I've noticed a lot of posters lately talking about pooping in urinals. I've never done it, but I've seen people do it. About 12 years ago, some friends and I were taking a bus from Niagara Falls back to New York. During our journey, several people had almost become stuck in the lavatory as there was something wrong with the lock. After a while, the door became well and truly locked and just couldn't be opened despite the driver's efforts - luckily there was nobody inside at the time. So now here we all were without a toilet. Most people were holding it in but by half way, some had to go and asked the driver to pull over. He wouldn't and said we had to wait for the next rest stop which was a way off. The atmosphere on the bus was getting quite rowdy and the driver decided to take the next exit to find toilets. We finally found a service station and the ladies room door was locked and there was no key!! That was it! Tempers, not to mention bladders and bowels, were about to expl! ode! About 10 of us women stormed into the men's room, kicked all the men out and proceeded to use the facilities. While I waited for a stall, I noticed several women pee in the urinals - they turned their backs to them and squatted. To my astonishment, as one woman was peeing, I noticed a huge poo slide slowly out of her behind into the urinal. She didn't look embarrassed, in fact she carried on talking to her friend who was waiting for a stall. She let out several soft but large poos into the urinal then asked her friend to pass her some paper towels. She wiped herself with the towels and pulled down her skirt. Then she left the restroom. There was a collective gasp form the women still there! We just looked in amazement at this steaming pile of poo in the urinal! I went into a stall to pee and heard a woman say "well I'm not waiting any longer". I had an idea what she was doing as I clearly heard several farts. I left the stall and sure enough, there was a pile of poo in th! e other urinal! We all then carried on our journey.


I've recently returned from a holiday in Sydney (just missed the Olympics) where I tagged along with my Dad who was there on work. Anyway I had some interesting toilet experiences.

One day I caught the train to Bondi Junction and as I was leaving the station I noticed a door with a male/female sign on it. With my interest firmly hooked, I walked closer to find a small area with about 6 or 7 doors all with the sign on them. I had stumbled on some unisex toilets (It was the first time I had seen some in a train station or similar place). There were two good looking girls standing there waiting which aroused me. Anyway, all of the toilets were occupied and I waited. A man came out of the end toilet and one of the girls took his place. A few moments later a girl came out of one of the middle stalls and said to her friend "it stinks in there!", whether she was referring to her doings or a previous occupant I wasn't sure. After a couple of minutes the girl who went into the end stall came out and I went in, highly aroused that I was going to use the same toilet that she probably just sat on. I walked in and locked the door, examining the toilet seat for an! y urine she may have left. The stall was a little bit larger than a normal stall and it had a mirror and sink plus a sanitary and ordinary bin. "A woman has probably done a poo on this very toilet" I thought. I did a short wee which was difficult with a stiffy but I managed. I listened to the next stall but didn't hear much. I then finished up and left. I returned there once again a week later but didn't hear much again.

In the apartments I stayed in the second week (expenses paid by my Dad's company) we were booked into an apartment which had a bathroom intended for disabled people, ie in wheelchairs. It was roomier and had rails next to the shower and toilet. The toilet was a bit higher than a normal one which I found unconfortable when pooing and it had a longer drop resulting in louder plops.

Around the city they have these public toilets which I found weird. They were individual little buildings, not very big, and you pressed a button to open the door. The door would then slowly open and when you got inside you pressed another button to close it and lock it. They were unisex toilets but the actual bowl was strange. It was small and had no seat and very little drop. I didn't see any seat covers or anything so how people would poo on them I don't know, I imagine women would either put paper down or hover over it to wee. So after you finish excreting waste you leave it there and wash your hands in this automatic hand washer and dryer. You then exit and the door closes and on a digital read out near the door it says "Performing cleaning operation" which would be flushing the toilet. It was quite an experience to use one of these because I had never seen them before. Is there anything else like this in the world? They seem like something they'd have in France or Ja! pan or something.

CC Australia

Mucho thanks to the people who read my posts. Love you!

Last night, for the first time in my life, I got up-close adn personal with my anus and other holes.

