I was on the train station platform this morning at 5:30 as I had to get to work for an early meeting. I needed to poo. There were only a few people around and I was on the edge of the platform. I squatted, placed my briefcase down by my side so it would cover my bottom, then eased my skirt to my waist. I wasn't wearing panties. I pretended as if I was squatting to rummage through my pocket book. Without any hesitation I farted and let a turd slide out onto the platform. Then I let out one more - it felt smaller. I then got up, pulling down my skirt and careful to keep my briefcase shielding me doing this. i didn't wipe as it would give the game away. I then walked a few steps away and saw my fat turds steaming on the platform! I'd never tried that trick before! Once on the train I forgot I hadn't wiped. I got into my meeting at work and could smell something. I realized I gadn't wiped, so without panties you could smell my poo which was still in my bottom! It was embarrassing! but nobody looked at me thank goodness. Anyway, my meeting finished half an hour ago. I went straight into the ladies room where I wiped my bottom!

What do you do when you see there's no toiletpapier after you've pooped?

When I was in first grade I wet my pants. I had a lot of orange juice and water before I left for school and I was sitting in class around 10 AM trying with all my might to hold it for later release into a boys room urinal. My attention was diverted for a second and then I lost it completely. It was a flood that ran toward the back of the classroom. It was really yellow against the white floor, and you could smell it. The teacher told another student to go get a janitor and he came in and mopped it up. My pants were wet in the back and I had to go change into my gym shorts. I took off my wet underwear also and hung them up in the locker room. The gym shorts were really short and tight fitting and when I was sitting down at my desk, my dick stuck out of the leg opening. Some girls stared at it, but I didn't mind. It was probably the first time they had seen a dick. I don't remember anyone giving me a hard time about what had happened. This school had a large, trough! type urinal in the boys room so we all peed together and a few times the girls would sneak a peek at us. It really smelled because it didn't flush. It did have a flush pipe which the janitor turned on at the end of the day while he was cleaning it. The girls always were curious about why the boys room smelled and the girls room didn't.

Prince Morgan

FANNIE-I'm a vegetarian myself. The fruits, whole grains and vegetables you're eating make this pretty much inevitable. Whole foods like that cause the gas as they are being broken down by the body, which takes a little more metabolic work than the pre-digested crap like white-flour products that you mostly find in the stores. Watching your combinations might help a little. I don't go crazy over it, 'cause I think farts are kind of fun, but I avoid really raunchy combo's like fruit and vegetables together. In general, the more stuff of one type you eat together, the less problems of this kind you'll have, though as I said, whole foods cause it more than other kinds.

MIDNIGHT COWBOY-Never been to San Antonio, though you sure make it sound worth the trip!

In Pittsburgh where I live, there's a park I love. A couple of the bathrooms, though small (two toilets, two urinals) have completely open toilets. No walls or anything. One day this summer, I was there with a friend who happened to be female. I had to take a wicked dump, and I thought it would be fun if she'd come in and do one on the bowl next to me. She wasn't really into the idea of being caught in there doing this, and the park was pretty crowded, though for me this was part of the coolness of the idea. Alas, I had to experience what turned out to be an awesome dump by myself.

I did get her to come in with me afterwards and look at the place. She took a quick look around and just said: "Men are weird!"

BRYIAN-I know what you mean about you'r dream. Me, too. A whole humongous room full of open toilets. I have that one all the time. I'm always kind of disappointed when I wake up.


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi everyone,
I'm still reading through all the fantastic posts from everyone but have returned to the present again and want to reply to MARK first of all.
Yes,you're right!I'd forgotten the public toilet doors in London as well as other places with frosted glass in them.I've not been to the ones in Piccadilly where your cousin went but I've used others in London with the same type of door.
All you can see when someone's sitting on the bog in such a cubicle is just the basic shape of the person and whether they are standing or sitting.The frosted glass is reinforced with wire mesh and one advantage I've found when sitting behind such a door is that I've been able to make a rough guess as to what the guy might look like if he passes right in front of it on his way to the next cubicle.I've also used toilets where there is a window of frosted glass at the top of the door and noticed an old guy keep looking in at me but I knew all he could see was just my outline.This was in a busy toilet too!
Also in London I can remember finding several public toilets where you have to put a coin in the door,then get the attendant to come and unlock the door for you to go in,with him entering first to wipe the seat for you,then leaving you to it.On one occasion after I'd been in there for quite a time ,the attendant told me I'd had long enough and unlocked the door while I was still sitting there ,so I'm not at all keen on toilets with attendants!
Great to know that your cousin is also into this.How did you both realise?And what does he think of the traditional British toilet pans which I love for their good splashing potential?
It would be great if the three of us could go on a toilet survey assessing the best toilets for using,observing in use and listening!
All the best to you and your cousin.

