Thank you guys for your help the other week. Things have very much returned to normal this week, thank goodness.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple of stories you guys might enjoy. I have exceptionally good bladder control (from what a bunch of you guys have said) and can not even recall a time that I had an accident (of either type). I almost never have to poop in public (cause I only can when I'm very relaxed, like when I get back to the dorm after classes or after finishing all of my work for the day or something like that . . . does that happen to anyone else?).

Anyway, I can think of three times in particular that I had to pee very desperately. When I was 13 I traveled abroad and was trying to avoid going to the airplane bathroom (I had been a bit airsick and was in there way too often to poop. So, because it was an international flight and all that, also the location of the airport, we start the descent well before you can even see land and it is almost an hour that you are just sitting in your seat unable to get up (though the view is magnificent). Anyway, by the time I got my escort (traveling alone), went through customs, etc I was dying. As soon as I was let loose (in baggage, then you go through one more set of customs before you meet up with the people who are waiitng for you. Anyway, I ran to the bathroom in the baggage claim area. Does anyone else get this: I had to pee so badly that it wouldn't come out cause I was holding it for so long. If finally did and it was such a relief.

Okay, the second time was a second trip to the same country on a high school tour. It was June, incredibly hot. Our teachers were really big on dehydration and all that. So, we pull over at a rest stop and they were like this is the last bathroom you are going to see until tonight (not exactly true, but close). Anyway, it was still almost first thing in the morning and I had been sleeping on the bus, not drinking. I just couldn't pee. I was also majorly dehydrated, so when I got back on the bus I ended up drinking 1.5 L of water. Needless to say, as we were nearing our destination (about 20 minutes) going up a steep hill on a bumpy, nearly dirt, road . . . I was nearly in tears from having to pee so badly. We asked if there was a bathroom and they said "no, we'll take you to one after class" Class typically lasted an hour or more, sitting on the grass. So someone pointed out a dumpster and this other girl and I sprinted over there and peed together on the dry dir! t. Well, she finished before me and left and this guy from our group called over "is anyone behind the dumpster?" and I screamed yes and then when I finished he went over and followed in our footsteps so to speak (you could see his head above the dumpster).

Okay, the third story is probably not as interesting. It happened over the summer. I went out with my bf to this place where there is a public building with 2 sets of bathrooms and then we were going to meet people for dessert later on (we ended up running into them in the parking lot leaving just as we were getting there). ANyway, both sets of bathrooms were closed and I had to pee kind of bad at that point. So did my bf...he just went over to the brush down by where we were and did it, but I just can't pee outside (especially knowing he's there waiting for me). So I figured, okay, fine we'll be at the diner in 20 minutes. well, of course there was traffic and the whole way over there I was like "sweetie, I hate you" I think he thought it was cute, but annoying, but didn't say anything cause he knew the state I was in.

Ok so there are my stories...let me know what you think. I don't know if I'm going to keep posting, it feels really weird...but maybe.

Pete: I liked your stories about buddy dumping. Incidentally, do all the guys on this forum agree with your definition of what buddy dumping is? I was interested in your story about how you and your co-worker usually visit the restroom together when you get your morning break, but you did not give many details. Do you think he enjoys dumping in the stall next to your stall? When he is there does he make any comments about his dump or ask you about yours? You mentioned that when he only pisses and you take a dump, he comes and stands outside your stall after he is done pissing and that he talks to you. You also said that he can see you dumping through a wide space between the door and the door frame of the stall. What does he talk to you about? Have you ever considerd leaving the door open while you dump? Then when he comes around to talk to you, he would get a full view of you sitting on the john? Also, how old is he and what does he look like?

Yeah it's always been like that since I was small. if you look back at some of my old posts you'll see how it was and what was done to me. me I'm trying something.. I'm starting to have trouble going in front of Miguel.. so I've been holding in my poop for a day.. I'm going to fix it so that I have no choice and invite him in. One way or another.. I'm going to do it with my husband there.. AND HE WILL ENJOY IT!!! Or I will beat him senseless!!!

