Well, I meant to tell you guys, I have a new g/f, and she's so in love with me it's crazy. When I saw her about a week before my school started in NY, and hers started in IL, we spent about 4 hours together, ate at Friday's, and hung out at my hotel room for about an hour. When we had just finished at Friday's and were waiting for the waitress to come by to ask for the check, she said to me, "You think we can finish up soon?" I told her, "Sure honey, but why?" She said, "Can't tell ya." I was kinda beginning to wonder if I had done something wrong on the date, and I was really curious if it had anything to do with our relationship. As it happened, it was indirectly related to our relationship just recently. She had to poop, and she told me exactly that about 5 minutes later. She said to me, "Honey, I gotta take a poop." Unfortunately, she never allowed herself to poop in my presence, but she told me on the phone a few days later that she almost pooped her panties, but! she also told me that sometime later in our relationship, she might let me watch her, so I'm hoping for the best in two weeks. I'll keep all of ya updated!

Happy and huge motions to all! Dave-NY

Hello everyone! This is a great site, my first time here. I just want to say that I absolutely love hearing young ladies talk about peeing or making poop; especially when they are really desperate. Keep the posts coming! If any young ladies would like to write to me about their peeing or pooping experiences, I would love to hear from them.

Kiki, yes, I just had one of those two-tone poops too - mostly light brown, with a dark brown stripe and tip. It came out easily in two firm pieces, and the second piece had more light brown, and I think must have been slightly softer, because it was tapered at the end.

Last night I dreamt I was in some sort of field with my friends and really needed to go badly, both pee and poop. (In my dream) I went behind a wall - I don't know why there was a wall - pulled down my pants and sort of squatted in a corner - I don't know why there was a corner - with my back touching the wall, then I started to push. I remember looking at the grass beneath my feet and waiting for my pee to come hissing out, but nothing happened.

Just then I woke up, and realised I was in my bed and not a field, and that it would be a bad idea to pee there, so I went to the bathroom and peed a long, strong stream. I felt 'full' and needed to poop, too, but somehow I couldn't right then - I did after breakfast though, when I got a second, stronger urge.

Prince Morgan

You guys make my day!!

BUZZY- Thanks for the info. I'm going to try pooping along the top of a log. You're my hero, dude!

BRYIAN and CASEY- A well executed urinal dump is a work of art! There's no way to flush it, and who'd want to? It's a gift for the next person! To answer you'r other question, Bryian, the urinals I filled were out in the open, no one else was in the bathroom the times I did it. I relly want to poop in one when a bathroom is busy, though. Wait until I really have to unload bad, when all the toilets are busy and just go in and say:"sorry," to the guys around me, drop my pants and let go!

And no, I've never used any suppositories, but I keep reading about them here, and would like to try them.



To DM: I've seen that movie before, and i thought that part was funy.

Speaking about movies with poop/pee sceens in it i recall the other day i was searching "poop" or suppository or something like that and i came across a site that has a list of movies with peeing for it cause i don't remember the url.

To Casey: I liked your story about holding in your poop. when you pooped outside did you leave it outside? or flush it down the toilet. If i did that i would be afraid someone would see it and know that an animal didn't produce it.

To Brad: That was a cool story about your 17 year old cousin and his friend had to shit and all3 of you were in the bathroom. May i ask, did they actully buddy dump? or did Matt flush before Jason sat on the toilet. I think it was very cool.

To wizzer: that must have been an exciting day, did you stain your pants with the first log? BTW im 19 too.

To Aaron: I liked your story too. I guess that, it wasn't good that you shitted your pants, yet in an expensive pair of underwear, i know they cost alot. Did you really wear depends(adult diapers)? Do you wear them often? What did that Kid do with your shitty boxers?

I just downloaded this attachment called gotta pee. These 2 construction workers are working on a building and they are 30 floors up and the building only has the beams(it's not nearly done yet). He annouces that he has to take a leak and he was going to go down to the ground to pee. The other worker says no don't go down there you can take a leak from up here...I'll stand on this side of the beam and you go to the other end and leak. So then this other guys cell phone rings and he goes to anwser it and the guy that has to pee ends up falling next to a porto pottie.

I agree with (no name), taking a shit in the pool is really gross. Especially for those of us who need to clean it out. Not only does the pool have to be vacuumed really well, but as poop is full of lots of bacteria, the pool needs to be closed for at least one full cycle (usually 6-8 hours) and superchlornated (turn the pool into mild acid basically) for the protection of everyone. Trust me, I dealt with it too much this summer. The pool that I work at has 2 separate pools and a kid pooped in the leisure pool, so we had to close/clean it and then later we found more poop in the main pool. We call it the "official shit day"

wow! I have to say I never knew people actually had websites on this stuff! <just proving how naive I am!> It's amazing!
I'm a ?? yr old girl in ?? and if any older guys out there have icq then send me a message cos I would love to chat about this stuff or maybe even meet up!

One of the most memorable experiences I've ever had was about this time last year...

