Zoe I
The night before last I stayed the night at Jennyís hous. Since it was halloween we went out trick or treating at 6:00. It was not too eventful except for at about 7:00 Jenny said she had to pee. I asked her if she could try to hold it for later so we could pee together, and she said sheíd try. But 10 minutes later, it was pretty obvious she was not going to make it that long. She couldnít just wet herself, in her costume it would be pretty obvious, so we went and found a ditch with a few shrubs and trees around it, and since it was dark it wouldnít be too likely that someone would see us. I stood guard while she peed, she must have gone for about 40 seconds. She wiped with a tissue and then we finished trick or treating.

We stayed out the whole two hours, until 8:00, then came back to her house. We were in her room, which is in their finished basement. Itís really nice, because we had the whole basement to ourselves. She also has a huge bathroom of her own, and itís built so you can only get to it from her room. It has a bathtub/shower, a sink, and a toilet, and is about the same size as her bedroom, about 12 feet by 15 feet. It doesnít have any windows, but it has a ton of lights so it is well lit. Anyway, we were about to change out of our halloween costumes and into our nightgowns, Jenny asked me if I had to go to the bathroom. I said yes, I had actually not pooped since the night before so I would have a lot tonight, and she said she had had one of her urges to poop.

We changed out of our costumes and the rest of our clothes down to our panties, and went into the bathroom together carrying our nightgowns. We did not need to close the bathroom door since the only way into the bathroom was through her room and her bedroom door was closed. She put the nightgowns on the counter and I put a towel on the floor for the same reason as last time (read Jenny Kís last post.) Since I went first last time, it was her turn to go first. She straightened her panties, they were cotton and white with no pattern at all on them, and then she started to pee. She didnít pee very much, only enough to get the bottom of her panties damp, probably because she had peed while trick or treating only an hour ago. Then she started to poop. First she farted a very wet fart that actually had some liquid poo in it, and then I saw the bulge forming, it was just one long piece that was maybe an inch and a half thick and 8 inches long. Then she strained a little, ! and a piece came out that was maybe the size of a ping pong ball. Jenny said it was pretty solid but not like a rock. Then a little more liquid poo came out, maybe 2 ounces. Then she said she was done. As usual, it didnít smell any worse than a fart. So then it was my turn.

I started out by peeing, maybe 25 seconds or so because I had last peed about 4 hours ago. My white panties got wet on the bottom and eventually started leaking onto the towel. Then I started to poop. It came out slowly and it was like peanut butter in texture but an average dark brown color like Jennyís. It was all one sticky blob like usual, maybe about the size of an average paperback book. I tried pushing a little more but no more poop came out. I waited 15 seconds and then a little more pee came out, and then I was done.

We were then about to change into our nightgowns. Jenny didnít want her nightgown to get dirty or stained from being over her panties, and I didnít want mine to either, so she got two of her pull-ups from the cabinet under her sink. (She has pull-ups for herself because she still wets the bed, thatís why she likes to have sleepovers with me because Iím her friend and I donít care that she wets the bed. She had used Goodnites before but she had used her last one last night so she had asked her mom to get some Pull-ups since they donít leak like Goodnites, she said.) She gave me a pair and kept one for herself, and we both put them on over our panties. Then we put on our nightgowns and went back over into her room. We stayed up until about midnight, watching movies and eating our candy. Then we went to bed.

The next morning (yesterday morning) we both got up and went into her bathroom. I took off my nightgown and pull-ups but left my panties on and stood on the towel, and had my morning pee. Then Jenny did the same. After that, we both took our panties off and dumped them into her toilet. Her poop came out of her panties easily, there were only some skid marks and a stain where the liquid poo had been. Mine required a little more effort, because it was so sticky it took a good deal of wiping the solid stuff out with toilet paper. There was still a lot of peanut-buttery poop stuck to ďwhere the sun donít shineĒ, so we both got in her shower and cleaned each other off, which was good because there are some places you just canít reach by yourself well enough to get them clean. Finally we both got dressed. Again, I didnít have any clean panties to change into, but Jenny remembered that my panties from last time had been cleaned so she gave them back to me. They still had! a little bit of a brown tint to them but you couldnít tell unless you really looked. We finished getting dressed (I wore my usual fairly short skirt and she wore her usual overalls, thatís what each of us wear almost all the time except when itís cold outside I wear overalls too.) and we got ready for school.