P.S. I feel sorry for the girl at the headmast... I hope she isn't pooping cause.. SHE HAS NO PAPER!!! Also.. um the pics on the otherside of it look like well one peice looks like an ad I saw for a running shoe. Hmm oh well.

Adam from Canada

It has been a long time since I have written, but some exciting stuff has happened in last week.

Today I had to go over to Ryerson University (downtown Toronto) to some stuff. As I was walking toward the campus, I had this urge to poo. I went in to washroom, but I couldn't poo as the cleaning people were there. I do not know the campus that well and I waited a few min and went in again. I got a nice clean stall. I went to sat and pooped right away. It made cracking sounds and was smelly. This one guy came into the washroom to pee and went out. I could hear him saying out loud in the hallway that it smelt like s---. After I pooed, I made a pee and wiped myself a few times.

Another story..Last week, I went to a job fair at Ryerson in the morning and it went well. In the afternoon, I decided to stay there to work and during the afternoon, I had this urge to poo. I went into the washroom and there was someone in the stall. I waited until they were finished as I don't like going when someone else is in there. I kept going in and out of the washroom and finally this guy was done. As soon as he came out, I went into his stall and sat down. The seat was warm from his ass, but it didn't smell. I like to use a stall after someone comes out. Do any of you like to do that?

I really miss going to college and having experiances in can. Sometimes I go to Ryerson to let out a load and remember college.

One thing I noticed about the washrooms at Ryerson is that on the outside door, there is is sign that says:

Are you concerned about the condition of this washroom? Please report it.

There is another sign below that says:

"monitored by security".

I do not see any cameras above the door or inside. Does anyone know what the security thing means?


To jox with sox: I liked that story, so the odor of the other guys shit made you barf?? or did you know before you entered the bathroom that you would be sick? That is discusting that u barfed.

To the unnamed poster: about you and your friend Graham, that was a good story about you and your friend pooping at your house and that he wore your underwear for 3 days, did you ever get them back???

To Pete: Thanks for enlightinging me on buddy dumping...i liked your story about summer camp and work.

To Dave: That must have been embarssing, annoying to have to stand in court with your pants filled with loose shit.

To Ben in NY: As far as i know there are not too Bryian's on this site. Unless you maybe read a very old post and i don't think Bryian is a girls name, most people spell their name Brian but im differant and spell my name Bryian.

To Tony (Scotland): I liked your story about burning shit, now i know what happens. So did your shit turn to ashes?? You should have burned your shit outside in a fire there so you wouldn't have had the smell of burned poo in your house.

Did anyone see 'One foot in the grave' last night? There was a very funny loo scene involving Victor Meldrew using the facilities in a restuarant.

Yesterday I was about to walk into one of our manager's offices when from that office I heard what sounded like a ridiculously long and extremely loud fart. I stopped in my tracks and waited until the noise was over. Then I went into her office...what a smell! She looked up from her desk as if taken by surprise and went bright red! I didn't say anything and neither did she. After just three minutes of our meeting, she said something had come up and that we'd have to meet later. I left the office with her right behind me. As I turned away, she briskly stepped up her pace and went in the direction of the ladies room. I don't know if she pooed herself or just desperately had to poo, but it was one of those two things, I'm sure!

PV: So you're from Adelaide? Looks like we have something in common with using toilets in that city. They said the new toilets in Vic square will be unisex, can't wait for that. The best toilets I've used so far are in the new David Jones building, very posh, the worst would probably be the ones in the parklands, they're quite dirty. How about you?