Some years ago I wasin the toilets of an art gallery which had Victorian toilet pans but were useless for a good splashback.Anyway I was sitting there and there was a guy on the other toilet which backed onto mine with very high tiled wall.I couldn't hear him going but his mate was standing outside his door asking him to let him in!The guy on the toilet said "You're not sitting next to me while I'm on the bog".to which the other said"Aw go on ,Martin,let me!"
I found it a turn on that Martin was jealously guarding his privacy as much as his friend wanted to watch him and wasn't bothered about me overhearing.
When I mentioned the lad at school who I looked at in the changing room,what attracted my attention especially was that some one had left the changing room door open and this boy called out-"Close the door someone,there's girls outside!"He was obviously embarrassed about girls admiring his muscular legs and that immpressed on me that he knew how good he looked!

I suppose when I've been in the fortunate situation of sitting in a toilet and all is quiet except for a guy on a toilet and he's really taking his time-the silence is punctuated by the sound of my increased pulse-rate!A few months ago I heard this guy in the cubicle 2 doors away from me suddenly fart loudly and resonantly in a low tone for several seconds,then a few seconds later about 6 medium loud plops drop in his toilet,then no more sounds at all for about 5 minutes.Then,the same again,low farting sounds followed by a few more plops.Another long silence during which I felt as though he could hear my heart beating with anticipation until his final sequence of farts and plops!He wiped up,flushed and came out and washed his hands at the sink where I commented about the lack of soap and he smiled and rinsed his hands and went out ,a guy of about 16 to 18.I immediately went into the toilet where he'd been so long sat on the warm toilet seat and felt I was sitting inHeaven! !
It was brilliant to use it after him but I yearned to have been able to say more than some trivial comment about there being no soap.Likewise after hearing a guy of about 30 next to me drop 6 loud plops and whom I recognised as being someone who sells the Big Issue,wished I coukld have given him a 1 and said "I liked what you issued-really big!"Also when a young street musician went into the toilet next to me with his dog and during about 10 minutes hearing occasional plops in the toilet.(Well,I hope it was the guy and not his dog),When they came out I wished I could have told the guy he makes beautiful music.
I first started to go to public toilets for the purpose of having a shit in company when I was 16 and was quite amazed at th ee risks men took at making contact even sticking their heads under partitions sometimes as well as all the other stuff.However I think I developed a good ability to tellwhich were the haunts of men who want to pick up and which were more likely to be used by men shitting and where the toilets were good echo chambers.!
More of these recollections next time but sorry,I've not had the wonderful experiences that so many have had.
All the best and enjoy yourselves! PPG

Mike, you asked how I initiate a conversation in order to get some toilet paper from the guy in the next stall. Usually, I will mutter to myself in a manner loud enough for him to hear something like "oh shit, no toilet paper". Then I will say "excuse me, can I get some toilet paper off you, there's none in here." This is usually met with a "sure no problem". I only do this in university bathrooms as young guys usually see the funny side of the situation. In fact, my request is often met with a little laugh. Most guys usually tear off more paper than I actually need and pass it under the partition. One guy asked me if I needed enough for a shitload and I said absolutely. Sometimes a guy will ask me a couple of minutes later if I need any more, especially if he has finished and is on his way out. If the paper is not enough, I just make do with what I've been given. I will very rarely ask for more but there was the memorable occasion which I wrote about two years ago when both ! myself and the other guy were having a major dumping session. I had used all the paper I was given, but then had to dump another major load. I had no option but to ask for some more, but had no qualms about doing so as we were already well into a conversation about how much shit we were both doing. If the guy sounds friendly and is making light of the whole situation I will try and further the conversation by saying something like "it's the one thing you need when taking a shit" as he passes me the paper. This often leads to him telling me any similar experiences he may have had. Go ahead and ask next time you're in a similar predicament. You may be surprised at the results. Stevein STL, good to hear from you.

