Jenny K.
Zoe was over at my house yesterday. We were playing on my new PlayStation 2 when Jenny said she had to use the bathroom. I asked her, pee or poop? She said both, she hadnít gone since the morning before so it was going to be big. I told her I had to go too, since I had gotten the feeling to poop and I knew I would have to go in the next half hour anyway. So we went into the bathroom. (We always go to the bathroom together, so we can watch each other since weíre best friends.) She pulled down her panties and was about to sit on the toilet when she thought for a second and said, ďWouldnít it be more fun if we went in our panties, like at camp last year? Your parents donít care and theyíre not home anyway, and I can change before I go home.Ē She was right, and so I agreed.

Zoe went first. She put her panties back on, they were white with tiny pastel flowers on them. We put an old towel on the floor so the floor wouldnít get wet or dirty in case of our panties leaked. Then Zoe lifted up her skirt and held it there. She asked if I was ready, and I said yes. So she started to pee. At first I saw the wet spot, and it got bigger and bigger until her panties were completely wet on the bottom. Then a little pee ran down her legs, but most just went right through the panties and onto the towel. Finally, she stopped peeing. Because her panties were wet, they were a little transparent. Then she told me she was about to poop. It started to come out, and I saw the brown bulge forming. It was one of her usual poops, with the texture of peanut butter like hers always are, and she wasnít kidding when she said it was going to be big. When she was done, it was just one big soft sticky blob of poop, about an inch thick most of the way and it took! up the space of maybe 5 decks of cards. She put her skirt back down and then it was my turn.

I took off my overalls and since my shirt was hanging down over my panties, I lifted it up out of the way. I was wearing panties that were a very pale blue, so pale that they were practically white. Then I went over and stood on the towel, and just relaxed and let the pee out while Zoe was watching. I felt the warmth spreading, and it started to leak through the panties and down my legs. There was a little puddle inside my panties for a few seconds, because I was peeing faster than it could leak out, but when I stopped it went away. Then I asked her if she was ready for me to poop yet, she said yes so I let the first one out. It came out with no effort. The second one took a little push to get it started but it came out pretty easy too. They were both about an inch in diameter and maybe 8 inches long. Then I farted and let a tiny little piece and was done. Like my poops normally are, it didnít smell very bad, it only smelled like I farted.

I put my shirt down and the overalls back on. Then we put the towel in the wash and went back to playing on the PS2. Zoe sat on a trash bag since she was wearing a skirt so the floor didnít get wet or dirty when she sat on it. (When she wears a skirt, she hates sitting on it so she makes sure the back of the skirt is behind her, instead of under her, when she sits down. This means that her panties touch whatever she is sitting on. Since her panties were wet and poopy, we didnít want her to just sit on her panties on the floor and get the carpet dirty, so she sat on a trash bag.) Since I was wearing overalls, the usual blue color that denim is, the stain didnít come through so I didnít have to worry.

When it was time to go home, she had to change before she got home so she changed at my house. We dumped the poop from her panties into the toilet, and then I put it in the wash and started it. Zoe didnít have time to wait for the panties to be cleaned, so I offered to let her borrow some of mine, but she said she was OK and just went home without panties. I went the rest of the day in my dirty panties. My parents didnít say anything about it when they came home, either they didnít notice because it didnít smell bad, or because they were understanding about it like usual and didnít want to make me feel bad by mentioning it. I cleaned myself up before I changed for bed. (I waited until the morning to take a shower, because I still wet the bed and even though I wear those Goodnites, itís still nice to be able to take a shower after changing out of them.) Anyway, I put on the Goodnites and went to bed, the next morning I changed out of them and cleaned myself up.

More later, maybe Iíll try this again with her sometime.

Tuesday, November 07, 2000

HI all. I haven't posted in a couple weeks. I took a road trip to Dallas for a week then been busy trying to catch up. I did bring home a few interesting stories though.

Lili--you had asked if anyone had seen truckers pissing on the side of the road. I saw a few on my trip. The highway I was on was pretty rural but had several places to pull over & eat. There were picnic tables & if you were lucky 1 or 2 trees. However there wasn't a single stop with bathrooms. (you had to get to a town for that) so if you had to go your car was all there was for cover. Well I had pulled over into one of these places where there were about 4-5 tabvles slightly spread out. I'm pulling a pop out of my cooler when I look up & see this guy standing by the side of his semi. Upon closer inspection I see that he's taking a piss. He sees me but there isn't much he can do at this point. I watch him for a few more second but decide i shouldn't linger. I left him to finish. Later that day as I'm coming up on another of these areas I see another trucker doing the same thing (i didn't stop). On my way home I saw a man driving a pickup squatting with his pa! nts down on the side of his truck. I didn't see anything but it was obvious he was having a shit.

