I almost always have to flush the toilet twice after pooping. It's because my stools are usually soft and messy and I use a lot of toilet paper (and not because of the quantity), though I can usually poop out a fair amount in one sitting. For those of you wondering: I'm 40yrs old, 5'4" tall and weigh about 135lbs. Anyway, if I don't flush after wiping about four times then the toilet clogs. Sometimes I have to use the plunger which I keep next to the toilet. Sometimes after doing a soft but well-formed log, the remainder that comes out is a loose pile of poop (which happened yesterday). The log I did this morning was at least 12" long and only about 1" wide. It felt a bit hard and knobbly at the tip (which they often do), but the rest came out in one long slender sausage that curled and broke in half in the toilet. It amazes me how lengthy my turds often are. It doesn't feel like I'm pushing out that long of a piece. All it takes is a good push to get it moving, then the re! st slides out quickly like a long brown snake! The only time I get constipated is when I've taken medication or if I'm not eating properly. The last time I had a problem was a few months ago when I took a painkiller with codeine because my shoulder hurt. I took the pill in the evening and then the next morning I had absolutely no urge whatsoever to do my normal morning BM. I tried to go but it felt like there was no poop waiting to come out. I finally went around 5pm that day. I was worried all day that I might be constipated. I don't like to wait until I get too bunged up, so I planned on taking a suppository that evening if I hadn't been able to go. I find it interesting that some of you can go for days without pooping. I haven't been that constipated since my chilhood and teenage years. I try to go every morning, even if all I do is a small turd. When this happens, I usually have to poop again in the early evening.

Does any one have stories about peeing or pooping in a container or on the floor at home?

To Anne:
How kind of you to nominate me for the toilet testing panel. Of course I would love to accept, what an honour!
Yes I have blocked a few pans in my time - most often our downstairs loo at home, but also at work.
Going by Tony's descriptions, I suppose my poos are most frequently "logs" rather than "carrots". Occasionally I do one that is slightly pointed although it is not always possible to see as the leading end is often hidden from view at the bottom of the pan.
A typical dump for me is two or three logs between six and ten inches, and possibly a few little bits at the end.
Love, Jill

When I was a teenager, I often used to get into trouble for having soiled pants. This happened for a number of years and at worst I messed myself or had skidmarks most days. I often hid them to avoid getting told off, but when they were found I got told off even more. I still have occasional accidents, and I wonder if anyone else gets a buzz like I do from getting found out. Over the years my pants have been noticed in changing rooms at the leisure centre, by the side of my bed by our cleaner, at the hospital when having an x-ray, on top of a pile of laundry in front of our washing machine by a neighbour who came round and many other instances. Has anyone else 'engineered' such situations? I always hope to get noticed like this, but often feel embarrased about it afterwards.

Movie Fan
I saw a movie yesterday with one of the best female poop scenes ever. I've mentioned this before but never actually saw the movie until now. The movie is Labyrinth of Passion, and near the end there is a scene where a receptionist is talking on the phone and she suddenly tells the caller "I've got to go, the laxative is starting to work". She gets up and tries to get to the bathroom, but people keep stopping her and asking for help. You can tell she is getting more and more uncomfortable and she grabs her stomach. Finally she gets stopped again by someone asking for information and you suddenly hear this fart and squirty poop sound and she gets this helpless look on her face. Then the camera pans down and shows this pile of liquid poop between her feet and you can see some of it dribbling down her leg. It's awesome, one of the few times I've ever seen an depiction of female poop in a movie. The poop is fake, of course, but it's still pretty explicit.

Anyone know of other female poop scenes in movies?

Last night i went to bed and i woke up at 2am and i felt an urge to shit, i went to this toilet and i had the worst diahreah, it was pure liqiud. I pooped before i went to bed and it was solid. Then i came back like 2 more times and had a drop of loose shit.I think this is caused from my antibiotic im on, i did have diahreah at first then i didn't go for a day or 2 and last night it was diahreah. Also before going to bed i drank alot of water just so i could have to pee really bad. Any one ever do this?

To Kyle: I liked your story, about the bathroom by the beach. I love all the stories about surfer dudes needing to shit,especially in doorless stalls.

To Actionman:Did you actully taste or drink your urine. I did that last night when my pee was really clear and it tastes just like water.