Midnight Cowboy:
I love unionsuits in the winter. They're comfortable, and good for indoor-outdoor wear, unlike thermals which get too warm inside. I also admit to liking the trapdoor aspect of the longjohns since it feels oddly modest to dump out of it thus not getting overexposed in the restroom. Like you I've gotten the occasional odd look when using open toilets, but most guys up here in Ohio and Michigan have at least seen unionsuits before (they're moderately popular in these parts) and so they figure it out. I've always wanted to see someone else on the can in their unionsuit, but so far I never have. A friend of mine who wears this style of longjohns too actually prefers to disrobe when dumping rather than using the backflap, since he claims to be afraid that the flap won't be right somehow and he'll end up messing in his underwear. (I was once had a disastrous accident myself when, in a total emergency on a road trip, I couldn't get the flap open in time; it's posted back about 10! 0 posts.)

I also should mention that on a recent trip to NYC I had occasion to use (though only to pee and wash my hands) the famous Washington Square men's room. There were hordes of people in the park since it was a beautiful day, and lots of guys in the bathroom too. There was a homeless guy on one of the toilets so no one would go back and pee there; everyone waited in line for the urinals. While I was washing my hands a goth-looking teenager came in, grabbed a huge wad of toilet paper and then went to a toilet and dropped his pants all the while carrying on a conversation with his friend waiting to pee.

EPHERMAL - Yeah, PV is right about the brain-bladder-
urethra link. A bit of your unconscious mind is
telling your body that it can not empty because the
conditions are not right. It is not that a girl's
body can not do it, it is just that your mind needs
to be retrained to think that to stand and pee is ok.
Maybe you can try turning the water on in your bathroom
while you stand over the toilet, and be sure that you
really need to go. The running water may relax you
enough for your own water to get flowing. Or maybe you
can do it in the shower if maybe you worry about making
a mess the first time, because in the shower there is
no need to worry.

KIM - Hehe. Hi. It's good that you enjoy my little
stories. I have one now, I do not think I have told
this one.
When I was 9 years old and at school I was walking to my
class after taking some papers to one of the other
class teachers when I felt a little hard turd pop out and
into my knickers. I was wearing trousers too and I
stopped walking to think. You know what happened next,
the little turd got out of my knickers and fell down my
trouser leg. It was on the floor near my foot and what
I did then was to kick it so it rolled down the corridor
and into a corner. I left it in the corner and it will I
bet have been found by the cleaners later. I was real
worried that the teachers would find out it was mine, but
I did not get into trouble.
I bet you never had that trouble, Kim, you would not be
able to kick a huge log down the corridor. My little piece
was like a marble, hard and round. Hehe.

SANDRA - I forgot to write. I enjoyed your letter about
how you and your friends raided the men's room. I bet you
had fun, but I did not like what your friend did when she
had a shit in one of the urinals. I mean I have had a wee
quite a few times now in men's urinals but I really would
not shit in one. The guys have to use them don't they?
I know you did not shit in one then Sandra but I bet the
guys who went in after did not like one of their urinals
blocked up like that. I mean we would not like guys to
go into our room and shit on the floor in the stalls or
something would we, so I do not think that girls should
mess up their things either. I'm sorry I am angry but
we should not do that and I think your friend was in
the wrong.

PV - Hi there girl. Do you think the same as me about this
thing of shitting in guy's urinals?

SOME GIRL - Yeah I think Adrian is right, I have sometimes
gone without knickers on and had short skirts on too, but
it was something I had to do really because I had messed
my knickers. It did feel good to be without I know, but
there is a big diff between being without knickers when I
have been on a nude beach and when I am in public when I
have to keep my clothes on. Oh yeah there is a big personal
safety thing as well! Be real careful eh? Better to wear
your knickers most of the time.


TO PF-Funny story about pooing on the "front nine"About 10 years ago a few of us were playing golf and one of our friends had a serious urge to poop-so he went off to the side of the fairway and we all saw him squat and did done loose, watery poo in the bushes and we all watched and roared with laughter-it was funny and he too had NO paper to wipe with so one of our other friends had to give up their hanky to give him something to clean up with-from that day on,he always brought toilet paper with him-funny story PF!
TO EMILY-As I was reading your story,I started to get the urge for my morning dump cause it is now a little after 8am and it is getting stronger and i'm going to hold it till i really have to go --So i'll read a few more posts and so sit on the bowl and let out some stuff-I wonder if you and I poo at the exact same time -that would be cool!I gotta go shit now-it's really knocking at the door!!I love a good a m dump--- BYE

Healthy Pooper
To Movie Fan

Thanks for the info on "Labyrinth of Passion". I am a little wary of checking it out because Pedro Almodovar's "Kika" had a rape scene that was played for laughs. It really upset and disgusted me! I can only imagine how a woman would feel about it.

