Zoe I.
I remember when I was in 5th grade last spring. (Iím 6th grade now). I had a big accident in my panties. It was May and we were going on our 5th grade trip. We left on Monday. It was at a camp where we slept in cabins. Only the toilets were bad. It was a unisex latrine, it had 4 stalls but one of the doors was missing and since it was unisex we couldnít use that one so there were only 3 stalls we could use. And it smelled bad and there were bugs everywhere and pee on the seat and it was really disgusting. They were too disgusting to use. I didnít want to go in the woods, either, because someone might see me. I finally figured out that I could go in the showers after swimming, turn on the water, and pee through my swimsuit. Even though there were 15 other girls in the room at the time, nobody could tell that I was peeing because the shower water was on. And we went swimming twice a day, after breakfast and before dinner, so I could hold it that long (though I usual! ly had to go bad by that time.) The only problem was that I couldnít poo in my swimsuit, obviously. I had no choice but to hold it. (I wasnít worried about constipation, for some reason I donít get constipated when I hold my poo, I just have a really big BM when I finally do poo. I was concerned that I might not be able to hold it until Friday when we went home, because I usually have about 2, fairly large BMs per day, that are solid but soft and sticky just like peanut butter. But I had managed to hold it for 3 days once before, and I figured if I really tried I could hold it for 5.)

Well, by Thursday afternoon, I had to poo badly. I really had to concentrate on holding it in. Also, there were thunderstorms in the morning, so our swim had been canceled, although now it was about 1:00 pm and it was nice out again. However, because the swim was canceled I didnít get a chance to pee so I had to pee really bad too. I was hoping I could hold it until 3, when we went swimming in the afternoon. But at about 1:30, I was sitting on the bleachers watching some of the boys playing soccer during free time, when I couldnít hold my pee any longer. I put my hands under my skirt to try to keep it in, and I focused hard on not peeing, but it didnít work. The pee was coming out and my white cotton panties were turning warm and wet. Then, about 20 seconds into the pee, I realized that by focusing on the pee, I had lost concentration on my poo and felt it coming out. But there was nothing I could do to stop either the pee or the poo, so I just gave up. By that t! ime the pee was almost done, my panties were completely wet and the rest of the pee was running down my leg. The poo was slowly filling my panties, it was like peanut butter like my poos normally are, but the leg holes were tight so at least none leaked out of my panties. Since I hadnít gone for a few days there was a lot of poo, so by the time I was done pooping my panties there was a three inch thick blob of sticky soft poo that went all the way up to the top of the leg holes. (Apart from the fact that it was really embarrassing, though, I realized that it didnít really feel that bad. The soft, warm poo was much more comfortable to sit on than a cold, hard bench.) Then the girl in he row in front of me turned around, saw up my skirt and saw my wet, poopy panties and yelled ďZoe pooped her panties! Zoe pooped her panties!Ē The teacher made me wear them the rest of the day as punishment. After that nobody else would let me be their friend, except this one girl Jenny K.! who also had an accident at camp. Iíll try to get her to post her story. Weíve been best friends since then.

I am a 16 year old puerto rican girl. One day at school me and my friend Adriana decided to go hide in a closet on the top floor. When we heard the break bell we tried to open the door so we could get out. We couldn't. Suddenly I got the urge to poop. I think she did too. I said I had to boo boo. She didn't hold it in she just pushed. I didn't either. I just boo booed. We both felt to see how much we pooped. I shitted THREE logs. After the janitor got us out he sprayed. I boo booed on myself again. Luckily my panties held it all.
My whole ass was covered with poop. We smelled the whole day, but we liked it. After that we boo boo almost everyday.

PV & Louise : Thank you for your advice. I'm going to keep working on this. Last night in the shower I was again able to start peeing standing up, but most of it went straight down my legs and on my hands (ewww...glad I was in the shower...) but for a couple seconds I was able to get the stream to go sort of forward though in several lateral directions as well. I'll keep trying and let you know how it goes.