Is anyone else a little disgusted?


jox with sox
Two days ago I really had to shit in school but I don't do stuff like that so I held it in and during 6th period I couldn't hold it anymore so I went to the bathroom and some guys guys were in there having a shit so I sat down next to them and took a shit and it was good and the guys were talking to me about dumping and crap and one of them farted and I almost barfed and then I left and felt good and someone else farted later and it really did make me barf and I went to the nurses office and I was sent home.

Damn, all of that in one sentence.

-jox w/ sox

well this isnt about me but its about my grandmom. She has whats called "Iritable Boul" Syndrom. (i feel bad for her but its pretty funny! )In other words she cant hold her crap in! So one day in the summer she was walking home from the resaruant she just ate at and she was walking up to the steps and she was trying to hurry.. well all of the sudden it all just came out! She was soaked with it! I mean it went all over the steps and it ruined her sneakers and her pants! And she had to take a shower and then come back down trow some colorox on the steps and rinse it with the hoes! Hehehe! Then as a matter of fact today i was suprised i got an e-mail to this site about going to the crapper! hahah well anyways she lives in an aparntment building and she craped her self ian and my mom tole me she said she was packed with it! And she was cursing and yelling hahahah! I made up a song by the way and she has a son frankie(my moms brother) and it goes like this and also my best buds Kat! e s, cait w, natal k, and mellis d, helped me make this up so her it goes like this... Get me the hoes ! Frankie!, get me da ashtray(now that would be my mom were talkin about hahaha) Etc.. but its funny that i found this site to day and she crapped her self hahahah! Please feel free to e-mail me anytime you want!


To Brad: As to buddy dumping, i mean that the first guy poops in the toilet wipes and gets up and then this guys friend comes alongs and shits on top of what the first guy did.

To Casey: I liked that story, but u squated over the toilet paper on the floor right, didn't that get messy?? Well as doing something like that u did, i can say yes. I pooped outside yesterday for the first time in my life. i went to this wooded area 5 min away and pooped behind a tree and i wiped with tp. You are temping to make me do what you are trying to acomplish, i want to poop in a urinal just like you want to do. But it has to be the right time, right place etc. Like a small bathroom with a locking door. and a urinal that holds lots of water.

To Mike: Good story about the california surfing dudes taking a shit while you were in the bathroom. Did you see what they produced?

To AJ: You mentioned about pensylvania , where do you live? i live near there.

To BrentC: I used the glycerin suppository. I don't use suppositories that often, maybe once a week the most. Im not even constipated that much. I only used them cause i felt that i was a bit constipated and i had a bad stomach ache that day. Yes i have tried an ennema, suppositories are better. When i used an ennema, i thought they and suppositories were the same things but now i know the differance. The time i used the enema it was over a year ago.

Well after pooping in the woods over almost 36 hours ago, i have found no posion ivy, thats good.
I got up this morning for work and i woke up and then i got ready to shower and then i had to poop before i got into the shower. I produced this nice log about 8" and it was light brown. Then i flushed....and it seemed like i wiped for ever. then i got to work and my butt kept itching, i had to go to the bathroom on my break and wipe some more. the same thing happened yesterday too.

