I was in a sorority in college. When we were at big fraternity parties we would all drink a lot of beer and we had to pee very frequently. If we were standing around talking and had to go, we would just go with each other into the bathroom. Well I remember one night one of my sorority sisters and I were really drunk. We were talking and she said she had to go to the bathroom and I went in with her. She sat on the toilet peeing and we continued to talk. All of a sudden she let out a huge fart and I heard little plops and the bathroom started to smell. She looked embarassed, turned bright red and turned away from me. It was too late for me to leave the bathroom, all of the people would have seen in if I would have opened the door. So she just continued pooping and I stood there frozen. It was some experience.

Yesterday was a Saturday and I had to go to into work. It was peaceful as the entire office was empty. Around lunchtime I needed a poo so I took the trashcan from under my desk and squatted over it. I let out a fat 9 inch turd which fell into the plastic bag with a splat. Then I carried on working without having wiped my bottom. Around 4:00 it was time to leave so I took the plastic bag with the turd in it, folded it up and put it in the big garbage can by the kitchen. Then I went home. I could smell poo coming from my unwiped bottom while I was on the train. I wonder if anyone else did!

To Casey, Please be very careful about inserting anything inside of you,it is very easy to get an infection (this goes for your vagina too)If you feel you need a little help to do a #2 you can try a little vasaline or KY jelly on your finger( make sure it's clean)or
a natural supository that you can get in the drug store and unless you are real constipated that should do it for sure,try to stay away from enemas at your age they can cause problems if not used properly.
I am 26 years old and have had some experence with that stuff and just want to share my knowledge with you so pleas don't think i am preaching.

And the thing about the hair you asked about,thats quite natural,when i was your age i started to get a little back there and i was already kind of hairy up front too and by the time iwas 16 or 17 i had a little fuzz between my cheeks also,all females are a little different like that and it's nothing at all to worry about.

Take Care

I still have a fear of crapping in a public restroom. Because of it I knew I could never enlist in the military or stay in a dorm through the weekend. At bandcamp i was too scared to go and by the end of a week it started (the liquid)trickling out of my ass the day I went home.
In college i couldn't even go at 2:30 in the morning when everybody was asleep.

OK as promised here's the story of my dump from last week. We closed the cabin so no more outdoor poops for a while. This one was memorable though.
I hadn't gone for a couple of days & had a pretty big breakfast of eggs & pancakes. About an hour later I started getting the feeling that I needed a shit. I headed up the hill & as I walked the feeling started to come on strong. By the time i found a spot I ha to go really bad. I quickly pulled down my jeans & squatted. I immediatly began to piss & a long hard fart came too. My pee trickled to a stop & my anus opened up really wide. Slowly this monster turn started out. It slid out a few inches & stopped. I took a deep breath but didn't push. I let it come naturally. After a few seconds it started out again. It reached the ground & was still coming. A fart slipped past & I began to pee again. After another minute or so it tapered off & fell quietly to the ground. I was going to take a peek but another turd was already coming. It came faster then the first & fell off after just a few seconds. I felt more on the way. I did a bunch! of farting for a couple minutes before I felt the next load ready to come. My anus opened up for a big load of soft crap. I did this non-stop for about 2 minutes. Boy it felt great. I love these monster shits. I just sat there a couple of minutes feeling good. I got out some tp i had in my pocket & as I wiped I looked to see a large pile of shit with a 14 inch log & 7 inch log underneath.
It was my best outdoor crap of the year. All i needed was a buddy & it was complete.

hello all!HI DAZZ- glad you liked mine and scotts last post. yes I do enjoy being splashed on the bum when my log hits the water and it does happen pretty often.(because my logs are sooo freaking BIG!!) I love the feeling better though when I am crashing out an enormous, bowel movement and feeling my poor anus open up to the limit to let it all out!!That what gives me a tremendous buzz. thanks Dazz and GAVIN,PV, and others like STEVE, LOUISE,JOHN (VT),TONY FROM SCOTLAND ,DIANE and others who liked mine and scotts posts we greatly appreciate it. and though I am pretty busy now with college and work I will try to keep posting when i can. thank you! love,kim