While in Dallas I stayed in a hotel room with 2 other ladies. I'd met 1 before but never stayed with either. (we knew each other from internet only) My bed was on the otherside of the wall from the bathroom so I got an earful. Amazingly enough there wasn't a fan in the bathroom so the sound came loud & clear. I know when i took my daily shit they could hear me. One night we had texmex for supper. The next morning I REALLY had to shit. I started farting while i waited for one ofthem to finishe their turn in the shower. My other friend is kinda teasing me about the farting. Finially the other comes out & i hurry in. The second I hit the seat my ass explodes with a monster fart. This is quickly followed by a big wave of mushy poop. After a few second I let out a few more farts & another load of poop. I continued to fart & shit for several minutes. It took a lot of wiping to get clean but it sure felt good.
All in all an interesting trip.

i woke up this morning with a terible cramp in my gut. i farted and it smelt like rats.a few minutes later i had to go for a dump. i went to the toilet sat down and it came out in a rush. it was like diaroeh but there were quite large lumps init this continued for about 10 minutes. i'm only 15 he he..........

Sara T,
To Poster:
I don't poop anywhere but the toilet, but I pee in containers. I've done it in the shower, the woods, into a soup can, and into a big plastic Taco Bell cup. Out of necessity I've done it in my empty wastebasket if the bathroom was occupied.

When I was very young (7 or 8) my friend and I would either steal my brother's diapers or her mother's sanitary pads and wear them to pee into.

Over the weekend I went to a restaurant located in a small resort town in Michigan. I went into the ladies' bathroom to go pee and I had to stand in line for a few minutes as all the stalls were being used. While waiting I heard a mother in one of the stalls with her little girl and she was insisting that the little girl try to have a BM. The child was whining and crying very loudly that she didn't want to go. The mother, who was trying to talk quietly and calm her daughter down, said "I want you to try to go ka-ka for me", "how about if you sit and see if you can make something come out", and "if you don't go then you can't have dessert". I wondered if they were vacationing from out of town and the child became constipated from travelling. Anyway, the mother gave up insisting that the child have a BM and they finally left the stall. I wonder if the mother ended up giving the child a suppository that night to make her go?

Hey guys, itz been a while, and I still have no stories to tell. I really want to go poop in a urinal, badly. I am still planning to poop in the urinal at the mall, or just go poop in a public toilet at the mall. I just can't seem to do it. I dunno why, but I can't. Right now, I have a really strong urge to go poop, cause I have gotten in this habit: Every day, at 4:00, I take a shower. When the water is running, I lay down on my stomach, and spread my butt cheeks apart, and let the water shoot into my hole. I keep it in there for a little bit, then get out, and sit on the toilet, and let the water all come out, and it brings the logs out too, and sometimes, after I get the water out, I go poop right on the floor, when I am standing on the sink. But I didnt do it today, I was late. well, I am gonna try the stick out your poop and suck it back in game tonight, and see if I can make it out a long ways. I really want to poop in the urinal though. Does anyone have any tips for ! things, such as soap, that make you go poop, and you can find em in your own home? I will tell u guys as soon as I poop in a urinal. Thanks!

Poster- I poop on the floor all the time, but theirs paper under my butt. I suqat over the paper, and push it out, or sometimes I stnd on a chair, and let it fall out.