I am going to tell you of an experience I had last week.. I was in school and I it was my last lesson, I felt the slight need to poo but wasn't worreid as it was my last lesson and i would then be going home, I had to fart a couple time during my last lesson to relieve the pressure a bit. At the end of the lesson I thought that I would poo when i got home as I didn't really want to go at school.
Me and two friends were walking home and as we walked passed the sports ground two of my other friends were there and they asked if we wanted to come over for a kick around with a football which we did, after about half an hour I really needed the toilet so I said to my friends that I would have to go home for tea, and so off i went and one friend came with me who lived near by. When we were walking home my friend said to me i was glad you were going as I was going to have to go anyway cuase i need a dump, so i told him that the reason i had to leave was the same. When we got to his house his mum was out so i said he could come round to my house and use the toilet there. He had farted a couple times and has pulled his pants out of his bum a couple times. We got to my house and by now I had almost done it in my pants so when i got in I said hi to my mum and dashed up to the bathroom, i pulled down my trousers and my blue and white stripped briefs just in time, I had a f! ew skidmarks in my briefs but nothing to bad, once the last log had dropped I quickly pulled my pants up leaving my trousers off as i was going to change them and walked out the bathroom so Graham could go. I walked into my bedroom and told graham that the toilet was free and he could go expecting him to dash in there but he just said ok i will go in a min, I said to him i thought he was in a hurry but he said he wasn't, anyway it did go pretty soon and when he came out he said that he felt better but he had to go home and change his briefs, he said he had done a little a bit early and made some stains in his briefs but then my mum came in and offered him to stay for dinner. So he agreed and so I leant him a pair of my briefs and he took his off and left them on the floor, they were quite skidmarked but he didn't seem to care and just left them there. Anyway two days later it was games at school and he was getting change and I notieced that he was still wearing the briefs i had leant him, I said to him, i thought you were going to give me those back when you have washed them not wear them again, and he said that he hadn't changed them yet, he said he doesn't change them for 3 days unless he makes a mistake in them, I thought that was quite long, i change my briefs every other day, unless for some reason i am away from home and can't, he siad it felt better farting in somebody elses underpants later that day when he let a long loud one go. Also i told him that his briefs were still on my floor if he wanted to come and pick them up at some time but he said to leave them there incase he needed them at another time for whatever reason so i put them in the wash at home for him. When my mum washed them she asked who's they were and why she was washing them so I told her that Graham had dropped them out of his bag when he was round so I thought i would get them washed before I give them back for him.

I had a wonderful day with Andrew yesterday, not least because I was able to watch him have a poo. But we really enjoyed ourselves, playing lots of board games and watching tv, hiring "The Parent Trap" from the local video store, which both of us have watched before. And just like before, we were both in floods of tears at all the nice bits where the girl who lives with her Dad gets to meet her Mum for the first time, and the other who lives with her Mum gets to meet her Dad for the first time. We needed plenty of tissues ! But I think Andrew needed more after his poo.

He had done ever so well to wait until I got to the house, and then we had to wait for another half an hour while his Mum and Dad went out ! It was so obvious how much trouble he was having by the way he was squirming about. Anyway, eventually Aunty and Uncle left for the day, and straight away we raced to the bathroom. Normally Andrew would let me have a wee first, but he was so urgent, he ripped down his trousers and his pants, and sat down straight away. Good job I didn't need to have my wee urgently !

As soon as his bottom touched the seat, he made a very big trump that must have shot some poo out with great force, because it made a big splash, and then straight away he made a huge number of much smaller plops, that just kept coming out, one after another, very quickly. He didn't have the runs, but it did go plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop in only about five seconds. He is such a lovely boy, especially to me, but he has got a very smelly bottom ! He needed lots of wipes afterwards.

I actually needed my poo soon after we had baked beans for lunch. I let Andrew watch me again, and I was so pleased when it made a very big plop, especially as it was the only poo I made instead of my usual two or three.

I'm feeling a bit sad as I write this. What has happened to my friends Linda and Ileo ? You seem to have deserted me ! I really hope you are both o.k and that nothing nasty has happened to either of you ! Lots of love and hugs from Kendal xx

PS, Chloe has come round to see me just while I am writing this. So the hot news from her weekend with Kirsty, who looks like Lindsay Lohan who plays the girls in the Parent Trap, is .....

Well, she has just told me, and the big build up wasn't worth it because nothing happened, just like Andrew thought. Linda is right. Everyone is different, and if Kirsty doesn't want to join in, then that is her right. Chloe and I both respect that. Even so, after Kirsty had told Chloe that she might let her watch, it was disappointing for her when she didn't. Hey, perhaps Kirsty's Dad could install some curtains around the toilet like at Linda's ! But then I suppose he would want to know why, so perhaps that isn't a good idea. Never mind. I'll take Chloe for a wee with me in a minute to make her feel better !

Bye bye everyone. Love from Kendal.