Push Up My Poop
Hey. I have posted here once or twice, but this is gonna be my first real post. I am a 13 year old male. I poop once every other day. I like to sit on the toilet and push it out really fast if there is someone home. But if I am home alone, I put toilet paper on the floor, put a mirror facing my hole, and slowly let the poop fall onto the paper, while looking at it come out. I love pooping outside. I have my own little nature made outdoor toilet. It is a root that is shaped like a circle, and I sit my butt down on it and poop, and the poop goes into this hole under the root. I also have a tree over the river that serves as an outdoor toilet. I stand on the tree, and let my poop fall into the water below. I also like holding in my poop. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I hold in my poop for as long as I can. I love having huge, long, dumps that are 18' long that look like logs. I stick soap up my anus, but it does not gove me an urge. Is something wrong with me? I have to g! o. I have been holding in a massive dump all day, and have cramps the size of texas. I am pooping at the mall, in a urinal! Please, if anyone has the same intrest as me, lets be friends! I like pooping inm urinals!

O yeah....once, when I was really bored at 3 AM, I put a blanket on my bed and peed on it. I was too scared to go tot he bathroom. More later on that.

If any of you ever go to a restuarant called The Broad Axe Tavern...don't eat. While traveleing, I had an opportunity to visit there. I ordered this seemingly innocent grilled v????e platter with chicken. I could barely contain myself on the 45-minute ride to the hotel. I ran indoors to the bathroom. The women's was being cleaned so I flew into the men's bathroom. Once I pulled down my pants, my butt EXPLODED with feces. This continued for about 3 days.

CASEY- Ouch! Soap?
Out of curiousity, what brand? My guess is generic.
Hair around your anus is pretty normal. A lot of people have hair all over thier butts and even inside...

EVERYONE- I keep hearing about people farting and letting out a little poop at the same time. Is this common? It hasn't happened to me before, but I'd like to hear more about it.

(Old poster: Thom if you are out there, please reply to this...cause i know you use suppositories)Yesterday i posted that i bought suppositories, well i used one and then 15 min later i had to shit. When i went it was pretty solid(not loose or real soft of any thing) and i only went once and i felt better. I thought supositories empty you out buy having loose bowels? Will suppostiories give a person loose bowels? or will it cause soild stools? What happens to the suppository after it is up your ass? Will it dissolve or will you see it in your poop?

I was also wondering about Iritable Bowel snydrom(IBS) What is it? Could a stomach ache be signs of it(i have them once in a while). What are the sympotoms? how do i know if i have it? Any one have this? that could answer my ?s ?
Reason i asked about this cause i heard something on the radio today about IBS and it was a study and you had to call a 1800 to be in the study, it just brought it to my attention.

To Casey: I loved your story, it is safe to put soap up your ass. I hear that you weren't satisfied, i got a sugguestion....try suppositorys, it worked for gave me about 2 7" logs yesterday. I thought i was constipated. It is normal for guys to have hair on there crack, cause im 19 and i have hair on my crack too. I like your posts, post some more!!

DM: You asked about favorite public restrooms. I'm relatively tolerant of most places for peeing, and here I will explain those places I am most comfortable having a pooping session. If there was a single one I like the most, it would be the ladies room on the second floor of the research library at my undergraduate school. The building was new at that time, and the bathroom was spacious and very clean. I also like the ladies room in my home office, as well as other restrooms in relatively quiet office buildings and in professional medical buildings. I also like department store restrooms, though I have seen a noticeable decline in many stores' efforts to maintain their facilities. I am not very fond of gas station restrooms or those in public parks or highway rest stops and would be hard pressed even to pee in some of those places which are especially dirty.

I just had a busy week making a couple of field visits to clients' offices. These visits caused my commutes to be longer than usual. Twice this week I developed a sudden and strong urge to pee on the way home. One time I barely got home and reached the bathroom in time and peed for several minutes. Another time I had to stop at the mall and paid a visit to the ladies room at one of the department stores. I drink a lot of water during the day and usually pee in the ladies room before leaving the office, and I did just that both times before leaving the offices I had visited those days.

Undin (Athens, Greece)
Anne: Any interesting bowel movement so far?

Melissa: What happened with your exciting stories???