I've been under quite a bit of stress lately. Last night it was to the point where I was physically ill (headache and stomach ache). I kept going to the toilet thinking I was going to have a major s*** which can happen when I'm super stressed like that. Anyway, I went to the toilet about 4 times between 6 and 7:15 and pushed as hard as I could only to produce a few tiny little droplets of poop. My stomach was hurting so badly and I couldn't do anything, so I finally just decided to sleep it off and went to bed around 7:30. So this morning I was up doing some work between classes and felt like I had to poop and pee so I went down to the bathroom and again no matter how hard I strained, couldn't get anything out. Finally I was able to pee (I don't usually have trouble with that, so that was unusual). Oh, I forgot to mention that when I went into the bathroom that time the toilet I usually like using for a poop (the farthest one from the door) was not flushed. There ! was yellow water and a few small floaters. I just saw that it was gross and went to the middle stall.

Okay, so then I had a few more classes and lunch and then was doing some work in my room. I felt a little bit like I had to poop but knowing the bad luck I had had the past few days, I really didn't want to spend thankless time on the toilet (like I said, I'm in over my head in schoolwork) and so I went to my friend's room and was talking to him for a bit. We were about to go to dinner and he needed to make a phone call first so I let him and said I better get ready, so I went down to the bathroom (I still had the urge to poop, but it hadn't gotten any stronger). I sat down on the toilet and pushed slightly and this big long poop started coming out. I silently pushed it out and it was very long but came out quite easily. Then I pushed out a few more small pieces, wiped twice and stood up to pull up my jeans. I don't know how long the big piece was cause it was all curled up at the bottom of the toilet under the other pieces. All of my poop sinks always. I think tha! t's because I tend to eat a very low-fat diet (mostly vegetarian).

So, back to work I go...gotta love college.

My friend Zoe showed me this site. She made me promise to post my story here since she posted hers.

Anyway, sometihing is weird with my bowels. I usually donít get the urge to go until thereís a lot of poop in there, and when I finally do get the urge, I have about 40 minutes to find a toilet. If I donít make it in 40 minutes, I poop my panties. Most of the time I make it, but sometimes I donít. This usually happens about twice per month. At least my poop doesnít smell too bad, if I poop my pants people just think someone farted unless they see up my skirt or see a bulge in my pants, but thatís why I wear loose pants. The same thing happens with my bladder, I donít feel like I have to go until itís almost full, and I have to find a toilet within 40 minutes. So I usually wet myself about 2 times a month too. At school, I just have to remember to use the bathroom between classes, even if I donít have to go. So far I had been able to avoid wetting myself in school. I accidentally pooped myself in class once, but it was toward the end of class. I was sitting there! in panties filled with poop but luckily everyone thought I only farted. But I couldnít go into the bathroom to clean myself up because the toilet stalls donít have doors or walls, it is just a line of 10 toilets on one side of the room and 10 sinks on the other, so if anyone was in the bathroom they would see my poopy panties when I took them off. Luckily I only had one more class to sit through and then school was out. Amazingly, nobody found out. I agree with Zoe, although it was embarrassing, it was more comfortable to sit in panties full of poop than to sit on the hard chairs.

Iím also a bedwetter. I wet the bed almost every night since about 2rd grade.

But back to what happened to me at camp last spring. (It was in fifth grade, and I just started 6th grade this year. I had the goodnites so nobody knew I wet the bed. But on Wednesday I got one of those major urges to pee on a hike. Luckily we were heading back which took about half an hour. So I got in line to use the latrine. But there were a lot of people in line. By the time I was second in line, little squirts of pee were dripping into the seat of my panties. When I was first in line, a surge of pee came. I held it as tight as I could. But when a stall was free, as soon as I moved to go in, the pee came out. It soaked through my panties and got all over my pale pink shorts. I was so embarrassed. And everyone teased me for the rest of the campout, and from then on I had no friends until Zoe pooped her panties. After that, though, I wore my goodnites over my panties during the day too, just in case it happened again. Iím glad I did. On the bus ride home, ! I got the urge to pee. We still had another hour and a half until we got back. I knew I couldnít hold it that long, but I remembered that I had the goodnite on over my panties so I just peed in my panties and the goodnite caught whatever my panties couldnít absorb. I sat in wet panties the rest of the way home, but no pee leaked out so nobody ever knew.

More to come later.

Someone recently posted that they like to watch &
hear a woman shit, but would not like to smell
her dump.

To me that's quite erotic. To see and hear a woman
on the toilet, her curvaceous hips on the toilet seat
and her cacophony of farting and crackling sounds
are only part of the enjoyment. The unsavory smell
coming from her posterior makes it real. A pretty
woman's bottom smells terrible; that's what makes
it so erotic.