After school, I went home with her. She lives on the same street as me, so I go over almost every day after school, and then walk home. We were in her room again, talking. Anyway, Jenny told me that she felt like she had to poop, and she really had to pee. So she took off her overalls and went into the bathroom, and I went with her. She really must have had to go bad, because she was starting to dribble a little on her panties, there was a little wet spot on the bottom. The towel was still there, so she stood on it and started to pee. She peed for 42 seconds! (I timed it on my watch). Then she started to poop. She pushed a little, and then suddenly her panties were filled with diarrhea. She was as surprised as I was, she said she didnít it would be diarrhea until it came out. Something she ate must have disagreed with her. I thought she was done so I lifted my skirt up to go, but she said to wait a minute. Then the second wave came, and her panties really sa! gged; a little leaked out onto the towel. Amazingly, it did not smell bad at all. Then she said she thought she was done. Since it was really messy, I got her one of her pull-ups to put on over her panties. She was still standing on the towel since it was really messy, but she told me she would watch me while she got cleaned up, so I stood on the other side of the towel, lifted my skirt and started to pee. I finished up peeing, and she had put on the pull-ups and still wiping her legs off with toilet paper. I was about to start to poop when she farted and she said that a little more came out. Luckily it all stayed in the pull-ups. Then I started pooping, it wasnít too much, but it was enough to cover the bottom of my panties with the peanut-buttery sticky blob of poop. Jenny had finished cleaning up, and she put her overalls back on. It was time for me to go home, so Jenny put my panties in the wash again. She offered to let me borrow some of hers again, but I said ! it was OK, I just walked home without panties.

EMILY I tnink you are so cool. I also have a poo every morning at 8. I think that is cool. Does anyone know any foods that will make my poos hard. Mine are always mushy.
Later everyone

Hi all!

This morning I was eating my Halloween candy (+10 Pieces)& as I left for the bus I felt my rectum filling up. @ 1st pd I felt nauseous. I think it was from all of the candy I ate this morning. 2nd pd. I felt fine. 3rd pd we were reading The Call of The Wild and I went to the bathroom. I went to pee but I looked at the toilets to see if they had anything in them and they didn't I took the Handicapped stall. I pushed a little bit and it came out. It was medium sized.

PS I also took a shit yesterday too.

To Ian(UK): I liked the story of your roomate/friend going to the bathroom.

To Justin: I liked your story about craping in the doorless stalls and those college guys coming in, they must have really had to go.

Im taking an antibiotic...seems like after i take it and eat something i have to shit, it feels like gas and i have this loose diahreah.

ANNE - Hehe. I laughed for a long time about the lump
of putty those girls put in the toilet. I can just see
the amazed look on people's faces when they saw that
big white mass.
Also I wonder how they would decide on the measurement
of a British Standard Turd. Maybe they would have
someone down the sewer with a tape measure and ruler.
Nice job!

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi, I should have written to you
yesterday!!! Steve says hello as well.
I enjoyed your latest little story. I bet you get
enough exercise from just pushing your logs out as
you do from using your weights. Hehe.
Really I think I was 11 when that little piece of
shit popped out and rattled down my trouser leg
at school, not 9. No, I think that was a little bit
too early.

JASON - I have held my boyfriend's foreskin shut
tight while he peed when we were in the bath.
It did not leak very much but his cock was growing
like a baloon, so I had to let go of it and it all
fell out into the water. I was just experimenting,
you know, because I was interested in what would
happen. I think Steve thought I was a little bit
nutty! Hehe.