As far as Phantom of Liberty goes, I have never seen it, so I can't tell you whether it has women doing the pooping. In fact, I had never even HEARD of Phantom of Liberty until you and "Luis B Fan" mentioned it. Thanks again. I guess we'll keep each other posted.

I have a question about the Sloggi Briefs that you wear.
Do they have a regular cotton gusset in them? Because I was
thinking if they were like our American cheerleader briefs
then then wouldn't have a cotton gusset. I sure wish that we
we could find Sloggi's in stores here in America.

Another movie with implied female pooping is "The Shooting". It's a Western about a mysterious woman who hires some gunmen for a contract job. This strange woman repeatedly and deliberately messes herself out of contempt for herself and the world. The 1966 movie very strongly implies the woman's actions (in one scene, one of the men says "She soiled again..."). It's based on a book that supposedly is far more explicit. The book and the movie's screenplay were written by a woman, Adrien Joyce (aka Carole Eastman); the woman was played in the movie by Millie Perkins. "The Shooting" pops up occasionally on the American Movie Classics cable channel.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Did anyone else ever poop their pants in school when they were a child? It happened to me in first grade. I knew I had to go, but I was trying to wait until morning recess. It was about 10 minutes before recess when I decided that if I farted I would be more comfortable. So I lifted a cheek to sneak out a fart, and a huge turd came out instead! It must have been a foot long, but because I had on briefs with elastic around the legs there was no place for it to go so it coiled up into a big lump in the seat of my pants. Then I realized what a problem I had - I didn't want anybody to find out that I had pooped my pants, so I just sat there in my poop. Finally the teacher realized that something smelled bad, and she came around sniffing to find out who it was. I was called "Poopsy" for the rest of the year!

Sir Crapalot
Does anybody have any stories about odd places you've peed or pooped in as a child besides a bathroom, or do you have any memorable accidents?

When I was ten, I was in my room playing video games and I had to pee. I did'nt want to go to the bathroom, so I peed on the carpet. Nobody ever found out. I've also peed in garbage cans, flower pots, and even off of a seven story building! (I was working alone in a rooftop garden when I was eight and felt daring)

OH, and usually when I have an erection, I just sit down and push it downward.

Fannie Farts
I'm a 35yr old female and I have a phobia about staying overnight at friend's or relative's homes because I always have to let out some farts in the morning. I try to eat a healthy diet which includes fruit, grains, v????s, etc. But it sometimes seems the healthier I eat the more I fart! I always do a few good farts before I get out of bed. Then I do more while I drink a couple cups of coffee. After passing my gas then I can go poop. I am very regular and have a BM every morning, but my poop isn't ready to come out until I pass the gas. I live alone so this is only a problem for me when I stay overnight at my boyfriend's house or when I'm on vacation with other people around. So what does everyone else do? Should I pass my gas as discretely as possible no matter who is around? Or should I take my coffee to the bathroom with me and sit on the toilet while farting? It usually takes about a 15 min. to a half-hour of passing gas and then I can poop. Also, I haven't ha! d the nerve to fart in front of my boyfriend yet....we've been dating about 6 months now. I've almost let one go a couple of times but then I held back at the last second even though he's farted in front of me several times. I know it's natural to fart and to poop....but still I need advice on getting over this. Thanks to all...and happy farting!

I took an exlax once when I was a freshman at Syracuse.I had never taken a laxative before then so I wasn't sure what to expect.It was saturday and a group of friends and I were heading to a festival in town.We arrived just in time because the exlax was kicking in.But to my horror the port a pottys were all the way on the other side of the parking lot and had lines of people.The cramps were unlike anything I'd ever experienced and I knew instantly I was going to go in my pants.I headed toward the port a pottys but before I even got close I competlely messed my jeans.I went several times as I shuffled back to the car.They took me home and
I'll never forget how embarrasing pooping yourself is.

Before I tell this story, a little background. Just this summer, I had to have my gallbladder removed. Since then, when I have to go, I have to go, NOW! I haven't gone in my pants (yet); well I have stained them, but never dumped the full load. I have missed the last ten minutes of "What Lies Beneath" in a nasty theater bathroom with no door on the stall, had to blow on final approach to Denver International Airport (bracing myself on the walls during lurches of the jet), emptied into our bathtub while my wife was using the commode (we have only one bathroom), gone in a trash can in the garage while my son was in the bathroom, made numerous emergency stops while driving. I have even had to use ladies' rooms while my wife stood guard outside the door. Some public restrooms are clean while others are foul, foul, foul. There was one where no toilet worked, but I went in the one that was the least foul; not sitting on the seat, but squatting over it, bracing myself on the tank, an! d not worrying about flushing.

