I feel really weird writting to a place like this but I have a question that I don't feel comfortable asking my friends at school. I guess I should give you some background about myself (I've been reading some recent posts to get a feel for the site and how you guys run): female, USA, 5'2", 140 but thin (mostly muscular and a bit over-blessed if you know what I mean), long light brown (with golden sun highlights) hair, sophomore in college.

Anyway, I have a history of severe constipation (from before kindergarten until about high school) literally going weeks on end without going to the bathroom (then I'd pass something bigger than a child should ever and even broke the toilet completely once and we had to replace it), but lately (the past four years at least) I've been pretty regular, about 5-7 times a week (usually in the afternoon when I finish classes and everything and take a few minutes to relax before doing homework). Anyway, it would all always come out with little effort at once usually in under a minute (I'm not a big eater, especially with school food, but try to eat fairly healthy).

Anyway, for the past week or so, I keep feeling like I need to go, but when I get to the toilet I have to push very hard and almost nothing comes out (itty-bitty pieces like a half inch by a quarter inch) and no matter how long I sit there and push I never feel done so I give up.

Does anyone know what could be causing this (stress???) I haven't changed my diet at all and had been fine all semester up until this point. I work out a few times a week (karate and swimming, plus I'm always walking across campus and up and down stairs cause the campus is hilly with lots of steps).

Anyone know how to rectify the problem? I don't want to take anything (don't have time for the side effects, plus dorm bathrooms...ewww) and don't have money or means to get anything....

Anyway, thoughts, comments, advice PLEASE! Thank you.

5- I have a childhood accident for you. When i was about 11, i was at a baseball game with my friend John (he was 10). He had already peed in the woods once. Near the end of the game i had to pee really bad, but didnt want to admit it. I kept fidgeting and crossing my legs, but i eventually started peeing in my pants. I got it under control after a very long squirt of pee came out. There was a huge wet mark on my shorts, and i gave up and told John that i had to go to the bathroom. I was so embarrased because everyone could see that i had wet my pants.


To Casey: I liked your stories, post some more.
I think your shyness of pooping in public might be normal, i used to be like that when i was your age(6 years ago). I mean, i could poop in public but i was always afraid that someone i know would see me, especaily someone from school, id say this is normal. Any way, if i did have to poop, in public, i would go to the bathroom and i would just pee, and then i would be like, i don't have to poop(i would feel better just being in the bathroom.). I over came my fear, just by posting on this website.

hello all!First to DIANE- I have had a huge log outside before. I posted it a few months ago. I was actually washing my car with my boyfriend scott and i took off all my clothes and i had a large log that went into an old pan that scott set out for me .it was great!!TO WHO- I guess you are new to the site! me and a few other girls on this site have had logs while standing up. AND THANKS j.K-for writing me back. I like your stories too! Even though my dear people I will be pretty busy working and going to college i will try to post my stories from time to time to entertain you. My boyfriend scott and i would like to thank all the people who enjoyed our stories. we will try posting some more when the opportunities arrive. thanks. love,kim

Well, once again my dimension is in alignment with this one. Been a while too, so many great posts out there it is awful hard to figure out which could possibly be the best. Here goes my feeble attempt at conversation.
-Becca (or Rebecca); it's been a long time since you've posted, I hope nothing bad has happened, I really enjoyed all of your stories and wish you would tell us more of them. Incase you don't remember, myself, as well as a few other people asked if you would share stories of when you and your sister had to race each other to the bathroom, the slower of you two getting stuck outside.
-Goldgirl~; I' m very concerned about you as well, you and Becca were two of the few people I liked regularly at this site, and alarmingly, both of you have disappeared for a large amount of time. Maybe it's me, should I have just kept to the shadows, constantly watching, always alone? Please if it wasn't me, come back and say something, I really miss your posts.
-Vengeful Val; I just have one thing to say to you, wow. That post was just wonderful and I look forward to your postings of the rest of your escapades through revenge pooping. Just one question though, have you ever pooped in your own pants to get back at your parents? Just asking, a simple no would suffice, or if it's yes, please post the story.
-Veronica; You too have an interesting post, if you have any other stories please posy them, I'm probably one of many fans of yours but hey, just asking, I guess the worst you can say is no.
Well, that's it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful life. I wonder if anyone will answer my post, well if not, I guess I can just slink off into my shadows again. Great poops (and bulging panties to all who want them) to everyone.


JacobG (Florida)
Bryian: The other day, you asked if anyone usually dumps more than twice a day. I do. Actually, I dump three to five times a day - and these are regular solid dumps, not diarrhea. This has been normal for me for the past ten years. If anyone is interested, ask and I'll tell what happened about two weeks ago when I got too busy to go at my usual times during the day. Also, something astounding happened to me yesterday that I must tell everyone about. I can't write it now because my nosy roommate is home and I don't want him to see what I'm writing, even thought it does not involve him. Maybe he will go out later today and I will have a chance to post.

