Hey again guys! Last night, I pooped out all the poop I have been holding in for four days. I'll tell you what heppen. In the afternoon, I had some big urges to go poop. But since I had held in my poop for four days, I just ignored the urges and held in my poop. We we're having company that night, so around 4:00 PM, I jumped into the shower. When I got in there, I put a little soap up my anus, just to irritate it a little, so when I pooped, it would be bigger. After about 15 seconds, I pushed the soap out. I had a few wet farts in the shower, and one big urge, but no poop came out or anything, just a little diahreeah. SO after I got out of the shower, the urges were pretty strong. I knew I would have to go poop that night. Well, I went up to my room, and looked at my butt hole in the mirror. It already had a little poop around the edges. I knew this poop was going to come out soon. The company arived. They were having dinner with us, so I thought I would go poop after they lef! t. Now, I had been thinking of places to poop out all of this poop. After holding in in for 4 days, you have to poop it out some place special. Since I am afraid to poop in public, I thought I would go poop outside, in the dark. Well, around 7:30 or so, I started having urges that hurt, not tingled. It was becoming painful holding in all that poop. Finally, the guest left. I crept outside. But then I had another good idea. I wet back inside, and got one of those plastic cups you get at christmas parties, the red ones. After I got one of those, I went back outside. I crept behind our fence, and made sure there were no cars driving by. After I saw no cars coming, I sat the cup down in the grass. I had another painful urge. I pulled down my pants, and sat my butt hole right in the middle of the cup. I pushed a little, and then, mushy poop, like the kind you have after eating a lot of fiber, came out of my butthole, at a steadt pace. The cup was filling up fast with my retained po! op. It felt so good. I kept pooping, filling up the cup more. Finally, I was done. I picked up the cup. It was filled, but none had spilled over. I took it over to the light to look at my poop. 2 long, mushy logs were in there, mingled together. The cup was very warm from my poop. My guy ached. I threw the poop filled cup under our camper. I slowly went back inside, not wanting to get my pants all poopie. I sat on the toilet, and pushed out some more gooey poop. Then, I got up to wipe. I knew I still had some poop left in me, so I stood up, and pushed from my bottom, and out, onto the floor, came a little poop. I cleaned up the floor, and wiped. I was done. I still feel full, though. I am going to hold in my poop again, for however long I can, starting today. I hope you all liked this story. I will tell you what happens with my poop holding in the next few days. Bye!

Prince Morgan- Hey again! I should try to poop my pants sometimes. I was at the mall the other day, and I went into the diserted bathroom, and the urinals were so low, I could of just pulled down my pants and pooped right into it. But I didn't have the urge to go poop. Next time I have to go poop, I am going to hold it in, and poop in that urinal at the mall. Wish me luck! Do you use soap suppositories?


To MIKE: I used to sit on the toilet backwards a few times, i used to like it when i first thought about doing it.

To NE Ohio Dude: I loved that story, someone actully peed live on the radio!! Couldn't the DJ get in trouble?? I've heard things when a DJ did pranks he got in trouble, im not sure where this was.

To Prince Morgan: I see you posted about pooping in urinals...I got some questions about that....
When you pooped in the urinal did people see you poop?? Or was the urinal in an inclosed stall or something?
Also, when you flushed did it go down the pipes? If not did u leave your poop there? If you didn't did you flush it down the toilet? Tell me more about pooping in urinals please, cuz i would love to do this.

To Man: Theres nothing to be embarrsed about, i think it was cool that your sisters friend took you to the bathroom and wiped your butt for you.

Today i came home from work and i had to pee and ontop of it i was running late so i peed in the sink, in the sink there was soap suds in there and then i just rinsed it out and i flushed. I had to pee soo bad!!

To MIKE: I used to sit on the toilet backwards a few times, i used to like it when i first thought about doing it.

To NE Ohio Dude: I loved that story, someone actully peed live on the radio!! Couldn't the DJ get in trouble?? I've heard things when a DJ did pranks he got in trouble, im not sure where this was.

To Prince Morgan: I see you posted about pooping in urinals...I got some questions about that....
When you pooped in the urinal did people see you poop?? Or was the urinal in an inclosed stall or something?
Also, when you flushed did it go down the pipes? If not did u leave your poop there? If you didn't did you flush it down the toilet? Tell me more about pooping in urinals please, cuz i would love to do this.