Just yesterday, I was golfing with some work acquaintances after a meeting. We had eaten lunch, and I had a big greasy burger with fries. Well, anyway, we played No.1, and proceeded to get ready to tee off on No. 2 (how appropriate) when the gurgling and anal spasms hit. I teed off, and promptly ran over in the woods, unbelted, pulled my pants down to just above my knees, squatted, and cut loose with a huge, mushy, orange yellow pile of, well, it could only be called "SHIT". Probably could have counted to 15 while it was squirting. At this point, I did not care who may have seen this. Understand that this golf course is in a very ritzy subdivision, and I was only maybe 10' from the fairway, and 50' from the nearest house. Well, the first wave ended, a couple more small ejections, and my bowels were empty. My distended anus began to retract. But, I had no paper, so I was going to have to tear off my underwear for wiping. After the squirting was done, I was sweating and brea! thing heavily, and the reader must remember that I had only pulled my pants down to just above my knees. At this time I began to piss, quite without my controlling it. There was no noise of the urine splashing in the leaves, so I looked down and my penis was still in my underwear, and I was wetting my "TP"! Needless to say, this was horrible. I ripped off as much dry underwear as I could, and used leaves that weren't poison ivy, and finished cleaning the slimy, mucusy mess up. Then went on out and finished the round. After the first nine, the sensation was back, so I went to the clubhouse and cut loose with a barrage of orange-yellow water.

I too like stories of women going, and would like to read more of these stories on your site. My wife used to let me watch it coming out of her hole, but not any more. Some of the stories talk about the "dome" affect of the anus; I have seen and understand this.

I have more of these stories which I will try to relate in the future. I thought I was the only person who liked this stuff, but I see from your site there are whole lot of people in the world like me.

Movie Fan
To Healthy Pooper...

Labyrinth of Passion was directed by Pedro Almodovar. The poop scene supposedly occurs late in the movie...

Getting back to Phantom of Liberty -- do you remember if any of the people pooping around the dinner table were women?

Another movie with a fairly non-explicit poop scene is "Homage". A handyman pretends to be working on a bathroom window from the outside while the woman he's been stalking is on the toilet. He's obviously trying to spy on her. When he opens the window she begs him "not to look" and he makes some comment about if she hadn't slept so late she could take her morning dump at 8:00 like everyone else. The woman is played by Sheryl Lee from "Twin Peaks".

Also, the 1965 movie "Patch of Blue" has a scene where the blind woman played by Elizabeth Hartman gets the runs from drinking too much pineapple juice, so she goes behind a tree to crap. That was pretty explicit for 1965..

Among TV shows, the most explicit poop scene I know of was the famous "Canada" commercial on "Mad TV". There was also an "LA Law" episode where lawyer Ann Kelsey had to poop while on a campout, and got poison ivy on her butt from using leaves as toilet paper. Does anyone know of any other female poop scenes on American TV?

An interesting quote to ponder:

As Reb Yitzchok Hutner would say: 'We may eat together, but in
the end, we all must digest our food separately.'

Well, I tried to pee in the shower again and it worked out much better. I think this is because I had to pee so badly. I went to a program on campus tonight and left my keys there. Then I went to another program and realized I had left my keys. I wanted to go to the bathroom before I left that second building but had asked one of my friends to walk with me to the first (all the way across campus). So by the time we got back to the dorm I was bursting. I started to get undressed when there was a knock on the door (I had pulled the shade down and taken my shoes off) and I had to talk to that person for a minute. So she left and I finally finished getting undressed (noticing how swollen my poor ???? was from my bladder being streched so badly) and wrapped myself up in a towel, grabbed my shower basket and went down to the bathroom. Someone was using the good shower so I went into the other which is a bathtub and just turned the water on in the tub (but not the shower) ! and let loose. A lot dripped on my leg, but I did get some to messily shoot forward for a bit. It was kinda neat watching the yellow mix with the water coming out of the pipe.

Anyway, I don't like taking a shit, but I like the feeling afterward cause that means I'm not constipated. I was always constipated as a little girl. I can tell you stories about that if you want. Just let me know.

Midnight Cowboy....I just love your posts and poems!!!!!!
As for wearing a Union suit, my brother Jason will sometimes and he says it's great for winter when the cold of the porcelin bowl touches your bare arse.

