NE Ohio Dude
I've posted a few times here, but I've mostly been a lurker on this site. Now, I'm breaking my long silence with a really great story that just happened now. At about 11:10 PM EDT, I was listening to WRQK 106.9 FM, a rock radio station out of Canton. A young adult female called in to make a request. While talking to the DJ, she commented that she had to pee. The DJ dared her to pee live on the air and she took him up on it! As she was in the process of walking to the bathroom and getting ready to sit on the toilet, the DJ was instructing her to put the phone in the bowl so everyone can hear. She then said "OK, I'm on the toilet." The DJ then told her to go ahead. The microphone was cranked up and after a couple seconds, a tinkling sound began to emerge. That tinkle then escalated into a full force squirt. It lasted for about 10 seconds. After she was done, she and the DJ burst out laughing. They couldn't believe that they actually pulled it off. A couple seconds later, the req! uest song began playing. I don't remember what it was because I was so caught up in the peeing act!

When it comes to females going to the bathroom, I'm usually more attracted to them taking shits than peeing. However, the live audio pee was great. I liked it best when she said "I'm on the toilet."

Hi Kim and Scott......Thanx for the info, I hope college doesn't prevent you from posting here too much, I just love reading your posts. Keep crashing out those big bum-splashing logs!!!! And of course tell us all about them in every anal-quivering detail as you always do!!!!!

PV....Hi!!.....Sounds like I should visit Adelaide again, I might catch you using the men's urinals.....that would be a wonderful sight to see!!

Even though I'm a guy, there's many times I find it easier to sit and wee. Middle of the night and first thing in the morning wees mostly as I always sleep naked and an not concious enough to be able to aim let alone stand there!!! Public toilets I always stand up for, unless I find a nice one. It's a bit of a disappointment if I find a nice one and don't need to poo. I've loved pooing in public toilets since my early teens which is when my general interest in toilet matters made itself known. Nearly all my sexual fantasies about the opposite sex then (and still to this day!!!) involved females going to the toilet!!!

I'm glad you enjoy a good splash on the bum, it is like the perfect finish to a good shit and oh so refreshing!!! The best bum splash I ever got was a few years ago. I used to own a small yacht which I would sail on Sydney Harbour and other places near Sydney, sometimes going away for a few days or weeks and sleeping on board (it had all home comforts in the cabin). The toilet compartment down below was tiny.....kind of like climbing into a small wardrobe to sit on this tiny little bowl. So if it was night time or there was no one else in the anchorage, I would simply sit naked on the stern railing and hang my bum over the side.
One time when I did this, I weed and then pushed out a huge thick poo which hit the water four feet below and splashed like a depth charge making a very deep *KLOOMP* sound. A big blob of water went right up my anus and the rest all over my bum, thighs and male bits. I was in total ecstasy!!!! I bet Plunging Plop Guy would have loved to get a splash like that! Looking down into the water, I could see the poo slowly sink into the depths as all these fish suddenly appeared out of nowhere, all of them taking a little nibble at my poo and finding out it wasn't food!!! I laughed so much at the sight of this that I dribbled out a bit more wee. I wiped the drop of wee on the end of my thing and then wiped my bum twice, throwing the paper in the water. This isn't as enviromentally irresponsible as it sounds, salt water breaks up toilet paper pretty quick and the tidal flow takes everything out to sea. I would never poo in fresh water rivers or lakes though, lack of tidal flow m! eans everything hangs around for a while. One of these days I'll get another boat and hang my bum over the side for a good splashy poo!!!


sick little boy
All females please post some stories about peeing in the weirdest places you ever have.

MIA- I know that you aren't the only one with this fear. I think that the fear of crapping or peeing (Resa) in public might be linked to the conservative lifestyle that our parents grew up in. Stay with me here. I know that it sounds crazy, but parents teach their kids more than you'd think. Many people grew up in a time when people weren't accepted for their skin. Others couldn't accept the lifestlyes some chose. This was a conservative way of thinking. That led to secrets. That led to urine secrets.

Okay, that was sad. If I've offended anyone, I am sorry. It's Yom Kippur, the stomach is talking...

Does anyone remember the quality of a bathroom when they go out to eat? I've seen all kinds of shitholes and something tells me I'm not alone. Please respond: What's the worst bathroom you've ever encountered?

Potty story: My pal Josh was in the woods one day and had to go really badly. He didn't want to go in a bush, so...I had a watermelon. He carved it out and peed in it. I can't tell you how many squirrels thought it was a marked piece of fruit.

More later!

The Kikster

I have a childhood accident experience for you. I was seven years old and in second grade. One day I had already been holding my pee for a long time when the dismissal bell rang. Instead of stopping in the restroom on the way out of school, I decided to wait until I got home. After all, it was only four blocks, and even the thought that I might wet my pants hadn't occurred to me since I was five (when a mad dash to the bathroom got me there about two squirts too late). So I walked out of the school and started walking home. I was about halfway home when I realized that I had to pee so badly that it hurt, but all I could do was hold myself and walk on. I made it another block before I felt a little spurt get loose and soak my underpants. That was when it hit me: I was going to wet my pants, and there was nothing I could do about it! But still I tried to press on - and made it about two steps before the next squirt came out. It was longer, probably a second or two, and it mad! e a stain on my pink jeans. One more step and the flood gates opened. I stood frozen on the spot and, since I had essentially no experience wetting my pants, stared at my crotch to watch as my bladder emptied itself. So fast was the pee coming out that my pants couldn't soak it up or let it run through fast enough. The crotch of my jeans bulged out like a balloon filling up, then the legs of my jeans started to turn a much darker shade of pink very quickly. Eventually the stains reached my knees, then a stream started running down each leg. My socks got wet, then my shoes filled up. A puddle formed on the ground under me - and still I was peeing! Finally my bladder was empty. I stood there for probably a minute assessing the damage - my underpants were obviously history, my jeans were wet from about halfway up my bottom down to the seams, my socks were soaked, and my shoes were full. Slowly I started walking toward home again, with my jeans dripping and my shoes squishing. I l! eft a trail of drips and footprints all the way from the scene of the crime to my back door. I walked into the kitchen and my mother's jaw dropped. "Did you wet your pants?" she asked. I could hardly deny it, so I nodded my head and tears welled up in my eyes. "That's okay, honey," she said, "it happens to everyone at least once. This just wasn't your lucky day. Now go change and I'll make you a bowl of ice cream to make you feel better." And that made everything better - except that I had to wear dress shoes for two days while my tennies dried out. After that, I was always careful to use the facilities BEFORE I left school. Too bad, because I probably cheated myself out of at least one pleasurable accident over the years!