Well,another morning,it's 7:53 Emily and I can feel some cramps starting,but 1st,comment on the posts-
TO JASON & EPHERMAL-Hey the hell with those kind of poeple-they're jerks and you find 'em everywhere-esp in the public toilets!That's just the way it is !
TO SUE-I too love to watch my movements every now and then with a mirror-It's great to do the scenic view once in awhile!
TO RICK(vancouver)-I had to laugh out loud whenI read your story about the"British Standard Turd"Wow-funny stuff-but I wouln't wan't that job-What do you tell your friends what you do for a living W/ that job!
TO EMILY-I guess you live in NYC or Chicagoif you use the subways-if you are in NYC,I'm about 25 miles east of you on LI-so we poo not tto far apart-speaking of poos,it's now 8:03 am and I really got to go-hold on I'll be right back----------Ok That's better,I couln't finish cause i'll get bumped off the computer-so i just did the 1st part of my BM which started with a small hissing fart followed by a smooth long sausage-it came out pretty fast-then i wiped and came back to the computer-now where were we?-Emily ,when you poo,does it all come out within the 1st 10 secs and you're done or do you go in parts?(like myself)If you are in NYC you like it there?-I really enjoy NYC-I do some work in there-I just hate the traffic-I usually take mass transit-Maybe you are about to go to the bowl as you read this -well we're not too far apart-Unless you don't live in NYC then this is all a moot point!--Well I got to go poo some more and i'll just sign off and go finish my am dump whic! h is now getting strong again- wooah- i really gotta go now!this poo's for you Emily ! enjoy your day!BYE

Midnight Cowboy
Howdy, y'all again. Been too busy to write, but sure as the water swirls around the bowl, I've been a' readin' intently. First got a few somewhat old responses I've accumulated:

Much has been written here about male/female/unisex underwear and the conveniences or complications they cause in going to the bathroom. You mentioned your brother wore knickers/briefs under his kilt. Could you please once and for all, answer this American question that's been raging on for decades: "Do Scottish men wear underwear under their kilts?" The rumor here in the US is that they don't and of course the movie, Braveheart, with Mel Gibson propogated that thought with the giant army-kilt-mooning scene. I supposed it's an individual choice, but what do most men do -- underwear or no underwear under the kilts? For kilts that are part of a military uniform, there must be some regulation. But kilts with no underwear would sure make pooping and peeing a lot more convenient for us guys!

You had asked what time of day was the best to go to that notorius men's bathroom in Washington Square Park in New York City (the one with 6 toilets, no stalls and one roll of toilet paper that everyone has to walk over to with their pants down). I would say that the lunch hour, noon, on a weekday would be best. There's lots of people enjoying the park on the their lunch break from work and eating and finding the need to poop. And that's when the human body shows us we're all the same when it comes to pooping -- and you'll see business men in suits side-by-side with homeless men side-by-side with drugged out teenagers -- all with their pants down farting and cutting everything from hard logs to muddy diarrhea without an ounce of privacy from each other. And sometimes, there's some more standing there waiting on line for a seat. I believe that bathroom closes at dusk, however, but I might be wrong. Never been in there at night, but I bet it could be strange.

TO [SOMEONE ELSE] (didn't give a psedonym):
You mentioned seeing this notorius bathroom on a recent trip to New York, to pee and wash your hands. Next time, save up a load for the occcasion! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience (unless you live in NYC). You also said no one would pee in the toilets because there was a homeless guy there. That may have not been the reason. I've seen a park worker attendant there at times, going in and out sporadically, trying to keep things just a little cleaner. He wouldn't let any men pee in the toilets and would stop them and send them over to the urinals, to prevent all their careless piss from splattering on the toilet seats. I 've seen him even stop guys in mid-stream. Once, an elderly man had to show him he was emptying a catheter/urine bag in order not to get herded over to the urinals. And if the attendant left and came back and found toilet seats up because men had peed in them while he was gone, he'd systematically go and put them all down, which also meant steppi! ng around the men who were shitting on the others at the time (myself included). I think one reason some men won't use those urinals is because at times they can get pretty "showy" if you know what I mean.

You also mentioned that like me you liked shitting through the back flap of a unionsuit/longjohns in public. I used to love doing that, but now I live in Texas where it's always too hot to wear them. I used to especially like wearing my bright red or yellow ones. I have managed to find a "short" unionsuit I sometimes still wear. It has short sleaves and short legs and the standard trap door.

