When I was 10 years old I broke both of my legs in a car wreck. After surgery I woke up in the recovery room completely naked except for a hospital gown. I had casts on both of my legs that covered both legs and a bar in between my legs (also in the cast) to prevent me from moving them. My stomach felt a little queasy and I assumed it was just from the anesthesia. Suddenly I got a really bad urge to pee, I called the nurse over and told her what was wrong. She told me that they didn't have any bedpans in the recovery room and that I would have to wait until they moved me to my room which would be in about 15 minutes. I knew I couldn't hold it that long but there was nothing I could do. Not too long after that I could hold it no longer, I struggled to turn over on my stomach and even before I got all the way over the first stream shot out soaking the front of my gown on the bed. Once I was flat on my stomach I gave up. I must have peed for 30 seconds. I called the nurse over an! d she gave me a new gown and put a towel where the bed was wet. She said they'd change the sheets when I got to my room.

When I got to my room the nurse put two pull-ups on me "just in case". Good thing she did because I woke up in the middle of the night and needed to go to the bathroom again. Pee and poop this time, I called out for my mom but she was out of the room. I decided to use the pull-ups instead of waiting, first I relaxed and soaked them, but they didn't leak. When I finished peeing my stomach cramped, followed by a small wave of mushy semi-liquid poop, as the cramp got worse wave after wave of mushy poop flowed into the pull-up. I started sobbing more out of releif than anything else, when my mom got back to the room the heard me sobbing and knew immediatly from the smell what was wrong. She cleaned me up and put 2 clean pull-ups on me.
Does anyone else have any childhood hospital stories?

P.S. I just realized I forgot to tell you my current age, I'm 12 now.


The Crank
My girlfriend and I partied the entire night at in the morning, we ate breakfast at a fast food restaurant. She then slept on my lap for a while.

When she woke up, she complained of a stomachache and stopped walking once in awhile, telling me she REALLY needs the toilet. She hates public toilets, so she wants to go home. She was turning pale also. Poor girl.

I quickly brought her home, though I would REALLY like to watch, I could tell she was embarrass.

So I left her alone after that.
Love he so much.

This weekend I had an interesting experience. When I was little both my parents worked so my mother's freind Pam used to come over and baby-sit me in the afternoons. At the time Pam was about 23 or 24 with a chunky face and build but she was not fat. Up until I was about 6 she let me come into the bathroom with her while she had her daily bowel movement. I would sit at her feet and play with my cars while she sat on the toilet grunting and farting. This woman used to STINK. I don't know if it was her diet or what but her BM always smelled strong. After she finished she would wipe. Another thing, she always checked the paper after each wipe, so I remember seeing pink toilet paper being smeared with her brown shit. After she was done wiping we both had a good look in the toilet. Her crap was pretty much the same day after day. 3 or 4 thick, light brown, slightly rumpled logs that floated on top of the water. This weekend Pam came over to visit my parents. I had not s! een her in about 15 years as she now lives in NY. She is in her early 40's, rather heavy but still quite pretty. After dinner last night Pam got up from the table and went upstairs. I quickly followed. She went straight to the bathroom. I snuck outside the door and listened. I could hear her grunting then an explosive fart. After a while she was finished. As she was comming out I was going in. She smiled at me and said "honey, I would give it a little while. It stinks in there." I mumbled something about really having to go and went in. Her shit reek was incredible. I am amazed that women are able to produce smells like that. I looked in the toilet and noticed that she had left a bunch of light brown skidmarks in the bottom of the toilet. I enjoyed her stink for a little while then left.

Does anybody know any ladies who habitually forget to flush the toilet? KIM-Do your big logs stink the place out?

I must have been around 6 or 7 when this happened to me. I was at my cousins 4th birthday party. She had opened her presents, and we had all had our ice cream and cake. the party had reached the stage where the adults were sitting around talking, and us kids were playing together. We were playing hide and seek, and I was hiding behind the bushes, ahen I had to poot. I had already passed gas several times, so I didn't think this time was any different. I pushed. BIG MISTAKE. I filled my pants with soft mushy poop. I was shocked, and didn't know what to do. One of the other kids found me, then he noticed the smell. I begged him not to tell. Within a few minutes all the other kids knew I had pooped in my pants, but no one told the adults. I spent at least another half an hour running around, with a big load in my pants before my grandma noticed, and I was busted.