To Buzzy: I know antibiotitics are a real drag. Luckly it hasn't been too bad just a little diahreah on and off. It's not like im at work busy doing something and boom i have to shit(i hate when that happens).

SUCCESS!!!!! PV and Louise: Wow, today was the most successful day yet. I was talking on the phone for a long time and by the time I got off was dying to pee and was heading to the shower anyway. So the bathroom closest to me had both showers in use, so I went to the other one and the shower doesn't have hot water, so I had to use the tub (with a shower head) and I was able to start peeing standing and most of it went straight and not down. I think for 2 reasons: 1. my legs were closer together and 2. I had a very relaxing and enjoyable day. I'll keep working on this, thank you so much for your support :o) Now back to the school work...

Wow, Thats the hottest girl yet!! She looks like she is 17 doesn't she??

Last night i was in bed and i felt a slight urge to shit and i went ahead and shitted, i decided to shit in a container in my bathroom just for the hell of it. I did and was really loose,almost as loose as water or oatmeal. It had a really strange smell to it(not normal)..I sniffed it for a few seconds and i knew it had to be from that antibiotic im on.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi again!
I've just read your account JUSTIN of how you were being hassled in a toilet by guys waiting to have a shit.That is one reason I'd not want to use a door-less toilet in case I was under scrutiny by someone who should know better than spoil a guy's shit.It's ok to politely ask someone if he's going to be long,or say that it's urgent ,but to try and intimidate something sacred like that is really anti-social.How long you need to take is your business unless you want to share it but if someone is too ignorant to see you're trying your best and expecting you to force yourself when only you know what you've got to do is certainly the downside of public shitting.At least with a door on there isn't the hassle that there can be when you're on show.
Hope the next time you shit on show,someone who is patient,friendly,interested or respectful is waiting to go!
As you can tell-I hate to be interrupted!

For those of you who have been sitting on a public toilet and have looked up and seen someone looking at you over the partition.
I find it rather sinister to see someone watching me;I think it's the silence I find worrying.If the guy was to say Sorry,and get down I'd feel happier but the reasons I don't like being watched are that He may be just "dick-watching" ;he may recognise me from having seen me there before and get the wrong idea of what I'm doing there,and want to do things I'm not into.If,however I'm in the process of making a lot of noise as I'm having a good shit ,so he knows exactly what I'm doing-then I love knowing I'm being watched and would even stand up now and again so he can see what I've done,as I have done on occasion.I have sometimes in reply to a message passed to me under the partition told the guy that I'm trying to shit and had a positive response and invited him to look over as I sit there shitting.Sometimes I've been asked to shit on toilet paper on the floor but as I don't want to do that I'venot done it.I don't like being asked to do it other than the way I like to go! !
Obviously there is an element of danger in looking over a partition,not only the care needed to stand on the edge of a toilet without falling off (or in)! but they may be others outside the cubicle who see the person looking,or worse-a friend of the guy on the toilet could be waiting for him to finish,see the observer and that could lead to a very unpleasant situation.
These are all factors I've taken into account when I've had the most tremendous desire to have a look over when I've heard a great loud plopping session by the guy next-door,as well as the ethics of the whole thing.Have I got the right to violate someone's privacy'whetheror not he knows about it?If I do,how long should I look,assuming it is safe to do so?I've been watched myself so many times;am I not justified in doing the same?If he sees me,and I apologise and then make a quick exit,is that ok?
The critical thing about this issue is ,I suppose,how important is it to either the watcher or the shitter,and is it done out of respect and admiration or a quick thrill in taking advantage of someone.I know at least one guy who has posted here regards such intrusion as weird and strongly disliked even being looked at when walking out of a toilet,but all I can say ,while looking forward to comments is that it depends on whether the guy minds being watched and no-one knows until it happens.
That being said,Yes I have looked over and seen the wonderful sight of a complete stranger sitting covering a toilet seat as I heard him plop,and felt a great sense of reverence for him and this I did once as I heard a loud plop and the young good looking guy looked up at me as I apologised,and this guy actually smiled and said "It's all right"!!! I washed my hands at the wash basin as he did the same and if there hadn't been other people around I might have apologised again and said that it sounded really impressive as he was so cool about it.Naturally I went into the toilet he'd just used and felt great knowing that he knew he'd been seen and heard.
My friend who enjoys this subject was having a shit once when he saw a guy looking at him over the partition.The next thing he knew,the guy had passed him a note offering him 5 for his underpants!The exchange took place and my friend felt really good about it as I suppose the observer did.
Anyway,I'm not in the habit of taking these risks,nor do I like the idea of taking advantage of someone who has locked his door for privacy,but as I appreciate being able to share less controversial items with you,feel I can share this as well.
I suppose it isn't the act of seeing someone on the toilet that is intrusive-it's the act of standing on something especially to see him that is the deliberate act of "intrusion".