I was doing the expedition part of D of E and there was only one other guy in our group - there was only 5 of us anyway! - and on the day of the expedition this guy <who shall remain nameless> mentioned to me that he had been feeling sick the night before due to nerves. About midday <we had been walking for some time> we had split up and two of the girls were walking slightly ahead of us, setting the pace. My friend, this guy and I were following them, chatting and messing about etc...
It started to rain later on and by the time we came to the second stop we were soaked from head to foot! We sat down to eat and the other girl walked off to get a refill on water. After she had gone he told me that he hoped it wouldn't take that long to finish the route. When I asked why he replied that he needed to go to the toilet pretty bad, in more ways than one! I felt a bit sorry for him because I knew from experience that it would take at least another few hours to finish, but I didn't say anything to him.
We started off again after we had eaten and again split up. After about twenty minutes my friend caught up with the other two girls ahead to ask which way we were going. While she was gone he told me with a slightly worried expression on his face that he would need to go soon as he was getting desperate and did I know how much further we had to go. It was then I told him what I had been thinking. I pointed out that the last part of the walk was the furthest and the other two had taken a few hours each. He looked panicky when I told him this and said that there was no way he would be able to wait that long. My friend rejoined us at this point so we changed the subject.
After a while I noticed that he was bent over more when he walked <I was walking next to him and he was on the outside> and after about half an hour he stopped suddenly and said he had hurt his ankle. I told my friend to go up ahead and we would catch up soon when he had put on a bandage.
As soon as she had gone he grabbed himself and started to undo his trousers. He moaned that he couldn't hold it in anymore and had to go now! He asked if I didn't mind him going in front of me and I said he could do whatever he needed and did he need any help? He said no but hobbled over to the trees at the side of the trail and went into the woods so that no one comming along the trail behind us could see. I followed him out of curiosity and to see if he was ok, and as we were walking he let out a few loud farts. He appologised and stopped to pull down his trousers. He crouched down on the ground in front of a tree and let rip another loud fart about six seconds long!
Then he started pushing and a thick dark log started to emerge. He took quite a long time so we started talking and I sat down to the side of him. He seemed embarrassed but didn't say anything and while the second log was comming out he started to pee as well.
Surprisingly I could hardly smell it and after about ten or more minutes he announced that he was done. There was about four long, thick logs on the ground and he was slightly out of breath from the effort. He laughed and told me he never thought he would do that in front of a girl! As he stood up he asked if I had any tissues or anything he could use to wipe himself with. I told him I had and asked if he would let me do it for him. He thought what I asked was funny but agreed and while I was doing it I went as far into his hole as I could to make sure he was completely clean. I was in my element by this time but didn't tell him that!
We had to jog to catch up with the others and surprisingly his ankle was much better!
Funnily enough we ended up going out after that!

Any guys have any embarrassing stories like this that have happened to them? It would be great to hear it from the guy's point of view!


Hi Lili,

Now that brings back something I'd forgotten -- I know Louise will enjoy this litle story, too! I've used a handicapped cubicle once or twice on the foreshore -- it was an old bathroom that had been revamped and it had only the one toilet, in an extra-large stall with hand rails. Yes, there's lots of elbow-room, and extra privacy, though in this case there was a gap to the sky between the walls and the roof. It was an interesting experience to step right out of my swimsuit while listening to the sea on one side and traffic on the other, and do my business standing over a stainles steel pot in the corner of an echoing place. Fun? I couldn't decide whether to sit, stand, hover, or do it on the floor by the drain! I think I did them all, and nearly ran out of wee in the process!

I enjoy the girlies on the masthead, but, yeah, I'd like to see a guy now and then too. But gals are good!



This week, I had a couple of good shits at school. It maybe related to what I ate but I had some good farting after I sat down which is not normal for me. On Mon, I wnet into the bathroom alone but while I was ripping away, several college kids which kind of gave me company to enjoy the dump.

On the posting by "Brad" on Oct 10, about his cousin Jason & Matt taking a dump while he was in the tub, I enjoyed it :)

Well, that is it for now.....

Hi everyone! Not much to say today, but for those of us who have been around here for a long while, I was just wondering if Steph and Alewx still visit? Miss you guys. I know you've graduated from college and probably on to big things, but all the same you are missed.
Have a great day everyone!

Hi all, I like reading the posts on this site. But I have to say that I am also shy about pooping when someone else is around. I would get stuck at work and at school having to go. But always made it home to shit. But I have to say that thinking of an attractive women in those situations could be very erotic.

