Prince Morgan
Hi, Bryian.

I'm glad you liked my story. I liked your's, too. I love all you guy's posts. As to how old I am now, well, I'm a lot closer to getting my graduate degree now than I was then. As to whether I'm male or female, well, I don't guess it will ruin the mystery to tell you that the Prince is, indeed, male.

Heres another story for you.
When I was about 15, I was laying on my bed playing a little game I'd made up about five years before. What I would do was, I'd wait until I really had to poop, then I'd lay down on my stomach, and let it come out just a little bit, the pull it back in. I'd do this over and over, sometimes for an hour. It was kind of a challenge to see how far I could let it out, and still be able to pull it back in without having to make my way to the bathroom to dump the whole thing. Usually, I did this with at least my underpants on, usually my jeans too, because I always really liked pooping in my pants. A lot. This time, I'm not sure why, I wasn't wearing anything. I played for around 15 minutes or so, and then I let it out WAY to far to pull it back. No big deal, the bathroom was only like five feet away from my room. So I reached back and kind of held the poop against my butt, and made the trip. I sat down on the toilet and let the logs slide the rest of the way out. Af! ter a little while, my dad called up the stairs that he needed something I had. I called back that it was up in my room, and he could go get it, if he wanted. I heard him come up the steps-everything was quiet for a few seconds, then he yelled:"What the hell is this?" I got a BAAAAD feeling there, but I was cool. "What's what?" "There's poop on your floor!" he yelled. "Oh," I said. "Well, I had to go to the bathroom and I didn't really get there in time." "So I see," he said. "Next time, go earlier!" I stayed quiet, but I really wanted to laugh, though I sensed this would be the wrong thing to do.


I discovered this forum when I was actually looking for some pictures. Over the past few days I've been reading through some of the posts and I think it's brilliant.
It's good to see a broad age range too - I know I began to be fascinated by the subject in my early teen years. (I'm 30 now)
If only the internet was around back then! (OK, so it was.....)
I've read a few posts concerning censorship on the site, but I feel there's no need to change anything. Even from the pre-teen members of the forum, the posts are thoughtful and mature.
There's always the moderator to step in, should a post be out-of-line, and I would totally resist the addition of an age check system. It's not porn!
If anyone, like myself, found the site, it was because they were looking for something on the subject. Be your own censor - if you don't like the site, you don't re-visit.

I'll post a few stories and tell you more about myself soon.


Hi everyone!
I'd like to tell a little story about some mischievous buddy-dumping.

One day, back in 1991, I had to take a train ride in the north east of England. (What it might be useful to know here, is that until very recently, all train toilets were standard house toilets, but used to flush directly onto the track.)
Anyway, about 3 stops before I had to get off, a bunch of high school teens joined the train in their school uniform. They immediately congregated around the toilet. They went in one after the other, but I wasn't sure what they were up to - but each was in too long to be just peeing.
Four of them had been in, and the next station would be the one I had to get off at. As we approached the station, one of them banged loudly on the door and the boy that was in the toilet dashed out as the train came to a halt in the station.
I followed them out of the train and along the platform. There was a level crossing (railroad crossing) at the end of the station and it turned out that every schoolday, they would fill up the toilet with poo, then try to flush it at the right time to land the pile of poo right on the centre line of the road!
On this occasion they were just slightly early, but what a pile!
I found it as amusing as they did, and asked them how many times they'd hit target. This was usually about once a week!

OK better go. More soon.

Si :)

Hi peoples!!! Seems like ages since I posted here, probably because it is!! I still been reading all the posts though, some great stories out there.

Kim, I especially like yours and I love the way you put it when you "crash out a huge log"......Scott is one lucky guy to have a girl like you!!! I've just come from the toilet and crashed out a log but it wasn't anywhere as big as the ones you do, I used to do really huge ones when I was about 19. I'm 33 now (male) and rarely do a poo more than a foot long. They usually come out in a few peices but would still add up to about 18 inches or so if it was one poo. They still feel great though, I love the tingling sensation as they slide out and my anus usually tingles for a few minutes afterwards.....this very often makes me horny!!

PV....I loved your recent post about how you wee standing up, sounds like you got it down to a fine art. Good to see another Aussie here, which city are you from? I'm from Sydney myself.

