Hello everyone!
It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted on here.
Since then, I've been broadening my horizons and trying a few of the things that have been described in posts on here.

Like I'd said, because I work outdoors, sometimes in remote places, it's not unusual to pee or poop outdoors. Everyone I work with pees a few feet away from where we're working. Mainly we just face away from the group, but if there are any houses or a busy road close by, we're a bit more discreet.
Sometimes we have female staff with us. They have no problems peeing outdoors, but are more discreet than us blokes. I've never seen a female colleague pee standing up.

One time, we'd got to a rural location and both myself and a colleague needed to poop badly. There was a field handy, and we each took a handful of paper towels and went in search of a good place to dump.
There was a mound of earth beside the hedge at one end of the field, so we squatted each side of it for a little privacy, but we could see each other from the chest upwards.
Mid-squeeze, we heard some voices. Soon, we saw a group of about 30 teenagers appear, one after the other, with the occasional adult, and realised there must be a public footpath at the opposite end of the field - and they must have been on a school trip or something!
They all had a look over at us - it must have been obvious what we were doing - but they were OK about it and just carried on walking. I guess any that were shy about "going" outdoors must have been glad they saw us going, maybe see it as a more "normal" thing to do, rather than try and hold it and end up with messy pants!

I've tried a few different things at home too:

1. Pooping standing up.
I found it a little strange the first time. I needed a lot more effort to squeeze my jobbies out. It also felt like they were much larger than they actually were, because they touch the buttocks where they normally wouldn't. I got a boner from the squeezing and the unusual stimulation. Oh, and there was one HELL of a splash as each jobbie landed in the water trap!

2. Squatting on the bathroom floor.
This wasn't unusual, really. I normally squat when outdoors too. I peed in the toilet first, so I wouldn't have much clean-up to do later. I'd put sheets of newspaper down on the floor and just tore out the soiled area and flushed it, then put the rest in the bin. The only real difference from doing this outdoors was the stronger smell.
Squatting is my preferred position, as it requires least effort.

3. In the shower.
It's no big deal to pee in the shower, cos whatever you do is instantly washed away, and goes down the same drain as the toilet anyway. The warm water may accentuate the smell slightly.
I haven't got a separate shower cubicle, the shower unit is fitted over the bath. I suppose there's not too much difference really.
As for pooping in the shower, I tried that during my morning shower.
I usually shower as soon as I get up, then dress and have breakfast, then have a dump, so I wasn't really ready to go. I only squeezed out a two-inch length, half an inch wide.

If you poop in the bath or shower, it's best to fish your jobbies out, rather than try and break them up and get them down the plughole! You know how they say shit sticks to a blanket? Well it also sticks to hair very well too, like the hair that's caught in your bath or shower trap. Not too bad if you do your own plumbing, but you might get some funny looks if you call a plumber out to free the blockage! U-bends are not too much of a problem, but bottle traps clog for FUN!

Being lazy:
If I'm in the attic computer room, I can't be bothered to open the trap door and go downstairs to the bathroom to pee. I have a large soup can which I keep handy for that purpose. Then, if it's raining I just open the skylight and pour the contents out onto the roof, where they're washed away. Otherwise, I just wait till I'm going downstairs and empty it down the toilet. Yes, I always wash the can out if it's been used!

Next on the list of things to try are pooping underwater in the bath, and pooping in a urinal (Hmm, knowing my luck, I'd get caught!).
I'm not too sure I'd like to try a "deliberate accident" though I do have a pair of old boxers and jeans I could use, as they're ready for the bin anyway. I'll think about it.

OK, better go now. Anyone got any comments or suggestions?

Si :)

Thom, good to hear from you again. I'm just like you,haven't posted for ages but a daily reader. Some great stories from guys lately; let's keep them going, especially the buddy dumping stories and ones like Mike shitting with the surfer guys. Nothing interesting to report except I did take a dump in the university library yesterday in a stall with no paper knowing full well I would have to ask the guy in the next stall for some. He was very obliging and kept saying "no problem" as I profusely thanked him.That was the first time I had done that for a long time. Still waiting for Nick to take a dump at my place; it's been an incredible two years since he last did. Steve from STL are you still around? Good to hear from so many newcomers, especially the younger guys. Canadian_Boy, tell us more about your school dumping experiences. I'm in Toronto, what part of the country are you in?

Hi this is my first time posting here, just found this site. i thought i would let you know about a poop accident i had a while ago.