It's almost 8am and my bowel is getting ready for its daily motion......Time to run.........Ciao Emily

TO ZACK: I'm real glad that you and others liked my story about my college buddy who casually pooped in my apartment leaving the bathroom door open. Here are some answers to your questions. Rich pulled his jeans and boxers down to ankle level. He sat on the crapper with his thighs spread wide apart. He pointed his dick into the bowl with his hand, to avoid pissing on the seat or floor I guess. When he started squeezing out his first log, there was a crackling sound and also the sound of a stream of piss hitting the side of the bowl. I guess this is involuntary pissing when a guy strains hard to release a large log. After the first log hit the water, he then pissed normally against the side of the bowl. After pissing, he removed his hand and his dick just kinda hung into the bowl behind the edge of the seat. He then piched off a further 4-5 turds with less difficulty than the first. He talked about my computer mainly. His only remark about his dump related to toilet! paper. He inspected the paper after each wipe and there were skid marks on the first 4 pieces. After the fourth wipe there were still skidmarks, but he had used all the paper left on the roll. Rich then said: "Hey dude, I guess I'll need some more paper. Can you grab some for me?" I pulled a toilet roll out of the cabinet and handed it to him. After another 3-4 wipes, his asshole was obviously clean. After he was done wiping, he kinda shook his dick and then pinched the end to get the last drops of piss out. Dude, I'm real sorry you don't often get to see guys taking a crap. Its easier if you are young and hang out a lot with other young dudes. I have had several different roommates, lived in a fraternity house and gone on spring break and to summer camp with other guys. In these situations, there are lots of opportunities to see and hear other guys taking a shit. I therefore have lots of other cool stories. I am real busy studying now, but will post some here la! ter when I'm less busy. Hang in there dude, Jordan

On the subject of the French designed automatic street toilets found in European cities and Ballykissangel, thanks to Graham for telling us that they are called Sanisettes. I have also heard them called 'superloos' but 'electric porta-johns' isn't a good name because they are made of concrete and are permanently fixed, not portable. The Sanisettes in France are a semi squatting type but the type we have in the UK must be export models as they have a more conventional type of bowl. They typically cost 20p in UK (29 US cents) but where I live, a few have been installed as a trial and are free.

They have a sign on the roof that is green when vacant and changes to orange when in use or out of order. The whole thing is rather 'high tech' and there is a lot to go wrong with it. At one time, our local one was nearly always showing orange, either because of a fault or due to a homeless woman who was living in there! Apparently she had found a way to stop the door from opening automatically after 15 minutes.

Sanisettes always remind me of Doctor Who's time machine. Dr Who was a cult 1960s - 1980s BBC TV Sci-fi series about a time lord who travelled through space and time in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions in Space). It was a blue police telephone box that was much larger inside than outside. It would be a rather conspicuous nowadays if it materialised in the UK (or anywhere else) as these police boxes were all removed over 25 years ago. A new TARDIS in a Sanisette would blend in with city scenery and they could call it the TURDIS!

Hi all. Just took a major dump 10 minutes ago. 1 week ago I took a dump in a plastic bag and put it in a busy road. Kept it in the road for a few days then put it down the sewer. I'm trying to persuade my friend to do but when I get the bag he can't do it in the bag. No he is not embarrassed.

See ya!

To Midnight Cowboy: I liked the story about shitting in the doorless stall and the guy with 3 balls, it was cool.

Yesterday i was at work and i had to pee like a race horse(badly). I wasn't there 2 hours and i had to piss so bad. I like pissed 3 times yesterday at work. The night before i had salty food and drank so oj and soda before bed cause i was thirsty.

Some girl. I can understand the attraction of your habit (not bothering with knickers). No doubt there are ladies working in situations where they have limited access to conventional toilet facilities who leave their knickers off precisely for the reason you give. However, as a general rule I would advise wearing them. There are are a number of good reasons for this including modesty, hygiene and personal safety. By far the best course is to go to the toilet when you have an opportunity to, ie don't leave it to chance. If you have bladder control problems or you're in a situation where you have to go for long periods of time without access to a toilet, perhaps your pharmacist (chemist) might be able to recommend some specialist absorbent or waterproof pants which are appropriate for your situation.