Today as usual I was in the usual toilets waiting to see something interesting. I saw lots of ladies shiting and even more peeing but nothing in particular until a German lady (about 50) sat on the pan
releasing a jobbie of about 8" long. It looked like a brown sausage. She tried to flush it twice but it didn't go down. After that no lady was using this stall except two ladies for having a desperate wee. However later on a goodlooking Russian lady (in her late 30's)was desperate to take a dump and since the other stall was occupied she used this one. Ahe was farting and shiting diarhea repeatedly. There was a problem with the flush and no water could flow. When she left I got in and I saw a really great combination. A Frankfurten sausage covered with a yellow Borch (Russian sauce). Pretty weird menu Huh?

Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid), thank goodness you were able to explain your funny post. Chloe had read it Saturday and was quite upset by it. She knows you've got this thing about Mischa Barton, and the way it was worded, it sounded like you were more in love with Mischa than you are with her. She now feels guilty for thinking that. I told her there would be some explanation. Why does the Moderator post things together like that if they were sent by seperate posts ? It certainly caused some heartache on Saturday night for Chloe, I can tell you !

The news you wanted to hear about Kirsty ! Well, she did come in with Chloe and me while we went, but she didn't exactly watch us going, and didn't go herself after us. That was until we started to go back downstairs afterwards. Then Kirsty decided she did need to go, and she would see us downstairs. Chloe and I were very good at taking the hint that she didn't want us there while she went. And we've made sure that we didn't make any song and dance about her coming in with us but not letting us watch her. Chloe and I both think that she is getting used to the idea, and it will happen in its own sweet time. Neither of us are bothered about it and we are both very happy for her to join us when she wants to, whether we see her or not.

LINDA: How are you keeping ? I've been thinking about you lots ! I presume I haven't heard from you because your Cousin and Elena don't let you use the computer all the time like my Mum and Dad with me ! Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, lots of love Kendal xx

P.S to Andrew, I know Michael won't tell of us, but I do wish you had been a bit more careful with him and Daz. He's going to know everything we do if he visits the site now. I won't be able to look him in the face next time I see him ! What if he reads the earlier posts and finds out what I did on your Dad's car !!

Hi Dazz,

Nope, I sit too! It depends on the circumstances. Middle of the night, half asleep, it's easier to sit down and pee with my eyes closed! But in warm weather, wearing skirts and such, yeah, I stand a lot. Also, conversely, in really cold weather, it's more comfortable to stand than sit on a cold plastic seat, or hover for that matter. The great thing is having the ability to choose. Heck, I've tried lifting one leg, holding it by the ankle and weeing like a dog! (It ran down my leg, I didn't have enough pressure! Hahaha!)

Yes, I get splashed when I drop a big one, and there's nothing quite like the delicious shock of cold water going into your open anus unexpectedly! Mm-mm! Used to happen a lot when I was a kid for some reason, not so much these days.

Public toilets in Adelaide are a mixed bag. At the malls they are very clean indeed, in perfect repair and cleaned twice daily, all with doors. Same with theatres. Railway stations are another matter, they get vandalised so much. I've seen filthy stainless steel ones with no seats and no paper, even shit smeared on the floor. You bet I stood to wee that day -- I held my breath and squirted, trying not to look, but I was so depserate to go I just couldn't not do it. The big station in the city is an old one and there are doors, they just have no locks. I prop my backpack against the bottom of the door and stand to pee, as quick as I can. I've seen the purple fluouros -- the station in Melbourne has them, they're the wierdest thing, and yes, I seem to remember Adelaide Station has them now too.

In parks, again, very mixed, they can be very decrepit. The city council just demolished the old Victorian loo building in Victoria Square, much to the digust of locals who saw it as a cultural artifect (it was heritage listed). The sea front is another variable, some are excellent, others are doorless and pretty shoddy, though I've not seen any in an actually filthy state. National Parks are also pretty well served, they can be old but usually clean. The worst I ever saw was a metropolitan convenience where some guy had shit in a urinal. I went in to use the urinal for fun and left again very quick, feeling sick. The university toilets are always absolutely clean, and I love to slip into the men's and wee at the steel wall urinals -- heaps of fun.




Yes, hair around your anus is absolutely normal. It'll thicken up a bit as you get older, too. Heck, you aughta see the anal patch some women develop! Erm -- at your age, maybe not! Sorry, I hope the moderator let's that one by!