I was out at a fair/carnival one day now of course i had all the junk food hot dogs burgers etc, well some time in the afternoon i needed to poo, it came on quite strong, so i started for the port a potties of course a line a mile long.

I got in line behind a girl and waited and waited, now this girl was holding her bum and squrming around like mad, when suddenley i heard her fart and all at once a bulge formed in her short shorts compleat with brown stain.
of course i got an instant erection and i momentariley forgot i had to poo as well, suddenley my stomach cramped and the next thing i know was i had done a major poop in my underpants,i guess we both noticed and both went red, well she went in one port a pottie and i was hoping to go in after her, but i ended up going in another one to clean up.

got cleaned up as quick as possible in hopes of seeing her come out but no luck. well thats my story hope you like it.

Dazz & Buzzy, I enjoyed your stories :)

For Dazz, your story of taking a dump in HS gave me a memory. When I was a Jr. in HS, I kind of went out of my way to take a shit at school. I didn't have to worry about upperclassmen giving me a hard time in the bathroom. There was a bathoom in the basement which I enjoyed using. The 2nd floor bathroom had stalls and urinals facing each other without a wall and the stalls were doorless. The 1st floor bathroom was decent but they had squares for TP instead of rolls. The bsaement one was the best since very few teachers came in to use it versus the other 2 bathrooms. There were times I go in to use the bathroom and there is someone taking a dump in the farthest stall. I usually took a dump in the farthest stall.

Here is another dumping story from tonite. I had a good dump with a lot of toilet bowl reverberation noiseas a result of lunch. Lunch, at work, there was a chili tasting contest which was enjoyable. I had 2 classes tonite and after the last class, I went to the bathroom. There was one other guy in there but didn't expect someone from one of my classes. He came out and I saw him through the crack of the partition door and was kind of embarassed if he saw me. He is an older guy like in his 40's and I prefer to shit around college kids since they have more of a sense of humor.

Well, that is it for now.


Last night i got in bed and watched tv, i wasn't in bed 30 min and i got these stomach cramps, not too badly but i figured i needed to head to the bathroom soon. So i went and i took a suppository with me incase i felt i couldn't get that hard shit out on my own, i did use it but could have gone with out cause i pushed and it came out 2 min later with some shit, i had more cramping. Then i pushed more then after that some loose watery shit poured out of me. Then i knew i was done and it was all out of me, i went to bed and i haven't shitted since.

Today i was at work and i went to use the bathroom to pee and and unzip my pants to pee, then i went to zip them back up and the zipper got stuck inbetween my pants and boxers, don't you hate this? I had to pull very hard to get it unstuck.

To Prince Morgan: Im glad you love my posts!! I love your posts too!!

To Sandra: About you having a meeting with your manager, and her turning bright red, she must have been embarassed.

To Dazz: I liked that story when you were 15...about the excitement showing, if your cousin saw it he probably would have thought you were thinking about girls or that it was normal for that to happen. I also liked your school story too...did that guy know that you were in there watching him? My heart would be pounding too if i were in your position.

To canadian_boy: I would love to hear some of your u actully shit 3 times a day? How do you manage to do that in school?

To Mike: You wonder why some guys don't flush?? well i think some guys are too lazy and want to leave their product to show.

No Namer
Hi. I am new here. I have never posted before, but i have ?s. I am female, just so you know. Ladies, I am about 13, and i have a lot of hair in the front and not much in the back. is this normal? kendal and lawn dogs kid, i like your stories. i enjoyed goldgirl's stories until they disappeared. :( Well i g2g, bye