LINDA: I'm posting this from Andrew's house ! I've just come to quickly visit to sort out the get together between him and Chloe and Kirsty and myself on Sunday. He said he posted yesterday morning, in response to your post (which I hadn't read until now) and mine, but its not on. He says it wasn't naughty, but perhaps the moderator has decided to prevent him from teasing by stopping his posts ! Lucky him, otherwise I might have had to stop him from seeing me poo again. Mind you, that would have been difficult, because I had the poo before I read the posts on here. It was really funny, because as soon as I settled and finished my wee, and began the poo bit, Andrew started doing this silly dance in front of me and chanting "Yelp, groan, really shout. Strain and push until its out" !! I thought he was being quite stupid, and got annoyed with him because I didn't want his racket to spoil my poo noises !! He was laughing so much afterwards, I don't think he heard a thing ! An! yway, I was more than satisfied with my two poops !

Now I've read your post, I've been killing myself laughing too ! Linda, he doesn't do a very good splits, and he forget to say YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY at the end as well. Andrew says he won't bother to re-write the post. He's told me face to face what he wanted to say to me, and we've had a nice hug and made up ! But he has asked me to say that he asked you to guess what colour undies he was wearing yesterday. He wouldn't tell me, saying he would wear them again on Sunday. I don't think I'll be seeing them though, not with Kirsty there ! Oh yes, and he asked me to thank your cousin for his kind words again. He's never forgotten how your cousin helped him before, so thanks !

I think I'm going to have to back down on girly coloured underwear, especially now MOIRA ( SCOTLAND ) tells me that George wears them too and he's definitely not girly ! But I still think you and I can tease Andrew about it, Linda !

Oh well, better go before Mum wonders where I've got to. Hope you'll be about to cheer on my next poo, Linda. I'm sure you'll be much better at it than Andrew was ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

Hey, and I poop at about the same time-I too dump at around 8am-maybe we are doing it together-the poo that you described coming out your butt sounds like a typical poo that comes out of mine too!Those kind of poos are the best feeling too esp when you don't have to push much to get it started! I too went poo-poo at about 8am this morning and it was a nice one-i sat down and i was at the gym along with other guys farting and shitting-it was a busy am in the gym toilets-As i was sitting down,another guy across from me sat down without closing the door and let out a big pre-poo fart and grunted and I could see between his legs cause he had them open and the turds came out fast and semmed like they were soft-it looked like he did 3 long ones in quick succesion and then farted some more-this made me want to sit down on the bowl and go ,so i sat down and let out and nice loud pre-poo fart and pushed out a smooth,long keilbasa and halfway out i let it hang there for a bit a! nd sat back and opened my legs a bit and the guy sitting across from me snuck a peek as i was reading my paper-I could see him looking at the poo coming out my anus as it hung there-i think he was done and he just sat there looking at me -then i pushed the rest of it out and it was a long one-it felt soooo good as it slithered out my domed anus-i really dug sitting ther letting out this big one with this guy looking at it some some reason-it was cool.then he wiped and i sat there waiting for more,but all I did was fart once or twice.then i wiped and went to shower and it was a great start to the day as you say EMILY-just one big poop --yessir that was fun!
TO MIDNITE COWBOY-I really have to get into NYC and go to Wash Sq park to take a dump-sounds like fun-What time of day did you go there?-I want to go there when it is busy-that would be fun!BYE


Hi dear! I promise you, what you're experiencing is absolutely normal, and has completely to do with anxiety. The "feedback arc" between bladder, brain and urethra is a complicated one, and even a little thing can interfere with it. Urinating is an act laden with social implications, rules and threats of penalties for "getting it wrong," and these imperatives make it very difficult for us to go at times. Basically, your brain knows that everything is A-OK so long as your tushy is in contact with the seat, or your legs are compressed in the squat. You need to re-train your response -- which is not as dfficult as it sounds like!

I experienced the same things early-on, the feeling that "something isn't right" about it, and it feels decidedly odd. I know exactly what you mean about holding it in, in some pain, no matter your desperation to go -- your urethra has closed up solid and until it relaxes there is nothing you can do. This is an anxiety situation, it's the same mechanism, if slightly different in application, to avoidant paruresis, the dreaded "bashful bladder."

RELAX! Easy to say, hard to do, I know. But relaxation is all that's involved. If you can distract your thoughts, concentrate on something else, create a "moment of calm" with, for instance, a visualization, an image, a sound, anything that can be brought to mind, then you can create the conditions for physical relaxation. Then you'll flow, and when you start to flow and enjoy it, you create a real life situation that reinforces your wishes. After that, remember the reality and build upon it, and soon you'll be happily washing the walls!

LOUISE -- Thanks for your delightful message. Proper letter soon dear!