Denerio Poop Holder
Hey, reguarding Push Up Your Poop's note, I would also like a post on Soap Suppositories! I need a post to help me with me constipation. I want to try soap before anything else! Thanx

Everyone: I really open to this forum, but where the problem to shit in public washrooms. You don't have to be shy. Everybody do it and what are expecting when you go to some bathroom?

Casey: 3x6=18, not 21 :)

Anne (the bus driver). Interesting account of your morning clear out the other day. My guess is that if you were woken by the need to go, you obviously needed to poo pretty badly. And you did a lot too! That's one of the biggest panfuls I've seen you describe yet.

I've noticed that you often refer to being a bit constipated. Could this be diet related? I mean, do you eat a lot of rich and refined foods? My guess is that you've got quite a healthy appetite, doing the sort of amounts you seem to do.

Also, I think after a good dump like that you'd be alright for a day or two and not need to have another one the same day. So far as working the late shift (2pm to 11pm) is concerned, I think the only issue that might have bothered you would have been comfort breaks for #1, although you did say that you had an hours break during that shift. Can you last 4 or 5 hours without going for #1? My normal maximum is 3 hours but I have lasted longer sometimes.

Had a good weekend dump, say on Saturday or Sunday?

Bryian: Glad you liked my story about my experience with the soccer teams. In answer to your questions, I am 23 years old. I am therefore a few years older than most of the guys who were around when I took a dump. I am also athletic and therefore fitted in. I was also pleased that another guy was taking a shit in the bowl right next to the one I used. It made me stand out less. It was a bit awkward taking a shit on an open toilet with so many other guys around. They were so energized by their recent soccer game, however, that they did not seem to even notice me taking a shit. Most of the guys were nude or semi-nude since they were showering or had just showered. Also, several needed to piss and did so in the bowl right next to the one I sat on after the other guy completed his dump. Everyone seemed real open about pissing, showering and even shitting with others around and thus I was not particularly embarrassed. As I mentioned, I had to shit real bad. It wa! s better for me to do it there than have an accident on the way home. Hope this anwers your questions.

My term is squat

Nicola: goodness, do you always have to grunt when you crap? You poor thing! Have you ever tried not grunting to see if it would be easier, like the way they tell women in birth to silently push because keeping the mouth closed makes the pushing more effective.

Kim: Wow! Have you ever had alot of trouble crashing out a super big log before? What is the most difficult one you've crashed?

Sunday, October 01, 2000

Hi Louise

Thanks for your marvelous letter, dear, it's so nice to hear from you!

That's an interesting observation about the family at the pool, that perhaps they felt to it in the pool would be disgusting, as most folks let it go in the water because nobody will notice and the dilution factor means it's only a *little bit* pissy! But it reminds me of something from donkey's years ago (American -- "a coon's age"-- I think), once when I was at the beach I remember folks walking along the tideline and a boy of maybe five or six stopping only a few yards away from where I was sunning. He pulled down the front of his trunks, took out his teensy prick and had a wee facing *up* the beach. His father was walking with the family and admonished the boy for being "dirty" and that he should be facing the other way, doing it into the sea. Not, you'll note, dirty for doing it with everyone watching, but for doing it in the wrong place with regard to the tidiness aspect. Value systems, eh?

The French family -- yes, I'd say that was the Gallic mindset at work, I'm sure the Anglo mindset would have difficulty with the equanimity of gender behavior, probably the Aus too. Clearly the girl had always done her business with and in the same manner as her brothers, why shouldn't she? She would probably be hurt and confused if "informed" that females "don't" or, even worse, "can't" do it that way, and that she is dirty or wicked for "imagining it." Social precepts can be pernicious.

That netball team need encouraging... Four feet? Howsabout this-- use soap to draw a target of suds on the wall, stand well back and aim to wash the suds away!

Yeah, both of you visit Iceland! You'd be in your element!

"You know from what you wrote I bet we do a lot of the same things when having a bath or a shower, but I bet you do the sink a lot more than me. I have not done it in the sink for a little while actually. As I need a wee right now...that was good, I had fun aiming around the bottom of the sink but it did not last as long as I wanted."

Hahahahaha! I had to stop for a wee in the sink when I was writing the other night! Yes, I do the sink just about every night, usually when I brush my teeth last thing -- it saves time, I can't be bothered holding on until I've finished brushing to use the loo, I just park my puss on the edge of the sink and kill two birds with one stone. Mmmmm, I think we're cut from the same cloth or somethin'!

"Well, my mum, sister and me have always been you know, relaxed about weeing together. I do not know if it would have been like that if I had had a brother as well."

Well, if I may be so bold as to say so, you seem extremely nice people, and you never know, if you'd had a brother he might have been a very lucky lad and been part of a family experience closer to the French way. Who knows?

"And of course my mum knew that we would really get so much out of knowing how to have a piss standing up so I really thank her for that!"

I so wish I'd had the same background, then the dreaded anxiety thing would never have taken such hold. That's a demon on my back I could have done without.