Anyway......I used to drive trucks for a large transport company here but earlier this year transferred to their large warehouse. I work out on the loading dock and there's a few cute young women I work with. Best of all, the toilets are in the corner of our small meal room. There are two toilets, male and female, the single room type with washbasin in there too. The walls are VERY thin and sound travels right through them. It's great to be in the meal room when one of the girls comes in to use the toilet. You get to here everything, pants being pulled down, the creak of the toilet seat as they sit down and the piss as it hits the water. I can hear the girls wipe themselves too. One girl in particular always pisses like a racehorse and never seems to worry about anyone hearing it. I reckon she would look so cute on the potty!!! I'm just hanging out for the day when I hear one of the girls pooing. That would be good, especially if she farts too, I love it when a girl farts ! before a poo!!!!

I've noticed one thing that rarely gets mentioned here is anyone getting splashed on the bum when the poo hits the water. This happens to me all the time and I love it, especially when it splashes right up my anus!!! Does this happen to any of you here? Do you like it or hate it when it does that? Please tell me in great detail, I'd love to hear about this from anyone!!! Thanx in advance.....


This is my first time posting on this site. I have a story that has stuck with me since the time. I was 13 at the time. I was a very regular boy, going poop every day, nice solid dumps, 2 wipes, and I was off playing. In the month of August, I because very constipated. This was the first time my whole life that I hadn't gone poop every day. A week past, and I hadn't gone poop. I was very scared, but I was too shy and embarrased to talk it over with my mother or father. I ate all the fruits and v?????s I could get my hands on. Several times, I would get a horrible stomach cramp, and run to the bathroom, and sit on the toilet, and wait to poop. These cramps soon went away, and no poop came out of my swollen anus. Finally, I asked my grandma what to do. She and I were very close. She said that if I had not gone poop for a week and a half, and if I was eating properly, I was severly constipated. She took out a small package of foil wrapped Suppositories. She told me that we needed! to fix this problem. She showed me one of the Docolax suppositories, and told me that if I didn't go poop within a day, she would stick it up my bottom, and poop would come out. Well, I ate prunes, and apircots, and all sorts of fruits. I had a horrid horrid stomach cramp, and rushed to the bathroom. Before I could get my pants down, a stream of wet slimy brown poop squirted into my underwear and down my pants. It ran down my leg. I was nervous, and sat down on the toilet, with poop on my leg. Nothing came out. Only that little stream of Diahreea that squirted on me. I took a shower, and while I was in the shower, I took some shampoo, put it on my finger, and inserted my finger into my rectum, hoping to stimulate my bowels, and go poop. Well, all the shampoo did was burn my rectum, and give me a horrible urge to go poop, but when I sat down, nothing came out, even though I had the strongest urge I have ever had 2 go poop. Well, finally I gave up. I went to my grandma, and tol! d her I needed the suppository. She smiled, and told me to take my pants off. So I took my underwear and jeans off, and sat on her bed, bare-bottomed. She slipped on some rubber gloves, and took out a suppository. I closed my eyes. She took the first halp of the suppository, and put it into my rectum. Then she pushed the rest of it in with her index finger. I let out a quick gasp, and opened my eyes. Well, Grandma did not tell me how short these things take to act up. I figured it took a day or so. SO after a week and a half of not pooping, and eating like crazy, i went for a walk in our woods. We owned these woods, so I knew no one would be back there, so I could gather my thoughts. Well, while I was walking next to my picnic log, the log I eat all my picnic's on, I felt my rectum fill up with something. I suddenly got excited, and nervous. I started to quiver, because my stomach was grumbling like never before. A tear came to my eye. I was scared. Suddenly, I pulled down my ! pants. I knew I was gonna go poop. I quickly sat down on my log, and a gooey poop river came from my bottom. Since my log was not far from the ground, the mushy poop quickly touched my bottom. I got up, and made a knee to chest motion. Poop was running out of my bottom like a factory. I was sobbing now, cause my poop was now turning to hard, edgy lumps. They quickly made their exit out of my bottom hole, and onto the huge pile of human poop I had made. Well, after 20 minutes, I felt like I was done emitting all of that poop. I pulled my pants up, even though they were covered in poop, and started walking home, with teas of joy and sadness in my eyes. Suddenly, I farted really loud, and a stream of hot poop flooded outta my hole. It flooded my pants, and my underwear. It made a big mushy pile again. This time, I was covered in it. I trudged home, finally seeing my street. While walking past a construction site, right next to my home, I felt a horrible feeling of poop filling up! my rectum. I quickly went into the portapotty that was at the construction. Before I even closed the door, I started pooping again. It filled my pants, and I quickly pulled them down, and aimed my bottom at the urinal in the portapotty, cause it was closest. It filled to the brim, and then overflowed with poop. I was done pooping. All 1 and a half weeks was out of me. I went home, took a shower, threw away my clothes, and went up to my room, and watched tv. I never told Grandma what happend, and just told her I pooped on the toilet. I was 13 at the time, and I pooped like a 45 year old. The next day, I woke up and went to school. I was feeling much better, but I realized by the stomach cramps that all my poop wanst out of me yet. But when I got the bigurge, I held it in. This poop was a solid poop. After school, all my friends came over to watch me poop my poop out in the woods. I pulled down my pants, and grunted and farted, and a wet ball of shit came flying out of my butt.! THst was not THE poop, just a pre-poop. Suddenly, I knew that it was coming. I made one quick, hard push, and a GIANT 21" came out. Then, I had a lot pf diahreea. The kids, all at once, knew that they had to go poop also. The kids all pulled down their pants, and they all let a 10" or so poop fall out of their bottoms. Ahh, we all felt so happy. 8 big logs all layin there, together, with mine the kingof them all. At school the next day, I passed out the docolax, and told each kid to go to the bathroom, and put one in their bottoms, and they did. We all raced to the woods, pulled down our pants, and waited for the laxitive to kick in. At almost the same time, 8 13 year old kids started pooping liquid poop and soild mushy poop out, into a big pile. After 10 or so minutes, the pile was huge! After that day, we all pooped together outside after every school day ( Without laxitives ) but once every 3 years, we would have a poop-off, and see who couls retain their poop the longest,! and than who made the biggest log. Ahhh, memories. I have a lot of more stories like this one. DO you like this one?

