After trying to help Resa earlier I was going to post another story but had to rush off to run an errand. There was a time during my senior year in high school in which I couldn't wait until I got home to have a dump. That day my stomach started to hurt just before the last class. I was very uncomfortable during class but didn't want to have to use the bathroom at school to poop. Although I had gotten accustomed to using public restrooms when I worked at my Mom's office, I was still apprehensive about pooping at school. The final bell rang, and I decided to wait until most people went home. I studied in the library for about 20 minutes, then I had a sudden stomach cramp and had to hold my butt cheeks together in order to avoid the poop from coming out. However, when I got up, I let go a big fart that stunk and felt like I might have pooped a little right there. I rushed to the girls bathroom.

I was glad there was no one else in the bathroom at the time. I lifted my uniform skirt and pushed down my shorts and panties. I saw a little piece of gooey shit in my panties that I would need to clean up later, but first things first. I let go a massive rush of extra-chunky chili-like poop, farted and pushed out another wave of poop that was a little more solid but still soft. I flushed the toilet while seated, then continued to push out more soft poop. After I filled up the toilet again with poop, I flushed again. Suddenly someone else runs into the bathroom. I saw through the cracks that it was Gina, a girl I didn't particularly care for and who didn't care for me and went out of her way to show it. She took the stall right next to mine, sat down and peed a loud stream. Then she started to grunt and fart. She must have thought she was alone, but soon she realized someone was in the next stall. She said oh no, there's someone else here, and she strained to ho! ld it in. I was almost done but had stopped as well, and for a couple of minutes we were both sitting silently as if we were waiting for the other to do something. Finally Gina said she had it and let loose with a massive wave of poop that consisted of farts and several plops and crackling sounds. I also pushed out a mini-wave of poop and was done. I was wiping when I heard her push out another wave of poop. As soon as I was finished wiping my butt and cleaning up my panties as much as I could, I flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands as Gina started to wipe. I was drying my hands when Gina flushed her toilet and came out of the stall. I nodded to her, and she said hey, that was a relief, I couldn't wait much longer. I asked if she felt better, and she said yes as I was leaving.

As soon as I got home, I threw those panties away and slipped on another pair. Interestingly enough, Gina did not bother me again after that episode.

i really want to hear about pee emergency and accident stories

Vengeful Val, i cant wait to read another of your episodes from the past about your naughty poo's.

Resa: I was apprehensive about using the toilet when not home. I would urinate in a public toilet, But, I would not move my bowels. Only, if it were an emergency. Department stores, parks, playgrounds, day camps, airports, theaters did not frighten me. Read my earlier posts. By junior high, I broke down a few times and moved by bowels at school or suffer embarassing consequences later. I could wait till I got home. By 15, I was moving my bowels at high school almost daily, sometimes twice in the morning at gym and in the afternoon during service period or at cheerleader practice.

You are probably afraid of being embarrased by your own internal gas noise. There are others around you and the stall doors are closed. It might help to flush the toilet every time you release your bowels and your bladder. Keep your legs closed and release your muscles slowly. You will not be embarassed.

Many times I thought I could hold it in. I used to hold my bowel movements for hours as a little girl. But, many times I could not. Diarreah in an airport was one. School, someone's house, my dad's job. I had to go after dinner. I was at the movies. You will overcome it. Just do not punish yourself. If you must,used the last stall against the wall. I have no trouble using stalls with no doors or for that matter an open toilet with no partition. We have them in our parks and playgrounds. One day you will really have the urge and you will be glad you went. Read my stories.

Kim: I have stood up to use the toilet. One of our park toilets has like 12 stalls and the bowls have no seats. That porcelain is cold. It was remodeled then closed in a budgetary crisis. It reopens on busy summer days. I had a friend in college. She had it to piss or shit standing up. She was afraid to sit on a toilet that was not her own. At my house, she would sit. Just,if you stand, squat close to the bowl, so if your bowels are loose, you will not spray the walls.