CC Australia.......I liked your top ten list of Aussie female celebs you want to see on the pot. Here's my list of Aussie females, in no particular order....some of your choices are there too!!!

1.Vanessa Amorosi (singer)
2.Ella Hooper (singer from band Killing Heidi)
3.Tracey Grimshaw (from Today show)
4.Sandra Sully (TV newsreader)
5.Katrina Warren (vet on TV show "Harry's Practice")
6.Samantha Riley (Olympic swimmer)
7.Toni Pieren (singer)
8.Georgie Parker (actress)
9.Fiona Horne (singer, TV presenter)
10.Toni Colette (actress)

My fave out of that list at the moment would have to be Ella Hooper. I can just imagine her wearing all those far out clothes and sitting on the toilet, her cute little face screwing up a bit as she strains to grunt out a big log!!! I better stop thinking about her doing that, I'll get excited........oh no, too late!!!!!! hehehehehe

Plunging Plop Guy.......Hey there! Finally got time to post, been a bit busy lately. Anyways, here is the experience I had a few years ago when a male friend watched me shit. I was living in the inner city at the time, renting a TINY bachelor flat. It had a kitchen in one corner, my bed in another and a bathroom about the size of a public toilet stall but with a shower and basin in there too. It was good though, I could watch TV while on the pot!!

This one day I had my best friend over and we were just talking and watching TV when I told him I had to go shit. I closed the door, pulled my jeans to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. It was then that he complained of having to keep talking to me through the door. So I told him he could open the door if he wanted to. A second later I saw the door knob start to turn and suddenly I felt light headed and could feel my heart pounding!! Even though I didn't feel attracted to him there was still something exciting about having him watch me shit.

He looked at me as the door opened and saw me sitting there. I told him I was weeing at the moment and that I could feel a big turd wanting to slip out. I finished weeing and grunted to start pushing out my poo. It slithered out quickly, landing with a PLOP and a bit of a splash on my bum cheeks. He laughed again when he heard the plop. I pushed again, this time a smaller poo coming out and splashing right up my anus with a big blob of water. I told him that I'd just been splashed and he admitted to enjoying it when he gets a splash, especially on hot days.....very refreshing!!!

I'd finished pooing and started to wipe when he said "Show me the colour of your paper!!" So I did, showing him the wad of toilet paper I'd just wiped my arse with. Disappointing really, as there was hardly a smear on it. I wiped again just to be sure and showed him the paper again, this one totally clean. I started to pull my jeans up and he noticed the erection I had. I saw him look at it so I told him that this happens nearly every time I shit because I get so turned on by the feeling of a nice big log sliding out of me. especially when I get a bum splash!!!

"Fair enough!!" he said to that, I don't think he felt the same way about it when he shit, he just told me it was a good relief when he shit. I didn't want to push it too much but later in the day ended up telling him all about my toilet turn ons and about how I have fantasies about seeing females on the toilet and also about my high school crush and the time I listened and watched that guy under stall wall gap. Luckily he didn't think less of me for all this although I never saw him on the toilet.


This is my first post here. I've enjoyed reading the other posts, so I thought I'd contribute my own and hopefully get some feedback. I find the "accident" posts the most entertaining, so I thought I'd start by including my own brief accident history. My first accident occurred when I was about six years old. I woke up in the middle of the night needing to take a dump. I remember thinking that was unusual for me, but I got up to obey nature's call. I got the bathroom door closed and pulled down my pants but before I could sit on the toilet, pure liquid diarrhea exploded all over the floor. I woke up my parents, explained what happened, and they cleaned up the mess. At the age of nine, I had a particularly disturbing nightmare. After escaping the monsters in my dream, I found a bathroom and began to pee in the toilet. I then woke up to find myself peeing in the bed. Embarassed, I took off my wet pj's and told my Mom what happened. She was very sympathetic, and cleaned up the me! ss in my bed. About a year later, no dream was involved that I can recall, but I woke up right after having wet the bed. Embarassed again, and feeling like I was too old for that sort of thing, I cleaned up the mess myself and I don't think anyone ever knew. Ever since then, I have had many dreams which I call the "endless quest for the bathroom" dreams, in which I dream I need to pee really bad and I search for a bathroom, but run into numerous obstacles and diastractions until I finally wake up and go to the toilet for real. Has anyone else had these sort of dreams? I'd love to know.