Ah, my ten-inchers! Thank you, I'm proud to have them well thought-of! I was a bit constipated last week but didn't pass anything especially large, just a couple of hard lumps that hurt a bit. The big logs were easier (and much more pleasant!) to pass, and I remember them being on my normal timing. It was probably diet, a better all-round nutrition allowing for good bulk-processing. Heck, I can still see you in my mind's eye, doing your whopper in the alley! (For yours and Steve's curiosity in return, picture a quite trim redhead perched petitely on the pot, on tip-toes with a delighted expression!)

If you make it a family fling in Spain next time, I'm sure the whole board will be dying for the blow-by-blow of your activities. Days spent roasting in the sun, downing bottled water by the litre, and the resulting fountains. Ahhhhhhhh! Your mom sounds a treasure, as a matter of fact, and she deserves her cheeky fun.

"When we were at the beach, I wanted to hold Steve's cock for him when he weed."

Here's a thought, by the same token, does Steve ever hold your lower lips open for you when you go by the sea? Or would that again be pushing the boundaries? Interesting thought.

"The urinals were a real good shape for me. You are right, I wondered if they really were made for girls to use!"

Okay, another thought... If there are urinals designed (inadvertently!) so perfectly for female use, why don't we urinal-using gals make something of that? Check the manufacturer and the model by perusing some catalogs, and start writing letters to the Times, to the makers and to city councils. There would be the factor of "when and where were you in the wrong facilities to know this?" to get by, but we can surely be creative about it. With individual flush systems, or in places where they are simply cleaned twice daily, they are perfectly pleasant to use, and it's high time for this option to be recognized. Okay, divorce the sensational aspect from it -- if we had a ladies' room with either a plain row of wall-mounted urinals, a steel wall type, or urinals with dividers or cubicles, would we choose to use them, assuming they were perfectly clean? I think the answer for us is yes, and I'm sure many others would. Enough to justify the cost? Unknown. It may be a question of ! each thing in its own time.

Yes, the summer is impending here, and my thoughts are tugging south to that cliff-backed cove where the dark suntans come out to play. Makes me want to start guzzling water!

Hey, that's *amazing* about the "Spanish looker" at your work. You just chatted casually while she took a hovering pish? Well, with that degree of nonchalance brought to bear on the whole issue of emptying one's bladder, I think the urinal question becomes self-answering. She and ye would, I think it likely, simply front up to the wall or individual devices and enjoy a wee. Many I've spoken to in the past say that to go when standing essentially straight-backed (okay, there's a knee-bend and hip-tilt involved!) renders an undeniably greater sense of dignity to the act than a bare-bottomed half-squat, when in company. What do you think?

Huge Hugs Reciprocated,


Ah, just logged on to post this and would like to add:


Hi Donny -- you're the janitor, if I remember? Yes, it's good to know there are like-minded lasses out there who enjoy a free pee at a urinal! Cheers!


Hi Nicola -- I must say that I do appreciate being included amongst the super-poopers, even if a foot or so is my best performance to date! On the preferences of British women with regard to using urinals, I tend to agree that the outlook is pretty much contrary there. But I find myself wondering what the French outlook would be, and the German, and so on. The Swedish, or Icelandic? It may be that it's something that will catch on in some parts of the world, though perhaps never in the UK, or Aus or others. I guess time will tell, the attitudes and thoughts of the next generation or two will probably weigh heavily on any such move.

Here's another "euphemism" for a mighty jobbie: a "bowl-blaster!"



CC of Australia, as Nicola said, my experiences are very similar to yours. I especially like your description of carefully tip toeing along the hallway to stand near the toilet door and listen to your mum doing the toilet, and the tell tale creak of the floorboard which you are sure she must hear and thus know that you are listening to her perform. We didnt have a creaking floorboard, the floors in out house were concrete and this helped to conduct the sounds. Like you I would also tip toe down the hallway so I could be in a good position to listen. I am also convinced that she was well aware that I was outside the door of the toilet, but was quite relaxed about this. Unlike you I was never under any doubt that women and girls did poos. From the age of 5 if not earlier I would listen to the depth charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOONK!s" etc when my mum did her big fat solid jobbies and even saw them from time to time when they were too big to flush away . She was also very open about discus! sing her BMs and would say "Im just going to the toilet for a motion!" and sometimes comment afterwards on what she had done "Oh that's better, I got rid of two big fat jobbies!" Over the years I became quite an expert and was often able to very accurately predict from the sound effects, the grunts and OO! AH! NN! sounds etc what her jobbies would be like , knobbly or smooth, straight or curved, floaters or sinkers and this was often confirmed if I saw the jobbies in the pan afterwards when the rather tempramental flush on out toilet didnt work properly. Im surprised that you thought women only did wee wees until you were ten as surely you must have heard the "Plops!" when your mum and other females did a motion as well as a wee wee , or do Australian toilet pans have a shelf, (like German toilet pans), or a high water level so turds land silently? As a matter of interest how old are you now and what age is your mum? Also any descriptions of her performnaces would be of inter! est and do you ever see what she has passed as I was lucky enough to do? From reading about Coprophilia and from websites such as this I have come to the conclusion that many girls and women do enjoy passing large solid turds and are quite proud to let males see what they have done, some of the more open types even allowing their husbands, boyfriend or other favoured male the privilege of accompanying them into the toilet and watching them doing their motions, as my wife Theresa does and from reading this forum lot's of other women UK and US also permit to the mutual enjoyment of both parties.