I just moved into a new apartment and the bathroom is pretty cool. The toilet and tub are in a seperate small room and I bought a new toilet seat, the type used in schools, plastic with an open front, no lid. Home Depot sells this type now. I have a regular size white toilet, not elongated. I spray the seat with Clorox disinfectant spray which makes it slightly sticky. I like it when my butt sticks to the toilet seat. I usually sit to pee and also read while on the toilet. The best thing about this new apartment is that I can hear the woman upstairs tinkling! I haven't heard her take a shit yet, but it's just a matter of time!

Thursday, October 26, 2000

kim and scott
hello this is is everyone today? TO CURIOUS GUY 1-thanks for liking the kim and scott posts. hopefully their will be another one pretty soon. scott and i are busy with work and college but we post when we can. PLUS ALSO your question about how the girls on this forum wipe their butt after a motion.? I usually sit down and wipe. sometimes I even have an enormous log and their is nothing to wipe. that has happenned to me before too.but i dont care about that as long as i have my usual huge bowel-movement I am usually happy and so is my man scott because as you probably know already he loves to watch me crash my logs out!. well so long now glad you like my stories! PLUS LOUISE -I always like your stories good to always read em keep em up. well thats all for now my dear posters byeeeee

Good Morning All,

I had a great dump today around 8am.......It was a long, fat, medium brown sausage that just slithered out of my arse.

8am is my usual motion time........been having some excellent ones this week....could be from all the v?????s I've been eating. My Mom made v?????e soup this week and I've been having it every night for dinner.

Ahhhhh there's nothing like starting the day with a superb motion!!!!


Yesterday at work I suddenly felt the most terrible cramps and knew I had t oget to the ladies room fast! I ran there and went into the middle stall. I didn't even have time to close the door although I don't think anyone was around I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and before I could squat, while a good foot above the toilet, a massive explosion of watery poo came out of my bottom. It sounded like a tidal wave hitting the water. The watery poo splattered all over the seat and floor so I couldn't continue sitting down. In a half squat I hung my behind over the toilet. I farted a lot and another torrent of wet poo came out. At this point a woman came in to the ladies room and as the door was still open she could see I was pooing diarrhea. She came over and asked me if I was OK. I felt a little weak but I said I was fine. She went into the next stall while I farted and pooed some more. When it was all over I wiped and agjusted my clothing. Now I had to clean up. C! ould you believe it, but the woman came out of her stall and insisted upon helping me clean up the toilet and floor. She got huge wads of papre towels and cleaned my poo up from the floor while I cleaned the toilet! And it stunk! I mean I would have wanted to throw up! But she helped me, then I flushed and we went over to wash our hands. We chatted and introduced ourselves then went our separate ways. I actually had 3 more wet diarrhea poos that day but none made the mess of the first. I felt better when I got home but was tired so I went to bed early. Must have been something I ate.

This may not be what you're looking for but I'll post it since Halloween is right around the corner. When I was 5 me and Miguel went to a fun house at a school nearby. It was kinda scary (Hey I was 5 at the time) and well I REALLY had to pee. We were like half way through it when I couldn't even walk. I just stood there with my legs crossed. I whined to Miguel I was about to have an accident. (I think I was even crying)People walked by and probably thought I was just scared. Miguel said well let's do something we might get in trouble for. So we went off the path a bit and found a dark corner. Miguel took my candy bag and told me to just go here.(The fun house was made in an old part of the school they didn't use anymore.. but they still kept it for Halloween and to store stuff.)Anyway I lifted my robes (Yeah I was a princess.. gah what was I thinking) And I lowered my tights and underwears and took a squat and peed like crazy for like 2 minutes. Miguel kept watch making su! re no one wandered in on me. He looked at me and asked if I felt better. I remember just nodding my head, blushing.(I still remember the relief to this day.. but I also remember the embarassment cause I had my robe high over my hips and it had been a while since Miguel saw me use the restroom.. I was older and wiser as some would say)Done, I got dressed and was about to cry again as we made our way out of the fun house. Miguel gave me a big hug and said "Hey don't be sad.. I'm not gonna tell anyone.. so you won't get in any trouble. No one saw.. so don't worry." I hugged him back and stopped crying. My mom saw me and thought maybe I was just scared by the fun house. Later after the candy was checked Miguel gave me half of his. My mom thought he was just being sweet, but I knew why. I still get after him for peeking, but he says I made eye contact the whole time. I know it's true but.. still he didn't have to look!!!!

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