To Anne(Bus Driver)
Peeing at a urinal is NOT a male bonding thing. If a man goes for a piss and another male is already using one urinal the newcomer will always go to the urinal that is as far away as possible. Using a urinal is quick, easy (minimal disturbance of your clothes), uses less water and TP, does not bring any part of your body into contact with any of the fittings. Recently in Britain there has been an increase in the nmber of men's toilets that have advertising above the urinals, because the advertiser has a captive audience! Stalls never have adbvetisements on the back of the door, just graffiti. Most men do not take sneaky looks at the penises of their neighbors at the urinal, but just concentrate on the job in hand. For the benefit of females who have not heard the story, the best graffito over a urinal is the one that says: "Our aim is to keep this place clean. Your aim will help us".

You enter a public toilet, desperate for a shit, and are greeted by the most appalling smell. Do you
(a) go away and come back after a few minutes in the hope that it will have cleared?
(b) go on in and get on with your business as if the smell was not there?
(c) find which stall stinks the worst and go as far away from it as you can?
(d) find which stall stinks the worst and sit down in it to do your dump?
There is no right or wrong anwer, but it must be some kind of personality test.

I would love to hear more stories Val. I love to hear of women or girls being naughty.

Hey Undin (Greece). You told us about kaka. Tell us about kruthers (sorry no Greek letters on my keyboard)! That means a very big one.

Kali Mera (good day)

Sandra - do you pee while your still working on logs or do you wait til your all done?


This morning i woke up and right before i decided to shower i had to take a dump. I pushed out a huge load, there was a log about 8 or 9 inches and a smaller piece. Then i flushed and showered.
Then 2 hours later i went to the mall and i was shopping and i had decided i had to dump again(for the 2nd time today). I went to the mens room in the eatery, i took the 2nd stall but the lock on it was broken, i decided to stay put, im like oh well if someone comes in here, i don't care if someone sees me sitting there shitting. I peed then i put a sanitary seat cover on the toilet and i was about to pull my pants down, the toilet flushed(it was automatic) and im like what the hell, im not done yet!! Then i put a new cover on cause it took the one i had on. Im about to pull my pants down and this 3 or 4 year old boy opened my stall door, im like im in here..then i closed it and began shitting. It was much softer then the first time. Then i wiped and it flushed. Does any one here usally dump twice a day or more?
Then a little later i went into the store called Spencer gifts....they have lots of gag gifts etc. They have alot of stuff related to using the bathroom, like no tear toilet paper, and fake logs, and toilets etc.

Hold In My Poop
Hey guys, I have a few questions. First is to Buzzy. I am so jealous of you :) Everytime you go poop, you have huge amounds pour out of your anus! And about Soap Suppositories. I have tried them, but they give he no urge. Will someone PLEASE give me a detailed post on how to use soap suppositoies? PLEASE! I really need one. And Are there any other ways of making you go poop in huge amounts? I love doing this. Thanks!