I lived as a child from age 5 to my late teens with my aunt and two older girl cousins and we had an open toilet policy which for those days, the 1960s, was progressive. There were no problems with this, If my aunt or one of the girls was sitting on the toilet doing a wee wee or a motion and I entered the toilet/bathroom to wash my hands, my hair, have a bath or shower, no problem, likewise if I was sitting on the pan peeing or pooing. We often accompanied each other and had a good look at what we had dropped and commented on its size, shape, colour etc. My aunt had a very open attitude to urination, defecation, menstruation, and I saw all three of these functions occur from her and the two lassies as I grew up. Now obviously she did teach her daughters and I that most other people were NOT open about such matters and to both respect their privacy and to follow the conventions in other people's homes, and of closing the door when using their toilet. So no problems occurred. I ! can only say that it is for each family to set their own benchmarks on this as on nudity etc. Do what is comfortable for all, respect others wishes for privacy, (lots of teenagers develop a wish for privacy in puberty, its perfectly natural), and respect the sensitivities of strangers and visitors. Moira and I wont be having kids, we never wanted any, but we would have brought them up to be unashamed of their bodies and their natural functions but to respect the less open attitudes of others.

Midnight Cowboy, thanks for the answers. I personally wear briefs with elasticated leg openings and no fly, knickers if you like as I have done since I was a kid of 5, I find these far more comfortable. I dont like boxer shorts, no support for the genitals and uncomfortable, but each to their own. I also detest Y fronts as described by yourself and only wore them at Grammar (High) School on the days I had to do games and PE, changing back into knickers in the privacy of a toilet cubicle when this lesson had finished. As I sit to pee in a cubicle anyway, no problem. I dont like urinals but if they are the more modern automatically flushing type with the sensor I have previously described and the toilet has a good air freshening system then fair enough, but most in the UK are the dirty,smelly type I loathe. I have to say Midnight Cowboy that if your were caught in a Public or Bar Toilet in Glasgow, (Scotland), behaving as you describe then you would stand a very good chance! of "havin yer heid kicked in ya poof!" as the locals would put it. That is why many men prefer to use cubicles and bolt the door whether they stand or sit to pee. The few unisex toilets in the UK, still a rare event here, are quite large multi cubicle toilets. I still maintain that British women will NOT tolerate open urinals being used by men and that the urinal may thus soon die out, no great loss in my opinion, but I suppose a terrible sorrow to those who like them, such as yourself MC. (as too liking the smell of urine, well, whatever floats your boat, MC , but I find it totally YEUCH!"

Moira has done a jobbie with her fat bum hanging over the side of the boat as she didnt want to block the narrow exit of the pump action pan below decks with her fat panbuster. We were with equally open minded friends who's cabin cruiser it was on the Firth of Clyde, (thats the estuary for non Scots), it was a nice calm summer day and we were at anchor fishing with no other boats that close around. Moira said, "I need a big jobbie" and to our delight she undid her belt, dropped her jeans and pale blue panties and hung her fat arse over the gunwhale. A jet of pee poured out of her vulva then she grunted, "OO! UH! NNN! UH! and slowly but surely this great fat brown turd started to come out of her arsehole, growing to about 14 inches long before it tapered off and dropped into the water with a resounding KUR-SPLOOMP! It floated for a moment or two then slowly sunk and we could see it in the clear water. As it dropped into the depths some fish came up to it and started to nibb! le at it. Afterwards the fishing was first class so I suppose Moira had groundbaited the water!

Two tone jobbies, both of us, Moira and I, have done these so I cant see anything to worry about. If you have been eating red meat or other dark foods then change to light food, pasta, white bread then this combination turd can occur. Dont let it worry you.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Midnight Cowboy
An ad for urinals for sale, huh? Go for it! We have one in my house.
My roommate had a friend who was selling his bar/pub and before he did, he bought one of the urinals. We had to hire a professional plumber to install it, because it's a lot more complicated to do than a toilet for some reason. (I wonder how plumbers feel about working on toilets, anyhow? Kneeling over sometimes dirty, clogged up ones. Any plumbers out there? Let us know!) Anyway, we had it installed right next to the toilet. We don't think twice about one of us using the toilet and one of using the urinal at the same time. I guess as buddies for so many years, it just feels totally natural. What's really fun is when we have a guest over to the house who's never been there before. When they use our bathroom, a urinal is the last thing they expect to see. It's interesting to see who will ask us about it and who will pretend they didn't see a thing. Especially women! One thing that everyone has said who's brought it up was, they never saw one in a house before!

You both mentioned the popular style of men's underwear that has no
fly and requires hauling your pants down. I could never figure out who the heck invented those classic-style white jockey briefs with the double-layered vertical fly that have been around forever. I mean you have to be a contortionist to get your hand in the fly, pull your dick out and then do the reverse, putting it back. And lord help you if the two layers snap shut while you're in the middle of peeing! When I was 23, I tried on my first pair of boxer shorts underwear and I never went back! A urologist had recommended it to me because I have unusually large testicles that were aching a lot from tight briefs. But even if it wasn't for that, the convenience of actually being able to just unzip your pants and pee is worth it in itself. The men I see in public bathrooms who wear briefs, always have to step away from the urinal to let someone else in while they move back away and pull up, zip up and buckle up.

Now don't go calling yourself names just because you disagree with me. I like "nasty vicious bitches" anyway. I just think it's great that we have this forum to discuss these types of things with other people who actually think about them. There's no right or wrong. Ever hear the expression, "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one and they all stink." But seriously, I welcome you to have an opinion that disagrees with mine. That's what makes the world fun.

