Today was an interesting day for me. I came in from classes and no sooner than I had started my studying when my stomach began to hurt. I went to bathroom and a small pile of little droplet-turds (between 1/2 and 1 inch spheres). I have been having very small dumps for the past couple of weeks, so this would have been pretty normal. Again, I started studying and after a little bit my stomach hurt really bad. I held in the fart afraid it might not be just a fart and raced down to the bathroom. Well, it was only a huge (dry) fart (I was so glad no one else was in the bathroom). I felt like I had a huge poop, but could only pass a couple more droplets. Anyway, I went back up to my room and my stomach was beginning to really hurt, so I held off as long as I possibly could, not wanting to take the time away from my studying, and finally went down to the bathroom again. This time I pass a bit of mush (not diahrea but very soft poop) and one very long and very soft piece. A! ll of this was a light brown as compared to the darker brown of the droplets. After that I felt a lot better. It's not usual for me to have such soft shits either. Oh, that last load smelled really bad so I flushed it quickly. I felt like I had more to do, but nothing would come out so I wiped and flushed again. And I always, always, always without fail wash my hands after using the toilet.

Okay, I also have a quetion for PV, Louise et co....I'm interested in the standing pee thing, but I have a lot of trouble starting when I am not on the toilet. The number of times I've peed outside fit on one hand whereas the number of times I've been desperate and attempted to pee outdoors is great (and I've never had an accident, just held it in pain). Anyway, I tried the shower thing tonight and I just couldn't get the stream started while standing up. I was able to squirt a couple of times, but never got anything substantial to work with. Finally I just squatted in the tub and let it come out (after finally getting started). I just find that the only "natural" way for me to pee is on the toilet. Do you have any suggestions?

I have a question for the ladies (and I guess guys if you know from your wives/girlfriends): is it normal to have to pee a lot more and a lot more urgently (like one minute fine, the next minute have-to-pee-this-second) that time of the month? I find that with me and was just wondering if that happens to anyone else...

Some girl
Hello everyone here,
I have a habit which I do not know if its safe or not.I like to wear miniskirts to where ever I go and the thing is I do not wear panties! I think that it is a fast way to pee ( for girls)without undressing the lower half. Wearing the miniskirt,I just sit down and pee,some times I did not wipe my fanny.I can still remember the time when I went to a camp, we were told to sit in a circle with our legs stretching to the center and our legs must be open to play this game.
The boy infront of me saw me and I think he also saw my vagina. I sat there because of the rules. Then the boy,out of curiosity, bent forward and took a good look. There teacher in charge did not saw him
and he kept staring at my vagina.
There is also a time where I as at a beach for a picnic. The toilet was far away and you need a penny to use it.To save time and enery,I hold the back of m skirt and sat down.The grass itch so I quickly pee. Its so convinient!

Hi, all. Good to see so many regulars here, along with some new faces. Welcome, STEF. You're right, this site is amazing.

I've been experimenting with a new pooping position lately. You may want to try it, too. After you're seated, move your feet back until your heels are about even with the "sit bones" in your behind. You'll probably find that only the balls of your feet are touching the floor. Now open your legs and lean way forward with your arms extended straight down. Put your palms flat on the floor in front of you. Your torso should now be almost but not quite horizontal. It might seem a bit awkward at first but, trust me, it works. I've been able to enjoy some really relaxed poops in that position. You may want to sit just a bit farther back than usual to compensate for leaning forward. I hope some of you will try it and let us know how it works for you.

Great description, CURIOUS GUY, of those thick logs that your Ani produces. My son often clogs up the john with very thick logs, too. At times I can't plunge them down, either, but have to break them up with a hangar or whatever. They're not that long, just several inches thick. Does anybody know what causes this?

ANDRE - Thanks for the ample details on Danielle's performance. A few years ago, a young woman named Danielle lived in the townhouse next to us. The bathrooms are back to back, but in our place we usually don't hear anything but the faucet running or the toilet flushing. One day, though, while using the john, I heard a sudden, sharp "Oohhh" of relief, followed a split second later by a dull "thud." Must have been a whopper!