JacobG (Florida)
I've really enjoyed the stories about guys the past couple of weeks. Dazz - great story. I look forward to more. I have a couple of really good stories to tell about something that recently happened involving listening to a friend poop - or rather, trying to poop. I don't have time to post them now, but will try to do so this weekend.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hullo again!
I see a few people have tried to define "buddy dumping".It's a very subjective definition.I have sometimes used a toilet straight after another guy whose performance I've just heard,or been having a shit while I'm being heard by someone about to use and enjoy it.My personal opinion is that if you precede,follow,or shit together with someone you know well or really feel you would like to know well-and appreciate such closely-timed of the same or adjacent toilets;then that is buddy dumping.
Sometimes if the opportunity is right-I think it absolutely great to sit on a public toilet when there's a guy waiting to use it and I know he can hear everything!In such cases I'd pretend the flush doesn't work and drop the toilet paper in such a way as not to obscure the turds down the pan.That would satisfy the exhibitionist in me.
To go "in tandem" with another guy next door is the greatest companionable and erotic activity as long as both of you can hear everything with no extraneous noises spoiling things for both of you(or all of you if there are several of you shitting at the time).
To follow a guy and sit on the warm sweaty toilet seat and do the same as he has done and plop away with the memory of him still fresh in your mind is probably the most practicable and a brilliant sensation but we have to do what circumstances allow.
I know I sometimes feel frustrated and cheated if I've had a good loud plopping session and noone has heard me,then after ,a guy goes in next door and has a good shit himself and I've lost my chance of showing off,buddy dumping with him ,or following him on his toilet!
I bet this strikes a chord with all those who like to shit in public.
Thanks again DAZZ,that was absolutely terrific what you recalled at school "sequentially buddy dumping" with that athletic guy and it was a great memory of school.Also good to hear of you listening at home.I love these recollections.
I too had a crush on a 15 year old boy when at school,and was always looking out for him in P.E.He was quite muscular and in the gym we would have to climb the wall bars and turn and hang by our arms and raise our knees to stomach level.I would relish the few seconds I had to gaze in awe,envy,respect and delight at this magnificent specimen of young masculinity displaying his well-musculed thighs and inevitably think of him covering a toilet seat and getting that same muscle splashed as he dropped his big turds.
He was my inspiration during many of my shits at home and I don't know if he realised my interest in him except that one day in the changing room he caught me admiring his legs.Our eyes met and forabout 3 seconds we realised something that couldn't be mentioned and so we didn't.
I think that was the point at which I had absolutely no doubt as to what I considered tom be the most beautiful,sacred,and erotic thing in the world-A well muscled young guy sitting on the toilet and shitting.

I don't know if this is unique to britain ,but sometimes public toilets instead of having a seat have 2 pieces of wood screwed to the sides of the pan,presumably to avoid vandalism.This can be quite uncomfortable after a while,as you feel as though you're neither sitting on it or in it!The contours of the wood is at an angle and would feel easier if it wasn't there at all.
One advantage,however is that depending on the position of the window or the light-it's often possible to watch the reflection in the water of the emerging turd as it sticks out of the arse.Also with more gap under you due to the absence of seat-the sounds can be more audible.

A question for our friends in the USA;When there's a partition round the stall and sometimes 4 feet is mentioned,does that mean 4 feet from the floor or the overall partition from where it starts is 4 feet?If it's the former-WOW!!Sounds like quite often you get the chance to see the other guy's face as he sits there shitting!
Please clarify,all dimensions relating to cubicle/stall design are fascinating to a Brit where privacy is such a part of the national psyche.

Best wishes to you CHRIS1(UK).I always enjoy hearing from you,someone who appreciates the closeness of men shitting in company and companionship.

If only we could all get together ,all of us,for a Christmas party with the toilets of our choice to use after the meal!!!!

Until I "drop in again",
Cheers, PPG

<tina> (p 438)
Enjoyed your story. Did the guy get a chance to return the favour?

Ben in NY
Bryian- sorry about the mistake=) I didn't know your name was pronounced "Bry-an" but the way you spell it is the spelling of a popular girls name pronounced "bree-ann." Guess that's why I slipped up=)


Hi! You said in a post a week or so ago:

"O yeah....once, when I was really bored at 3 AM, I put a blanket on my bed and peed on it. I was too scared to go tot he bathroom. More later on that."

I'd like to hear about that if you want to share. I went on vacation once and got a bedroom with 2 single beds in it. One night, since the beds had thick protectors I tried peeing in it, only to find out that it made the room smell like pee. I liked it, but had to wash the protector the next day while my parents were out so they wouldn't know what happened.

And yes, I do read your posts if you wonder if anyone reads your posts. I come on here every so often, but so far have been a lurker...

Last night I was sat on my leather sofa when I realised that I needed to shit. I hitched up my soft leather skirt and shat 5 large logs onto the sofa. What a relief!

Hi Lili,

Peeing in sinks is a hobby of mine (and dear Louise's!) Yes, stand proud and let it fly! Never used a B&B, I've not been away much since I woke up to all the fun there was to be had, but it shouldn't be a problem. Tip: if the sink is ever just a bit too high, stand on tiptoes and lean the front of your thighs against the rim of the sink -- or wear your high heels! They both work!

