Hi all. Wel my plan did got go as well..planned. I could not hold it in anymore and when I felt it force open my hole not to mention my bottom I ran for the toilet and sat down and had a heavenly poop.(I swear it felt so good my eyes just about rolled back into my head)However my hubby and Linda were out so i took care of things alone.. then came back and Miguel saw i left the door open..not to mention I had ripped underwear.( in my rush i yanked them down and ripped the side of one..last time I wear bikini underwears)Well he missed the show.. but I did manage to pass a tiny egg shaped poop with him there. He smiled (I knew he was excited)but I wish he had been here for the big bang.Trust me.. I could have used a bit of moral support as Linda calls it. Anyway.. there's always next time I guess.
You posted last time about storming the men's room cause the ladies was locked.. today we did this and I think we may have lost Miguel for good. He, Belinda, Nora, and myself were out walking along the road having just come back from Sunchase and we all had to go..BAD. It was a ways off to our house and well walking was geting difficult. So we went to the mini golf coarse they had closed down.(we cut across that to save time..good thing they didn't close down the bathrooms for our sakes) Well Miguel went into the guys and we dashed (as best we could) to the gals. Wlel to our horror.. it was locked. We stood there, fidgeting, really ticked off. Nora said"Shoot this is just perfect, (wincing) and I gotta take a major crap." Belinda blushed then softly anounced she had to also and was close to ruining her panties. I had to also but my bladder was closer to exploding than my bowels. Nora said.. "Screw this, I hope Mike (she calls him Mike) is ready cause I'm going in." She pus! hed past us and made her way to the guys. Belinda and I looked at each other in horror. But I guess Belinda had to go bad too cause she yelped.. grabbed her bottom and waddled after Nora. I decided to go after them.. Miguel is very weak hearted.. seeing them butt nekkid might kill him. Well we got there and poor Miguel was at the urinal doing his thing when we busted in.He looked at us and was very pale and silent,as he tried to finish in a hurry. We looked and to add insult to injury.. THERE WERE NO DOORS ON THE STALLS!! Nora said..well i'd rather npt post what she said.. but she whipped down her jeans and green panties and sat doinga LOUD furious pee as she let out a moan of bliss. Belinda hearing this put her modesty aside and pulled own her jeans and white panties and sat and peed like mad too. I took the next one (it was just the gals and Miguel so I didn't mind at all) and did a long pee too. Poor Miguel , who was done watch frozen and pink faced as we unloaded gallons o! f pee and poop. Poor guy went straight to bed and well.. I'm kinda worried as I check in on him and he hasn't woken up since. Nora doesn't care.. she joked saying she showed him something I didn't.(I did hold my poop till I got home and well Miguel missed out again..sigh) Belinda is a bit red faced but she giggles like mad as she remembers Miguel's face as she sat there plopping away. me.. I don't mind.. but he's got me worried now. Well with any luck.. he'll wake up..I gotta go check to see if he's breathing.

Midnight Cowboy -

About actors or actresses taking a desperate dump on stage -
A few years ago I remember reading in one of the 'serious' UK broadsheet newspapers about a play where all of the actors were nude for the entire time on stage.
The night that the reviewer who was writing the piece attended the play, one of the male actors actually defecated on stage.
The poor man moved to one side of the stage mid-performance, squatted and let out a poo in full view of the audience. Then he continued as if nothing had happened.

I'd think I had dreamed this, as it's certainly the sort of thing I (day)dream about LOL, but I know I didn't, as I very recently read another mention of that same event.

WOW, I wish I'd been there...

To Adam from Canada: I enjoy checking the bathrooms out to see if any one is shitting, what i'll do is i'll go into the stall and blow my nose or take extra long at the urinal or take a long time washing my hands or i will look in the mirror and fix my hair.

This morning i woke up and i sorta had an urge to shit, i ignored it cause it wasn't urgent and i hate taking a shit if it's not totaly ready to come out. I come down and have breakfast then i feel the urge getting a little stronger(i could have still held on if i wanted to) so i went to the bathroom and pushed out this 8" log and after that i began wiping and i felt as there was more shit up me that wouldn't come out, i did manage to push out a soft little piece of shit, then i continued wiping. Then later on i was watching tv and felt some gas(i couldn't tell if it was gas or i had to shit). I passed the gas then i felt as i had to shit, and i better go now cause i was going out shortly after that and i sat down and pushed out all these soft floaters. I haven't been since that.

Another thing about the Sanisettes which Coprologist mentions is that although it is not separate, there is actually a seat (at least in the ones I have used in London). This is molded into the plastic 'pot' and is heated. The thing that is most striking (or least it was to me) when you first use one is that there is no drain outlet in the toilet bowl, and also the 'indentation' into which you pee and poop is is quite shallow.