I posted a couple of days ago about my doing a "booster" as I called it, but that Theresa had not done a motion before she went to work and that I expected her to do it in the ladies toilet there. In actual fact she didnt do one at all on Friday but gave me a real treat yesterday. Missing a day doesnt bother my wife anymore than it does me. Saturday morning we were lying in bed having a cuddle etc, (as couples do) when Theresa farted then said, "Oh Tony, the big jobbie's on its way at last!" doing another loud fart which was heavily loaded with the odor of a solid healthy stool. We were both naked so went to the toilet and Theresa sat on one of the pans. I gently rubbed and pushed her little fat ????, her wee wee gushed and tinkled as she had the typical full bladder most people have when they awake then she went !NNN! UH! It was a really fat jobbie. one of those big beer can turds and as she lifted her fat bum off the pan I could see her sphincter had already domed out a! nd was taking on the doughnut aspect with the fat knobbly dark brown jobbie jutting out a few inches in the middle. I gently rubbed and pushed her belly and with Theresa going UH! NNN! UH! the fat lump slowly slid out and looking down between her legs at the front of the pan I could see it grew in size before it dropped into the pan with a mighty "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" throwing up a column of water which wet her bum. She wasnt finished, farted again, did another short wee wee, then out slid another slimmer but still fat jobbie , a bit knobbly to start with then smooth and easy which went "SPLOONK!" as it slid into the water on top of the first big "brick". Her second jobbie was a classic curved turd lighter brown than the first, slightly curved like a cucumber and slowly sunk while the harder turd floated. I assume this is due to density, the more constipated jobbie would have had more water absorbed by her bowels and thus be less dense and float whereas the easier softer motion w! ould sink as it had more water contained in it as it hadnt been inside Theresa as long. Anyway, the look of satisfcation, relief and pride on her face said it all. I wiped her bum, washed my hands then we both went back to bed but NOT to sleep! Id didnt do a motion myself yesterday so today's should be a good one!

On the topic of wiping your bum on the gusset of your underpants before a shower, this is not something I like to do but on one occasion I was helping a friend build a garden pond. He had an old outside toilet as well as a proper bathroom inside, but we used the outside toilet to avoid tramping mud and dirt into the house. Now I needed a motion and used this outside toilet. The jobbie was solid but a soft formed easy one, a big fat smooth sausage as I recall of about a foot long. Now this was a very satisfactory motion but when I looked for the toilet paper the roll was all used up. Also as I was wearing an old tatty pair of jeans which were to be thrown away I didnt have my usual emergency sheets of toilet paper in the pocket. Now the jobbie, while a normal solid one had been soft enough to mean that my anal region needed to be wiped but there was nothing to do so with, so I just had to pull up my pale blue Speedo Briefs regardless. I knew I was having a shower later and ! had brought clean clothing including another pair of briefs to change into. When we had finished we stripped off our dirty outer clothing and my friend and I had our shower, myself as guest going first. I stepped out of my briefs and saw that there was a brown skid mark in the seat and along the gusset. I was then able to wipe my bum properly then have my shower, change into a clean pair of similar black briefs putting the soiled pair into my bag to put in the laundry when I got home. A few other times similar events have occured to myself and Theresa when we have had to use a toilet at school or a public toilet and there hasnt been any paper. In such a case we have cleaned our bum properly and changed into clean panties as soon as we have got home.

Kim, have you ever relieved yourself outside in a moment of need? It is a totally different experience, and I think I have related my experiences in this regard. The issue there is not having a nice comfy toilet seat to sit on, but instead being able to "hover" in mid-air and release pee or poop so it falls onto the ground. It's almost like an art, but I've gotten pretty good at it.

Coprologist: Regarding your test to see what you would do if you were desperate to poop and encounter a public restroom that had a horrible stink, what I would do would depend on what the stink was and how bad was it. If it were a very strong poop smell, I would probably go in and do my business anyway, but if was a very strong barf smell, I'd get out immediately. If I did go in, I'd use any stall I'd get into, unless I happened to go into the source of the smell, in which case if it wasn't practical to flush the toilet, I'd use another stall.

I recall a time during my last year in college when I was in the library and went into my favorite ladies room on the second floor to poop. However, when I went in, there was a strong smell of barf. Moreover, the person who did the barf was still there barfing away. I don't like to hear someone else vomiting, so I immediately left and went up one floor to the ladies room there. On the way I could feel a piece of poop starting to come out. I went in and was relieved that there was no smell. I went into a stall, pulled down my shorts and panties, and sat. By that time an inch of my poop was already sticking out, and I pushed out the rest of it, which turned out to be a thick solid piece about a foot long. I pushed out another piece of poop just as big as the first one. I thought I was done, then suddenly I felt another one coming and proceeded to push out a soft load of poop. It lasted for about ten seconds and hardly made a splashing sound. I was completely done ! after that. I wiped a few times and got up to see what I did. I saw one of the big pieces of poop floating in the water along with several smaller pieces, with a clump at the bottom of the bowl. I flushed the toilet and didn't leave any skidmarks, and there was no lingering smell of poop.

