Lizzy (college gal)
Hello again to everyone! As you all probably know, school started again. All of my classes are going well and I live in a much nicer dorm this year. Instead of having one big communal bathroom every two rooms is conjoined by one bathroom so I share a bathroom with 3 other girls. This set up does offer a lot more privacy but I did kind of enjoy listening when girls would come into the bathroom and have noisy dumps last year. The best I have now is the occasional brown streak at the bottom of the bowl. I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything so I’ve decided to come back and share another experience with you all. This story is about desperation with a little bit of embarrassment thrown in for good measure. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it.
It all started with me hangin’ out at my friend Jenna’s house back around mid-summer. We had both pretty bored all day so we decided to cruise to the mall and to do some shopping. Unfortunately Jenna’s mom made her take her little sister Kayla along with us. So then Jenna called up another friend of ours, Alexis, and we drove to the mall in two cars, I drove my car and Kayla rode with me. The mall is quite a ways from Jenna’s house, about 40 minutes, but it’s a nice outdoor mall with a lot of good shops. Anyway, I had been feeling really good all day but as we neared the mall my stomach began to feel mildly upset, I couldn’t believe my luck. By the time we got to the mall and I parked the car I was feeling substantially worse but still good enough to do some shopping. No more then 10 minutes later when the four of us were walking through the mall I got the dreaded urge. I had to use the bathroom right away and it wasn’t going to be a pretty site, or smell. I coul! d feel the runny poop putting pressure on my anal passage. I began frantically looking for a sign to direct me to the nearest ladies room while trying to keep the others from knowing about my problem. Just then, Jenna suggested we go to the food court to eat lunch before shopping. Great I thought, there would be a bathroom in the food court for sure and while the other girls were eating or in line to get food I’d duck away to the restroom. Everything went as planned, everyone went to separate places to get food and I ran to the bathroom. But as luck would have it, that little yellow sign was in front of the door “closed for cleaning”. At that point I couldn’t keep the secret anymore and told Jenna I was going off in search of a bathroom. It was then that Kayla, the precious child that she is, volunteered to accompany me to the bathroom.
We left the food court together; I was practically limping from having my butt cheeks being so tightly pressed together. I knew I couldn’t wait much longer. Soon after I saw a sign for some underground shops, and there was a restroom down there! Kayla and I went into the building and down the stairs. To the left of the stairs was the ladies room and this one wasn’t closed luckily. It was Sunday afternoon and the place was surprisingly deserted. There were four stalls in the ladies room and three sinks. I took the handicapped stall on the far end and Kayla took the stall right next to it. I closed the door quickly behind me and undid my tight khaki shorts and pulled them down to my knees along with my white panties and sat down. I could hear Kayla in the next stall peeing, a very weak kiddie stream, into the bowl. I sat on the bowl waiting for her to start pooing or to finish and leave because I didn’t want her to hear, or smell me taking a dump. She finished pr! etty quickly but she didn’t leave instead she actually hung around in front of my stall! I could even see her eyes sneaking peeks at me through the gap in the door. I was so desperate I was actually sweating at that point so I told her, “Please wait for me outside, I would like some privacy.” She gave a puzzled “okay” and left. After I heard the door close I immediately proceeded to take care of the business at hand. I released the tight grasp I had on my anus and an explosion of chunky, runny poop and wet farts poured out with the chunks making loud splashing sounds and splashing water on my butt. The smell came up from between my legs and hit me very soon. It was very strong and pungent. After two waves of pooping one long and one shorter one I peed a strong stream into the bowl for about 20 seconds. I was so relieved to be finally done, and I stood up to wipe my wet, messy bottom. I looked down into the bowl to see that I had colored the water light brown and ther! e were about nine balls of poop floating in the water some large some small. It took me about 7 wads of paper to clean myself up. Luckily when I flushed it all went away except for one of the smaller balls. That was good enough for me so I pulled up my shorts and panties and left the foul smelling stall with a happy look on my face and empty feeling in my stomach. As I left the stall I heard Kayla quickly run out of the bathroom, I guess she was listening all along.
Thanks for reading my story; I hope it wasn’t too long; I wanted to do my best to paint the image for you. Ta ta for now.

Sara T, I liked your story about peeing in the woods. I spend a lot of time outside so I pee in the woods very often, but I have splash problems too, just like you said you have. Did you and your friend squat right over the dirt or did you pee on top of some vegetation? The only thing that I find works for me is to pee on top of something, like either by hanging my bare butt above the ground by sitting on the edge of a log or rock, or better yet, by squatting directly over some low bushes and peeing right on the bushes. It just doesn't splash as much as it does when it comes out and hits the dirt, probably because the leaves take the beating, so to speak.