You also said your friend likes to take his unionsuit all the way down when dumping. I sometimes wear coveralls and that's all you can do if you have to have a bowel movement -- take 'em practically off, down to your ankles. If you're in a public crapper, it leaves you sitting there naked, same as when you're not wearing a shirt. I've found that in these two situations, someone looks even MORE "naked" for some reason because their pubic hair shows and is not half-covered by a shirt. Can't figure out why having the pubes show make you look and feel so much more naked, however.

I live in San Antonio, way south in Texas, only a couple hours drive from the Mexican border. I visit Mexico quite often and have been to all parts of the country, so I thought I'd share a little toilet trivia with everyone about what it's like there.

Surprisingly, I have found that most public toilets in market areas or parks aren't really that dirty. I've seen a lot worse in the US. I've NEVER seen a toilet bowl in a men's room that did not have a complete stall and door, which you definitely can't say for the US. The one exception is if you're in a cantina (bar). Those are putrid and filthy and you can crap or piss on the floor and everyone's too drunk to give a shit what you do. But, back to the normal public restrooms, you get a very small stall with hardly enough room to pull your pants down and trough-style urinals, usually made of tile.

When you first walk up to the entrance of the "banos," you encounter an old woman sitting in a chair outside the entrance who you must pay a few pesos before entering. It's about the equivalent of 15 cents (which is a lot for the average Mexican who only makes about 8 dollars a day). The old lady has a cardboard box with neatly folded bundles of about 5 squares of toilet paper each. She hands you one when you pay her and if you're male and just have to pee, you just politely turn it down. But if you do have to shit, you better use those paultry 5 squares wisely! I've come close to having it not be enough with a sticky poop and I don't know what one would do if you needed more.

I've gone off the beaten path as well as touristy places. Once, me and my buddy were walking around downtown Cancun which is extremely slummy and right next to the resort area. I had to shit bad and couldn't find a place to go. Finally I went into a car repair shop in desparation and asked permission to use the bano. I big man covered in axel grease lead me to a toilet that was in a room that had a roof, but only a dirt floor, 3 walls and one open wall. In the middle of the dirt floor room was a metal pail with the bottom cut off and turned upside down, with a wooden toilet seat mounted on it. I looked down and there was what seemed like a bottomless pit in there. I dropped my pants and drawers, had a seat and then the man left. Laying on the dirt floor next to me was an x-rated comic book. I couldn't read the Spanish, but it was fun looking at cartoon boobies, and the macho men screwing the women doggie style on every page, while I pushed out logs that fell down ! somewhere that I couldn't hear hit bottom.

The man came back just as I was standing up to wipe. After I pulled up my pants, I figured I was done. There sure wasn't anything to flush. But I was wrong. The man handed me another pail and said something in Spanish that I couldn't understand. Since I couldn't, he had to show me what to do. He walked me over to a hose where I had to fill up the pail with water. Then I was supposed to dump the water down the toilet-pit. The force of that water caused a downward suction to start and I could hear more water down there flushing and splashing. I looked through the toilet seat to see what was going on, but it was a dark pit. To this day, I still can't figure out how that "primitive" john worked. I guess I was lucky though to get such local hospitality, personal tutoring and not have a scorpian sting me on the ass.

While in Canun, I also went to a public beach for locals once, instead of one of the tourist beaches. The toilet there was nothing but an open-air grass hut with straw walls about 4 feet high. There was only one, so it was unisex. You went into this hut and either squatted or stood and did what you had to in the sand. So as you walked in, you had to tiptoe through the hundreds of turds left behind from people who were there before you. Didn't bring your own TP? Well, then go wash off in the ocean. The horseflies everywhere were the worst part. (Why DO they EAT shit anyway?)

One major thing that differs in Mexico about toileting is that their sewer system cannot handle toilet paper. Nowhere in the country are you supposed to put your used paper down the bowl. In every stall, tiny as it is, there's a little open plastic trash can that you put it in. So while you're working on getting your load pushed out, if you want to, you're free to look and sort through or sniff shit-streaked moist and/or dry toilet paper and imagine who left them. When Mexican people visit the US they bring this custom/habit with them. Throughout South Texas in public toilets in places like bus stations and restaurants you'll find these little trash buckets of shitty, used toilet paper in the stalls too. They're put their by Americans who know that this is what the Mexicans are used to doing.