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post...Late last week I woke up for school and came down the stairs wearing my blue spandex top and blue spandex pants. I wore blue stilletto heels on my feet. My super-woman body and big,well developed arms poured out of my spandex awesomely making me look like wonder woman on her very best day! I then sat at the breakfast table and had a big bowl of total cereal that was loaded with fiber. I had chopped bananas on top of it. with a dish of peeled oranges and orange juice on the side. My mother knows I like to eat healthy and she sets the food the way I like it. I have a great mother!! (I even eat crackers with fiber too!) when I finished breakfast my boyfriend scott came to pick me up in his car and we drove off for school. At school both our classes ended in the afternoon and we decided to have lunch together in the cafeteria. We both had a chicken lunch with side dishes of vegetables and salad on the side. scott had soda! to drink while i had water. After lunch i got that feeling inside of me that told me I had to take a massive shit! I could of waited till I got home but decided to have my log at school. I also felt the strong crazy urge to have my log in my tight blue spandex pants. this would of turned scott on to no end if I did this but this wasnt the time or place.(And no way could my poor panties and spandex pants hold one of my giant torpedoes anyway! all hell would break lose if i did. my log would stretch both my panties and maybe pants way out of shape and cause my panties to fall down from the sheer size and weight of my log! no joke folks! so forget that idea kim!).I told scott i had to go to the bathroom and asked him to kindly wait for me. "of course honey" scott replied as I entered the bathroom in the hall. once i got in the bathroom I saw two pretty girls touching up their makeup. (these are not their real names but one girl was named jane who was sweet and a friend of mine a! nd the other girl was mary-who was pompous and snooty and wore the finest clothes thinking she was better then everyone.i did not care for mary but I was friendly towards her .When i entered the stall and closed the door i heard marys nasy little snicker that i was probably going to have a bowel movement in there. I then decided to have some fun with mary and show off my log to her to teach her a little lesson. I then quickly yanked down my panties and spandex pants at the same time and sat my bare ass on on the toilet seat. I then took a deep breath and started to squeeze out a log. I pushed harder and felt my anus open up wider and wider to let my enormous bowel movement out. Ohhh what a feeling to have your anus stretched to the limit by a huge log. i then took another deep breath and pushed even harder as my monstrosity was still coming out! I tell you squeezing this massive log out gave my unbelievable pleasure! my pink ass was quivering like mad. i even had to catch m! y breath because this log was so big. i then collected my self and took a deep breath and closed my eyes,gritted my teeth and tossed my head back as I crashed the rest of my mighty log out! I then loked into the toilet bowl and I saw a 17 1/2 inch monster in there! (I measured it with a measuring tape from my pocketbook) i then wiped myself and held the soiled toilet paper in my hand to throw out later. as I lifted up my panties and pants. I then opened the stall door to show the two girls my log especially mary. I wanted mary to see my huge log without any toilet paper blocking it. when I showed the two girls my log wich went horizontally from one side of the bowl to the other in a long gigantic fat brown pickle. .marys jaws dropped open in shock,disbelief and jealousy i think! I really dont think mary saw a log this huge! this solid in a long time if ever! jane looked on smiling silently knowing full well I often crash out big logs! "Well what do you think of my log mary?" ! I asked in my little girl voice pretending to be shy and bashful. mary looked at me then down at my log then then at me and grabbed our mutual friend jane by the hand and left the bathroom in disgust1 mary probably felt like taking me on in crashing out a log but she knew and i knew she could never pass em bigger then mine so she just left disgusted. believe me folks i was just having fun with mary and was not trying to hurt her at all but she deserved this to happen to her. i then rejoined my man scott and we drove home with scott laughing all the way when I told him this story. Scott like d the story and i hope you fellow posters did too. bye now. PLUS UNDIN FROM ATHENS, GREECE- I would love to visit your country sometime and honor your toilets by crashing out some of my enormous,bowel movements there! but i am not so sure your toilets are big enough to hold my godzilla sized turds. hahaha! my logs are a foot long to 21inches long! bye undin. plus thanks to all who like th! e kim and scott posts we appreciate it. so long now . love,kim and scott.

push up my poop -

i also like pooing outside and pooing on the floor with a mirror .i am a 15 yr old male from the uk.i liked your story very much (never tried it but pooing in urinals sounds fun!!!!)