Hi CC Australia,

The best/worst bathrooms around Adelaide? The best I've seen, consistently, are the ones at Westfield Shoppingtowns (including the Megaplex cinemas), they're cleaned several times per day, have no grafiti and plenty of good quality paper. I've not tried the new David Jones building yet, but, yes, I'd expect them to be pretty swank. I once tinkled in the executive bathroom at the Fisheries Department laboratories at West Beach... Hunh! So swank you expect a chamber orchestra to be serenading you while you sigh!

Then there are the ones in the East Parklands. The old Victorian one just off East Terrace is all airy and breezy, I really wished I'd had the guts to sneak in and do the urinal in the mens'. I once got caught short crossing the parklands to Kent Town, I mean I was staggering with the need to pee, I was in pain. It was daytime and I came up on this strange, rustic-looking structure about half way across the park, and staggered in. I was in the mens', and I blasted this really ancient full wall urinal like there was no tomorrow. I had no idea what to do otherwise, I was that close. It was wet my pants, squat in the park or go where I was, so I used the urinal, heart thudding like a hammer. I could always claim desperation for being in the wrong one, and it would have been the truth. It was fairly clean there, too.

The worst? Adelaide Railway Station is pretty grotty, but they manage to keep it clean, I guess. It's a long while since I've been in a bathroom in dirty condition, I'm pleased to say, but there were some very ancient ones on the seafront. They were closed, bricked up and replaced with a new building quite a few years back, but I remember the old ones from ten, even fifteen years ago. They were concrete, with tilework that must have been fifty years old, the ladies' had two rows of facing stalls and not a door in sight. I only ever took a poo in there if I couldn't avoid it, maybe once or twice ever, otherwise I'd wee in the sea all casual-like. The times I was in there I saw pee puddles (or puddles of something) on the floor, and unflushed bowls. I didn't enjoy the experience!



HeyJW!!!! You're back!! Big hug and smootchie to you. Post again soon!! Sorry Kendal if I made you worry. I've been very careful lately so I'm not about to get hurt. Someone on the other hand is about to get the hurting of his life. Kendal.. PLEASE let me beat your cousin up..I won't kill him I'll just hurt him really bad and make him wish I had. You don't even have to know.. just excuse yourself to the bathroom and leave me alone with him. I promise.. after a few weeks in ICU.. he'll be good as new.=

Hi everyone I'm new here. I'm a 16 year old English guy and I love this site.
Last week I had been at football practice at school and needed a shit. However I didnt want to go in the changing room toilets (neither would you if you could see them!) Anyway I made it through the practice and was walking home when I realised I had left my mobile phone in my locker so I hurried back to get it. I also decidid to use the toilets in our new builing (much nicer) but to my horror they were locked. So I started to walk home again. However about five minutes from my house the shit just started to explode out. Although it was sloid, it was pretty wasnt very firm. Luckily for me I was wearing briefs (I normally wear boxers)because of football. When I got home my black CK briefs were filled with shit. Howver I did wash them and they came up OK. Does anyone else have any stories similar to this. I particularly would like to hear from those who have pissed/shit themselves through fear.
Recently if i have a big shit at night the next day my arse is really sore and there are skidmarks in my boxers. Does anyone else have this problem?

What amazes me is that a woman can be so delicate and so beautiful, body moving like a lovesong as she walks down the street, yet she has the potential to stink out an entire room with just one bare bottom and an open asshole. Can imagine just how bad those supermodels (who appear on TV)can smell when they're on the toilet? That kind of makes it sexy; no matter how gorgeous they can be, no matter how much they can make a man "eat his heart out" with their amazing beauty, their bottoms keep stinking with regularity. Not a wino on the street smells any worse!