Push Up My Poop

PV - Hi girl!!!
Yeah, the family by the pool were self-conscious weren't
they? I guess that they felt better that way. I do not
think everybody can be happy about being seen weeing and
it may be that they thought they would be disgusting if
they did it in the pool.
That must have been good to see, that French family all
weeing in the hedge together. I bet you would not see
something like that in England!
Yeah, my 4 foot pish with Steve into the bush! Hehehe.
So guys think they are the best at distance eh? Oh no!
Hehe I do not think my friends in the netball team would
have been practicing while I was away. The least two
games we had some of us just pissed when the need took us
in the showers after, and when she was drying herself
after, one girl had a squatting wee over the drain.
Steve was joking with me about maybe going on a little
trip to Iceland to see for himself what happens. Well
I'll only let him go if I can come too! Yes, I bet some
of those track and field girls piss like racehorses.
I wonder too what happends in the locker rooms!
You know from what you wrote I bet we do a lot of the
same things when having a bath or a shower, but I bet
you do the sink a lot more than me. I have not done it in
the sink for a little while actually. As I need a wee
right now...that was good, I had fun aiming around the
bottom of the sink but it did not last as long as I wanted.
Well, my mum, sister and me have always been you know,
relaxed about weeing together. I do not know if it would
have been like that if I had had a brother as well. Of
course I do not have a brother so there were no funny little
bodily differences to get all shy about and all that! And of
course my mum knew that we would really get so much out of
knowing how to have a piss standing up so I really thank her
for that!
Your 10 inch poos are sure not little ones you know. Do you
remember going a long time without a shit before you did them
or was it a kind of normal "between poos" time for you? Like
were you a little bit constipated or anything like I was
before the alley shit happened with me?
Yeah, I do not know about Studland beach but I bet my mum and
sister would go to Spain with us next time if we asked them.
I think maybe my sister would be shy about taking her things
off on the nude beaches but would be ok when she got into it
a bit. I was shy too at first but when I lost my
self-consciousness I felt good. Yeah, I bet they would both
like having a wee on the beach! That's a good idea.
Hehe I do not think my mum sees herself as at all middled-aged
and I do not either but I know what you mean. She looks a lot
younger than she is and I hope I look that good when I am
older. Some do not age too well, I know. That lady on the
beach was just so casual. I bet she just thought well if
you've got to go, you've got to go and just did it.
When we were at the beach, I wanted to hold Steve's cock for
him when he weed. A couple of times when there were no
children about and there were just a few adult couples about,
I did hold it as he did it out to sea. I did not see any
other girls do that with their men though.
The big brown tail I did was quite good, I thought you would
like to read about that! I think Steve was surprised I got it
pushed out so quickly!
The urinals were a real good shape for me. You are right, I
wondered if they really were made for girls to use! Would not
be shocked if other girls had used them before! It was really
good fun.
Oh yeah, the rock washing was fun and I bet it was a little
bit like the weeing you did in the gulley. I bet that was fun
for you too! Hehehehe yeah I think Steve is less tired now he
can go to work and avoid all the strenuous workouts! Things
will be hotting up in your side of the world now so please
please tell us what you get up to!

Remember that Spanish looking girl who went away on work with
me and my boss? We all had a wee in an alley and I thought
they did not like it. there is not a very toilet liking way
with the women where I work. Well I had just had a wee in
the ladies at work, then the young Spanish looker came in.
She went into the stall where I used and had flushed but she
did not close the door and we just had a chat about men and
things. I saw her just pull her short skirt up and pull her
knickers down. She did not look like she was worried about
me seeing that brown bush of hers and she just hovered above
the toilet like I do and let rip a yellow burster of wee
into the bowl. I leaned my shoulder on the door frame and
she just went on pissing away like a racehorse. When she had
done it she used a lot of paper to dry herself and she just
flushed the toilet before she pulled her knickers back up.
So it may be she is not quite as shy as I thought she was
when we had a squat together in the alley. How about that?

Lotsa Big Hugs,


France 2000, Part 7.

While camping in France this summer, I was hiking in the Foret d'Isertan above the camp site when I met two German girls. They saw me with a map and asked the way back to the camp site. One was called Ulli and I guess she was in her late 30s. Her friend Andrea looked a few years younger.

I took them along a litle-used path where we sometimes had to bend over to get under low branches. Ulli was wearing rather brief shorts and I was following very close behind her. When she bent over, I could see that she was wearing throng type panties and at times, I could catch a glimpse of her anus. She seemed to be struggling to keep it closed and I wished I could see it in action.

She was also walking slowly and rather awkwardly and then said, "Ich muss auf die Toilette". She disappeared behind some bushes for a few minutes while Andrea and I waited. We then continued down hill on the zig-zag path which soon doubled back, right past Ulli's fresh pile of poop! It was what I call a 'sauerkraut poop' and had spread out like a 'cow pat'.

We got back to the camp site and I invited the girls to meet me for dinner in the camp site restaurant that evening. Ulli turned up on her own and told me that they both had a touch of 'Durchfall' (literally 'through fall') and that Andrea didn't want to come out for dinner. After the meal and some wine, Ulli and I danced in the camp site disco then we went back to my tent for some entertainment.

After about half an hour, I heard some gurgling noises from Ulli's stomach and I guessed that her dinner was working its way through her system quite quickly. I could also feel that she was tensing her pelvic floor muscles. Then she said that she needed to go to the toilet. "Scheissen?" I asked. "Ja", she replied. As we were partially clad and it was now raining outside, a walk to the toilet block was not very appealing so I offered her my tent/car 'potty'.