Hi there at the toilet!
I’m a poster at longer intervals, since I have turned to only posting about exceptional events. My last posts were about an Easter outing which led to a „who shat what" contest (see older pages). Now, something exceptional and poo-related has occurred, and I will duly report it. It’s going to be somewhat lengthy, as most of my posts have been, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.
We have a guest at our office, a young French lady named Danielle. One of our French customers sent her over for some weeks of training. She is in her mid-twenties, and of medium build, i. e. some 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing approximately ten stones. She has a quite attractive if somewhat narrow face with high cheekbones, huge eyes, a long straight nose, and a voluminous and chaotic crop of pitch black curly hair. Her wrists and ankles are delicate like a ballet dancer’s. She likes to wear loose black or dark grey pullovers and tight fitting jeans of light grey, beige, or white colour which show off her bottom. Some say she has got a big butt, but to my mind her large, round behind is very attractive, contrasting to her slim waist as it is. The tight jeans also emphasize her slightly curved belly. She is a bright, very friendly and open personality, and has won the sympathy of most of us during the first few days of her stay. She also speaks with a cute accent, and has! taken to me a bit, because I have this „sort of French name", as she puts it. The following story is about what made her material for this forum.
One day she did not seem as open and friendly as usual. When I came into my office that day, she was there, fidgeting and shifting on the chair of her temporayrily set up desk, biting her lips and moaning from time to time. I noticed an expression of pain on her face, and asked her if she was not well. „No, I’m not. My belly is hurting a lot. Look at this!" she said (can you imagine her cute French accent?). With that, she stood up, and indicated her belly, which looked bloated and swollen as if she were some months pregnant. „Have you eaten something wrong?" I asked her. „No, no... It’s just that I have not been to the toilet since I’ve been here, and that’s six days now", she replied, „I mean... to the toilet like... how do you say it? You go and urinate, but that’s okay, I do that, of course, but then you also... how do you say? I’m sorry I only know the rude words for it in English." „Like ,merde’ in French?" I asked with a smile, and I swear I don’t know what gave me the cheek to steer our conversation on such a casual course. She smiled back and waved a finger: „You are a naughty boy to use such foul language!" „The word you want ist defecation, or excretion, or evacuation, or bowel movement, if you like," I told her, „but then, you can always say shit or poo or doo-doo. I don’t mind if you use these expressions in my presence, I’m not that prissy. I wouldn’t even mind if you did the very thing in my presence." „My... defecation? Excretion? You would like that, I bet!" she said playfully, but then another twist of pain appeared on her face, and she added, „But of course, I will go to the ladies’ toilet and not do it in your presence, naughty boy. It feels as if I must go immediately and do my... bowel movement – did I say that correctly? I think I will have to run, or something embarrassing will happen. And I think it will be a very, very big... evacuation. Defecation. Please excuse me for half an hour or so." With that, she turned to pic k up her handbag which she had left by the chair. I watched her ample bottom as she bowed low to fetch it, and just as her great butt ballooned there in two yards’ distance, an enormous fart broke from it – short, but extremely loud; so loud that it must have been heard outside my office and along the whole corridor. She turned to me with a crimson blush in her face, put a hand over her mouth and stammered „Mon dieu!", then backed out of my office, took a left turn, and ran off towards the ladies’ toilet with heels clicking like machine gun fire. I resumed my work and tried to put the alluring incident out of my mind.
But I was only allowed half a minute of peace. The clicking heels came back as fast as they had travelled away. With a complicated french curse on her lips, Danielle rounded the corner into my office again, both hands clutching at her bis ass cheeks. With a tremor of panic in her voice, she exclaimed, „The ladies’ is closed! There’s a sign hanging from the handle, saying ,out of order’! Please, show me to the gents’, or I will have to go in my pants!" Within a split second I was out of my chair and escorted her to the gents’ toilet. „Will you stand guard for me so no one comes in?" she asked, and added, „I hope there’s no one in there, or I will be at a loss!" I promised to stand guard, and, as soon as we came to the door, went in to make sure she was alone in there. Luckily enough for her, the corridor was all but deserted, and no one was inside. I quickly ushered her into a cubicle, where she locked herself in, pushed down her panties and jeans (audibly), and adjusted he! r butt on the seat with a soft thud. I took up a position outside the door, but made sure I left it slightly open so I could sneak a peek and listen in on her noises. I did not see anything except her high heels under the door with her delicate ankles covered by white floral panties and light grey jeans, but I could hear everything, of course.
I heard her breathe heavily for a while, then hold her breath. I heard another very short, extremely loud fart, and after a second another, similar one. She sighed and held her breath again, grunted a bit and forced out another of her short, loud farts. Then, a heavy, slow, dry crackling and popping sound was heard, which went on for about half a minute. Then came a gasp and a loud moan, and simultaneously a splash which was louder than anything I had ever heard under similar circumstances. It sounded as if a voluminous, compact object of considerable weight had been dropped into a deep well. She uttered a moan, breathing heavily again and mumbling to herself in French so that I could not understand what she said. Then she spoke to me through the door: „Still noone coming out there?" „The coast is clear," I replied, „you can come out." She laughed at this and said, „Oh no no, I haven’t finished at all. What do you think? I have to do a lot more... excretion. Defecation. Bo! wel movement. It will take some time!" „But that sounded like an awful lot!" I said, to which she replied laughingly, „Oh, you are listening, naughty boy! Mon dieu, he can hear it all. Now finally I am doing it in front of you all the same. Mon dieu, mon dieu!" I did not reply. After a minute of regular breathing she suddenly whispered something. „What are you saying?" I risked to ask, „I cannot hear you if you don’t speak up." „This guy is cracking me up," she answered, then laughed again and said, „I just said ,let’s give it another try’. I said it because I feel ther is more coming now. It’s moving down inside my belly." She breathed quietly for five seconds, then said, „Oooh, I think it’s is going to be a big, big load this time!" „If what’s coming is a ,big load’", I exclaimed, „what was the first part, then?" „Oh, that was just... the first part! I mean, it was a good piece, of course, you know; the first piece always is – but what’s coming now is a lot more! I’m not do ne so quickly, once I get started, believe me!" Then she proceeded to hold her breath and push, but nothing happened for fifteen seconds. She stopped pushing and said, „Dammit, my asshole hurts!" Then she resumed pushing, with a low grunt this time, then said, „Maintenant ca marche, attention!" (now it’s coming, watch out), and while she was still holding her breath, pushing and grunting, a high-pitched, squealing fart was heard, again very loud, and several seconds long. Immediately after this, a very loud, and also several seconds long low-pitched rumbling fart, and then, without her stopping to breathe, a greasy crackle started, and I heard a voluminous FLOOOMP! FLOOOMP!, then after five seconds another enormous FLOOOOOOMP!, and after another ten more seconds a final FLUMP! She then took a deep breath and panted. „Oh, ca put ici!" she moaned (oh, it stinks in here – which I could verify without much sniffing). Then she started to piss with her sharp, forceful stream aimed ! into the water. It went on for twenty seconds, then dribbled out. „Are you still listening?" she asked, and I could hear the smile that must have been on her face. „Yes, of course," I said quite sheepishly, and could not think of anything intelligent to retort. „Do you like listening to ladies doing a... bowel movement?" „Ah... yes, yes, of course I do!" I replied, still quite sheepishly. „What do you think of my farts, then? I believe I can do the loudest farts in the whole world, don’t you agree?" she said, still with the same teasing tone. She knew she was exciting me, and she went for it. I finally overcame my stupor and said, „I never heard anyone fart as loudly as you, that’s true!" „Do you know why?" she asked, „I’ll tell you; it’s because of my big bottom. It causes a lot of resonance. It’s like a musical instrument, you know. Let me give you an example..." With this, she let fly with another fart, again not of special length, but even louder than those before. Then sh e let fly an even louder fart, but this time very short, almost like a gunshot. „But if I want, I can also do it like this!" she went on, and this time the ensuing fart was an endless, high-pressure steam-valve hiss which went on for more than ten seconds. Then a loud, harshly grating fart echoed in the bowl, lasting several seconds, and finally turning into a deep, liquidly blubbering snort, which stopped abruptly. Then she gave a hell of a grunt and push, and a single loud PLUPP! was heard. „I think that was it," she said, and the ripping of paper was heard. While she was wiping (five times), she said, „Watch out nobody’s coming, I’m getting out now!" Then she pulled up her clothes and triggered the flush – but nothing happened! No water! She pressed the handle again – nothing! „Mon dieu," she cried, and again, I heard panic welling up in her voice. „This toilet doesn’t flush! There is no water coming out of the tank!" I heard her scratching and fumbling, and then exclaim, „ There is no water in the tank at all!" She then seemed to try the tap which shuts off the pipe leading to the tank, but obviously it did not move. „Oh my," she cried, „I’m desperate about this – what am I to do?" „Let me have a look," I offered. „Oh you," she retorted, „you only want to see my shit! You are such a naughty boy indeed! Confess that you only want to see my big pieces of shit in the toilet! It’s not enough that you listened to everything I did, now you also want to put me to shame by looking at what I did!" A change in her tone from panic-stricken to playful indicated a change of her mind, so I said, „Of course I would like to see your creation. It must be enormous, judging from the sounds your ,big pieces’ made when they fell into the water. And besides, I think I can probably be useful with that flush." With a low, smiling „naughty boy!" she unlocked the cubicle door, stepped out and let me in. I looked into the bowl, of course, and my glance fell on what was sw imming around in it. I have to add that the toilets at our company have a large „lake", more like those used in the United States. This is what I saw: first, an enormous, black, hard lump, furrowed and compacted out of shining black segments, 8 inches long and almost three inches thick, with s slight bend in the middle (that must have been the first, enormous one); then, four long smooth curved toffee-coloured sausage-type turds, their thickness changing slightly around 2 inches, two of them close to a foot long and blunt at both ends, the third one well over a foot long and also blunt, and the fourth and final one 6 or 7 inches long, and tapering to a point. While the big black thing was floating, the sausage turds had coiled along the white porcelain walls and sunk to the lower regions of lake loo. Then, there was a single dark brown ball floating around, its shape and size something like a big hen’s egg.
She stood close by me, looked deeply into my eyes, and said in a low, husky voice, „Are you going to tell your wife what has just happened?" I knew I could have given the situation an entirely different (and potentially very pleasant) turn there and then, but I preferred to go on jokingly and said, „Of course I am; she’s a nurse and has a professional interest in such matters! Besides, I’m a good husband, and we won’t have any secrets between us. And I’m going to inform the press; it will be in the papers tomorrow, picture and all!" She smiled, touched me lightly on the cheek with her hand, blew me a kiss, and made a retreat, with me escorting her out of the john after unsuccessfully trying the flush and tap myself. I promised to cover up for her and take the blame if anyone asked who had deposited that gigantic load in the gents’. I later learned that the „out of order" sign on the ladies’ had been due to the same sort of trouble, only it had not been discovered in the ge! nts’ yet.
Danielle and me, we are still on very friendly terms, and we laugh a lot at work. So I think the situation has taken an acceptable turn, and it has supplied me with another great experience in the field of this forum.
Good poops’n’pees to you all!