I still say peeing outside is so much more refreshing than using a toilet sometimes.

Enjoyed your story -


Prince Morgan

BUZZY-Great to hear from you again, man! Your story was hilarious! I never did that to a salesperson, but I did it to one of my buddies once. Really noisy, just like you. He pretty much ignored it, so after I asked if he could tell what I'd been doing, and he said:"Are you kidding? People who weren't even on the LINE with you could probably tell what you were doing!"

As far as urinal dumping goes-you're not necessarily missing anything. Hey, whatever does it for you, go for it and leave the rest for others!

SI-I've tried them all. They're all fun. And you're right about fishing it out. It doesn't go down the drain well at all. I made a post that deals with that very problem.

LITTLE-Of course I watch. That is, if I flush, though to be honest with you, if it's a public bathroom, a nice dump, and I can get away with it, I leave it for others to enjoy.

BRYIAN-Thanks for the kind words. I love you!

Keep up the good work!



Thanks for reading! Wow! Cool!

About the peeing on a bed:

I had just gotten new mattresses, and I was as bored as hell. I decided hey, why not pee there? It's an interesting feeling, as I'm sure you know. I had to wash the blanket out immediately.
I peed standing up, with my legs slightly spread.
At that time, I was also scared that my family's home would be broken into. I kept fearing the bathroom late at night. That's another reason I did that.


Have any of you had orgasmic stools?
It seems a lot of men do.


Where do you position your penis when you poop?

To Ben in NY: I see where you are coming from, it's totaly ok...cuz really i must tell u this isn't my real name(i can't reveal it here) so it's totaly ok.

To SKIDMARX: I liked your story and i think your name is unique and creative, its a cool name...i like it! Atleast if you shitted your self after practice it was in black briefs and the stain would be hidden from your parents right? You should have shitted in the changing room bathroom after every one was gone or gone behind a tree on your way home.

To Buzzy: That was a funny story about that telemarketer calling you while you were in the bathroom...the funny part was when she asked if you were in the bathroom.

To kim and scott: I liked your story, so you sat on top of Scott while you pooped, right?? Well i was wondering since scott was on the bottom, if he got any shit on him from you?? or did it all land i the toilet?

Tonight i went out to eat i came back and i had to pee i decided to pee behind this tree cause it was dark and no one would see me. i could have held off but i had felt i needed to pee badly.

I have just return from a visit from to the USA and there are a number of differences I would like to point out from toilets in the UK.

1) The toilet are lower and have more water in them. I Think make for longer poos although thin in my case.

2) Public toilet have larger gaps below doors and the doors do not shut tightly so you can see people on the loo. Must be easer to wash the floor, also much cleaner than UK.

3) American parents donot appear to take a potty on day trips for small children unlike the UK are there better faliclities for kids in the USA ?

Has anyone got any thought on the above.

Healthy Pooper
No Name Grrl - I can't help but think that being subjected to enemas during the ages of 12-16 has had an effect on you. At those ages, you are growing up and need privacy, especially from your family. You don't want to undress in front of everyone, and you don't want people to know when and how you're pooping or peeing. Refusing to poop might be your way of taking control of your life.

Does pooping gross you out? If not, all I can say is pooping is good for you. I think it feels great when I have a nice poop and it just slides out. I feel wonderful. I wish I could give you a hug and comfort you. It's ok to poop. REALLY. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE poops. No one is forcing you to have enemas anymore. Make sure you have enough privacy, sit down, relax, and let happen. I think you'll feel much better.

As far as being weird for not wanting to poop, I don't think you are. You might find it gross and you were certainly traumatized by all those forced enemas. I used to know a girl who refused to poop when she was a little girl. She went something like three weeks and her mom took her to the doctor. She poops regularly now, but she still hates it and won't do it outside of her home or her boyfriend's home. She simply holds it in until she can get to a "safe" toliet.

Well, hope this helps. I cannot tell you how to feel or how to run your life. I hope you next poop is a nice one. Take care.

