Recently I had a chance to drop by my Dad's office and paid him a visit. I had a meeting with a client whose office happened to be in the vicinity of my Dad's office. I have chronicled many of the pooping sessions I have had in my Mom's office, especially the summer I worked there. However, I didn't visit my Dad's office quite as often. There was one experience that was very embarrassing for me at the time that might have caused me to have the same hang-up about using public restrooms that Resa is presently dealing with. It happened when I was in high school.

One day my younger sister Michelle and I went with Aunt Claire and her son, our cousin Artie who was six years old at the time, to the mall. We then went to my Dad's office to pick up Dad, whose car was in the shop. While he started to get ready to go home, I went to use the ladies room, with the original intention of just peeing. I went into a stall, lifted my uniform skirt and pulled down my white panties, and sat down. I peed and then thought I could quickly drop a piece or two of poop. As I pushed out a piece, it was much bigger and thicker than I thought. It fell into the toilet with a splash that was loud and big enough to wet my butt. Before I knew it, I was pushing out more pieces of poop and dropped an additional eight pieces. My stomach was now beginning to hurt, and I emitted a very loud and gaseous fart that stunk badly, then I pushed out more long thick pieces of poop. The poop smell was especially strong. I flushed the toilet while still seated.

At this time Michelle comes into the ladies room and bangs on the door of my stall and yells, "Hurry up, Jane! We're about to go." I said I wasn't finished yet. Michelle then says, "Phew! It stinks in here!" I was still pooping away, pushing out more big pieces of poop. I asked Michelle to tell Dad I'm still here and will be done soon, and she runs off to Dad. Then a co-worker of Dad come in, apparently looking for me. She said, "Jane, are you still in here? Your father is looking for you." I said yes, and she said she would tell Dad. A minute later, Aunt Claire comes in with little Artie. She tells him, "You are old enough to go to the bathroom by yourself. This is the last time. Now do your thing, and do it fast!" Soon I could hear the sound of Artie peeing. He suddenly yells, "What's that funny smell?" Aunt Claire prompts Artie to hurry up and zip up his pants and wash her hands. She said, "Let Mommy wash her hands. When I'm done, I'll help you."

All the while, I continued to poop, and the smell was terrible. Suddenly I see Artie's little feet right at my stall, and I could see his eyeballs as he was trying to see through the cracks. I was sitting there, in the throne position and staring straight ahead. I had stopped and was holding in poop. Artie said, "Ooh, Jane, are you making doo-doo?" Aunt Claire suddenly yells at him, "Artie! Get away from there. Leave your cousin alone. I'm sorry, Jane." She helped Artie wash and dry his hands, and they rushed out of the bathroom. I was still holding it in, and I was desperate to let go. Once they left, I finally relaxed and let go a massive wave of poop. I flushed the toilet and pushed out one more big wave of poop. Yet another person comes in and calls my name. It was the secretary. She said, "Jane, are you still in here? Your Dad is worried about you." I said I was all right and I will be done in a couple of minutes. She left the ladies room as I starte! d to wipe. I flushed the toilet a final time, washed my hands, and left behind a lingering poop smell. As I went back to my Dad's office, a couple more co-workers went to me and asked if I was all right. Aunt Claire made Artie apologize to me for peeping on me in the bathroom. Then my Dad comes out of his office and asks if I was all right. I said, "Did you tell the whole office I was in the bathroom?" I felt so embarrassed at that time. I got over it by the next day.

When I was 14, my mom used to hate how much toilet paper I used. One day, we were out of toilet paper. I began to use the sink as a toilet. I don't know why, but it seemed like a tree-saving experience. I even pooped in it once, but...let's just say Comet is my friend.

There are many stories about being pee shy - and that has plagued me as much as anyone for the past 60 years. It's interesting that it is up for discussion on KABC Radio - Los Angeles, on the Al Rantel Show. Al confesses that he rarely uses the toilet at the station, and many callers are sharing their experiences of fearing peeing when another person is present. His program is webcast on the radio station site between 12:15 pm and 3:00 pm daily. My fear of peeing ended when I started taking Lasix - a water pill. Now I could pee in the middle of Times Square at 12 noon - and love it.