As you've probably heard, the Mexican diet (and Texan diet too) is extremely hot with chili peppers and such. Beware if you're not used to it! One thing I was shocked to find out about, was if you ate a lot of these hot peppers, when you go to shit, your shit actually BURNS your asshole! I thought at first it was my imagination, but it's true!

And most of all, watch out for "Montezuma's Revenge" or "Tourista" as it's called. The water in Mexico is not purified and contains bacteria and parasites that don't bother the locals because their digestive tracts have adapted to it. If you drink any water that's not bottled, have any ice cubes or fruit or vegetables without a skin you are going to get totally unstoppable diarrhea that will require prescription medication to cure. Lukily though, you don't need a doctor's prescription for medicine in Mexico. Just go into a "Farmacia" and tell them "tourista" and they'll hand you the pills you need, usually a drug called Flagyl. Another alternative is to take laxatives, believe it or not. You literally flush out your system and all the bugs with it.

Sorry to write so much y'all, but I don't write often, but when I do, it's a "panbuster!"

Here I sit in a cloud of vapor,
Cause someone stole the toilet paper.
But the bugle calls and I must not linger,
Lookout hole, here comes my finger!

Q: What's brown and sounds like a cow bell?
A: Dung!

Sorry for monopolizing things, but I forgot about an interesting little anecdote that happened in Acapulco, a very, very beautiful place. One night, me and my buddy went to this very posh and exclusive discoteque (and expensive!) for tourists. It was built way up on a cliff overlooking Acapulco Bay. Inside, all the walls and floors were made of exquisite marble. The bar was highly polished wood with highly polished brass trimmings. Giant panoramic windows let people on the dance floor see the bay and the lights below as a Carribean/Salsa beat pulsated with the lights.

After several drinks it was time to pee. When we first entered the marble floored bathroom, we passed the marble counter with sinks and brass faucets. There, teenage boys in clean white uniforms turned the faucets on and off for men washing their hands before leaving. They handed them a towel to dry them. They immediately wiped up any water spots from the sink. It was customary to tip them for this.

When we got to the urinals, they were the modern kind that go half-way down to the floor. Underneath each one on the marble floor, was a neatly folded, fluffy blue towel. It was there to catch any pee drops that men made. Other teenagers were nearby counting how many men used each urinal. After 5 had used any one urinal, the boys changed out the blue towels! How 'bout that for class.

Back out on the dance floor, some Iowa farmboy was showing anything but class. He was puking up chunks everywhere making a horrible mess! Guess he couldn't handle his tequila.

Adios mi amigos!


Thursday, November 02, 2000

JacobG (Florida)
This is "Part 2" of my story about my friend using a digital camera to make an mpg video of himself pooping, then asking me to become his cameraman. I still can't believe this happened. We have been best friends for a long time and I never had a hint that he is interested in this subject. I started to show him this site, but decided not to - at least for now - since he would recognize several stories about him, including the one I'm about to tell. I think he would be embarrassed.