I would strongly suggest that you just go ahead and fart if you are over at a friend's house, but do it in the bathroom. If you go in the bathroom and just let it rip, no one will question what you are doing in there, that's what a bathroom is for. Then if later you have to go again to do your actual poop, just go into the bathroom and do it. Again, that's what a bathroom is for.

Back again!

Have any of you thought of how your poop feels going to a watery grave?

To Prince Morgan: Thats cool you have those open toilet dreams disapointed after i wake up too!!

Yesterday i was at work(the hospital)....i was sent to the cafe on a certain ward to hand out trays/clean up etc. and i was busy collecting dirty trays and then next thing i know a nurse comes into the kitchen area and picks up the phone to call down to another employee and she said im here with "Bill"," and he said he needs to take a crap and i told that he couldn't go....but he said he really had to go so im going to send him down to you". I was amazed that i heard this. I guess when working here i will hear alot of this stuff.

when i go outside i bring aroll of tp andlean against a tree that splits into 2 parts. The waste just falls in the crotch of the tree. I go near a swamp and throwthe soiled tissue into thewater. Some of these types of trees have little holesjust before thesplit where tp can beplaced after usage. this is a great comfortable way to relieve yourself outside. After i'm done i put the paper in a ziplock bag to use later and i hide it.

Hi Louise,

Yes, I'd have to agree that pooing in a urinal is not a good thing to do. While for a gal it's functionally the same as doing a hover/bend poo in a toilet, a urinal is not a bulk-flushing device designed to remove it. A janitor has to physically take the mess and put it where it belongs, and some of them must have stomachs of steel.

I've only seen a pooed-in urinal once, when I was hoping to have a sneaky wee in it myself, and the sight and smell were so revolting I nearly vomited. I'm not by any means saying a woman produced that mess, but that's almost an irrelevant issue.

Any new advantures, darling? :-)

Huge hugs,


Hey,I have to say "kudos"to the new pic of the girl sitting in the toilet with her beautiful long hair and what looks like a wonderful butt!More pics like these-very nice!
TO FANNY FARTS-Sounds like you are eating too many gasious fruits and stuff-hey,try not to worry about farting in front of people who are close to you-hey we all do it!One question-When you go to sit down on the bowl to BM,do you pass a lot of gas right before you poo or during pooing?
All day yesterday,i didn't poo-i had a slught urge but it passed and i went on my way ,but last nite when i went to sleep i only slept for a few hours and at about 4 am,i woke up with some cramps,but i was so tired,that i laid there trying to fall back asleep-i couldn't go back to sleep so i got up and changed all the clocks back one hour and then i felt some more cramps but i didn't feel like i had to poo,but the cramps were really getting intense,so i went into the toilet and sat down and I was so tired that i just sat there with my eyes closed and at one point,i almost fell asleep,or maybe i did,but all of a sudden,i big cramp woke me up and i felt like i had to push and when i did i felt my asshole push way out but nothing came out-my anus was just domed way out and the cramps were uncomfortable to say the least-after 2-3 mins i got up and got my mirror and sat down and looked at my anus and it was really pushed out but nothing was coming out-then i got another cramp! and i pushed and a long----- loud fart came out,wow did that feel better-I looked at my anus and it was pushed out almost what looked like 1/2 in or so-then i felt another cramp and i push and then all these balls came out one after another plopping away and splashing my butt-they looked hard and felt like spikes when they came out!I must have done a half dozen or so of these-Then i felt a strong cramp and i decided to really push as this cramp came on and i looked at my anus as i was pushing and all of a sudden,this long sausage flew out my ass like a jet plane and hit the water followed by a bunch of loose turds and a lot of farts OOOhhhh man,did this feel great!then when that was done i looked at my anus and it was still domed out with some loose stuff dripping out and i decided to push again and when i did a bunch of smooth sausages came out one after another-it was about 4-5 of them-each about 5-6 in long followed by some more farting-I finally sat back against the toile! t cover and pushed out the rest which was like water-I was in escasy-it felt sooo good then i let out 2 really long farts about 5 secs apart and I knew i was done,so i wiped my butt and got in the shower and wash off cause i got splashback all over my butt,but that was some dump! I looked in the bowl but i couln't see much cause the water was brown with one long turd hugging the edge of the bowl-had to flush 2x but it all went down!I went right back to bed and slept like a baby!I really enjoy dumps like those,i rarely get dumps like that WOW BYE