New Girl
Hello! I am sorry I haven't responded 4 I don't know how long, but I have had school, afterschool activities, etc. Well, anyway, I will try to post my 1st story now, although I am making it up as I go along.

One day a girl named Ally went to the grocery store with her boyfriend Jack. Jack and Ally both loved to watch each other in the bathroom, and were pleased to see that the new grocery store they were in had a 'family' bathroom aside from the women's and men's. Before they began getting their groceries, Ally exclaimed in a whisper she needed the toilet, NOW. Jack laughed to himself as she ran toward the bathroom, looking like she was desperate. He rushed after her, but she went into the women's bathroom instead. As she pushed the door open, Jack called her name. "Wait!" When she was looking at him, he pointed at the family bathroom. She frowned and went in there and before Jack new it, she was in there with the door locked and him outside of it. After he heard a flush, the door opened and Ally saw the confusion still on his face. Jack went in after she had done this, and when he came out he asked what in the world was going on. Ally shrugged it off and later, in the car, Ja! ck again asked what was going on, and she just said she needed to poo. Jack then finally realized that he had never before seen her poo and from then on respected her and found out if he could come in or not.

Ok, so the story's a little off, but hey, it's my first 1. Tell me what you think, unless you don't like it, of course. :P Well, I've gotta run.

New Girl

I just wanted to pop in, this is my first "visit" to the toilet here ~s~ HI EVERYONE. I wanted to note my expierence with a few nutritional modificatiions that I have added to my diet. The first one being my slacked intake of saturated fats of any kind, and the second being a exercise program I have enacted which includes two servings of Nitro-delievered protein suplementation. I am happy with the healthy additions, but my body seems to have a funny way of adapting, even though I have increased my water and fluid intake I find that my poops have been thick and chunkey, like rounded balls and are a bit dry, when compared to my normal solid elongated and smooth poops that I usually pass, I was just wondering if anyone else has has such experiences with protien suplementation and their bowel activities.