-- Casey

I live in a small College town. One Saturday, me and a fraternity brother, Doug, drove 200 miles to a nearby big city for a party held by another brother at his folk's home. The party was great and we both ate and drank way too much! We crashed overnight at the house. We left early on Sunday to return to the fraternity house. We stopped for breakfast at a Denny's and then hit the road. After a while, my stomach started to rumble and I knew that I had to shit. I told Doug and he said: "Guess what? Me too." I also had to fill up with gas and we stopped at a gas station. The men's room had two stalls with doors without locks. Doug took the first stall and I took the second. When I got in, I first checked for toilet paper and there was none. I told Doug that I needed some and he said: "There's plenty here. Come grab some." I opened his stall door. His jeans and boxer shorts were round his ankles and he was wiping the seat because it was covered with piss. I waited! for him to finish wiping the seat. He then said: "Hey dude, I'll get started. Just help yourself." He then sat on the john. Because the roll was close to the bowl I had to kinda lean over him while I tore off 3-4 pieces of paper. While I did this, I heard 2 loud plops as his logs hit the water. I said: "Hey Doug, it sounds like you'll be way ahead of me." He said: "Don't worry dude. There's plenty more where those came from." I then went into the next stall and after letting a couple of loud farts, quickly passed a loose greasy shit. I usually pass solid logs - I guess the booze and spicy food had an effect. I heard Doug dump 3-4 more logs. We started wiping at the same time. I soon finished the paper that I'd got from Doug's stall and needed more to get my asshole clean. I heard Doug flush and then go to the sink to wash his hands. When he was done, he came back to my stall and said through the door: "Hey Jordan. Do you need some more paper?" I said yes an! d he got some from the next stall. He then opened my stall door (it was a handicapped stall and the door opened out) and passed me some paper. I continued sitting and wiping my butt and he just stood there watching while I wiped. The paper he had got for me was still not free of skid marks. He saw this and said: "Hey I guess you've still got some more paperwork to do" and got me some more paper. After several more wipes my asshole was eventually clean. It is real cool being in a fraternity. The brothers trust each other and are cool about showering, pissing and shitting around each other. I'll be real sorry when my days in the fraternity house are over. I've got lots of other fraternity shitting stories and I'll post some when I get the time.

I was coming home from work tonight,and ofcourse stuck in the rush hour traffic just crawling along, when i felt the need to poop, now for the most part iam ok at holding myself but this poo wanted to come out allmost at once.

now i had my dress pants on and a pair of rather expensive panties on so i really did not want to poo my pants, normaly if iam wearing jeans hey go for it.

well traffic begun to move again and i realized i had better stop at the mall as it looked like i was not going to make it, my stomach cramping like mad and i begun to let out little silent but stinky farts.

COME ON MOVE FOR CHRIST SAKE i yelled at the driver in front (like thats gonna help when theres about fifty cars ahead of him)i let a fart go it was a hot one oh shit iam not gonna make it i thought.

i finaly got to the mall found a place to park and literaly ran to the entrance of the mall, once inside i made my way to the food court where the washrooms were.

halfway there i dropped my first log into my pants it was a huge one and then another came out more slowely this time, i felt my panties sag with the weight of my poo, i farted and begun to pee a bit, i managed to get that under control but not before a wet spot appeared on the front of my pants (they were light grey so--).

I got to the washroom and thought only of getting out of my poopie pants and cleaning up, not to be, closed for cleaning read the sighn.

I turned away slowely very aware of the smell now coming from me, very aware of people looking at me, and sniggering, i was so embarrased but strangely turned on, i started walking back to the entrance to my car, when i suddenley realized my panties couldnt hold any more poo (i finished pooping in my pants at the toilets)it begun to go down my legs on to the ground.

I very quickley left the mall, leaving a trail of poo behind me, as i got to my car my bladder gave up and i wet my self warm pee running down my legs leaving a puddel on the ground, i got in my car and very gingerly sat down poo squishing all around my bum, my car smelling real bad now, i wound the windows down and drove home.

I hope you liked this true story sorry if it was too long.

TO ANN (BUS DRIVER) have you ever pooped your pants while driving your bus? if so what did you do and how did you react to it.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Thanks for your response to my post. I still enjoy shitting in public restrooms with doorless stalls. The experience I described is real rare. Most guys seem to act as if it is an everyday thing when they see me sitting on the crapper. I also act the same way when I see them taking a dump. I've found that problems only occur with groups of teens and groups of college guys. They know a guy taking a dump can't retaliate and they sometimes will hassle a guy shitting in a stall without a door. If this occurs I always remain friendly and don't allow myself into being provoked to make a nasty comment. I've never ever tried to look over a partition at a guy shiting in the next stall, as you describe in your recent post. I don't know about the U.K. , but in the U.S.A. that would be an easy way to get killed real quick! That is why doorless stalls are so great. You can loiter outside one while another guy is dumping and while they don't always like it,! it is a reasonable thing to do. I hope you have some great buddy dumps in your special toilet device. It sounds real interesting! Take care, Justin.