I was at the mall today & had to piss. They're redoing a lot of the mall & some of the bathrooms are closed. By the time I finished at the store i was in I had to go so bad. I went to the mens room but it was closed. I'm really desperate to go & now have to walk to the other end of the mall to releive myself. I quickly set off but had to stop a minute to contain myself. I sit on a bench & squeeze my dick to keep from pissing right then & there. After a couple of minutes I continue through the mall. It's only a few steps before I have to hold myself again. This time I just do it without caring who sees. Suddenly I let out a squirt. I stop again & just squeeze to try & stop it from coming more. My legs are tight together. Another long squirt comes & it releives a little of the pressure. I quickly make my way to the mens room. At last..RELIEF. I pissed hard for over a minute.
Where's the most unusual place you ever took a whiz (or a crap)??? I'll tell mine after I see if anyone is interested.

Mia: I get my peroiod about the 12th of the month. Sometimes, I move my bowel 3 to 5 times a day. Same thing with my cousin. It is not diarreah, just the size of golf balls. I thought I was the only one. Until my cousin, Wendy spent six months at my house and she was constantly going more than twice daily. I figured it out. Since we were close relatives, we had the same chemistry. We had our periods the same time.

One Sunday after church we were at home. Wendy was on the toilet with her skirt and white slip bunched above her waist. As she urinated, I heard these slow plops. After awhile, she stood up to wipe and there were these miniature golf ball brown pieces of doo-doo. Later, we went to the cinema. I went for a piss. As my jeans and pink panties were at my ankles, Wendy, entered the next stall, lifted her skirt, slip and lowered her white panties. I did not hear a piss, but more plops. She told me this happens during her period.

Lori: You must be the girl from the Bronx. I recognized the story of your old school building. I had to rest my bowels, I had to beg the math teacher for the pass. It was mammoth and I was in a converted annex bathroom. There were no stall doors. I rushed in undid my jeans and lowered my white FOL panties to my ankles. Before I could sit, I bent with my legs open and my bowels released. The pieces hit the water like stones thrown in a lake. Two girls walked in. I did not care. One commented that my stomach sounded like a diarreah. I told her no. After, the multiple onslaught, I sat down to wipe. Before, I could some more chunks released and hit the water. These girls were not the most popular in school. But, they kept me company. They said I had nerve to expose myself. They told me they keep their pants up to their thighs and their legs together. I told them at this time this was no time for modesty. After then we moved to the main building where I had privacy. But then I ! was using utility toilets with my boyfriends.

Summer school, I had to move my bowels daily before and or after classes. I had the bathroom all to myself everyday, because the first period was in session. I had the second period. At summer jobs, I would go twice a day, with another girl. She was half black and Spanish. She wore nice slacks and panties. We would fart and plop up a storm. She taught me to take off my clothes and hang them on the stall door hook so they would not wrinkle. We would admire each others panties and slips.

Hello again.
In this post I'll let you know what I am or am not in to.

I would like to watch and be watched on the toilet, mainly by girls, but possibly by another boy too. Not just anyone, they'd have to be a close friend or partner. I haven't actually done this in real life yet. (Well, not properly) This also includes outdoors, which would probably be better, I think.

I am definitely NOT in to peeing or pooping on anyone else, or having them do so to me.

I "go" outdoors quite a lot, as my job means I can be working miles from any village, where the public toilets would probably be closed anyway. If I have to pee, I just stand a few feet from the rest of the crew. But if I need a dump, I find somewhere a bit more secluded.
I always have a few sheets of paper towel in one of my pockets, just in case.

Toilets in malls or offices, etc aren't a problem for me, though faced with a poorly maintained public toilet, I'd go into the bushes or behind something, especially if I needed a dump.
I use any sorts of urinal, but if I've had to wait for a space to become available, I find it difficult to pee, and feel a bit scared that the people adjacent will think I'm perving or something if I've not started peeing after a minute or so. Then I have to move to a different wall, or go into a stall.
I doubt if I could dump in one of those completely open bathrooms, but a doorless stall might be OK.
BTW, when peeing standing, I always slide my foreskin back a little, so that I have a better aim. When I was younger (about 8 I think) I discovered I could do this. Previously, the skin had a habit of sliding back mid-flow, so the wide, slow trickle that fell into the pan was replaced with a narrow, powerful jet that then hit the wall and floor behind the toilet and I had to clean it all up.

