Vengeful Val
has anyone here ever taken a revenge shit?my best freind hiedi and i started pooping to get even when we were in 5th grade and a nun was unusually cruel to heidi we snuck through an unlocked window with more than a days worth of stinky brown ammo saved. heidi squatted on her desk and i,for the first time ever witnessed not only another girls butt,butthole and puss,but i witnessed a long brown poop snake emerge from her pink winky ,sounding like an ice cream softy machine curl into a purfect pile on St.Agnes'desk.she wiped her poopy bottom with a stack of papers st. was grading.i still feel a little bad about what i did next.heidi talked me into crapping into the goldfish bowl on her desk and when i was done with my massive message to evil sis there was no water left just "Mary and Joseph"flopping on top of my big stinker.heidi did something that was funny but kinda mean i won't go into,anyway i have dozens of true stories if anyone wants to here.

Tamara-- I think your project is an excellent one and I wish to encourage it all I can. I think squatting is ABSOLUTELY the position to be in when straining to poop. Its a well known fact that taking a squat posiiton streightens out the bend between the rectum and anus. This is especially helpfully when passing a large, solid, mass. One additional thing I wish you give consideration too---hand holds. It would be really nice if the toilet had a place to hold onto and pull form when you really want to strain I'd suggest these should go somewhere BELOW the level of your bottom, so pulling on them pulls you down into the squat.-- Thomas

Lawn Dogs Kid
ELENA: I Like Purple ! But not as much as black !

LINDA: Kendal gave me a right good telling off this afternoon for teasing you. I suppose I deserve it, but I really didn't mean any harm. She's very protective of her new friend ! I can promise you with all my heart that I would never dream of telling a soul about your xxxxxx coloured pampies. There, you see ! I've even blotted out the colour now ! I honestly hope I haven't upset you too much. I can't help myself sometimes poking fun, but I would never dream of doing it in a malicious way. Please don't ever think I'm being nasty. Kendal will tell you that I hardly have a nasty bone in my body. I know she would. I really hope that we can be friends too, even if I do seem to have got off on a bad foot with you ! By the way, Kendal says she's going to give you some information to get back at me. Goodness knows what it will be. She was keeping tight lipped ! But if you want to get me back, feel free. I can take it !! Or perhaps not if you really do want to beat me to a pulp! ! I'm not very big either so it wouldn't take you long !

hey im back i loved your posts shy pam and the one about your neice reminded me of a time when i was nine i had a tonsilectomy well after the procedure i really had to pee so i told the nurse she tried to pull down the front my pants and underwear while she help the urinal and my penis well my pants flew up and i totally soaked them i started to cry the nurse consoled my telling wet pants were nothing to be ashamed of and everyone has accidents she said if you want to peepee anymore go ahead and do it in your undies and that she would give me some more it was realy nice of her.


Robert: I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I can't say that leaning over the counter was really that uncomfortable (it only took a few moments) least it wasn't as uncomfortable as having a suppository stuck up my butt! I guess she finds it easier to insert it with my butt sticking out and my legs spread.

Anne (the bus driver). Thanks for your latest posting. So far as the question of cubicles versus urinals is concerned, I prefer to stand and use a urinal because it's quicker, easier and less hassle than finding a cubicle and sitting down. In my experience most other men prefer to do the same. Although not unknown, it is still relatively uncommon for men to use cubicles just for #1. Also, there is little evidence to suggest that cubicles are necessarily cleaner or pleasanter to use. I've come across some quite grotty ones in my time! However, I would point out that I'm only expressing what is my opinion and my preference. It should not be regarded in any way as a criticism of those who sincerely think otherwise, including Tony and yourself.

Had a good motion or two this week?

I have been reading this site for a long time and I am just amazed at all of these stories I've been reading. It's hard to believe there are people out there who have this fetish for bowel movements. Are we demented or what? (LOL)

Kim, WOW! A 21-incher? That's unbelieveable! You'd better call Guiness on that one. I've been really impressed with your stories and I just have to see that picture of that monster you crashed! Keep them up! Just don't strain yourself! I'm curious as to know how much you eat in a day to pound these things out?