Sir Crapalot,
A childhood experience eh? Well, the only one that has stuck in my mind all these years is one that didn't happen to me. I was just a witness.
I was about 10 years old and staying over with one of my mother's friends (so she could visit her sister out of town.) It was late in the evening and my babysitter and I were downstairs watching TV when her son (who was about 6 years younger than me) came down to join us. He had been asleep for most of the afternoon so his visit came as a bit of a surprise to me sitting there on the floor. I looked behind me to see him standing there in his pyjamas with a slightly odd look on his face, and then I saw something drop behind him. I asked him, "Is that a chocolate bar?", and was just about to reach for it when his mother soon made it quite clear what had just transpired.
She said, "Hi Jessie, what that?", "JESSIE! What the heck are you doing!!?? You messed up my floor! GET UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW!"
Then she grabbed him and yanked him up the stairs as quickly has she could. The bathroom was upstairs so I guess she got him to finish off his jobbie there.

Fortunately, there wasn't much to clean up since it was just a single log. But for a little guy at the time, he sure dropped a big one. I still wonder how the heck he managed to do it standing up...

Yesterday i was on a 2 hour drive with my dad and with 30 min. left i had to pee so bad. I told him this and he pointed out that we just passed a service station and we wouldnt get to another exit for 15 miles. I told him i thought i could hold it. Soon i had to jam both hands into my crotch and my dad asked if i was all right. I told him i have to pee so bad and how much longer would it be. well eventually we pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant and i hobbled in realeasing just one squirt into my pants before making it to the bathroom. it was torture!


Noah Wylie from the TV show ER once said that his most embarrassing moment was when he crapped his pants at a restaurant. His stomach had been hurting at home but he went to a restaurant anyways to meet a friend. By the time he got there it really hurt. He thought it was gas and tried to let out a little, but liquid came out instead, so he ran into the bathroom to clean up.

Thanks to everybody for their advice on crapping around my boyfriend. We may be splitting up soon over other matters, anyways.