CC Australia

Hi,all-been busy lately and haven't had a chance to post,but i've bee reading all your posts every a.m.and a lot of times they help me to take my a.m. dump.I read these and let the feeling build up inside my rectum and when i'm done reading the posts i go and sit and shit-this forum is better than a cup of coffee for me!
TO PETE-Yea, it's cool to buddy dump when you can see each other's assholes when you are going at the exact same time-that's a real turn-on for me.I just wish i could do it with a woman-esp a chance meeting in the woods when you don't know each other and you both pull down your pants and let the poo fly-oh well, maybe next summer!
Had a wonderful weekend of warm weather here in the N.East.It got up to 78 both sat and sun!So Sun a.m. i got up and got on my bike and went out to do my business in the woods-by the time i got out to my spot i really had to go bad and i wanted to have some fun with my dump so i got undressed ( I love to poop totally nude in the woods) and stood up and just spread my ass cheeks and let out a big dry sounding fart and bent over slightly and didn't push at all and let out 3 long thin turds and came out pretty fast with another fart in between the turds coming out.OOOhhh did it feel wonderful-It's really cool standing up straight and spreading your cheeks and pooing! Then i looked and this pile of sausages-It was sizable.Then i walked around for about 2-3 mins and felt more cramps and had to do some more shitting,so i went over to the log and squatted down where i saw another person's load(which looked pretty fresh) and it was a big pile of soft poop-looked like whoever i! t was had a good strong cup of coffee to push this load out I can teel when it is a "coffee dump" it is hard at the beginning and gets really soft almost like a milk shake consistancy at the end.I wonder if it was a girl-anyway,i squatted over the pile and farted again and out came all this chocolate moose poop that went all over the pile -it was cool-then towards the end of the poo i let out some serious gas!I did 3-4 long wet sounding farts and sprayed out some liquid poop along with some mucus- Yes i did have some coffee myself-Ohhh man was this feeling goood-with i could have done this with some company,but it was fun all by myself!Then i wiped and it was messy,had to wipe quite a bit and then got dressed and went on my way-Now that was fun!Come on girls come out and meet me for a nice a.m.dump!BYE

Tony (Scotland)

I'm a bit hazy about listening to Mum going to the toilet when I was little, I don't think I started listnening close up as I do now. I'm 19 by the way so it wasn't that long ago. I try to listen to Mum pooing whenever she goes but she is very private and sometimes puts paper down in the bowl to hide the sounds. Australian toilets have a good drop so you can hear some good plops. The problem with our main toilet (we have another in the back of the house) is that it has an automatic fan which comes on every couple of minutes to get rid of the smell. While it's not impossible to hear whats going on, it does make it difficult. I've heard some memorable poos, a typical one would be for Mum to enter the toilet, sit down etc and normally do a wee. Now I would find out if she is going to stay or leave, hopefully staying. If she does she starts to push, she'll take a breath and hold it and then breathe out, plop, kersplonk. She'd finish off by wiping and I'd quickly dart back to w! herever it was I was before she went in.

CC Australia

Plunging Plop Guy......Yes, I do have a few stories about listening to other guys on the toilet. When I was in my teens, I was very interested in listening to other guys as well as girls.

I remember when I was about 15 visiting a cousin's house, he was a year younger than me. We were playing billiards downstairs when he told me he had to go to the toilet. There was a toilet just off the billiard room and he went in there and closed the door. I heard him drop the toilet seat down and got quite excited then as I knew he was going to shit. I heard him pull down his nylon shorts and also a bit of a creak as he sat on the seat. There was silence for a little while, he was probably weeing. Then I heard a nice solid PLOP immediately followed by a little sigh of relief. I got very excited hearing that and imagined that he would have got a nice splash from that. I knew that if I'd made a plop like that I would be certain to get a wet bum!!! A few seconds later I heard another plop and then heard him tear off some toilet paper. I could hear the paper rubbing his anus and wondered if he was experiencing the kind of pleasure I do from having a good solid poo, a good s! plash and a thorough bum wiping. He wiped himself a few times and then heard him pull his shorts back up and flush the toilet. When he came back out he told me "that feels better" as I caught a whiff of poo that wafted out with him. It was not an unpleasant smell, it smelt like a good healthy firm shit, just the way I like to do them!! I had to discretely check the front of my jeans, hoping the excitement didn't show!!!!