Jane: I agree with you. I can stand to sound or smell of barf. I was in college and I went to the womens room. In a stall was a girl leaning over and making these hideous noises. I felt sorry for her. But, I got out of there. I can't be in the same house with my own relatives sick. Once, I was in the park and I saw this boy up against a tree. He barfing badly. It was like running jet stream. I asked him if he wanted help. There were tears in his eyes. He told me, no and it would pass and he thanked me.

Undin (Athens, Greece)
Cliff: Interesting question. To be more accurate the word Kuratha means huge excrement (Kurathes is the plural). In Crete the meaning of the word Kurathi is sheep and Kuratha means sheep excrements
and later on it took the general meaning of animal excrements (cows etc.) The other Greeks use this term as big - huge shit something like Whopper or log in English.

P.V. So what was the toilet performance of this Icelandic girl?

I have been in Iceland and I have also been in the center of Reykjavik late at night on Saturday where the majority of the youths are there totaly drunk. I remember very pretty girls just squating in the nearby small streets and peeing like crazy. I went to a parking and I could see plenty of girls peeing together. I noticed from the street an attractive girl of about 19 that came next to me said something in Icelandic I said "Sorry can you speak in English?"
She just smiled took her pants off next to me and peed like Niagara falls!!! She was laughing looking at my trousers and I noticed there
was some splashed drops on it and my shoes.

Yesterday I was in the National Garden central Athens (as usual) and every Sunday lots of exUSSR immigrants go for a walk there. I noticed lots of Russian and Ukrainian ladies mostly of ages 30 to 50 most of them married with Greeks. I've noticed that such ladies want to get married with Greeks so much (although they pretend to hide it)because Greece is the country with the highest number of such weddings in the world according to the percentage on Greek population. Opposite case is almost non-existent because Greek ladies absolutely don't like immigrants for husbands. So I was in the male toilet as usual and I noticed an "army" of eight Russian ladies "attacking" the ladies toilet. There are only two stalls and most of them were desperate and had to wait. Of course I was listening clearly the flow of everyone's pee and it was absolutely nice; It looked like a concert and ladies were laughing about the sounds and were commenting each other pee. They went away and about a q! uarter later I noticed 4 beautyful mums with their young children and Greek husbands. The first two (both tall about 5'9'one blond one fair) got in and had a nice pee. The other two then got in (a tall with brown hair and a short skinny blonde lady). The tall one was peeing like a horse and when she wipped the short one did UUUUUUGGHHHH and then silence. She wipped only once and got out smiling. When they left I got in and I saw a jobbie in the toilet this lady went. It was about 6 inches long but very fat and it had a yellowish color. I was very surprised to see such a thing from a petite (5'3') slim lady with a small bum. To be honest I touched it a bit and it was very soft. So did she have very loose bowels? I washed my hands well and waited for the next attack. I general these
Russian and other ladies eat small quantities and their shits are small easy-to-flush pieces of shit however they pee like horses or better dinosaurs!!!

To ALL Ladies of this Forum: I hope you'll honor sometime these toilets when you ever come to Athens. They are so hungry for your monsters!!

13 hater
to jenny ---> don't count on it... i can hold it to up to 4-5 days with no problems...

to all ---> keep them stories comming, and do any of you have anything about keanu Reeves ???

thanx :)

13 hater

Dreamer -

Please keep posting. It made me sad when you asked if you should 'just vanish off again'. Stay here with us - among friends who share your interests - and keep posting and lurking (I'm more of a lurker than a poster myself.. might change someday, you never know..) and of COURSE it's nothing to do with you when some posters fall silent. I miss some favourite posters myself (Bridget! Malcolm! where didya go?!) but I guess people just do come and go.