To ANNE.Re making clay turds to leave in a toilet.No I've not done that but after I had a barium enema last year,the first 3 days after when I shit at home it looked like I was dropping coprolytes(fossilised turds).They wouldn't flush and after a few days when my turds were back to a normal brown colour The only way to get the toilet pan clear of all this clay-coloured sludge was to use a stick to scrape away the residue and flush about 20 times.
BTW Eating charcoal biscuits will give you black turds and if I've eaten blackberries I'll see them or bits of them when I shit.
Still waiting to produce big knobbly firm turds again but yesterday I dropped a smooth 6" x 1" turd so perhaps things are improving! Didn't get splashed 'though but I often do get a slight wetting with the small ones .

DAZZ,Are there any guys you'd like to see on the toilet,I keep hoping there's going to be one on the picture of the home page here but no luck yet!It would be great to know if there was one ,that the picture was taken right at the moment a big slap of water was splashing up all over his muscled arse!!!!! If only toilets could be made of glass!

Another way of buddy dumping which my friend and I did last time he visited.
I have a tubular metal commode which was being thrown out.This is basically a chair with toilet seat attached with a bracket to hold asmall bucket underneath.Just sit on it and use it with a large bucket on the floor 1/3 full of water and position it next to the toilet or in front or facing or back in front of the toilet or however you want it,or get 2 of these and use them anywhere in the house so you and your mate can watch ALL the action and see each other's buttocks,the shit sticking out,dropping,the splashes,everything you could want to share and as close as you like as you both plop away!!!
If anyone gets one (or two) of these,I'd love to hear about the results.You can set up a mirror too and watch yourself and feel your own splashed arse as you're still sitting there and wipe your arse without getting up!
Good plopping,PPG

Tommy R
This is my first post here and I think It's pretty cool for a first post. I'm 15 and I go to a high school in NY. Anyway, the story lies in the fact that I'm in one of the plays this year as stage manager. Yesterday, we had Satuday rehearsals. About 2 hours in I decided I had to use the bathroom because of the 4 cups of sprite I drank to cool off my mouth after having some jalepino poppers. So I walked to the music wing in the building (mind you it is satuday, noone is in the school except for the rehearsing cast of my play. So on my way to the boy's bathroom, I cross by the girl's bathroom where the door is closed. You all know what comes next. It's a once in a lifetime shot. The entire building is abandonned. So I check the knob and I discover it's unlocked. So I slip stealthly into the girls bathroom where the light is off, which is a good thing because it means noone has been in there for about 10 min. (the rooms have motin detectors). so I find the stall with the lock and! go in. I undo the zipper on my pants and decide it would be better if I just sat down. So I sit just as my stream was building up I hear the door to the boy's bathroom open and close and then I hear a stream and suddenly, I'm petrified and my stream shoots out. I had to control it because if the stream made noise then the person in the boy's room will hear it.(sorry this is turning out to be so long, the good part is coming up) I, out of fear, passed a solid turd about 8" long. I then heard the door to the boy's room open and then close about 3 seconds later my worse fear came true... the door to the girl's room opened. My heart started pumping a mile a minute. The the door then closed and I heard footsteps walking AWAY!!! It was just the boy from the boy's room doing what I was doing... being naughty. I waited a few seconds and slowly rose up and quietly pulled up my pants. I didn't flush and I didn't wash my hand's out of fear. I quietly opened the door and peeked out in bo! th directions. I then quietly stepped out and turned to my left to walk back to the auditorium and then a girl stepped out from around the corner!!! "exactly what bathroom did you go to?" I pointed vaugely behind me. and then an interesting thought hit me... "what bathroom did you go to?" I fired back. She stuttered and gave me a half smile... The rest is an incoherent blur. Has anything similar ever happened to anyone reading this? I still don't know exactly what happened, but I know one thing. The boy's room urinals dont tinkle, and no boy uses the pot when there's a perfectly good urinal right there.
You decide...