To Man: Theres nothing to be embarrsed about, i think it was cool that your sisters friend took you to the bathroom and wiped your butt for you.

Today i came home from work and i had to pee and ontop of it i was running late so i peed in the sink, in the sink there was soap suds in there and then i just rinsed it out and i flushed. I had to pee soo bad!!

Prince Morgan

CASEY- I have pooped in a lot of places. Personally, I love dumping in the woods, like Buzzy. I've always wanted to poop in an elevator, though I haven't yet. I'll let you know when I do. I've peed in a couple, though, and I enjoyed that(so did the guys I was with). The funniest place I ever pooped was on a camping trip. It was me and a friend, and we had a tent that had a curtain you could put down in the middle to make two rooms. One day, when he wasn't around, I laid some paper down on his side of the tent and took a humongous, smelly poop on it. Then I got out and zipped up the tent flap. After a while he came back and started into the tent. He stopped and sniffed and said:"Did you fart in here?" I didn't say anything and a couple seconds later he saw the pile and started swearing at the top of his lungs.

Did you try letting your poop out then pulling it back in? Let us know.


To PV, Louise, and any other woman who also stands to pee. Have you noticed that the "handicapped" cubicle is always the best? It's usually WAY down at the end so that women looking under the dividers barely even see your feet the opposite direction to what they're used to. It also has more room to semi-straddle a toilet. Just thought I'd offer that gem of wisdom.

Has anyone else noticed that there are only females in the cover photo? Why can't we see guys on the throne? Standing in front of a urinal? You could mask out as much as you do on the females but give the guys their fair turn. hehe


Dove soap?
99 94/100 pure my tush.

Have any of you ever had bicolored poop? I had a light brown.dark brown log today. this disturbed me. Why????

Ah well.
The Kikster

Midnight Cowboy
I had an accident at work yesterday. I felt a huge fart coming on and since I have my own office I usually just let it rip, so that's what I did. This time, however, my shorts filled up with hot brown pudding. I ran to the men's room afraid someone would see a stain on the back of my slacks. When I got there, I looked in the mirror and lukily it hadn't soaked through. I went into a stall and tried to clean up the mess. My boxers were sure full of this mushy shit, that would've soon ran down my leg. I took off my shoes, pants and shorts and had to spend quite a while wiping my ass. Because this accident had happened while I was sitting down, the weight from my body had spread the shit-mush all over my cheeks. As I began dumping the mush from my shorts into the toilet, someone else came in to piss at the urinal. I'm sure they were hit with a stench! Now I had the problem of what to do with my boxers after I dumped them out. They were fairly new and I didn't want ! to throw them away. I found part of a newspaper in the bathroom trash and I neatly folded them inside the newspaper. As I walked back to my office no one I passed knew I had shitty shorts in that newspaper or no more underwear on. Good thing I was wearing underwear. What would I have done otherwise?

I've been going on some job interviews lately to, and last week as I parked my car where I was to interview, I felt an intense need to piss. It was probably from being nervous, but it was real none-the-less. I was to embarrassed to walk into an interview and immediately ask where the bathroom was. So I did this little, "trick" I often do. I opened up my car door and stood in the "V" the open door made. Then I made like I was bending down into the car, but I was actually pulling my dick out of the fly of my suit and then I let loose a gushing stream. When I was finished I noticed my shoes got slightly splashed, but figured no one would notice. But as I walked up to the building I noticed that my piss had made a small river through the parking lot. This man and woman coming out of the building were having to step over it.

I also interviewed at a college that has a brand-new state of the art campus. I felt a shit coming on before the interview, but I didn't want to be late and felt sure I could hold it until then. I did and after went right to a men's room. It was a Saturday, so there weren't many students around. As I sat on a toilet shooting semi-soft logs, suddenly the lights went out. In this "high-tech" campus, it seems all the lights go on and off from motion detectors. Since I had been sitting in one place too long, they went out, leaving me in complete darkness, since there were no windows. I stood up in the stall and waved my arms around but it didn't work. Apparently it needed more movement. So I pulled my pants up from my ankles to my knees, exited the stall and shuffled around a bit, still waving my arms. It worked and the lights went back on, but at the same time a student came in the bathroom and saw me with my pants down waving my arms. Boy, did he give me a strange! look.

How come your own shit doesn't smell as bad to you as someone else's?


Hi again!
Here's a little story.