Plunging Plop Guy
Thanks DAZZ for more info. about your toilet,it seems very similar to my own as the water trap is also 6" deep.It must be down to me then to improve the turds that I drop so as to get a good splash each time!Although mine are often small at the moment at least I do usually get a splash when they drop but not a drenching as I should be getting.Anyway I.m doing better than I was so I'll let you know how "things work out"!
I should have gone to the Olympic Games in Sydney ,then I might have seen you dropping that big turd off the side of your boat!
Have you ever had any male friends visiting you and were you interested in hearing them plopping in your toilet or did you initiate a conversation with any of them regarding their dump afterwards?Or did you enjoy knowing they could hear you on the toilet?I really enjoy the enthusiasm you convey about your shits and appreciate all the details you've given.
Good to hear from you againCHRIS 1 (UK).Interested that you went to West Wales and heard that father in the toilet who obviously was signalling some sense of mutual interest about you using those adjoining toilets.much better than the usual father and son where it's just the son that needs to go and the fathers always seem to say"Don't touch anything"! I was also in West Wales recently although I didn't find or need to use any good public toilets but I did well as regards the ones where I was staying.Although my shits were on the small to medium size-I got splashed nearly every time I dropped one as they were firm.took their time and almost all the bogs I sat on were the traditional type with a long drop and good size water trap.The only unsatisfying shit I hed was on one of those stupid siphonic toilets with tiny water trap and though I did a fair amount all I heard was tiny plips and no satisfaction of hearing a loud splash.
I've been continuing to go throughthe old posts and found one from yourself about your "enlightenment" at the early age of 8 when the Irish lodger had a good shit in your family's toilet.Wow! I tmust have been great for you after that to be aware of him in that way whenever you went to the toilet or at least it was when you reached puberty.
When I was 13 I realised one day that I wanted to look at a picture of a muscular footballer in the newspaper when I went to the toilet later.I had no idea what would happen,never having properly discusssed the facts of life with schoolfriends etc.Without going into obvious detail-having a shit concentrating on thinking of the footballer doing the same had a profound effect!
The lodger I referred to in my last posting had a rather strong effect on me after I heard him that time.As he was renting a room from me which meant there was a difference in status between us it was very difficult to think of a way to mention the fact that I yearned to see him on the toilet.All the time he was there I was wondering whether he'd been that day or was he going later and I worried I was going to miss out on hearing his next shit.I certainly did hear him quite a few times doing his slow loud plops and tried to time it so I needed one soon after.When he left a few months later it was quite a relief as to keep something like that to yourself isn't very good for anyone.I tried making jokes sometimes about the subject of shitting and we had a few laughs but deep down there was this unrequited need for being included in his private moments.
To CASEY,I saw yor mention of the technique of pushing a turd part-way out then retracting it .Yes this is a brilliant way of shitting the same turd several times until you decide when you want it to drop.It's best when it's a big hard knobbly one as you can really feel it and control it better,and I feel great when I'm doing one like that as I really feel in charge of it having so much control and pleasure.
Good to have been able to "speak" with you all again and look forward to "hearing " from all of you ,
Meantime ,enjoy yourselves on the toilet ,

Bryian and Brad: I can see from your posts that you guys are confused about what "buddy dumping" means. Let me enlighten you. It means two or more guys who know each other well taking a dump at the same time. This can be in adjoining stalls in a public restroom or out in the woods or alongside each other in those restrooms that have no partitions between the toilets. Usually the two guys will have a conversation while they both dump their loads. Often they will give a running commentary about how their shitting is going. The best type of buddy dumping is where the two guys can see the logs coming out of each other's assholes. I have been in all these situations and enjoyed them. I first started buddy dumping with my 12-year-old cousin when I was 10. We were raised on a farm in the Midwest. We used to hold our shit in after breakfast and then head out to a wooded area on the farm. We would take off our shorts and squat facing each other so that we could see the t! urds coming out of each other's assholes. We always took some TP or Kleenex with us. When I got older and went to summer camp I would often buddy dump with two or three guys. The restroom had six toilets alongside each other without any partitions or doors. Three or four of us would go there after breakfast (which was the busiest time) and take a shit together. We would sometimes compete to see who dumped the biggest load. Those were real good times! I am now 25 and the opportunities for buddy dumping are less frequent, but they do occur. Another guy at work (who is about my age) and I go on morning break at the same time. Fairly often we head for the restroom together. Sometimes he just has to piss although I always need to take my morning shit. After he is done pissing, he usually comes and stands outside the door of the stall I am in and talks to me. There is a fairly wide space between the stall door and the frame and he can see me sitting on the john. Other! times, he and I go into adjoining stalls to take a dump. He does not make any comments about dumping, but is not at all shy about doing it. Since the restroom is usually quiet we can hear each other farting and dropping our turds. We usually wipe at the same time, but if he finishes before me he goes to wash his hands. He then stands outside my stall and talks to me while I am wiping my butt. He can see me wipng through the door crack, but is quite casual about it all. Happy buddy dumping!