I did want to address some points you made. I don't expect to get
punched out for peaking at the urinals and ending up on a urine soaked bathroom floor (although "I'd be happy as a pig in shit" -- another American expression) since I love the smell of piss. Taking a glance at the guy using the urinal next to you isn't really a homosexual thing, it's a curiosity thing. Most men at some time or another are just curious about "how the other guy does it" or what the other guy looks like. For instance, I'm circumsized and I always wondered if a man with a foreskin rolled it back before peeing. And this "urinal-peaking" is not an overt action. In fact, it's very, very subtle. (Guys, back me up here!) When you're pissing in a urinal, there's basically two places you can look. You can look straight ahead at the wall in front of you, or some men look down at their own dicks while they're pissing. When they do that, it's practically unavoidable to see the penis of the guy next to you out of your PERIPHERAL vision. I suspect that's why most men loo! k down in the first place.

I agree with you that people should be able to make their own choices
about how they go to the bathroom. If I guy wants to go into a locked
cubicle, fine, that's his perogative. If he wants to sit down to pee, hey it doesn't bother me any! But, don't take away MY CHOICES. If I want to continue to use urinals, it shouldn't be up to someone else to start snatching them out of public bathrooms. I've never seen any unisex bathrooms that can accomodate more than one person here in the U.S., but if they should come our way, I don't believe they should start yanking out all the urinals so women don't get offended.

As for the hygiene issue; you know that few men ever lift the seat to pee at home. And they sure as hell don't do it in public bathrooms either. In fact, some purposely piss all over the seat so the poor guy who has to defecate later either sits down in the cold wet pee if he doesn't see it, or has to take TP and wipe it down. The presence of urinals discourages this from happening.

Now on to some more fun stories:

In the early 80's when I lived in New York (I've been in Texas about
20 years now) and the punk rock scene was all the craze, I used to enjoy exploring some of Manhattan's most notorius night spots. They were most definitely dens of the unusual and bazzare. They were darkly lit, had deafeningly loud music, and were filled with young people in filthy, shreaded clothing with spiked hair of all colors, dancing quite violently. Many of these party-goers also were using illegal drugs. The bathrooms were equally strange, but there are 2 in particular that I remember.

I walked into one men's room to pee and found a small little party
with both guys and gals in there, most of which were not there to excrete anything. The fixtures were very, very old. There were two of these old urinals that stretched all the way down to the floor and these two big old toilets with huge tanks behind the bowls. They were not inside any stalls. The two urinals were being used and another guy was peeing in one of the toilets. That left me no choice but the other toilet and I had to pee bad. But there was a young woman who was sitting on top of the unused toilet's tank smoking a cigarette. Her feet were resting on the seat as she socialized. Remember I said there was this little "private" party going
on in there? Well, I walked up to the toilet and was face-to face with her, took out my penis and shot a gushing, steady stream of piss into the toilet bowl. She continued puffing on her cigarette and watched intently. As I was shaking my dick off, she started clapping and exclaimed, "Nice job!" Then she offered me a quaalude.

In another punk club, I had to shit. The men's room was very large in
size, but only had one trough-style urinal along one wall that also had the sinks and one toilet on the opposite wall without a stall. But the urinal and toilet were pretty far apart because the room was so big.

There was one guy pissing in the trough while his two buddies were making a drug deal. I just minded my own business, walked over to the toilet, pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down. In a few minutes, this very drunk or stoned girl wandered in and went over to the 3 guys busy making the deal. One of them shouted at her, "I told you to wait outside!" "But I don't want to!" she wined, but he told her to get out. As she walked to the door she spotted me sitting on the can and made a slight detour. She came up within inches of me looking very coy and curious and started making small talk, asking me my name and stuff. At first I was really embarrassed. I never had a problem shitting in front of other guys before, but this was the first time I'd ever been seen by a female while doing it. She walked around the side of me and leaned over and looked down at my penis between my legs, not trying to hide what she was doing at all. With the attention it was now getting, it s! tarted to grow. I started getting nervous that her boyfriend down the other end of the room was going to get jealous, so I pushed out my last turd and told her I had to wipe. I was hoping that she would take that as her cue to leave, but instead she said, "Oh, stand up and do it, please!
I wanna see!" Slowly and nervously I stood up with my erection pointing outward, pulled some toilet paper off the roll, bent over a little and started my wiping. Her eyes were glued to my butt. I finished and just as I was closing my pants and bucking my belt, her boyfriend turned around and saw us. He yelled at her, "I told you to get the f??k out of here and wait outside! What the hell's the matter with you!" Well, that was my cue to leave and I disappeared into the darkness of the club. But what a cool experience!

Why take a shit when you can leave one?

No matter how much you wiggle,
No matter how much you dance,
The last little drop of pee,
Always ends up in your pants.

Q: Why are turds tapered at the end?
A: So your asshole doesn't snap shut.

Talk to y'all later!

