Sara T.
I'm not sure what Rachel did, but I peed on leaves. Actually I didn't have much choice- since it's fall, the leaves were all over. And I agree- peeing outside can be better than a toilet! I'd try your advice about sitting on a log or a rock, but I'm scared that someone will come by and see me!

Curious Guy- I sit when I wipe myself after #2. I stay sitting on the toilet, turn myself to the left and reach behind with my right hand.

Has anyone ever had such severe pain that they couldn't wipe themselves after pooping? I get awful stomach cramps sometimes, not for any reason, and when I try to wipe, I can't reach because of the pain.

Hi, i have been a lurker here for about a year, i am to shy to post, but i think i have overcome that. I was reading about maximum capasity, and i remember when i was 11, i was more desperate than i had ever been before, i was holding myself, crossing and uncrossing my legs, and bouncing up and down, but i couldnt wait any longer, so i grabbed a large bucket from our garaje and yanked down my jeans and went for about 3 min. I peed 755mL. is that considered a lot, a little, or about average to hold? Let me know.
-Desperate in DesMoines

In the office where I used to work, the men's and women's toilets had a common wall (the wall that the toilet bowl was attached to). After a few dumps in the men's room, I noticed that I could clearly hear when a woman was behind the wall; I couldn't hear pee or poop noises, but it was was easy to hear the footsteps and water running/flushing. Then one day, I was sitting on the toilet, when I heard a woman come in and sit down, and the toilet bowl sort of pushed upwards against my hams! It dawned on me that the men's and women's toilet bowl was a single structure that passed through the wall! Not only that, the mounting was a little loose, so that when you sat down the toilet seat tilted a little, like a see-saw.

Later a co-worker mentioned the double toilet. He said he thought it was kind of erotic (in a joking way), and he said his favorite was when he was on the crapper and this chunky girl who worked in Payroll came in and just about bounced him off the seat.

I have a problem. My boyfriend invited me on a cruise in February but I'm afraid of crapping in a toilet with him around. I'm afraid if he smells what I have done he will be turned off and repulsed by me.

Do guys get repulsed by the smells of a female BM?
Has anyone (girls) been dumped by a man because she pooped at her boyfriend's house?

My boyfriend said the biggest turnoff in females were body odor smells. He won't even massage my feet unless they are freshly washed and have scented lotion on!!

i faced a severe case of constipation last month.I think that was due to some medicines i got to fight a flu attack.I didn't have a shit for 6 days .So when when i felt my rectumcalling me to go to the toilet,i felt glad.But when i sat on the toilet and tried to expel the shit out of seemed to be rather difficult.I thought it would be impossible.Then i got an idea.

Hey! Best picture yet! Please keep giving us new ones...
A topic that I have written about before here, but which may be new to some of you is the Sanisette, a French-designed street toilet. They are common Europe, and I have seen them in San Francisco. They consist of a small kiosk, often right in the middle of the sidewalk. You insert a coin to open the door, and you are allowed 15 minutes inside before the door automatically opens. There is a TP dispenser and washing facilities with hot air drying. The toilet has no seat-- it is bare plastic or porcelain. This is quite hygenic, because the the whole thing when you have finished and left, turns upside down, empties out your shit and TP and is washed with high pressure water. It's great fun to sit on the pot grunting and farting and stinking, while outside passers-by walk past without taking any notice. You can't flush it, however much your poop stinks you have to leave it there until you have left. I used one the other day, actually in a rather quiet part of town, because I d! on't really like people seeing me go in. Because the whole floor is washed, you don't have to put your used TP in the pot, you can just leave it on the floor, so you have a wonderful opportunity to make a detailed inspection of your turds. Some of the older models actually play music while you are doing your business. If you ever get the chance, do try one.

Curious Guy --

You ask how ladies wipe, well there's lots of variety. I've read of a great many wiping styles on this forum alone.

The traditional dichotomy between "wadders" and "crumplers" applies to women as surely as to men -- I'm a dedicated wadder. Then there's the groups who wipe either sitting or standing. I wipe sitting, I've tried it standing and I seem to nearly dislocate my shoulder reaching around back (obviously doing it wrong!) and don't feel I'm satisfactorily clean when I do it that way.