Here's how school went on Friday.
I went in, and during 1st period, I really had to take a f***** piss, so I went into the bathroom and DAMN, all three urinals and two stalls were occupied. When one of the urinals was available, I went to it, and had only gotten ready when I noticed that the guy standing next to me was gazing at my d***. I felt very uncomfortable so I went into a stall, which had recently become vacant. SHIT. That was what was in there, SHIT. I exited the stall and since the f***** had left I stood there and pissed my bladder off.

Here's 4th period.
I was sitting there in the class when I realise I gotta fart. I decided to let it out slowly. I lifted my ass ever so carefully and was about to pass it when this guy sittin' behind me tells me a joke that was really funny. I laughed, and that laugh was like a death knell. For I suddenly let out this huge fart. I stopped laughing and tried to deny it, but my faced turned red, and a horrifying stench came up. It was over.

5th period (Lunch)
Guy pisses me off and that probably leads to the events off period 7.

7th Period
Halfway through the lecture I really have to shit, I mean, SHIT. I tried holding it back, but it kept growing. A sudden lurch of my colon sends me up and running to the bathroom. (With a pass and the whole deal, of course)
I get to the bathroom, and suddenly I realise something. I've never shat in a school restroom before. With shear anxiety, I walk reluctantly to the stall and pull down my pants.
Description: Jeans pulled down to ankles. Red/Green Boxers down half as much. Medium sized ass seated fully on crapper seat. Unactive dick hangs down into bowl. Legs together. Hands on legs. Head forward. Medium push. Firm shit comes out of ass easily and is tapered at end. Some remains. This is wiped thoroughly with TP four times. Piss passed before standing. Stand up. Pull up pants. Exit Stall. Back to Class.

To Drew: Thanks for the advice about getting toilet paper from a guy dumping in the next stall. I'll try it if ever I need some. I found your old post and it was great! I also liked Kyle's suggestions about starting up conversations with guys waiting in line to dump in public restrooms. I have always been too shy in both situations. I forgot to mention that one of our University library restrooms has reflective tile on the walls behind the toilet bowls. This is not as reflective as a mirror, but not too far from it. Also, there are 4-5 inch gaps between the partitions and the back tiled walls of the stalls. Therefore I get a pretty good view of what is happening in the stall on either side of me when I take the middle one. When I need to dump there in the morning, I sometimes wait for another guy to go in and then go in at the same time. By looking back while I sit on the crapper I can therefore see him fairly clearly. I get a particularly good view when guys wip! e their assholes sitting down. I can see the guy pulling off a sheet of toilet paper and then inserting it between his butt cheeks. I always enjoy the "audio" component, but this adds a partial "video" component. Have you ever found this setup in restrooms?

Anne (Bus Driver)
Its nice of you to think of me as you do, especially as we havent to my knowledge met and I dont suppose we will unless you get on a bus or coach I am driving and of course then I wouldn't know. I DONT advise you to introduce yourself to any female driver with a name badge with Anne on it as this being a very common name it is likely to be someone else and could cause a serious misunderstanding.

As regards the consistancy of my motions, these are usually reasonably firm , I have done good solid jobbies since I was a kid and I prefer them that way, an easy motion is of course fine when it just slides out into the pan, and is like a big fat sausage, but I dont like passing stools that are soft and mushy and fall to bits as they come out, thankfully I very seldon have that problem. Given a choice Id rather be a bit constipated than be loose and most women I know do have a default condition of slight constipation. I do have a wee wee before going to bed at night and sometimes a nice big jobbie comes out as well and I always sleep well after doing one.

Midnight Cowboy, I can confirm what Moira says about men and boys wearing girls school knickers, (briefs) under their kilts. I saw this for myself when I took a male pipe band to a show and they got changed on the coach and yes, navy blue, bottle green brown and maroon cotton gym briefs like women and girls wear for hockey and netball were worn by most of them. I play hockey myself and wear identical knickers. I have also seen this at Highland Games and Scotish Country Dancing when the men's kilts have shot up and their knickers were seen. As Moira says, this is taken for granted in Scotland.

