One time I ate some collard green during my dinner (I am a southern girl, can't you tell) My uncle had also barbequed that day and told us that he had put beer in the barbeque sauce.

Later that night I woke up very sick and threw up before I could make it out the bed. It made a permenant light green stain on the matteress. I rushed off the top of the bunk bed only to fill my panties while I was rushing down the hall. After I had a vomitting/shitting experience that lasted about 20 minutes I felt completely better. I was so sick I had been throwing up in the bath tub and shitting at the same time. My Mom came in to make sure I was okay. She wasn't mad about the bed.

That rarely happens to me, but sometimes if a have a lot of liquid before I go to bed and forget to use the bathroom, when I wake up the next morning I am in a terrible mess. Sometimes I have to go so bad I can't move and I end up peeing my pajamas and my ass gets very soaked. Sometimes I leave a wet trail from the bed to the bathroom. My mother came in one time to wake me up and I was standing there holding myself while I peed uncontrollably. She just told me to clean myself up.

Some guys posted about how to start conversations with other guys dumping in public restrooms. I'm a 20-year-old guy and often surf here during weekends at one of our southern California beaches. One beach has a restroom with a trough for pissing near the entrance and two stalls. One stall has no door. The other (handicapped) stall has a door. One summer Sunday morning, I planned on surfing but needed to take a shit first. The restroom was real busy! Several guys were waiting in line in front of the two stalls. An older guy was crapping in the doorless stall and the handicapped stall was also occupied. There was a young dude (about 18) ahead of me in line and he was wearing a swim suit and a baseball cap. Ahead of him in line were two guys with their kids. The young guy grinned at me and said: "Hey dude, it looks like it's going to be a f****** long wait. Take a number!" I told him that I had to dump before surfing. He said that he had to shit real bad. We discu! ssed surfing conditions. Eventually, the guys in the two stalls were done and we moved up in line. We could see a young blond guy helping his kid dump in the doorless stall and another guy with his kid was in the handicapped stall. They were taking their time and other guys joined the line behind me. We were all bitching about the long wait. Eventually, the doorless stall was empty. The young guy went in, pulled down his swim suit and sat naked on the crapper. I was now first in line in front of his stall and we continued our conversation with the guy behind me in line joining in. I heard the guy quickly dump several logs. When the last one plopped loudly into the bowl, he grinned and said: "Whew, thats a relief! Guys, I'll be out in a moment." He then wiped his ass and came out. The end stall was still occupied by the Dad and his kid and I crapped in the doorless stall continuing my conversation with the guy next in line. Because of the long line, I quickly droppe! d my turds and then wiped my asshole. I pulled up my surf suit and the guy next in line took my place on the crapper. It is real easy to start up conversations with guys waiting in line to dump in busy restrooms.

I was once absolutely dying for a shit and nearly filled my pants on several occasions. After a long walk home the need to go went so I went to bed. It was not until three days later that I went, and it was disappointing really. I average three or four dumps a day when well though have reached nine. When I have diahorrea I can go as many as twenty five times. I just wondered if anyone thought this frequency was odd?

Mr Hanky-England

Anne (the bus driver). If you think you're getting enough fruit and veg in your diet, fine. I just thought it might be useful advice as many of the jobbies you seem to post about are rather constipated ones and I feared you were perhaps a bit bunged up and uncomfortable with it. I note your comments about not necessarily bothering to post about easy motions. Fair enough. That said, I'm always interested to hear about your output, in the nicest possible way of course, whatever the consistency. You're my favourite contributor by a long way and I'm always glad to hear what you've done.

I was interested to read about your last motion after the night shift job. You must have slept very soundly indeed after passing that 12 inch sausage (or carrot as you prefer to describe it). As the saying goes, 'it's better out than in!' Do you always go for at least #1 before retiring to bed? I do and I find that it always makes for a more comfortable sleep than I'd otherwise have.

Also, I liked your idea of employees 'testing' the pans at a toilet pan factory. Interesting stuff. I think they use slightly more scientific methods in reality though.