Kiki: Itīs Oprah peeing. She drank a lot to get the force and wore no underwear.

Hey everyone, I love reading the stories on this site. I especially like stories about watching and listening other people in secret while they're pooping. I love listening to my partner on the can, I'm really lucky, he poops usually between 5 and 8 times a day! Honestly! He always passes alot of poops in one session, and I can hear everything - I usually count between 15 and 20 plops in one session, so its a dream come true for me to listen to. My favourite stories on the site are like this, hearing ALOT of "plops" in one sitting, if anyone's got any stories like this please please post them!

I remember reading a story on here a little while ago, and now I can't find it. It was written by a guy who was having a dinner party or something and in the middle his wife excused herself to go to the bathroom, they had an ensuite bathroom off their bedroom and he followed her upstairs and watched and listened through the door she'd left ajar - she didn't know she was being watched. She was on the toilet for over half an hour and produced many, many poops and plops. Anyone know what page I can find this on, i'd love to read it again?

I've got some great stories about my boyfriend's toilet sessions and I'll post them all really soon.

Anne (Bus Driver). Thanks for your latest posting. I assume the advice was directed to me (although no name was given) but please rest assured that I'd never embarrass a lady bus driver called Anne. As you say, I don't think we've met and maybe we never will. However, I might find myself on one of your coaches one day and, if I knew you were in the driving seat, I'd feel very honoured indeed.

Fair comment about the consistency of your motions. I prefer to pass something firm to a mushy mess any day. Have you done anything significant over the weekend? I always love to know. You are and always will be my very favourite poster. Keep up the good work.

I like the new picture but she looks more as though she's posing than actually performing.

Kim: What can I say? Another great story! You even had a peeping tom, how funny! This one sounded like you were straining a little bit -- remember in my first post I told you not to do that, but I know how erotic it is for you so don't mind me. From what you told me as you described yourself, I can just imagine you on a toilet with a big, long, thick turd slowly coming out of your bottom. It is erotic if you think about it. (Am I demented or what (LOL)? ) Have you had any pooping sessions recently where you didn't do a big log? It must have been disappointing.

Movie Fan: in the 1998 movie "Senseless," there is an explicit scene where two women go into the bathroom and one of them goes into a stall and takes a big dump which is very audible. The funny part is Marlon Wayans' character can hear and smell the whole thing as a result of a scientific experiment, where he can hear and smell things from far away. When the ladies leave the bathroom, the lady who had just dumped introduces herself to Wayans and he refuses to shake her hand, and understandably so. I don't know if you're old enough to remember, but in the 1976 movie "Car Wash" (which will pop up every once in a while on cable stations as the late night or weekend afternoon movie), a girl who is the cashier at the car wash is shown sitting on the toilet reading a comic book (it's pretty obvious that she was pooping) when one of her co-workers comes up through the air vent and surprises her. She starts screaming, and later on when she comes out, she sees the guy and starts pl! ayfully beating him up. It was pretty funny! Also, in the 1995 movie "Species," there is a woman sitting on the toilet (not sure what she was doing), and she was attacked and sliced up by the alien while still sitting.

Kathie: I think you and I poop the same way. Some times I can pound out a good log of about 8-12 inches or more, but most of the time mine comes out in small logs and sometimes soft and mushy. Every once in a while I'll have to flush the toilet twice to get rid of the skidmarks at the bottom or get all the paper down. The toilets in our house are strange and sometimes they don't flush everything down all the way. It's funny how it doesn't feel like you're pushing all that hard, yet a long turd is the result. I've done that on many occasions. I don't get constipated at all (I poop pretty much every day), but I guess it does depend on your habits and diet.

Keep up the great stories!

The problem with peeing in pools is not that the pee is harmful by itself, but the ammonia and other substances in pee react with clorine forming cloramines, which are irritating to the eyes and skin, and cloramines do not disinfect the water like pure clorine. Cloramines also give off a stronger clorine odor. Some commercial pools and spas are switching to bromine or ozone but I haven't calculated all the possible chemical reactions possible between them and pee. So if you have a pool, don't pee in it! You will have to change the water more frequently! For a home pool the recommendation is to change water every 4-5 years, public pools change every year or more often than that depending on usage.