This is an empty 5 litre plastic paint tub with a close fitting lid that seals in the contents and smells. It isn't very strong or comfortable to sit on, so I supported her well-padded buttocks with the palms of my hands while she sqatted over the potty. She was a nurse and was uninhibited about such things. She relaxed her sphincter fully and a long soft poop hissed and snaked its way out, coiling round into the potty. It wasn't as soft as the one she had done up in the forest. I offered to wipe her 'Arsch' and she enjoyed that. She said that she often had to do that for patients in the hospital where she worked and that it was nice to have someone doing it for her. I put the lid on the tub and we continued with the evening's activity, then fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, I woke up and she was gone. I picked up the tub to take it and empty it but it felt light and when I took the lid off, it was empty and clean inside. I went out to where the girls' tent and VW car had been but there was nothing there. Did Ulli really exist or was it all just a dream? I went into the unisex 'squat' toilette block. Did they really have gaps under the partitions or did I dream that as well? The gaps under the partitions were certainly real and I enjoyed a last few pee and poop views before it was time to leave for home that morning.

any females ever take a dump standing if so post it

I wont amplify the Urinal Vs Cubicle saga as others have put my case very eloquently. Certainly the automatic sensor actuated flush system and the urinal in a cubicle with a door would solve most of the objections and the latter would put an end to the Toilet Pests who leer at other men as they pee at open urinals and sometimes make unwanted remarks and other advances.

I thought up another "jobbie" word to go with "panbuster", "beacher" "constipotatoes" and others coined on this web page, "Booster". This came about when I did a big solid motion this morning. Our toilet pans at home have a front shaped like the bows of a ship and this allows the sitter to look down and see the turd as it slides out. Theresa had gone to work, she hadn't done a motion but will probably do it in the ladies toilet at work and tell me about it when she comes home. Anyway, I am working from home on invoices, the VAT Return etc as its the last working day of the month . At about 10 am I needed a motion and went to the toilet. I pulled down my black speedo briefs and sat on the pan. Feeling the fat turd start to come out I bore down with an OOO! NNN!" and saw it slide out then drop into the water with a loud "KUR-SPLOOMP!" Now the way it dropped it reminded me of the rocket booster stage as it falls away from the old Apollo space craft in newsreel films. So I hav! e coined the expression a "BOOSTER" for a fat blunt ended solid cylinder shaped jobbie of about 8 or 9 inches long which comes out in this manner. For the record, I then passed another fat turd of about 7 inches long and a 5 inch mick which was carrot shaped, these went "KER-SPLOONK! KA-PLUNK!" respectively. I would confirm for Cliff that I coundn't pee until the two bigger jobbies had come out as I had a semi erection as I often do when I defecate, the pee started when the two big turds had been dropped, "tinkle, tinkle tinkle KA-PLUNK! tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle...." an interesting combination of sounds! This lot did flush away. It usually takes a 12 incher to stick in our toilet pan unless a big load has been passed and the larger turds jam together, this has also happened to me, Theresa and with guests such as Moira and George.

Tamara. You ask about toilet design. I have seen a number of books which describe
toilets in different parts of the world. Many of these are 'squatting' rather than
sitting. One common feature in many 'native' (ie not westernised) Eastern
countries is that when squatting, only the poop is done into the hole in
the ground, but the pee is collected separately via a channel ar the front of the 'squat plate'. I can
see how this works for a man, when squatting his penis will be pointing
slightly forwards, but I can imagine women (especially non-natives) having
problems as I expect it would be rather easy for both the motions and wee-wees
to go go straight down into the 'hole' rather than her wee-wees going into
the channel at the front of the 'squat plate'.

Hi, everyone!

Kim: Well, what do you know... it WAS a true premonition...
but I didn't quite get it right, "only" envisioning 19 1/2
inches... 21 for real!!!??? WOW! And only "electric," not
"orgasmic" as I wrote... still... GREAT description of your
record-breaking event! I'm also impressed you got a picture of
it! I don't think the Guinness book of World Records can publish
it, but I'm sure you'd get a lot of interest if you wanted to sell
copies... I'd be first in line, of course! How many copies are you going to make?

I hope that this isn't much off topic. Do any of you girls or women wipe your vulva or anus with the cotton liner of your panties before you take a bath or shower and put them in the hamper? I've heard of girls and women doing this but I haven't seen it done.