Enjoyed your account of putting a piece of putty down the WC in your school days. No wonder it didn't flush away easily. Maybe the caretaker thought it was one of your jobbies!

Hi Everybody!

Earlier in the week, being home alone, tired, and playing my GameBoy in bed, I decided that instead of getting up, I'd might as well Pee! I didn't do my whole pee, as that would have caused a flood, but I did get my comforter REALLY WET!

The pee I let out was really clear! It looked like water (I drank a lot earlier in the night) and it tasted like warm water too! :)

To clean up, I just did a 180 with my comforter so instead of sleeping in cold, wet comforter, the big pee spot was resting on the floor on the other side of the bed.


You asked me how old I am. I'm 20 right now. In Jan. I'll be 21 and I can legally drink! :)

Even though I'm physically 20, I think that I'm mentally younger than that. After all, I play Pokemon and go to the Leagu (sp?) to earn badges.

And my fascination with bodily functions started when I was a kid, thinking back to what it would have been like to be a baby again and use a diaper. I used to roll some toilet paper and hold it tight against my butt and use it like a diaper. I got in trouble a couple times when I was really young for it. I don't remember how I was caught.

That's all for now folks!

Hi Everybody!

Earlier in the week, being home alone, tired, and playing my GameBoy in bed, I decided that instead of getting up, I'd might as well Pee! I didn't do my whole pee, as that would have caused a flood, but I did get my comforter REALLY WET!

The pee I let out was really clear! It looked like water (I drank a lot earlier in the night) and it tasted like warm water too! :)

To clean up, I just did a 180 with my comforter so instead of sleeping in cold, wet comforter, the big pee spot was resting on the floor on the other side of the bed.


You asked me how old I am. I'm 20 right now. In Jan. I'll be 21 and I can legally drink! :)

Even though I'm physically 20, I think that I'm mentally younger than that. After all, I play Pokemon and go to the Leagu (sp?) to earn badges.

And my fascination with bodily functions started when I was a kid, thinking back to what it would have been like to be a baby again and use a diaper. I used to roll some toilet paper and hold it tight against my butt and use it like a diaper. I got in trouble a couple times when I was really young for it. I don't remember how I was caught.

That's all for now folks!

Lawn Dogs Kid
EMILY: Thanks for your sympathy ! I'm coping quite well really. But you are right about Kendal. She is awesome ! It seems a good number of other posters are trying to have their poo at the same time as you. Unfortunately, with a bus to catch to get to school, if I don't have my poo by 7.30, I would miss the bus. Besides, if you are in USA, you are probably pooing anywhere from 1.00pm to 3.00pm in the UK !

AMANDA T: Welcome ! You need to speak to Kendal and Linda on this site who are both about the same age as you. Ask Kendal about the strangest place she has done a wee !

LINDA: Where have you gone again ? Did you feel honoured that I would wear purple undies just for you ?!

KIM: I meant to respond to one of your earlier posts. I had a wonderful vision when you described the idea of one of your enormous logs bulging out into your spandex pants. Coooooolllll !! As for that last post of yours... keep 'em coming !

Had another dream last night about Chloe and Michael again. My ghostly spirit was once again following them around ! This time to the field where Chloe and I had that out-door poo together on an older post ! Michael had to go first, so he dropped his pants and pooed two or three pieces. Then Chloe lifted up her short black skirt and lowered her panties to her knees before bending double and dropping the same single six incher onto his load just like she had mine. After they finished, she took Michael to the spot where we had gone together, and showed him how much bigger a pile I had managed to his puny effort! One up to Lawn Dogs Kid !!