Curious Guy 1
I'm the one who posted as curious guy asking about how females wipe after taking a dump. I noticed another curious guy post, so i'll call myself Curious Guy 1. Thanks Sara T. and PV for answering my question. I would like to hear from all the other girls on here....How do you wipe your butt after taking a dump? standing or sitting? please describe. Thanks

P.S. Kim, I love all your stories.

Last night i mentioned that i had loose bowels...then after it stoped i had some fried food...a mistake!! I didn't have an urge to shit till this morning, it was on my way to work..When i got to work it had completely gone away. Then i eat breakfast on my meal break and i had to shit, it was still fairly loose.
Also while i was at work i was sent out to another building to do some work(serving food). I work at a mental center.....i overheard a pacinet ask a nurse if he could use the bathroom, cause he needed to, "urrrinnate" as he said it. I don't know if they let the person go.

JORDAN: What a great story about the guy helping you with your computer. It is totally cool when a guy is relaxed enough to simply saunter into the bathroom and shit just like he would do anything else with a buddy around! I wanted to ask you what Rich did with his dick while he took a dump. Did you hear him pissing during his crap? Also, did he have his jeans and boxers around his ankles or at thigh level? Did he make any comments at all about his dump to you? Sadly, I have missed out on this type of experience so I like a lot of detail! Please give us some more of these great guy posts!!

Plunging Plop Guy: Your story about letting another guy watch you dump through a hole in the partition was great! I have an older cousin who used to frequently visit the United Kingdom with his parents. His Dad had business interests there. My cousin is also interested in seeing other guys dumping. He confirmed what you said about the prudery and excessive privacy in England, a trend that is increasing here in the USA. He told me, however, about a large public restroom in the tube (subway) station at Piccadilly Circus in London. He says when he first went there some years ago the stall doors had vertical frosted glass panes in them. It seems that these were there so that the restroom attendant could keep an eye out for suspicious activities such as drugs and public sex. Therefore if you hung around you could watch a guy go into a stall and then see him on the crapper from outside although the details were somewhat indistinct due to the frosted glass. He told me th! at when he went back some years later the glass had been painted over so you could no longer see into the stalls. Have you ever been there?

Pat- I'm male, does it bother you that much? It's really not that big of a deal.

That's what i love about reading this forum-it sometimes gives you some cool ideas to try!
TO PAT-When i was about 12-13 or so ,i used to put my finger up my butt just to do curious i guess and it felt pretty good to do-i never farted while doing it though-i used to sit on the bowl and get some vaseline and put it on my finger and put it up my rectum-sometimes i felt nothing but a big space and somtimes i felt the tip of a poop-somtimes i would put my finger up as far as i could reach and i felt the end of my rectum- and my rectum felt pretty big to me,i did it a lot when i was younger.Then some years later a few women used to like to put their finger up there when we were "foolin around"and that felt great to me-this nurse friend used to do it and massage my prostate-at first,it felt weird,but then it was fun and she knew just what to do,whatever that was!I used to do it to her too and I really enjoyed that! Anyway,PAT,you gave me an idea-the other a.m. after i read your post i went into the toilet and i didn't have to poo yet so i took along some coffee and s! at on the bowl and got some KY and put my finger way up my rectum and didn't feel anything but what felt like a pocket of gas-so i kept my finger up my butt while i drank my coffee-after about 5 mins or so i started getting cramps and a fart slipped by my finger and then i felt this strange feeling-I felt my rectum start to expand and then i felt this mass of excrement move dowm my rectum and it started to push my finger out -I pushed the tip of the poo which felt hard and lumby back up my rectum and right then i got another cramp and the poo started to push down again and i felt like i really had to go ,so i took my finger out slowly and as i took it out,i farted and as soon as my finger was out the turd i was holding back came out with a lot of gas and it was hard at first and got soft and long and came out quick then it fell into the bowl- i guess it was about a foot long-then i put my finger up my butt again-and right away i had to take it out cause i felt a mass of soft p! oo coming down the poop chute-as soon as i took my finger out,all this soft poo flew out my domed anus with a lot of farts-that felt nice-i always fart a lot when i drink coffee-it really gets me going!The only drag about the whole experience was that my finger was dirty with poo-maybe next time i'll wear gloves-the clean-up would be sooo mush easier!Thanks for the idea,PAT It was fun to do -i really enjoyed holding the poo back as my rectum tried to push it out-it was wild-you guys should try it !It was kinda fun! BYE