the other day I was finishing up pissing in a remote bathroom on campus in an office when a woman walked in looking desparate. I was at the end stall, then the next two toilets were mot working (out of order) then there was her stall.
After tinkling a little she let out a big sigh and started grunting, but trying not to do it real loud. She stopped, sighed and caught her breath again and began grunting. The bathroom door opened and and a girld walked in and asked, "why don't you just go at the apartment?"
"Because Ryan gets bothered by the smell or sound of women pooping and I'm really plugged up. You might as well go on back."
This made me angry to think that a girl couldn't poop at her own place because a guy wouldn't like it. Anyhow, the other girl left and the straining girl went back to work. After a couple of minutes a small turd fell into the bowl. Just one for all that straining she was doing!! The bathroom door opened up and she suddenly grew quiet as two noisy women walked in. I could hear her utter "damnit" under her breath. The two women grabbed tissues, laughed obnoxiously about some guy's car, blew their noses, washed up and left. I looked over and saw her go up on her toe tips and began noisly grunting "NNNNNNNNNNNNN" and "UH!" Also, she was rocking back and fourth. Soon I heard a loud crackling followed by some heavy gasps and moans that echoed in the bathroom. She still didn't know I was in there. It landed with a heavy splash. She then grunted out another large piece that took five minutes to push out. After wiping she tried flushing three times and said "oh hel! l!" and left.
Afterward I looked in her bowl and found two large pieces about a foot long each and three inches wide. No wonder they wouldn't flush!!!

Does anyone on here know of any support groups for people with IBS (irritable bowel Syndrome) or, Has anyone found a cure for it. Thanks for help

kim and scott
hello everyone! this is kim and scott again. first of all we like all of your stories.. Heres another one of ours. A few days ago after my college classes and work I was in my basement exercising with my boyfriend scott. scott was in his grey sweats doing the bench press while I was in my white spandex short sleeve top and white spandex short shorts. I was barefoot,doing sit-ups ,keeping my ???? hard. I was doing this after a punishing set of barbell curls. Earlier in the day for breakfast I had a big glass of orange juice and a huge bowl of total cereal. A cereal loaded with fiber. Later at college I had a mammoth spaghetti lunch with a piece of veal on the side.,along with a tasty dish of salad along with a delicious dish of vegetables. I washed it all down with mineral water. when I got home I had a banana and another big glass of orange juice. I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to squeeze out a monster shit! (My boyfriend scott & I go to the same college! by the way) and just when I was thru doing my punishing sit-ups I checked my body out in front of the huge basement mirror. when I did I soon felt the familiar pang inside of me that told me I had to take a huge shit! I told scott I had to go to the bathroom to take a dump and he followed me like a little puppy dog. (Scotts a little bigger than a puppy though hahaha!) I then walked upstairs out of the basement and went up to the bathroom. In the bathroom I stripped off all my clothes and sat on the toilet nude (I love to sit on the toilet nude for those who dont know my habits) scott kept his clothes on this time as he watched me silently fascinated. I then braced myself as I slowly began to squeeze out a log i then pushed a little harder and loked down and saw that my log was an absolute monster! a total bell-ringer!! (And I knew it would be since I did not have a log in two days) I then went "Ohhh" and pushed a little harder as my sizzling hot sausage,which was already bi! g kept growing bigger & bigger! making my pink butt expand and quiver excitedly! I then smiled at scott pleased with myself on crashing out a huge log. scott returned my smile. I then continued to smile lovingly at scott. we locked eyes and I moaned "Ooohhh" again as I crashed out a monster orgasmic log!! . my log hit the water with such force the water came up and splashed my ass! I then looked down at my log and saw a huge brown torpedo that went around the toilet bowl like a enormous,fat letter U. scott measured my log at 16 1/2 inches! I then wiped my self and barely flushed it all down.. as soon as i flushed i heard the front door open and I knew my mom was home. "Hi honey I am home." she called out to me. "Hi mother." I replied as I quickly put back on my tightspandex outfit again,giving scott a weak smile that told him our fun was over. (at least this kind of fun!) scott and I then went downstairs to talk with my mom then we went upstairs and studied and watched tv ! some before i drove scott back home. hoped you liked our story! love,kim and scott
P.S- my boyfriend scott says I am like wine. I get better & better with age!(Thats funny because I am only in my early 20's haha! bye now)

Midnight Cowboy, any more stories about toilets without stalls? I'm glad someone else knows what it;s like to have their dick messed around with by doctors.!