OK, that's it for now. I'll post some stories soon.

Si :)

Mark B
To J.K (page 429) No we are not demented! I can think of far worse fetishes, such as those which involve violence and harm.
To Tamara (page 429) I gave my views on all the different types of toilets in a post to this site about a year and a quarter ago. I like the croucher toilets because you can look through your legs and watch the poo slie out, or you can turn the other way round on the footplates (so that your anus isn't over the hole) and can see the whole of your poo after you have done it.
In fact I should think that most toilets in the world are crouching ones, and most (unlike the type I'm thinking of above, common in Southern Europe) don't have running water, (because most of the population of the world doesn't have access to running water) and must be pretty smelly and unpleasant places to be.
I guess enjoyment of this fetish and being able to write about it on the internet is one of the many advantages of living in wealthy westernised countries.

To Resa, and others afraid to go around others:

There was once a time when I would have preferred not to use a public restroom, but the easiest way to adjust is just by going into a nice, clean, well-lit restroom (busy department stores are good for this) and just sit. Regardless of whether or not you actually have to go, sit and listen to all the strange, weird, funny, loud, and sometimes unbelievable noises people make while they're going to the bathroom. If, like me, you don't really make much noise when you're on the toilet, then you'll probably be more confident in the fact that you're not nearly as loud as some of the other people you'll hear. You'll have to sit for a while, though - I'd recommend fifteen minutes to start with. Maybe I'm nuts, but it works for me.

Speaking of busy department stores, the one I work at is currently undergoing a remodel, including the restrooms. Two good things: 1) the toilets have been switched from the incredibly stupid auto-flush system back to manual handles, which is great because 2) the room is so quiet now, you can hear every single sound. As many of us know, the auto-flush system flushes, oh, about every time someone makes the slightest twitch in the wrong direction.

On a slightly different note, how about stories of people's favorite bathrooms? To start things off:

I personally am fond of well-kept park restrooms, the small one- or two-seater kind you usually find attached to gazebos in picnic areas. My favorite is at a local nature center. Here, there's just one urinal and one stall, the two being separated by a short concrete wall and no door. For me, it's kind of fun to go down some afternoons, eat lunch, and have a quick poop - not quite all-natural, like Buzzy, but with less chance of being accused of "fouling the wilderness", as some would call it. There's also that funny look you get from people who walk in, expecting the usual super-sanitary, no-nonsense bathroom and finding someone on the toilet in plain sight with pants around their ankles.

I guess I'm not really afraid of going around other people, am I?

Anyhow, list your favorite restrooms, I'd love to hear about 'em.


Anyone out there notice a difference in the size or consistency of their logs around the change of season (if you live in temperate climates)? I have noticed that, at the beginning of fall and spring, I seem to have a few weeks when my logs become very huge, solid and thick. Have noticed this phenomenon for quite a few years now in myself; medical people tell me that spring and fall change of seasons are when they get most of their gastro-intestinal cases.
I still love reading all the stories here, especially from the mega-log ladies group! Wish I could see some of these ladies in action-what a trip that would be!

Lawn Dogs Kid
NEW GIRL: I actually enjoyed your story. It contained a moral value which I strictly abide with where my two gorgeous girls Kendal and Chloe are concerned. I never just go in the bathroom with them without being asked first, especially now Kendal has introduced our Linda to the fold !! I never know whether Kendal has her friend there in spirit or not, and as Linda doesn't want me there, I'm especially careful to be asked first now !

KENDAL: You're an absolute horror letting out my secret with you about Chloe's eyes ! Just wait 'til I see you next, my little princess !! Do you realise that Chloe came round to me this evening just to flutter her eyes at me ! Well, that wasn't just it I suppose. We took full advantage of Mum and Dad being out to go to the toilet together. It was wees only this time, but she gave me a real treat because she had snook out of her house with a bag containing that wonderful short black dress she wore at her birthday party almost two weeks ago now. I didn't know she had it with her until she made me wait outside my bedroom door while she changed, and when she emerged out again, well, I nearly died on the spot ! Chloe looks drop dead gorgeous whatever she is wearing, but that dress really does something for me ! I couldn't possibly repeat here how it makes me feel to then see it hitched up above her hips, with matching black panties sitting half way down those wonderful th! ighs of hers, and the music of her wee singing in my ears ! Magnificent !