kim and scott
hello all! HI LAWN DOG KIDS- . I like your posts and always wanted to chat with you. hey you are quick and smart. .I(Kim) did post that I was 15 years old in an old post. that I am very sorry to say was a lie I did it because most everyone here seemed to be a kid but i know now that people are all ages here. actually I am in my 20's you are right. and my boyfriend scott is a little older than me ok? I am surprised and a little embarrassed you caught that but good for you.and you are also right that my post get a little too sexy sometimes but some people here LOVE IT! I will still post sexy toilet stories from time to time but i will try to tone it down a notch or two. nice to finally chat with you. really!! i was always eager to but didnt know what to ask you.and if you have any other questiones about me and scott dont be afraid to ask. sorry again for saying im 15 when i am really in my 20's i apologize. so long now! love,kim. PLUS - i dont say sexy and stacked kimberley anym! ore because THATS A LITTLE MUCH DONTCHA THINK! TO KEEP SAYING THAT?HAHAHA! bye now!

To Ian(UK)

I can sympathise about your accident on the plane because I had something very similar happen to me a few years ago. When I was seventeen I had to go to court to give evidence as a witness. I was absolutely terrified about having to stand up in court and answer questions. When I arrived at the court it was huge and packed with people including a judge and jury. I had persuaded my parents not to come with me because I felt that I was old enough cope with it on my own but I was so nervous and yet tried not to show it. I was giving evidence with two policemen and they were really good and looked after me as well as a woman from a victim support scheme who take the place of my parents. I sat outside with the two policemen and they chatted and tried to make me feel at ease. When I finally went into court after the policemen I stood in the witness box and almost disgraced myself with fear! I was questionned for ages and my heart was pounding and I was feeling very frightened. Th! e questionning got harder and harder and suddenly as I was standing there, I felt a big fart coming on and tried to hold it back but I couldn't and it wasn't a fart but a wet squishy plop into my pants. I felt sure everyone in court had heard and I stood there with this awful warm mess in the seat of my pants. I could hardly concentrate on the questions and I didn't know how much I'd done or whether anyone else knew. By the time I finished giving evidence I stepped down and felt this huge sticky gooey mess all cold in my underpants. One of the policemen waited by the court doors for me and smiled at me as I walked awkwardly towards him and I just pathetically whispered to him, "I've messed myself!"
He was really nice and took me into the police room with the other policeman and they pointed me towards the toilet. I went in and cleaned myself up and one of them brought me a plastic bag in for my pants. Fortunately my trousers weren't stained badly enough not to be able to wear them home and I was able to almost disguise what I had done. The two policemen took me home by car and when we got there I dumped the bag with my pants in a rubbish bin. I only confessed to my parents that I'd messed my pants about three years later when we were talking about the case with my fiance. The most remarkable thing though was that as I was cleaning myself up in the toilet, one of the policemen told me not to worry about it and said, "I'll let you into a secret, I know some policemen who have done that in court - and much worse than you!" I wish now that I'd probed a bit more to find out if that was really true!

Ben in NY
Boy am I confused! Are there 2 Bryians on this site?? I always though Bryian was a girls name.