I was out a few months ago with a young lady friend of mine. (I'll call her Jane for this story) We were out for a meal at a pub-restaurant in the countryside. I'd asked her out for a meal many times, this being only the second occasion where she'd taken up the offer.
After we'd finished dessert, Jane started getting fidgety. Sensing something was wrong, I asked her what was wrong. She said everything was OK, but we should be going soon.
I called the waiter over and settled the bill, then I noticed that she was getting more restless. Finally she admitted she needed to pee really bad, but didn't like going to public toilets without a female friend or relative, for security. I told her that we were sat directly opposite the ladies' room and nobody had gone in for ages, so it was probably completely empty. She still wouldn't go :(
So, I came up with a brilliant idea (so I thought anyway) - my car was at a far corner of the car park, so she could just hide behind it and squirt to her heart's content! But sadly (for her, but mainly for me) she wouldn't do that. I tried to convince her, but she said she'd wait till we got back to my house.
Back at my house, as soon as we got in, Jane said she had to "go" straight away. I asked her casually if she would like some company, but she again declined.
As the night went on, we had a few more drinks. Actually I had a few too many, and she had a lot too many. I had to carry her upstairs to the bathroom - she was really ill.
She was sat on the floor, leaning with her back to the bath. I really needed to pee, so I told her. She told me that she wasn't moving, so I had to pee with her there.
It was a bit difficult to pee with a raging hardon! I knew she was watching me (she could see everything from where she sat) but it wasn't anything like as romantic as I'd hoped for, or dreamed about.
I don't know if she really watched me, or she was too drunk to know.

If anyone's wondering, no - I didn't get her in my bed that night cos I think it's a bit like rape if the other person doesn't know what they're doing.

The next day, I was talking to her mother (Paula), who asked how we'd got on.
I told her about some fun stuff that had happened, then got on to how Jane wouldn't pee at the restaurant. Paula told me that she knew about Jane's fears about public loos, but it wasn't much of a problem as she was usually with friends when out and about.
I told Paula how I'd suggested that Jane should "go" behind my car in the car park (but not about the stuff at my house) and we got on to the subject of girls / women peeing outdoors.
Paula went on to tell me that she'd peed in alleys in the past, but that it had gone everywhere. I told her she was doing it wrong!
I explained to her about the techniques described on this site (this was a few months ago, so I'd read them elsewhere) for women peeing while standing, and she seemed intrigued. Naturally, I offered to assist her in practising, but she declined. Story of my life!

I actually watched another boy (Jane's brother, Chris) pee outside over the weekend. We were on the way back from the pub.
It didn't do anything for me. Maybe it was because he peed in exactly the same way as I do.
He stood with his feet about 18 inches apart, unzipped his jeans and reached inside his boxers. He pulled about an inch and a half of his penis out, then slid the foreskin back a little and commenced his pee in a thin, fast stream onto the wall. He held his penis in his right hand, between his thumb and first finger. He peed for just under a minute and must have done nearly a full pint.
Next, it was my turn for a pee. Chris didn't watch me, but as I was peeing, Paula drove past and saw me mid-stream.
By the time we got to Chris's house, Paula had already told her daughter Jane, who was in the hallway. She made a comment about me peeing in the street, so I just replied "Yeah, well you should try it sometime, it feels good!"

Then later, I got so drunk I went on to do some things that I wasn't proud of. But they're off topic for this board so you won't hear about them.

Happy peeing,

Si :)