Regarding the putty jobbie, I dont think he thought it was mine. The girls who werent in on the joke thought that one of their classmates had jaundice as the jobbie was of course putty coloured, a classic sign of obstructive jaundice, the urine also turns tea coloured so you get a big white and very smelly jobbie floating in very dark pee. I like both Moira and Tony's stories about the multicoloured plasticine poos, and the big clay jobbie. Clay of course would be far more authentic and would start to discolour the water as a real turd does if it was left in the pan for a while. Also the water would make it slippery so it would feel like a real jobbie if someone tried to remove it by hand. Only the smell would be missing!

Tony and Kevin, I too have done a firm jobbie in my knickers a few times and just walked on home with it making the seat of my briefs droop down at the back. As it was solid there was no squashing and very little staining, just a big skid mark. I emptied it down the pan, and put the knicks in the wash, no big deal!

Hi Linda-- How have you been? Man do I wixh you could have been with me to help me out the other day. I'm on medication for a sprained ankle and one of the side effects seems to be really hard poops. Any way I got the call to poop the other morning like I normally do and I sat down to do the deed and NOTHING worked. I
rock and pulled on the seat, I sweated and grunted and nothing would move. Finally I had to use a suppository, Hay those things HURT!!!
I made me go...finally after 15 minutes, but MAN I had to struggle with the sucker and I hurt on the way out, there were tears in my eyes when I got done and blood on the toilet paper.-- JW

I was attending a legal conference. In the middle of a lecture I felt a stong urge to pee. I tried to hold it but I had drunk too much coffee. Half an hour later, I left the meeting, ran to the ladies' room and peed a torrent. Otherwise I would have peed in my panties. It felt so good.

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post. last saturday my boyfriend scott,his friend john and I(KIM) went to the ymca to swim and lift weights. we came in our exercise outfits and brought along our bathing suits to put on later, when we were lifting weights scott wore his tight white muscle top and grey sweats,john wore his white tank top and grey sweats, while Iwore my black spandex outfit. I tell you scott and
his friend john were really cute,very muscular guys and it was hard for me at times to keep concentrating on my weightlifting.haha! after we finished lifting weights we tooka fastshower and got into our bathing suits. scott wore his blue one(he has many he buys from muscle mags)john wore his red one,while i wore my pink thong bikini. this was a warm november day in new jersey so nobody was cold. we then hit the pool. I got a great overall workout from weightlifting earlier and swimming laps in the pool. after the swimming we changed back into our clothes again. while I was doingthis i felt all pumped up from the weights but I also felt like pumping out a huge,bowel movement as well! i then told scott and john outside in the main area that i had to take a dump. they said ok as i entered the bathroom. when i got into the bathroom the bathroom was pretty packed. their were young females everywhere looking in the mirrors,primping up their hair,makeup and what not. even many o! f the stallswere taken. i found one stall that wasnt and went inside. as soon as i got inside i slipped out of my spandex that left me very naked i then gave my 40 inch bosom and 16 1/2 inch arms a quick once over as i sat my ass on the toilet. (scotts arms are 20 inches by the way. we are not pro bodybuilders either. we just like lifting weights.) i then let rip a long ringing fart and before i could say holy s??t i began to push out an enormous log. i felt a great tingling sensation in my ass as I kept pushing and moaning in pleasure. i then pushed eveh harder in surprise and pleasure as my great beast was still coming out!i was still pushing when i looked down and I saw a pretty 13 year old girl peeking at me atthe BOTTOM. HER EYESWERE SHOCKED i was naked and surprised at my now horse-sized log shooting out of me. i then gave her a nice smile as she quickly left probably to tell all her friends on what she saw!haha! My ass was quivering like mad as i was STILLtrying to p! ush it all out!. this log was so large i had to stop and catch my breath. i knew my face was turning red from all the pushing i was doing. i then took a deep breath and clenched my teeth as i crashed the rest of my mightYlog out! my log hit the water with such force the water came right back up and splashed my ass. then like clockwork i added piss to my log.. i then looked down at my mammoth creation. what a whopper! i thought to myself as i got a measuring tape from my pocketbook and measured my thick, dark brown, very long log! my log turned out to be 18 full inches of pure brown dynamite!!1 that went around the toilet bowl like a huge letter U! i then wiped myself but did not flush. I then held the soiled paper in my hand to throw out later as i put on my clothes again. i wanted the other girls in the restroom to see how weLL i WENT. i THEN REJOINED SCOTT AND john and drove home . I know THERE IS AT LEAST one girl in the restroom who has never seen a log that size before. ! and maybe even one may buddy dump her log on top of mine. that would be neat! I tell you one thing though i sure gave at least one girl there a real eyeful with that log. hoped ya liked the story!PLUS ANNEThe busdriver) hello! love your stories. scott and i loved the idea of the toilet pan testers. I tell ya Anne the pan testers could be YOU,MOIRA,NICOLA,ELECTRA,TONY FROM SCOTLAND,HIS WIFeAND MOM AND MYSELF. imagine allof us waiting in line to be tested! wearing our grey jump suit tester uniforms with our names in front. all waiting for the chance to crash out our enormous logs into the pan! I tell you the old men running the show would be in shock from seeing the sheer enormity of our logs crashing out and splashing into the pans! they would also be in shock seeing me take off my jumpsuit and get nude to crash out my godzilla turd.(I love to shit nude for those who dont know) they might be turned on by this as well!haha! I tell you we would give that maxi 201 toilet you talke! d about a real workout huh? plus there should be a panel of pee queens also like LOUISE,PV and others. might as well have all of us at once giving the many spectators a super -show!in this huge event!haha!well its just an idea anyway! be well all! love kim and scott!