There was another time at high school when I was about the same age, there was a guy in my year I had a bit of a crush on. I went to a boy's school so maybe that partly explained the attraction I felt to other guys at the time. Anyway, I was walking across the yard at lunch time heading towards the toilets as I needed to poo. I saw this guy walking from the other way and head into the toilet block before me. I was hoping he needed to poo as I would loved to have listened to him on the toilet. To actually watch him would have been heaven!! He was a cute guy, longish sun bleached hair and he had a bit of a tan as he was a surfie type. He had a nicely rounded bottom too, shown off nicely with the tight shorts he was wearing. You could imagine a bum like that pushing out some big solid bum splashing turds!!

Anyway, my prayers were answered when I went inside the toilets and there was no one in there. The only sign anyone was there was a stall with a closed door right down the end. He was in there!!! I crept quietly down until I was only three stalls away from him. I couldn't resist peeking under the stalls and could see his sneakers and his legs almost up to his knees. His feet and legs were together, his feet sort of tucked back right in front of the toilet. I couldn't see his shorts, so he must have had them only down to his knees. My heart was pounding with excitement and I made sure to keep a lookout in case anyone else came in. I saw him shuffle his feet a little and then heard a little plop quickly followed by a much louder PLOP. He let out a bit of a sigh and then heard him grunt a little followed by another good solid PLOP and another little sigh. I could feel my own poo pressing against my anus but I wanted to wait until he was finished so I could sit on his toilet ! and poo through a seat warmed up by this gorgeous guy!! I heard him grab some paper, it was the single sheet grease proof paper type, not very nice but noisy. I stood there listening to him wiping his lovely arse a few times and crept around the corner as I heard him pull his shorts back up and flush the toilet.

He went off to wash his hands as I crept into the stall he just used. A subtle and pleasant smell of solid poo was in the air as I closed the door and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I was already very aroused after listening to him poo but felt like I was going to explode when my bum came into contact with the warmth his beautiful bum had left on the seat!! I weed first, this being hard with an erection and then relaxed to let my poo start to slide out. It slid out quickly, stretching my hole nicely and landing in the toilet with a solid bum splashing PLOP. Right up my puckered anus too!!! That was it for my pooing, I couldn't feel any more inside me. I was still very turned on and had to quickly releive that. I then just sat there for a little, catching my breath back and then wiped myself before pulling my pants back up and heading off to wash my hands. My school work certainly suffered for the rest of the day, I just couldn't think of anything else after being ne! ar this beautiful guy as he plopped in the toilet!!!

I have another story from a few years ago when a male friend actually watched me as I sat on the toilet and dropped a few splashy plops but that will be for next time. Hope you enjoyed these stories!!!


hey i have just discovered this site and i absolutely love it. i am a 16 year old male who shits at least 3 times a day, mostly in school. i love hearing other people shit in the stalls beside me

Hello,not much to post today, i just wanna say 2 things, i hate when the forum isn't updated daily, like today...thats how much i enjoy reading the posts.

Today in my e-mail i got this newsletter about health and this topic was about Halloween and pumpkins and stuff they talked about how good the seeds are etc. heres online from the newsletter.............
Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin A and magnesium. And on the creepier side, they're also good for expelling intestinal worms (especially tapeworms). Another good reason to make spicy roasted pepitas.

Has anyone every had tape worms?? you might wanna try it, has any one heard this? Has any consumed pumpkin seeds and noticed a change in bowel habits, like differant color, seeds in stools, much softer harder etc.??

Hi all (and G'day to you Aussies)