Recently my 17-year-old cousin Jason called me and asked whether he and his buddy Matt could spend the weekend at my apartment. They live in a small town about 50 miles away. I guess it is kinda quiet there and they like to come to the big city for some "action" as he put it. I am 22 years old and don't hang out with them, but they need a place to crash while in town. Anyway they came for the weekend. They spent Saturday night on the town and I heard them coming in about 4.00 A.M. on Sunday. They are both real athletic guys who do a lot of working out and jogging. On Sunday morning they were up early despite their late night and went for a 3-mile jog. While they were away I fixed breakfast for myself. After that I had a real good dump and then decided to bathe and relax in the tub rather than shower, as I often do on a Sunday. While I was relaxing in the tub, I heard the front door open and the guys were back from their jogging. Matt appeared at the bathroom d! oor (I have only one bathroom) and told me that he needed to take a dump, but would wait until I was done bathing. He looked like he needed to shit real bad so I told him that it was cool with me if he needed to use the john. He seemed a bit hesitant, but I guess the need to shit overcame his inhibitions. He came in, pulled down his running shorts and sat naked on the john. The bowl is at right angles to the tub in which I was relaxing. He let rip with a few loud farts and said "Excuse me." At that point my cousin Jason came in. He also needed to shit and sat on the edge of the tub waiting for Matt to get done. While sitting there, Jason farted a couple of times and just laughed about it. Matt started grunting. The grimaces on his face as he squeezed out his turds were real funny. I heard several loud plops as his turds hit the water. Eventually, he finished shitting and remaining seated started to wipe himself. He inspected each piece of TP and I could see the! skidmarks on the paper. When he had cleaned his butt to his satisfaction, he got up and Jason replaced him on the john. He also had a real good dump. Matt sat on the edge of the tub while Jason was shitting and the two guys discussed their exploits with "chicks" they had met the night before. Fortunately for me there was not much of an odor with either of them shitting. After Jason was done shitting, he wiped himself standing up and Matt and I got to see his logs in the bowl. They were real large and brown and he seemed proud of them. Like Matt, he also used a lot of toilet paper before he was satisfied that his asshole was clean. It was real cool watching these healthy young dudes dumping their loads and they seemed cool and uninhibited about it all.


Hi, sweetie! Long-time no-hear! Love your post -- Propper letter coming soon.


Hi, guy! Yeah, there are a few good whizzers around Adelaide. There's a foreshore bathroom somewhere south of the oil terminal that is completely open to the sky, a wall enclosure with a roof over the loos, but the urinal is pretty much in the great outdoors. And yes, I've weed in that one!

The idea of dropping a load over the side of a boat is a tantalizing prospect, as if the idea of standing like a stately figurehead, peeing overboard. It has a strange mystique...


Dove is half and half pure soap and moisturiser -- the latter could be the irritant. Here's a tip: if you prefer to stick with soap, visit a health shop and buy a bar of naturally-made pure soap. That woudl probably be the least harmful in the end (and lets' face it, that's where it goes -- pardon me, I couldn't resist that one!)


Mmmmmmmm, Kimmy! I know it's a moderated list and I respect that, but... You've done it again, grrl, you've got this L-Bi lassie all hot and bothered. I aughta get a T-shirt made up that says "I envy Scott." For your logs, of course (!) I must eat more fibre, lift more weights and all that!

Lve to all,


Some real cool posts lately-great to read them!
TO CASEY-To answer your questions,I love to let out a good load outdoors most of the time-there's just something real cool about sitting out in the woods and pushing out a trmendous dump-as far as dumping in a strange place,you can check some of my older posts to find that out! Yes I love to "play games' with my anus before and during a BM-sometimes when i'm out in the woods i totally undress and sometimes i get on my hands and knees and and then sit back and just stay that way for a bit til i feel my anus start to open up from the pressure of the poop filling up my rectum and then i start to let it out slowly and when it is hanging out my butt i stop it and let it stay there for a bit til i get the next cramp and then i let it out and it feels great!Sometimes i squat down and then go back on my hands and poo that way-I can only go that way when i really have to go bad-a lot of times i take a mirror with me and i can see my anus open and close as i'm going-that's a real tu! rn-on for me-i really enjoy the 'scenic route"With the mirror,i squat down like a catcher and just look at my anus for a bit and wait til i really have to go-I watch my anus first start to slowly dome out and then open up from the inside out and the turds start to slowly snake out-I have a lot of fun by myself pooing!
TO PRINCE MORGAN-As far as the log thing you asked about,i usually sit towards the back end of the log and let the poo come out towards the back of the log-on another log i actually got up on the log itself and pooed a real long soft one along the top of the log-that way really fun to do-I straddled the log and spread my ass cheeks and started to poo and as i was going i moved along the log and when i was done ,it looked like a real long sausage along the top of the log(about a foot long)That's just another game i like to play,but now that the weather is turning cold,i guess i'll have to go back to the gym which is cool in it's own way-so i'll keep you all posted!Maybe it will warm up once or twice before winter sets in and i'll poop outdoors a few more times-I still want to buddy poo with a woman!!Hey JANE and LISA come on lets sit out in the woods and really let the poop fly!!Speaking of poo-I gotta go now and i don't think i can hold it very long so i'm going to go in ! my toilet here at home and sorry,no laptop this time-feels like it's going to be a loose one-I have a full rectum right now and i got to dump!see ya BYE

Kim, I'd definitely love to hear a story of you doing a poo in your panties soon!! Please post one!