Prince Morgan

Hey, guys and girls!

Nice picture at the top. She's cute. Position doesn't look too comfortable, though.

On Sunday, I was at a park with a girl I go out with sometimes (no, it wasn't my favorite park with the open toilets, nor the same girl). We were near this picnic grove that was enclosed on three sides, with an open front. There were like four or five tables in it, so it was pretty decent sized. The open front faced the road. The park wasn't too busy at at all, because it was kind of cold. There was some traffic along the road and a few joggers, but not many.

Well, I had eaten a pretty big meal a couple hours before, and I had already kind of needed to poop when I did, so by now I really needed to dump. We went up into the picnic shelter, and I went to one of the tables way toward the back. I peed first, in the corner next to the table, then pulled down just the back of my jeans and sat at it, facing the front, with my butt hanging back behind the bench. I proceeded to drop a pile of like six big logs, one right after the other. Heidi was off to the side, saying: "I don't believe you're doing this!" The shelter was really starting to smell by the time I was done. It didn't take too long. I asked her if she had some tissue, which she didn't, but she got me some from a porta-toilet a little ways away. When she gave it to me, she said: "Wow, that really smells! We should get out of here. What if someone comes?" I said: "Well, if someone does, we'll just tell them you had to poop!" She wasn't amused. I'm trying to get! her to read the board and post here. She says she doesn't have anything to tell. I told her just hang out with me some more and she will!

Happy pooping and peeing to you all!


Nice pic. Have some men in some pics!

About 1 1/4 hr ago (4:15) my friend and I went down to a church. (An abandoned one) and I said that I needed a poo. I said that I forgot the bag. I bit my tongue and was spitting blood while I was waiting for him he finally comes. Anthony asked if it was coming out and I said No. I said wait. I sucked air up my butt and gave it a little push. I said what would happen if it wouldn't fit in the bag? He said just go on the ground. It fit in the bag and I THREW it in the road and cars ran over it. I felt pretty nauseous 30 minutes after I dummped.


Linda GS
Hi! New name.. you but it's till little old me. I took the name from pokemon G being Gold and S being Silver.
Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid
I HAVE been posting but theye never make it to the site.. even the last one which was me trying to explain what had happened. See I'd understand that.. but that time.. I think they just don't like me. Anyway, what I had posted was a story I tried to do to cheer up Andrew.. well I know he's happy now so there's no need for it.(Still it would have been nice.. you big meanies!!!)Anyway.. today me and my cousin went walking to Sunchase to buy somethings. We ate at KFC.. greasy food do something to my ????. It greases the runway so the poop decides to come out a few minutes after I eat. Well I hurried telling my cousin I had to make a HUGE poop.(It had been a few days since my last one so it HAD to be big) So I got there ran to the bathroom undoing my jeans and pulling them down.(Poor Elena.. I mooned her..hee hee) I sat down my bare bottom and PLOP!! A HARD ball.. then 4 more.. then I felt the real stuff making it's way out. I called to my cousin to bring me the player's guid! e on Pokemon GS I had bought. He came in with the book and asked how I was. As he handed it to me..KAPLUNK!!!! I blushed and said.. that answer your question? he smiled and asked if I wanted the door closed or the curtains drawn. I said no it's okay.. leave the door open cause it's starting to smell in here. He said oh thanks for sharing.. now we all have to suffer. I stuck my tongue out at him as he left. Oh.. relief came in the form of 5 more long poops which spalshed my bottom as the hit the water. I felt much better and got dressed and washed my hands.(Yes I flushed.. twice.. and nearly broke it too hee hee)Anyway, Kendal.. to cheer up Andrew.. tell him.. he's allowed to see me.. um"perform" from now on.. as long as he's a gentleman and turns away when I dress and undress (that includes the paperwork that follows) But he still must wait outside.. while I poop. Sorry but that's a girl's only thing.. for now. [winks at him] Okay well I must cousin Miguel has hatched b! aby pokemon in the game.. and Pichu the baby pikachu is so adorable.
P.S. I was with you JW... in spirit. Boy guy.. I feel so bad. Well just remember that when you go next time.. I'm doing a cheer for you. Big smootchie to you.