A Year in Provence

Continuing my French theme, here is an amusing short extract from the book, "A Year in Provence" by Peter Mayle, (published by Hamish Hamilton, London 1989). The author is an American who went to live in the Provence region of France. In Chapter 7 (July), he writes about some French national stereotypes for German, Belgian, Swiss and English tourists:

"And the English - Ah the English. They were renowned for the frailty of their digestive systems and their preoccupation with drains and plumbing. 'They have a talent for diarrhoea' a French friend observed. 'If an Englishman hasn't got it he's looking for somewhere to have it.' There is just enough of a hint of truth in these national insults to maintain their currency, and I was witness to an interlude in one of Cavaillon's busiest cafes which must have confirmed the French in their opinion of English sensitivities.

A couple with their small son were having coffee, and the boy indicated that he needed to go to the lavatory. The father looked up from his two-day-old copy of the Daily Telegraph. 'You'd better make sure it's all right,' he said to the boy's mother. 'Remember what happened in Calais?'

The mother sighed and made her way dutifully into the gloom at the rear of the cafe. When she reappeared it was at high speed and she looked as if she had just eaten a lemon. 'It's DISGUSTING. Roger is not to go in there.' Roger immediately became interested in exploring a forbidden lavatory. 'I've got to go,' he said, and played his trump card. 'It's number two. I've got to go.'
'There isn't even a seat, It's just a HOLE.'
'I don't care, I've got to go.'
'You'll have to take him' said the mother. 'I'm not going in there again.'
The father folded his newspaper and stood up with young Roger tugging at his hand. 'You'd better take the newspaper,' said the mother.
'I'll read it when I get back.'
'THERE'S NO PAPER,' she hissed. 'Ah. Well, I'll try to save the crossword.'

The minutes passed, and I was wondering if I could ask the mother exactly what had happened in Calais, when there was a loud exclamation from the back of the cafe.
It was the emerging Roger followed by his ashen-faced father holding the remnants of his newspaper. Conversation in the cafe stopped as Roger gave an account of the expedition at the top of his voice. The patron looked at his wife and shrugged. Trust the English to make a spectacle out of a simple visit to the 'wa-wa'.

The equipment that had caused such consternation to Roger and his parents was a 'toilette a la Turque', which is a shallow porcelain tray with a hole in the middle and foot-rests at each side. It was designed, presumably be a Turkish sanitary engineer, for maximum inconvenience, but the French had added a refinement of their own - a high-pressure flushing device of such velocity that unwary users could find themselves soaked from the shins down. There are two ways of avoiding sodden feet: the first is to operate the flushing lever from the safety of dry land in the doorway, but since this requires long arms, and the balance of an acrobat, the second option - not to flush at all - is unfortunately much more prevalent. To add to the problem, some establishments install an energy-saving device which is peculiar to the French. The light switch, always located on the outside of the lavatory door, is fitted with an automatic timer that plunges the occupant into darkness after th! irty-eight seconds, thus saving precious electricity and discouraging loiterers.

Amazingly enough, 'a la Turque' lavatories are still being manufactured, and the most modern cafe is quite likely to have a chamber of horrors in the back. But when I mentioned this to Monsieur Menicucci, he leapt to the defence of French sanitary ware, insisting that at the other end of the scale were lavatories of such sophistication and ergonometric perfection that EVEN AN AMERICAN would be impressed. He suggested a meeting to discuss the two lavatories we needed for the house. He had some marvels to show us, he said, and we would be ravished by the choice...."


Ok, I work at a grocery store. One day I was in the parking lot, collecting the carts, and this middle aged woman comes up to me. She looked visibly uncomfortable and anxious. She asked me if there was a bathroom in the store, so I led the way to it. As we were walking, I could hear her gasp suddenly. Then I pointed down the hallway to where the bathroom was and she race-walked ahead of me. She was wearing white pants, and the whole back of them were soaked with piss! I was trying hard not to laugh when I noticed she had started to gasp again. She clutched her behind and started to run, crying. The she stopped and I could see a bulge beginning to form in the back of her pants. I here this huge fart, and then there's this like, explosive diaherria running down her WHITE pants! She ran out out of the store with people laughing like hyenas at the sight of her. It was the damn funniest thing I have ever seen (altough I suppose not for her)!

how me of you have uhad to usa a toilet with some becase there was only 1 ther and you bouth had to go bad? and tell the storie of what hapen