Being 'polite' while going to the bathroom isn't particularly easy, especially since most people seem to deny this absolute fact of their lives.
I'm a 29 year old male from Canada and I must admit that I'm still embarrassed to use the john if someone's in the stall next to me. I usually do one of two things to take my mind off my situation. I play a hand-held electronic word game (solving anagrams) I purchased some time ago and coincidently found useful for my anxiety. When I concentrate on the game I 'forget' where I am until I know I'm done.
The other thing I do, believe it or not, is listen to the person next to me. Any 'rude' noise he makes serves as a reminder that what I'm doing isn't anything bad, unusual, or in any way shameful. After concentraiting on the person in the next stall, it helps me find the courage to begin my movement.

Are you afraid of anything in particular? Running into someone you know? Having a particulary loud movement? Producing a very 'aromatic' aroma? Something else?

Just out of curiosity... When did you start noticing your fear?

I have a little story I would like to tell all of you. I am 31 and very good looking..I look a lot like tom cruise. I lived in California for the last 6 months, and I shared a townhouse with an older lady named Marlene, who was 59 and old enough to be my mother. We got along really well..she kinda considered me to be like a second son, and I kinda considered her to be like a second mother. We did all kinds of things together, and had a good relationship. I usually poop like every 2 or 3 days. One day, I came home from work, and I was very, very constipated. My butt hurt so bad. I came home and went right into the bathroom to try to go poop. I undid my jeans, pulled my pants down, and sent my bare rear-end down on the toilet. I tried and tried to poop, straining and straining, pushing and pushing more to no avail. I just could not relax long enough to poop......I was so tense, and it felt almost like my poop was 2 or 3 times bigger in diameter than my butthole....So, I sat on t! he toilet tryi8ng to poop for about 20 minutes, but had no success, so I pulled my pants back up, and left the bathroom. I really felt that I could poop if only I could find a way to just sit on the toilet and relax long enough to let my rear-end open up naturally. Since Marlene and I had kinda like a pseudo mother-son relationship, I felt comfortable asking her for her help. I told her that I had just finished sitting on the toilet trying to poop, but that I couldn't because I was very constipated, and could not relax long enough to go. So, I asked her if she wouldn't mind coming into the bathroom with me while I use the toiloet to try and talk to me and comfort me and help me to just relax so I could poop normal and relieve my constipation.She said that she would not mind doing that to help me as long as I felt comfortable with it. I said that I didn't mind her seeing me use the toilet, because at that time, all I cared about was pooping, so that my butt would not hurt anym! ore. So, she agreed to help me. So, she went into her bedroom and got a chair. She brought it into the bathroom and sat it facing the toilet about 7 ro 8 feet away. So, she walked into the bathroom first, and then I came in there, with Marlene closing the bathroom door behind me. So, I moved over in front of the toilet, and with Marlene looking at me, I kinda hesitated as I undid my belt first, then I slowly unbuttoned my pants, next I slowly unzipped my pants, and then I hesitated for a second, and then I slowly pulled my jeans down to my ankles. I stood there quietly for a second, and then I took a deep breath, as I lowered my underpants down to my ankles, briefly exposing my penis and pubic hair to Marlene, before I sat down on the toilet. Marlene talked to me as I was on the toilet trying to poop....trying to just help me to breathe easy, relax, and let it happen naturally. After 20 minutes on the toilet, but still not able to relax enought o poop normal, Marlene suggested! I use a Laxative. She said that she had some anal suppositories in her bathroom......She went and got was one of the Dulcolax ones in those little foil wrappers...I told her that I was willing to try anything because I was so uncomfortable....I told her that I did not feel comfortable inserting that thing into my own rear-end. I asked her if she wouldn't mind helping me.....She said "sure" So, we went into my bedroom, where Marlene said I should take off my Jeans, which I did...Next, she told me to bend over the bed, which I did...kinds like in the knee-chest position.......She put on the rubber glove, and then she pulled my underpants all the way down, exposing my bare bottom.......She put on the rubber gloves, and took her left hand and used it to spread my butt cheeks apart, and next, she said to take a deep breathe, which I did, and then she inserted the suppository up my butt, with her right, she said to lay on the bed until I felt a strong urge to po! op....I laid there for about 30 minutes, until I called her,and told her it was time....She went into the bathroom, and yelled to me to hurry. She was already sitting in the chair she had put in the bathroom, when I ran into the bathroom, quickly pulled down my underpants, and had the biggest poop I have ever had.......right there with Marlene wathing the whole thing........As I sat there next to Marlene, wiping my butt right in front of her, I didn't even mind the fact that she had seen my whole body.......penis, pubic hair, rear-end, and even had her finger up my butthole......All I could do is just be thankful that I finally was able to poop.........