Last Sunday I sort of poo'd myself for the first time in ages. I was sitting in the back room wathcing a video and I farted. "Whoah" I thought "That doesn't feel right". So I walked over to the bathroom and surveyed the damage. There wasn't much, but it was gooey with small chunks in it. Very strange. So I cleaned up, washed my boxers under the tap and put them in the dirty washing basket.

CC Australia

G'day again (sorry for posting 2 posts so close together moderator)

About farting in public dunny's, when I was on holiday in Sydney a couple of weeks back I was walking around when I needed to go. So I found some toilets in a posh arcade and went into a stall. There were two stalls, one already taken. I knew I had to do a boomer fart and I was trying to let it out gently so as to make as little noise as possible. Unfortunatly my bottom had other ideas and it announced itself. I did feel a bit embarrassed but then I thought, I'm in a public toilet so why should I?

About your question as to what I do with my penis when pooing, I try to keep it in the general direction of the bowl because I sometimes wee while pooing and the worst thing is to wet yourself. Weeing can be quite hard for males (well for me at least!), especially with a stiffy, oh! Plus also in the morning the wee seems to have a mind of it's own and goes anywehere it likes. Another problem is at night when I have my traky dacks on (tracksuit bottoms), I don't where any undies so if there is a little drop of wee left it goes down my leg, ugghh, not a nice feeling.

CC Australia

Healthy Pooper
To Luis Bunuel Fan and Movie Fan - thanks for setting me straight
about Exterminating Angel/Phantom of Liberty. My memory clearly failed me; I tossed out the book years ago. Many thanks to you both; I won't waste time or be disappointed in the future.

Movie Fan - I have never heard of Labyrinth of Passion. Who directed it?

ROXANNAH - Hi girl, I know PV has written to you and
I tell you you are not alone if you stand for a pee.
If you like you can look back at my old letters to
this page so you can read about what how I have done
it when I have been with my boyfriend Steve, my mum,
my sister and other people. Welcome to another girl
who like to stand and deliver. Hehe maybe one day
there will be signs in women's toilets that will
say "Sitting persons 4, standing room 10". Wouldn't
that be something?

PV - Hi. I know Steve has said I'm real busy just now
so sorry I have not answered your last letter sooner.
He will not be back home until very late tonight so
I have a chance now to answer you.
I will try one of those disabled stalls if I get a
chance to, but that is if I feel ok about being in one.
I do not know, it may be that I am less happy with the
idea of using a disabled person's special facility than
if I used a sink or to go into the men's. Do you know
what I mean? I think Steve knows what I mean, it does
not feel quite right some how. I mean, like if I was
seen by someone coming out of there, would they think
I had been kind of disrespectful of the disabled by
using their things? Maybe other people would not worry
about something like that, I do not know. I do not mean
I do not think *you* should use them because I know you
have, it is just that I am not sure myself.

Hehe warm up the gulf stream? Hehehe a bit more yellow
for a few seconds maybe, but it would need more to warm
things up in Cornwall in October I bet!
Yeah, I do agree that there is not too much point in
covering little boys up earlier than girls on the beach.
Well, I do not find them offensive to see. I know I
didn't when there were times I saw a boy weeing on the
nude beaches in Spain so there is no reason to go
covering them up. Never mind the flapping around eh?