Chris 1
Hi Plunging Plop Guy. Good to have you back again. I always enjoy reading your posts, they always get something stirring in me - if you get my drift! We certainly share the same interests. Grunting and farting before pushing out a good solid turd, listening to other guys dropping their loads, better still being with other guys while they are performing and of course the splashing of the water up the arsehole.
Earlier this year I was down in West Wales and visited a public toilet as I needed to crap. There were two cubicles, one of which was occupied. I went into the other, wiped the seat, pulled down my jeans and underpants and sat down. I gave a grunt just to start things moving and let out the usual pre shit fart. I then heard a child's voice coming from next door say "There's someone next door" Then I heard a man's voice say "Shhh have you finished yet?" The kid said yes and then I heard the sound of wiping and the man's voice said "Daddy needs to go now"
I heard the belt being unbuckled and the jeans being pulled down and dropping on the floor. Then I heard Daddy grunt and fart. By this time as you can imagine I was well and truly aroused, so I gave a grunt so that Daddy could hear me. Then Daddy gave a louder grunt. Boy was I almost at the point of no return! I grunted again and my fat turd started crackling its way out of my shitter. Daddy could obviously hear this as I heard the kid whisper something inaudible and Daddy said shhhhh. He then gave another loud grunt, farted and then I heard his turd crackle out and plop into the toilet. My turd fell about a second after Daddy's. I gave a big sigh so that Daddy could hear me then I grunted and pushed out my second softer turd which fell into the pan with a floomp. Daddy gave a really long loud NNNNNNNNNNNNNNFFFFFFF and after about ten seconds silence, I heard his turd flop into the pan. This was the point where no return was reached by me and I then heard Daddy wiping. I ! quickly wiped too, pulled up my jeans and waited for daddy to flush. As soon as he did, I flushed too and we both exited at the same time. He was a real good looking stunner about early to mid thirties 6'0 tall. He gave me a lovely knowing smile and I of course smiled back. He washed his kid's hands then his own and I washed mine. He left first and turned and smiled at me as he went out holding the kid's hand. I just wonder what might have happened if he had been on his own.
It was a very arousing experience.

I was at work this morning and i got a stomach ache and i was hoping it was going to go away, which it did. Then i have this stomach ache and im fixing pacients breakfast and we weren't half way done when i felt a strange feeling in my stomach, like i was going to have to take a major crap(and a long one too). Then I was almost done and my stomach ache went away and the urge to shit went away. I thought i was going to have to find someone to cover for me so i could shit, but i didn't have to(i didn't want to cause i knew i would have been gone awhile). Then as soon as i was done cleaning up I went upstairs and used the bathroom. When i went to the bathroom i didn't have a big urge to shit, but i felt as i better shit so my stomach ache don't come back. I entered this old bathroom upstairs and it was freezing up there(it's an old bulding). I could have used the bathroom downstairs but i didn't. I sat down and i was freezing(not that was like 40 outside and this wa! s around 8am). I sat down and pushed this nice firm light brown log out, it had to be about 7 or 8" then i wiped 3 times and i flushed. I also had to pee while i was up there. I wonder what it would have been like if i shitted eariler? more shit probably. This is like the 3rd or 4th time i've taken a shit at work...I've only been there 6 months).

Hi Louise,

Re reactions to bodily-functions-by-the-sea (sounds like a holiday spot!) I remember the residents around our local nude beach making a formal complaint that naturists were openly using the beach as a combination latrine and "mating ground," this was about twenty years ago. There's not been a word said since, and the regulations under which it exists specify only that one should not behave in a manner offensive to others. Kids are another matter, though, I guess... Up to the age of maybe six children, boys *and* girls, are quite often left naked on regular metropolitan beaches, or they were in the days before the UV crisis. Neighbours on both sides of us have let their kids be naked in the garden in summer to age nine or older. I once heard of a family who let their 12-year old daughter be naked around home in the summer. Is there anything like this in the UK??? How this relates to outdoor toilet practice I'm unsure, though.

Yeah, I'd love to have seen the raised eyebrows your performances in Spain would have caused! I have to spend more time down at the cove, and observe folks a bit more, to see what they're into. On my last trip there was a statuesque Spanish woman and her kids, she was fully naked the whole time but her daughters kept one-piece swimsuits on, precisely the opposite of the metropolitan situation! They only stripped to change into dry things after their swim.

Yes, that mom teaching her daughters by the sea was *indeed* fostering good life skills. I remember my sister making the comment apropos of a neighbour who clearly had an open bathroom policy (her loo was by the backdoor, which was permanently open in summer) that 'life can be a lot easier for folks who don't have hang-ups about these things." She is sooooo right.

Yes, the hypothetical question of how to raise a he with the shes in an open bathroom house is a sticky one. No matter how right one's intentions, society has expectations too, and kids must be raised to be aware of what society will expect from them. It *can* be done, but there are often hitches along the way, and the important thing is not to disadvantage any of your kids in any way. That means it's a balancing act, and a best-compromise situation, which is less than perfect, sadly.

"Loose shits without a reason? Well I wonder if it is thinking about what you will get up to on the beaches in the good weather that is doing that to you."

Hahahahahaha!!!! It does, as well! My stomach knots up and my heart is in my throat with excitement on the way! As soon as I commit to it I settle down and just enjoy, but like anything worth waiting for, the anticipation is part of the thrill!

Oh, my dear friend, the very thought of you peeing in a puddle in the rain... What's nice in the warm weather takes on a different flavor when you're cold and wet. It's still an adventure, but I'll bet you were real happy to be home, and, if I know you two, straight into the bath!

Mmmm, those recent pishes were fun. I did a hovering dump yesterday too, just for variety. It felt like there was plenty to come but ended up being minor and sticky. Hrmph! But, yeah, it's different, another technique, and the extreme bending angle of the hips tends to compress the abdomen and allow for good internal pressure. Do you find this?