I have been reading the posts on this site for a few months now, and i find the topic of conversation very interesting. I to share an interesting in people doing BM's and have a few stories to tell myself.

I work in a college finanacial department and we share unisex toilets. There is one lady called Kate, around late 30's who poos on a regular basis. You can walk by the toilet and here large plops and splashes after lunch, and sometimes in the late afternoon. They generally come from her. She does not appear to have inibibitions. She wears a business suit and high heels, and pale coloured tights. Whenever she leaves the toilet there is always a rather strong oder of poo.

Many others also usse the toilet for poos, myself included.

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. But I do have a few experiences I'd like to share.

One day, I was at home, getting ready for a date. I was hungry, so I decided to get something to eat. I walked over to my fridge and saw that there was pratically nothing in there. But I did see something leftover. I don't know what it was but I ate it. After a while, my stomach started to hurt. I just left it. It was about 45 minutes till my date some and pick me up, and my stomach REALLY starts to hurt. I ran to the washroom and made a mess in there. But I felt no better. After a minute, I went again. And boy, my poop stunk! I was producing a lot of diarrhea. I felt awful and I know it was that stuff I ate from the fridge that made me like this. Ugh. So I called my date and told him I wasn't feeling well. I was disappointed and spent the rest of my night on the toilet. And I stayed home for a whole week, just for that.

And another time, I went for a checkup at the doctor's. I went there and the doctor asked me if I was "cleaned up". And of course, I had no idea I needed to. So the doctor gave me two choicces: just go to the washroom and go or give me the enema to speed things up. And I was in a hurry, so I took the enema. But I didn't know what they were going to do to me. The doctor told me to lay on the thing in the room and wait for a nurse. The nurse came in a few minutes after. She had the enema in her hands and started filling it up in my ass. That liquid thing was like hot water. The nurse went really slowly. I was itching for it to get out of my ass. So when it was almost finished, I can feel it coming. I couldn't hold it for long. And I KNOW that it's going to explode everywhere. But when the nurse finished, she went out and told me to wait for it coming. I thought the poop was going to come soon because I can always feel it. But after few minutes, I was beginning to thing that ! it wasn't working, but the enema made me feel so full. When the doctor came in, he said he expected vbrown stuff everywhere. But he didn't see any and told me t wait longer. After what it seemed like a long time, The poo FINALLY came, and it EXPLODED everywhere!!!!! So when the poop was cleaned up, the doctor asked me some questions, like when was the last time you had a bowel movement? Or something like that. When he asked me, I realized that I haven't went for a long time! So that's why.

Just one question for everyone. I have been wondering since I was a kid and I never got around asking it. When I jump, I will want to go pee or fart a lot. And sometimes, I would pee in my pants. And a several times, I actually pooped in them. Why does this happen?


The Crank
You guys read the book My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle? There was a part he described going to the toilet, his pants at his ankles and "the first push of defecation" came on. Then he started thinking about his ex and so one at at the end of the chapter, he flushed the toilet.

hahaha! Love that guy.

Hey everyone! I haven't posted here before, so I thought I might share a few experiences I have had over the years. One of my more memorable experiences was at a camp I went to. The camp lasted from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday morning. I woke up on Tuesday late in morning, because it was summer, and I usually sleep in till around 10:00 or so. When I woke up, I though I might have to go poop, but I just resisted the urges, and got ready for camp. Well, at camp, they fed you 3 meals a day, and they were BIG meals. Now 3x6 is 21, so I had about 21 meals there at that camp. And on the first day, I already had to go poop badly. Well, I was not about to go poop at that camp. I don't know why. But I just was determined not to. Well, around Saturday, I was really hurting, and holding it became a struggle. It was so uncomfterble walking around with a huge amount of poop just waiting to come up. And to make things worse, this was an acting camp, so I had to move around a lot for the pla! y we were doing. Man, it was not a fun thing. Well, around Sunday, I started faring really wet farts, the kind that you do right before you go poop. So I had liquid poop slopping my butt cheeks all Sunday afternoon, until I went home. Well, when I got home, I didn't do anything but run to my bathroom and sit. Well, I was 13 at the time, and I never thought I would have a poop like I did. I sat down, and just relaxed everything. A long, soft, crackling poop made its way out of my sore puckered anus. I was just happy to get that beast outta me. I was sore after that. I would have measured it, but half of it was down in the hole. I was so happy to finally go poop. Has anyone had an experience like this one? Anyway, I don't know if this has been disscussed before, but I am afrid of public toilets. I mean, I can go pee in the urinals, butI just can't go poop in them. I usually just push my poop back up when I get the urge to go poop. Is this normal? I know a lot of people jump at t! he oppurtunity to poop in a public toilet. Can you give me some advice to overcome this fear? Ok, now onto another story, or more like a diary. I am 13, and I usually poop once every 3 days. This may seem like a long time. And the odd thing is, every time I poop, it is different. I could poop a long poop after eating the same thing I ate last week, but I had a small poop that week. Like the other day, I had a HUMONGUS GIGANTIC poop, loutta the blue. I didn't change my diet, or my eating habits. It just happend. Does anyone know why the size of my poops are so unpredictible? Its really bugging me. Well, I better go. I will continue to post up here if you all liked this post. I will have more stories tomorrow. And if neone has any info on my questions, plz answer. Thanks!