Hey guys! Thanks for your help! I a goin to ry the soap thing sometime. I am just afraid of infection. I hear that if you get an infection around your anus, it is like a living hell. I like pooping in big loads though. Yesterday, I went to the mall with the urge to go poop. I don't know why I didn't go before I left. I am telling you, I don't go poop in public toilets for a few reasons. First of all, I am afraid I will smell weird after coming out. Like I will small like poop. Second, I am afraid I might see someone I know. My body know's that I hate pooping in public, cause as soon as I get into the mall, the big urge to have a massive load goes away. Well, I am shopping for new pants, and I get the urge to go pee. Well, I have no problem going pee in public, so I go into the nearest bthroom and go. Well, this restroom was in the very very back of the mall, so there was no one around in the restroom. I unzipped my fly, and started peeing. I was hoping I would get the urge ! to go poop again, so I could let it out, and no one would be around. Well, after I went pee, zipped back up, and washed my hands. The urge did not come, so I left the bathroom :-(

Guess what! I know some of you don't approve of Poop-Holding, but I like to do it so my dumps can be bigger, cause I am only 13 ad usually have smaller dumps. Well anuywayz, I have been holding my poop since Saturday Morning. I have had some whopper urges, but since I havehad a history of Holding My Poop as a child, my anus can withstand a lot. But anywayz, I have been holding my poop for 72 hours. I think I am goin to let it go outside, or maybe try to overcome my fear and poop it out in public. O yeah, I have tried Pronce Morgan's littlegame. The one where he lets his poop out a little, and sucks it back in. I tried it, and it is pretty fun, but it is kinda hard to know when it has gone out too far. I tried it the other day, and a little tiny ball of poop came out. Well, I hae to go. I will be sure to post about my held in poop, when I poop it. May your dumps be solid!