I want to thank everyone who has so far replied to my post. Hopefully some of the things you said can help me rid of this problem. To answer some of the questions I was asked, for the most part, the main problem is peeing. I think I first became aware of the problem when I was 9 or 10 on a family vacation. I just all of sudden one day could not pee in a stall. I have no clue how this problem came along. When I was a young child, I had no problems at all. It's not even that I'm afraid of making noise, it's nothing like that. I really don't know what it is but when someone else is in the bathroom, for some reason it is impossible for me to pee. I could have to go extremely bad but once I get into a stall, if others are around, I cannot go. My body just won't let it come out. I wish I knew how this first started that was I could figure out what the problem is exactly. But again, I do appreciate everyone's help and I'll be sure to post again with updates on the condition. Please p! ost more possible cures if any come to mind! Thanks and God bless.

Ephermal. Yes I would advise seeing the doctor - if only for peace of mind. I don't suspect that there's anything major wrong with you but I would recommend taking medical advice nevertheless. It may be that something can be done to make like easier for you.

Anne (the bus driver). Had another good poo lately?

It has been a while since I last posted. I went back to Indiana to see my son. On Sun, I left my parents house to head to the airport to fly back to Colorado. Before I went to the airport, I stopped by Butler U. in Indy. I use to go there all the time during my college days and even afterward. I went there to their library to get on the internet to check my e-mail before I headed home. While I was there, I had to take a dump verybadly. I went downstairs to use the bathroom. As I went in, I saw a girl sitting at a table and she looked at me. She was good looking :) I was in there for a while. When I came out, she looked at me again. Also while I was at Butler, I went over to their student union, the Atherton Center. I took a dump in their downstairs bathroom a few years ago before I left Indiana for Colorado. The bathroom was changed from a Men's to a Women's bathroom. Too bad :( I do have one memory using it during March Madness which is when there are Basketball tournaments w! ith H.S. kids. I needed to take a dump and I went into the bathroom and there were many HS kids in there with stalls occupied. It was kind of fun :) especially hearing their talk about different things.

TO CASEY-I could never hold a poo in for more than a few hours at best-5 days?good luck,pal!My poos are more long than big -they are usually about 1-1/2 in thick but real long most of the time- i do long ones rather than thick ones!-sometimes they are real thin but real long and pretty much well formed most of the time.I really don't think i'm in the league with some of you real major poopers out there,but I love to do a big load every chance i can!
TO MIKE-Hmmmmm-strange story-what planet did this occur on?
Went out last nite to this greek place and had a huge- and i mean huge greek salad and i'm going to bike out to the woods in a bit to leave this salad via my butt out in the woods-i'm feeling some cramps and i'm going to go now before my rectum starts to fill up-tell you all about it next time i post-I love when i know i'm gonna do a nice shit in the woods-it's coming-i'm off to the wild!BYE

Well the annual Seymour,IN Octoberfest is this weekend so the
blue porta john/janes are starting to show up in town. Maybe I'll
hear some good sounds from some of the women this weekend.
I'll be back if I have any good tales to tell.
Ladies,keep the stories coming.

Resa: I too know what you're going through because I must confess that I am one of those people who is afraid to take a dump in a public restroom. I don't know why, I guess I'm pretty embarrassed for someone to hear any gassy noises or plops I might make in there. In every place I've worked I always try to find a floor or area that doesn't have a lot of people working there and then I tend to my business. Most of the time I will hold it in until the end of the day and get home, but there are those rare time where I have no choice but to do it at work because I'll have to be somewhere that evening and can't go home. When I was working late evenings most people in the building had gone home and it was easy to have privacy then.

Sandra: You're right, it's just a phobia we just have to overcome. I'm trying, though. By the way, I've read some of your posts in the past about dumping in public. I know you can't hold it sometimes, but try crunching up your butt cheeks. It'll work most of the time.

I am so happy to have found this site. Reading all the interesting sories, and lately about people being too shy and holding it in until they get home. I have had alot of desperate rides home from school and work being shy. I remember coming home from a date and I couldnt hold it anymore. I was running up the stairs to my apt. and I froze up and couldnt stop from pooping my pants.

LINDA: OOOOOHHHHH, I'm excited about telling you about this. Chloe and I got together over the weekend and we had the best bathroom experience, with you !!