Yeah, parents shying from the bathroom question. Steve
thinks it is like parents talking or not talking about
what happens when men and women get together. It is
hard to do, so just duck out of it! Not good. My mum
was really up front about all those things with us and
I really think it did me lots of good. You know, I
waited for the right guy, and with the bathroom I know
how to stand and everything, so I can deal with things
that lots of girls are not ready for. So there are lots
of topics like it that are too hard for some parents
to talk about to their kids. It is a real shame that it
happends so much isn't it?

Hehe I bet more people would think your hovering wee
was more ladylike than the real standing straight up
splay and lift, but I like to do both, I just decide
which way I want to do it each time I go for a wee.
I will go for one now...ah that was quite nice, I
just sat down and let it go while I watched it
squirting out. The hover is not too bad on my back,
I feel the effort of having the bent knees though my
legs are strong I think. Yeah, the forward way has
more mystique because a lot of old fuddy-duddies
would think it was unnatural or immoral some how.
That is what Steve and I think. Even my friend
Jackie can do a good standing wee now. Oh no, I do
not think that I the mighty Louise can be beaten
for time by a beginner like Jackie. That is what
you wrote to Steve, isn't it? Hehe, I remember I was
not really bursting then, it was Jackie who nearly
burst and pissed her bikini pants before we got into
the men's toilets. She did hold it in until she got
in front of the steel urinal but she did not use
her hands to aim it, she just pissed all over the
place, got some in the urinal and a lot on the
floor. She does a good stream if she sits or squats
so I do not know what went wrong then.

Oh yeah, Steve has held me in his arms above the bath
twice now while I have had a wee.
I know it is hard for him to do while getting me aimed
right so he can "deploy" me into the bathwater well.
Well, he had me turned so he could watch in the mirror
while I let go. There was some of my wee that ran
around onto my bum, so I dripped from there quite a bit
but I watched Steve watching me and I watched myself too
when my wee squirted out of my puss like a fountain.
When I was empty I had quite a lot more run off my bum.
I do not know if my mum ever held me like that. I saw
the same "wet bum" thing happen to a little girl once.
I bet she was not happy when she pulled her knickers up

I have no news about the toilets at work. I think I am
just unlucky. Steve is amused about all that and thinks
it will happen when I do not expect it. I still bet the
Spanish looking girl would stand and talk to me if I
left the door open. Well we will see.

More Hugs, and from Steve too, he has seen your letter
to him. Yes he is a gent and I love him.

If the new picture girl is having a wee, she should
watch it and not cover up like that. Maybe she would
enjoy it more if she looked.


Midnight Cowboy
Howdy, y'all. I haven't written in a while but I sure have been having fun reading! I've got a bunch of responses to "make," so I hope you'll "bare" with me.

You had inquired about how someone goes about asking you for toilet paper when they're out in a public bathroom. I've had this happen quite a few times, but always when I was sitting on a crapper that had no door on the stall. Usually another guy who has to shit checks to see if there's paper in a stall before he sits down. When there isn't any, he'll start looking around for some. They then see me contently pooping away with a roll on the wall by my stall wall. Then they sheepishly ask if they could borrow some. I always say, "Sure," and motion for them to come get it. I don't offer to unroll some and hand it to them. That forces them to even more reluctantly come into my stall, and bend over yo get some paper. That usually puts them within a couple of inches of seeing and smelling everything I'm doing and I get a kick out of THEIR embarrassment, not mine!

There's a bathroom in a park near where I live in San Antonio, Texas that I'll have many stories to tell in the future about, but I've got a good toilet paper one for right now. As per ususal, the stalls had no doors on them and there were only two toilets, one of which I was occupying. This time another guy sat down and shit his load BEFORE noticing there wasn't any paper in that stall. He was forced to shuffle over and face me with his pants around his ankles and ask to borrow some of mine. With him standing and me sitting, it was hard not to notice his genitals, which were at eye level. And what I noticed was he had THREE testicles!. I said to him, "You've got three balls, don't you?" He kinda smiled, shyly answered, "Yeah," lifted up his dick to give me a better look, and then shuffled back to his stall. I bet the woman in his life sure has a fun time!