Oh yes Kendal, just some extra news I think you would like to know about. Apparantly when Chloe went to the loo during breaktime at school today, Kirsty went with her, and followed her into the same cubicle. Chloe says she didn't exactly watch her on the toilet, and after Chloe had finished her wee, Kirsty didn't then want to go herself. But Chloe thinks there is progress here. I know you're looking forward to meeting up with Kirsty again yourself when she comes to stay with Chloe this weekend. Maybe when you and Chloe go to the toilet together at some point over the weekend, you might find a third person joining you ( not me !! ). Or will it be four with Linda ?? !!

Modest, I would kill to see "where the heart is" now you've told me that we get to hear Natalie take a piss, and see her toes while she's going. Alas, I fear I shall have to wait very patiently to see and hear this wonderful thing. I don't expect that it will be out in England for some time yet !

Hi there ! I'm a 15 year old boy who has got a crush on Mischa Barton. She is so gorgeous in her new DVD, "Pups". I also love this toilet stuff as well, probably more than I love Mischa ! Has anyone seen the scene in Lawn Dogs where Mischa takes down her panties and sits on her Dad's car roof and pees down the windscreen. Awesome !!

Another great scene I've seen was in the film "Bastard Out of Carolina". This R rated film deals with the crappy nature of child abuse. But there is this brilliant scene where the little girl, Bone, played so superbly by Jena Malone, has been encouraged to drink alcohol at this party. You see her staggering off towards the bathroom. Next thing, one of the other ladies in the film walks into the bathroom, and shuts the door. As she stands in front of the mirror to check her make-up she sees a reflection of Bone sitting on the toilet, and turns to apologise for the intrusion. You first get a side view of her on the toilet while the lady then realises that she is a bit drunk. But you then also get a superb frontal shot of her, with her panties round her knees and her dress bunched on top of her legs. This is quite the best toilet scene I have ever watched. The lady then helps her get up off the toilet and pulls her panties up for her.

People here beware though. Getting this film will make you sick to the stomach with the subject it portrays ! The Bastard in the title refers to Bone's illegitimate birth. However, the word is far more suited in describing her step father !

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi,everyone and especially to DAZZ-You're speaking my language as regards the supreme enjoyment of getting splashed up the arse when the plop splashes into the water!!
I've only fairly recently found this brilliant site and have been carefully reading the old postings and was particularly struck by your frequent references to getting a good splash and how often it seems to happen to you,you lucky guy!I too have an older type toilet,with large water trap and about 10" drop from the top of the pan.I live in England and call myself Plunging Plop Guy as that is what I aspire to and feel I'm really missing out if I don't get a wet bum when I shit.If I am producing firm turds then I can usually get the desired effect but am still working on the ideal diet.
I love the sensation of the water splashing up onto my buttocks,up the shit-hole or in the crack,sometimes great if it splashes the "dangly bits" or the thigh.Great to think that anywhere that's hanging down through the toilet seat is a potential splash target!
I try to avoid the siphonic toilets or the otherwise high water trap,low seat type as not only do they not give a satisfying splash but I miss out on the loud PLOP I love to hear myself making and also love to hear other guys plopping loudly.
Whereas you like to hear women go,I love to hear guys going and hopefully they're getting wet arses in the process.
I used to swap tape recordings with a friend and we both had great toilets for getting splashed on and would give each other detailed accounts of where the water was landing as it plopped out!And as for the sounds!!!
If you could,I'd appreciate as much info as possible re.your toilet pan and what you attribute your well-formed logs to.Cheers.
Glad you're back in circulation,and I'm certainly into good loud arse-splashing shitting as you can tell!!!
Good plopping!

