really are a true friend, to both of us !! It has been a boring weekend really. Andrew went away with his Mum and Dad so I haven't seen him in days. Chloe is still too embarressed to speak to me after what happened. I miss her very much though. I still want to be friends. But Kirsty is being a real angel. I think she will soon be my best friend ( apart from you, Linda ! ). I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was the first person that Kirsty let watch her on the toilet. I don't know if it was a on! e-off. Perhaps I'll know next weekend, because we are going to meet up, and she is staying at my house. She still isn't speaking to Chloe.

Anyway, I thought I would just finish by telling you about our latest trip to the toilet together, which happened a few minutes ago ( Thats you and I, Linda ). You weren't in much of a hurry, so I went first. I pulled my panties down from under my school skirt, but just enough so I could sit on them and keep my legs warm. I needed a wee to much to do what you do and sit on the seat with your clothes on until it is warmed up first ! I did a very strong wee that whizzed onto the front of the toilet bowl, making wonderful splattery noises ! After I finished, you still weren't in a hurry, so I thought I'd try and do my poo now. So I lowered my panties down further to the Poo Position ! I didn't feel as though I needed to go. We decided that instead of lots of cheering and encouragement, we would just watch and listen. I began to try very hard without any success. So I decided to bunch my skirt together in one hand, and press on my ???? with my spare arm. It was then that ! I felt that perhaps I would be able to poo. My ???? rumbled a bit, and then I made quite a loud trump which made you laugh ! But the trump helped me to start to go. I felt my poo coming out of my bottom. It was coming really slowly, and I stopped pushing so hard. Even without pushing so much, it was still coming out. It was already beginning to be quite long when it decided enough was enough and it began snaking out really quickly ! However, despite it being a big one, it just flopped into the water much to my disappointment. And I had no more poo to make, so that was it !

Then you said never mind, you'd see what you could do. After pulling down your pampies, I watched with a smile on my face as you went very red with the strain, and stretched your legs out in front of you ! But my goodness it was worth the wait. There was a most enormous splosh and you grinned from ear to ear at the sound of your creation ! I was very impressed ! But you hadn't finished, and we counted another five assorted plops ! Well done !

But then, and this always happens to me if I try to poo before I'm ready to go. Even if I actually did manage to poo, I find I have to go again perhaps only twenty minutes later, and this time was no exception ! And I really did have to go. Now it was your turn to be impressed as I made four more good sized poos that all dropped with very satisfying plops !!

Linda, looking forward to your next post when the Moderator lets you on. Never give up. I'm sure he likes us all really. Fancy having a job like his, reading all these posts. And he gets to read all the naughty ones that don't get posted ! I don't mean yours were naughty, especially when it was sent to cheer up Andrew ! Anyway, love you loads, and I look forward to the next glittering story from the new LINDA GS. Take care, Kendal xx

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