BRENDA:- as regards what to do if you need to pee in the car, I have one of three ways of dealing with that. One, I wear diapers a lot of the time, so so much for that if I'm wearing one. Two, I usually take a plastic ice-cream carton with a lid in the car with me, for if I need to #1 or #2 or get sick. Finally, what about simply taking a bath towel with you to sit on, one of those folded up into a cushion has more than enough absorbancy to protect the seat if you have to pee; just take your pants down. I have once seen advertised in a newspaper a unisex car urinal you could buy, with a funnel and a tube to a resevoir under the seat.
For the record, I have been known to pee up to 600ml when I've been drinking a lot of cola and am really desperate. Normally its more like 300-400ml, but I don't know how that compares to 'normal' though I think normal is less than that, particularly in women.

NO NAME GRRL:- I too hate going to the bathroom, but love peeing and pooing. Are you like me, do you hate the whole idea of the WC? Its as unpleasent to me as a dentist's chair and I never use it. Maybe you should try using a potty or bucket instead? That's what I often use, though I also wear diapers 24\7.

Hello again!
I dunno what happened in my last post - my name came out as Si. (My fault)

I had a chance to try a bath poop, and I have to say it wasn't really worth it for me. The hassle of the cleanup outweighed the bit of pleasure I got.

I've been thinking about the urinal poop a lot. I've decided I'm not going to do it. Like I've said before, if a public toilet was that bad, I'd sooner go into some bushes or behind a large bin (dumpster).

BRENDA - you could try this one if you need to "go" when you're in the car (It works for me):
Stop the car next to a wall, then open the driver's door and rear passenger door towards the wall. Instant mobile stall! That should give you enough privacy to relieve yourself comfortably.

You may also like to read some of the previous posts on techniques of peeing standing up, if you've never tried it.

Bye for now,

Si :)

hey, i've been reading post here for a while now and i'm amazed by most and am surprised i'm not the only one out there.
well since i was young i was fasinated by poo. but it wasn't until i had an accident at age 12 that i really leearned to enjoy pooing my pants. i was on my way home from school when a bad cramp hit me, i knew i wouldn't make it home i was half way when it all came out, i filled my pants. i had to stop to realize what i'd done.... when i started walking home again i got a feeling of pleasure from it, i was lucky my room was in the basement and i had my own bath room cause i got home said hi to my mom and went to clean up.

since then i've enjoyed many accidents and hav pooed my pants at home just cause i felt like it, i'll post some more stories later but i thought i should explain how it started
thats all for now

kim and scott
hello ALL! HI!!NO NAME GIRL- I know that you are a poster here but i had no idea that you did not like doing the number 2. I tell you- and you probably know this- i(KIM) just LOVE CRASHING OUT HUGE LOGS and my man scott loves watching me do em.!!. remember no name grrl you can be a pretty girl and still squeeze out biggies without embarrassment!!.(MAN we all have to do it ! dont we?!) they feel so good coming out when you feel your anus expand wider & wider. it really gives me a buzz when i do it. especially when I crash out really enormous logs which is like every time.( I know fellow posters. LUCKY ME!!HAHAHA!!) well so long no name grrl be well. you are intitled to feel the way you wanna feel. bye...

Teen Queen Britney Spears was clearly desperate to pee about two months ago. She was on her through Utah in her Torbus when Britney wanted to stop to use the bathroom in a small supermarket. She quickly hurried into the restroom without bringing her bodyguard or anyone else. When she came out she realised that she was in the middle of a robberyand and the robbers pointed their guns at her and screamed that she should put her hands behind her head. The didn´t recognise her however and after the cashregister was emptied the robbers ran away unaware of who they pointed their gun at.

Anyone heard about this!

To midnight Cowboy: It´s not entirely uncommon with this type of fixtures in France and southern Europe. They use to have streeturinals in rome which even the women used.
In the capital of Iceland a lot of women use urinals standing side by side with men in the bars.

I have bin to both Africa and Asia and used restrooms which make the Amsterdam holes look like heaven. You will get used to filthy holes without privacy if you bin where I have bin!

Curious guy
I have a question for all the females on here. How do you wipe your butt after taking a dump? Do you sit or stand? Please describe. Thanks

hey, well, i forget who asked, but i am from ottawa.
unfortunately, i don't have many stories, or at least not funny ones like most people do. Well i have one of my friend Jon. Once in grade 7 we were in gym, co-ed gym, and we were sitting on the gym floor, about 60 of us and Jon asked to go to the bathroom but the teacher hated him so he said no. Well, anyways, long story short he ended up shitting his pants and then finally was able to got o the bathroom. He had to wear purple sweat pants from the lost and found for the rest of the day. Luckily though, no one in class noticed him shit.
I laughed for like a week when i heard this story.