TO MIDNITE COWBOY-Thanks for the info on the wash sq park toilets-I have to go there and check it out-it least see what it looks like to see open toilets with folks pooing .BYW are the bowls close to one another and do the guys talk to each other when they are pooing?No i would never go there at nite-that might get too weird-I would really like to go there and sit down and do a nice big dump when it's crowded-weather i get enough nerve to poo there is something else-hey,who knows!
TO BRYIAN-I to have taken antibiotics and sometimes they are a real drag-they really screw up your gastrointesinal tract big time -somwtimes they can chance the color of your poos too-once I pooed white turds for 4-5 days from antibiotics-that was strange to see white sausages in the bowl-the one cool thing was when I pooed I took out my mirror and watched the white turds come out-hey you just got to deal with it,pal-good luck!
TO EMILY-This am as soon as I got out of bed,i bad to run to the toilet at 7:40 and sit down and did a bunch of soft turds that came out fast and then i passed a lot of gas and then all this leafy stuff came out-I had a big ceasar salad last nite-it was a lot of greens-and now it was coming out my butt-It was hard to push out -i really had to push go get it to come out and I was farting in between too-then i got another cramp and did another long fart and exploded into the bowl-that was a relief--Ohhh that was a good one-hope yours was good this am too so long all!!BYE

I passed 2 really good jobbies this morning around 11, which is pretty unusual for me. I'm not a morning type of guy...
They weren't particularly long, a little over 6 inches each, but they had to be a good 2 1/2 inches wide. I wasn't constipated, but Geeze! Were they ever painful to get out!
For a few good minutes after my BM, it felt like may anus hadn't closed properly. When I reached back to check, sure enough, it was still slightly ajar.
The rest of the day was a bit of a letdown actually. I thought, perhaps, this BM was a percursor for another good one later in the day. No luck though... Just bout after bout of gas for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm not particularly regular (my eating habits I guess...) I usually go for two days without a good trip to the can. Except however, when I take my BP medication. It keeps me urinating all day - some days twice an hour. I get at least a one BM during the day when I'm taking it. The downside is that I must be quite sure where I'm going and where the nearest loo is situated.
Many a time going to work I've dashed out of the train, not to catch my connecting bus, but to the john because my medication REALLY started to kick in. I sometimes wonder if I was stuck on a train between stations and absolutely, POSITIVELY, had to go N O W, could I really get away with it? I work odd hours so I rarely have to deal with zillions of rush hour communters and I frequently have a whole car to myself on some trips.



Thanks for the thoughts -- this Aussie goes whenever she can! Hahahaha!


That's the best advice from Louise, and yes, if you can bring down your stress levels your situation will improve. I know that's easy to say and soooo hard to do, when you're stressed your mind and body look for the easiest, most familiar ways to do things, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you can key-in an experience of pleasure and "easy success" surrounding having a wee or a poo, then you have a succes to build on, and from there you can achieve literally anything! Go grrl!

LOUISE -- hi sweetie. Mm, that must have been a lovely big splattering wee into the bath! I can just imagine what it sounded like, sound effects from heaven, enamel acoustics!

You know, there could be something to your gag a few weeks back about maybe soft poops without warning having a psychological basis. The weather will turn hot soon, and the beach has almost had a visit from me in the last week. Heck, I phoned out for a quote on a leg-waxing today (gotta '86' the fuzz before I slide into sunshine!), the summer's not far away and a certain cove beckons!

The only pee-fun I've had lately has been measuring volume again. I was a bit disappointed, even with a major pee-dance going on and a post-desperation wee a few minutes after the main unloading, I only got to about 550mLs total, which I'm sure is about 150 to 200 under what I'm really capable of. Drat!

Tell me, dear, do you and Steve need to wash your sink drain with caustic from time to time? The bathroom drains have been a bit pongy lately and I'm not sure if I'm contributing to it with weeing regularly in the sink! I zapped them with hot caustic today.

Yes, I confess the thought did go through my mind while watching pictures of those terrible floods in England and Wales, "my, Louise must have been really desperate this morning..." There again, if trapped by rising floodwaters we could always lie on the roof and produce signal-fountains... I know, I'm being silly!

Hugs to you and Steve, and to Kim and Scott, and all the fab folk hereabouts!