hi all! TO MIA-HI!! you liked the story of my 21 inch log huh? and to answer your question "if I had any trouble ever crashing a super-big log out"? .YES! but crashing out big logs gives me a buzz even if they are more difficult to push out it heightenes the tingling sensation in my ass that I love to feel. as long as it is not dierrhea(That thankfully I rarely have)I dont mind crashing out one of my biggies that might be a little more difficult. some people think I am straining myself with my massive logs but I am not . I love the feeling."about the most difficult one i ever passed"? I cant tell you off hand but maybe in the past when i had a few 16 1/2 inchers that were hard to push out but then again as i have said before. passing these huggies even if they are harder to pass gives me the great tingling sensation that I love!!. i hope I answered all your questiones satisfactorily and i hope you like my stories. i enjoy yours. bye now. love,kim

To Justin: I think you anwsered my questions, you are only 4 years older then me, im 19.

Hi, Did any one see the new show on NBC called Tucker? It's about this boy and his mom, his mom is divorced. Any way there was this one sceen where Tucker is undressing in the room, he leaves and does it in the bathroom and it was dark in there. His Aunt was in the bathroom and she swore Tucker was spying on her cause she was undressed. Then his mom yelled at her sister for yelling at him, and she covers it up by saying tucker had to realive him self(which he didn't do).
This reminds me of the cast on Malcom in the middle, alot of times some one is seen releaving them selfs.

I saw this other show on MTV Last night called Jackass, it's about these people who do dare devil stunts and there was the one sceen where a guy goes into a porto potty and sits on the toilet fully clothed and a crane picks the porto potty up with the guy still in the porto potty. You see the waste go every where. At the end you see the guy undressed showering in a car wash.

Prince Morgan
I love this site! You guys are too cool! I thought I was the only one who got into this. Not so, apparently. This is my first post, anywhere ever.

When I was probably thirteen or so, I was in the bathtub one night and thought it would be awesome to just dump a huge load in the water with me. I did, and it was great. After a while, when I decideds to get out, I made the stupid mistake of tring to squish the logs down the drain instead of scooping them out. Well, the drain got clogged, and there was no way for me to do anything about it before my dad, who wanted to use the bathroom next, saw it. He was pissed, to say the least, but dumping in the warm water felt great!!

Keep dumping and pissing, guys!!

I've been at work today and the unisex toilet has been most busy. There is a new girl of about 23 who has joined our department. She is of quite a strong build, blonde and has a very well formed bottom. She took some papers with her to the toilet today (2p.m.) and was in their for over 15mins. I was making coffee in the staff room next to the toilet and could here her doing a motion as well as going over the papers. She wiped around 6 times, and flushed the toilet. I quickly went in and smelt her perfume as well as evidence of a poo. She was wering a grey trouser suit and showed off her bottom beautifully.
One of the female students also pooed, but i only caught a glimpse of her as she left.


Hey, I'm sorry to read of your problem. Which do you have trouble doing in public restrooms peeing or taking a dump? If its peeing then you could flush the toilet then start to pee and flush again.. Which state are you from? by the way I am 17 years old, male, and from Texas.