On a recent trip to New York City, I was having a movement in my favorite restroom in Washington Square Park. There's 6 toilet bowls there out in the open and no stalls at all. Men in business suits shit right along side of homeless men. There's no class differences here! They've obviously had a problem with people stealing the toilet paper. So there was only ONE roll for the whole bathroom which was quite busy. When you were ready to wipe you had to go over to where the roll was to get some paper, with your pants still down of course, and now you were in full view of the men at the urinals and sinks in addition to the others on the toilets.

And any of y'all remember the episode from the TV series "Seinfeld" when the character Elaine was in a bathroom stall at a movie theater and the woman next to her refused to pass her some paper... "Not even one square!"

Thanks for all your bathrooms stories about stage performances, whether accidental or on purpose. They were great, especially about SUZY Quattro shitting in her leather pants (since I'm also a BIG fan of leather.) I've heard of some lead singers of heavy metal rock bands taking out their penises on stage and hosing down the crazed audience with their urine and the articles I read about these incidents said the audiences all loved it!

I once played a police constable in a turn-of-the-century Welch fishing village. My character had to get out of bed at night to pee and was so drowsy he grabbed his helmet from under the bed, thinking it was his bed pan and he peed in that. I didn't get to really do it though. I had to turn my back to the audience, lift up my nightshirt (giving them a full moon) and squeezed a water balloon taped to my stomach. It was still pretty fun, though.

After my recent bout with constipation and then diarrhea, I developed a hemmorhoid. It's now in that itchy-healing stage so I have to be careful not scratch my ass-crack on stage tonight without realizing it. This play takes place in 1940's high society UK, and that would definitely not be appropriate behavior for my character. In another show I once did, I intentially scratched my butt-crack in every performance. But I was playing a dirty old cowboy in a Texas saloon and that made a little more sense.

I liked your story about the model in your life drawing class. When I was a student at The University of Buffalo, I had a part-time job as nude model for drawing and sculpture classes. My friends were always asking me if I was afraid of getting a hard-on in front of the class. That was never a problem, as I was much too nervous being the only naked person in the room with everyone sitting in circle around me, STARING at me. When I'm nervous, it makes me pee a lot and that would cause me some problems. I'd always pee before the class started and if I ever had to break a long pose to go pee some more, the students would get kind of annoyed because it would break their concentration and it's very hard to get back into the EXACT pose, and then they'd complain about that. So, I'd usually hold it in if I could.

One day I was squeezing my intenral pee sphincter doing just that when my over-active teenage prostate gland also decided to kick in. It was a cold, snowy typical Buffalo day outside the old art studio building and I was in a standing pose on top of a heated platform. The room had a chill to it, worsening the need to pee, and the heat floating up to my testicles was doing "strange" things to me. Suddenly I felt something wet hit the top of my foot. I shifted my eyes downward and noticed this long sticky "string" of what I guess was a little urine mixed with a little prostate fluid reaching down from the tip of my penis to the top of my foot. I was in an absolute PANIC. A middle-aged man and a young college girl were sitting directly in front of me and both their mouths dropped open. I didn't know what to do. I knew if I quickly swatted the "string" away it would cause more attention to it and possibly student complaints about my moving. Well, I quickly did that an! yway, and boy did I want to crawl out of there in total humiliation. Nowadays, I tell my fellow actors if you ever have a problem getting over stage-fright, try nude modeling for an art class. After you've done that naked, you can get up in front of people and do ANYTHING with your clothes on!

I saw those automatic outdoor street toilets you mentioned when I visited Paris. It had the music and all and I sure was surprised when the toilet turned upside-down to rinse off. I didn't know that their door opens automatically in 15 minutes. What happens if someone is still sitting on the john longer than that? Does it still open and expose them to everyone walking by on the street?