I had been expecting her on saturday around noon. She was coming for lunch, but she was nearly 30 minutes late. There had been some delay in town where she had been with her Mum in the morning. Anyway, I had been filling myself up with orange squash virtually all morning to ensure that I would be full and ready when we went to the toilet, but with Chloe being late, I was seriously close to wetting my panties !! In fact after she did arrive, she had to help me climb the stairs as I almost didn't dare move for fear of dribbling wee everywhere ! What a state I was in !!

Anyway, given my obvious urgency, I got to go first out of the three of us. For a change, I was actually wearing some jeans rather than one of my dresses. How thankful I was for that, because I was able to get them undone and started to pull them and my panties down at the same time as I was getting into the bathroom. In fact, as I turned to sit on the seat, having ripped them both down to my knees, I didn't even have time to pull my panties back up again to keep my legs warm as usual. My wee just began gushing out, and it was actually hurting. As I began making "Ohhh" hurting noises, Chloe came and held my hands. I made her let go of one of them, reminding her that you were here as well, and you took hold of my other hand !

After just a few seconds the hurting faded, and the continuing Niagra wee was now just a blessed relief ! So now I found myself saying things like "Oh, thank God...Ahhhhhhhhh.. Thats sooooooo much better... Ahhhhhhhh.. blisssssssssss.. " !! Chloe just burst out laughing. She was really enjoying the experience. You laughed because you said it reminded you of all the times you have enjoyed a great big wee. I don't know how long it really lasted, but it must have been over a minute, and I weed so much it's a wonder I didn't overflow the toilet !!

When I was done, and back inside my jeans, you demanded the next turn. But Chloe asked if you were bursting to go as well. You weren't, so she asked to go next because she hadn't been all morning while she was in town, and her Mum had dropped her off outside my house, and she was really bursting ( not quite as bad as me ).

Anyway, for a change for Chloe, she had on a skirt. She's a bit like you Linda in that she mostly wears jeans and things. However, she had on a nice black skirt that came down to a little above her knees. She shuffled it upwards until it was above her bottom, and then she pulled down her white panties, about half way down her legs, and sat down. Chloe's wee began straight away, and she "ooood" and "Ahhhhhhhhd" as well ! But they seemed more strained sounding rather than relieving, and you and I soon found out why as Chloe went "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" and within a couple of seconds there was a plop, plop, PLLLLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPPP, and she was doing this huge poo ! There were no more plop sounds until she finished her wee. Then she did two more medium sized ones before wiping up!

Linda, I haven't given you Chloe's description yet ! Well, she is much bigger than us. Not fat you understand, tall and athletic. She has these wonderful thick sprinters legs, and she can run fast too ! She must be nearly eight inches taller than me. In fact, she and Andrew ( who isn't here, don't worry ! ) are virtually the same height all but for two inches ( Andrew's not very big for a boy ). Chloe has a roundish face, jet black hair that reaches to her shoulders, the most beautiful dark brown eyes, ( which I know Andrew loves to pieces !!, sorry Andrew ! ) so dark they could almost be described as being black, and as a total contrast, her skin is so white, not at all tanned. When Chloe sits on the toilet with her legs closed, because they are quite thick, her knees are apart by three inches or so. Although she obviously can close her knees, in a relaxed, sitting on the toilet situation, they just seem to naturally open. Unlike me, who has her knees open on purpose, fo! r balance as I've told you before !

After Chloe finished, it became your turn. You told us not to hold our breath "This could take a while, gals" ! You then slipped the straps of your overalls down your arms and allowed them to fall down below your knees before pushing down you pampies to your knees, and then relaxing as you sat down. We heard you make a steady tinkly wee for a few seconds, and then there was quite a long silence where you were just breathing, and not really doing anything else. Chloe broke the silence by suggesting we chatted while you decided if your poo really was going to come out or not ! We talked about what she had been shopping for, school, and then Andrew. She was seeing him tomorrow. As the subject of Andrew was raised, you suddenly announced that your poo was coming, that it wasn't as big as Chloe's, but that it would need a bit of work to get it out, so we both watched with huge pleasure as you began to give us a running commentary. "oooooooooo.... aaaaaaaaaaa.. I can feel it,! it's starting to push out of my little tushie.. oooooooo.. here it goes", and we could hear it coming out, and then it made just one single large plop noise, and you went "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thats soooooooooooooooo much better" !!