Sorry, i forgot who asked this question too (i have no memeory right now it is 3 am), but i don't shit 3 times a day in school. Normally only 1 or 2 takes place in school. Mostly 1. I try to shit every morning but i never can. So normally i do at lunch, about every second day i go at school once it has ended. And i used to go at work a lot during teh evening but i quit, so i just go at home.

Jean Claude

Re; Bladder capacity-I've seen a young woman completely fill a one liter carafe of wine bottle. She said that she had to stop, she could've filled it over the rim! She was hot, too. I didn't actually see her do it, but she emerged from the cuddy cabin(on my boat) with the carafe asking, "Anybody want some white wine? hehehe". A Taylor 1 liter wine carafe works great for an emergency pee bottle.


Kim & Scott --

Another stunning performance from the uncrowned queen of poop! I hope you guys know you have an entire e-community entranced...

XIIcowboy --

About those strange urinals in Amsterdam -- good questions! It may be noteworthy that the Dutch Army is one of perhaps very few in the world to have instituted open unisex facilities -- men and women share, by policy, zero-privacy communal bathrooms... It may be that Dutch women do use those strange see-through urinals. Indeed, if it was culturally appropriate for women to do so, I know many who would avail themselves of it. I would sure give it a whirl.

On that girl you saw abused by boys, I agree that her being naked probably attracted the attention, but that was a cruel, juvenile things to do, and boys will be boys no matter what. I am so sorry for her, the experience may have left her with some anxiety problems concerning boys, which is probably the kind of thing that gender separation is really all about preventing... Hmmm. Yes, her parents were responsible for her, and failed in their duty to protect her. If they'd been less busy grilling themselves and were playing *with* her it never would have happened, be she never so naked. Then perhaps she'd have "filled her own moat" with many innocent laughs, and no harm done. Hm.

NoNameGirl --

Sounds like you have "megacolon" to some degree, and it's natural for you to poo once a week. It's far from uncommon. I'm an every-day pooper and to one who unloads at the least seven times a week the one-week cycle seems very extreme. There are side effects to the condition, though, I'm not positive of what they all are but there can be complications in later life.

It may be your mom was over-reacting to your condition by forcing you to have enemas (never a good thing, as you clearly didn't like them, but there was good intention -- a megacolon is a "lazy bowel" by some standards, and a helping wash-out never goes amiss. It sounds like the type your mom was using was the "Enemax" or "Microlax" single-squeeze type, which delivers a small amount of highly potent medication. The type I've often discussed is the large-volume warm water type, which is able to essentially completely rinse the large bowel, and part of the small also.

But enemas are not for everyone (though in an emergency that's what the prescription will be...) Some folks just plain don't like ther sensations and cannot tolerate them unless they really, really have no choice. That's okay, there is no presure on folks to do what they don't want to. But for folks who frankly enjoy the feelings, it becomes preventative medicine that avoids just the sort of crises that can occur. As it's not a medicated process, there are no side effects, simply a physical cleaning action. Being scared is okay, I was scared of this kind of thing when I was a kid too.

For myself, I love my daily poo, and look forward to my production numbers. If I miss a day, I hope tomorrow's will be extra special!

Brenda --

Hi there! Pee streams and volumes are a subject I researched, and biological variability is the key factor here. We are all different, made with much variety, and while some women (and men too) have wide urethras, some have narrow ones. Likewise, bladder size is very variable. Women have proportionally slightly laregr bladders than men, but the size of the woman has a lot to do with it too. I believe the record is about two liters, which is frankly terrifying.

I wonder if our super-poper friend, the mighty Melissa, would consdier measuring her desperation urinary output? For that matter, would the ladies of this forum be interested in an ad-hoc poll? Measure the volume of your maximum urinary output -- consider it scientific data, and post the results?

You managed 390mLs, your friend did 740. Your friend has pretty good volume! I've peed over 650, I think it was somewhere around 700 at maximum stretch, and I guessed my bursting-point for desperation would be around 750, so we're closely matched. Duration is a function of flow rate, which depends on bladder volume and urethral diameter. Some women start quick, stop quick and hose like racehorses in between. It's not unusual for them to be finished in thirty seconds. Other women claim they can "pee hard for minutes."

It's all wonderful variety -- and variety is the spice of the unexpected!