- Lorie: Thanks for the advise. I am not mreally cnstipated, but I like having big loads. I really don't need real laxitives. Oh By The Way, I am male :)

- Bryan: I think I am going to try the soap thing tonight, when I take a shower. I don't need suppositories, cause I am not constipated, and since my parents are pretty "let constipation cure itself" we don't have any around the house, so Soap is the only thing I can use. DO you have any suggestions on ways to have gigantic dumps?

KiKi- Hey! I believe the soap is Dove soap.

PV- Thank you for writng me! Dove soap is my soap. I don't use soap a lot, just on days when I want to go poop, but havent gone that day, and on days when I have a big load ready to come out. Again, I don't have access to suppositories, so soap is the only thing I can use.


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi,glad to be back and thanks to you DAZZ for your tips on diet so as to produce satisfying logs.I seem to be forever trying to modify my intake,I basically eat vegetables,fruit,grain,pulses and fish and no meat but as you may have read from a previous posting I had a lot of soreness apparently due to the wrong laxative I was taking for non_existent haemorrhoids!The great news is that I think I'm cured and so want to be absolutely sure I can reduce whatever has been giving me small turds.
Even when I drop the small ones I can usually get a splash but a big solid knobbly one with some grunting and loud farting is what I really want to do.I'm now having white instead of brown bread so I'llsee how it goes and also have weetabix type of cereal for breakfast.
As for the details of your toilet;it would be really good if you could tell me the approximate dimensions of the water trap as that must be the most significant factor in its ability to splash,and whether the bottom of the water trap is flat or with a slight incline to the front as mine seems to do.
I'm still trying to catch up on all the postings that have been submitted and notice a few guys who really appreciate listening to other men when possible in public toilets.MARK B.(UK),DANIEL(UK) and TONY(UK) are three I've found.Great to hear what you have to say on the subject as well as others I can't think of right now.
Do any of you know of any toilets you've found where you do get a good chance of hearing some good sessions without the extraneous noises spoiling it?I've been to lots of towns and cities in England and Wales on holiday and always search for a good one in that respect or rarely,one where you can see more than usual.
I was once in Hull and went into a department store,found the toilets and was amazed to find 3 cubicles with saloon-type doors ie.the door startes at least 2 foot!! off the floor and finished about neck level.Standing at the urinals You'd be able to see a guy sitting on the toilet with no difficulty.As I was standing at the urinals hoping someone would go in one a middle aged man came in,looked shockes when he saw how public it was muttered something to himself and walked out.I wished I needed one myself but decided to go in one anyway,pulled down my jeans and sat on the toilet so that the next guy to come in would see me sitting there.It was good to see someone standing for a piss and knowing I was on show.I've been back but that toilet has now been rfurbished as has one in Lewis's department store in Leeds which was almost exactly the same door design.
A few years ago I was in a public bog while there was a lorry parked outside with the engine running.I wanted a shit and was aware there was another guy in the next cubicle wearing training shoes and who I assumed to be a young soon as the lorry moved off and it was quiet again I started to push out my first turd,but as I started-I heard him drop one.Fot the next few minutes we actually took it in turns to plop (we were both dropping fairly loud ones)so I said "the sound effects are good in here",to which he responded and we both made comments like "that's a good one"etc.I waited for him to wipe his arse and come out so that we'd both meet at the wahbasins.A guy in his 30's ptobably ,slightly younger than myself.Hoping he may feel like at least saying something on the lines of "That was good" or "Hope I hear you again" he just walked out .The typical British reserve taking over!At least it was a kind of buddy dump.
I've certainly been quite frustrated in public toilets by other men in cubicles assuming I'm there for "other purposes" and passing silly notes under the partion wanting my "measurements" and suggesting thing I don't want to do.Sometimes I've written back saying I'm trying to shit or actually stating what I do hope to hear.A common reaction has been to write back that I'm wasting my time .or there's! And only occasionally have I met guys who share plopping in company.
You can imagine the feeling I've had for a long time that surely there must be others into this,apart from the few friends with whom I have in the past been able to shit with,but could'nt seem to find those to share all this with.Then here I am in the company of hundreds of men and women who write articulately and intelligently constructed messages and at last I'm not alone or one of a few.
Thanks to all of you who post,read my messages,reply,offer advice and support and to the moderator who keeps this whole site civilised and friendly.
To all the teenagers who post here -How I wish this opportunity was available in my teens.
I'll share the details of my friendship with a guy who I really wanted to see on the toilet whenever he visited me on my next posting but to those in the same predicament,I suggest patient hints until your friend may feel easy and confident enough to invite you in with him.If as in my case you are able to share almost everything else with him-it will probably happen,
More next time, Good shitting to you all,just the way you like to go!

wizzer-how old are you? I'm 15 and i also was dersperate to piss at the mall recently. I didnt know where the bathroom was and i had to go soooo bad. When no one could see me i would bend over double and squeeze my dick real hard. I just wanted to get to a bathroom. I couldnt stand the thought of embarrasing myself in the mall. Then i started squirting in my pants, just a few short ones. I met up with my father and i asked him how much longer till we leave. He said he didnt know, why? I said i have to pee so bad and am almost wetting my pants. He told me where the bathroom was (i should have found it) and i hobbled over while squirting in my pants. I finally had a relaxing pee but i had made a quarter size wet mark on my pants.

The strangest place i ever pissed was in the bushes at my cousin's house. We were playing a form of hide and seek and i was hiding in the bushes. I had to pee so bad and i was bouncing up and down. I knew whis would give myself away, so i just pissed there in the bushes.

The strangest place i have ever crapped was in my pants when i was coming home from soccer practice at age 12. I had to crap all during practice but wasnt about to admit to it. My father drove me home and on the way home we were talking and i was just crapping and pissing in my pants as if nothing were wrong. It took me while to get cleaned up though.