CC writes about those small automatic one-person toilets. Toilets like this are really common in London (where I live) and in many towns in the UK. Also in France, where I first saw one when they were new (in the 1980s). I rarely use them (certainly not if I just need a piss) because they are quite expensive and there are still the communal kind of public toilet around as well.
If you have never used one of these one-person toilet things, they are quite strange because there is just a litle seat to perch on with a little bowl below (no water in it). When I first used it the little bowl was left full of poo and urine. as I walked outside I realised that the next person waiting outside to use it would be able to see what I had done. (I don't mind that). I have been in one of these toilets which played canned music. Apparently if you stay in there too long the door opens automatically. When you have done what you have to do, you can't flush it, you just open the door and leave, and the whole thing (floor, seat, everything) tips up and is sprayed and cleaned. So when you leave the next person doesn't go in straight away, but waits until this process has taken place, and a green light comes on outside. I once read that when they were first introduced a child was trapped in there when the whole cleaning cycle started, so now there is a notice that youn! g children cannot go in there unaccompanied. When I used it in France the litle seat and bowl was even smaller than the one in Britain. They seem to have made the British version look more like a toilet seat to reassure the British public. Has any of you ever been queueing at one of these, and when the occupant came out gone straight in before it cleaned itself? I wonder whether this is possible? My fantasy is that I am waiting outise and then a hunky guy comes out and I can see everything that he has left!
Speaking of doors opening I was on a train from London to Newcastle a year or two ago and needed to use the toilet, so I went to the nearest one, pressed the 'door open' button, and the sliding door opened revealing a young woman sitting on the toilet in full view of half the carriage! She had obviously not pressed the 'door lock' button inside. She said to me "don't do anything I'll close the door", and then she pressed the 'close' button inside and the door closed again. Some trains in Britain have sliding toilet doors which have to be locked by pressing a button when you are inside, and some people don't realise this or forget.

This site has had some really good posts recently. Lots more from guys. Nice to hear from Dazz again. Great! I find it all really stimulating!

That technique some people write about of letting the poo out a little way and then sucking it back into the arsehole again...of course I used to do this as a kid, but usually when sitting on the toilet because it's easy to let too much out, or your closing ring cuts off a piece of the poo and leaves it outside when most is sucked back in!

The French la turque is a form of the the crouching bog which I mentioned a week or two ago. Yes even in modern places you get them, but I enjoy them! If we all had those crouching bogs then we wouldn't have to do things like pooing on paper on the bathroom floor, just to get a good look at what is coming out!

Enjoy those dumps everyone...


road pisser
To the lady who wants more ideas on how to hold the pee longer. Why put yourself through the agony - if you really have to go then just pull over and let go by the side of the road. You will feel so good being able to relieve yourself and you don't run the risk of messing up your clothes. And it doesn't matter whether you have to pee or poo just let it go. Yes I have seen guys with their cocks out at the side of the road or between the truck and trailer lettting the pee fly. And yes, I will stop and watch because it is erotic. I for one do not like using restrooms and rather just do it outdoors.

B&B sinks!
The other day, I saw the movie Ground Hog Day again. It dawned on me that there are sinks in Bed and Breakfast rooms. I went to bed with the image of Bill Murray's "morning wood" pointed into that low sink as he sighed in relief. I also thought about the times he tried to seduce Andie's character in his bedroom. What if one of those nights he showed her his "willie?" Maybe she'd get turned on to see the pee coming out of it?

With the sink that low, I could easily "stand proud" with my pussy lips open. Has anyone used a B&B bedroom sink for their personal urinal?

Moderator, or anyone else. I remember a posting about Monica Seles peeing in her pants during a match, does anyone remember where that is? I'm curious what year, and what tournament she was in. Any info would be very helpful. Thank you!


Hi Louise,

Hey, try using a a disableds' stall again -- use the space freely!

I've heard there are nude beaches on the south coast, Cornwall-way -- they might make a fab summer rail holiday. Shoot out west for a weekend, perhaps? I'll have to see if I can find the references. It would be a bit of fun to warm up the gulf stream with extra nitrogen...!

Yep, Aus could be a bit diff re the age at which kids are made to cover up. Also, I've noticed that girls are left naked to a greater age than boys, as if that object flapping around as boys run is the curse of the race. I don't get it myself -- when women run on the nude beach there's nothing left to the imagination, one's assets move naturally, just like a guy's. You'd think the unspectacular nature of a young boy's equipment would more or less make the question irrelevant!

I think Steve is right, most parents hide from the whole he/she bathroom question, declare it taboo for simplicity, and let the kids sort it out for themselves when they're old enough wonder what's going on. No wonder there's such a sense of mystery about something so commonplace -- and why so many kids grow up with psychoses!

I think I've not been eating right, not enough all-round good food lately to make well-formed poops. Must do something about that.