Oh, on a car container, try this: get a plastic coke bottle, the large sizem 1.25L capacity. Use scissors to cut the narrowing part of the neck away and smooth off the edges. It's got enough capacity to be shared by two ordinary women unless they're really, really needy. You can sit forward on the car seat, lift your skirt (or pull your pants way down) and put the broad, open top of the bottle up between your legs, and let your water go. I've used this general sort of container lots of times, and never spilled a drop. It would be easy to have a wee with your car parked somewhere, then stand the bottle down in the footwell, sort out your clothes, then open the door at your side and just pour it away on the roadside. And it's easy to share if there's more than one desperate lassie in the car. Of course, if its in the country you can sit on the door sill or squat between the door and the car body, but that's not so much fun if its raining, or muddy. Then the "portable ladies'! urinal" can save many an accident. Happy peeing!

Cheers to all,



I have used the toilets in the parklands a couple of times but never again. The reason is because once I was followed by a middle aged man after I came out of the toilet block having just taken a piss. He followed for the next 20 minutes in his car. Another time, there was a man in a wheelchair and he followed me in and just looked at me. So I have vowed never ever to use these toilets again unless I'm on the brink of explosion. Are the toilets you mention just off East Terrace, the ones near Rundle road/St? I have to agree the Westfield toilets are well kept and pretty safe too. Another bad set of toilets are the mens toilets in the Markets on Gouger st. They're the ones closest to the part with all the stalls. They're so dirty, recently they upgraded the womens section but whether they'll do this to the mens I don't know. Have you ever been to the toilets at Trims clothing store on King William St? They have a single unisex customer toilet.

CC Australia

Tony (Scotland)
G'day. I have seen my Mum's poos, sometimes they don't all go down and when I go in there there will be some toilet paper and poos under it. I used to put my hand in the bowl and try to fish them out but I've stopped doing that now for hygene reasons. Her poos are usually well formed and solid and I've noticed they are usually light brown in colour. There's always a nice odour. My Mum has recently turned 50.

Hey, I've been reading but haven't had a chance to post.
Kim: What can I say, another great story. Your stories are so erotic, it gives me a chill when I hear them. I wish I could see your creations, Scott is really lucky to have you! By the way, what region of the country are you guys in and what are you two majoring in in school?

Tony: Since you're from Scotland (and I guess this could apply to anyone in Europe as well), I just wanted to ask if all or most of the stalls in Europe are like private rooms? I visited Amsterdam in the late 80s and I noticed in all the public bathrooms that their stalls are more like little rooms, meaning that you can't see anyone's feet and you have more privacy? Is that true for all of them? I wish all public bathrooms in the U.S. would be that way, so that you can have more privacy. As I said in a post I made a few weeks back, I have a small fear of taking a dump in a public restroom and I like to have privacy. I'm getting better, though, because lately I've had no choice but to dump in our bathrooms at work.

Keep up the good posts!

TO JON-I coulm't put it better myself,it is amazing isn't it!Well said
TO KIM&SCOTT-I would love to see a well muscled girl like you take one of those big dumps on my toilet-I've seen a lot of women over the years dump,but none of them were well muscled athletic type bodies-i had some women with beautiful female curves poop and it was great,but i would love to see a woman about 5'9 or so and about 140lbs of muscle take a wicked dump(like some of thse female wrestlers or lucy lawless!)
Haven't had another call from that telemarketing girl-i guess i turned her off-too bad that was truelly fun!We'll see what happens11BYE

Community College Student
Although not my primary sex interest, I have always been aroused by women peeing. I find it very comforting that there are other men who feel the same way. I do not feel that it is a fetish. Human urine contains natural aphrodisiac properties. It is only secondary. I have totally normal sex desires such as magnetic energy radiating in me and getting an erection when I feel a woman's body.

I have discovered an amazing way to hear women tinkling. I call it the "toilet phone." On my college campus is a women's restroom that adjoins the men's. I tried listening on the wall but I could barely hear anything. Then I discoved by accident that I could hear women tinkling perfectly by listening really close to the toilet here in the men's. The toilets must share common plumbing, and water and metal are both excellent sound transport mediums.

Well, anyway, I was in the bathroom using the "toilet phone," and some security guard came in. He asked why I was in the stall so long without sitting down. I didn't want to tell him that I was listening to women peeing, (peeping tom behavior is a felony in my state), so I said that I'm always nervous in restrooms so I often wait before shitting. He looked for needle marks on my arms and for needles or drug paraphernalia in the stall. I won the bluff, anyway, and got away with it. Apparently security has been making very regular checks of campus restrooms because we are having serious drug problems. At first I thought that he thought that I was making gay moves or something. I think I would be more embarassed by this than if I had been caught doing drugs!