Buzzy--I'm 5'5 160 pounds. My ideal weight is about 140 so I need I'm working on loosing a bit. My usual session is 2-3 logs of various lengths from 5-8 inches each. I love to do a long solid turd though. It feels so good coming out. I also enjoy the occasional barrage like I last described. If I did that every day I'd loose my weight in no time. LOL
No storeis this time. It snowed at the cabin last weekend so I didn't gt to go. Hope to have 1 or 2 more dumps there before we close up for the winter.

hello all! to J.K.- I am glad you like my posts and yes I did pass that 21 inch log.THAT WAS SOME SUPER _WOW-BIGGIE HUH JK?? I do not know if you are a boy or a girl but I think you would react like my boyfriend scott if you saw my huge log if ya know what I mean from reading my story!!!!. hahaha!(Sorry I cannot show you my monster log. actually Jk you might be more impressed with what i look like!! then my huge logs i am a cute, five foot four, long haired blond blond 40-20 31 measurements. I also have a high metabolism. I eat a fair amount but I dont get fat i always work it off thru swimming laps in a pool,weightlifting,jogging. i also eat alot of foods with fiber in them,grain cereals,etc... plus i think i may be one of those persons like fellow posters nicola,melissa,anne the busdriver,or like a lady friend of undin from greece who have a habit of having enormous logs. Dont be too surprised if i pass a bigger one. i hope you dont pass out though. and you said dont st! rain yourself? believe me i love the great tingling,erotic sensation when i pass a hugie out. I have been close to orgasm a couple times passing some of em out. well thats all for now .thanks for liking my stories. i wish I heard some feedback from you earlier. you seem like an interesting person to talk to. so long. love,kim

Anne (Bus Driver)
Hi all, especially Adrian. I must say I like the new girl sitting on the pan on the masthead. She looks kida cute dont you think? and quite happy. I would imagine she had just had a nice big easy motion after a couple of days, has enjoyed the experience and is proud of what she has passed. I would visualise a big fat smooth curved jobbie lying in the pan beneath her.

Adrian, thanks for your analysis of the urinal Vs cubicle debate at least from your own point of view. I agree some cubicles (stalls) can be dirty too, puddles of piss of the floor, piss and shit on the seat, but in my experience this is rare, confined to some shabby municipal public toilets which they cannot afrord to clean regularly and of course they abolished the on site caretaker or attendant many years ago. Contrast this with the toilets in new shopping malls, beautifully clean, at least the ladies, (I havent of course been in the Gents in one, not yet anyway!) On this general topic I also thank George for his data on the individually automatically flushing urinals in a shoping mall gents toilet. I agree that this would solve the pissy smelly urinal problem but as I understand it many men object to using urinals from the privacy and vulnerability drawbacks, and seek the comfort, security and privacy of the cubicle. Fair enough, why not, if they prefer this then that'! s their choice, and I dont see why other men should criticise them for doing so. If all urinals were to be as clean as the type George mentioned then the nasty niff and spillage problems would be aleviated. Of course I agree with George that urinals, at least those in an open situation, would be out of the question in unisex toilets. I did take a coach to Somerset last summer and saw that in a public toilet they had a cubicle for ladies, one for men, and in the middle was a single urinal in a cubicle with a lockable door. This might be the solution for those men who prefer to pee in privacy, (piss shy- paruresis), but who would still rather stand to pee than sit down. Maybe this is a suitable compromise as those like George and Tony etc would still be able to use a cubicle and sit to pee as they do at present.

Adrian, I am on late shift today 2 to 11 with an hours break in the middle. I got up about an hour ago and did a nice big motion in my own toilet at home. I got up at 9.00am, its now 10.00am BST and it was needing a motion that woke me. I could feel it sliding down and also felt the need to do a wee wee. I went to the toilet pulled down my panties ( pale yellow full briefs with a floral pattern from Marks and Spencer) and sat on the pan. I farted loudly and if anyone was walking past on the pavement (sidewalk) outside they would have heard me, then did my wee wee, loud and hissing as I had a full bladder, then out came the first ball, "KUPLONK!" followed by another two "KERPLOONK! KAPLUNK!" these were fat hard constipated balls. I felt the first big one start to slide out, a big fatty, it came out quite easily as I had taken some liquid parafin before going to bed last night as I had been constipated the previous day and had only passed a hard ball the size of a goose ! egg. Liquid parafin is pleasant to take as it only lubricates the stools and doesnt cause diarrhea like most other laxatives which I never use. I only had to give a gentle NN! to help it on its way as it slid out into the water with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOSH! followed immediately by another smooth jobbie which went "FLOOMP! and a third smaller turd which made a "KERSPLUNK!" I wiped my vulva and anus pulled up my panties and had a good look. 3 big hard balls, a fat knobbly carrot of about 12 inches long, a smooth fat banana shaped one of 8 inches or so and a small 4 inch "mick" as the Scots call it, the size of a Mars (Hershey) Bar. For CC's interest the 3 balls floated, the carrot did for a few minutes, but the others sunk to the bottom of the pan. When I pulled the flush the 2 bigger jobbies stuck but they will go away after a few flushes or I will throw a bucket of water down the pan after I have my shower in a few minutes time.