Mike D.
Hello, everyone, I have posted only few times but I visit this sight on a regular basis. This post is in response to Mia. Don't worry about pooping when your boyfriend is around. If he truly loves you, he will have put up with stink of your poop regardless of how turned off he may or may not be. If you take a really stinky crap and he gives you a hard time about it, kindly remind him that his shit doesn't smell like roses either. Incidentally, I am not turned off by the smell of a woman pooping. Pooping is a natural act and we all drop some real stink bombs once in a while so don't beat yourself up about it.

Does anyone else do this? Normally, if you try to stick your finger into your anus, and you don't use any soap or lubricant, it's hard to do because your sphincter muscle normally keeps things very tight. But I discovered something really cool. When you have to fart, take your middle finger and place it on your anus just before you let go. Then release the fart and simultaneously insert your finger into your anus. Something really neat happens. The rectum balloons up from the fart and your finger will slide in very easily and you can feel all around the inside of the rectum with no problem. As long as you don't let any air out, you can stick your middle finger all the way in, and if there's any poop in your colon you can actually feel the tip of it, even if you don't yet have the urge to go. It's a neat experience, and you can keep moving your finger around freely as long as your finger keeps the fart gas from escaping. As soon as you let the air from the fart escape,! the rectum collapses onto your finger and you have to pull your finger out. I have never read about anyone else doing this, so I'm wondering how common an experience this is. Has anyone here ever done this?

To Mia:
Any sort of permanent relationship with someone means you're going to eventually smell them on the toilet. If someone is going to dump you over the smell on the toilet, then the relationship wasn't going anywhere anyway.

Kiki.....I always hold my penis down with my right hand when I sit on the toilet for a poo, important for public toilets as I don't want my penis touching the dirty porcelain!!! It's a bit hard to wee with an erection as I often get these, especially if it's a lovely big log I'm grunting out. I often sit to pee when at home too, but I can just sit back further on the seat then and not have to hold it down.

Bryian.....Glad you liked my stories. As far as I knew, that guy I listened to and watched under the stall parttition was unaware of me being there. I don't know how he would have reacted if he knew I was there. After that experience, I always used the same toilet when I needed to shit at school as I wanted to always sit where he had shit!!!

Redneck....I was a bit wary of shitting at high school when I first started but after a while realised that no one hassled anyone on the pot so relaxed a lot about it. Later I would even save a shit for school rather than do it at home if I could, especially after the experience of seeing and hearing that guy shit. None of the stalls there had locks on the doors either and I'd heard recently that the doors had been removed because of drug problems. Pity, I would have like to have tried shitting in a doorless stall!!

Plunging Plop Guy......Sounds like we both been there with crushes on a guy at school!!! I had a similar experience to you in the gym change rooms when my eyes met with his. We were both naked and it was like something that could not be spoken as you described it. Still, I was glad to have been able to see his naked body and bum. It helped fill in the gaps with my toilet fantasies about him and was topped off nicely some weeks later when the experience of my last post happened.....

David W
Hi lurker! Your post of a pee measuring 755ml is pretty damn good for an 11 year old. For an adult that would be about average or below for an all-out effort to hold it. Are you a male or female?

Hi every one just had to tell you this, Last night my g/f and me were walking back from the pub/resturant we had a very nice meal and of course a lot to drink.

About half way back to my place lindsay suddenley groaned and held her stomach, i asked what was wrong and she said "i gotta poo real bad" "like NOW" "its not far you can hold it till we get to my place" i said, now we had not gone much further when lindsay suddenley held her bum very tight and closed her eyes and said " its no good its coming out' as she said that she farted and i heard her poop filling her panties, at the same time pee started running down her blue jeans making a puddel on the ground, the smell of her poop filling the air oh i was getting turned on, well we carried on walking lindsay walking with her legs apart she kept saying how sorry she was, of course i put my arm around her and when we got home i helped her clean up. hope you like this true story.

Moderator: I like these girls. The current one reminds me of me when I was in high school.

Lili: We outlawed pay toilets in New York in 1975. We used to write on our text book paper covers, "Sit down strike. A protest to end pay toilets." They were an annoyance and they still were not clean. A few afternoons on my way home I had to duck in to one in an emergency. Seats were broken, I had to sit on a cold porcelain rim, or stand up or put paper on the rim.

Mia: I have taken a shit at my boyfriend's house. They never objected to the smell. Just close the seat cover after you flush.

Curious guy: I usually sit and lean over to wipe with my left hand, someetimes I will wipe thru the front of my legs or if my ass is itching, I will stand and wipe vigorously.

Dan: My high school boy buddies and my cousins used to pee in the sink. They were really hung at age 14.