Regarding films with toilet or shitting scenes-There are two I can think of that haven't been mentioned yet,I don't think.
One I can't remember the name of but is a Neil Simon comedy about a boy growing up in New York.Anyway,the actor is Jonathan Silverman who plays the part of an 18year old Jewish guy who lives with his mother and young female cousin.In one scene he's sitting on the toilet with the door accidentally unlocked when she barges in and you see him squirm with embarrassment on the toilet and subsequently despairing that she saw him on the "john".For about 2 seconds you see him sitting there looking great but he obviously doesn't think so.
he other film is "KINGS OF THE ROAD" a German film by Wim Wenders.In one scene a guy of about 30something is hitching a lift with a lorry driver when the driver of about the same age says that he needs a scheissen although the subtitles coyly said "piss".He gets out and walks about 30 yards away,turns side on to the camera.pulls down his trousers,and squats down.You then see a large log start to hang out of his arse,and drop onto the ground!
This was on channel 4 late one night a few years ago and a friend with the same interests was amazed that it wasn't censored out bit it was definitely there!
Best wishes to all of you, Mind how you go!

Hi Louise,

Here's that letter I promised, dear.

On that time the lad did his business about six feet from me, yes it was a bit of fun, in the sense of kids doing things adults don't, or just can't get away with! Otherwise, little boys are just not very impressive, if you get my drift! Yeah, it struck me as odd the way his father said "dirty boy! Do it in the sea instead!" Because yes, there were people swimming at the time, and while everybody pees in the sea, it's a different matter to *see* it being done.

"Yeah, I bet you if the same girl had been brought up in England..."

Yes, the repression of a learned behaviour. I heard about an American girl who had learned to do the standing technique because she was the only female in a family of brothers, and when she went to school she was referred for psychiatric counseling for "improper gender behaviour." That makes me see red!!! That underlines just how ingrained gender stereotypes are, boys do this, girls do that, and never the twain shall meet. I'm not saying there are not typical character states for the genders, of course there are, but personal choice has to play a part, especially with regard to 'private' behaviours. The law has been mostly chased out of the bedroom, time to get it out of the bathroom too.

"Really nice people? Well thank you! You too, you are wasted being single."

You say the nicest things!

"You know I must ask my mum if things would have been any different if I had had a brother. I will let you know what she says. It is not a thing I have ever really thought about up to now!"

I look forward with interest to her thoughts. It's an area that's not often talked about, other than the reinforcement of stereotypes, though I remember reading -- it could have been here -- about an American family like that French family in which the kids had grown up with no learned inhibitions around each other.

"Thanks for that great mental image of yourself, yes that is a good picture. Hehe. Tip-toes on the pot is a bit Japanese or oriental isn't it. Unusual for an Anglo-Aussie, as Steve would say."

Oriental? I've no idea! But it's a pose I tend to strike when the log is being a bit obstinate! If it's very obstinate I grab the seat with both hands to get more abdominal leverage too. Lately they've been rather loose for no explicable reason, unless stress counts. I mean, vigorous blasts that mess up the bowl. Hopefully I'll get back to normal soon.

Oh, I gotta tell you about a couple of wees I've had lately. Besides doing the sink at night and the bathroom floor on occasion, earlier this week I thought, just for fun, I'd do the sort you saw the Spanish-looker do. I pulled my pants down below my knees, backed over the bowl and bent over, put my hands on my knees and relaxed. It was a pretty good pish! And a couple of evenings ago I found myself temporarily locked out when I got home, and I was a bit needy to go, so I went around the back in the darkening twilight, unzipped my jeans and had a delicious standing wee on my back lawn -- good to the last drop!

I do hope you make it a foursome on your next trip away. I know the lure and tantalizing anticipation of a nude beach the first time, and I'm positive your mom will be absolutely at home there. Your sis probably only needs gentle encouragement to enjoy it just as much.

Yes, actually I had kinda guessed that Steve returned the aiming compliment! I can just picture him with his arms wrapped around your hips, your hands resting on his forearms perhaps, as he does the splayed V/lift trick for you and you release a delicious stream several feet to the front. What a wonderful image! I guess it's still difficult to defy the old stereotypes, isn't it? Social barriers, like you said. They are very powerful, and even folks like you and me and many another hereabouts who flies in the face of the public norms can find it tough to talk about it -- thus the need for a haven such as this board! But, hey, we're all among friends here.

You mention you and Steve share the bath. This is something I've longed to do. May I be nosy enough to ask if it's the modern type with the taps at the middle so there are two smooth ends? If not, which of you gets the "tap end?" Or do you cuddle in his lap, both faced the same way? And, back on topic, do you enjoy doing golden fountains up out of the water as much as I do?