Your Aussie pal,


Midnight Cowboy. In the very old days the kilt was called a philabeg or belted plaid. It was worn by the Highlander lying on his tartan blanket, gathering it round him and tying it, then throwing the surplus over the shoulder. No underwear was worn beneath, I dont think knickers, panties, underpants etc existed then, in Braveheart, William Wallace's time, and like the modern kilt are a relatively modern invention. After the failed Jacobite Rebellion in 1776 the kilt and tartan were forbidden for a while but came back into fashion with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert buying Balmoral and taking a keen interst in all things Highland Scots. The modern kilt like a skirt came into being then as far as I am aware.

Now the $64,000 question. What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? It used to be a tradition that nothing was worn and this was certainly the case until the 1960s I think in the military, where being found wearing any type of underwear resulted in the charge of being improperly dressed. This rule has now been abolished as far as I am aware. Civilians always had the choice and most did wear some form of underwear. The reason girls cotton interlock Gym knickers in the good old regulation school uniform colours such as navy blue, bottle green, maroon or brown were worn was for modesty and comfort. In my childhood and youth men's underpants in the UK were normally white cotton shorts or white Y Front briefs, (jockey shorts). Unisex flyless coloured panties for men didnt make an appearence until about 1969/70. Now a pair of white underpants would have shown up had the boy or man's kilt flown up or if she sat down with his legs apart, and the fly opening could have let his pen! is appear. Wearing dark coloured girls knickers prevented either occurance. I know that these were worn as my brother wore pairs of mine when kilted, and other lads wore pairs of their sisters' likewise. Nobody thought this in anyway strange in Scotland. As regards convenience when using the toilet, men and boys were then in a similar position to women and girls in having to use a cubicle and sit down to pee as well as when doing a motion. My brother told me that one lad did try to pull down the front of his knickers and lift the front of his kilt and pee standing at a urinal but only suceeded in wetting his kilt, knickers and himself and thereafter used a cubicle and sat to pee like any other kiltie. Nowadays with men wearing coloured briefs as a norm , many kilted Scots merely wear these but so,me traditionalists such as George, still wear the good old Navy Blue Montfort Brand "Lassies Knickers" as we call them in Scotland, under their kilts.

On the clay or putty down the toilet, this happened when I was at school, about 14. Some girl put a large "turd" of brown plasticine down one of the toilet pans in the Girls Toilet. It stuck of course. She then did this again with Green plasticine. Tis raised a few eyebrows. When however she did this again a few weeks later using BLUE plasticine, the game was up. The janitor obviously retrieved the "jobbie" and the headmistress put a notice round telling girls not to put foreign substances down the toilet pans! BTW, Id love to be a volunteer to be a "test pilot" for toilet pans, so would George!

Friday, November 03, 2000

I liked our story about your cleaning lady who pooing without closing the door. Several years ago, my husband and I employed a sweet Hispanic lady to clean our house. For a few weeks I was in between jobs and therefore would be at home when she came round. I was quite surprised when one day, while we were in the middle of a conversation (we were standing outside the bathroom), she walked into our bathroom, hiked up her skirt and sat on the toilet in front of me! I was even more surprised when she farted and I heard the familiar sounds of poo spalshing into the toilet. And she was still chatting and didn't miss a beat! I've no idea why she was so uninhibited, but then I should talk! Still, I don't think I would poo in front of someone who was employing me to clean their house! When she finished pooing, she wiped and looked at the toilet paper. I saw streaks of poo on it. She got up, adjusted her clothing and left the bathroom, still talking. I went over to the toilet and saw so! me dark brown streaks at the start of the bend. There was very little smell. I closed the door and did a poo myself.

Just to say it...I love the picture of the girl. She is really neat looking...who takes these pics? Can I be in one?

I was reminiscing yesterday and realized a truamatizing poop experience I had forgotten about. I used to go to a private school. The bathrooms had doors on them (real ones!). The toilet was down a little hallway after you closed the door.
Once, when I was pooping, two girls opened the door. Everyone watched me go (a la Welcome to the Dollhouse). I locked the door from then on with my backpack.