Zach...Has anyone ever watched a woman peeing and pooping? went to the bathroom at a friends house once, all were outside playing, went into the bathroom and my friends sister was in there, I said whoops and she said it was okay to stay. she was abit older than I and she ask if I would watch her go? I said YES, excitedly! She hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties and I was watching every move,she sat down and was letting go a good turd and she eased up on one side as I watched her pooping, it was nice seeing her butthole open up and that turd easing out....then after it wasd out she spread her legs and peed as I watched....this has affected me today..I watch myu wife lots of times and we both seem to enjoy it and the places that it leads us. the body and its abilities are very very intriguing!~ 8-)

does anybody have any childhooh accidents i would really like to hear them.


To Justin: I loved your storie...May i ask, were you the same age as the high school kids? older younger or same age? I think your storie was cool. I bet you were embarassed, i probably would be. Yet im dying to shit in an open stall, i never have...i hope i do sometime.Did you feel comforatable shitting next to this guy? and comfortable shitting around the other socer players around the changing room?

I might be having some good dumps in the next few days/week cause it is a jewish holiday today, last night i had alot of jewish food, and this food makes you shit. next week is another holiday. Any other jewish posters here??? if so did any of you have a good dump after Rosh Hashanah? or Yom Kippur???


cj clemens
oh god i pissed my pants last night at religion class everyone laughed at me, it stunk the bathroom there was locked and had just drank like 6 cups of soda at the party there man i cant drink where there is no bathroom anymore im just asking for troble

Kim: I am male. Thank you for the kind words. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have the "shows" put on for him whenever you get the "urge." You had mentioned high metabolism -- yeah, I eat pretty healthy myself and I can do some pretty healthy turds too, but none like yours. I had a female friend in college who was very petite and did work out a lot like you, but man could she put away some food! She ate like an NFL offensive lineman -- we would sit together during some meals and a typical meal of hers would be an entree of a meat and starch, three servings of vegetables, a salad and two deserts. It was a meal for two, and she would eat it all like it was no big deal. I never said anything to her about how much she ate, but I'll bet she must've clogged a few toilets as a result!

Which leads me to a story of my own: A few years ago I was driving with my aunt (who was visiting me and my family) from the South to New York to start a new job up there. We made one overnight stop and then eventually made it to N.Y. I dropped her off and then headed to my destination where I was staying in the house of a guy who was a friend of my then-boss's son (the place where I was going to live wasn't ready yet), who used it as his weekend house and was gone. My aunt and I ate quite a bit on the road, and I hadn't had a chance to poop in two days, with all the traveling. As I made it into this house I put my travel bags down and relaxed for a while, then my insides gave me the "time to take a dump" signal. I sat down on the toilet and pushed lightly and I felt this long sensation coming out of me. I felt so much lighter after it came out, and after wiping I stood up to look at the results. What I saw I could not believe!! This turd I gave birth to had to have been a! t least 15-16 inches long and curved all the way around the bowl. I was like, "Jeez, did an elephant just poop in here?" I guess that's what happens when you hadn't pooped in days. I had to flush twice to get all the skidmarks out of the bowl. Luckily it did, otherwise this guy would have had a big surprise waiting for him when he got back!

Hope y'all liked the story. Later!

To PV and other girls interested in using urinals - I don't see why not, if you want to, go for it. When I was in high school, several of us invited girls into the boys restroom and encouraged them to try and use the urinals, and they did and thought it was great fun.

LINDA: Mum is letting me use the computer "just for a short while", so I will have to get a move on. Glad you're not too mad with Andrew ! You make sure you do get him back, because it won't be the last time he teases. He just won't be able to help himself ! But honestly, he is totally trustworthy around the toilet. That's why I love to let him watch me.

Chloe is coming to see me today, a little later. We have already agreed that we will be using the bathroom together with you there as well ! It might be a couple of days before I'm allowed to post that though. ( I suppose Mum and Dad are only looking after my health and my eyes by restricting my use of the computer ! ).

Hey, I actually think freckles can be cute as well. But then I expect you don't want to hear that if you really don't like them. Chloe's new friend from school, Kirsty, has lovely dark red hair and some freckles. I bet you and her would be very similar. However, she doesn't seem to be into joining us at the toilet. But you never know !