That's an amazing anecdote about the girl having a wee while her boyfriend carried her around -- to be able to relax and open up that way they must do things like that a lot! I clearly don't spend enough time at the nude beach! (Well, we had the first real summer day today, a fluke at this time of year, but it got me thinking about a certain cove. Yet, down here we have serious UV problems, apparently the level has already been measured at 21 in the Antarctic! It puts the dampener on your fun, especially when you can't avoid being out in the UV danger hours. Darn!)

"Yeah, it would be easy enough to install the urinals in ladies toilets but it is that Englishness of women here and everything like it that would make them unpopular."

"Englishness," what a nice word! You're probably right, but it would be nice to just have the option. It comes back to that ladies' club we talked about, as an experimental venture in bathroom culture. If enough folks enjoyed it, the idea might spread.

"Maybe urinals for girls would be *mostly* wasted where I work. I have a little idea I want to try out and I will let you know what I find out."

Mostly? Hmmm, two of you using them. If they installed two, you'd have one each! Or if they installed one you'd be vying for who got it first! This is one of those situations where a continuous wall solves the problem. And I can't wait to hear what your idea is and the results thereof! For myself, I've used a stall with the door open to do a standing wee in the ladies' quite a few times in the last eighteen months or so, and can't say I've ever been accosted or criticized... Something along those lines?

"Bend those knees, tilt those hips and fire!"

Locking on target ... main gun armed ... lord help that wall!



DAZZ: G'day, mate! I'm an Adelaide gal meself!

KIM & SCOTT: Stupendous motion, dear -- envious as always. Keep the juicy reports coming, we love them all!

RESA: Thanks for your extra info, dear. You have classic Avoidant Paruresis, by the sounds of it, and often sufferers have no idea how it started. Sandra is right, just go for it! That's harder to do than say, I of all people know that. "Bashful bladder" is an awful condition, and I'm far from cured, but I've made great progress, and so can you.

Making the decision that you're going to overcome the problem, that committment, applying will-force to it, is a great start. After that, you need to learn techniques to de-couple the urethral closure reaction from the stimulus of not being alone. Okay, that was techy, but this is a feedback situation, and you need to make a new feedback arc happen. An arc that says "I love peeing! I love for people to know that I love peeing! I love to do the biggest, best pees imaginable!" I sound like a football coach...

Take it from me, it can be done. It's hard, I still can barely go in the open if there's anyone else around, but as soon as I have privacy I can go no matter how strange the location. This is again a major part of the problem, overcoming the strangeness.

You can do it, girl! A little encouragement goes a long way, and you have lots of kind folk here who'll help you every inch of the way.

Best wishes,


I got this thing in my e-mail today...

Idiot Story -

Niagara Falls, Ontario - The operators of Casino Niagara told a local
newspaper that customers urinating around slot machines had become a
problem. Customers who believed a slot machine would soon pay off were
afraid to leave the machines and either wore adult diapers, urinated
the plastic coin cups or simply on the floor next to the machines.

To Prince Morgan: I liked your story again, you must have been embarrsed??? I think that sucks that your dad found poop on the floor, i wouldn't like it if that was me. Sometimes i like to shit in my pants on purpose and then dump it into the toilet, but i would be afraid some would fall on the floor and someone would see it.

To Ryan: I liked your story how you were constipated and your grandma gave you a supository and you had to poop in the woods.

I like this new picture up here, it's better then the last one that was up. The last lady reminded me of someone who used to help me out at work.(the face).

I've just returned from what was a somewhat humiliating experience at my doctors office. I had a 9:30 AM appointment for what I thought was a Urinary Tract Infection. When I got there, I had to do the obligitory pee in the cup thing. After they tested the urine, the Dr told me there was no evidence of an infection and that I probably had some sort of prostate trouble. She said that she was going to have to do a prostate exam. Well, this morning, I skipped my usual dump because I was running late. To make a long story short, the Dr put on a latex glove and smeared her finger with KY jelly and poked her finger up my rectum. All this time I was thinking "I really should have made time for my dump this morning". When she pulled out her finger, it was brown!!!! I was so humiliated. She took her finger and smeared it on a cardboard type thing to be sent off to the lab. I wonder if this sort of thing happens often?