JacobG (Florida)
I've really been enjoying the guy stories lately. Now, I finally have one to tell. Although this happened about a month ago, this is the first chance I have had to write about it. I still cannot believe this happened, but it did. It involves one of my best friends. I do not remember exactly what he said, but he made some remark about what his butthole looks like when he is trying to poo. Realizing the opportunity here, I asked, "how do you know what it looks like?" He told me that a few years ago, he wanted to videotape himself pooping, so he set up a camera behind the toilet, then hovered above the toilet. However, he could not get anything to come out. All he could see on the video was his butthole puckering in and out with each strain. Very intrigued, and with all the courage I had, I suggested he should try that again and let me see, because I've never seen anything like that before. I was astonished when he said he would try it with his new digital camera that ! night. His digital camera can make those short video/audio clips in mpg format. I really did not think he was serious. Two days later, he came over to show me some customized work he had done to his car. As I was looking at his car, he opened the trunk and called for me to come back there - said he had something to show to me. "Watch this," he said, as he turned on his digital camera. I saw a video of him hovering over the toilet. He grunted and a large turd literally seemed to pop out his butthole. He then grunted again and another smaller piece came out. We both started laughing. I could not believe he really did this. I really could not believe he actually showed the video clip to me. This gets better. To my surprise, he announced he had to poop now and wanted me to hold the camera. Now, like a lot of people here, I like to watch and listen, but I do not particularly care to see and smell poop, and I definitely do not want to touch it. Nervously, I followed h! im inside. He wanted to do it on newspaper, but I would not agree to that in my house. Instead, he agreed to hover above the toilet. I really wanted him to sit on the toilet and let me video that, but he wanted to hover above it. He took off all his clothes, then seemed to get a little embarrassed. He made some remark about how he can't believe he is doing this. Then, he made me promise to never tell anyone about this (this is anonymous, so I don't think I'm breaking my promise). Anyway, he made me sit down next to the toilet and lean against the wall so I could aim the camera up at him. I'll admit, I was very nervous. He showed me how to use the camera, then put some toilet paper in the bowl to prevent splash back. Then, he turned around, got his butt above the toilet, bent over so that his head was near his knees, then started pushing. I saw his butt pucker. After about five seconds of pushing, he started making this vocal grunting noise - "grrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Not! hing came out. He exhaled, took a deep breath, and grunted once more, but a little louder - "GRRRRRRRRR." Again, nothing came out. He sat down on the toilet to catch his breath. I stopped the camera and he replayed it. These digital cameras are great. It even perfectly recorded his grunts. We both laughed at that. I suggested he try to get it ready to come out while sitting on the toilet. He agreed and leaned forward and started grunting - "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Now, this part, I liked. I was still sitting on the floor next to the toilet. This went on for about a minute. Then he said, "I think it's coming." He stood up, leaned over, took a deep breath, and grunted very loudly - "GRRRRRRRRRRR." Suddenly, I saw his butthole open wide. I've never seen anything like this. Then, a large turd appeared and slowly started to come out. His neck and face were red and his eyes were shut tight as he strained out a huge turd. With a loud "kerplunk," the turd fell into t! he toilet. To my relief, there was no smell at all. He sat on the toilet to catch his breath, then played the video clip. We both laughed again. He pushed again and announced he didn't think anymore would come out, so he started wiping. Nothing was on the toilet paper. It must have been a really hard dry turd. He got dressed, then told me he wanted me to film him doing that on newspaper the following week when we would be out of town at a customized car show. This post is long enough, so I'll tell that story next time. Happy pooping!

Back when I was cleaning high school bathrooms, the girls room was always FAR more messy than the boys. There was usually a pile of toilet paper and stuff next to the toilet, along with assorted pads, tampons, wrappers, inserters, dirty underpants (these I collected), lost shorts and miscellaneous junk. Also, the girls clean their hair brushes and then leave the hair in the sink. The girls use HUGE amounts of toilet paper. Sometimes it seemed like ALL the girls were having periods at the same time! I had to install extra, double roll toilet paper dispensers. The girls room had eight toilets, and I would replace 15 rolls of paper on a typical day. They apply lipstick and then kiss the mirrors! Modern girls also blow snots onto the walls! (I thought only boys did that). They also write graffitti (usually about boys). In the boys room, I had to wipe pee off the walls near the urinals and on the toilet seats, but that was about it! Anyway, I liked the kids, and if they ! wanted to mess around in the bathroom a little, what the hell. It's all cool.

To Tony (Scotland): Yes is it great to know that someone else out there has had the same experiences as me and to read all these posts by people who feel the same way is quite relieving (no pun intended!), I know it sounds cliche, but until I found this site a couple of years ago I had no idea that there would be many other people with the same feelings.

Sometimes though I just hate myself for it, I wish I didn't have any desires what-so-ever to hear and see women going to the toilet. I suppose it's partly because it generally unaccepted in society and that going to the toilet is considered a private dirty function. To be honest though, I don't consider it to be such a bad thing, if a female was comfortable to let me watch her go to the toilet then I would but I'd never force anyone which sort of contradicts myself really because if there was a hole in the wall then my eye would be glued to it. But then I wouldn't be forcing that person to go in front of me.