Sorry you had the unfortunate experience of getting your jockstrap straps all full of loose poo. Try it again sometime when your system is more normal. I love to shit with a jockstrap on. It just feels real neat feeling all that tight elastic covering your jock and outlining your butt while the ever-essential asshole is left free to shoot out its logs. Most lockerroom toilets in Texas have no stalls I guess because they reckon that if men are going to see each other naked in the shower, what's the big deal about seeing each other on the bowl. So that's a great place for me to do a jockstrap-dump!

When winter time comes around does anybody like wearing an old-fashioned union-suit? I do because it's great fun to poop out the trap door in the back and at the sme time you feel like you're pooping fully dressed. One time in a public toilet a guy saw me pooping (without a door as usual) and noticed that my legs were fully clothed (it was a union suit) except my penis, which was hanging out an open button. He couldn't figure out why I was sitting on a toilet with my pants up, and he actually had the balls to ask me what I was doing. Without saying a thing, I stood up, turned around and showed him my bare ass through the trap door with a turd half-hanging out. That sure taught him to mind his own "business!"

Here I sit on the pooper
Giving birth to a Texas State Trooper (highway patrol)


Anne (the bus driver). Certainly the recent floods in southern England did a lot of damage and caused a considerable amount of nuisance. Reading about the flooding at your bus station loos though was slightly amusing, especially as you'd just done one of your famous jobbies. One has to feel sorry though for the poor cleaners who had to mop up. My guess is that there weren't too many volunteers.

Recently I've been having Al Bran at breakfast time and it's helped me to maintain a regular habit without getting the runs. My IBS hasn't been too problematic of late, but I think it helps if I maintain a regular habit.

After tea today I went for #2 and passed four quite big pieces. One would have been a good 7 inches long which is quite long for me. It was quite a sticky job though and I had to use both paper and at least four wipes to get clean. Sometimes I need to use hardly any - two wipes and I'm done. Given that my diet doesn't vary a great deal, I wonder why this is. Do you ever have really sticky jobbies that require lots of wiping afterwards?

All the best for now.

Curious Guy: Great story! Yeah, it's amazing that people of your girlfriend's size could create such monsters. I guess it really doesn't matter, it just really depends on what one eats.

Your story reminded me of when I worked at a restaurant in high school. One of our nightly duties was to clean the restrooms. The men's was surprisingly easy to clean up, but the ladies' were atrocious! I don't mean to sound sexist, but some of the stuff that was left in the toilets was unbelievable! There was one evening when I was cleaning the ladies restrooms (there were three stalls in there) and when I went into the middle stall, what I saw I still could not believe to this day. It was stuffed with a few pieces of toilet paper but behind the paper was the biggest, longest, thickest turd log I have ever seen! This thing had to be at least 14-15 inches long (no exaggeration here!!) and about as thick as my wrist! I was almost tempted to call some of my co-workers in the ladies room to look at this piece of sculpture, but I kept it to myself. I wondered who could have pounded this beast out -- my suspicions were either one of the heavy-set managers we had or one of th! e waitresses did it, because the way they some of them ate during our breaks and what have you, some of them looked capable of pounding out some huge logs! Nevertheless, I had to get a plunger to get that beast down, and it wasn't pretty!

Kiki, I assure you that many women enjoy "orgasmic stools". I have since I was a kid. I will have to be circumspect given the Moderator's restrictions, but let me say that even as a primary school kid I can remember being turned on whenever I did a nice big solid jobbie, and have experienced this physical and psychological arousal ever since. I can also agree that boys and men are often well aroused as you say, my husband often is and my young brother likewise.

Curious Guy, loved the story about your little Asian girlfriend Ani doing such a nice big solid jobbie. You have a little treasure there and Im glad you told her not to be in any way ashamed of what she had passed. Try leaving the jobbie in the toilet pan a bit longer then throw a bucket or two of water down to shift it. This usually works with my panbusters unless they are absolutely huge, and makes a lot less mess than a plunger or toilet brush. I have to say that, unlike Ani, I have always been only too pleased to have others see the big jobbies I have done and have been quite proud if someone saw a big panbuster of mine stuck in the pan. I have very seldom had an adverse reaction from anyone and indeed most boys and men have seemed to be quite happy to have seen it, to say the least! Different cultures and upbringing I suppose.