Prince Morgan
Hey, guys! Love you all!

MERLIN--Did you ever see "Nightmare on Elm street 4"? Theres a scene where on of the guys (whose name I forget), sits down on a toilet in the school gym to take a dump, and finds himself surrounded by a bunch of cheerleaders in the stall.

IAN(UK)--When I was at summer camp, the bathroom had just, like, five toilets all lined up, one next to the other. No doors, no stalls, nothing. I was afraid to use them, because I was kind of shy, and that was really the first time I ever saw a bathroom like that. I went around a lot of that week holding my pee and poop. Sometimes I'd have a pee outside when I thought no one was around (someone usually was, though), but I was kind of afraid to get caught unloading a big pile, so I held it as long as I could, until I could hardly walk. Eventually, I'd have to use the toilet. Somehow, whenever I did, this bigger guy, Howie, would come in right after I sat down (not to mention this creepy-ass janitor who was about 90 and would always stare at me while I was exploding and ask how I was doing!). Howie made me pretty embarassed, the first couplees, just by being there, but he was pretty cool, and after a while I liked him being there, and I relaxed and started having f! un. What Howie did was, he'd drop his pants and squat over a toilet a couple away from me, hold his arms up in the air, looking real serious, and yell:"Fire one!" before dropping a log. He'd continue this until he was done. It was great to relax and laugh while taking a poop. That's how you learn how much fun it can be!

BUZZY--I was looking at some of your old posts. I loved the buddy-dumping stories. Except for my camp experiences related above, I haven't had anything like that. Too cool!! Do you ever see the guy or his friend anymore? Did you ever get to dump with him, his wife and her sister? I'd love to do something like that.

Keep dropping those wicked loads y'all!


Mr Poo
I havnt visited the site in ages and forgot haow good it is. this is my first posting. I would love to know how many other people love to wet or poo themselves and some stories.

Muffy, I used to suffer from IBS, at least I used to suffer the symptoms but no longer do so.

Prior to finding a pleasent method of aleviating the symptoms of IBS I had suffered this curse for many years. With me the symptoms were frequent mushy loose stools to fullblown diarrhea, (never constipation), which often came on soon after a meal and meant a very quick visit to a toilet or shitty knickers! I had the usual GI tests, barium enema, colonoscopy, stool samples etc. Thankfully no cancer, crohns disease or ulcerative colitis, but diverticulosis and IBS. My doctor said Id just have to live with it. I tried various "cures", Imodium, great for stopping the diarrhea, but caused hard constipation passing lumpy rabbit droppings with a lot of strain. Colpermin, peppermint oil in capsules. Only worked for a short time and not only makes you fart peppermint, (better than the usual smell of farts I suppose) and also stings the anus. Relaxyl, an antispasmodic, as I didnt get spasms this was useless to me. Then a friend recommended a herbal system which consists of a powder! called Loclo, (there are other versions of this) which has Psyllium Husk, apple fibre, guar cum, oat bran, and various fruit and vegetables all reduced to a fine powder. A tablespoon of this is mixed with an equal measure of Aloe Vera Juice and Liquid Clorophyll and 8 fluid ounces (250 MLS) of water.This is stirred or shaken and then drank straight down as it soon forms into a jelly like substance if left. It tastes very pleasing not at all like medicine. Now I found it best to take this in the evening or just before going to bed as it could then work gently through my digestive system, but others may find it better to take it in the morning. I was sceptical but I took some before going to bed and the following morning I awoke about 6 am and felt the need to do a motion, no nasty urgency or gurgling of my guts or the feeling of a rush of loose or liquid feces to my rectum against my sphincter. Instead the good old feeling of a solid motion. I went to the toilet, sat on the p! an, did a wee wee then with a gentle push I felt a fat smooth easy jobbie slide out of my back passage, a feeling I hadnt enjoyed for a long time. It just slid out under its own steam and slid into the toilet pan with a "FLOOMP!" No strain, no gasping and grunting, just a gentle NN! to get things started. When I looked down the pan WOW! A lovely big easy curved jobbie floated in the water, it must have been about 10 inches long and 2 inches thick, a light brown, smooth and well formed. When I wiped my bum I also found that it had come out cleanly whereas I have usually had to use a lot of paper or moist wipes and my shit was soft and sticky. I wondered if this was a "flash in the pan" if you pardon the pun but next day exactly the same type of motion was passed, and the following day I did a long fat easy one in the morning and a similar one in the afternoon in the gents toilet at work with the same clean wipe effects. I also find I no longer have gurgling in my belly or extre! me flatulence, no more urgency or sudden "bums rushes" of watery mush into my rectum after a meal. The beauty of this herbal relief is that there are no nasty chemicals and the only side effect is that the stools smell a bit stronger but shit smells! Otherwise this is a marvellous cure. So Muffy, if you have been checked out for more serious causes and are sure you have IBS then try this. The manufacturer's are "Nature's Sunshine Products" and they have factories in the UK and USA. I would give their address but Im not sure if the Moderator allows this, (If you do Moderator, let me know and I will give that data to readers). Im sure that these 3 ingredients are also available from Health Food Stores, large pharmacists, and hebalists stores and via the WWW, under other brand names such as Fybogel, Metamucil etc. But avoid any such systems which include any laxatives such as Senna or Cascara Sagrada as these are both totally unneccessary and will have the opposite effects to wha! t is desired. If you do get constipated then this means you should drink more water or fruit juice. It may take a bit of trial and error to get the balance right and what works beautifully for me may not suit you. Today, I had the joy of doing a "panbuster" at work which was too big to flush away, an experience I haven't had for far too long.