Anyway, on a more positive note, some time ago someone asked for a list of celebrities you'd want to watch on the toilet, I was thinking about it the other night so I made a list of ten in no particular order:

1. Sandra Sully (Channel 10 newsreader, Australia)
2. Georgie Parker (Australian Actress)
3. Pia Miranda (Australian Actress - 'Looking for Alibrandi')
4. Cassandra McGrath (Australian Actress - 'Seachange')
5. Hayley from 'Home and Away'
6. Felicity from 'Neighbours' (not to be confused with the one from the US drama series)
7. Tamsyn Lewis (Australian Athlete - Running)
8. Tatiana Grigoriava (Australian Athlete - Polevault)
9. Toni Pieren (Australian singer - well used to be!)
10.Claudia Carvan (Australian Actress)

I know it's been covered before but what about everyone else?

I had a dream last night where I was doing a wee in a public toilet, when all of a sudden one of my mates comes in with a group of girls in school uniform and says "you're taking a long time", "yeah it's a real gusher" I replied. I finished up and saw three girls go into the cubicles and they were wondering whether or not to do a wee in the mens room. One of them was standing lifting her skirt and hesitating saying "should we?" so I said "go on, it's only a wee, anyway if someone comes in they'll think it's just some guys taking a dump". So they went in and started to wee. I tried to listen but my friend kept talking to me unaware that I was trying to hear the sweet sound of a womens urine.

I've quite a number of dreams which involve women going to the toilet, has anyone else?

DREW: Your experience about asking for more paper reminds of an ad I saw once only here on TV. In the ad a business women is sitting on the toilet (you only see from above the waist up) and she has only one square of paper left. So she gets out a pen and writes 'Help!'on it and passes it under the cubicle. Before she does that she looks under and you see two feet of a women in the next cubicle. I was so turned on! Unfortunatly I only saw this ad once, I presume there were some complaints about it so they took it off. Pity. BTW the ad was for a biro company!

CC Australia

Like the new picture. She looks as though she's really having a good poo.

Sandra. You were very brave to do what you did. I think a lot of women would have been reluctant to do that.

Anne (the bus driver). Had a good poo over the weekend?

Anne (Bus Driver
Randi, Sloggi Briefs as worn by many women, and some men too! in Britain and other parts of Europe. These have a cotton gusset and some other makes such as Playtex Nix which are of a similar design have a terry toweling gusset. Im sure there must be a US equivalent or try e-commerce.

Adrian, Tony (Scotland), CC Australia, Plunging Plop Guy. You would have loved what I did this morning. I have a days leave, we get one in 3 weekends off. Now I had been constipated for a few days, no big deal to me, it will all come out in the end. Now last night I took a tablespoonful of the nice gentle Liquid Parafin to help things come along, it just lubricates as readers will know, it doesnt make the motions loose. This morning I woke up and felt a big solid load in my rectum so went to the toilet dressed only in my white Sloggi Maxi Briefs. I sat on the pan and as I started to do my wee wee the lumps started to come out. Now these were separate good solid "eggs", not a soft motion breaking up as it came out. "PLONK! PLOONK! KUPLONK! PLOINK! PULOOMP! SPLONK! 6 big balls came out of my arse and dropped into the pan very quickly one after the other. I then felt the big one push out, OH! I gasped as it stretched my ring and slowly exuded. A lovely big very fat "beer can"! jobbie which plunged into the water with am earsplitting "KUR-SPOOL-LOONK!" throwing up a column of water which wet my bum. I looked down the pan at the jobbies all bobbing up and down, the 6 eggs and the one big brick of about 9 inches long. They were all a mid brown colour and very knobbly. There was a slight film of oil from the Liquid Parafin on the water. After wiping my bum I got up off the pan and have left the load floating there and will flush it away when the jobbies eventutally sink as this will make it easier to flush. It didnt have much smell, I have to say. I have to say, it did feel ggod passing that lot. Now from experience I will probably do another easier large motion later today, if its interesting I'll let you know.

As to the question, what do you do when you poo and there is no toilet paper? The sensible thing is to ensure you have some paper in your pocket or purse but if there is none then, unless there are paper towels etc, then its skid marks in the seat of the panties and a soggy gusset (or panty front if you are male).

Sandra, as others have said, one of these days you will get caught doing a motion in so open a place. Going in an emergency behind a building, shed, up a back alley is one thing, but openly on the platform or pavement is something else. Also its not a lot of fun for others if your shitty bum dirties the back of your skirt and makes a nasty smell.