TO PRINCE MORGAN-Maybe i'm missing something cause i find dumping in a urinal a real turn off-it's just gross to me-but hey whatever-I'm in the NY- long island area in the N east US.I myself like to dump in the woods( or anywhere outdoors) or on a toilet either at home or at the gym or a public toilet(If i absoulutly have to go bad-cause most public bowls are soooo dirty-yyecthhh)
Had a funny experience this a.m.Was on my way to the bowl to poo and as i sat down the phone rang-i was expecting a call so i answered it and got one of those telemarketing calls and this woman sounded like she was reading off a LONG cue card and wouln't shut up-so right in the middle of her blabbing i started to dump and let out a fart and started pushing out some turds-and at this point she asked me a question and i was in the middle up pushing out a long one and just kina grunted "yes" to her and she stopped talking totally and said nothing and i pushed out the tail end of my dump and it plopped in the bowl and i heard nothing on the other end -so i continued to shit-i pushed out a hissing fart and did some loose stuff and at that point the woman said " sir,are you doing what i think you are doing? and sounded a bit puzzled- and i said"what would that be?"kind of sarcasticlly-she said" are you going to the bathroom?"I said "You people call all the time-what am i supposed to do?"but i have to abmit it was a real turn on-Then she said":sorry to interrupt you-are you done yet?" I thought wow,what's this about? so i said "almost"then she said "I'll wait" and laughed,I said " do you run in to this sort of thing often?"I felt like i was in a bar talking to a girl and trying to pick her up-it was wild,She said"somtimes we do and most poeple are really pissed that we called them when they are on the bowl"I said"Somtime i do this on purpose to piss you guys off" and then i pushed out some more soft poo with some pretty loud gas and she said"Are you done now?"I think she was getting off on this and so was i!!I said " yes i'm done now but i'm not interested in whet you are trying to sell me OK?"She said"Sorry to bother you sir-do you answer these calls when you are in the bathroom?"I said most of the time yes i am" I lied,cause most of the time I don't answer the phone,but i wanted to hear what she would say-Then she said"Maybe we'll talk again" I thought what's this all about so i said to her"well if you call here at this time in the a.m i'l be on the bowl doing my thing"i was being bold and hoping it would get a response from her-she had s really nice voice too-she laughed and said" Hmmmm,what does that mean?"I said "anything you want it to,you call me at this time of day i'll be on the bowl"She said"Sir,you have a great day and we'll be in touch" and i said" sure,whatever,madam,hpoed you enjoyed it"she laughed and said" sure-we'll be talking to you" and that was that-after she hung up i thought that maybe she was into listening to me go and that was cool with me,or she was tatally turned off and was being nice-well we'll see-i hope she calls back and maybe we can get somthing going!!That would be soooo cool-That was a great experience-i've done this sort of thing before just to get rid of the telemarketing caller and i pissed some folks off and got a few laughs out of it ,but this was really a cool thing-I hope she call! s again when i really gat to go bad -i'm going to try and hold it tomorrow a.m and hope she calls!!WOW BYE

Has anyone notice that their backside sweats as they get ready to make a deposit into the toilet? Maybe it is from all my butt hair?

Zack, to me "buddy dumping" can be of two types. A DIRECT buddy dump is when two people go into one toilet together, one does their motion then the other sits on the pan and does their's on top. An INDIRECT buddy dump is when someone else has done a motion which remains in the toilet pan either because they havent flushed it or it is too big to flush away and someone else then does their motion on top of it. As an illustration I do a DIRECT buddy dump with my wife Theresa when I do a jobbie on top of her's when we both go into the toilet together. When I was a kid and teenager I often had an INDIRECT buddy dump with my mother as I would listen to her doing a nice big solid jobbie then when she had come out of the toilet and her turd had stayed behind in the pan I would drop my own jobbie on top of hers. Obviously I never had the pleasure of having a DIRECT buddy dump with her!

CC Australia, thanks for the reply. Im glad that my mother never did the unsporting act of puting toilet paper down the pan to prevent any "plops!" when she did a solid jobbie, and our toilet didnt have one of theose annoying fans since it had a window and a ventilator (which never really got rid of the smell). The only time she ever put paper down the pan to stop any sound was like myself on the very rare occasions she suffered an attack of diarrhea. If as was normally the case she was doing a nice big solid motion she was quite happy to let the loud "KER-SPLOONK!" sounds echo throughout the house to my great pleasure as I listened in the hallway near the toilet door as her big jobbies dropped into the pan. By the way, CC, have you ever actually seen your mother's turds? If so what were they like, colour, size, shape, solidity, sinkers or floaters, and were they bigger or smaller or the same size as the impression you gained from the sound they made when they dropped into the pan. Incidentally, how old is she? My mother was in her forties and fifties during my childhood and teens.