The third area of variation is whether one wipes from front to back, or back to front. Girls are usually taught to wipe front to back, so that faecal matter is wiped away from their viginal lips. This makes good sense as it minimizes the chance of infection. Still, that seems to favor reaching around back, as the naturalwiping action of the hand is for the finger to close toward the palm, and when one reaches down between the legs from the front, this action obviously means you wipe toward the front. That's what I do, have always done, and can say that it must be a matter of personal practice, or "touch," as I've only very rarely (as in, accidentally) found faeces to have reached my vaginal region.

CC Australia --

Yuck -- you got stalked by pervs! I quite understand why you wouldn't want to expose yourself to that kind of risk. Yes, I was in desperate straits when I used that old bathroom in the parklands, I would also avoid them otherwise.

Yes, the East Terrace one I spoke of is the major "brick dunney" by the corner of Rundle St. It's rather whimsical in its way, peeing while the traffic resounds under the high, open roof.

Trims' on Kaiser Willhelm Stasser? Nope, but now I know where to go next time I'm in town!

I use urinals at Westfield from time to time. I've used at least five different bathrooms, some of them many times. Early in the morning or not long before closing time... It can be done! The Central Markets are a place I don't think I've ever been, and that's another bathroom perhaps to avoid (though a quick look for research purposes might be okay!)



When peeing with an erection, I have a split stream problem. Where the stream seems to go everywhere except the toilet. This is a common problem in the morning, since most guys have an erection when they wake up.

I tried sitting, and holding my penis down, to solve the problem. But, the best solution I have found is peeing in the sink.

Anyone else pee in the sink?

To Nicola
I wouldnt really say I have a throbbing pain in my arse and I think You get the impression its worse than it is. Thanks for the advice anyway.

To Bryian
Glad you liked the name. I will post some more stories when I have more time. Luckily enough my parents didnt find out about the accident. There was no chance of me going on the way home as I have to walk along main roads - too conspicuous. Ihavnt got the bottle to do it in the changing rooms. Anyway I do like to shit myself, howver this wasnt a deliberate accident as it came at quite an inconvenient time as you can imagine.

To everyone
Keep the accident stories coming.

Midnight Cowboy
Phew! That was a close call last night. Too close to the curtain call for me. You see, I moonlight as an actor at night and for the last few days I've been pretty constipated. Every couple of hours I've been sitting down and pushing and straining to get something out, but the most I got each time was a little hard rock-shaped turd. I could feel so much more in there behind the rock, just waiting to come out, but there was no avalanche in sight. Sometimes I got dizzy pushing so hard. Once I even took my pants and shorts off as I sat on the toilet and pulled my knees up to my chest. That helped a little, but not much. I only use laxatives as a real last resort because they seem to have a pretty long-lasting and powerful effect on me. And my diet hasn't changed lately, so I don't know what was going on.

Anyway, back to acting in the show. Two nights ago, my rectum was so full, I could barely walk, nevertheless go out on stage and perform. I did my bathroom routine again before the show until I was dizzy again, but still nothing. Right now the show I'm doing is "Blithe Spirit." My costume in the first act is a 1940's tuxedo with very baggy legs. Match that with the boxer shorts I always wear and there was some potential for disaster. The whole time I was on the stage I was afraid one of those little rocks was going to fall down my pant leg and on to the stage in front of several hundred people who had just eaten dinner (it's a dinner theater). I made it through OK though.

Then came last night's performance, a complete opposite. About 2 hours before the show I started getting some pretty bad cramps. About every 15 minutes or so I'd have to run to the bathroom and explode out this awful gaseous smelling shit-water. With all the methane built up in there the shit-water was splattering the toilet bowl completely around the circumference. I think I was even burping farts because they tasted and smelled like rotten eggs. I took some Immodium, but that usually takes about a day to work. Minutes before curtain time I spew out another gallon of shitty liquid. I was so afraid to go out there and do my part and have an accident in front of all those people. I was concentrating so hard on squeezing my anal sphincter muscles closed tight, that I could barely remember my lines. Lukily in this production I have a medium-sized role and go on and off the stage several times, so I was able to manage the diarrhea in between my scenes. in the past I'! ve had leading roles where I never get to leave the stage.

Can you imagine how awful it would be to shit or piss your pants on a STAGE with an audience of hundreds watching you? Talk about stage fright! Has anyone ever seen this happen? Today I packed two extra pair of boxers in my briefcase when I went to work today... just in case. I think the Immodium's finally kicking in now.