I've decided to sit on the toilet while listening in the bowl from now on. This makes it look just like I'm taking a dump. Once I was walking by the bathroom and some woman from Saudi Arabia or something wearing all of these long cloaks and stuff entered the women's and I took my post in the men's. I listened and, if it was her, she must have peed nonstop for 10 minutes! It sounded like it was going to drill a hole through the porcelain. I was really turned on and I had a boner after only a few seconds. (Remember, we all go to the bathroom, regardless of our race, creed or culture.)

I like to hear more stories of women peeing and maybe some sound clips.

Lawn Dogs Kid
KIMBERLEY: Top notch ! 'Nuff said.

NO NAMER: Glad you like my ( our ) stories. Without specifics, Chloe is the same as you, so it can't be unnormal. Kendal says she has no idea yet !

DEAREST LINDA: Where did you spring from ? I'm sorry about teasing again, very sorry. No.. please uhhhhhh, oooowwwwwwwww, stop, mercy ! Owwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhh............ There are some very nice nurses here in the ICU. One looks like Natalie Portman, another like Mischa Barton. Or am I badly concussed ? Who's the little nurse with the lovely dark red hair, and FRECKLES ? oooooooo, ooowwwwww, no, mercy again ! Perhaps I'll learn my lesson one day ! In fact Kendal knows best how to punish me. Linda, she was waiting when I got back from school yesterday, and when we got in the house, she gave me the smack on the bottom she promised you she would. Then she announced that she was going for a poo, and that I wouldn't be allowed to watch. And she meant it. Its a long time since Kendal said I couldn't watch, and being made to stand outside, even though I heard the lovely two plops she made, was far worse than any beating-up I can assure you ! This telepathy thing between y! ou and Kendal must be working. She excused herself to the bathroom on her own just like you asked, and yet she couldn't have read your post until today ! Hey, Linda, can we call it quits now ? What with your beating up, and Kendal's awful punishment, I think I've learned my lesson. Please forgive me, please, please, please ? Pretty please, with a cherry on top ?!

Anne (Housewife). I have had similar experiences when constipated, usually during or at the end of my menstrual period. I was at work at the Sports Centre and had just finished am indoor netball session when I felt a large movement in my belly and my rectum fill with a large solid fecal mass. I hadn't done a motion for two days so I knew this would be a big one and I darent try to hold it if I didnt want a big accident in my knickers!

I farted loudly and with a strong smell and Gillian, one of my colleagues said, "Nicky, you havent filled your panties have you?" I replied, "No, but there's a big load on its way and I'd better go to the ladies or I will!"

I made it into the toilet, hitched up my short pleated games skirt and pulled my navy blue knickers down and as soon as I sat on the pan, even before my wee wee started, I felt my ring expand and this firm fat lump started to slide out. It was knobbly to begin with then smoothed out and quickly grew to about 10 inches long and was it fat! It then plunged into the pan with a depth-charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" followed immediately by two big easy sauasages, "KERFLOOMP! KUFLOMP!" and after a pause a little "mick" as the Scots call it of about 4 inches long which went "KAPLONK!" I gave a long sigh and my wee wee, which had started as the jobbies were coming out, tinkled to an end. I wiped my bum, pulled up my knickers and had a good look, one big firm jobbie shaped like a naval shell, two long curved sausages of about 8 inches each and the little mick. Gillian was in the dressing room (locker room) with me so had heard the entire performance. "I bet you feel a lot lighter after ! getting rid of that lot Nicky?" she exclaimed. I giggled and opening the toilet door said, "Have a look if you want!" (I have often let Gillian and other close friends see what I have passed), so Gillian did go into the toilet and inspect my jobbies. We both watched as I pulled the flush , (Little I have always watched my jobbies when I flush the toilet and often they dont go away first time as they are too big). This time when the water settled in the pan the big hard turd and the sauasages had jammed together in the bottom of the pan and it took 3 more flushes to get the load to go away leaving some large brown skidmarks in the bottom of the pan.

My husband says that the girl in the picture looks a bit like me. I suppose that is true, I have longer red (ginger) hair and freckles, and I am slightly larger in build. I do have a "little black dress" similar to the one she is wearing but usually have my panties either up at the top of my thighs to preserve modesty if I am using a public toilet and the door doesnt lock or there isnt a door, otherwise I pull them down round my knees. Yes, this girl does look a bit like me I suppose. Like others I notice she has no toilet paper on the holder so if she was doing a motion she would have skidmarks in the seat of her panties and in any event a soggy gusset if she had done a wee wee. She certainly looks as if she is enjoying it, whatever of the two she is doing!

