I don't know what it is about my school library, but whenever I'm digging through the stacks I seem to always need to take a dump. Since I didn't go yesterday, this wasn't a bad thing (PV--you're totally right, I'm waaaaaaaaay too stressed out . . . just don't know what to do about it because it's all stuff I need to do, ie. school work and midterms) so I went to the bathroom on the bottom floor where I was leaving a couple books outside. No sooner had I pulled down my pants and sat down did some other girl walk in. I had just started and tried to hold out for her to leave, but couldn't, so I let it all come out (with me, I tend to have a lot of small pieces that come out at once and today was no exception). So anyway, this girl mutters under her breath, loud enough for me to hear "gross" What's up with that? I mean, it wasn't like I was pooping on the floor or where she had to watch or something. And then again as she was washing her hands she sighed in disgust. I mea! n what's so gross about it? It's not like she never does it. Okay, sorry, rants over. Have a nice evening (or day) everyone.

Hi there this is my first time posting on your awesome site, I have a little story you might all enjoy. I was over at a girlfriends house and we were watching the Titanic and i noticed she was getting really really uncomftorable. I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt like she was going to have a really big bowel movement but that she hadnt been able to go in 3 days, so I asked her if she wanted me to come with her to the bathroom (I am not a lesbian by the way, just close friend) and she said yes. So we went in there and she shut the door and she sat on the toilet and started straining and grunting but nothing was coming out. After 10 minutes we went back to watch tv but she was still hurting badly so we sat in the rocker and I rocked her back and forth and rubber her ???? for her she had her eyes strained and was pushing (we were going to get up when she had to go really badly) but it was too late and she let out a big one and couldnt manage to go to the ! bathroom so she squeezed my hand and pushed a bit more and let out 2 big 14 inch logs in her panties and so she felt she was done but on the way to the potty, she got a cramp and we stopped half way and i let her hold onto me and she pushed 2 more 8 inchers out. Then she went and cleaned herself up. Happy bathroom days to you all!!


I can seriously empathize with your situation. I too have a very bad incontinence problem, however, mine is much more sponataneous and I get little warning when I am about to fill my jockey y-fronts. recently, I was standing at the counter at my local shoppong centre when I let rip uncontrollably and filled my tennis shorts with the previous nights lamb kebab and stewed cabbage. It reeked! Unfortunately there was a hole in my kacks and some of my poop leaked out on to the floor making the small child behind me vomit over her mothers skirt. Terribly embarrasing. I tried to clean the vomit off her mother but she hit me and called me a pervert. At that point I paniced and pooped myself again! Nightmare! I tried to run out of the shop but I forgot to pay for my groceries and was detained, after a short chase, (you can imagine how impeded I was with poop filled jockeys) by the security guard who threw me to the floor and punched me in the face knocking out two of my teeth. I was prosecuted and had to pay £250 to the store.

So now I hope you understand how I know what you are going through.
Yours, with no retention,


i like to look at my arse in a mirror while i am shitting

Hi this story is about a girl i knew in school back in england.

Her name was linda crosby and i remember she talked through her nose i guess we were about nine or ten, well one day in class linda asked the teacher if she could go to the toilet (the word she used was bog)the teacher said no just wait.

well time dragged on and i could see linda looking very agitated, finaly the teacher let her go, and linda run out holding her bum, now at this point i needed to go as well so i asked and the teacher said yes i got up and walked out of the classroom.

now in thoes days the toilets were out side in the play ground and as i was walking to the boys toilets, i got to thinking about linda and suddenley i found my self walking into the girls toilets.

all the doors had no locks on them and a big gap underneath so i looked under till i saw lindas legs (she was the only one in there) well i opend the door and there sat linda with her dress up and her white cotten briefs with little flowers on them down to her ankels i got a big shock linda had pooped her self oh boy did she stink.

linda begun to cry and i said hey its ok come on i will help you clean up she took her knickers off and wiped her bum as best she could, well i helped as much as i could i said i would get her p.e shorts to wear under her dress but she said no she left her dirty knickers there and we both walked back to class, all the time she kept saying you wont tell any one will you and do i smell very bad.

well i think she got away with it no one mentioned it, however to finish this story at the end of class i rushed out and went into the girls toilets and grabbed her messy knickers and took them home and smelled them and looked at them thinking of linda mmmmmmmm .