You both mentioned that you couldn't piss when you had a stiffy. I've heard a lot of men say it's impossible to pee when they have an erection. But I've never had this problem. Sure, if I've got a hard-on the stream of urine is narrower, has less force and takes longer to get out, but it's still no problem for me. In fact, like most guys, I usually wake-up with an erection (caused by REM sleep, the experts say) and the first thing I do is go up to the urinal in our bathroom and take a leak -- hard-on and all. How about the other men here? Can you piss with a stiffy like I can, is it slightly difficult for you, or is it impossible? I'd really like to see an official poll on this as I'm very curious to what is the norm!


Adam from Canada
I went to Ryerson again to do some work in the library and I had to poop while I was at Ryerson. I went into the washroom and there was someone in the stall, as I mentioned I like pooping alone. I went in a few min later and pooped. It was really noisy and smelly. I felt much better after. I had to use lots of toilet paper to wipe as it was messy. I always use the same washroom at Ryerson as the seats are big and deep.

Does anyone like to check the washroom out to see if people are pooping? Do you like to stand around and listen?

I have another story. I have been noticing something lately and that is that I have this urge to pee while I am writing an exam. I doing the MCSE (Microsoft Engineer) exams and halfway through, I feel like I am going to explode. This is really anoying as it can disrupt my concentration. I can't leave during the test as it is on a computer and timed. I do pee before I write the test and I cut down on coffee that day.

I seriously think I need to wear an adult diaper. Can those be
purchased in a regular drug store like Rite Aid, Shopper's Drug Mart?

Does anyone else feel like that when writing an exam?

Drew, Great to see you posting again! I'm glad that you liked my story about shitting with the surfer dudes. I liked your story about dumping in a stall without toilet paper so that you could ask the guy in the next stall for some. I too often take a dump in the University Library restroom. The one I use has only two stalls. It is a great place to dump next to another guy. It is not too busy and you can easily hear all the farting and shitting sounds. Once I had to shit real bad and I was in a hurry. I therefore did not notice that there was hardly any TP left. I had entered the stall at the same time as another guy entered the other stall. He was taking a shit and reading the weekly student newspaper. I could not pluck up the nerve to ask him for toilet paper and I waited until he was done (and he took a long time!) and then wiped myself in his stall. I wanted to ask you how you go about getting paper from a guy in an adjacent stall if you need some. How do ! you initiate the conversation? How do you indicate to the guy how much you need? Too bad, that you have not seen Nick dump recently. I used to enjoy your descriptions of watching him take a dump. Take care!