Plunging Plop toilet's water trap is about six inches or so deep and slopes steeply at the front. The deepest part of it is right under my anus when in a comfortable sitting position, this is why I almost always get a nice big splash when I shit and good sound effects too. I've actually just come back from the toilet just then, I was about to post this when I felt a sudden urge to let out a few big logs. It's a bit warm here this morning, so I was naked and just had to walk about ten feet from the computer to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet, let out only a bit of dribbly wee as I had one only half an hour ago. My logs were pushing up against my anus so I just relaxed and the first one started to poke out, stretching my anus out wide as it slid slowly out without a sound. It was firm but felt a little greasy too, which meant it slid out without pushing, I just let gravity do the work. It then tapered off, speeding up and finally falling out of my bum. It hit the water with a deep PLOP and hit the bullseye, a big blob of water right up my puckered starfish hole!!! Oh God that felt great, turning me on no end!!! Another slightly smaller poo quickly slid out immediately after this, falling out of me with a smaller PLOP and giving my bum cheeks a little sprinkling. I could still feel another poo inside me so I took a deep breath, bore down hard and grunted, hoping to eject it at a decent speed. It was only a fairly small one but hit the water with a decent PLOP, splashing a little up my anus a! gain, a little on my balls and the bit of skin between the balls and the anus. I was so turned on and had a raging erection!!! I sat there for a minute, just savouring the feeling of all those drops of water on me and the feeling of my anus all smeared with greasy shit.

I looked into the bowl to see my poos. The first one was about nine inches long and two wide tapering down at the end, the second about six inches long, a bit thinner and tapered too. The last one was about the size and shape of an egg, but with the narrow end tapered to a very fine point!! They were all lying on the bottom of the water, my poos almost always sink. I then grabbed a wad of paper and started to dry myself off. I had to wipe my anus a good dozen times too, the shits being firm but greasy and smooth too. My arse was tingling nicely from all the pooing and wiping and still is now as I write.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did with the actual pooing!!!


hey AJ. I'm 19. I have pissed my pants while talking to a friend & they didn't notice. I had on black jeans & my coat went over my crotch area. I really had to go bad but these 2 friends stopped me on the way to piss & wouldn't stop talking. I had my hands in my pocket & was trying to hold it in but soon I couldn't hold it anymore. I started letting out more & more with each squirt. my friends left without noticing & that's when I totally lost it.

I too have shit my pants on more then one occasion. I'll tell of one from a few months ago. I hadn't gone in like 2 days. for lunch i had a huge meal od tacos with a large coke. I was with my girlfriend & we were shopping & stuff when I first got the urge. I knew i could hold it a bit so I didn't say anything. Well i couldn't hold it as long as i thought & about the time we walking home (it was only a few blocks to my place) I got a big cramp & knew i wouldn't make it. My girlfriend saw me & asked what was up. I told her i REALLY need to have a shit & couldn't wait. We're in a kind of residential area with no place to hide & go unseen. She said well lets hurry. Knowing it was futile I did it anyway. After abut 10 steps I felt the first turd coming out.I'm trying to hold it in & we're now about a block from my place. The log started out again & i couldn't stop it. When we rached my house my girlfriend opened the door & hurried me ins! ide. By now i'd let out a pretty good turd & started on the next. She helped my undo my button fly jeans & i quickly pulled them down to let the second turd fall into the toilet. I dumped the one from my jockeys into the toilet & sat to shit somemore. She sat with me while i crapped up a storm. she sasid it was a good thing i'd got home by then cause it was now coming fast & soft. I let out a booming fart & took a long piss. This felt so good & I was really excited if you know what i mean. we went to my room for a little extra activity.

Rick (Vancouver)

Your story about taking a shit by hanging your bum over the side reminded me of a sailing trip I took off the Scottish west coast.

When I was in my mid 20s, three other guys and myself decided to hire a 36 foot sailing boat for a week which came complete with the skipper. (I think he wanted to make sure no one wrecked his boat). On our last night there, we all went to the pub. When we four had drunk enough, we headed back to the boat to sleep it off. We left the skipper at the pub.