NICOLA - I agree with what you said about urinals
having nasty pissy smells, but I bet the one you tried
using was one without any deodorant tablets, and the
problem is made worse by the urinal not being flushed
often enough. What type was the one you used, the
steel trough type or the single person wall standing
type? I am sorry if this seems a little bit off the wall
to you but I am just curious about how good or bad you
found using the urinal if you do not count the smell.
The one I've used at work seems all right smellwise, but
I have also used one somewhere else that was not so nice.
Of course my boyfriend uses them a lot more than me, and
he sometimes tells me if he thought I would have liked
the one he has just been to. Really I do not think we can
say all female toilets are clean either so I do not think
we can just say that bad smells just belong with the men's
toilets. Some toilet bowls I have seen in nightclubs have
been real disgusting, but a lot are very good.
I agree with what you wrote about urinals in a unisex
toilet maybe causing trouble. It is a bit sad for me to
say it, but I do not think in most places I would be happy
about using one without my boyfriend being there with me.
And I am even sadder to say this, but I bet you are right
about British women never really getting into using urinals.
Almost all the women where I work are very limited about
how they have a wee and so on, so I bet they would never
use a urinal if one was ever put in the ladies.

PV - Hi!!!
Hehe that must have been fun to see that boy weeing up the
beach like that. When we were in Spain I saw a few boys
weeing from the front but what you saw sounds a good laugh.
It is odd that the boy's dad was mad at him for the way he
did it like that. I mean were there people in the sea at
the time, if there were then they would have seen the little
chap squirting wee anyway!
Yeah, I bet you if the same girl had been brought up in
England that she would have been smacked and told she was
very naughty, that good nice girls do not do that sort of
thing because it will all run down their legs! What rubbish!
As well as that it is the hangup given to lots of girls that
touching "down there" is dirty and "good girls don't".
When the netball team starts up again I will see about us
getting some practice. I will be sure to write and tell you
what happens! Good idea with the suds!
Really nice people? Well thank you! You too, you are wasted
being single. You know I must ask my mum if things would have
been any different if I had had a brother. I will let you
know what she says. It is not a thing I have ever really
thought about up to now!
Thanks for that great mental image of yourself, yes that is a
good picture. Hehe. Tip-toes on the pot is a bit Japanese or
oriental isn't it. Unusual for an Anglo-Aussie, as Steve
would say.
Yeah, I bet my mum would just love it in Spain. I asked her
and my sister last night if they would like to go with us.
They thought it would be best if just Steve and I went alone,
but Steve said he would be happy for them to go there with us.
So maybe we will all go, all 4 of us. I think my sister may be
a bit shy about the nude beaches but she will soon be ok.
My mum has never done any nude sunbathing but she would look
great and is really keen to try it.
Hehehe! Well I think maybe you already guessed that Steve
sometimes aims my stream for me when I am standing. At the
beach he did that a couple of times when we were at that real
quiet stretch of sand. It was good because he could just
stand behind me and put his arms around my waist, his right
hand down there to lift and hold me open. So I can squirt hard
out front and without using my own hands! You see, I have him
trained how to do it! He teaches me Wing Chun and he gets to
know things like that doesn't he? I did not write about it
before because, well maybe I am guilty about thinking it is
worse for a man to do some things with a woman than for her to
do it with him, so maybe it is another of these social barriers.
He does not do it too often, but sometimes he does it when we are
in the bath together. I think he is a bit shy about doing it.
Talking about aiming, I do not think I told you about the young
girl in Spain on the nude beach who weed while being carried by
her boyfriend. I think they looked English but I was not sure.
Well, I think she was a little bit shy about doing it too much in
the open, so her boyfriend went with her around a few rocks.
Steve did not see it himself and he was annoyed at himself for
not going with me, but I walked around those rocks because I
was very curious. Her boyfriend was standing up and carrying her
in his arms. She was weeing quite a bit and I think her boyfriend
was aiming her stream to tinkling in this little water pool in
the rocks. When they saw me they giggled a little bit and I bet
they had been having a little drinkie or two. I smiled at them and
I went past and around back to Steve. I do not know if he had a
wee as well but I bet those two get up to other things like that
all the time.
Yeah, it would be easy enough to install the urinals in ladies
toilets but it is that Englishness of women here and everything
like it that would make them unpopular. Steve thinks a lot of
younger girls than me (thanks Stevie, I'm only 27 haHA) *would*
like them more and it would make them wake up to what they could
Yeah, have a great time when the weather comes nice...hehe.
The Spanish looker, yeah, she surprised me really after how
quiet she seemed about the alley pissing that time. She just did
not seem worried about the whole thing and we could just talk
while she did it! Well of course most of the women there would
*never ever ever ever* have done it that way. Maybe urinals for
girls would be *mostly* wasted where I work. I have a little idea
I want to try out and I will let you know what I find out.