The last accident I had was the most embarassing and probably also the most amusing. I was in sixth grade. All throughout my school years, I refused to use the restrooms to take a dump because they were so filthy and disgusting. I had my body pretty well trained so that I never even needed to take a dump untill after school. But one fateful day, I felt the urge right after lunch. I was immediately worried, because I knew I had four more classes to sit through, plus an hour bus ride home. I was determined not to use the boys room at school though. So I held it in for the rest of the day, the urge getting worse through each class. Finally, the last bell rang, and I headed out to catch my bus. I was really getting desperate by then, I was afraid that I might not make it home. But I was so close, I had to try. I had to clench my sphincter muscles tight together, but I felt somewhat safer after sitting down on the bus. I held out o.k. for about 30 minutes, when I suddenly knew ! I couldn't wait much longer. I got off at a stop near a house where a freind of my mother's lived. I carefully but quickly walked up to the door, knocked, and she let me in. I went straight to bathroom, shut the door, and felt a rush of relief. I had made it! I decided to let a fart out as I reached to unfasten my pants- big mistake! Before I had time to react, I felt a large mass of gooey shit fill up my underwear. I couldn't believe it. I instantly thought of somehow disposing of my underwear and putting my jeans back on, but I lowered them to dicover that the shit had leaked out into my jeans. Regretfully, I took them off and then removed my underwear. When I did, most of the shit splatted on the floor despite my attempt to get it in the toilet. I had made a total mess! Left with no choice, I opened the door partially to tell my Mom's friend what happened. She was surprised and amused, and she brought me a pair of her son's jeans for me to wear. they were too big, as her so! n was several years older than me, but I washed up and put them on anyway. Luckily he wasn't home to see what happened. Then I cleaned up the mess on the floor, and had to tell my Mom what happened later that evening. Thankfully, I haven't had any more accidents in my life (I'm 24 years old now), but I did have one near-accident a few years ago which I will relate next time. Hope everyone enjoys reading this.

hey!!this is something i like to do: i sit on a wooden chair (so i can clean up when im finished) when i really have to pee. first i let out a little, and after i do that its really hard to hold any more in. then i stick my hand under my crotch (yes, im wearing clothes) and i try to hold it in. i like to see how long i can hold it in.

also, sometimes when i have to go pee really incrdibly badly, i sit down on the toilet, and i only let half my pee out, then i pull up just my underwear, and do the rest off my pee through my panties.

does anyone else do this kinda stuff?

This afternoon i went to the doctor as i am ill...well any way im waiting to been seen by the doctor/nuse in the waiting room and there was a woman in front of me, i see her walk in the back and come back out....she opens the bathroom door and the nurse says, oops no cups in there...I know what was going on...I knew that lady was going pee in a cup, for a sample for the doctor. The lady goes in and then comes back out 2 min later with the cup and i didn't see any urine or any thing as she was covering it up so no one could see.
Im probably going to have weird bowel habits as im on an antibiotic

I'm a 22 y/o guy who likes to watch other guys take a dump.
Today I was in the can pooing and drinking water at the same
time. Man what a buzz! I made a big smooth brown foot longer.
It almost plugged up the toilet going to its watery grave.
Well thats it for now, hope to read some other guy stories.


How did you find out that Noah Wyle crapped his pants in a restaurant? If there's a website please give it to me.

To PAT I loved your post. I did the same thing when i was younger. I tried it yesterday and it was so cool. To those of you who do not know what we ara talking about it is stiking your finger up your butt as far as you can. it feels great. Does any one know any foods that will help make my poo"s hard? All of mine are mostly soft and mushy. And Pat are you male or female? I am male.

To AJ: I hate when that happens, you are on the road and you gotta pee(or poop) and you feel as you can't hold it and you feel that you are gonna mess your self.

To JacobG (Florida): I liked your story about your friend showing you a video of him self shitting.

To CC Australia: About your dream, did you wet your self when you woke up? I've done that while dreaming about urinating.
I have bathroom dreams, but it's usally not about girls, just about all these open toilets.