About 1:30 am I awoke and needed a pee, so I went on deck and thought I was peeing over the side. At this time the skipper came back. Next morning he recounted this event. He said I was naked and most of my pee was going over the deck and about 10% over the side. I have a vague recollection of this. As a side note, we noticed when peeing into the sea at night in this area that the water glowed an eerie green where the pee landed. The skipper said this was to do with the plankton.

About 4:30, I woke again, somewhat hung over and realised that I needed both a pee and shit. The on-board toilet or head as it is called is usually small. On this boat it was behind the mast and the operation of flushing was mechanical, somewhat like using a gearbox in a manual transmission car. Water was pumped in with a 1-2, 1-2 motion and then the contents pumped out with a 3-4, 3-4 motion. This was also quite noisy so, I decided to go over the side. Like Dazz mentioned, I grabbed onto the rails and just hung my bum over and let it all drop the 6 to 7 feet to the sea below making loud plopping noises. After completing the job, I wiped and went back to my bunk to sleep off the hangover.


This afternoon my husband Gary and I had a late lunch. After we paid our bill, I went to the ladies room to pee. As I came out of the stall and washed my hands, someone comes running into the room and right into the stall. It was our server. She quickly sat down and peed furiously into the toilet. I took my time washing my hands and touching up my makeup while she peed for several minutes. Finally she was done and came out of the stall. She said she had been feeling the urge to go since the middle of the lunch rush.

Not a very big deal, but this triggered a recollection of something that happened at the same restaurant a few years ago. Gary and I had lunch here, and I had ordered a very heavy meal. We were in the area looking for a new house and had an appointment with a real estate agent. We were finished eating but still had time before our appointment, so we hung around for a little while. Soon I was starting to feel the effects of my meal and developing a sudden and strong urge to poop. I headed off to the ladies room.

Much to my dismay, the entrance to the ladies room was blocked by a bucket and a plastic sign that said Closed For Cleaning. An employee was mopping the floor. I asked her if she was almost finished and that I had to go right away. She said she was finishing up and that it was OK for me to come in. I rushed inside and quickly went into a stall. Once I lifted my short tan khaki skirt (which, coincidentally looked like the short skirt the waitress that served us today was wearing) and lowered my white panties, I peed for a bit, then pushed out a large thick piece of poop and splashed into the toilet. I farted loudly, which caused me to squirt out some soft poop. Then I let go a massive barrage of soft chunky poop that made several plops and splashes and ended with a big thud. The employee was still finishing up and said, "Uh-oh. Are you OK? I may have to stay and unclog a toilet." I said I was all right and said maybe you might have to stay. I flushed the toilet ! while seated and said that everything went down. She said OK and said she will let me finish in peace and joked that she may have to come back after I was finished.

I continued to push out poop for a few minutes, enough to flush two more times while seated before I was finished. When I was done wiping and got up to flush the toilet a final time, I saw some brown stains at the bottom of the bowl, and there was a noticeable smell lingering in the room as I left. Gary was wondering what happened to me, and I realized we were almost late for our appointment.

Andre, marvellous story about the French Girl producing "les tres grande merdes". The big black jobbie was obviously the hard constipated turd which held back the other easier sausages and I also like the description of the big dark brown ball. By the sound effects you mention this one may have been the first jobbie out of her rectum. A really lovely experience N'est ce pas?

Plunging Plop Guy I actually prefer listening to females doing a good solid motion but there have been times that I have used a public toilet when the sounds of another bloke doing a nice big one have given me a buzz. This often happened at school of course in the boys' toilets when I would sit on the pan in a cubicle and hear the older lads doing their jobbies. When I was about 8 there was one lad of 12 called Frank who was quite a fat lad and did some real whoppers, panbusters as I would now call them. I often heard his perfrom and saw his big jobbies afterwards as he usually didnt pull the flush so other lads could see and admire his motions. I can still rememeber even after nearly 40 years his going into a cubicle, and going into the one next to it. We both bolted the respective doors and I sat on the pan and did a pee but heard him undoing his belt and pulling down his knee length grey trousers and the usuall white Y -Front briefs nearly all boys wore in those days. ! I herad him have a powerful pee, fart then go "OOO! UH! NNN!" PLOP! PLONK! PLONK!" as he did 3 hard balls, then he took a deep breath and went "NNN! UH! OO! OOO! and said "come out you big fat b*****d" I could here it crackling then it went "KUR-SPLOOMP! then KUR-SPUL-LOOSH!" as he passed two big solid jobbies. He gave a long sigh then he must have had a look at his motion as he said, "Two nice big jobbies! I needed those!" He then wiped his bum and pulled up his underpants and trousers and came out without pulling the flush. I waited till he had gone then went to have look. He had put the piece of toilet paper on the side of the pan so I had an unspoilt view of the 3 hard balls and the two big fat knobbly turds one about 8 inches one 8 , all bobbing up and down in the water. One of the other lads also had a look saying "Did big Frank do those jobbies? He's always doing big fat turds like those!" Other lads also had an admiring look but the next day they were gone as the caret! aker no doubt flushed them away when he cleaned the toilet that evening.