Here are a couple of stories about peeig ad poopcicncgc in unusual places:

When I was younger, about 10-12, we had a "den" at my mate's house. Actually, it was at the far end of their garden. Most of the houseowners had unofficially extended their gardens, but one of my mate's neighbours hadn't. The space between the official boundary and the "unofficial" one was just overgrown. Anyway, they had left an old 600-gallon heating oil tank in this overgrown part, and we all used to use it as our toilet! There was an 8-inch square opening for a filler which had a trap-door type cover. we used to open it and squat over it to poop. Then there was a vent pipe at the other end. We took the fitting off the end of it and fitted a big funnel to pee into!
We never did manage to fill it up, even though all 6 of us used to save our pee and poops for it over quite a few years ... but I bet someone had a bit of a surprise when they had to remove it!

Quite a few years ago, I can remember listening to a "Confessions" slot on a UK radio station. On one occasion, Aussie actor/musician Craig McLachlan was being interviewed and he told a story for the confessions:
He was around 8 or so and was round at a mate's house. He needed to pee badly but was scared of his mate's mum and didn't dare ask her for the toilet. Not knowing what to do, he sneaked into the store cupboard under the stairs and found the nearest container to pee into - a steam iron!
Now I don't know how much an 8-year old can pee, but I doubt that it'd all fit in a steam iron reservoir - unless it was one of those industrial-type ones with a separate boiler like my mate's mum has?
But, he then said that a few days later when he next saw this mate, his clothes had a bit of a funny smell to them! Hehe, I wonder why?!

I just had to tell you about this story involving my boyfriend and a shopping trip we just came back from. We had been to the supermarket and as we were paying for our shopping he was looking uncomfortable. I asked "Are you ok, honey?" He leant over and whispered to me "I really have to crap - really bad, i don't think i can hold it much longer, I've been trying to hold it in all the time we've been in here and now I really have to hurry..." I whispered back "Can you wait until we've packed our shopping?" to which the reply was a strained "no...i can't...". I looked over at him and he was very red in the face so I said to the bemused checkout guy "I'm sorry, we really have to go". We had to leave our shopping on the checkout. He said to me "Help me find the toilets, I've not been here before and I don't know where they are" I knew that just inside the entrance to the shop was a toilet, not male and female, but just a door with "toilet" on a notice. I said to him "Don't panic h! oney, we're nearly there, here, I'll show you where it is." He had broken into a run by now and the door banged loudly as he pushed it open, he didn't notice me following him in, he ran round the corner and into the stall, pulling his trousers and pants down as he was running, and by the time he got to the toilet his pants were round his ankles. By this time I knew I was in for a good show. He turned and sat down really quick, not having time to shut the door of the stall before a huge booming fart echoed around the room and his poop started coming out in small pieces, "plip, plip-plip-plip-plip, plop, plop, ????, sploosh, plop-plop-plop-plop" He carried on like this for a full two minutes, no breaks, poop just falling out of his ass all the time. One every 4 or 5 seconds. I've never heard so much poop, it just kept coming and coming, must have been forty or so plops. Then it all went quiet for 5 minutes, and all i could hear was sighs of relief coming from the cubicle. I tho! ught he was done as I heard the toilet flush, but then I thought, hang on, I didn't hear any toilet paper...and realised he still hadn't finished. All the time I was breathing really quiet, trying not to let him know I was there listening. 5 minutes passed and then it started again, this time larger turds, "plop, kerplunk, plop-plop-plop-plop" - I counted another, i've never heard such a great poop session. I guess he must have finally been done because the toilet roll holder started to rattle and I heard him wipe himself 14 times. I sneaked out quietly and waited outside the main door for him. "Wow, i really needed that, sorry about the shopping" he said. "Thats ok babe, think you'll be ok now?" "Sure" he said. I guess he was wrong because on the drive home he said "oh hell, i need the toilet again..."Luckily we were close to home by now and we made it, but as soon as we got in the door he ran to the toilet, leaving the door open as he was in such a hurry and again t! orrents of poop started falling out of his ass, and this time he was on the toilet for 25 minutes and passed about 20 small turds. I love living with a guy who craps so much!

Im back for a while, I still read, but I dont post much..... yesterday I went to a local festival and there were only 2 porta-potties..... There were like 10 people just pissing and crapping around the porta-potties, everything exposed.... about this time I had to go #2 so I just joined the crowd and did my thing... it was pretty damn cool.... Moderators: seariously, that is an awesome picture, leave it, please, please, please........