Hmmm, yep, I've meditated upon what your hands can get up to if not in front while Steve is opening your lips from behind. Lovely images!

As is the thought of your fun in your corner-tub -- I'd say such a bathroom is something of a romantic necessity - hedonist that I am. Go for the carrying-shot *in the bath?* Delightful, but don't slip, you two!

A carton of packaged weather will be dispatched to Britain in the morning... Ha! It's good to be in the sunscreen habit, one skin cancer can end your beach going days forever from sheer fright. At the nude beach I found it a great pleasure to do a complete full-body lotion job in plain sight.

How did I guess what your idea was? Hahaha! I've done it a few times myself! Keep trying, you'll synchronize with the Spanish-looker one day soon. Oh, I know what it's like to get interrupted, the suddenness of it makes you close-up involuntarily! Yep, closing the stall is a natural reaction to the surprise. I have actually done a full standing emptying with the stall open on a number of occasions, the most recent being the doorless stall on the seafront a month or so back -- was it? I lose track of time. There was never going to be a closed door, so I summoned my composure and went. It took about a minute to relax enough, then I was okay.

Yeah, you might find the Indian lady has very open personal habits from the old country, and if she discovers you are that way inclined you could have some very pleasant moments together. The Spanish-looker may well join in, given her previous performance. Now that would be a sight to behold. And if they were open, you may be able to teach them the standing forward-stream method. I look forward to hearing your exploits!

Hugs for Louise, and a warm hello to Steve,


Hi Bryian Thanks for remembering me. I don't post much anymore but I read all of the stories daily. I use suppositories and I prefer the gylcerine suppositories. They do not produce a violent reaction in the same way that dulcolax suppositories do. I still have to strain to go even with the suppository. Usually even after 20-25 minutes of retaining the suppository I still push out what is left of the suppository. It does not melt completely. A lot of people prefer the more powerful dulcolax suppositories but I always found them painful (they burn) and more apt to upset my stomach. I also use an enema when I have the time. Hope you are feeling better now. You are one of my favorite posters on this forum. I wonder who else is out there who used to post frequently like me but now just reads? Check in and say hello! I wonder about Carlos, Brent C.,Fernando, Drew, Aarron, Nicky, Daniel (UK), Craig. Know I have missed some. Hope you guys are okay! Take Care, Thom

kim and scott
hello all! hoped you all enjoyed our last post. glad to see you are still around LOUISE. scott and i miss yours & steves posts. thanks NICOLA FROM ENGLAND-on complementing me that my giant logs could still probably clog the huge toilet you saw. I am flattered that you mentioned my name REALLY! thanks. Thanks DAZZ, LOUISE <STEVE,DIANE,GAVIN,JOHN(VT),TONY FROM SCOTLAND and a host of other for liking our posts. Even though scott and I are pretty busy in college and working we will continue to post from time to time .We aint going no where yet folks ok? so long now and hopefully It wont be too long till another good story arrives that we will share with you. until then my friends goodbye. love,kim and scott

Nothing much to report this time around. But all this talk of movies with bathroom scenes made me think of "Detroit Rock City". This is a hilarious movie in all respects, but one of the funniest scenes to my mind occurs when the boys are hiding from the security guard in the girls' restroom - and one of the school's cheerleaders comes in and sits in the stall next to them. In doing her deed, she rips off a huge fart, and one of the boys whispers, "Whoa...I've never heard a girl blow ass before!"

Funny stuff...


love to listen to fems walking on tile floor in bathroom with high heels and listen to the hissing of the tinkle. david

The Cardinal
I recently was recruited by two female friends to run with them daily in the early morning. Third morning out, I excused myself with a quick "nature break" comment while running and ducked into some brush beside the trail.
I needed to poop, so found a big tree, dropped shorts, sqautted, and started doing my business. After a minute or so, I heard my friends giggling and stepping through the brush. Before I could fully comprehend what was happening, they both came around the tree and started making smart ass comments while I'm shitting. I asked them to stop acting like kids and please respect my privacy, but they would not leave until I started to wipe my ass with leaves.
When I returned to the trail, they were jokingly trying to apologize but as you might imagine, I was in no mood for it so I sullenly completed the run, and told them from that point forward, they could run without me.
What's really strange is that I'm not particularly shy about my bodily functions, but I was very annoyed that my "friends" decided to get their rocks off, using me, without my consent. Talking about feeling violated!
Of course at first, they both contended I overreacted, but when I told them to place themselves in my position and reverse the situation, they both seemed to "see the light", especially when I asked each of them how they react if their boyfriend and husband, respectively, had told them they "jokingly" done to this same thing to one of their female friends. I then took it one step further and asked them how did they think the boyfriend and the husband would react if I told them about their girlfriend's and wife's behavior. Needless to say for the first time, they were genuinely contrite.