EPHERMAL - Well it is good that you have been having
a stand up pee in your shower. It may be that you
are doing it down your legs because the flow does
not keep going steadily. It can happen at the end of
a stand up pee if a girl does not keep the pressure
on, but do not worry about that, just keep up with
the practice. I know it is hard to do, but you will
get better at. My boyfriend is teaching me in
self defence just now and I know just now I am no
good at it because I have not practiced enough and
I have so much to learn. The same thing goes for
standing and peeing, you have to practice. But you
have to try things with the standing pee until you
find a way that works for you. Yeah, it is easy for
me to say it, but just enjoy the standing pee even if
just now it does go down your legs a bit.
I bet when you are really bursting one time, you will
get a good stream and then you will be amazed at what
you can do.
Just have fun doing it, you will get better!

PV - Hi! No, I have not had any more adventures really.
I bet the best thing I did in last few days was when
I had my bath on Monday. Steve was not there because
he was still working again, poor guy. I wanted to wee
but I saved it for when I was just going to get out of
the bath. I let rip before I wanted to really and I
pissed down my leg, but that did not really matter,
and I just enjoyed blasting one of my geysers into
the bathwater. I bet Steve would have liked it.

There is a lot of flooding in Britain just now because
of all the rain. When he saw pictures of houses flooded
with 2 or three feet of water, he asked me if I had
been weeing again! Hehehe, the cheeky monkey!

I must get Steve to write a letter. Well maybe after I
have given him some nice TLC, which maybe will take a
very very long time. Hehehe.

When I have another story to tell, you will sure hear
about it, do not worry!

Big Hugs,


This ones a very old one, about 2 years, whilst I was still st college. My oldest and bestest friend and I slept in the same room, in seperaqre beds, sleeping off all kinds of alchol. In the morning we a woke and started chatting, our usual, in depth, setting the worlds to rights conversation. He needed to shit, bit wanted to carry on the conversatrion. I stayed in bed whilst he went to the bathroom next door. He made me promise that I woulden't look, but I was still in bed. He sat on the toilet and I could see his refelction in a painting across the hallway(He was obliviouise to this). I could see him, on the loo. We carried on our conversation, that was every now and then interupted by a grunnt and a plop. I noticed that his feet changed position when he strained, he kind of stood on tiptoe, funny rreally, cause I thought I was the only personal that did that. I saw him wipe his arse, several times, before he got up of the toilet, completely obliviouse to the fact that I h! ad seen all!

I've not posted recently mainly because I've had few interesting restroom experiences. This changed recently when I jogged one morning around a playing field near my apartment. I live near a College campus and there were several college guys throwing a football to each other. After a good jog, I felt my usual need to take a dump. Since I was about 10 minutes away from home, I headed for the small public restroom just off the playing field. This has two urinals and a sink near the entry and two doorless stalls a little further in. I sat on the crapper in the stall nearer the urinals. I was getting ready to dump my load when I heard the loud voices of guys coming into the restroom. Some guys went to the urinals, but two walked past the stall I was crapping in. They were competing for the one vacant stall. I heard one say: "Hey Gary, is it OK if I go first? I need to shit real bad." The other said: "Sure, go ahead. I'll wait for the guy in the next stall to finish."! He stood outside the stalls talking to his friend on the crapper, but he could see me clearly. I felt a bit inhibited, but decided I had better go ahead and shit. I was constipated and my first turd was making slow progress in exiting my asshole. At this point, the other three guys who had been pissing appeared outside the two stalls. They laughed when they saw me and the other guy shitting. The guy who was waiting to dump said to the others: "I sure wish this guy would hurry up and get the f*** out of here. He's been there forever!" I apologized for taking so long and said that I was constipated. One guy said to me: "Hey man, have you ever tried taking a f****** laxative?" I told him that I don't usually need one. By this time, I had squeezed out two logs and a third was on its way out. I pushed it out as quickly as I could and then stood to wipe my asshole. By this time the other three guys had left. The guy waiting to crap said to his friend in the other sta! ll: "I guess I'll finally get to dump. He's wiping himself now." The guy in the next stall just laughed. It was a bit embarrassing being harassed while shitting, but I still always enjoy my dumps in public restrooms.