Kendal, many men these days wear briefs in interesting colours such as peach. I have even seen a bloke wearing pink briefs, they may have been his wife's or girlfriend's, sister's or mother's but I have seen men's pink briefs, they were called "coral" , in a clothes shop along with pairs with floral patterns. Nowadays mens and womens panties are identical, only the really girly lacy frilly pairs that some women wear could be called exclusively "women's panties" and I know that some men wear these too! My husband often wears pairs of my Sloggi Maxi Briefs and I have worn his black or grey Calvin Klein briefs on the odd occasion as these are flyless and in design just like my panties.

Si, good hints there. Yes I have done a poo in the shower and as you advise I picked up the turd, as usual for me it was a nice solid one, and dropped it down the pan, then washed my hands , and the shower jet removed any skid marks from the bath. I have also done motions standing up and agree that it does feel fatter and touches the inside of the buttocks as it comes out. I have also squatted and done a motion as you describe in my case into a bin liner, having first peed, as I didnt want to block up the toilet pan in this person's house as they were the type to object. I dumped the bag with its huge turd, one of my usual long fat panbusters, down the rubbish chute into the large communal bin many floors below. As to having a deliberate accident in your underwear, you are on your own here, but I would advise wearing an old pair of briefs not boxer shorts as the mess will be retained in the briefs and not leak out. I have never worn boxers and am never likely to nor does m! y husband, and my young brother and my father didn wear these either, theye wore white Y front briefs when I was a kid, and now wear the more modern mens' unisex briefs I described above.

"Skidmarks" yes I have had a throbbing arsehole for a short time afterwards when I have passed a really large, fat, hard jobbie. It doesnt bother me and soon goes away, but if you have really nasty pain and any bleeding see a doctor as you may have piles or an anal fissure.

Salon reader
Did anyone see the article in Salon about Farrah Fawcett supposedly taking a crap on a producer's lawn because the bathroom was full at the time?

To Brad: In answer to your questions. I have watched Rob (my co-worker) take a dump on two or three occasions. As I mentioned in my previous post, we usually either dump in adjacent stalls or he pisses and I dump. On these 2-3 occasions, I decided not to dump (although I really needed to) so I could see him in the act. We went into the restroom together. As he headed into the stall, he saw that I was not intending to shit. He said "what's up, Pete, why are you not taking your daily dump today?" I lied and said that I had gone earlier. He went into the stall and I stood outside talking to him, as he usually did with me. I could see him through the wide door crack. He pulled down his jeans and boxers, then wiped the toilet seat and sat down. He sat there with his legs spread wide apart leaning forward. I heard him let a few loud farts. Since his face was fairly close to the door, I could see the straining expression on his face as he squeezed out his logs. Afte! r each log hit the water in the bowl with a loud plop, he would sigh. He was so involved in his dump that he did not say much and I was content to listen and watch. He got up temporarily to inspect his turds when he was done shitting, but I did not see them. He then kinda squatted over the bowl and wiped his asshole from behind. In answer to your question, other guys occasionally came into the restroom during our visits there. Since I was usually in one of the stalls, it did not change things much. Also, Rob did not really talk about shitting much. Occasionally, however, I would try to get him to discuss it. Once when he was outside the stall I was shitting in, I was straining hard because I was constipated. I said that it was a real bitch to be constipated and asked him how he kept regular. He told me that he exercised a lot, ate a lot of fiber and drank a lot of water and suggested that I do the same. On another occasion, I was taking more than the usual tim! e to complete my dump. As usual, he was waiting outside my stall. He got a bit impatient and said: "Hey dude, are you done yet? There won't be much time left for coffee otherwise." I told him that I had one last turd to push out which I did. I then wiped quickly and we went for coffee together. That is about as much as I can remember. I hope I have answered your questions.

Thusrday, October 19, 2000

I just ran across this site and thought it would be a good place to ask some questions that came up recently. A friend and I were heading home from a long movie after we both had a lot of soda. We figured it would be quicker to head to my house than wait in line at the theater women's room. Wrong! - We got stuck in a major traffic jam. We were both extremely desperate, and my friend jokingly bet that she had to pee more than me. We made it into my (non-attached) garage, but we knew there was only one bathroom in the house and neither felt we could make it across the yard to the house. I grabbed a bucket and she used a nearby painter's tray. While peeing, I couldn't help but notice she peed really strongly (loudly) with a fat stream. The intensity made little splatters on the concrete around the tray. I peed a lot longer than she (still strongly for myself), but not with nearly as much intensity as she did. We measured it, and I peed 390 mL and she did an amazing 740 ! mL. My question: How much can most women hold? What's normal for averaged size woman? Anyone up for measuring and posting? (I don't want inflated numbers or a contest, just finding out what's a normal full capacity). Second, does anyone know of something to carry in the car to pee in (for women) for emergencies? (Preferable soemthing free from home - I'm still a student).