Anyway, during the second week in October, we went out of town to a car show. My friend just bought a new car and customized it so he could enter it in the show. He asked me to come along. We had about a seven-hour drive, so by the time we got to the hotel, we were very hungry. After checking in, we drove down the road and had dinner at a Quincy's Steakhouse. When we returned to the hotel, my friend announced that he had to take a s**t, and that he had not been since Wednesday morning (it was now Friday night). He walked out of the room and returned about a minute later with a newspaper. He then spread the newspaper on the floor, retrieved his digital camera from his suitcase, and started to remove all his clothes. As he was doing this, he asked me to take a video of him pooping on the newspaper. Like before, I was somewhat nervous. I really don't like to see it - I would rather video him sitting on the toilet and told him so, but he said he wanted an entire disk! full of various shots of him pooping. This time, he insisted that I video him pooping on the newspaper while he was down on all fours. He wanted his butt sticking up in the air. He got down on all fours and started straining and grunting. Through the view screen on the back of the digital camera, I saw his butt hole pucker in and out. This was amazing. Then I saw this enormous turd inside his butt hole. He was really grunting, but it was not moving. He stopped to rest and I turned off the camera. I told him I could see the turd and he said he could feel it right there, but he could not get it to come out. He got in a squatting position and strained, then said "I think it's ready." He got back on all fours and strained. Instead of the large turd, I saw this tiny turd about the size of peanut fall out of his butt and onto the floor. I laughed. He kept grunting and grunting, then he stopped. He was concerned that people in the hallway could hear him, but I looked ! through the view hole in the door and assured him nobody was in the hall. He said he was going to sit on the toilet and try to go and that I could video him from the back of the toilet. This I liked. He sat down and I leaned against the wall to the side of the toilet and started filming. He was grunting and grunting, but nothing was happening. This was so much fun for me, but at this point, I don't think he was having any fun. He was sitting far forward on the seat and leaning forward (so I could video it coming out). He had his knees together and his hands were clasped together resting on his knees. What a site! He kept grunting and straining, but finally admitted that the huge turd was hopelessly stuck, but that we could try it again on Saturday. The next morning after breakfast, we went back to the room. He said he was going to try to take a s**t, but that he was not in the mood to be video taped. He walked outside to his car, returned with a magazine, walked in! to the bathroom, and shut the door leaving me in the room all by myself. Feeling very disappointed, I thought at least I could listen to him grunt. I love doing that. I turned off the air conditioner and crept closer to the bathroom door. I heard the sound of him unbuckling his jeans, sliding them down, then his butt hitting the toilet seat. Listening intently, I heard him grunting and inhaling and exhaling loudly about five or six times. Then all was quiet for about five minutes, with the exception of the occasional sound of turning magazine pages. All of a sudden, I heard "GRRRRRRRRRRR UMMMMMMM." Then, I heard him pull up his pants. I ran over to my bed, grabbed a newspaper, sat down, and pretended to be reading it. He opened the door and announced that he was very constipated and could not go. He told me this happens all the time. That entire day, he never tried to go again, although I encouraged him that night to try. He said he just did not have the urge. ! The next morning, I woke up to the sound of him getting out of his bed. I pretended to be asleep, but saw him walk into the bathroom. He attempted to shut the door, but some towels on floor became caught in the door and it remained partially open. He did not bother to move the towels. Through the reflection in the bathroom mirror, I could clearly see him pull down his boxer shorts and sit on the toilet. Then, he leaned far forward. I could no longer see him, but I did hear him start softly grunting. This went on for about ten minutes. Then, I heard one loud "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR," followed by a few seconds of panting, then silence. I got out of bed, walked into the bathroom, and asked him if he were okay. He made some remark about this being hopeless, so he pulled up his boxer shorts. That day, we had to return home. He really did not seem concerned, because he said this happens all the time. A few days later, he told me he finally went the day after we returned ho! me. Just yesterday, he came over with his digital camera to show me some pictures from a Halloween party he attended. Suddenly, he inserted a disk and played his latest pooping video for me. Although he was holding the camera, I could clearly see large turds coming out of his butt and I could hear the sound of them falling on newspaper. Well that's all for now. I'll let you all know of any more stories.

Anne the Bus Driver. I like your description of the "Classic Shaped Jobbie" Having been a student of such matters since the age of 5, more than 40 years now, I agree that the solid turd, (I am not in the slighest bit interested in loose mushy stools or diarrhea), which is blunt at one end, cylndrical and tapers to a point at the other end for the last few inches, shaped like a naval gun shell, is the Classic Jobbie. This is the type I most often do and what my mum usually did when I was a kid. The Carrot shaped jobbie is more concial, staring fat and blunt but tapering most of its length , the Beer Can or the real LOG shaped Log is equally fat all the way along and blunt at both ends, while the Barrel is again blunt at both ends but bulges in the middle. Obviously the Sausage Shapped jobbie, the brown Cumumber and the brown Banana are self explanatory and I find usually softer but properly formed stools. Bunny Balls are the very small lumps which go "PLIP! PLOP! PLINK! when ! very constipated, and of course Eggs and "Constipotatoes" are the larger hard balls, called Scyballa by Doctors.