Last night i was home, still ill and i was watching tv around 8pm and i started to fall asleep, im like im taking my medicne and im going to bed. In between all this i was feeling a slight urge to shit, so i decdied to use a suppository to get that shit out before i go to bed i do that and i poop then i go to sleep and i wake up 5 hours later and i feel cramps like i had to shit, i pushed it out and it was soft this time(5 hours before it was hard)> Then i wipe and go back and lay down then i get up 10 min later and i had to go again and this time it was really soft, and loose but it wasn't alot. Then i went back to bed.

To Jason: I liked your story about you and your friend, especially the forskin part. Do you do that often where you hold your forskin and let it bubble?? It sounds cool, i don't have foreskin.

Good morning all-well it's 7:49 am here in NY and i just got finished reading all your posts and I feel the 1st feelings of a poo coming on but i'll post first -TO JACOB G-I used to watch this nurse friend of mine poo on a newspaper-we used to spread it out and use pretty much the whole paper so that nothing would get on the floor cause she used to pee as she pooed-esp in the beginning of pooing and towards the end too-I used to get right behind her and get a great view of her huge turds coming out and boy could she poop!Just have to be careful cleaning up though!Somtimes after she pooped,I would squat down and do a load too-what a mess that was,esp when we both had to really go!
Had a nice dump at the gym yesterday am -by the time I got to the gym,i really had to go pretty bad,so i got undressed and went to a stall and took my paper with me-when i got to the stall i sat down but decided to hold it in for a bit while i listened to others taking their am dumps and as I sat there i realised that most guys go the most in the morning( myself included) This one guy comes into the stall next to mine and as he is cleaning off the bowl he is grunting and breathing hard and as soon as he sat down he let out this explosive fart and then he sort of went " ooooaaaaaahhhhh" and then I heard what sounded like crackling but it sounded like it was coming out really fast-this made me really want to go then so i push and let out a nice loud fart and I let out an" AAhhhhh" and at this point he was still shitting up a storm and i pushed out 2 long turds that came out slowly as I listened to him poop-I love to push out a good poop as someone is doing the same!It was ! great-the 2 of us going at the exact same time-the turds were hitting the water at the same time too and we even at one point farted within 2-3 sec of each other-he farted first and it was a long one I farted a nice one myself followed by some soft stuff-it was fun!Needless to say I got off great-I don't know about him,but he sat there for a bit after he was done before he wiped so who knows cause that's when I usually have my fun after I'm done pooing and before I wipe.That was fun and then I got dressed and went to work out and felt great!
Speaking of great It's now 8:09 and EMILY,i really gotta go-I really enjoy reading and telling my stories as my rectum fills up and now it is quite full and i'm going to go push out some stuff-I hope EMILY you and I are going at the same time!Have a nice day all I'm off to the pot!BYE

Jenny K. I know it's oft repeated advice but it may be worth while making an appointment to see the doctor about your 'urgency'. He or she might be able to eliminate any underlying causes and advise you on the management of the situation. So far as the bedwetting is concerned, most people wet the bed during childhood. It's fairly commonplace. Also it's not as unusual as you might think for teenagers and adults to wet the bed but it can be frustrating and, for that reason alone, it's probably worth getting help or advice.

sara t. It's fairly common for the first urine passed in the day to be a copper colour. There's nothing unusual in this and I wouldn't be unduly concerned about it.

Did anyone see the soap "Neighbours" yesterday? Well, a couple had been out for a large vegetarian meal and they were taken short when they got back - no doubt being unused to such food!

Anne (Bus Driver)
Adrian and Plunging Plop Guy. The big load of hard balls then a big brick that I passed is not the type of motion I produce every day, I wouldnt merely post that "I went to the toilet this morning and did an easy jobbie of about 9 inches long which just slid out and went KUR-SPLOONK!, followed by a smaller one which went "KAPLONK!" I am only constipated like I described after my period or if I have been taking any medicines with codiene in it such as pain killers. Adrian, Thnaks for the advice but I wont increase my intake of fruit and veg. I eat enough of these to be healthy and actually dont really like them, to be honest. I would want to take so much as to make my stools soft and mushy as I always prefer to pass a good solid motion which is what I usually do.