Mark B, I dont think it was a coincidence as often when I have either read posts such as these or have heard others doing a good solid motion then I soon feel the need myself. Like you, in the past I occasionally did a jobbie in my underpants on purpose in the privacy of my own home but also found this to be an anticlimax and then the nuisance of having filled underpants to deal with. Theresa tells me that she too once tried doing a big solid jobbie in her knickers but this did nothing for her either. We both prefer to do our motions in the normal manner into the toilet pan.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000


This is a great site. I had to write and tell what happened to me at the gym the other day. I had eaten a very large lunch and then another large supper. I had eaten out with friends on both occasion and had really made a pig of myself. I went to the gym to work out like I always do. In our gym, the weightroom is located on the third floor....kind of tucked away in the rafters of an old building and the bathrooms are all on the first floor. I was working out and could feel the first signs of having to take a shit but I wasn't too worried about it. I continued working out and planned to wait until I was finished. The pains were getting stronger quickly, so I decided to head on down to the bathroom. Honestly, I never made it!! I got about half way down the stairs and shit just started forcing it's own way out of my ass. I could feel it pushing on my underwear. It wsn't just kept coming. I had on baggy NIKE shorts over my snug fitting TOMMY HILFIGER! boxerbriefs so I don't think anyone in the stairs or hallwasy could see the bulge in my shorts. When I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet I was sure wishing they had doors on the stalls. Two guys I'm sure could see me trying to clean out my underwear. I finally gave it up and tossed them across the room and headed to the shower. The water running on the floor was totally brown. I'm not sure why, but I seen some high school kid take my shit filled boxerbriefs with him. I wonder what he did with them....they were totaled!! The next day one of the guys mentioned seeing me clean out my shorts.....I laughed about it (but was really horrified) and told him that I was wearing depends today! When he pulled down his shorts to change, I don't think he shit his pants but I don't think he wipes very good...the seat of his white undies was totally brown.

I have to agree with Nicola's comment about those who poop without a care or concern for others. Pooping in the woods does seem quite natural and I have no problem with that, but taking a shit in a public place, a parking lot, a store dressing room, a trash can in your office, a public swimming pool or body of water, etc., just for the fun of it is disgusting! I could understand if there was no toilet available and it was an emergency, but come on people...we are humans and not animals!

Oh yes sorry i forgot to ask you guys. Where is a good place to let out a big load? And where is the strangest place you have ever pooped? And do U play games (like sticking it out just a little, ad sucking it back in) whe yuou really hav to go? Bye!

Tracy Schmidt- The same thing happened to me wen i was twelve, but i only peed.

I've had this weird fantasy since i was 14. I have always wanted to sit on my bike and piss while riding it. I'm 26 now and finally got to try it. I moved to Cali last year and since i dont know anyone i cant be imbarrased. It was great. I went downhill and almost couldnt stop. That made me pee more when i stopped.Ill post again soon.

im back. another weird thing i did when i was a kid was take off my pants(shorts)and underpants and sit on the toilet backwards. anyone else like to do this?

anaoki: The only time I've seen someone else pee in public in school was in the 1st grade. We had a talent show and my friend Blayze, was singing something. Then everone started laughing. I noticed a growing wet spot and since I was sitting close I could see and hear the piss hitting the ground. I was laughing for days after. Next year Blayze didn't come back to my school. Very funny indeed!

I also saw the movie FINAL DESTINATION. There is one scene in the movie where this guy stops his car on the railroad tracks. The train is coming, the car won't start. His friend pulls him out. When he is pulled from the car the front of his pants are very wet. You don't actually get to see him wet his pants.

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