It's like 5am now and i woke up cause i couldn't sleep...and i ate an apple and now i gotta poop bad!! I think it's cause of the apple i had(fiberous)...Be back in a min

Well Im back, it's been about 7 min or so. I took the biggest crap just was alot of shit and it was dark brown and very soft. I wiped about 8 times or so.

Things aren't very nice at the moment. Everything that could have gone wrong on Sunday went wrong. The first I knew about this was when Kirsty came knocking on my door about ten minutes before we were due to meet at Andrew's. She had already been to Andrew's, having arrived over an hour early because she forgot that the clocks went back an hour this weekend ! She looked as though she was going to cry, and when I asked her what the matter was, she said that something awful was going to happen today. At this point I was bursting for a wee, and invited Kirsty to join me, which she did. She began to relate her story to me as I sat down and had a very long tinkle. She was still telling me as I wiped myself, and pulled my panties and trousers back up again. Then, to my enormous shock, while she was still telling me the story, she actually lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet after me. I tried not to be surprised because she's always been too shy to do ! this before, and as far as I was aware, she still hadn't done this with Chloe. I have to say I lost track of what she was saying for a short time, and I wondered why she bothered to go at all as she was ages producing anything, and then it was a very short five second tinkle ! But even so, I felt very privileged and proud that she would pick me ahead of Chloe to see her do this for the first time !

However, when finished, and the story continued I was in for a far worse shock. Kirsty told me that Chloe was planning on dumping Andrew to go out with Michael. It appears that she has been planning this for some time, and last weekend finally settled her mind. It explains why she made such an effort to rush to see Michael on the toilet, and also why she was so happy to let him watch her ! My poor cousin, and after some of the nice things that were said to him about how he reacted and allowed his supposed friend Michael to watch his supposed girlfriend.

Kirsty decided not to hang around, and went to catch a bus home again. I decided that I would have to go and see Andrew and check on how he was. Of course, when I got to his house, I didn't know what to expect. Had Chloe been ? Could I keep this to myself if she hadn't told him yet ? He must be wondering where I was anyway, because I was nearly an hour late with talking to Kirsty. Andrew didn't answer the door when I rang the bell, and knocked, so I let myself in. I could hear him as soon as I went in. He was crying his eyes out in his bedroom. So Chloe had been ! I went up to try and comfort him and I hugged him so hard. He lay his head on my chest and ????, and cried and cried so much that it made my shirt go see through with all the wet.

I spent the whole of the rest of the day with him. He did stop crying after a couple of hours, and then he became angry about what happened. Then after a while he realised that neither of them were worth this waste of energy, and became so philosphical ( I don't know if I've spelt that right ?) I couldn't believe that he was forgiving the both of them what they had done to him ! And was saying that I shouldn't let what happened affect my friendship with Chloe. Well, I am not quite so forgiving yet ! I'll see what she has to say for herself to start with !

Anyway, before I left to go home, I found that I needed to poo, and I was so pleased to be able to do it with Andrew there.

LINDA: He checked to see whether you were going to be there first. When I said you were, he made you cover your eyes while he did a wee ! I saw you peep just to see what colour his undies were, seeing as he had tried to make you guess the other day. Purple !! I'm sure he did that on purpose ! Then I made him cover his eyes while you went. He was very good and never peeped once ! I told you you could trust him ! So he has no idea what colour you were wearing ! Afraid I was wearing boring old white ones ! But then, you add all the colour thats needed with your cheerleaders uniform and pom poms ! After watching your excellent performance, Andrew realised how silly his renditioning of cheerleading had been the other day. Hope you've had a lovely weekend Linda ( its bound to have been much better than ours ), and have been able to enjoy a really good poo like I had with you and Andrew. Three big pieces this time, one with a good splosh while the other two were disappoint! ing flops ! Take care, lots of love from Kendal xx

Anne (the bus driver). I really enjoyed your account of the big dump you had on Sunday morning. It sounds like you'd been well and truly bunged up and you were right to take some liquid Paraffin the night before to ease things up. All those eggs and then that whopper of a nine inch sausage sounds like a real panful. My guess is that it's probably cleared you out for a day or two. Sometimes I wonder about your diet though. Do you eat a lot of refined foods or are you careful to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg? It sounds to me as though you could benefit from some dietary change to make you a little more regular - unless you're happy with 'going' every two or three days.

Monday, October 30, 2000

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