As an example, I did a really nice one this morning which may interest you both and others. I have been driving an emergency coach service to replace trains interupted by the severe weather in the UK. I therefore got home about 6am. When I got in I felt the need of a good motion before going to bed and went to the toilet. I had by this time stripped down to my bra and panties, white Superbra, cream coloured Sloggi Maxi Briefs. I sat on the pan, did a hissing wee wee, then felt the big log slide down and open my ring. It was firm but easy and after a few knobbly inches smooth and just slid out of me. The angle of my bum to the pan must have been just right as it made a lovely "POOL-LOOMP!" sound as it dropped into the water. When I looked I saw a lovely big carrot shaped jobbie of about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches thick at its fattest. It was what I call a classic jobbie in shape, tapered for the last few inches, light brown, knobbly to being with then smooth. It floated ! for a minute or so then sank slowly to the bottom of the pan. Feeling very satisfied, I wiped my bum, took off my bra and went to bed.

Rick, Vancover, I love the idea of the British Standard Turd. Could I suggest Moira, Electra, and Nicola and perhaps myself to produce the heavy duty versions and Kim to supply the American Superjob? I assume this is made out of some sort of paste similar in consistency, density, solidity to a formed human stool and used to test WC pans. I imagine a Testing Panel of employees at a Toilet Pan manufacturers all going in to try out a new design of pan and the designers looking at the results, "Im afraid the new 112 model is a no go, Cathy from Accounts did a jobbie that was only 8 inches long but it stuck and took 3 flushes to go away. The Maxi 201 is a winner though, handled a big pan buster from that fat woman , Judy in Sales, it was 14 inches long and as thick as your wrist yet it flushed it away in one go!" When I was at school as a teenager, some girls took a load of putty that the builders had dumped, moulded it into a turd shape and dropped it down one of the pans in t! he Girls Toilets. It was about 12 inches long and of course it stuck, being denser than real stool. Many girls were puzzled by who had passed the big white jobbie, did she have jaundice, or had she been eating some strange diet? Anyone else done this type of thing with putty, clay, plasticine (modeling clay) etc?

it has been a long time since i last posted but a recent incident has caused me to break my silence. i have my townhouse cleaned by a lady who is somewhat part of the family. she is in her late thirties and rather attractive, albeit a little on the ???? side. she is an outgoing person and is comfortable with my presence. she cleans my place once a week and has a key to gain access since i am at work when she does so. yesterday however i had a day off and tracie happened to have my humble abode on her cleaning list. i was upstairs in my study when tracie entered ,dropped something on the ground and proceeded up the stairs. as she walked past i said g'day and she responded in startled manner , obviously not expecting me to be there. she said she was 'busting to go to the toilet' and promptly excused herself to my bathroom which is practically opposite from my study. without the closing of the bathroom door i could hear tracie lift her dress and slide her panties down , and the 'clack' of the toilet seat as she sat her volumous bottom down. immediately i heard a long hissing fart as tracie sighed exclaiming that she had been ' waiting all morning for this'. what intrigued me most at this point in time was that not only was she about to relieve herself in my presence, but she acted as if she wanted me to hear it. as she began to urinate she struck up a conversation with me, inquiring into my being at home. after about 30 seconds the tinkling stopped and instead of the rolling of the toilet paper holder i heard tracie give a muffled strain. i thought nothing of it at first but after a few minutes of her sitting still and exhaling through her nose every once in a while i suspected a grander show was on its way. to lighten up the situation i asked tracie if she was ok and she replied to my astonishment, ' i'm fine sweetie, i'm just a little constipated'. now i felt embarrassed !. i couldn't help but sneak a peek so i quietly rolled my chair back and there she was perched on the toilet sitting upstraight leaning slightly forward with her hands together resting on her thighs and her feet either side of the toilet on tip-toes. she was staring at the wall with much concentration and was slightly red in the face. with tracie being in this predicament i felt bad and decided to give her some privacy and stop looking although mesmorising as it was. i now had a picture of tracie burnt in my memory with her dress being held up around her waist and her panties just above her knees. just as her grunting become more noticeable tracie let go a long booming fart that resonated throughout the bathroom. in a strained voice tracie excused herself as a distinct 'plop' echoed from her bowl. this was followed in quick succession by a 'ploop,plup,plip........kaloomp'. tracie gave a huge sigh of relief along with two short farts . tracie again apologised for her bodily functions. assuming she had finished i was about to engage in some small talk when an almighty ' kerploonk .......plunk' rang out as if rocks where being thrown into a river. its past my bedtime folks. sorry i'll finish this later if you want me to. hi to all the girls , your posts are great. to cc and pv , go aussie. later