Lorie: Enemas are brutal. I had them in grammar school when I was sick. They were not fun. Only, they would clean me out good. My last on was in fifth grade. I had a stomach virus. I was vomiting for hours in the night. Then diarreah set in. I stayed home for days. Finally, I was constipated. My mom gave me an enema. She shoved this pencil sized nozzle in my rectum. The water ran through my stomach and I felt a tingle in my system. I thought I was going to explode. She kept telling me not much more. Finally, I had to hold it in until I could not take it no more. Then after I could not bear it. I sat on the toilet with my comics and textbooks. My stomach exploded like a volcano. Brown chunks and brown water cascaded from my rectum. I just listened for the gas and then I released. Finally, it was just water. And I kept shitting water for days. I am surprised, it did not attack me in school. But in those days, I had will power.

To nicola from england. can you tell me more about suzi quatro pooping her leather pants on stage while in concert, i allways dreamed about her doing such a thing, did it really happen.

Mia --

Far be it from me to give other folks advice about how to manage their relationships, but I'd have to say that, as a rule of thumb, male body chemistry tends to be more pungent than female. Now that's not an absolute, and females can be pretty pungent creatures too! But if your boyfriend dumps you because you produce a pong when you open your bowels, he needs his brains removing and examining under a magnifying glass. More than likely, you'll be fastidiously clean and he'll be the one generating the body odours. I say take the cruise, play it by ear -- he's either got a problem, or he's not quite as picky as he seems... And no, as the vaster majority of folks here will confirm, a great many guys are not at all put off by the smell of female poop!

Dan --

I (female) wee in the sink just about every day! I'd like to know how many other ladies are doing it???

Cheers all,


Hi Steve --

I tried posting a note last night but got an "internal server error" message. It contained this line to you:

"Lovely letter, dear, I'll write a reply off-line and post it tomorrow. Please give Louise all my best and tell her I look forward to her next posting. (Hugs for you both!)"

Well, it's tomorrow, I'm getting posts through, and here's your letter!

Hi Steve,

Yes, it has been a long time! Louise has told us how busy you've been with work and all, and it's great to hear from you again.

I loved your account of Jackie's trip to the pool with you and Louise. Yes, she sounds like a fun-loving gal! And yes, the exploits females can get up to are indeed quite enough to put a smile on their lips without need of alcohol augmentation (!) Wow, two bikini-girls -- your eyes must have just about departed their sockets. I can just imagine Louise in a black two-piece!

Mmm, agreed, a gal's first sight of a steel wall-type "pishing facility" can be an eye-opener. I remember mine, and what a sense of unreality there was, like "I'm gonna do *what* and I'm gonna do it *where?*" But it's a reaction one overcomes!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're a gentleman, Steve. You gave Jackie all the room she needed, and to her credit she didn't actually shut you out. Now she's had the expeerience I think maybe she'll relax more. She certainly enjoyed it!

I'm amazed that they actually took their bikini briefs right off-- I'd have expected them to draw them aside, as with ordinary panties, but I guess this was an extra dimension to the adventure. And Jackie didn't splay and lift at all, didn't need to manipulate herself to hit the wall? Now that's amazing! Okay, there are girls who have a naturally very forward stream, but if she could hit the gutter as well as the floor, a touch of manipulation and she'd have Louise's forward certainty. Also, manipulation might help consolidate her stream so it's more manageable.

Your description is delightfully onomatopoeic -- splattering, etc. Love it!

What a pair of mynx -- they looked back to see if you were watching while they were still passing! Yes, Jackie must have considerable capacity to out-time the mighty Louise. Either that or Louise's stream was more efficient, ie. she simply passed more in less time.

Yes, I imagine being watched intently by two lovely women whilst trying to have a wee would have a certain bracing effect on a chap! Especially immediately after watching said lovely women weeing themselves. I can only imagine what it must look and feel like to have such a spectacle in hand (double entendre intended!) That's okay, we can imagine what Louise's commentary probably reflected!

That was a delightful adventure. I look forward to many more, and to the way the standing-fun continues to catch on. I don't have any really new adventures of my own with which to return the compliment, but checking back over my last few letters to Louise it looks like I haven't described my recent urinal double-hit.

No, I didn't poo in one as well! Actually I used the same urinal for two really great passings about an hour apart. I was at a local college library on a Saturday, so the place was very quiet indeed. The corridor was deserted so I went onto the mens' instead. The place was laid out on a 'T' shape, the stem of the 'T' having a row of stalls on one side and a single long urinal on the other, with the basins on the cross of the 'T'. The windows were behind the urinal so there was lots of light.