As for soap suppositories, that's an old, old trick. It might depend on the soap -- remember, it was used commonly in the olden days when soap was PURE soap, without all the fancy additives and perfumes they put in these days, and it's those extras that probably irritate the mucus membrane lining your rectum and produce the burning sensation. I remember a post here once from a couple who popped a piece of soap up each other's bottoms in the morning once each week for a good clean out, and it certainly didn't seem to do them any harm. All in all, soap might be a bit savage to use regularly, and you'd be better served by using pure glycerine suppositories. They're just as much fun!



Sunday, October 08, 2000

Has anyone ever been so scared that they peed or pooped their pants? Also can anyone tell me on what pagees in the archives there are stories of people beeing so scared they had an accident.

Buzzy--what a great play by play. Love your stories & what a great idea. Any good stories from the gym lately?
Wizzer--loved your camping story. Glad you made it at the mall in time. I'd like to hear where the strangest place you pissed is.
I'll tell of my last outdoor poop of the season soon but thought I'd tell this one first.
I had the shits real bad today. Went to an Indina place for dinner last night & the curry did a job on my system. I woke up very early with an URGENT need to crap. Stumbling off to the bathroom & sat & pissed out my ass for several minutes. Feeling done I decided to dress for work & had some juice. I made it to work but had to go again right after I got there. We have single person bathrooms. I went past a fellow employee & right to the toilet. The door was closed but he saw me go in. I again pissed out my ass with a lot of explosive farting. The sound & smellwas rather overwhelming. When I finished & came out the guy was still there. He knew what I'd done but said nothing. I spent more time in the bathroom then doing work. I shouldv'e gone home but I was scheduled to close & would've had to come back for that so I stayed. I went at least 18 times. When it was time to drive home I barely made it by squeezing my butt cheeks together REALLY ! tight.
I've learned a very important lesson. DON"T EAT ANYTHING WITH CURRY!!

Hey guys, me again! I have had a very intersting day. I was reading old posts yesterday, and came acrose one that caught my eye. It was a post from a semi-pro runner. He said that if he did not go poop every morning before his run, he would stick a piece of soap up his anus, and wait for it to kick in, and he would open up and all its contents would pour out. Well, I had not gone for about 18 hours, and this is pretty common for me, cause I usually go once every other day or so. But newayz, I cut off a piece of soap about the size of your pinky, and inserted half of it into my anus, and the other half I held, cause I am afraid to put anything freely up my anus, cause I don't know how safe it is to just let a piece of soap go inside your bottom hole. But anywayz, I had a hold of one half, while the other half was inside of my butthole. Well, after about 2 minutes or so, I slowly took it out, fearing that I would burn the lining of my rectum. It burned inside of me. Any minute, ! I was expecting a huge filling-up feeling in my rectum. But nothing came. Finally, I got out of the shower ( I did all of the previous while I was in the shower ) and sat on the toilet. Well, I thought I felt something filling up, so I half relaxed, half pushed, and a little ball came out. Then another. But nothing like the Runner discribed in his post. I was angry. I wanted to have a giant bowel bovement. Well, about 7 hrs. later, I was getting ready to leave the house. I poped into the shower, and did the soap thing again, wanting to do my motion for the day. Well, this time, I felt a LITTLE filling up, so I got out, and sat, and 2 6" light brown snakes inched their way out of my anus. Well, I was still sorely disapointed. Well, after I got home, I drank about 4 16 oz. bottle of water, to loosen my stool, and ate a lot of rasin bran. I am waiting for a really strong urge at this moment. Also, while I was looking through Old Posts yesterday, I saw a few names that I miss. Doe! s Kevin (11) still post here at all? I really enjoyed his stories, and he seemed to do the same thing as me. And could anyone help me with this soap thing? Is it safe to just let a piece of soap float around in your bottom? And I really have something important. I am 13 years old, and I seem to have a LITTLE TINYT bit of hair around my bottom hole. Is this natrual? Well, I gots to go. DO you guys like my posts? I am not a good writer, but I have a few stories. And plz help me with my questions. This is the only place where I can get my questions answered. My family isnt that open about pooping. Thank you!