PV, hello there. I believe it has been over a month since I have posted anything. Louise has been on my back for the last few days to post the little report of what happened when her friend Jackie accompanied us to the local swimming pool. Sorry to have kept
you waiting, and here it is now...
As Louise's mother was unable to join us that evening, Louise telephoned Jackie to see if she wanted to come with us. Now Jackie has a sense of humour and mischief along the same lines as Louise herself, so when Louise dared Jackie to raid the men's toilets
with her, at first she was a little unsure about it and was resistant to the idea, but after taking a minute to consider it she agreed that it might be "a good laugh".
By the time I arrived home from work, Louise and Jackie had drunk more than half a litre of water each, and were both giggling like a pair of schoolgirls. With some suspicion I asked them if they had had anything stronger. Both denied drinking any alcohol, and the absence of any bottles/cans/glasses and not smelling anything on their
breath, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. It seemed that they had been reminiscing over things they had seen and done in the past when in ladies toilets. I do sometimes wonder if I know the half of it! :)
At the pool, I waited for the girls to come from the changing room. When they finally emerged, I was, you could say, impressed with how beautiful they both looked. When going swimming at the pool, Louise usually wears a one-piece swimsuit,
but this time she wore her black bikini. Jackie was also in a bikini, well suited to her gorgeous tanned figure. I got the distinct impression that she quite urgently needed to urinate, as her body
language seemed slightly fidgety. Anyway, I went with the girls to the gents' toilets. Jackie looked at her surroundings, being of course unfamiliar to the room. She commented on there being a steel urinal along the wall, as she had not seen one before. I felt that Jackie was a little shy at the thought of peeing at the urinal
at the same time as myself and Louise, so I held back and remained at the doorway. When I asked her if she would prefer me to go outside while she and Louise had a wee, Jackie said she did not exactly want me to go out, but asked me to stay by the door. I would have left the room, but she just needed some space, so that was fine. Louise smirked with amusement, and removed her bikini bottoms ready to stand and pee. Jackie turned her back to me and removed her own bikini bottoms too, following Louise's lead. She unintentionally put her anus and genitals on display to me as she bent over to step out of her bikini bottoms. Quite breathtaking, I can tell you. Okay, back to the main point. Louise and Jackie stood in front of the urinal, facing it. None of that reversing towards it and bending over going on here! Louise did the usual aiming with the fingers of her right hand, but it was Jackie who, with her hands resting on her legs, started to urinate first. From behind I saw a ! quite volcanic emission of urine descend from her crotch, into the gutter and splattering noisily onto the floor between her feet. Rather than a tidy stream, Jackie's wee squirted out more in a twisting fan-shaped sheet of liquid drops. Louise shot forward one of her gushers, washing the steel wall quite nicely. Both girls turned their heads and looked at me, chuckling when they saw that I was watching. Louise was actually
the first to finish, and Jackie was very much at the dripping stage by then. A few stray drops ran down her legs, and this caused her to yelp. Louise was giggling at this performance, pulling up her own bikini bottoms once more. She then dragged me to the urinal and told me it was my turn. Jackie had by now pretty much abandoned any further attempt to cover her crotch, and I had an eye-popping frontal view as she stood back from the urinal to put her bikini bottoms
back on. As casually as I could manage under the circumstances, I pulled my penis out of the top of my trunks and retracted my foreskin slightly. My own need was not great, and it took me some seconds before I could start peeing. I was being watched by a pretty girl on each side, and I think that had an effect on me. I did start, albeit
slowly with a dribble and a few spurts, and finally settled into a moderately strong, narrow stream. As with the alley pee, Louise gave a commentary on what I was doing, particularly toward the end of my performance, when I produced several final spurts before squeezing my foreskin to wring out the final drops. I won't say what Louise was
saying about me at this point, as I'm sure it is not at all suitable for this forum, but I will say that both women took great delight
in teasing. What happened then? Well, we enjoyed a nice swim, after which Louise admitted she had had another wee in the pool! Jackie said nothing, but was she guilty too? Hmm.

Louise has asked me to pass on her regards in my post, as she does not have time this weekend to write a reply to your most recent letter. I'm sure she will do so in the early part of next week.
She has earned more responsibility at work which has lead to her working hours being extended, but she hopes not to lose too much writing time. I'm quite amazed that I have arrived home before she has tonight!

Bye for now,



Yeah, still around and doing a lot of looking. Thanks for thinking of me!

You're right, there have been a lot of great guy stories.

I wish I had wonderful things happening to me but no. I have been rding my bike a lot lately and usually stop at the park restroom for a dump afterwards. It's cool cause there are no doors on the stalls. Unfortunately I am almost always alone and no one really joins me so there is never anything to see. Dang!

Take it easy. Glad you are still around!

CC of Australia. Thanks for the answer. Seems as if you are the antipodean equivalent of myself as our experiences seem to be so similar.

Like you I have put my hand down the toilet pan when I lived at home and fished out one of my mum's big jobbies, ensuring of course that I washed my hands very carefully afterwards. I have never had any psychological hang ups about touching solid stools as long as I am able to wash my hands well after doing so. I was about 10 at the time, Mum about 50 like yours, and she had done a big jobbie and it had partly flushed up the hidden bend, so when I went into the toilet I could see what looked at first to be a little fat lump of about 3 inches long lying at the bottom of the pan. I had heard her doing her motion and the loud "KUR-SPLOOMP!" in my experience indicated that she had done a far bigger jobbie than that. When I looked more closely I saw that what I had taken to be a little hard ball was in fact the end of a far larger turd. Like you describe I put my hand into the water of the pan and gingerly grasped the end of the jobbie and pulled it back into view. It WAS a bi! g heavy one! a fat lumpy turd about 9 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. I remember that it was very firm but had a slippery feel, no doubt caused by the mucus which lubricates the rectum and makes such large solid jobbies easier to pass. I would recommend adopting the procedure I used later in such circumstances. In our toilet there was a potted plant. It had a piece of cane to support the stem so I used to use this to "spear" the ends of such jobbies and pull them back down into view, wipeing the end of the stick with toilet paper when finished and sticking it back in the earth of the flower pot. This might be of assistance to you to remove obstructing pieces of toilet paper and moving such turds and if you havent got such a plant buy one as a decoration for the toilet. By the way, CC, how big are your Mum's poos? My Mum's were usually big fat knobbly turds of at least 8 inches long up to 12 inches when, in her own words, "It all came away in a big lump!" or "It all came out! of me in a oner!" Like in your own experience the odour of her motions was not unpleasent and the colour, depending on what she had eaten was usually a mid brown unless she was taking Iron Tablets when her jobbies were black and a bit smellier, but still well formed and solid. CC, its great to know there is someone like myself out there, even if you are at the opposite side of the world.