Agreed, standing it's almost impossible to push out your bowels. If they're going to go all by themselves you may not be able to do anything about it no matter what posture you're in, but if you need to push, posture is important. You may in fact do yourself an injury if you don't use the right posture.

"A redhead with a coloured nose." Cute, dear! And reaosnably accurate -- throw in reflector sunglasses and no tan lines and you're nearly there. (Chuckles!)

Best of luck with the Spanish-looker, you'll get there! And yes, when I can go standing with the door open, by choice, whenever I want to, the problem should be appreciably solved. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes, at every practice session.

I did a hovering wee yesterday too for fun, I'm getting better at it -- it's not so uncomfortable a position on the spine as I used to think. And it really does constitute a standing mode, though it doesn't have quite the same "mystique" as the forward method...? Don't you think?

Pity about your Indian friend's apparent shyness. Though it could be cultural once again, she's respecting the western custom of separation, and might be open if she discovered you and the Spanish-looker found going together to be enjoyable.

Yes, I'm with Steve -- dry feet for the one doing the lifting! Tell me how it goes! And yes, I'm looking forward to his next posting.

Hugs to both,


Bryian: Regarding the California surfing dudes. I was in the middle stall and the guys took a dump in the stalls on either side of me. The two dudes finished shitting and wiping before I did and started changing out of their surfing gear in the narrow hall outside the stalls. When I was done wiping, I walked out past the guys. I glanced into the first toilet bowl and it contained real large logs and a couple of pieces of toilet paper. The guy did not bother to flush. I did not see what the other guy had produced, but he did not flush either. I wonder whether guys who don't flush just forget or if they like to leave trophies behind for others to see particularly when as in this case the logs were huge.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA: Kendal will be so relieved ! She had got into quite a state about whether you were o.k or not because you had been away a long time. She knows about the nasty accident you had with the broken leg, and she was so afraid something like that had happened again. I told her you were probably busy ! By the way, no jokes ! ( Yet !!! )

CC AUSTRALIA: I know exactly what you mean about trying to go with a stiffy. That is why I always make sure I go to the toilet first whenever I know I'm going to be able to watch Chloe or Kendal go !!

KIMBERLEY: I had no idea you liked my posts, and the fact that you have wanted to chat to me. That a nice lady like you would want to chat to me is very flattering. Oh, and the sexy nature of your posts is what makes your posts so good. I wasn't being critical. Anyway, the moderator wouldn't allow your posts if they needed to be toned down a bit. They would be pulled. I've had two or three posts pulled, although none recently. I honestly don't think that any of my posts have been so bad. But the one crucial factor is that my girlfriend Chloe is 12 and Kendal is only 10. Therefore, the moderator has to be even more careful about what he allows to be seen. You keep up your wonderful stories, and I'll continue to bask in the thought that a woman in her early 20's would want to speak to 15 year old me ! Oh yes, and one more thing. I have a huge respect for you now that you have admitted your lie. Not many will do that nowdays, even when the evidence is conclusive ! I try not ! to lie, because I believe you will always be found out, Karma and all that, but I suppose the odd little white ones ( like pantie colours ) don't necessarily matter that much. But as for PURPLE FLOWERY ONES..... !!