Monday, November 06, 2000


Yo! Kimmie! That was one stunning performance, and I'll bet that girl got several kinds of education in one package. Anatomy class, human physiology, the sheer might of a Kim-type monster log (!) and why it's not *always* advisable to peep under stall doors! I can visualize you in action, dear, and it encourages me to ever greater productions too!

Oh, and many thanks for considering a pee-fest in the great toilet test-program! Yep, Louise and I would sure be there, doing our ferrocious best to crack the porcelain!

Fractionally off-topic, I enjoy working out too, mainly with light dumbells, and my biceps are 12 and a half inches at this time. Yours are 16s? Magnificent, dear. Scott is one lucky dude!


Congratulations, dear! Yes, every woman is made subtly differently, and perhaps for you opening your legs real wide causes problems with the various flanges of skin that might occur around your outlet. Maybe keeping them closer together is just what your "design" requires. For myself, around shoulder width seems the right planting for my feet, then I swing my partly-bent knees in and out a bit until it's just right on the day. You get a bit of a feel for it, and such a "buzz" when you find you're doing a beautiful stream in an arch forwards. Tell me, how far forward did your stream reach? At times it can be surprising, even shocking, what a little angle and pressure can do, but it's always crazy fun to find out what you can do next!

Oh, and sympathies on the crowded nature of your dorm, it's a drag when you're dependent on others for access to a nice, inviting stall wall! But look forward to a time maybe not that far in the future, when you have the skill and the confidence to not be "bathroom dependent," and can answer the call of nature in less usual places. It's not that we're necessarily making a hobby of it, but I can definitely say that the time I releived myself in a railway underpass (read back a couple of months) I was thankful to be able to wee on the wall from a standing position rather than have to squat and use the floor. I'm not trying to scare you or anything, believe me! But such skills are very useful -- that's why men kept them for themselves, and patriarchal cultures pretend women are somehow incapable! Okay, enough politics...

Hugs to all,


To Tommy R: I liked your story about being at school on Saturday and using the girls bathroom. When you used the stall did you have any idea that you needed to poop?? Were you nervous, is that why you pooped?

To Josh: I loved you shitting story at school, great descrpition.

To kim and scott: I loved your story,about the little girl looking at you in the stall. Usally you end up pooping with your boyfriend scott, don't you.

Wow Kim!!! Another monster! Do you ever have to grunt really loud when you crash those out?

Hello!!!! Sorry I haven't posted the past couple of days....had a yard sale yesterday. Was a bit cloudy and sprinkled a bit but we need the rain....been under a fire watch. Enough on that!!!!

Buzzy: It's cool to know you and I poop around the same time everyday. I had 2 poops at 8am and the other at 8:30am. They were both solid....some gas with the first one. The second one had a couple of small marbles to start and then a medium sized snake that slithered out of my arse....boy I love that!!!!
I live near Washington, DC so technically our subway is called the metro but I'm in the habit of calling all trains subways. Been to New York City quite a bit and love it!!!!! I also love Boston, Mass. Have relatives there.

Tim: One thing that makes my poos good and hard is if I eat a lot of bread....preferably the white squishy kind like wonder or sunbeam. Let me know if it does the same to you :o)

Kendal: You are very sweet to help your cousin........I have a cousin in Miami whom I don't see too often but we e-mail almost everyday and she went through a break up a couple of months ago. She's a bit older than me but we are still very close.

Lawn Dogs Kid: I'm glad you are feeling better.....just hang in there :o) It is kind of neat to imagine what time I'd be pooing if I were in another country. I do look foreward to 8am each morning!!!


Hey all!

AMANDA T.- About pool peeing..I know the chemical that you're talking about. It turns the water around the pee purple or blue. It's not usually used in home swimming pools...just in the YMCAs in certain places.
Speaking of pool peeing, has anyone ever swam through a "swarm" of pee in a pool? I've always thought that it would be so hilarious to watch someone do that.

ACTIONMAN- About your drinking and peeing escapade with the comforter...what were you drinking? I've found that i can drink 2 liters of water and go every thirty minutes for 9 hours max. Try it! It's fun!

EVERYBODY ELSE- Have you ever seen the movie Beloved? I love the scene where Oprah runs into the fields, lifts her skirts, and pees. Does anyone know if that was actually her pee? Was it a machine?

See ya!
The Kikster

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