I have just done a big easy curved jobbie this morning, one of those motions that "does itself". I am on late shift and my husband had gone off to work. I got up and went for the usual wee wee everyone needs when they get out of bed. I sat on the pan with my pink Sloggis at my knees and did my wee wee. As it hissed and jetted quite forcibly into the water I felt a big load move into my back passage. My ring dilated and with very little effort on my part this big smooth motion slid out of me and slipped into the pan with a barely perceptable "flimp". When I looked down between my legs I saw this big curved "beacher", light brown, smooth, what Id call an easy formed motion. It was as fat as my jobbies usually are, 2.5 inches, and about 14 inches long. This WAS an orgasmic motion Kiki! When I pulled the flush it only moved a few inches and is currently lodged in the bottom of the pan. I'll leave it for my husband to see when he comes home and he can shift it if it still wont ! go away.

Pat, as you say, dont stick your finger up your back passage if you have sharp nails. Also ensure there is nothing dirty, toxic or irritant on your fingers, wash your hands well before and after inserting your finger. Also If you have a cut, sore or boil on your finger dont insert it. Try vaseline or KY jelly if insertion is difficult. Unless you have abnormaly long fingers you wont go further up your bowel than the rectum. I too have touched the end of a big jobbie when it hasnt come down yet. Indeed this method of coating the finger in a safe lubricant such as the two I have mentioned, even butter would do at a pinch, and touching the end of the turd can be handy when badly constipated as the finger stimulates the bowel to move. My husband has also done this for me when I have been very bunged up and it resulted in the big jobbie pushing his finger back out as it slid down and out of my back passage!

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Now the World Series is well in progress, have any of you any tales about shitting in Shea Stadium?

I pissed through the naughbours fence because I had to go real bad. In the front yard as well.

Sara T.
Thanks, Diane! I'll keep that in mind. We don't see too many fallen trees around here but I'll walk further down in the woods and I might just see one.

I woke up at 6 this morning. It felt like my ass was on fire, O had to go so bad. I was on the toilet for 10 minutes- I'm not even sure what kind of poop I did, I just wanted to get back to bed! I felt a lot better afterwards even though I stunk up the bathroom as always :-)

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but I noticed in
the Disney movie "Under Wraps" concering the mummy that up on the
top floor of the house the camera pans to the toliet and you see
the mummy go in a close the door,hear tinkling,and hear him say
ahhhhhhh. I though that was so funny.

To Bryian

No, sticking your finger in your anus while farting is not dangerous, as long as you don't have sharp or jagged fingernails. If your fingernails are sharp and you're not careful, you could cause a perforation which could be very serious.

I have a question for anyone who understands human anatomy. If you stick your finger into your anus as far as you can, what are you feeling? Is is all rectum, or is it possible for your finger to reach past the rectum to the end of the colon? When I do the fart bubble thing and I can stick my finger all the way back so that the entire length of my finger is inserted, I can sometimes feel the very edge of my poop which hasn't come all the way down yet. Am I still in the rectum here or ave I gone past that?

To Curious, why would you ask if I am male or female and not say what you are?

:) I was scared of going to the bathroom late at night because it required me to leave my room. The area I lived in wasn't bad...I was just younger and scared of every little noise at 2 AM.
When I peed, I was standing on the bed.
About orgasmic stools...I don't know. It just seemed like on this site, there are a lot of guys who talk about getting hard while peeing/pooping. I was wondering if that happened to women as well (although I assume it would be much more difficult).
Out of curioustiy, how old are you?

I think it's obvious to most that farting goes hand-in-hand with pooping. Do any of you feel a little bit inhibited by someone farting in a public bathroom (considering that it echoes?)? Back in junior high, we used to rattle the toilet paper holder so no one could hear.


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