Briyan, yes there was ash left behind. I couldn't just light a fire in the back garden and one of the neighbours may have seen me and would have mentioned my taking a turd in a bucket out into the garden to my parents with unhappy consequencies to myself. I do know of a case where some friends were doing a bit of rough camping in a field in the north of Scotland and for toilet facilities dug a pit and did a shit . At the end of the week the pit was full of turds. They decided to sterilise this ground by pouring their unused parafin over the turds then building a campfire over it to burn their rubbish and setting the lot alight. When the fire had burned out they tamped all the ashes down then put some earth over it and replaced the turf they had cut to dig the hole. They did say the smell was a bit powerful to say the least!


Good to see another Sydneysider on here. It's interesting to read some of your posts about enjoying a splash going up your anus. For me, that's the least enjoyable part of a good dump. I enjoy a nice wipe after a good dump, the type of wipe where you get a nice amount of crap on the toilet paper. I find that after you get splashback, you just get a soggy wipe and often your fingers then go through the toilet paper!! Doesn't that ever happen to you?

Adam from Canada

I think the security notice you refer to would mean that security guys would come around and patrol the toilets. I know in Australia they have similar signs which mean that security guys would go enter the public toilets periodically to ensure that no undesirable activity is going on in there.

Midnight Cowboy
I'm hoping someone more familiar with Europe than this American can help me out with something that's perplexed me for the last several years since I visited Amsterdam. In urban downtown Amsterdam it was very common to see these outdoor toilets on street corners. They were usually made of two walls of metal in the shape of a "V" painted green. But these walls really only covered your mid-section, where your genitals would be exposed as you went to the bathroom. Above and below, the metal had an ornate open pattern to it and you could clearly see through it. Inside was nothing more than a hole in the concrete sidewalk about 2 inches in diameter.

Me and my travelling buddy found these immensely useful as we've been in so many downtown American cities where it's almost impossible to find a public toilet, and all the restaurants have signs on the door that read, "Restrooms for Customers Only." It was a very strange feeling however, standing there urinating as the world walked by sometimes looking you right in the face through the mesh. I even took a picture of my friend using one to prove that these kind of toilets exist to the people back home.

But Amsterdam's "street-corner toilets" have always made me wonder about several things. Firstly, what has made Dutch society so open about this type of thing that the rest of the industrialized world can't seem to get over? Secondly, do women use these outdoor urban toilets too? As much as I wanted to, it just wasn't possible to hang around one waiting to see who would go in it without looking kind of suspicious. And lastly, do people poop in these too? I never saw any poop around the hole in the ground, but that could've just meant they were well kept and cleaned often.

To PV: I can closely identify with what you wrote about naked young children answering nature's call by the ocean. I grew up near a public beach and spent a lot of time there as a kid. I remember lots of kids from todlers up to about 5 or 6 years old running around playing naked and squatting and shitting without thinking twice. It was a very innocent sight, but I can't recall a parent ever even attempting to potty train their child or pick up their little turds so someone wouldn't step in them with their bare feet.

One other incident sticks out in my mind. As you said you saw, I once saw a girl who was about 12 years old playing in the sand nude as her parents sunbathed nearby. I was probably about 16 at the time and I remember thinking that this little girl was way too old to be playing on a public beach nude. She looked a few days short of sprouting pubic hair. But that was her parent's wishes. As she built this sandcastle, two young boys about 10 years old who were in fact clad in swimming trunks went over to her and started to make fun of the fact she was naked. She was too innocent to understand what they thought was so funny. Then they took their dicks out of their trunks and started peeing on her sandcastle, ruining it. She cried for them to stop but they emptied out all they had saying things like "Ha Ha! She's got no dick!"

I really felt sorry about this situation (even as a 16 year old), but to this day I feel it was the girl's parents' fault, not using proper judgement about when their daughter's "nudie days" were expired. I can only hope after this incident, they splurged and bought her a swimsuit.