Well, I stepped up on the tiled platform, quickly undid my jeans, pulled them down a few inches, lifted my panties aside and breathed deeply, concentrated to relax, and in the quiet I was able to start in moments. I squirted a good shaft onto the steel and watched my wee make a yellow stream in the gutter, on its way to the drain. The whole place was spotlessly clean, there was no grafiti, and with the morning light in the place it was very pleasant indeed. I spent a few moments imagining such a place bustling with liberated ladies all doing the same, some with their skirts lifted, others with their pants lowered a little. All too soon I was done, and took great care to keep pressure on at the end, squirt the last away smartly so I didn't drip in my jeans, then dried my lips and did myself up again. Nobody saw me go in or come out, and I left my stream of she-wee amongst the water and soap-tablets in the gutter so that any chap coming in shortly might smell something subtl! y different. Not a nasty smell, just different.

About an hour later I was finished in the library, and as the place was equally quiet I repeated the feat, only this time I stood not toward the sheltered corner but half way along the wall, completely open, and enjoyed another wee, though a bit shorter.

All in all, an unexpected pleasure from my trip to the library!

Wishing you, Louise, Jackie and Louise's mom and sis all my best and many pleasant gushings,

Your friend,


Nick (from Canada)
To Adam from Canada: I just graduated from Brock this past spring. Most of our washrooms were single seaters except for the main building which had a large washroom. However, the seats were those small black ones that are grooved to supposedly be a bit more comfortable. They were actually quite uncomfortable. I'd rather use the large, flat plastic seats any day.
Kiki: When sitting on the can, I always have the penis pointed down so I don't end up peeing out the sides. And first thing in the morning with an erection, I find its the easier way--just sit and aim down.

Well here's an historic moment huh. I have been lurking round these parts for what is it now two years or so? Yeah that long. I thought I'd share at last. You guys are all sensible people, and the Moderators do a good job of keeping things in line. I'm a guy in Maryland. Ok enough babbling.

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the very notion of girls and women using the toilet. It's so interesting to read your stories. It has been for a couple years. I have some, and will try to post them as I get time.

In the meantime, thanks, Brenda, for your reflection on the simple joy of going to the bathroom. I think I actually began grinning to hear (read) a girl write how she enjoys taking a magazine or book, going to the toilet, sitting comfortably, and letting nature take its course. Marvelous. So human. Keep up the good work. No pun intended. Actually sure ok pun intended



The best public restroom I was in was where each stall was a closet-type room completely enclosed with a real door as opposed to a stall door. Nobody could hear you do your business or see your feet up on tippy-toe and the whole room had a pleasant scent in it.
Would anybody else like this type of public bathroom?

JW--had anymore difficult craps lately?

I read in the news that a kid (guy) is suing to get stalls put on the door of his school's restrooms for males.

hey people

do many girls out there try to pee standing up?
I have been practicing in the shower, but then decided to take the big step towards the toilet. I had on a skirt, but pulled down my underwear, thrust my hips towards the bowl, and placed my fingers pinting my urethra upwards. At first i totally missed, and it sprayed in a big jet all over the toilet paper basket (where all toiletpaper is stained yellow now - how embarrassing), but after a while i can control it. My tip to girls out there, is to practice in the shower, then work your way up. I must admit though
, it was quite erotic and i get turned on by stories of females standing up to pee, even though i am a heterosexual female. To girls out there who are sick of grotty restrooms, go to and go to the section on how to pee standing up. Its really exciting. But although i find other people urinating a turn on, i dont get aroused by other people shitting, but sometimes it does arouse me when i let a nice one go.


Movie Fan
Has anyone ever heard of a movie called "L'AGE D'OR (THE GOLDEN AGE)"? The movie came out back in the 30s, but it was considered very daring and controversial due to its subject matter and images. I have not seen the movie, but one review I read said that there is an explict reference to female defecation. I was wondering if anyone here has seen the movie and can tell us about the female defecation scene.

Also, does anyone know of any modern movies with explicit references to female defecation? The only one I have seen is "Senseless", but I am sure there are others. A recent movie called "Henry Fool" has a very explicit male defecation scene (complete with very realistic sound effects, farting, etc.) but I have not seen a movie with a comparable female scene. Has anyone?