Cliff I assume that the reason girls and women pee at the start and even as the turd is coming out of their back passage while many men dont pee until they have done their motion is related to the difference between the urinary organs of the genders. If a man has a large solid turd in his rectum then it can press against their prostate gland and cause a partial or even full erection and this will prevent the man from peeing until the jobbie is passed, the erection subsides, and he will then pee. I have often heard this when I have listened to a man doing a motion, there is the "KER-SPLOONK!" as he does his jobbie then the tinkle as he then does a pee. I have myself often had the experience that I start to do a wee wee but the jobbie then begins to slide out of my back passage and the stream of urine runs down the turd as it grows in length and to anyone listening outside the toilet it would sound as if I had stopped peeing. If I am still peeing when the jobbie drops into! the pan the tinkling will start again. Have any other women had this experience or have men heard this especially when their girlfriends or wives or sisters etc have been doing a motion?

CC Australia


I've had a normal poo week so far which for me is usually every 1-2 days and maybe twice or three times a day.

A few years back my parents had a female friend over for dinner. Because I was young my Mum and her tucked me into bed (one the benefits of being young!). When they left my room I heard our guest say "Um, where's the toilet?". My Mum pointed her in the direction of the toilet which is in a separate little room directly next to the bathroom. Anyway I heard her high heels clip clop against the tiles, laid on the toilet floor, and the door close. A few seconds later she wee'd, but it was quite a long wee and I could hear it clearly from my room. She had one of those wee's that goe into a trickle then start up again and she did that a couple of times, one of my favourite wee's I like to hear women doing.

Another time I got to hear a female using our toilet was a couple of years ago when my brother and his girlfriend came home late after I'd picked them up in town. Just as I was hoping, she had to use the toilet and I had just gone a minute before. So I stayed in the bathroom to wash my hands and I heard her go in. I poked my head out of the bathroom door to be looking directly at the toilet door. She started to wee and it started out normally then it hissed for a while. It then returned to normal and turned into a dribble. I then made my way back to my room with excitement expecting her to finish up and then come out. But after a minute she was still in there so I went back to the bathroom but I couldn't hear anything and she then finished up.

I regurlary listen to Mum go to the toilet, and I consider it an art trying to sneak down the hallway because the floor has some creaky and noisy floorboards. A couple of times I've been almost caught out because I step back onto a floorboard. I reckon she's heard me a couple of times but she's never said anything.

This is embarrassing to say but until I was 11 I thought women only did wee's simply because I never heard Mum do a poo. Looking back it was stupid to think so but I was young. But since I found out they do poo, it's definently my preferred function to see and listen to. It's a more personal thing to hear a poo. I so glad I can talk about this without sounding sick.

hey I'm not really mad.. just still glowing red after being teased. Don't worry I won't do anything to get back at you.. this time. Just remember that my underwear is my bussiness.. but if your good and show me you can be trusted.. you may get to see them some day.[giggles and winks]Anyway I doubt I if I HAD been there I would have watched.. I would have been red as a beet with my eyes covered giggling like mad.(Coarse I may have peeked so that may explain the red as a beet part)Anyway that loud pee sounded about right.. heh I must have hit the refreshments a bit too hard I guess. Oh no Kendal I would never get mad at you for that. I can wait.. so don't worry. Um also I didn't say this before.. but.. um I have a few freckles on my face.. which I am not too fond o but my cousin thinks they are cute.(Then let HIM have them)
Well I have to go to school now so see you later.


I don't remember the Icelandic girl's name, but I remember she was very impressive. She had short blond hair, her uniform was blue, and she really looked like she could ... well, perform!


Just like to comment on the dear old discussion of urinals vs cubicles (and your entirely reasonable opinion is always of value!) You said:

"Of course I cannot see that the urinal would ever be accepted in a unisex toilet as women would not want to see men exposing themselves by the very nature of peeing at a urinal as they went into to use the cubicles."