Lawn Dogs Kid
KENDAL: Just in case you are wondering, my last post looks really peculiar because Daz and Michael came round just as I was finishing my post. They didn't see anything of the post, but thought it would be funny to take the piss out of me by posting two of their own. Daz did one calling himself "Natalie Portman Fan", I think, which is the bit about Natalie Portman, because I told him what MODEST had said on this site. Then Michael took the complete piss posting the thing about Mischa, although I don't know what he called himself exactly. Mind you, he has seen that film by Jena Malone, and is obviuosly into this toilet stuff as well. Don't worry though my love, he's not onto us, and I'll be keeping an eye and an ear out for any repurcussions. He's a good lad, as you know, and he wouldn't spill any beans. Anyway, the point of this post is that all three posts have been made to look as if they were from me which is very embarressing in the circumstances !

Hope you and Chloe and Kirsty are having a good time this weekend ! I look forward to hearing about the toilet visits next time I see you, unless Chloe tells me first of course !

Hi,all-been busy with work lately,but i'm still reading all your great posts
TO CASEY-To answer your question,my favorite position to poo in is squatting(like a catcher) My poo comes out better that way and i uaually go more in that position-somtimes i sit real low on a log out in the woods and that's cool too-seems like the lower i sit or squat the more poop comes out my ass.I had a couples of enemas when i was a kid,btu it wasn't much fun for me then-then when i was older this nurse friend who used to poo for me gave me one and it was kinda fun-she made me hold it til i was ready to burst while she would get down in front of me and take a good dump and then she would let me poo all this stuff in a bedpan while she watched-boy was that fun!One of these days,i would love to go to one of those places that give you a high-colonic-i heard from some friends that it is supposed to be a real fun experience-i'd have to get the nerve up to do this someday-Do you know anyone who has done this?Tell me about it
TO PRINCE MORGAN-Funny you should ask about my pooing buddy in the woods-No i never did poo with his wife (YET) but the other day I went out to the woods to do a nice dump and when i got to the spot where I uaually go and where i ran into to him and his buddy,i ran into him again-When i got to the spot he was there,finishing up his poo-he was wiping his butt over this huge pile of poo he just did and he saw me and said" hey good morning,haven't seen you for quite a while"I said " been here a few times and haven't seen you either,I guess we just miss each other " and i laughed ,He said " yea,i just finished up myself,you gotta go?"I said "yea-that's why i'm here"At this point he is finishing up wiping and put on his jocky shorts and said "Mind having some company while you go?"I was getting undressed and I said"No it's cool.Then i got tatally undressed and to tell you the truth i was a bit excited that he was there to watch me-so i went over to the log about 2-3 feet away f! rom him and sat down on the log and leaned forward and let out a long pre-poop fart and looked over at him and he was looking at my butt and i just closed my eyes and started to shit-now the nite before i had this huge greek salad and the poo came out slowly and really had to push to get this stuff out and as i was going he said to me " Oh i see you had a salad last time you ate huh?"I just grunted "yea"Then i took a breather and got up to see what i did I looked and saw what looked like a plie of soft stuff with a lot of leaves in the poo It was a strange looking pile-it wasn't big at all and he said "Oh you done already?" and i said "I don't think so and stood up for a bit and we started to talk about baseball and stuff and i said to him" hey have you brought your wife out here to go?" and he said "yea,just last week and it was fun"I said to myself"figuresi'd miss such an event"Then i said to him" oh,got to go again,and this time i just squtted over the log cause i wanted to! see what was coming out my ass-I relaxed my anus and this long leafy poo came slowly out my butt and just hung there -then i looked up at him and he was looking at my butt too-I said " somtimes i just let it hang out for a bit -it feels nice" he said " wow i wish i could do that,it looks cool"I could see we were both really digging the moment and then i really let go with all this loose leafy poop with some farting -the poop was like paste with leaves in it -thre was no smell that i could notice and boy was i having fun doing this!Theni pushed out what seemed to be the tail end and it was this long piece of leaf that just hung out my anus and no matter how i pushed,it just hung out my bit about 3-4 inches I guess-after a few mins i asked him i give me some tissue and i reached around and pulled it out my anus as i pushed-then I was done He said " nice dump,pal andI looked and saw a pile of soft poo on the ground with tons of leaves in it-boy did it feel good coming out I wan! ted to get off in the worse way,but i waited until he left and i could see he was excited too,but thankfully it didn't get weird or any thing.Then as i was wiping he said" well'i'll leave you to clean up and have a great day-that was fun,maybe next time we'll dump together" I said yea that will be really cool" and he left and i got oof big time and wiped some more and left-Well the weather is getting cooler and my days pooing in the woods are coming to in end for this summer!Too bad,still haven't pooed with a nice looking woman,but i've had some fun so far!hopefully i'll run into this guy again with his wife and all 3 of us can go together!Who knows!BYE