As you were wiping up, Mum knocked on the bathroom door, asking "what are you two getting up to in there". I nearly corrected her by saying "its three actually", and then realised that Mum might think that was strange, as she doesn't know about my best friend from America visiting !! We said "nothing", and Chloe went to unlock the door as you quickly pulled your overalls back up again.

Chloe says she really enjoyed the three of us going together, and is looking forward to the next time. She says, how about in America ?!

Hope you and Elena and your cousin ( I don't know his name ) are all well, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought about our toilet experience !! Take care.

Lots of love, from Kendal xx

ILEO: Are you feeling better yet ? Andrew and I never heard from you. We both hope that you have managed to sort things out with your love. Here's a very big HUG ! love from Kendal xx

Wednesday, October 04, 2000

I just watched WHERE THE HEART IS with Natalie Portman from STAR WARS 1. Anyway, she plays Novalee Nation, a hick who lives in a Wal-Mart until her baby is born. In one scene she has to go to the toilet really bad. Pregnant Novalee pisses up a storm in the Wal-Mart ladies room (only her toes are shown making fists while she moans deeply). Then, later, she returns to puke and to wash in one of the sinks.

In the film FINAL DESTINATION "Alex" and his pal "Tod" discuss the cramped condition and embarrassment of using an airplane toilet. So they decide it would be best to move their bowels before they got on the airplane to France. In one scene they are in the stalls, pooping. Later in the film Tod takes a dump before shaving, and dying.


Hi dear,

Your problem souns a lot like my own. I've suffered the same sort of thing since the age of five, and only started to break the pattern in the las couple of years. For me the problem was urinating, it seemed I could take a dump more easily, though I remember never wanting to do it at school if I could help it. There are many levels for this kind of problem, and the good news is that it is medically recognised and understood. If the problem is in an inability to pass water, it is called "Avoidant Paruresis." If you search the web on that name, you'll find support sites with heaps of information, advice, even a networking for sufferers to help and encourage each other. It's no joke, it can make your life miserable, but it *can* be defeated. In a way, waking up to what sheer pleasure it can be to urinate, for myself and indeed for others, to enjoy the act and the process, have helped me to relax and let go of the anxiety that ruled me for so very many years. So take heart -- ! if a case like mine will yield to effort, so will yours!


Hi Donny,

Yes, those are the kind I know well, the first one I ever used was a pale blue wall unit that extended so neatly and perfectly that i didn't even need to aim, just stood in the right place and released into the catcher, straight into the drain, so easy I remember almost laughing. It would be neat-o to have one at home, on the bathroom wall, or maybe in the laundry, anywhere with plumbing to port onto. Thanks for the info on brands, too!


The Icelanders with reference to peeing were those discussed on the board a month or two back -- the way Icelandic girls use urinals at bars with their guys. Seeing the big Icelandic athlete during the Games just made me wonder about her proficiency in the showers!


Loved your posting! Proper letter coming soon dear!

Cheers to all,


In reply to Resa's question,i Think alot of it has to do with how you are raised,for instance i have 2 sisters and we had to share one bathroom and it was a real time saver in the morning if one of us could be in the shower and one of us going pee or poop so it didn't seem like a big deal by the time i was in junior high if i had to go i went and i guess i realized that the person in the stall on either side of me was makeing the same noises and smells that i was anyway.

What was kind of hard to do was when i was in high school it was a real old building and had a problem with vandalism so they had removed the stall doors,it wasn't so bad for a quick pee but it took me most of my first year to get up the nerve to do a #2 and have other girls walk by and know what you were doing,and to tell the truth i only did it when my only other choice would have been to s**t my pants,but some other girls thought nothing of it and just did what they had to do and others never at all it seemed.

So now when i'm at work it seems just like the most natural thing in the world to have a poop with some of my friends,we have some nice talks in the bathroom and even make fun of each others farts and plops.

Whenever I get cramps during my period it acts like a laxative; sometimes I'll go three times a day. Do other girls get this effect from cramps?
I also pass large, hard round pieces during my period, some as big as tennis balls.