I have been following this site for a long time, and I don't think I've ever really read a good explanation from anyone on why defecation is so interesting to us. Here are my thoughts. I am a 40-year old male and for as long as I can remember, I have been interested in female defecation. I can remember back to when I was 6 years old and watched and listened to a 7-year old girl poop into a can, and it was the most exciting thing I had ever witnessed. As I grew older and went through puberty and became an adult, I never lost that feeling of excitement on the rare occasions that I got to either see or listen to a female shit. Now I am married and have two daughters, and I can honestly say I have no interest or desire in seeing my wife or girls poop. But it is still very exciting if I see some other female do it. Why do I feel this way? I think it is because pooping is something that is not normally discussed between the sexes. It's something that you never see on TV or ! movies, and for most of us, we go through our entire lives with only very limited exposure to the opposite sex pooping. That's why it's so exciting. It's not exciting for me to see my wife go, because I've seen her go so many times there is nothing mysterious or interesting about it. I certainly have no interest in my daughters' shit, considering I changed their diapers for years and actually had to wipe their bums for them when they were young and still learning how to do it. But if I meet a woman at work who is attractive and pretty, the first thing I think about is what it would be like to watch her poop. When I see an actress or singer on TV or in the movies I think the same thing. It's the fact that people don't talk about this and keep it hidden that makes it so exciting. I have no interest in seeing men poop, because quite honestly I have used restrooms all my life and have heard men poop enough times that it is of no interest to me. I can't tell you the hundreds! of times I've gone into a men's room and had to flush aways some guy's crap who was too lazy to flush. Seeing other men's poop is pretty disgusting to me now, and if I have to listen to some guy crapping his guts out, well I don't want to hear that either 'cause I've heard it so many times. But I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have heard a female poop who was not a member of my family, and that's why it is so special. I think if everyone were totally open about pooping and if it were discussed and dealt with the same was as eating, the allure and the excitment would go away. Those are my views. What do the rest of you think?

Midnight Cowboy -

About actors or actresses taking a desperate dump on stage -
A few years ago I remember reading in one of the 'serious' UK broadsheet newspapers about a play where all of the actors were nude for the entire time on stage.
The night that the reviewer who was writing the piece attended the play, one of the male actors actually defecated on stage.
The poor man moved to one side of the stage mid-performance, squatted and let out a poo in full view of the audience. Then he continued as if nothing had happened.

I'd think I had dreamed this, as it's certainly the sort of thing I (day)dream about LOL, but I know I didn't, as I very recently read another mention of that same event.

WOW, I wish I'd been there...

Lawn Dogs Kid
MIDNIGHT COWBOY: It's not that I can't pee with a stiffy, it just takes a while to get going !

I have just had an extra-ordinary weekend. I'll try not to make this post too long. On Saturday morning I had been expecting a visit from Chloe. When the knock on the door duly arrived, earlier than expected, I still only expected to see Chloe. Instead, it was my mate Michael, who Kendal spoke to in one of her recent posts. He said he wouldn't stop too long, especially when he found out I was expecting Chloe. Cutting bits out, I could tell he had something on his mind, so I invited him to spit it out. And spit it out he did without any hesitation. He actually asked me right out whether I would "like to watch him go for a shit" ! I was completely speechless for a while. I had known for a short time that Michael had got a similar fascination like myself from what happened a couple of weeks ago when he posted a story on my computer about Jena Malone sat on the toilet in the film Bastard Out of Carolina. He has also found this site for himself and read all of my and Kendal's ! stories, and promised not to tell. But this came completely out of the blue. I have only ever watched a boy on the toilet once, and that was Chloe's cousin Alan. Now a good mate of mine was asking me whether I would like to watch him too !

He treated my silence as negative, and told me to forget it, but after a five minute discussion about the whys and wherefores, I discovered that he really wanted me to watch, and for whatever strange reason, I didn't feel completely revulsed by the idea. I would just like to say at this point that neither of us are gay. In the end, forgetting about the arrival of Chloe, I agreed, and took him upstairs to our bathroom.

He stood in front of the toilet, and stared at me for some considerable period, long enough for me to ask if he had changed his mind. He said he hadn't and had been waiting for two reasons. Firstly, to see If I was going to change my mind, and secondly due to embarressment. When he finally undid his jeans and pulled these and his underpants down, it became clear that he was very excited at the prospect of being watched !

He left his jeans and underpants sitting about two thirds down his legs, and sat down, holding his willie downwards with his left hand between his legs. It must have been about ten seconds before I heard him begin to pee, a strong stream that splattered loudly on the front of the toilet bowl, lasting over 20 seconds. Then after a few seconds of silence, he said "Well, here goes !", and he took a breath.

I was completely shocked at the way my heart pounded, and how arousing this whole experience had become for me. I became acutely aware, although having been for a shit already this morning ( not a big one ) a pressing need to shit again myself. As I stared at the intense concentration that had come over his face now, I wondered how much he would like to watch me as well ! As I continued to think this, he blew his breath out in a huge burst, before drawing another, deeper one this time. I now concentrated myself on the job in hand. As he began to turn somewhat red, I wasn't sure whether this was from the difficulty of moving his poo, or from his sudden realisation that I was really looking at him, watching his every movement, listening to every little sound he made. There was a small puffy fart before he blew his breath out again, and within a couple of seconds of drawing another breath, I could here a strange squeeking noise which I now knew was being made by the poo as i! t began to exit his backside. A small piece broke off making a good plop sound, and then the whole poo had obviously become much easier for him to push out as he released his breath with the same gusto as before, but then began taking normal breaths. I heard another smallish plop before a wickedly good KER-LUMP which had us both grinning, and then after around a further 10 seconds of waiting... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the front door ! Oh my God, Chloe ! We both said "shit" ! "I can't stop now" he said "I haven't finished yet" as a further single turd plopped into the water ! I resolved to leave him, and let Chloe in the house, apologising for the interruption, to which he replied "No problem. Thanks for what you did. You're a mate" !