Hi, I've been very busy not much time to post. Well, I worked 2 day and i've had a stomach ache all day. I think i might have it cause there is poop stuck up my anus and can't pass, but im not sure. Im tempted to go to the store and buy some suppositories so i feel better? What do u think? Should i try it?(I haven't taken a shit in about 3 or 4 days or more).

I decided to buy some suppositories at the store, i just got back and i just entered it up my rectum. Im waiting about 15 minutes for results. I was wondering about something, if there is a urinal and it is real deep and it looks like you could sit on. could a guy possibly take a shit in one?? Reason i ask is because along time ago when i was about 8 i was out and i thought i saw a man sitting on one of these types of urinals shitting. Know what i mean? Im still waiting, no big urge yet, but soon. Bye

Plunging Plop Guy (love that name!!) you, I do feel I'm missing something if my arse doesn't get a good soaking from my poos hitting the water. My toilet has about a 10 inch drop too and a nice deep S-bend, this makes for great sound effects and good consistent splashing. Most of the time it will splash on my bum cheeks and often score a bullseye right up my anus. This is especially refreshing on a hot, humid day which we have been having a few of those here lately. But I also love it in the middle of winter, the cold water is very invigorating and I find very erotic at any time!! I sometimes do get a splash on my dangly bits or on my thighs, this I love too but I love it best when it hits the bullseye (or should that be the browneye?!!) As to my diet, I always have three Weetbix for breakfast and brown bread sandwiches for lunch. Dinner is always a hot meal and I love McDonalds burgers as a treat, these are guaranteed to produce a few big splashy logs the next day!!! !

Kim.....loved your last post, especially as you got a big splash on the bum when your log hit the water. How did you feel about this? Do you enjoy getting splashed like that? Does it happen often?

PV.....Do you stand up to wee all the time? If not, how often and in what situations would you choose to sit or stand? Also, do you get splashed on the bum when you poo? Do you enjoy that? Please tell me all the details!!! What is the public toilet situation in Adelaide these days? I went there about 8 years ago and found them to be clean, lots of paper and doors on all cubicles, even the ones in public parks. This is in stark contrast to Sydney. Some public toilets here are nothing short of disgusting, no doors, seats or paper and a strong smell of human waste which can be all over the floor too. The ones in parks are usually like this but shopping centre toilets are usually okay. Do you have any toilets with those awful blue flourescent lights in them? These are common on railway stations here and some shopping centres and are there so that heroin addicts can't see there veins and will go elsewhere to inject themselves. Some toilets are permanently closed because of the ! addicts and vandalism, so yet again everyone else has to suffer because of a few idiots. Anyway, I know where all the good public toilets in Sydney are. There are a few favourites which I like to save a big poo for when I travel into the city and I love it even better when I find a new toilet and poo there.

Good pooing to you all!!


The colors for Western Michigan University are brown and gold.

Ben in NY
Well, I haven't posted for quite some time. Nothing worthy of posting I guess=(

Ileo- has your friend gotten better? We have not heard about her for quite some time, I hope she is doing better. How is your "pridicament" with your girlfriend?

Anonymous- I am interested to hear more! How about giving a detailed accouont of one of your accidents. Like what you were saying while you were desperate, when and how you were holding yourself, when you lost it, stuff like that. I know a lot of us here like to here about desperation and accidents!

Sally- a while ago you wrote about seeing a woman at the train station poop her panties. I asked for an account of the five minutes you mentioned before her accident, but you never responded=( I hope you are still with us here at the toilet, I enjoyed your story!