Hey again! I hope you guys liked my last post! I have a question for everyone. What is the longest amount of time you have held your poop in? My record is 5 days. I am going to try ( STARTING TODAY ) to go for a whole week. Has anyone ever gone for longer then a week ( even if you were constipated ) without pooping? And if you did, what did you do to go poop again?

- BUZZY: Yessire, I really pooped. But I don't poop that big every day. You seem to be an expert on big poops. Is there any foods that will increase the size of my poops? I love your posts! Keep them comin'

Adrian--Do you really think seeing a doctor is necessary? I mean, I'm still going a little bit every day, but it's very unusual for me.

Buzzy--I do eat a lot of fruit. Like I said, I do have a history of severe constipation and try to eat to avoid it.

Oh I can add something that happened last night too which changes things a lot. Anwyay, I was at the pool swimming and got a really bad cramp, so I rushed to the end of the lane and went to the bathroom. I had to pee really bad (which happens after being in water for an hour and for me when I'm swimming I tend not to notice that I have to go until I get out of the water) so I did and then my stomach still hurt a lot so I tried to poop, but couldn't. Finally a little bit came out (tiny) and nothing else would, so I cleaned up and flushed and washed my hands. (On a side note, there was a male janitor who had come in and he was like "i'm sorry" but I didn't care). I got my stuff together from the pool side and went back through the locker room. By the time I got upstairs, my stomach felt like it was going to explode, so I found a bathroom upstairs and again couldn't go to the bathroom other than a few loose pieces. So I finally gave up and went back to my room, grabbed! a towel and shampoo, etc. and went to the bathroom. I literally was on the toilet for an hour (highly unusual for me...I usually only take two minutes, three max) and had an interesting time with oxymoronic constipated diarrea. Nothing would come out and then a whole lot at once and then nothing for the longest time even though I still felt like I had to go. I had to flush three times just after the two big bursts and at the end.

Anyway, I took a shower and was talking to my bf online for about an hour and then ended up spending another half hour in the bathroom with the same thing, only no big bursts this time, just a few small squirts. It was not fun at all.

Today I have not been hungry at all, but forced myself to eat a little. I also have not had a motion today even though I've been quite relaxed all day.

Anyway...just wondering if that has happened to anyone or if anyone has any thoughts...


To Mike: I liked your story...It was very unsual and strange

To Prince Morgan: I liked your story, that must have sucked that your dad got mad. How old are you now? are you a male or female? I must admit, i enjoy dumping in the bathtub while bathing, the only problem if it's very soft, there is shit every where and it is messy and hard to clean up. I also love farting while in the bathtub, do you love farting too in the bathtub?? And dumping/farting in the tub feels good too.

This morning i woke up and i had to shower cause it was time to go to work. I was making my bed and i felt as if i had to poop, the urge grew bigger. So i went to the bathroom, sat down and pushed out some soft/mush shit. then i wiped. Then today i was at work on break and i felt as if i had to poop(but not enough time cause there was only 10min left) and i went up to the bathroom and peed and the urge to poop went away. Any one feel this way? It's like i feel an urge to shit and i get up and go into the bathroom and pee and the urge is gone(its more like my nerves). Has this happened to any one??

It seems that many recent posters have remarked on their difficulty in peeing or pooing in public toilets with multiple stalls. I had this problem as a teenager, right up until college. Basically it's like any phobia - you have to confront it. In my case I couldn't poo if there was a person in the next stall as I was embarrassed by the noises. And this was in England where the toilets are deeper and poos make "depth-charge" noises! I used to keep my poos in until I got home, or I'd make myself go before I went to college in the morning. Then one day I HAD to poo. I was in class and it was coming out! I squeezed my cheeks together until class had finished and bolted to the restroom. Without eevn thinking about being embarrassed I went into a stall, pulled down my jeans and sat down. I did this insanely loud and long fart, and a huge poo slid out of my bottom and made a loud "ker-sploosh" noise. As the emergency was now over, I suddenly realized that I was doing a noisy poo and ! there WAS someone in the next stall! That's when I thought that it didn't matter. From then on, I have had no problem in pooing and peeing in public restrooms. And as many posters know, over the years I have developed a liking for pooing in front of people in public places!The moral? Just pee and poo!! Don't bother about covering up the sounds with flushing. All people pee and poo. The Queen of England does it and I bet she farts up a storm! There is nothing to be embarrased about!

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