Zack: Thanks for your response to my post. I'll try to answer all your questions about my co-worker and our bathroom visits. The guy, whose name is Rob, first started working with me about a year ago. He is about 6 feet tall, 24 years old, well built, has short blond hair and is real good looking. I am 25 years old. When it got to morning coffee break on his first day, I asked whether he wanted to get some coffee with me. He said, "Yeah that would be great, but first I have to drop a load." I said "Me too" and we headed to the restroom together. The restroom has two urinals, the usual sinks and two adjoining stalls with doors. On that first day, we both took a shit in the adjoining stalls. It is a real quiet restroom so we got to hear each other's farts, grunts and turds plopping into the bowls. Since then we go for coffee together one or two mornings each week. Before coffee, we almost always visit the restroom. I usually take my morning shit there. Rob usually ! just takes a piss at the urinal, but sometimes dumps next to me in the adjoining stall. If he just pisses he comes back after he is done and talks to me while I take a shit. The stall door and frame don't fit well so there is a wide gap between the door frame and the partition on both sides. Someone standing outside can therefore see right into the stall. Accordingly, during our conversations we usually have eye contact while I dump and Rob can see me sitting on the john. In answer to your question, I don't think he is at all interested in seeing me take a shit. He is just a regular guy and pissing and shitting are no big deal for him. When we shit in adjoining stalls, he does not say much but responds if I make a comment. He is not at all inhibited about farting, dropping his logs loudly and wiping vigorously. Sometimes when I am done, I remark that I feel much better and he says "Me too." In response to your other question, he usually talks about office politics, ! football, baseball and his girlfriends while we are in the restroom. You asked whether I have considered leaving the stall door open in the future so that he can get a full view of me shitting when he comes back to talk to me after pissing. I would really like to try that. I am afraid, however, that doing this might seem weird to him and it could end our restroom/coffee breaks together. On the other hand, he is cool about shitting and it may not worry him at all. I would appreciate the advice of the other guys who post here about whether I should leave my stall door open next time Rob and I are in the restroom together.

To Pete: Thanks for the definition of buddy dumping. I was interested in your story about you and your coworker's restroom visits. I also enjoy having another guy talk to me while I am taking a shit. It is real cool that you and he can see each other through the door crack while you dump when he stands outside your stall. Have you ever been able to watch him dump through the door crack and talk to him while he is dumping? If so, does he wipe sitting down or does he stand up? Have you ever seen his logs? Does anyone else ever come into the bathroom while the two of you are there and does this change the situation? Have you ever discussed dumping and all the associated details with the guy and does he make any comments about his dumps?

kim and scott
Hi all! this is kim and scott again with another post! Last saturday around 6' 0 clock at night my parents told me they were going to visit some friends and would be home very late. "ok" i said to them as they left out the front door.. when my parents left I saw this as the perfect opportunity to call my boyfriend scott. scott and I could exercise in the basement and do some other fun stuff!haha! scott told me by phone that he would be over in 15 minutes.. "ok" i replied as we both hung up the phone. i was wearing my tight red sweat top and tight red sweat pants. with white mule heel shoes on my feet. as I walked downstairs to the kitchen and made two super chocolate protein drinks. one for me and one for scott. when scott arrived at my place to exercise with me in his grey sweat top and black spandex pants I handed him a drink. he took the drink as I slipped out of my red sweats. I was naked except the mule heels i had on my feet. scott gave me a wolf whistle when he saw me! . i tell ya i was all huge boobs and shapely long legs. "I figured since my parents are not home and its late why not exercise naked?" i told scott. scott got the hint and got nude too.While i took of my heels and grabbed my drink. This protein drink did wonders for scott and I it gave us energy and thru proper eating and exercising it gave scott huge muscle size while it strengthened my arms,and kept my waist slim on my voloptous physique.. when we finished our drinks we were in the basement exercising scott was doing barbell curls while i was doing sit-ups vigorously. after awhile of doing this i felt that familiar feeling inside of me that told me a massive shit was coming on. i knew it would be coming since i had a huge breakfast earlier of scrambled eggs, 2waffles, bagel,sausage and orange juice. along with the super chocolate protein drink I had. i told scott i had to take a huge dump as he said ok and followed me out of the basement. when scott and I arrived in th! e bathroom (Still nude now) i sat my ass on the toilet seat. scott did not have to use the toilet but he asked me to stand up while he sat down first while i sat on his lap.. we did this sort of thing in earlier posts .scott and i like to do sexy things! when I was sitting on scotts lap i felt my log really beginning to build up inside of me. and i knew i was going to squeeze out an absolute monster soon! as I then put both hands on the back of my legs, then raised my legs up,bending them to my chin. i did this for more leverage to shoot out a log plus i thought it looked hot sitting on scotts lap this way. i saw a movie once that had a bodybuilder in a bikini sitting on a chair while a sexy blond sat on his lap this way thats how i got the idea . scotts legs were open giving me free passage to shoot out a log from sitting on his lap. I then did a long loud fart as scott and i laughed. I then took a deep breath and began to push. soon a very thick dark brown log started to c! ome out. i moaned "ooohh' and started to push harder as my log grew bigger & bigger! my whole body was quivering with excitement, not just my ass as i was pushing this great beast out! scott said "Wow!" excitedly as he saw the large size of my log! which was growing bigger and bigger by the second.. "Ooohh" wow" I said as I pushed even harder as scott and I watched my log grow to an incredible size. i then still did another harder squeeze as my once big bowel movement now turned into an enormous one! i then told scott to hold me tighter by the waist to brace me as i crashed out my log. He did so as i gave one last mighty push that sent me over the edge. I lost total control over rhyme or reason as i crashed out an enormous brown sausage from my quivering hole! my log landed in the water with a big splash that splashed our asses! but before scott and I could admire my huge,shiny new log. my upturned ass on scotts lap quivered excitedly again as i started to bang out anot! her big log! by this time scott was getting an erection from the show i was putting on as my anus expanded wider and wider to let this big beast out. I started to pee as well. i was excited that this log was coming out big and long too! I then rested my head on scotts big chest and raised my legs even higher as I crashed the rest of my log out! this log was big but smaller than the first. scott held me a little longer and asked me if i was done. I said yes as we both laughed. scott measured my big log at 13 1/2 inches long and my smaller one at 7 inches long. after this i wiped myself and flushed it down with difficulty. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL SEXY BUDDY DUMPING!! scott and I were done exercising in the basement for the day and decided to do another kind of exercising as we took our same positions on the toilet as before-AND HAD US SOME REAL FUN!IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!HAHA! hoped ya liked the story from kim and scott. PLUS BRYIAN i agree with you that i hate when the posts a! re not updated daily. PLUS LAWN DOGS KID- thanks for writing back. I respect you also and i try not to lie. you sound like a very nice guy. i like your stories and you are a very good writer. bye now!