Has anyone ever pissed themselves while talking to someone and they didnt notice. In south carolina i was getting out of the pool desperate to pee. I was planning on going up to our hotel room to relieve myself. I was all dried off and ready to go when my mom started talking to me about stuff (how well my brother was swimming, etc.) I couldnt get away from her and i couldnt hold my pee so i just started wetting myself while talking. I was wearing a black bathing suit so she didnt notice. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


dog faced boy

That's all I can say. I finally had a fantasy of mine come true, and I didn't even intend it - let me tell you. I went to see a concert this past weekend, and as is the usual case at large arena/amphitheatre type events, the public bathroom is a hit or miss affair. sometimes the mens room will be crowded, sometimes the ladies. sometimes they will be clean, sometimes a disgusting watery mess with more urine on the floor than in the toilets. You just never know. Anyways, phish, (the band i saw) draws a mosly young, college age, attractive crowd. sure enough, showtime was approaching, and the mens room had a line a mile long (more male beer consumption, i suppose, since everyone knows males are quicker in the can). I was not too desparate, but I also didn;t want to have to pee during the show, so I was going to wait. Just then, two of the girls I had gone with had come out of the ladies room (no line) and when I told them about the situation, they insisted that they ! escort me into the ladies room. Now, this is something that I have fantasizsed about before, but this was not a sexual situation or anything, I just had to go. I agreed to rush in, pee (I promised them I would put the seat back down) and rush out. I put my hood up, and zipped in between these two girls. At this point I have to commend the female phish fans, because they saw I was a guy right away, but they just laughed and smiled at me hurrying into a stall. as soon as I got the door closed, I felt really awkward. Those of you with pee-shy syndrome, please imagine how it must have felt to be the owner of the only front facing feet in the row of stalls, and trying to pee when I didn't have to go SOOOO bad.

So I did what any red-blooded american male would have. I sat down to pee. I did it to: a) ease myself so I could pee and b) ease the ladies around the stall so they could pee in peace. Well, that changed everything. Sure, sure I felt funny, but I swallowed my pride, calmed myself, pulled down my jeans and underwear (only to the knees - hairy legs would have been bad)and sat. Amazingly, the ladies all quickly forgot about me, and anyone who saw me come in (including my escorts) had left, so I was incognito. I started to piss, and soon the two stalls next to me were occupied with girls doing the same. I had some amazing revelations in there, which I knew I wanted to share with the other males on the board.

First - the sound of a busy womens restroom are truly beautiful. Just hearing a constant waterfall of flushing and pissing accompanied by the tinkerbells of girls laughing and talking and stuff is just... beautiful. So feminine. I really thanked the Maker that I was allowed to hear that. Not every guy can say the same.

Second - The noises of actual evacuating in a busy restroom are not very prominent; what is mostly heard is the flushing, talking and laughing. I think I had a much more sleazy vision of hearing nasty stuff going on all around me - you know, with no guys around, I figured that girls would be able to be gross. Not so. Girls are girls, folks, and they are indeed more dainty, more quiet, and much more well behaved than us men. Not to say that pooping is gross, just that they are... less gross about everything.

Third - well, since I was there and had the possibly only chance in my life to actually hear some real goings ons in a ladies room - call me crazy, but to feel like I had actually done SOMETHING with this pioneer experience, I wanted to hear a fart. Not hang out for a half hour, not try and spy any nudity or anything, but just to hear one fart. I felt that that wouldn't be too intrusive, but still was illicit enough to make it all worthwhile. So I sat for a sec. The two girls next to me just peed and left. One more filed in on the right. She had on sandals, and small feet. She got on the toilet and got on the phone. She was talking and talking, and just when I was going to give up, she flushed and left. Still no sound, and no smell. I heard a girl many stalls down say to a friend that she'd be a few seconds. Oh boy. maybe she was crapping. I listened hard, but it's amazing how much all of the noises of the stall doors and the flushes and the talking just combine! into one noise. By now I was getting nervous; that I'd be caught, that the show would start, or whatever, so I was almost willing to write off a questionable noise I heard from a stall a mile away as a fart, and be done with it. It was probably just the door squeaking. I started pulling off some paper, disheartened, but okay with it.

Just then, a pair of feet came into the stall to my left. Tan khakis, frayed at the bottoms. blue adidas, size six. long brown hair, maybe 19-24 yrs old from the look of her clothes. Couldn't see her face. She sat down, and I continued pulling off paper, at this point ready to abort the mission.

I heard her start to tinkle as soon as she sat down. She must've had to go. Then it happened. I get warm just thinking about it. As clear as a bell, as clearly as if I had just done it, she farted. It was a short, bassy blast, it caused her to pause peeing for just a second, and she quickly continued. I was in heaven. I listened intently, and just as she finished, she passed a hissing soft fart that I could almost smell. Wonderful! Mission accomplished!

To think that for her, what was a moment lost in time, something she barely remembers doing, is now permanently etched in my memory - that's amazing. That I could get so much pleasure out of an action that could only be described as meaningless and involuntary was also so cool. But as I rushed out to a flurry of warm hearted chiding and giggling at having a boy in the girls room, I couldn't help thinking, "THAT is the reason that men and women are segregated and seperated and meant to feel stupid or embarassed about going to the bathroom? A small noise exiting from some girls anus inadvertently while peeing - is the reason for mens rooms and ladies rooms and all of the concrete and sometimes even security guards that at times are used to keep us seperate? I understand about the whole pervert and rapist thing, and the need for there to be adequate security, but c'mon.

As for me - I have no real desire to go and do that ever again. Strange, but for years, I considered it an inattainable fantasy, but now, having experienced it, I feel like it wasn't quite the experience I thought it would be. Wonderful, that I was able to get a small blast as a reward, but not quite as illicit as I'd imagined. All I feel is a longing for us all (men and women) to lose fears about going in front of those of the opposite sex. Sure, some of us might enjoy listening, but as is evidenced by some contributors like BUZZY, some men like going with, and hearing noises from other guys. Doesn't bother me at all if you get pleasure from hearing me doing what I'm going to do whether you're listening or not. Ladies, please let me know if you think whatr I did was so wrong and such a violation of privacy, or not. I'd like to think I didn't violate or victimize anyone, I certainly don't feel guilty. Still, comments are welcome. Sorry so long!