Hi Linda, haven't heard much from you lately, guss you haven't heard from me either. My coputers been down for a while. How have you been doing in the poop department lately?
Elena In one post you said its hard for you to poop. Could I ask if its always been that way...even when you were little? Did your Mom ever do stuff to help you out? I had a much harder time of it as a kid than I do now. My Mom was always giving me stuff like Milk of Magnesia, suppositories or even enemas a times. But mostly, and I hated this, she sat with me and made me strain and push while she
watched. -JW


Do you mean Sussex NJ? I live in Morris NJ

To All: Last night I took a shit As soon as I got out of the shower. Then I took another one this morning.

Hi everyone!!

Good to see a few stories about pooing over the side of boats coming out after I posted mine. It was a great feeling to sit there naked on the railing with my bum in the air and a gentle breeze caressing my private bits!! As I mentioned before, the toilet compartment was pretty damn small and boat toilets are prone to blockage as the outlet pipe is only one and a half inches inside diameter. The manual flush pump is small too. My boat's toilet was the type that took seawater in to flush and then pumped it back out into the water. These type of toilets can be a safety hazard if not used properly as the outlet and inlet are both underwater and if the valves attached to these are not closed off a siphoning action may occur after the user has walked off. This could cause the toilet to fill up with water and when it overflows the rim of the bowl, you suddenly have water slowly filling up the boat!!! There have been boats sunk this way, rare but it's happened!!!!

George...I loved your story about Moira pooing over the side of the boat, sounds like she was wise not to poo in the boat toilet with her big jobbies!!! You noticed the fish taking bites at the poo as well, I wonder what type they are? I just call them poofish!!!

PV....Hi girl!! Now there's a lovely image, you standing at the bow of a boat like a beautiful figurehead.....unfortunately pissing into the wind!!! I always weed or pooed off the back of the boat because boats lie head to the wind when at anchor. The back of the boat had a bit more room anyway, the bow being cluttered up with the mast's rigging, sails, anchor gear and other paraphenalia. Trying to wee or poo while the boat was under full sail was another matter. Hanging bums over the railing at this time risks falling overboard, at those times I had to use a bucket. For weeing, I would simply stay seated and flop my thingy out while holding the small bucket underneath. The bucket was tied to the boat with a long rope, so this was simply tossed over the side and would get a good washing out as it was dragged along behind the boat. I never got the chance to poo while under way, I think that would have been very difficult as weeing was difficult enough!! Especially in the op! en sea with a bit of rough weather thrown in as I got from time to time. A few times I came close to spilling the bucket of wee on myself as I tried to get it over the side!!! There was one time the weather was so rough that I was completely soaked before I got the chance to put on the wet weather gear. I needed to wee so just did it in my jeans. The warm feeling of wee spreading through my undies and jeans was incredible and if I had needed to poo I think I would have just let it slide out into my panties!!!

Plunging PLop Guy......Unfortunately, I only got splashed that one time when pooing off the back of the boat even though I did it many times. Still, it was good to get that as a bit of a bonus!! My home toilet is much more consistent, still giving me a splash for nearly every shit!!


Bryian, shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as I think the latest girl on the masthead of this forum, (the smiling one with her panties at her ankles) is very pretty, still, different strokes for different folks.

Electra, the idea of one of your big jobbies floating past the flooded station in Lewes fascinates me I must say .

W.R. I have a had a few close calls. The nearest I came to crapping myself in the bathroom was an incident I have related before when I was about 7 at school and this particular woman teacher wouldnt let kids out to the toilet during lessons. I had to hold in a motion and when I did get to the boys toilets the all the cubicles were in use and I lost in in my underpants as I couldnt hold it in until one of the stalls became free. I do know of a bloke I worked with who needed a motion quite urgently one morning and went quickly to the toilet we then heard a roar of anger and an exclamtion of "OH ****!" and then he shouted for a friend to come and help him. Now what had happened was that when he had got dressed that morning the ends of his shirt had got caught in his zipper and he couldn't get his trousers off. Now had he needed a good solid jobbie he may have been able to ease them over his hips in time but as he had been on a heavy beer drinking session the night before his! motion was an urgent loose mushy load and he heavily shit his underpants and trousers. While he waited in the cubicle, (and the smell was horrific!). I went out to a local shop and bought him new trousers, shirt and underpants, a packet of moists (wipes) and a couple of large rolls of kitchen towel to clean off with. We dumped his old soiled gear in a bin liner and slung it away. This could happen to anyone so we didn't give him a hard time about it.