Maybe I do not qualify as a "super pooper" if I do not do large
ones very often, which I don't. Hehe.

Bend those knees, tilt those hips and fire!



I have this probelm too if I have to do a number #2. I have no problems peeing in a public restroom but if I have gas or need to poo I like to be alone. One way I've solved this problem is to flush a lot when I'm pooing so they other women can't hear what I'm doing. A Friend of mine told me about doing this and it works. There are times when in a real emergency I have to just force myself to go or I'd have a worse problem like going in my pants and that would be far more embarrassing to me than pooing in a public toilet.

I sympathise with you and hope I've helped in some way.............Ciao Emily

PV- You asked about specific urinal styles that would be most suitable for females. I believe the type that is wall hung, small, and extended would be the most suitable. That is the type that we have in our schools. The girls that have seen them think they are cute. Specifically, a Kohler "Dover" or Eljer "space saver" - American Standard makes a very similiar style. On special order, you can get them in colors such as blue or beige, at additional cost. In my opinion, these are attractive enough to install in your own home, if you wanted. I've done a fair amount of plumbing also, and have all the manufacturers catalogs. This type is also easy to install and keep clean compared to the large, old, type that went all the way to the floor, with the trap below floor level. (some of them were HUGE). They flush well on less that one gallon of water. Now, the kids at school do not usually flush them, and I think the smell of piss is fine as long as it's not too stale. It's ! fun to smell all the different smells and shades of yellow that piss can have.

Resa, dear, lots of kids have this problem. It stems from misdirected societal pressures that make people believe that bodily functions are funny or embarassing or somehow unnatural. The key to overcoming this is practice. Drink plenty of water, sit on the toilets often, relax, (doing math problems in your head while relaxing your bladder helps a lot of people). Try not to worry about other people hearing your tinkle noises. It gets easier as you get older.

Craptin Crunch
Hey ive been watching this board for awhile now, its awesome. You all inspire me to be who i really am. Keep up the great stories. Does anyone know of any movies with scenes of women on the toilet having a poop? Or a pee? Anyway, Have a good one.

Resa, you are not alone with that affliction. For a long time I was much the same and would always hold on when others were around. It even got to a point where I would jump on my bike and ride a couple of km to a good spot where I could go outside!! Anyhow, I just told myself to get over it as everybody does it and since then - no problem. Oh, I am a 27yo guy.

i like to shit in the bathroom it is the most relaxing and pleasureable time of the day

RESA: When I was in high school school (which was a long time ago) I was just as apprehensive as you in using public restrooms to poop, though you did not indicate whether you were scared of just pooping or using public bathrooms for even peeing. I had no problems with peeing in that regard. But I was afraid to poop in front of my peers at school and in the mall, where we liked to hang around. Anyway, I only started to get over my apprehension once I had some near-accidents and had no choice but to use the nearest ladies room. Luckily for me these opportunities came in relatively quiet places like the doctor's or dentist's office and my Mom's office. I didn't get over my apprehension about going in the girls room in high school but became much more open about using public restrooms once I started college and lived in the dorms. Perhaps you might want to ask your sister (if you have one) or a good friend to accompany you to the ladies room in a place where it is unlikely ! you would run into people from school, like a doctor's office or your parent's office if it's quiet. Let us know how things work out.