Sunday, October 29, 2000

Just had to tell you what happened to me today. i was wearing a pair of leather pants and down town looking around, well about mid day i got hit with a serious case of the poops, like i had to go big time.

well i looked and looked for a washroom couldnt find one any where, i had no choice my stomach was cramping like mad, i started to poop myself, a huge smelly log filled my leather pants and bikini panties, i let a loud and long fart go followed by more poo filling my pink satin panties, i ended up walking with my legs apart smelling really bad, a couple of girls (about seventeen or so) noticed the smell, and held there nose and laughed.

Later that day i got home took off my leather pants and dirty panties, and took a shower, luckiley my leather pants were ok, but my panties i ended up throwing in the garbage.

Just wondering, does any one know if the band cat chaser is still going, i have heard a lot about them, but dont recall hearing any of there songs, have they ever been to calgary?

on another note , thought i should tell you i pooped a big load in my leather pants today, not by choice, just an accident but it felt so good all squishy and the smell really got me hot.

And one final thing i dont seem to get any feed back does any one read my posts??

kim & scott
hello all! HI LOUISE- I liked your story about when you were nine. your right that never did happen to me! I think in my college if i was walking down the hallway and tried to squeeze out one of my massive solid turds in my spandex pants my log would stretch my panties and spandex out of shape and instead of this turning the college guys off .IT WOULD PROBABLY TURN EM ON!HAHA!( I know that you and some of the rest of the posters here are forming a picture in their minds of me doing this!haha!) a lot of college guys are so horny anyway!but i dont need to have a huge log in my pants to get the guys aroused and I know that you dont either LOUISE.only my man scott though gets the privelage of me crashing out huge logs in the toilet nude for him!haha! liked your story again. thanks for sharing. say hi to your man STEVE from scott and i will you.? be well. love,kim

Yes, here's a memory for SIR CRAPALOT and everyone else. Until I was three years old, our family lived in my grandparent's home. I remember having to take a dump once when I was still in diapers. I hid behind a chair but either my mom or my grandmother spotted me there. My face was probably screwed up from pushing, so it must have been easy to guess what I was up to. When I was spotted, I clearly recall pleading, "Don't see me! Don't see me!" I can't remember whether she respected my wish and went away, but I think so. At least I don't remember anybody saying anything about potty training at that time.

Has anybody tried the "bent-over" dumping position I described the other day? I used it again this morning and had a great dump. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

In reply to Ross' question about WHY DO we get turned on by a women pee/poop/using the loo.

Personally my excitement only extends to watching and hearing. The smell I think would be quite offensive, and touch an absolute no no.

I think your explanation of the lack of such visual images/movies and written material, could be a main factor. I guess all humans are visual creatures, and if we havent been exposed/conditioned to this stuff regularly via various media forms, then imagination takes its course. I suppose all of us are exposed to pornography in varying degrees, some to such an extent that a nude womens picture doesnt even turn one on.

However, I think another aspect to this arousal is seeing a normal person (non celebrity/model like), someone partially clothed/clothese pulled down, (which usually is more arousing), doing something private, which no others/not many others would have a chance to see.

I dont know whether, arousal also takes place due to the fact that when a person relieves themselves, it is something which they do not have much control over, and is being done nuturally and involuntarily, which lends a bit of the "I dont know whats coming next feeling".

However, in my case, If the woman is attractive/curvaceous/pretty face, then the though of her on the loo immediately comes to mind. Some of the women who arouse me by this thought, I would have sex with them if given the chance...:)), but many of them I may still not.

Another aspect of the arousal is the voyeuristic angle (seeing someone without their knowledge), however this should apply equally to watching a women undressing/taking a shower, but somehow this kind of stuff, doesnt turn me all at all.

I think the most arousing position a women can be in, is the squat position (like japanese and french toilets), the curvyness of their figures, and the apple like bottom shape, with poop or pee coming out truly becomes a visual treat.

Will think about this some more, and feed you my thoughts later.
Comments from others would be most welcome.


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