Hello all! TO LAWN DOGS KID-thanks for liking my posts and sorry about the breakup of you and your girl to this boy michael. i am sure you can get another pretty girl very soon. you being a great guy and all.! and like a fellow poster said- KENDAL is a very nice cousin you have- trying to help you through your troubles like she does. so hugs and kisses to all of you along with LOUISE,STEVE,PV,NICOLA, ANNE THE BUSDRIVER,JOHN (VT)-hey john where are you?? TONY FROM SCOTLAND AND OTHERS. bye now!from kim

Rick (Vancouver)
Anne (Bus Driver) England,

You liked my story about the British Standard turd. Thanks for your comments. I will contact my friend who told me about this and see if he remembers what it was actually made of. As for diameter and length, there was obviously some major research done to come up with the specification!


Hi all, my gf never lets me see her go to the bathroom. I think she is embarassed to say when she has to go. Last week we went out for the day fishing. We ate some dogs and burgers on the grill and laid back and enjoyed the day. While fishing she asked how much longer we were going to be, I said not too much longer, why? She said she needed to use the bathroom. I didnt want to ask her what she had to do because I knew she had never told me she had to shit. On the way home she must have been letting out farts because I smelled em. But she still wouldnt say she had to poop. Then after about twenty minutes in the car she broke down and said.....I have to crap real bad, could you hurry. As I picked up speed I seen her quiver, then start crying and I smelled what the crying was about. She let out the biggest turd, and was cleaning herself in the car. I pulled over and I could see the shit all over her panties and crotch. Just had to tell you that story, cya.......

Ive been off work this week as I got soaked last Sunday playing hockey and got a very bad flu type cold. This had a most interesting effect as I went 3 days without doing a motion then did three motions in one day.