Amanda T. , welcome to our club. When I was a kid I sometimes peed in containers and kept the things for weeks or months and they got REALLY stinky. Sometimes my friends would donate urine to my collection when they were visiting and had to go to the bathroom.
I would hand them a container and ask for their urine. Once my father found a container of very old, stinky urine under my bed and asked what the hell it was. I said I didn't know, maybe it was some chemistry experiment gone bad. Later on I found that he had dumped it out in the yard. Now I use a plastic urinal jug that you can buy in a drug store. I keep it in my bedroom and pee into it during the night. They make them for males and females, a female could stand up and go while holding it between her legs.

I've posted on here before, but not in a long time; since about last year, in fact; I posted a couple times as "David", and then a couple more times as "David N" since there was another "David", but I haven't posted since last November, I think... and I should have kept posting (I remember somebody posting as "a girl interested in pee" even asked me to share a few stories; thanks!; but I didn't get around to it 'till now, sorry) but I'm definitely a "long time reader" of this site, and I think I've been doing enough nowadays to share with you all a few stories from the past few months. I actually took a road trip a couple weeks ago that provided lots of opportunities for drinking water in the car and having to "hold it"--since I didn't want to have to stop _too_ often at rest areas that other people in the card didn't need; but I'll tell you all about some of those experiences in another post.

Today, I was at work, and we just moved into a new building this week, so there's lots of construction and new-building things to be worked out (the new building is right next to the old one)... and apparantly, one of those things is the bathrooms... there is only one set of bathrooms on the first floor of the new building (right near my cubicle, interestingly!), and the second floor of the new building isn't open yet, so when the drain pipe from the bathrooms got clogged--and apparantly it is shared between the ladies' and the men's... they had to close both bathrooms for the day and send everybody to the old building... not a disaster, since the other building is fairly close, but it made for some rather-more-candid-than-normal employee interactions! hehe, this post is getting long already, so I think I'll just tell you about the best one, and save the others for tomorrow or the next day whenever I find time to post again...

So I was heading back from the old building after getting some equipment I needed, going towards the front door of the new building, and I had my keycard in my hand, ready to swipe in front of the card reader to get the door to open... but it turned out that wasn't necessary, because standing in the door was a lady, holding it open;... not for me, but rather because she had been on her way out, and had stopped, and was feeling her pants pockets from the outside (jeans, to be specific), apparantly because she was verifying that she indeed did not have her keycard with her, because as she stood there, and we looked at each other, she said to me "I need to go to the bathroom, but I didn't bring my keycard; and the bathrooms in this building are closed", by way of explanation for what she was doing standing there. Well this, I was certainly not expecting her to say; but I'm not complaining!!! So she was standing there, not looking entirely comfortable, or if not that, at lea! st looking uncertain about what she was going to do--she didn't seem to really
want to go back to her desk to get her card (I'm not even sure, from what she said, if she'd brought it to work at all, but even if it was back at her desk, well, she'd already made the trip to the bathroom, only to find it closed and finding herself having to go out the front door of the building and into another building to find an open restroom, and when you've got to go, detours are not desirable!), but she obviously knew if she didn't have a card she wasn't going to be able to get back into the building on her own; hence her standing there wondering in her facial expressions what to do... So I said "you can borrow my card", and offered it to her. At first, she seemed a little unsure of how this was going to work, but she caught on really quickly (to the fact that I was offering her a quick and easy solution to her miniature dilemna), and asked me "where is your office?"... "On that edge of the building", I said, pointing in the appropriate direction, and I told her m! y move reference number (the best way our offices are labelled at the moment; how the moving people knew where to move the boxes). She said "thanks", accepting my card, and walked quickly off in search of her destination. Well, I of course went back to my cubicle and waited, reading some e-mails, eating some lunch, and wondering mildly if she'd have any trouble finding my cube.... but sure enough, about 5 minutes later, there she was, having come straight to it, and peeked in, and seeing me, gave me back my card, saying "thanks a lot"... and then she was going to walk off, but I figured I might as well find out who she was, so I asked her name, and she told me, and vice versa, and we exchanged "nice to meet you"s and a little
get-to-know-you-in-an-office-environment chit-chat kind of talk, and then "thanks again" and "you're welcome"...

All I can say is, what a nice way to meet a coworker!

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