Right, quick !! I'm only little like yourself as well. I'm blonde, with blue eyes, and I look like a 10 year old Mischa Barton according to Andrew ( and Chloe as well ). I do enjoy being a little girl, and love to wear dresses. Not that I'm some sort of goody two shoes ! (Whatever would my Mum and Dad say if they ever found out that Andrew and I watch each other at the toilet !) And, as another example, Andrew made me quite embarressed when his first story on this site was about how, after we had watched Lawn Dogs ( which I shouldn't have done, because it has a 15 rating over here ) I went to see him at his house, and sat on his Dad's car roof and weed down his windscreen like Mischa did in the film, just to see what the real experience was like. It was hugely exciting, but not that pleasant, because I managed to wee all over my panties and the back of my legs as well ! Now you'll think I'm a really naughty girl ! So now this is where I say that I am a goody two shoes ! really !!

Now, just like LINDA, NO GUYS READING THIS BIT GRRRRRR !!! When I go to the toilet, I tend to seat on the edge of the seat and let my wee run down the inside of the toilet, so it tends to make a quite hiss rather than a tinkle. I also only pull my panties down just enough, keeping my legs warm on the seat. Because I'm still only little, I find sitting on the edge of the seat helps me keep my balance, because I can reach the floor with my feet then. But I have to also leave my legs open a bit as it is easier still and more comfortable to balance with my legs drooping down either side of the front of the toilet seat. All of this then enables me to feel better about this horrible thought I have about my dress drooping in the water, or me weeing on it, because it means I can keep both hands free to hold it all right up ! When I poo though, I like to sit further back, which I can do because I still reach the floor with tippy toes !

I know I'm not going to have time to paint a picture of Chloe now, so rather than doing half a picture, I'll have to save it until next time, and tell you what happened in a few days when we all went to the toilet together today !!

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA: Hey, so glad you are not that mad with me. I really would hate to upset you. Your pampie colours are safe with me ! So now I know what info Kendal gave you. I have to say that when Kendal said you were there right after I finished my poo, I know I felt myself go red. She makes it all seem so real ! And I bet you did sneek a peek ! As for sky blue undies, well thats what I get by being too lazy to buy my own. Mother was responsible for those !! Hope to "see" you again soon, next time Kendal comes visiting me !

P.S. I mean "see" as in meet you again, not "see" on the toilet !!

Hello all super poopers out there. PV, Adrian, George, Anne, Coprologist thanks for all the comment etc on the urinal Vs cubicle for male peeing etc. In the end its all a matter of choice, if a man wants to use a cubicle for safety, privacy or whatever reasons and either stands or sits to pee, that's his business, I dont see it should bother anyone else. I cant say I like urinals, having had to use male toilets when playing sports where the female toilets are engaged I must say I cant stand the nasty pissy smell. I also can well understand that open urinals would be a possible source of trouble in a unisex toilet and while I accept PVs analysis of this being as conditioned response I can imagine many women would be shocked. I cant speak for the USA but I just do not see the female urinal becoming popular with British women. Im very open about my natural functions but wouldnt want to use one of these.

Yes, I have had a dump standing up. Read one of my recent posts when I did this on the sand dunes at Berrow Sands in Somerset early one morning when camping.

Ace I havent had a baby, at least not yet! (we MAY one day start a family but I'll wait till Im about 30 or so, Im not too sure about being a mummy (mommy) . The muscles etc in the Uterus and associated structures are well able to "pass" a child of 7lbs as you say and can stretch to accommodate an object far fatter and harder than even the biggest turd anyone here has claimed to have passed. The rectum especially in the adult female is also capable of quite a large degree of distension and the anal sphincter can dilate quite a bit but not to that extent I dont suppose, (please tell me of any authenticated reports of people passing turds as big as a baby!). All the obstetricans were telling the woman in labour to do was to bear down and push as if doing a big hard motion. Often women do defecate while giving birth. Hospitals used to make expectant mothers have an enema to clear out the lower bowel before they went into labour but this rather brutal practice has now been a! bolished. Im told that doctors and nurses refer to it as "code brown" when a woman shits while giving birth, this happened to my sister in law when she produced the baby and a huge fat turd out of her two passages. The nurses simply removed the offending jobbie and cleaned her anal region and made no fuss about it all. She had been constipated, as often happens in pregnancy, and this big hard lump had been accumulating up her rectum for a few days.

Regarding wiping the vulva or anus on the gusset of one's panties before having a shower. At home both our house and my parents home the shower and toilet were in the same bathroom so if doing a motion or a wee wee before a shower I would simply slip my smelly knickers off and put them in the laundry basket, do my motion or piddle then have the shower. If in the changing rooms for games or PE and likewise needing to do the toilet I do likewise, slip off my navy blue knickers , do the toilet, then come out and have the shower. As I always carry some moist wipes with me I cant see that I would deliberately wipe my fanny (UK meaning) or arse on my knickers even if they were used and I was going to put them in the wash anyway.