Hi all!!! Sorry I haven't been on much.. I've been busy with school work.. and then I swiped my cousin's copy of pokemon silver and have been playing it since. (Let me tell you what a wonderful invention the gameboy is, how else can you play a game and poop at the same time? It's wonderful.. and I no longer read magazines in there as much as I used to thanks to it.. my cousin even asks if I want to borrow his GB when I make my way to the bathroom.)So sorry to kendal and lawn dogs kid, that I've been busy. It seems my ???? was busy too as i had not pooped in a few day but oh man friday (the 13th) it hit me. I was outside enjoying the cool warm weather we have.(We live pretty down south so what you consider hot days we consider cold winter days. Hee hee)When I got a funny feeling in my ????.. it was sort of a full feeling then it was like a cramp deep inside me. Kinda felt like I had broken glass in my guts. I bent over holding my ????.( I got kinda scared) then I got a famil! air feeling in my bottom.. BAD!! So I wobbled up the stairs.(Oh why must we live on the top floor of the condo.. yeah it's only 6 floors up but man try running up those when HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEE (said with echo effects)poop breaking down the door. I opened the door.(one time I was soo glad I forgot to lock it behind me0 and made my way to the bathroom. Elena was making dinner and she laghed as I yelled OUT OF MY WAY POOP EMERGENCY at the top of my lungs as i ran to the bathroom with BOTH hands clamped on my bottom. I opened the door and... my cousin was in there. Lucky me.. he was just shaving before he took a shower. I slammed the door behind me and said STAY.. don't open that door even if a fire breaks out.(We had company coming over soon.. and I knew i would NOT be out before they showed up) I whipped down my overall shorts and purple flowered undies (no jokes now Lawn dogs kid. grrr) and crashes on the poor toilet. I sat there reliefed that i had made it. My cousi! n looked at me and said you okay? I told him it's finally gonna happen. He said great.. [went back to shaving] have fun. He knew I hadn't gone in a while cause I tod him.Out came some gas that echoed in the toilet. My cousin looked over at me as I giggled red faced and said excuse me. She said it's okay.. just do what you have to.. as long as you feel better.[winks at me and I smiled at him]Then I relaxed and OH BIG MISTAKE I think as I got a huge cramp and my poor bottom open up..WIDE!! My sat there with my hands gripped onto the sides of the toilet with my feet straight out infront of me and I yelled IT'S COMING!! Oh man.. it scraped out slowly. I say scraped cause it was DRY and rock hard. My eyes were shut, my face wrinkled and red as it forced it's way out of me. I don't know HOW long it took but it felt like hours till it got softer and a bit smoother. I let otu a sigh as it slid out by itself. My cousin asked if came out.. I shook my head and said it's stil coming. he g! ot in the shower and I sat there resting my head in my hands as it came and came. I don't know just how long it was.. all i know was it kept coming.. and the more it kept coming the easier the pressure in my ???? got. the cramps faded and my bottom slowly closed. I sighed and leaned back against the tank of the toilet. then I peed a bit and pasted 4 more poops. I HAD to look.. and so I did. MAN, I may save what I saw till Halloween cause it was THAT scary. I wiped (oh my poor bottom was sore) And I told my cousin (done with his shower already) that i was afraid it won't go down. he told me to leave it and he'd deal with it later. So I left and our company was there already, I just smiled and made my way to my room to change. Later my cousin looked at me and said to me later in private. MAN you must have felt better. Letting me know that he saw. he also told me I should tell Nora to step down as the queen of poops. Silly boy. But even after then.. my ???? still gets cramps fr! om time to time. is this something I should worry about? Please don't tlel me I need an enema.. i'll just die!!

P.S. WHat do you mean kendal has become more animated and vocal? is this my fualt? Oh dear.. I corrupted someone ^-^;;

I was wondering how/why you can have a very big poop even if you don't eat a lot? I normally have really small poops and I just had a much larger than normal sized one, but I know that it could only be from what I ate yesterday (which wasn't much) cause the night before I had corn for dinner and that came out yesterday...Just wondering if anyone knows anything about that...thanks

I was on a short trip yesterday and saw something of interest on the interstate highway. I came around a large, sweeping curve that was turning to the left and saw a man on the shoulder of the road, leaning against his car. He was on the passenger side by the front door. He was leaning back with his hands behind his head, supposedly enjoying the beautiful fall colors. From the back of his car, that's all you saw. If you looked in the rear view mirror as you went past him, you could see his semi-erect cock out of his jeans and his piss stream shooting out and cascading down the embankment. I wonder if he was trying to be seen or if he thought he was very clever about his placement.

An outside curve like that is usually a place where you'll find a huge tractor-trailer truck pulled off on the shoulder. The driver is supposedly checking his tires by banging a big, rubber mallet on each of them. When he gets to the side away from the road, he moves between the two parts of his truck and takes a leak. Anyone else catch a glimpse of a trucker with his "willie" out?

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