No Name Grrl
Hello peoples. Some of you may know this and others may not so sorry if I told you something you already know! anywho...i am a girl who[unlike alot of you]seriously HATE going to the bathroom...well #2 anyway but #1s fine. If there was a pill you could take that would make you not have to go I WOULD GET THE PILL!! I mean sometimes I dont mind it but its annoying alot! Does anyone feel the same way? Well fortunately I do it like once a week! But the problem is that then the toilet gets plugged up alot! But at least Im free of it for another week! So in other words I only do it four times a month! How weird is that?? Well sometimes I will do it like every few days but only when I have my period. I am 20 years old. Is this normal for a 20 year old? Well bye! Oh yeah people here talk alot about enemas...I used to get enemas when I was like 12-16! Finally I got tired of it and said "Mom! No more enemas! I can do it by myself when I have to!" and ever since then I n! ever touched another enema. Mom would buy those enemas in the store[Fleet Enemas]and make me lay on the floor NAKED of course and then slowly put it up my butt and it felt soooo weird when the stuff went up! I always cried when mom was going to give me one because I hated them and they scared me for some reason! Is there anyone else that doesnt #2 very much and when they do theres alot???

How many of you make a habit of watching your poops as they are being flushed down the toilet?

I have seen some (but very few) people flush the toilet and then immediately walk away only to discover later that they clogged the toilet.

I hope everyone answers this one!

Anne (housewife)
On Monday evening I was cooking dinner when the urge to poo came on all of a sudden and it wasn't the sort of urge I could safely ignore either. I literally had to drop what I was doing and run! On my way up to the bathroom I called to hubby and asked him to keep an eye on the stove. Luckily I reached the bathroom in time, pulled my jeans down and had the best poo for ages. It wasn't runny at all but fairly solid and I did two large stools each about eight inches long, followed by two smaller ones of about four and five inches length each. I'd say they were all about two inches thick. To be honest I'd been constipated and not done anything since last Thursday so I was well ready for it. I got wiped, washed my hands, pulled up my jeans and flushed. Once down stairs I detected a burning smell. I'd only been gone a few minutes but hubby had managed to burn the dinner. Anyone else had an experience like this?

DEAR LINDA: So glad you're ok !! Andrew told me not to be stupid, but sometimes I can't help myself. So you've got addicted to a computer game. I suppose that's why Mum and Dad won't let me have a game boy ! By the way, you haven't corrupted me at all. All I have simply learned from you is the art of enjoying a jolly good poo ! Oh my, how I wished I'd been with you when you had your Friday the 13th poo. Is that what made it scary, having it on Friday the 13th ?! Finally, Andrew is going to get a good spank bottom when I see him later. I shall meet him especially after school to tell him off for his latest joke with you. He has to learn that you are sensitive about your pampies. Anyway, just for you, when I watched him poo on Saturday, he was wearing peach underpants !! Whoever heard of a boy wearing peach coloured underpants !! Now you make jolly sure you give him a good tease back again. He deserves it, the naughty boy !

Take care now, and happy pooping with your gameboy ! Love from Kendal xx

ILEO: I know Linda is O.K now, what about you ? Please, please just write, even if its only one line. With a very big hug, love from Kendal x

MICHAEL: Thank you for talking to me when you saw me on Monday. It is a great relief to know that you won't be telling anyone about Chloe, Andrew and me.

To the posters on this site, Michael is one of Andrew's friends. He was the one who posted a story that got tagged onto a post from Andrew ( Lawn Dogs Kid ) about his crush on Mischa Barton. Well, he hasn't got a crush on her really. He was teasing Andrew. Anyway, after posting, he managed to discover this site for himself and has read all the posts from Andrew and I "with great interest" he said. But he is a nice boy and won't tell. Otherwise we'll all be in big trouble.

KIMBERLEY: Andrew is so excited that you replied to him especially. Chloe his girlfriend is a bit jealous because she can't compete with you in terms of the size of your boobs ! But then she is only 12. Personally, I hope mine don't grow that big.

Bye bye everyone, love from Kendal.

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