Plunging Plop Guy
Just read about MARK B(UK)'s Great shit with a huge splash!I LOVE to hear about these sessions and I hope your bum get drenched as I would have wanted if I'd been on your toilet,it must be a good one to use and I bet you wish you were recording again!Like you .I don't know how I'd cope if I was in one of the USA toilets with no doors and was in the company of several fit guys all grunting,farting and plopping big logs and enjoying the comradeship.
DAZZ,I hadn't realised that shitting into the sea from 4foot above would give anyone such a mega-splash!!!That must have been terrific!

As for the difficulty of having a close friend that you wonder how to introduce the subject of having a shit in company.
I had a very good friend some years ago and we used to be able to talk about anything and as I found myself becoming interested in the idea of him shitting decided I ought to tell him that I felt more interested in men than women.I already instinctively knew he wpold be able to cope with that and it was great to know we shared a secret that he felt easy about.I almost at once said how much I love sitting on the toilet and having a shit and very gradually introduced him to the fact I like to hear other men going and then after he'd had to use my toilet when he was visiting me once-I asked him if he'd enjoyed it and so each time he went when he came round I'd mention it a bit more "graphically".
As he frequently needed to go when he visited,it was a very good opportunity to develop the subject until one day when I'd bought a cassette recorder,I suggested he take it up with him and record himself.
He was quite happy and rather amused at the idea and when he came down after ,was as keen as I was to listen.About 6 fairly loud plops in about 1 minute and I realised how great this was -this breakthrough as he'd previously regarded it as a necessary unpleasant function of the body and used to put paper down the toilet to avoid being splashed.
With his,by now,greater sense of openness and ability to enjoy this activity,and my patient suggrsting that I'd like to be with him in the bathroom someday if he felt OK about it;the day inevitably came when he wanted to have a shit and said "You can come in with me if you want"!!Yes!I did want and what a sense of friendship,intimacy and gratitude I felt as I sat on the side of the bath as he sat on the toilet with his jeans and pants down as he dropped his turds and asked what I thought of the sounds as they plopped in the water.
This would all have been unbelievable a year earlier and glad I didn't pressure him other than to say how much I'd like to be in there with him.
All that I can suggest to those who want to achieve this ambition bearing in mind that everyone's reaction will vary when their friend suggests this kind of closeness-is to emphasise how much you enjoy going yourself and wanting to share that pleasure rather than "I want to see you go if you feel that would be all right "
Try and share your enthusiasm.Anyway I hope that may be of help.
I've also been in those awkward situations when you're listening at the toilet door and you have to move quickly and quietly to be in a more "normal "place when the telephone rings or some other event requires you to be somewhere else.
I had a young man lodging in my spare bedroom and had had no interest at all in his use of the toilet as my friend was uppermost in my mind as regards shitting in there.However one Saturday,he was making spaghetti bolognese asc he used to like doing on his day off .when he suddenly said "Can you look after the food as if I don't have a shit right now I'll soil my underpants"He also said he was expecting a call from a friend and to tell him to ring back in 10 minutes.
Suddenly,I was very interested for the first time.I also had to watch the food in the kitchen,I listened to him from the top of the stairs and heard him drop a lot of plops ,like every few seconds,and expect a call on the phone.
The friend rang ,I said ring back in 10 minutes but fortunately he didn't and 15 minutes later I could still hear his turds dropping!
When he finished after at least 20 minutes on the toilet and came down,I was quite excited and went up as he finished getting the dinner ready,as I felt the warm black plastic seat with the bow-shaped sweatmark just disappearing at the back,and saw the bottom of the water trap looking like brown and white marble with his heavy skidmarks!
I was as you can imagine,quite preoccupied as I eat and as soon as we'd finished,he washed up in the kitchen directly below the touilet where I sat and hopefully dropped some turds that he might have heard plopping and realise what I was doing.Getting splashed whilst plopping into that well-skidmarked toilet pan was brilliant!
A tip for those who want at least to be able to hear the sounds of someone wiping their arse-use Izal toilet paper which is the one that isn't absorbant but it's strong and ideal for wiping a wet arse. Some people dislike what they call the old hard paper but I don't see how paper can be called hard,it's just not asc thick but at least it doesn't disintegrate in contact with a splashed or dirty arse.The sound are great as you can hear how many sheets of it are being used,how the person is wiping their arse,and you know when the door's about to open with no sudden flush and door open when you may perhaps still be listening!
I wonder if as a result of this ,sales of strong bog-paper will increase!
Hope this has been of interest or help and great to share all this!
Good plopping!

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

The posts about the train toilet reminded me of a story I read about Amtrak (the U.S. passenger train operators). Some years ago they had older equipment that still had the type of toilets that dumped out onto the tracks. In the state of Florida, an Amtrak train was traveling at high speed across a bridge over a river. Under the bridge in a boat were 2 guys fishing. You know what happened next. Yep, somebody unknowingly flushed on the bridge, and the shit, piss and paper blew through the spaces between the ties and splattered the fishermen at about 60 mph. As a result of this, the state of Florida made it illegal for Amtrak to use that type of coach in the state. Of course now the newer equipment has holding tanks. True story.

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