Undin (Athens, Greece)
Anne: Nice to hear your poop story. I bet that you had a later on movement and it looked like a long easy sausage (light brown) plus and small piece. Correct?

Hello All! I saw an incredible movie last night. It was from the early 80's...called STONE BOY ....and starred a very good looking boy named Jason Presson.

From the minute he appeared on my screen...Jason looked to me to be a constipated boy. His stomach was distended...although his abdomen seemed to change in size as the various scenes played out. In some scenes...he looked so distended that I would suspect that he hadn't had a decent dump for a week...maybe two weeks.... In other scenes he seemed comparatively flat. I seriously wonder if he had been on an enema regimen during the period that he acted in STONE BOY.

Does anyone here know Jason? Of course; he's grown now...he was about 12 in 1984.

I would like to hear his comments on his enema routines...and whether constipation is still something that occurs in his life today.

See ya...

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Jenny K.
My friend Zoe showed me this site. She made me promise to post my story here since she posted hers.

Anyway, sometihing is weird with my bowels. I usually donít get the urge to go until thereís a lot of poop in there, and when I finally do get the urge, I have about 40 minutes to find a toilet. If I donít make it in 40 minutes, I poop my panties. Most of the time I make it, but sometimes I donít. This usually happens about twice per month. At least my poop doesnít smell too bad, if I poop my pants people just think someone farted unless they see up my skirt or see a bulge in my pants, but thatís why I wear loose pants. The same thing happens with my bladder, I donít feel like I have to go until itís almost full, and I have to find a toilet within 40 minutes. So I usually wet myself about 2 times a month too. At school, I just have to remember to use the bathroom between classes, even if I donít have to go. So far I had been able to avoid wetting myself in school. I accidentally pooped myself in class once, but it was toward the end of class. I was sitting there in panties filled with poop but luckily everyone thought I only farted. But I couldnít go into the bathroom to clean myself up because the toilet stalls donít have doors or walls, it is just a line of 10 toilets on one side of the room and 10 sinks on the other, so if anyone was in the bathroom they would see my poopy panties when I took them off. Luckily I only had one more class to sit through and then school was out. Amazingly, nobody found out. I agree with Zoe, although it was embarrassing, it was more comfortable to sit in panties full of poop than to sit on the hard chairs.

Iím also a bedwetter. I wet the bed almost every night since about 2rd grade.

But back to what happened to me at camp last spring. (It was in fifth grade, and I just started 6th grade this year. I had the goodnites so nobody knew I wet the bed. But on Wednesday I got one of those major urges to pee on a hike. Luckily we were heading back which took about half an hour. So I got in line to use the latrine. But there were a lot of people in line. By the time I was second in line, little squirts of pee were dripping into the seat of my panties. When I was first in line, a surge of pee came. I held it as tight as I could. But when a stall was free, as soon as I moved to go in, the pee came out. It soaked through my panties and got all over my pale pink shorts. I was so embarrassed. And everyone teased me for the rest of the campout, and from then on I had no friends until Zoe pooped her panties. After that, though, I wore my goodnites over my panties during the day too, just in case it happened again. Iím glad I did. On the bus ride home, ! I got the urge to pee. We still had another hour and a half until we got back. I knew I couldnít hold it that long, but I remembered that I had the goodnite on over my panties so I just peed in my panties and the goodnite caught whatever my panties couldnít absorb. I sat in wet panties the rest of the way home, but no pee leaked out so nobody ever knew.