I hope this helps you and other sufferers. Im afraid most ordinary doctors just arent interested in IBS whuch they dont understand, dont see as a problem and think is all in the mind.

Dazz, I cant say i like being splashed on my arse when a jobbie makes a great splash, though like others here I love the "KURSPLOOSH" KER-SPLOONK!"sounds when big solid formed turds drop into the pan.

Ryan, like a lot of folks I dont like stories about diarrhea or mushy stools or shitty accidents in one's panties as I have suffered too much from these in the past, but I do realise that others here feel differently. I will ignore such stories and stick to those of Nicola, George and Moira, Tony, Kim and Scott who also relish stories about big solid jobbies. Also I prefer to use a cubicle and sit to pee as I had a few "ambush motion" accidents in my underpants when I peed at urinals and will now stick to sitting down to pee, but accept that many men still prefer to stand and deliver, again each to their own and neither is right nor wrong.

All the best to all.


Here's a little tidbit from the syndicated "Savage Love" column by Dan Savage from a few weeks ago. In this column, readers were relating memories of how they met their mates under "unusual" circumstances. The following excerpt from this column should interest everyone who reads and posts on this forum:

"During my freshman year of college, a friend of mine and I went to a typical Friday night backyard keg party. After a few hours, he suggested we step into the woods out back to smoke some dope. A girl overheard this, and asked to come along. Immediately after smoking, this girl said she had to pee, but instead of going back to the house, she dropped her trousers right there. Drunk and stoned and young as I was, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. We went back to the party, and after an hour or so of drunk talk and groping, we staggered back to her dorm room. Now we're engaged."

The author of this story signed himself "Piss Brought Us Together."

Friday, October 06, 2000

long time reader You are here.

RESA: You certainly brought up a good topic of discussion in the forum regarding your fears about using public restrooms. I inadvertently provided another way to help you with my latest story about seeing my nemesis Gina in the bathroom pooping. She didn't have any idea that I was already in the next stall when she rushed in and pooped. She had been known to bother people while they were in the bathroom. Perhaps she realized that everyone has to go and that she was no different from anyone else. Resa, maybe you should adopt that mentality that everyone eventually has to go and that you are no different than anyone else with regard to relieving oneself. It may be a good idea to get help from a psychologist if your fears are excessively strong. I just hope you don't learn your lesson the hard way.

BUZZY: Great play-by-play of your pooping session. I don't know if I would have the nerve to do a "live" broadcast of my pooping session. I think I manage quite well with my recollections.

No story to post tonight. My pooping habits have returned to normal after experiencing a few hefty poops. I continue to enjoy this forum after a few years of reading and making contributions the past year. Kudos to the moderator for managing things and preventing the really bad and disgusting stuff out of here. Keep up the good work, moderator.

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