JK, we have both types of stalls or as we call them cubicles in public, school, works toilets etc. The older and to my mind better type have partitions which go all the way down to the floor as does the door, although they are open at the top. This gives the best of both worlds as one has privacy from strangers but can hear all the sound effects from the cubicles on either side. The other more modern type have a gap of between 9 to 12 inches at the bottom of the partitions and the door so you can see the feet of the person sitting on the pan, a turn on no doubt for some but this adds to the sense of insecurity for many people. The only legitimate reason for this is to make it easier to clean the floors of the toilets but some sneaky employers have this type of toilet partitioning to discourage workers from spending too long sitting on the toilet as this lesser privacy makes it less comfortable. I have only seen a few toilets were the cubicles were totally partitioned up to! the ceiling, thus enclosed little rooms, I of course didnt like these as it is difficult to hear the sound effects. This type of public toilet is not at all common. I would add for US readers that the intentionally doorless public toilet is very rare in the UK and would NOT be acceptable to most Brits. The only time you find these in the UK is either as a result of vandalism were the doors have been broken off or in prisons, lunatic asylums, old folks homes, where it is necessary for safety or security for the user to be observed. In the armed forces in barracks and aboard ship it used to be common for other ranks to have doorless and even partitionless toilets only officers had privacy but in these more egalitarian times I believe this comfort is now extended to all ranks.

Friday, October 20, 2000

Hi all, I am a 38/m and have to say that I am one of those shy people, when it comes to pooping. I remember running home from somewhere many times having to shit. As a teen I wouldnt even tell my friends when I had to shit. When I was twenty or so my gf had an accident due to her being embarassed to say she had to shit. Now I wonder if those are the reasons for me getting excited when thinking of a women in that situation. Yes, an attractive women needing to poop but being too shy to say excites me. My Question is I guess, how many women out there would think that is really weird?

kim & scott
Hello all! TO LAWN DOGS KID- thanks for your kind comment on my last story and thanks for calling me kimberley all the time instead of kim. kim is a-ok though. i just shows alot of respect on your part.PLUS BRYIAN-yes I sat on scotts lap while i had my massive logs and no i did not get any shit on him. his legs were open giving me free passage to shoot my logs out. PLUS PV- thanks for you kind words.PLUS j.K. thanks for your kind words too. thanks for saying my stories are erotic(I guess you feel that I am a pretty sexy girl huh?haha!) and yes scott is lucky to have me. and i am lucky to have him too. we are from new jersey in the united states. scott is majoring in criminal justice and i am majoring in business. PLUS BUZZY- thanks for your kind words too. By the way I have big,well toned arms but I have the curvy body of other ladies too.(which i take men like to see) well so long now be well. love,kim and scott

TO No Name Grrl;

HI, I guess i'm lucky since i am very regular and go once a day except when i'm on my period twice a day sometimes,but my younger sister ever since our teens (about ten years ago)goes like once a week and it's a lot and realy stinks out the bathroom and she is very self concious about it and can get very embaresed if she has to go in a public restroom like at work and i'm sure if a pill could stop her from doing #2 she would take it,but as far as myself i find it quite pleasurable to do it and i feel much better when i'm done,sometimes it just so nice to be able to go in the bathroom lock the door and sit on the toilet with a magazine or book and let nature take it's course and smell the bathroom up,no one knows but me anyway.
I only had an enema once in my entire life,i was around 15 or 16 and hadn't gone #2 in about a week and i was in real pain,i remember thinking i could go and siting on the toilet and just doing a few farts,i finaly out of desperation i told my mom and out came a fleet enema,i don't remember it hurting at all but what i do remember being sooooo embaresed to pull down my panties and bend over with my bare butt sticking out while my mom spread my cheeks and put some vasaline on my butt hole before she put in it,but oh my god did i ever take a sh*t.

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