Peace and Love,

No Name Grrl
The picture of the girl that is up there now is pretty!! I wish I looked like her!! :o)

Casey>>>I know that you were asking BUZZY if he ever got an enema but I wanted to tell you that I did!! Actually from when I was 12 to when I was like 16 I got enemas like every week!! They were ones from the store...Fleet Enemas their called. My mom would give them to me and ask me to take off my clothes and lay on my side with my butt her way and she would heat it up in water and then slowly put it up my butt!! It would feel really weird when it first went up me and when the stuff was going inside me!! I did #2 sooooo much that I wouldnt have to do it anymore for a whole week!! It was cool because I hate #2!! Even still nowadays I dont get enemas anymore but only do #2 once a week or something!! I dont know why but it happens!!

Prince Morgan>>>Nightmare On Elm Street 4 is one of my favorite movies!! That guy you were talknig about is named Rick.

There are even cartoons when they go to the bathroom. There are a few episodes of the Simpsons when Homer has to pee and a few times poo and also on one Homer is making these inventions and one of them is this toilet chair so no one would have to leave the room if they want to watch TV but have to go...and you see Bart sitting there reading the paper! Plus on a South Park poster there is one of Kenny having diarrhea! And on Beavis & Butthead they sometimes talk in the stalls and one time I even heard grunting and plopping!! On the movie Beavis & Butthead do America Beavis is like "I poop too much and then I get tired" to an old lady and you see poop come out of a donkeys butt!!!


Saturday, October 07, 2000

Hello. I do this every once and a while, and I want to know if it works, or not, cause it doesn't work for me. I put a little shampoo on my finger, and stick my finger up my anus. It burns. Will this give me an urge to move my bowels? Or is it simply unsafe? I am 15, and I go poop every 4 days, so I do this to try to go more often, but it never works. Should I keep doing this with my shampoo? Please helP!


Gosh, i have to go pee soo bad! I cant though...I know that sounds dumb, but i have to take a hospitilized test in 20 min, and you have to drink 1 gallon of water and not pee, then once you get there you have to pee in a container and they test it. Well, i still have to drive there and wait till my appt, and i dont know how much longer i can hold it....Shout! there goes a squirt......ill post more later...


I'd like to hear some post from girls about being constipated

Once I was traveling and had a bad case of the runs. I was telling my husband the next time he saw a gas station or something to puul over. We saw a gas station but someone was already having a BM. So i had to go on the side of the road. I ran out and hid behind my door and i squirted green, runny diarrhea about 8 feet. There was a huge puddle on the side of the road. I also had 3 accidents in my pants. After i got home I went to the bathroom about 11 more times and had the diarrhea for a week.

Hey again guys! What's happening? Well, I lost my little bet against myself. After 2 days, I went poop. I don't think I could go 7 days without pooping. But its a challenge, and I am gonna keep at it. I'll post it here if I go 7 days, and I'll tell you what my 7th day poop was like. Well, I have another story today. It happened about a year or so. I had just gotten back from Bowling, and I had a funny little cramp in my stomach. I quickly ran to the toilet, and sat there, letting a slow stream of brown diarrhea trickle out of my bottom. Well, after 10 minutes of pooping diarrhea, I got up. Well, I sat down again, and repeated the whole thing. I would get up, and pull my pants up, and sit right back down again, cause I got that urge again. Well, after about 30 minutes of constant pooping, I was finally done! But I didn't go poop for 4 days after that! It really cleaned me out! Sorry, not much of a story. But I'll keep posting with Questions and some more stories. Cya later!

- Buzzy: I have a problem with keeping my poop in a long line. It always breaks up, or comes out in little balls. I love having a big long 18' log that is all together. You like pooping outside, right? I love pooping outside! I have my own little outside toilet, where I do all my outdoor Poops. Itz really great. O yeah, I was gonna ask you. What is your fav. posisition of going poop? And do you ever get an enema? I have never had an enema, and I wonder what i feels like. Cya Buzzy! I love your posts!

- Prince Morgan: Hey man! I have excellent control of my anus, just like you do. When I was younger ( 7 or so ) I would hold my poop in for days on end. So now I have excellent anus control How old are you now? I am 13 now. Maybe I should try your game, poking out my poop, and sucking it back in. I never poop in my pants. Should I try it sometime? Oh, and how long have you held in your poop? I love ur posts also!

- Casey

Rah Rah For The Gold And Brown

How many of you go th institutes of education having the school colors of gold and brown?

You ladies going to one of these and wearing a skirt ought to take off your panties and drop a pile infront of a prominent building.

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