While I accept your statement as true, I'd have to say it was a conditional situation. The urinals may be in one part of the restroom, with no view of/from the cublcles, for instance they could be back-to-back. On the other hand, unisex facilities are the gender-integration of an entirely human activity, and while that can operate at a home-style level in which there is no exposure at all, it can also operate at a complete exposure level. I, like Louise and others out there, find urinals very easy to use (at least in a mechanical sense) and so would not necessarily be covered by the blanket nature of your statement. To be fair, women also must expose themselves to use one, but that goes with the territory. If the facilities were integrated, I would expect to be able to step up to a urinal if I so wished. Still, this debate is probably academic, at least for the foreseeable future, as the matter is too avante garde for many countries (Iceland of course not being one of them! !) Still, there are many places in the US, sports matches, for instance, where it seems women are using urinals side by side with men, with enthusiasm.

And, as ADRIAN pointed out, cubicles can be filthy and smelly as well, there are no guarantees. My own rule of thumb is that I look into as many stalls as I need to to find a clean one!


To answer your question, I don't find I have a set pattern. I can pee before poo, or vice versa, and have done them simultaneously many times. Frankly, it feels great to obtain relief from both orifices simultaneously!



George and Bryan
Thanks for your tips on books with good BM scenes in them. To add to the list I recommend 'Brownout on Breadfruit Boulevard' by Timothy Mo, which starts with a professor watching a young woman take a dump, lots of detail - she has trouble starting to go and is a bit constipated so it's a bit of a struggle (my favourite scenario). Just a warning - she finishes up with a squirt of 'looser stuff' which I know George isn't into, but I thnk he'd enjoy the first few pages at least!

Friday, September 29, 2000

Had some tex-mex food last nite and we ahd quite a bit with some coronas and when I got up this a.m.I really had to go BAD!I knew this was going to be a serious dump so i got out my mirror and put it in front of the bowl and sat down and looked at my anus which was starting to dome out and then i let go- well i didn't pass any pre-poop gas i just saw my anus open up and this real long smooth turd came out slowly at first and then sped up and flew into the bowl -I looked and saw it must have been over a foot long!It was very smooth and soft towards the end of it-I felt some more stuff coming down,so i squatted over the bowl and again looked at my asshole and when i pushed,it swelled out and this long fart came out followed by another long turd that looked like chocolate moose-this was also real long but a bit thinner and softer-I was loving this Ohhh- did it feel good coming out1Then i got up and wiped and took a breather and looked at the pile in the bowl-2 big turds side by s! ide-WOW-Then i had to go again and took the mirror and looked at my asshole again and it opened up with this bunch of soft ice cream type poo just flowed out with this thhhhhhhhiiiit sound as it was coming out-I was squatting over the bowl and this poo was in the bowl and still coming out my ass-OOOhhhh man was this great-I sat back down on the bowl and felt more and pushed out real loose stuff with a lot of farting -OOh yea-I haven gone like this since the last time i ate tex-mex!As i was pushing out the last of it- got off big time and wiped and then took a shower-It almost didn't go down when i flushed=had to flush 2x!Mow that felt great-Would have love to have buddy-pooed with LISA and JANE-Now that would be nice-BYE

I am looking for a page that had an accident with two guys in the army? I can't remember the page.

Kevin L
Another nice picture on the top. The other girl was prettier but this girl could actually be dumping!!!! I was at a doctors office all day working on some equipment. Nature started to rumble after lunch and I went to look for the bathroom. It was a single unisex door locking unit in the lunch room. The was no fan, but it did have a vent, and the door had slotts at the bottom. I could see out but no one could see in. Needless to say there were no other males except for the doctor working at this office. As soon as I sat my butt on the seat, I could hear someone entering the lunch room. I held off letting the huge dump out, hoping the person would leave. After 3 minutes I could hold it no more. The girl was taking a break at the table right in front of the bathroom door. The was no crackling nose, only 3 heavy flumps and kerplunks in the toilet. She could hear everything, because I could even hear her turn the pages of her magazine. I sat there a minute then peed them wiped 4 ti! mes. Finally I pulled my pants up and washed my hands and exited the bathroom, closing the door behind me to keep in the smell. The girl, in her late thirties and fairly attractive looked up from her magazine and started talking to me. Even though I was embarassed I pretended nothing happened. It probably shocked her seeing a guy come out of the bathroom when there are all girls working there. I am sure the girls are used to hearing the other girls dumping but I bet when I walked out it suprised her. I wonder if she enjoyed it, as I would her if the roles were reversed.
See ya,
Kevin L

Great story the other day Anne about the Baptist poop!!!

Hey, do all you girls start to pee while a log is still on it's way out? My wife always does that. Men seem to always poop to completion and then pee.


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