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

hi all, Tracy S. your stories are really a turn on.I just love watchig women shit.Does anyone find this erotic?something about the smeels and the sounds I guess .

Sara T.
Hi everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've been around- my computer was broken for a bit. Well, some interesting things have happened lately that I should write about!

First, I was in dire need to do a #2, and my brother was in the bathroom, doing the same. He got up and there was no paper in there (since you can't flush baby wipes), and he tried to flush but it would not go down. It was not a long turd at all but it had to have been as wide as my wrist (circumference I mean). Finally after a few more flushes it went away and I got in there.

Then today I was in the woods with my two friends, when Rachel says, "Oh shit, I gotta pee!!" So I said, "Okay, go in the bushes." She had on really tight blue jeans and I don't know how she managed to squat in them, but she did it. Then I had to go. I was a little freaked out, since I haven't peed in the woods since I was a little girl and we went on fishing trips. Finally I dropped my bell bottoms and just went. I almost splashed on my pants but luckily they're huge so I stretched them out away from me pretty good. The only one who didn't go was Diane. She's a bit shy. I would love to have seen Rachel peeing but even though we've seen each other half naked she won't let me watch her pee yet. Maybe one day...!

Prince Morgan

Greetings to you all!

BRYIAN-I love your posts! And I'm a little older than you.

CASEY-Well, the first time I pooped in a urinal I was about seven or eight. I was at a church with my uncle and my friend Billy, who was like a year younger than me. Billy and I were in the bathroom, which had only one stall, and two urinals. Billy was pooping in the stall, and I said:"Hey, I have to poop, so I'm going to go in the urinal!" Billy didn't believe me, so he made me promise to wait, which wasn't too easy, but I did.

I pulled my pants all the way down to the floor, backed all the way up to the urinal, which was pretty shallow, and bent way over, with my butt up high and my dick pointing down into the bottom. I dropped four medium logs into it, and took a pretty long pee in the same position, followed by two more smaller logs. Billy thought this was great and made me promise to do it again when we could before he brought me toilet paper. While I was wiping, someone started to come in, but Billy got in front of the door and kept them out until I was finished. I just left the pile and the paper where it was. The urinal was the kind that doesn't have any water in it until you flush it, which I didn't. Most of the poop was on top of the disinfectant thing they put in there.

No, I never pooped on a public bathroom floor, although I've done it at home. We have linoleum, so it's easy to clean up. I want to do this in a public place, though, and as soon as I do, I'll tell you all about it!

BUZZY- Where are you, man?

Love and
to you all!

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