"O" I have burned a turd. Once when I was a teenager I was alone at home and had done a big fat solid jobbie in the toilet. Now why this thought came into my head I'll never know but I wondered if it would burn, so carefully took it out of the toilet pan into a plastic bucket and put it in the fire grate in the living room. Now our indoor fire used smokeless coal which required a gas jet to ignite. This being supplied by a bar with holes in it coupled to the gas main which we called a "gas poker". I placed my jobbie, a fat lumpy turd of about 10 inches long, in the empty grate, and lit the gas poker. When the heat had evaporated the water off the turd it started to hiss and the surface bubbled and a horrible smell was given off, then it started to burn with a yellowish blue flame, I suppose the salt(sodium chloride) content making the yellow colour and the fats in it burning with a spluttering flame. The smell was diabolical. As it burned some of it dripped through the sl! ats into the ashcan beneath but as this was already full of ashes this was absorbed. Soon all that was left was a glowing ember like a piece of burnt stick. As a fire would have to be laid and lit for my mum coming home from shopping in Glasgow City Centre I laid some sticks over the burned out remians of the turd, put pieces of smokeless coal on top of this and then re ignited the gas poker. Soon I had a good fire going in the grate but the nasty smell of burned shit lingered in the living room. I sprayed some air freshner. When my mum came back she noticed the smell and commented but I said that it must have been some impurity in the smokeless coal and I said it had given a strange colour of flame when I started the fire. She accepted this and soon the smell faded away. I didnt repeat this experiment! I imagine dry turds would burn better, after all the Indians use dried cow pats and other races use dried animal dung. This however was a freshly laid jobbie and had of course ! been in the water of the toilet pan, if it had been done into a dry container and then allowed to dry out for a day or so I assume it would have burned far easier and with less offensive smell. Has anyone else burned a turd and what happened to them? Theresa says she once threw a pair of her knickers into the fire when she had an accident and had done a jobbie in them on the way home from school as she didnt want her mother to find the soiled knickers when she got home. As the fire was burning well at the time and she pulled some burning coals on top of the knickers to hide them she didnt observe what happened in great detail, but says that within 5 minutes the cotton knickers and squashed up poo in their seat had been reduced to ashes which she ensured were indistinguishable from the others by mixing them in well with the poker then putting more coal on the fire. She wasnt found out as she cleaned herself them put on another clean pair of white cotton briefs similar to the p! air she had shit in.

Sunday, October 15, 2000

i was in the car with my best bud, and she had already mentioned once or twice top drive faster. When i asked her why, she said she had drinken way to much soda at dinner. a few min later, she began to bounce slightly. Then she crossed her legs very tightly. about 15 min from my house, she grabed her crotch and squeezed it. Before long, she cried ou "I dont know how much longer i can take it!" i told her to try hard. As we pulled into my subdivision, i told her to hold on...we were almost there. She got out of the car , doubled over and lost it completely, ruining her pink capri's and her white sandles.

When this was done with, she asked if anyone had any other methods of holding pee...i told her i would find them if you do.

Has anyone ever crapped themeselves in the bathroom, before they got their underwear down? I'd love to hear some stories!

Bryian: I'm pleased you thought the story about my cousin Jason and his buddy was cool. It depends what you mean by "buddy dumping." I don't know whether there is a generally accepted definition. In this case, the two guys took a shit in each other's presence with me in the tub. It was as far as I could see a matter of necessity and there was nothing more to it than that. Matt did flush before Jason replaced him on the toilet to take his shit. As I mentioned, however, we did see Jason's logs. Unlike Matt who wiped his butt while seated, Jason stood up to wipe and Matt and I could therefore see his logs in the bowl.

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