Anne, I also love your idea about the Toilet Pan Tester Panel. I would also nominate my mother, an old lady now but she still does big whoppers, and dare I suggest myself, Theresa and George. When I was at school, about 8 years old, they were building a new Kitchen, Dining and Assembly Hall complex on waste ground nearby. There was a lot of brown clay which the kids loved to play with. Now some pupils soon realised that this looked like and could be moulded into the shape of a jobbie. I took some and moulded it to look like a big 12 inch long and 2.5 inch fat turd, put it in my schoolbag and went later to the Boys Toilet, pretending to do a motion and dropped it into the pan, after having loudly gone "OO! NNN! UH!. It was so big it only went "FLUMP!". Of course when I pulled the flush it stuck and some other lads saw it. I got the reputation of having done a big jobbie that stuck in the pan, and of course didnt let on that it was a phoney. Has anyone else had a prank like ! this or know of one?

Undin, (Greece), it is not uncommon for someone such as Anne to pass an easier motion the next time they have a BM after passing a hard constipated stool. I first noticed this as a kid when my mum would pass a big hard motion one day, say some hard balls and a big hard fat jobbie then either later that day or the next day she would pass a big easy sausage. I have also had this experinence many times, so has my wife Theresa. Its logical that there may have been softer stool further up in the bowel and after the constipated mass has been passed this will be moved along the colon and passed as an easier jobbie.

Kevin, I dont want to start the old thread about sadistic teachers not letting pupils go to the toilet when they are needing and suffering accidents as a result. I happened to me, see old posts. A similar accident happened to a girl in my class, Frances, at about that age, when she was refused leave to go to the toilet as the lesson ended in 20 minutes and it was time to go home. She also tried to run to the Girls Toilet at the far end of the playground (schoolyard) but didnt make it and did a big jobbie in her white cotton knickers. As these were the type of briefs often mentioned by others on this page with elastic through the leg bands, and the motion had been firm, no messy leakage occurred. She simply lifted her skirt, showing the big lumpy bulge in the seat, stepped out of her knickers, turned them inside out dropping the only slightly squashed turd onto the ground and put her skid marked knickers back on. When one of the other pupils asked her if she would get a row! from her mother for the marks in her knickers she would just tell her there was no toilet paper in the school toilet, (as was too often the case), and that she would have got smacked if she had thrown the knickers away, as she had done on another occasion when she had peed them, as they cost good money!

Angelica, that was one hell of a lot of poo your friend passed , 44 inches, thats nearly 4 feet. I doubt if even a pair of the knickers I mention above could contain that lot never mind an ordinary pair of panties. Its a pity she didnt do it down the toilet pan, that would have been very impressive.

Good Morning!!!!!

Buzzy: Had my 8am poop today!!!.......there was a little gas to start off this poop. Seems if I have fresh vegetables the night before with my dinner I'll have gas at the start as well as at the end of my poops. Most times I just poop without gas. I guess v????s have all that great fiber that gets one's bowel juices flowing :o)

I go to the gym sometimes too..........after 8am of course...not comfortable leaving until after my morning poop. Have to take the subway and there are no bathrooms unless you ask the guy in the info booth for the key. Hope You had a great poop today.......:o)

Lawn Dogs Kid......My heart goes out to is never easy to break up, especially if you were in love. Kendal is an awesome Cousin to help you through this. Hang in there....time will heal your wounds.

Ciao Emily

Amanda T.
Hi, I'm new here. I'm probably one of the youngest, being ten.


I love doing stuff like that. When my parents are at work and I have to go, I go in weird places just for fun and then clean it up before they get home. When I have to pee, I get a bucket and sit down on it with my underwear and pants off. I then use a recording thing I have and record as I pee and then play it back.

I also like sitting down on the kitchen floor without my pants and underwear on and slowly pee to see how big my puddle is. I keep my panties on and pee through them while standing in my room. (wood floor). I have also peed out of my bedroom window from the second floor. I also pee in my sink and bathtub. I'm not ready to go poop anywhere yet, though. If you have anymore places you go, or if anyone else has interesting stories of weird places they pee or poop, I'd love to hear them. I'll be posting more soon!


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