More to come later.

kim & scott
hello all! this is kim and scott with another post. several days ago I was waiting for my boyfriend scott to pick me up for school. i was wearing my tight white knit top and tight blue jeans. i had brown cowboy boots on my feet. while I was waiting i had the strong urge to take a shit! this was in the afternoon. earlier in the day for breakfast i had two big bowls of total cereal to eat.I loved total cereal because it gave me energy,fiber and protein in every bowl. when scott arrived i asked him to wait in the car since i had to go to the bathroom and have a dump. scott said "ok take your time we are early anyway" as i entered the house to go to the bathroom. If you people know scott from my earlier posts you know that no way would he be staying in the car while i take a massive shit! he would want to watch and today was no exception. when i was on the toilet. I heard the front door open and close and feet running up the stairs. then i heard a knock on my bathroom door. "Com! e on in" I said to scott as scott opened the door and he saw me naked as a bare assed baby crashing out a huge log into the toilet. "Yeah! crash it out baby!' scott said excitedly as my log grew bigger & bigger. my log was thick,dark brown and very long! then I took a deep breath that made my massive bosom heave as i crashed out the rest of my log.." WOW!' scott said excitedly turned on by this. scott on i had no time to fool around we had classes to go to so i wiped myself and flushed. we did not measure my log this time but we estimate it to be around 13 inches long and very thick. boy! it felt good crashing that great beast out. as i put on my clothes again and grabbed my books and got in the car with scott and took off for school. hoped ya liked the story. from kim and scott. PLUS TOMMY- just because i have massive logs doesnt mean i stink up the joint. all logs smell but mine are not that bad and besides if you saw me nude taking a huge shit for you . i really doubt i! f you would be thinking of the smell of it. I think that would be the last thing on your mind. know what I mean?!! PLUS scotts favorite baseball team the yankees won the world series so congratulations to them,scott and other yankee fans out there yay! bye now!

In regard to Jon's posting that he finds the bottom
of a shitting woman to be erotic, I agree.

I often think of watching a professional woman,
just come home from work, sitting on the toilet
with pantyhose and panties down, skirt up, slowly
smelling from the ????, white bottom as she
peruses the mail.

Tara: Did the pantyhose go down okay? I'm surprised you flushed them down but not your diaper. My older sister flushes diapers all the time but neither of us would dream of flushing our hose because it would probably clog.

Okay, so it has been a while since I last posted. But that was mainly because I had nothing interesting to report. I still don't, really, but that is beside the point. :o) Anyway, my fiance and I buddypooped again a couple nights ago. As usual, he let me poop first but unfortunately my turds were runny. So they were more like mini marbles. But I managed to pop out a bigger one at the end. My loving fiance began wiping me and since my poops were runny, you can imagine how much TP he had to use to get me clean. So it was at this point that I told him that I wanted him to poop also if he had to. He said he'd more than likely have to flush first so that the toilet would not clog...cause he can do some big ones. But I insisted that he flushed them both down together when we finished. So he sat down and let out 2 big solid turds. I was grabbing for TP to wipe him, when he stood up and flushed the toilet. I looked in the bowl and saw both of our poops along with! the TP swirling around each other as they started descending down the hole. As the toilet filled up, I wiped him til he was totally clean, using at least 3 good sized pieces of TP. At this point he redressed himself. We had spent yet another really lovely moment sharing our poop experience and all I wanted to do was hug and cuddle with him and so did he. So, here we front of the toilet...cuddling. Then the tank finally finished refilling and it was at this moment that he hit the lever with his foot and we stood there continuing to hug and kiss as the toilet was flushing the final TP down.

Hi,all-Well EMILY.It's 8:11 and I'm going to have to poop pretty soon I'm going to try to go at the gym-at this time of day at the gym,there's a lot of pooing going on in the men's toilets-I sometimes really enjoy going at the gym when i gotta go bad along with others-it's really fun!Well go to go now so i can make it to the gym to dump! BYW EMILY-the time change did not bother me at all-one question EMILY, when you poo,do you start with some pre-poop gas or are you quiet? BYE

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