-Dog Faced Boy

"...just ask me, and I'll do anything for you."

dear sandra very hot story about the office dump

Hello friends, I really don't have a story to tell but I applaud all of you for sharing very private things, which isn't accepted in todays society, and people If some of you have problems with these types of things in particular, and need someone to talk to, I'll be glad to help as many as I can, well later friends....


KIM AND SCOTT - Hi, I have enjoyed reading your most
recent stories. Well there has not been much happening
for me to write about just recently but I hope that
very soon I will have more to tell. Have fun!

PV - Hi there!
Yeah, I know what you mean about boys not being too
impressive! Hehe. I do not think it makes much diff
which way he was facing if there were swimmers and
other people in the sea. Yeah it would be a different
matter to see it being done. I wonder what someone
thought if they saw me that foot long log in the sea
when we were at the nude beaches. And what about those
young wee girls who had their mum teaching them how to
do the standing V lift and let rip into the sea while
Steve watched??! The youngest one dropped a few pellets
into the sea as well!
I think those girls were a lot like my sister and I
really, and their mum was really a lot like mine. I
think that was really why I got on very well with her.
She was teaching them good life skills wasn't she?
My mum said that if she had a boy as well as us two
girls then maybe it would have not made too much diff
how we were toilet trained, but that society had
expectations for keeping boys and girls apart. So he
would have been taught about how women pee but he
would know not to go into the ladies' room and stuff
like that. So we would have seen each other have a
wee until we got to a certain age and then maybe we
would have been a bit more apart, I do not know. Maybe
it is a hard question for my mum to just give a quick
answer to without having lots of time to think about it,
because there are psychological effects and things like
we both know about! Yeah, you have talked about that
"improper gender behaviour" girl and it must have been
very bad for her to be treated that way. Real unfair!
Loose shits without a reason? Well I wonder if it is
thinking about what you will get up to on the beaches
in the good weather that is doing that to you.
Anybody in England here will agree that the weather here
is really bad just now. It just keeps on raining on and
on. On Saturday night we got soaked, and I went with
Steve into a quiet alley for a wee. There was a big
rain puddle, and there I was with my jeans and knickers
down, having a piss into this rain puddle in the heavy
poaring rain. I was real wet already and it would not
have made much diff if I had just wet myself instead.
Well actually later on I got so wet that I did just
go and wet myself not too far from home. We were just
going to take off all our wet clothes as soon as we got
back home anyway!
Well I bet you enjoyed those two pisses. Yeah, hovering
can be fun, it is just different to standing isn't it?
Steve did not know I had been talking about him aiming
me, and on Friday night I asked him to do it while we
were in the bath and standing in front of the large
mirror. Hehe it is kind of fun if you look at it from
that angle. Oh yeah, I put my hands on his forearms that
time like I have done before and it looks very romantic.
If I do not put my hands in front then I can ... well...
hehehe. Maybe you can think about that one.
We have a corner bath with the tap controls on the outer
side, so we can have a corner each or I can cuddle up
in his lap, which is very nice and snuggly. Yeah, I do
golden fountains and that is lots of fun. As well as that
I like to hold Steve's cock up straight out of the water
so he can do a golden fountain. That's good fun too!
The guy carrying the girl who was having a wee? Well I
did not see any other couple do that and it was a bit of
a surprise to see it, but I bet it was a lot of fun for
them. I should have got Steve to do it, it would have been
a real good laugh. The next time we have a bath? Yeah I
think so eh?
Oh yeah make sure you protect your skin well if you go out
in the sun. I always do and I use lots of cream all over
so I am very careful too. It may be that Aussie weather is
a bit too good really. Wish you could bottle it and send
me some!
I have not tried out my idea yet. How did you guess what
it was? I just can not seem to get to the ladies' toilet at
the same time the Spanish looking girl goes. Well maybe my
luck will get better I guess. Now this afternoon when I
saw her going to the toilet I was bursting but I was stopped
by my boss who wanted to ask me about something. So I was
too late to go into the toilet in time to try my idea. Well
I knew I could not hold it much longer so I went in but she
was not there. So I just had a practice. I went into the
stall, did not close the door, pulled my knickers to the
side and just let rip a geyser wee into the bowl. Ahhhh,
it did feel very good, but when someone came in I was not
ready for that, so I just stopped weeing and closed the door
real fast. I finished my wee with a hover. The lady who came
in was the 40 year old Indian lady I have talked about before.
I heard her blast a waterfall into her toilet. I wonder if
she ever stands? I wish I could ask her.
I will tell you if I have more luck with my idea!

More Big Hugs,


Prince Morgan


BUZZY: You rock! Loved the salad-poop story. As I am a vegetarian, I can definitely relate! Keep them coming, man. Question for you: when youre unloading on your favorite log, do you sit back and let your pile fall behind or in front?

TO CASEY: Well, I'm older than you, anyway.
Yes, you should definitely poop your pants! Nothing else like it! Since you have good control, hold it in as long as you can, put on some tight pants and relax--let it push out. Spandex bike shorts are also good, and clean-up is way easier. You've never pooped your pants, but have you ever peed in them? I love that, too. Especially outside on a really cold day. Try it.
To answer your question, I've heldit in forabout four days.

PUSH UP MY POOP: Urinals are awesome. I've pooped in them at schooland at a church. There's a movie called "Kingpin" where a guy takes a poop in one.


hello i M 14 YEAR OLD GUY MY NAME IS NOT MAN BUT I DONT LIKE TELLIN MY REAL NAME.plz write to meon .wll my most embarassing story is that i was very ill to walk or move and i had to shower and pee. i couldn't move on my own and i was too embarassed to ask anyone. the only person was even availble was my 18 year old sister'd friend who she was kind enough to come visit me. i looked very stuck so she asked me u need to go?? I said not only that i need to shower. she was one of the hottest women i have seen in my life! she smiled and said no problem! she took my arm around her neck and took me to the bathroom. she helped me take all my cloths off which i was really embarassed from and she told me to pee whil i am giving u the shower. she cleaned me so good. and she dressed me but there was something wrong. i felt i want to poo shesat me on the toilet and wiped my butt after. i was very embarassed because no body saw me naked before but her.