I left him in piece, and as I began skipping downstairs, Chloe knocked again. She saw me through the glass panels coming to the door, and knew I had just come from upstairs. "Caught you on the job did I", she asked with a wicked grin. "Well, Erm, Er", I spluttered, "actually it wasn't me". Chloe looked at me inquisitively. I told her Michael was upstairs. Her eyes widened with surprise, and she then asked "Were you watching each other ?". I didn't know what to say. I expected her to be horrified, but far from it ! "Is he still sat on the bog ?". I replied "I don't know, probably, why ?", and now to my horror, she began racing upstairs ! And before I could stop her, she brazenly went right into the bathroom and spied Michael in all his glory still sitting on the toilet ! The poor lad was so embarressed. "Don't mind me" she said "carry on ! Has he been yet", pointing at me. Michael's mouth opened and shut several times, so I made reply, "No". "Good" she said, "I made it in! time then did I", and she grinned at the both of us wickedly !

From now on, Chloe took complete charge of the whole situation. "Got any more poos to make then ?" she asked. Again Michael didn't seem able to make reply, but after a few seconds he did manage "Well, Erm, I haven't quite finished". "Excellent" said Chloe, and she sat on the edge of the bath before saying "You don't mind me watching as well do you, or is this just a boy thing ?". Michael managed to splutter "No", and in a hugely embarressed state for the rest of the time, he dropped three more turds before he had finished, each one greeted by Chloe with something like "Smart ! That was a good plop !" and "Hey, not bad !" and "Cor, that must have been a good size !". As Michael's endurance came to an end, I was surprised that he only wiped himself once before pulling up his underpants and jeans. But then all his poos had seemed to be of a good solid nature ! Chloe observed, without comment, Micheal's obvious continued excitement at now having been watched by a girl too !

"Right" continued Chloe. "Your turn", pointing at me ! "No.1 or No.2 ?", she asked. I had no choice, I was desperate ! "No.2 !". Chloe looked at me and said "Didn't you go after breakfast today ?". "Yes, but I need to go again", I said. Chloe's eyes lit up. "Oooooooo" she cooed, "this should be good. You know Michael, Andrew Makes a bad smell when he goes, but he puts on a good show !". I was mortified ! Now Michael was having a good laugh at my expense. "Well, get on with it !", she ordered me.

I now revealed my aroused self, again to no comment from either of the watching parties, and having downed my jeans and my underpants to my ankles as normal, I sat down, knowing that I really was going to produce one hum-dinger of a shit ! I needed no breath, no pushing, and with a jolly good fart, my bottom spluttered forth ! Plop-plop-plop, splutter, plop-plop, fart, splutter, plop-plop-plop-plop ! This went on for a good minute, by which time the room was filled with a particularly obnoxious smell, even by my standards, enough for both Chloe and Michael to pull the front of their t-shirts over their noses for respite ! I also needed a huge number of wipes ! Thus finished, I pulled my underwear ( Lemon, LINDA !! ), and my jeans back into place. From the bulge that was still visible in Michael's jeans, I know he enjoyed watching me go, despite everything. But this was nothing for him when compared with what followed.

I found myself, like a jealous boyfriend, going "Oi, what you doing" as Chloe took her place in front of the toilet and began lifting her blue skirt up ! "What does it look like I'm doing ! I've watched both of you, and fairs, fair!". I looked at Michael, who looked as though he was going to faint ! I know he had never seen a girl on the toilet before ( he has two younger brothers ) except in various movies he has seen, and , well, Chloe is one hell of a wonderful sight sat on the toilet, and I was rather horrified at the thought that she was going to share such a private moment with one of my mates. But what could I do ! Her dress up over her hips, and her white panties pulled half way down her legs, she assumed the "Chloe position" on the toilet, the one I had come to know and love so much, sitting with her hands still clutching the elastic of her panties. Her wee began almost immediately, and tinkled with gusto into the toilet water. I turned to see Michael's reaction! . I expected to feel mad. I expected to see him having a damn good look. I expected to see his eyes flicking around, having a good look at everything Chloe was revealing to him ! But to my amazement, Michael stood with a hand over his mouth, and with tears in his eyes ! Yes he was looking, yes he was clearly enjoying what he could see. But instead of a pervy situation, I witnessed the gratefulness of a young man who had never seen a girl on the toilet before, who was completely overcome by the emotion of the event. I saw him gently and slowly move his other hand in front of his jeans, to hide the reaction that he had suffered at this view. I felt a huge warmness. I felt glad that he had been lucky enough to see his first live toilet viewing watching my girlfriend. I remembered feeling exactly the same as he must have felt when Kendal let me watch her for the first time. I returned my gaze on Chloe who's wee had now stopped, and watched as she let go of her panties for a cha! nge, and then clutched her arms across the front of her ????. Clearly she was straining for a poo. Looking back at Michael , I could see his head gently shake, as if he couldn't believe this was happening to him. Chloe made a loud gasp, before she reached for the toilet roll. "Sorry chaps", she said, "Can't manage a poo this time. Better luck next time perhaps"!