Bryian, I sometimes have two dumps a day, sometimes I miss a day or even two between dumps but I would say that one big motion a day at lunchtime usually is my normal pattern. Yesterday, Friday I did have two large dumps. I was on late duty and hubby was working at home. I had breakfast and then needed a motion. I knew it would be a bit hard as I was slightly constipated and asked my husband to accompany me to the toilet and rub my ????. He wasnt too happy about this as he was watching the Olympics on the telly as we both had been. I threatened to withdraw his toilet privileges and shut the door in future or do it at work which made him change his mind and come in with me. He gently rubbed and pushed my ???? as I sat with my white panties with a blue floral pattern at my knees, did a loud wee wee then OO! NN! UH! PLOP! PLUNK! PLOINK! KUPLOONK! 4 hard balls came out, then with another NNN! UH! AH! I passed a long fat lumpy dark brown jobbie, one of Tony's "boosters" into! the pan with a loud KER-SPULL-LOOMP!" wetting my bum and splashing my husband with the column of water it threw up. That was as much as I could then pass.

At 5.00pm we have a break at work and I needed again, so went to the ladies at work, pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and navy blue knickers to my knees and did a big easy smooth light brown sausage of about 14 inches long into the pan with no sound, it was a beacher! and it stuck in the pan. So there is a two dump day for me Bryian. I havent had a poo yet today, Im refereeing a hockey match today at a local school between two teams of 18 year old girls, so I may do a big jobbie in the girls toilet there if I need.

CC of Australia. I was well aware from an early age that both genders pee and poo having heard my brother and father doing the toilet as well as my mum and girl playmates and school friends. The person who would be best to answer your remarks especially about listening to your mother doing her poos would be Tony of Scotland as he is an expert on this aspect of coprophilia judging by his old posts. On the subject of male peeing even as a kid I was puzzled why boys stood to pee as they sit and both pee and poo when doing a motion. It has always struck me as less comfortable than sitting.

Nice big fat solid jobbies to all!

Saturday, September 30, 2000

I was watching a real medical show the other day and a woman in labor was told to push from her bottom like she was having a big poop. If a baby is 7 LBS how could your poop muscles push it out? Of course Kim has the biggest monster(lucky her) logs but I don't know if they are 7 LBS.

If anyone has had a baby please explain this!!!

Hey.....I'm new to this site......been reading posts here for about a month and finally decided it's time to post something of my own.

Went to the grocery store this evening and had to pee really bad........after I got to the ladies of the 2 stalls were occupied. During my pee I heard a Mom telling her small daughter to relax and it will come out. The poor little girl was straining really hard.

I wiped and washed my hands and they were still in the stall so I waited a bit and heard the little girl scream's coming!!! then I heard a huge KERPLOP!!!! and Mom clapped her hands and said way to go, the little girl was clapping too and squealed with delight.....what a touching moment...............I think I had tears in my eyes from this one.

I'll post again soon.....Ciao Emily

The pooping women
Well one nite i was getting the urge to take a long dump well i had to get ready for my company to that was coming in about 2 and half hours well i had a old floor pot i a trash bag in it and sat in my kitchen chair so i felt the urge moving real slow so i was walking around with no pants on but my long shirt so i was cooking supper i was standing in front of my stove i felt the hard turd trying to come out so i was stiring my food trying to push a long hard turd out of my ass so i went to the chair and bent over opened my crack and tried to push the long turd out and my phone rang it was my company and i was straining to push it out while i was talking and trying to cook to so my company asked me what was i doing i told him that he did not want to know he asked me what was moaning for i told him that i was in mood of trying to push a turd out and he was at his house on the toilet to and he farted real loud then i knew he has so i pushed out 2 long turds and 3 medium turds and! 8 ball size turds and still farting loudly so he let me go so i could go wash my hands so i could go finish cooking and so i could also finish shitting to well i thought i was finished so i went back to the flower pot and wind up push out 4 liquid runny turds and then i wiped my ass and went back and finshed my cooking .

There is a playing field not far from my home. Teenage guys often play soccer there on Saturdays. One Saturday morning when I walked past, a soccer game was in progress between two high school teams. Friends of the players were in the bleachers. I decided to watch the game. After a while, I felt the need to shit. There was a small building just off the field that looked like a restroom. When I got there, however, it was locked. Someone told me that it was a locker room reserved for the players. I decided to watch the rest of the game. I thought that I could wait to shit until I got home. Eventually, however, I had to keep my asshole muscles tightly clenched to keep the shit in. When the game finished, the players headed to the change room. I was hestitant to go in. An older guy near the entrance who was apparently the coach of one of the teams told me that it was OK for me to go in if I needed to use the restroom. When I got in the place was filled with the! players and their supporters. It was a single room with several lockers and three shower stalls. There were benches for changing. There was no urinal, but there were two toilet bowls. These were out in the open without any partitions around them. One player was taking a shit and another guy was pissing into the other bowl. I waited until the guy finished pissing and then pulled down my shorts and sat on the john. I started expelling a large turd. The guy next to me was slowly dropping his turds into the water. There were several guys around us having just come out of the shower or waiting to shower. Several came up to the guy taking a shit to talk about the game. No one paid any attention to me. It was kinda unusual sitting there squeezing out my turds surrounded by other guys. When the other guy finished his dump, others came to piss into the other bowl. After squeezing out several large turds, I stood up to wipe my asshole. I felt a lot better. It was a ! bit embarrassing for me shitting in such an exposed position, but the guys were really cool about it and no one made any unpleasant remarks.

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