Gavin, great to have you aboard and Im delighted your fibre drink etc seems to have solved your IBS symptoms. Briyan, he is obviously the person to ask about IBS. As to suppositories, there are two types, simple lubricant, the only type to use in my opinion, and the active ingredient type, to be avoided. The former are usually glycerine and melt with body heat amd lubricate and slightly soften the hard end of a constipated turd, so when you do pass it the jobbie will come out easier with less strain or discomfort but will still be nice and solid and formed. The other type, dulcolax, bisocodyl etc have an active ingetient which, like the oral laxatives they are derived from , cause the bowel to have increased peristalsis and in some type cause an effusion of liquid from the intestine and thus cause loose and sometimes explosive stools. YEUCH! Unless prescribed by a doctor to say clear the bowel before an internal examination or some other good medical reason, these are better a! voided. Soap up the bum is also a bad idea as the chemicals can cause irritation to the mucus membrame and even cause proctitis, an nasty inflamation of the rectum which is painful and can have a nasty discharge which stains the seat of one's knickers. KY jelly or vaseline (petroleum jelly) as suggested by others from time to time on this forum are quite safe and effective. A word of caution, if you insert a suppository, even the gentle lubricant only type, dont stray far from the toilet, as once lubricated a big solid jobbie can start to slide out of your back passage and you couild have a big accident in your knickers. This happened to me once when I was about 16. I was very constipated and inserted a glycerine suppository, then pulled up my white cotton knicks and left the toilet. I decided to go down to the shop at the end of our road to get my magasine but on the way back I felt the turd start to slide down and before I knew it my ring expanded and it slid out into the se! at of my panties. Since it was solid and lumpy it didnt squash up but pushed the seat of my knickers away from my bum. I sort of waddled home and went straight into the toilet. As I took off my skirt I saw the bulge poking out the seat of my knicks. I stepped out of my underpants, emptied the turd, which was unsquashed, a fat lumpy log, into the pan then sat there and did a long easy sauasage jobbie on top of it. My knickers did have some brown stains in the seat from the melted suppository, so I just put them in the washing machine amongst the other dirty clothing already in there and washed them, saving my mother this chore when she got home.

Sandra, I find your exploits difficult to empathise with. We both enjoy doing large solid jobbies, and yes, I have done one outdoors many times and had a few big accidents in my knickers since childhood, like the one detailed above, but most times I have done my motions in the toilet in the normal manner and am assiduous in cleaning my anal and vulval area after defecation or urination. I wouldnt want to be smelling of shit or piss and always ensure that I have some moist tissues in my bag (purse in the USA) . Fair enough you did a big poo in the wastebasket and of course the odor lingered on, but I would have thought you could have got a chance to wipe your arse in the ladies. One has to face it that most people do NOT like the smells of human excretory products and it wouldn't have been nice for the other passengers on your train on the way home, and what does your partner feel about all this? Im not trying to condemn your activities, each to their own , but I feel we sh! ould always consider the effect of our activities on others. I also feel that you could get into trouble with the Police if you did one of your motions onto the pavement when going knickerless under your skirt and someone saw you drop a jobbie onto the ground. Im sure this is an offence, causing a public nuisance.

Readers may be interested in my exploits when I refereed a hockey match recently at a local girls school. This was a very posh fee paying girls only school and was an lovely old building , Victorian and Edwardian Gothic. The Girls Toilets were just about the best I have ever seen, a huge tiled room with all the brass pipes gleaming, marble floors, solid wooden doors, large white porcelain toilet pans of the old long drop type with a deep long water filled sump and thick wooden seats. There were 40 pans in 4 rows of 10 back to back and a long row of hand basins. After the game I did do a jobbie in one. I hitched up my short grey pleated hockey skirt and pulled my navy blue cotton knickers down to my knees and sat on the pan. My wee wee poured into the toilet long and loud, then I felt the big jobbie start to come down, gave an NNN! and felt it slide out and although it was a long fat one as usual it made a tremendous "KOOR-SPOOL-LOONK!" as it plunged into the pan. With all ! the tiles and marble and the high roof with a glass clerestory letting in daylight the accoustics were first class, Tony of Scotland eat your heart out! I wiped my bum pulled up my knicks and had a look. Now in most pans this would have been a beacher and would probably have made no sound but in this big old fashioned pan, it was accomodated easily and lay in the bottom its mid brown contrasting with the white porcelain, looking like a submarine in its pen. I pulled the chain, the cistern being again the old style mounted on the wall about 8 feet above the pan and emptying through a long brass pipe. A niagra torrent of water emerged and when it settled my jobbie had gone, unusual considering it was one of my usual 14 inch long panbusters which would have stuck in most toilet pans, but this toilet had defeated me! In a way I was pleased as it would have seemed wrong to have left a big turd stuck in the pan in such a well maintained and scrupulously clean toilet. I imagined all! the young ladies who had sat on those toilet pans over the 100 or so years the school had been operating and all the big jobbies they must have passed and wondered if any girl had ever done one which had stuck in the pan? I suppose KIm who posts here might just do so with one of her monster logs, or if someone did a big load of 2 or more big solid turds this could happen, but I thought that with such a large pan and the powerful flush, which from the size of the cistern must have been 3 gallons, I could almost have flushed away a house brick!

Last Friday while I was writing my last post, I had a severe cramp. What people often call a stomach cramp but it was really a cramp up the rectum. I think it was complete coincidence it came on while I was reading other posts and writing mine.
When I had finished writing I just had to go straight to the toilet (the idea of deliberately doing it in my underpants gives me a thrill but I don't often do it because it's a huge anticlimax as soon as it has happened, I then have dirty underpants to deal with, and,feel a bit of a 'sad bastard'!).
I stood up to do my poo,leaning a bit so my anus was over the toilet, knowing that it was going to be a biggie and hoping to make mega-big plops and splashes as it hit the water. It came straight out without pushing. I'd actually been straining to hold it in. There was one huge splash and at least six more, and I had to wipe myself about 15 times. Great!

Monday, October 09, 2000

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