Michael had left the house within the next five minutes, but not before he had surprised me and Chloe by reaching forward and giving her a big hug and thanking her, in a broken voice, and with tears still in his eyes, for the most wonderful experience of his life. He then turned to me, and I actually got the same big hug for watching him, for letting him watch me, and for not being angry about him watching my girlfriend !

This post is very long, despite what I said at the beginning. I'll finish by saying that it was a lucky next time for me. World war three broke out in our toilet shortly before lunch as Chloe launched a barrage of half a dozen huge plops and sploshes into the water. And all for me, and only me this time !

I saw that there is cat sitting on a toliet in the picture ad
for the new movie "Meet The Parents". Has anyone seen the movie
and seen if the toliet is used by anyone other than a cat?
Keep up the good stories ladies!!
BTW, I ended up no using the porta johns/janes and the Seymour
Octoberfest at the first of the month.

Lili. I too saw that episode of "Ballykisangel" and it certainly was funny. As regards paying to use public loos I'm very 'anti' but if a situation arose where I had to pay I would, it being a case of 'needs must.' Ideally though, public facilities should be provided free of charge everywhere. They should also be staffed by attendants and kept clean. Everyone in the UK pays more than enough council tax for this to be done without any great drain on public finances but, sadly, instances of it being done are more the exception than the rule. Generally speaking, most public conveniences here in the UK are actually free but, alas, too many of them are on the grotty side.

Desperate in Des Moines. There's been a lot of discussion on the quantities of urine passed at any one time by individuals. According to the best medical authorities the 'normal' capacity of the bladder is about a pint but it can hold far more than that. I don't think there is such a thing as a 'normal' output though. Everybody's different and we all have different capacities and retentive powers. Personally I would counsel against holding your water in for too long. It's best to empty your bladder fairly regularly during the day. That way you keep everything well flushed out.

Anne (the bus driver and my very favourite poster). Had any interesting or significant experiences lately?

Mia, you've got a problem with that boyfriend of yours and my advice is find someone more in tune with your body and human nature in general.

I have found that rather than men being put off by a woman's natural smells, unless she is either dirty and sloppy with her personal hygiene, or has some type of infection which causes a bad odor, then many men actually find a woman's smell attractive owing to the pheromones she secretes. My husband, when he was my boyfriend, was well turned on when ever I did a nice big jobbie in his toilet, particularly when it was often so big that it stuck in the pan and he could then see what I had done. I soon realised that he was turned on by defecation and was only too happy to let him come into the toilet with me and watch and often buddy dump with me. So Mia, doing a motion or BM as you would say in your boyfriend's toilet ought to be a bonding experience for you both, but if he is so squeamish about bodily odors, secretions, excretions, etc I can see there being big problems with your sex life. I hope Im wrong!

Skidmarx, glad your pain was not as severe as I had thought. The only time I had a really painful arsehole was a few years ago when I was very constipated and had to pass a really hard, very fat, knobbly jobbie. This poo was pressing down in my back passage so I went to the toilet, pulled my knickers down and sat on the pan. Now as I had been constipated I had taken some of the lubricant Liquid Parafin before going to bed. This had worked through my system and coated the big hard jobbie so as soon as I sat on the pan it started to come out. Now it was one of those turds which gets fatter as it is passed and really expanded my ring and I felt a stab of pain for a few seconds before it moved and slid out into the pan with a lovely "KOOR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" sound, quickly followed by two long fat smooth sausages which went "FLOOMP! FLOMP!" My sphincter still throbbed and even using a moist wipe it was a bit sore to wipe. I dreaded seeing blood on the wipe meaning I had a fissure bu! t thankfully it only showed some mucus and of course feces. Incidentally the big lump which had caused this discomfort was about 8 inches long and as fat as a beer can, very knobbly and dark brown, the two sausages were lighter brown, smoother and curved. I decided to bathe my sore bum in a nice warm bath which did ease the discomfort, but riding my motorbike later that day still felt a little bit uncomfortable. Nowadays if I get so constipated that I know its going to be a similar big hard jobbie I also insert some KY jelly which I find eases its passage and lets my ring expand .