Hi,all It's 8:06am here in NY and i just got up and i'm reading all your posts and I have to take a dump right now!As i was reading your posts,my rectum was filling up and nom i gotta let it out and I borrowed my friend's lap top and I'm going to sit on the bowl and poop and tell you guys about it-Ok i'm on the bowl and I gotta push--uhhhhhh--big fart--now the turd is coming out-Ahhhhhhhhh-Now i'm letting it hang out my anus for a bit-let me look---it's a long one-it's almost down to the water of the bowl as it's still hanging out my anus--I love to hold it like this for a bit-OK i'm going to let the rest out now--Ohhhahhhh-soft plop in the water-hold on--let me look--it's a nice size one about 10 inches-whoaa almost dropped the laptop!!Ok-i'm sitting on the bowl and i know i'm not done yet-so as i'm waiting for more excrement ,I'll mention a few of your posts-
TO EPHERMAL-listen honey-just eat fruit and DON'T take any laxitives whatever you do-yes stress can contribute to your problem-hey it's only been a week give you system a chance to come around with some fruit( apples pears are great-eat em up)To POOPING WOMAN-Cool story but could you elaborate more -the story seemed a bit disjointed-were you pooing along with this guy while he was pooing too?your post was hard to put together-more stuff
TO CASEY-Sounds like you did some serious pooping--Hold on I gatta do more poop--AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-I just farted again and then a lot of soft poo flew out my asshole-it was like thhhhhhhhth and slid into the bowl--OHHHH yea-Ok I'm still sitting here waiting for more-Anyway casey-you are probably better at pooing than you are at math-3x6 is 18-not 21-poop on buddy
TO JANE-I always love reading your stories esp when i'm sitting on the bowl as i an now -I also hate to hear people vomit-really turns me off and sometimes i feel like i'm going to get sick just hearing them!yuch!I gotta go more poo JANE-hold on---Ohhhhhhhhh -some loose stuff with a lot of gas -i'm still pushing my anus out and now i feel done-Uhhh some mucus just slid out Ok i'm gping to wipe---Ok done-wow that was fun pooing as i'm on this forum-I really should get a laptop!Hope some of you enjoyed it as much as I.It was a good load-Ok i'm flushing the bowl now and i'm off some of you should try this!BYE

Cliff -
When I use a toilet, I pee before the poo comes out. Sometimes the poo comes out while I'm peeing. If I have to poo outside or in a public place, I poo first without intending to pee. However, even then, I end up peeing after all.

No Name Grrl
Hey how you doin?<----that is Joey Tribianni from Friends line!

Anyway...have any of you seen Final Destination? Well if you havent there are TWO bathroom[poop] scenes on it! The first time is before they go on the plane. The main guys[Alex] friend Todd has to go to the bathroom and gets Alex to try to go because they are going to Paris and its going to be a long flight and they dont want to stink the bathroom up because of these girls they like. We see the top of them in the stalls and Todd is reading a magazine and Alex is just sitting there.

The second time it shows the toilet close up and the lid opens and it shows Todds legs and he pulls down his sweats and sits.

That is all but for anyone who likes bathroom scenes on movies I had to tell you!


Monday, October 02, 2000

Resa, I think your problem is psychological and needs to be addressed in that context. My suggestion is that you discuss this with your doctor. Maybe he or she could refer you to a psychologist who could help. I think we're all a bit shy when it comes to using public facilities sometimes, but it's important to remember that other people are usually there for the same reason as you - they need to relieve themselves and nothing more.

Ephermal, you clearly should see a doctor. On the basis of what you've said, I don't think there's anything seriously wrong but you do need to re-establish some sort of normal bowel habit and I think you should seek professional help about this. Have you discussed the problem with a trusted adult such as a teacher or one of your parents? I think you should.

Hi everyone. I have been an observer of this site for a long time now and have contemplated posting of a problem I have for some time now. I am a 17 year old girl from the United States. I have a problem using the bathroom when other people are around. When I'm out in public, I cannot use a bathroom with mulitple stalls if there are other people in there. It's a problem I have had since I was about 9 or 10 and don't know how it first developed. I never had this problem when I was younger. I hate it. It causes me many inconveniences in my life. I decided to post about this in hopes that another lurker of this site either has this problem or knows someone who did and a possible was to rid of it. I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks.

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