Staying in bed and the cold remedies I had been taking caused me to be a bit constipated. I didnt have a motion for 3 days, but on Friday I had some real toilet fun! On Thursday I was feeling a bit better and got up. I had been eating and drinking but not to the extent I usually do. I had been peeing much as normal for me but no number twos, I just didnt feel the urge to do a motion and I never force it. On Thursday evening I went for a wee wee before going to bed and did them feel that there was a big load in my back passage but although I sat on the pan with my pale blue panties at my knees for a good 5 minutes it wouldnt come down. I did take a tablespoon of liquid parafin to lubricate things the next day. Sure enough, when I got up on Friday morning and went for a wee wee I could feel things start to move and I gave a push. My ring dilated wide and I could feel a fat ball emerge PLOONK! My husband had come in to shave and of course to watch as he always does, and had a! look down the pan at the big egg floating in the water. He laughed and said, " A dozen large brown please" (refering to eggs). I retorted, "You could at least rub my ????, there's a lot more up there waiting to come out!" He did so and with another grunt NN! AH! I produced a second egg PLONK! and then a third NN! KUPLOONK! . Unlike Anne who posted about a similar constipated motion my "constipotatoes" didnt all come out quickly and it took a bit more OO!s and AH!s and grunting before another 3 plunged into the pan beneath me PLOONK! PLOINK! KAPLONK! When I got up off the pan there were 6 fat dark brown balls floating in the water. That was my first motion for 3 days but I knew there would be more to do. After hubby had gone to the office I had a work out on our home gym and after a light breakfast a few hours later I felt I had to go for a motion again. I wondered if it would be a hard jobbie, but it was one that started off knobbly then got smooth and was what Anne called! the "classic jobbie shape" a big 12 incher, nice and fat which made a great "KUR-SPOOL-LOOP!" as I dropped it into the pan. This big jobbie was dark brown at its blunt start but a lighter brown at its tapered end. Relieved I did some housework, laundry etc and had lunch. Towards the evening I had just put the dinner on awaiting my husband coming home when I went for a wee wee. As I sat on the pan I again felt my bowels move and passed a long fat easy poo, nice and cohesive , solid and formed but softer than the one I had done earlier, (which was still in the pan having stuck). This third jobbie just slid out and made no sound when it dropped. Puzzled I looked down and saw that it had curved right round almost in a circle like a big brown snake eating its tail and was lying on top of the water with my second big job beneath it. This third poo was a khaki colour. Hubby of course was delighted with what his wife had done when he saw them on coming home and it took 4 flushes to g! et the two to go away leaving brown skid marks on the bottom of the pan. Incidentally, is that where the phrase a "four flusher" comes from? Yesterday and today my bowels were back to their normal, two nice big relatively easy panbyusters done after lunch, one in the Ladies Toilet in a local Burger King, ( I hope they liked MY "Whopper") and today in the Ladies in a local pub where we went for Sunday Lunch. Tomorrow Im back to work.

On he toilet pan testing, one of the male instructors I work with said once that "Nicola ought to be a test pilot for Shires (a toilet pan manufacturer), as if they could handle one of my jobbies they could flush almost anything!"


When I was in college a while ago a remark of a person comes to mind.

This person had sexual relations with a number of women. He complained at least once that they were walking in on him while he was taking a shit.

Going to the bathroom is necessary and slightly embarassing this is the reason for the popularity of this website.

Sunday, November 05, 2000

Sara T.
Hi everyone,
No interesting poos to report on or anything, just thought I'd share what I saw on tv last night.
I was watching a rerun of St. Elsewhere and there was a group of doctors waiting for the chief of surgery I believe. One complained his feet were hurting and then one of the female dr.s, Dr. Wade (the beautiful Sagan Lewis), had her arms crossed tight and was talking about how she had to go to the bathroom. She looked uncomfortable waiting for that long, and when the chief came back and they were done talking you could see her in the background, running and pushing past someone to get to the bathroom.

Amanda T.
Got a story!

Last year when I was nine, I was at a friend's swimming party and had to pee. I was afraid to go in the water cuz I did'nt know if they had that coloring chemical, so I decided to hold it. After a while I was in line for the diving board when it got really bad. I would look scared if I got out of line, so I stayed. When I went up on the board, I was getting ready to dive when I felt the pee running down my legs. I looked down and a large puddle was forming on the board between my legs. Luckily, nobody knew until one of my friends slipped on it....

I've just got home from school, and have about two minutes before I get caught !

LINDA: Are you playing with that game-boy again you naughty girl ?! Well, I hope it has helped with your pooing recently. Hope you can find time to speak to me and Andrew soon. Take care, xx.

AMANDA T: We are both the same age, 10 ! When are you 11 ? I will be on January 12th. Does that make you younger than me ? I enjoyed your stories about where you have done your wees.

EMILY: That was nice what you wrote to my cousin Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid). Thank you very much. I think he is getting better now. I don't think I'm awesome. I just love him loads ! Neither of us have any brothers or sisters, so we do take care of one another.

Right, well time for my tea-time poo. Hope it makes some good plops ! Are you coming Linda ?

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