Midnight Cowboy. I read that Suzy Quattro did a poo in her famous leather trousers one time on stage when she had needed a motion during a performance and couldnt hold it in . There was also an woman runner in this year's London Marathon who by the look of the seat of her white running briefs had done a big solid jobbie in them and this was seen by millions of viewers, she would have been better to have worn dark briefs such as navy blue cotton knickers like the type I wear for hockey. These are a bit fuller and would have accomdated the jobbie and the elastic round the leg openings would have kept it all in. The dark colour would also have masked the staining. The famous "farter" Le Petomane (Joseph Pujol) who used to make interesting sounds on stage by farting once over-reached himself and when trying a particularly difficult sound followed through and shit his underpants on stage. I also remember an avante garde play where a woman has a sililoqy while sitting on a toil! et pan. She was only supposed to wee but during one performance she also did a big solid jobbie which no doubt was up her back passage and just came out with a loud "KERSPLOONK!" to the great applause of the audience. I dont know what repercussions if any followed on from this.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Your recent posting about buddy dumping was just great! I agree with your definition. Any of the situations that you describe are enjoyable for me also. It is too bad that you don't have any toilet stalls without doors in your country. There are not too many in the USA, but if you look you can find them. You mentioned that you like to take a dump while another guy is waiting for the stall and can hear what you are doing. If you have a doorless stall, it is even more fun. Then a guy waiting for you to finish can see and hear you. You asked about 4-foot partitions in toilet stalls in the USA. I don't know who told you about them, but these are very rare. I once stayed at a student hostel for a month while travelling. The restroom was fairly large with a row of urinals along one wall and a row of about 12 toilets along a wall at right angles to the urinal wall. The stalls had doors and partitions that were actually about 4 feet in heigh! t. The whole place was packed in the morning after breakfast. If you needed to shit you could walk along the row of stalls and see up to 12 guys taking a shit at the same time. Also, because of the low partitions when you went into a stall, you could see the guy in the adjacent stall until you sat down on the toilet. Unfortunately, this was the only time I have encountered 4-foot partitions. It was great fun because you could watch the expressions on guys' faces while yourself waiting to use a stall. I would often see a guy standing outside a stall door and talking to a guy sitting on the toilet. Everyone seemed to accept this arrangement, although some guys would look sheepish if you walked past and looked in on them while they were shitting. Look forward to seeing more of your postings.

I dont really know if this will help with your problem with the split stream but one thing I find that is good to do when peeing with an erection is to point up and arch into the toliet.
And Yes I too pee in the sink somtimes when im shaving or brushing my teath.

Sunday, October 22, 2000

Electric Porta Potties
It's interesting to hear you UK and European folks talking about the electric porta potties. I saw one on PBS about and Irish town. The show is called, Ballykissangel. There were some characters who'd never seen one and got trapped inside. They experienced the cleaning cycle while folks outside were trying to help them out. The guys finally called someone on their cellphone to bring "40p" and pay to get them out. How much is 40p in exchange rate with US dollars?

The US banned pay toilets about 20 years ago. Now they're all free. It impacted women a LOT more than men because men could just open their fly at a urinal and not have to pay. Some of the young readers don't even remember having to put in money to open a cubicle door.

I doubt that these electric porta potties would catch on here if someone couldn't make money out of it. hehe

TO CC AUSTRALIA-That's my worst nitemare,being followed by some perv while using the toilet-i hate that sort of stuff-if i feel it is starting to get weird in a public toilet i am out the door in a hurry!!Don' need any of that perv shit while i'm taking an enjoyable dump!!
TO KIKI-To answer your question,my penis is uaually pointed down in the bowl as i poop and a lot of times as i poo i sometime pee and sometimes i have erections as i poo too,but i try to keep it pointed down so i don't pee outside the bowl-that's another reason i like to poo outdoors,i just let my penis hang out any way it wants and i sometime pee and poo like crazy outdoors cause i don't feel reatrained at all
Went to the gym this am and i had already pooed at home ,but halfway thru my exercise,i had to go again,so i went downstairs to the toilet and i decided to leave my jock strap on while i poo and i didn't take my shirt off either,i just took down my shorts and sat down and i figured whytake off my jock strap,cause it justcovers the balls and has 2 straps that go around your ass(you guys know what I mean!)and it leaves you asshole clear,so i thought -so i sat down and had a pretty loose shit with a lot of farts and some of the poop got on the jockstrap-Oh was that a drag!The BM was loose so i got a lot of splashback and got it on the straps and the part behind where it protects your jewels,so i had to take it off and rinse it and then i had to finish my routine without it-so moral of story--take off your jockstrap if you have to do a loose BM I"ll never do that again!! thought you guys would get a laugh for that one!--So far,no calls from the telemarketing girl-Good stories! all!BYE

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