Buzzy! What a personal question! Just kidding, I'll gladly answer: I'm 5-7 and weigh 132 lbs, and I have a medium frame. I've never had a weight problem, and the most I ever weighed was in the low 140s during my first two years in college. From age 17-23 has been the time I've had the majority of my massive bowel movements, when I was very carefree with my eating habits. Thank goodness I was blessed with a high metabolism rate. Nowadays, in my low 30s, my episodes occur with less frequency but still can get big, as I've reported recently. Much as I've posted frequently over the past year about my massive pooping sessions, those are stories which have occurred over a period of over twenty years, and I don't typically do it on an everyday basis. But for whatever reason, I like sharing my stories with you guys and will continue to do so.

attention: nonameperson.....THAI IS ILLEGAL !!!! i don't know where your park is, but you should report it to OSH. ALL womens restrooms are required to have stalls with locking (or at the very minimum, closing) doors. Unfortunatly for the gentlemen, this is NOT the case in the mens restrooms. I know this from my husband who is a lawyer, and complained when a mens restroom in our local JC Penney, had doorless stalls.

Rick and Jenny, I honestly would not recommend deliberately "holding it in" and not having a bowel movement as a competition to see who can do the biggest solid jobbie for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is the possibilty of having a nasty messy accident in one's knickers or underpants. It can be quite difficult to hold it in when a large poo is trying to get out even more so if it is soft one. Even if you succeed in holding it in every time you eat the gastro colic reflex will move feces down and the urge to defecate will increase. There is another drawback as well. Often in severe constipation the lower part of the bowel is filled and a large amount of liquid feces accumulates further up the colon and the water is not absorbed. This then leaks down and past the solid lump and seems to be an attack of diarrhea. In fact this is called "spurious diarrhea" and is common in the elderly and bedridden. So what was intended as an attempt to do a big solid jobbie could end eith! er with a nasty accident in ones underwear or a dose of the runs. I honestly dont advise messing about with one's bowels either by taking laxatives to make one shit more frequently or looser unless under a doctor's instructions , or holding in one's motions longer than necessary. Human guts work well if not interfered with. I rememeber when I was about 8 myself and Gerry, another lad at my school who was into toilet topics tried a "hold it in competition" It all ended in disaster when Gerry had a huge accident in his underpants in the playground to his embarrasment and the cruel amusement of the other pupils. Obviously he couldn't tell the teacher who had to clean him up, or his mother the real reason he had done it in his Y -Fronts and just said he hadnt been able to make it to the toilet in time. I of course then ensured that I did go to the boys toilet and passed my own jobbie in the normal manner. I recall it was a single long fat turd but although I won by default I too! k no pleasure from this as I felt really sorry for Gerry. We didnt have any more of these competitions being happy to pass whatever came out of our arses in its own time (unless of course it was diarrhea).

Now the old chestnut of Urinals Vs Cubicles. You all know my anti urinal opinions so I wont bore you. I did however come across a possible solution to the nasty pissy smell situation. I believe that in the USA most urinals have an individual flush above the bowl and the user is supposed to operate this after they have peed into the urinal. Here in the Uk we dont have this hygienic facility. Instead the flushing is centrally operated from one cistern and thus doesnt take place often enough. Indeed there is a device called a "Cistermiser" which as the name suggests restricts the frequency of flushing to save water which is metered for large and comercial users in this country . I would like to see this device banned on hygiene grounds. So UK urinals are not flushed frequently enough and in hot weather the smell is diabolical! I did however see a possible hi- tech solution. I used a Gents Toilet at a new shopping mall recently and of course used the cubicle as I always do and! sat to pee, (I didnt need a motion having already gone at my hotel). When finished I came out to the totally empty toilet, (this was at 10am on a working day) and went to wash my hands . Doing so I stood near a urinal (individual wall mounted bowls with privacy screens between, even one at a lower level for boys and dwarfs). When I walked away only that one urinal flushed. Intrigued, I walked up to another urinal, walked away and the same individual flushing occured. As an engineer I wondered at the mechanism. It didnt seem to be a pressure sensor, then I saw PIR devices similar to those used for anti burglar lights etc. So the heat of an approaching person obviously primed the system then their moving away triggered a gate circuit and a solenoid actuated the flush. Good system, doesnt waste water with unnecessary flushing of all the urinals at once but does ensure no stale piss accumulating in the used ones and doesnt need the user to do anything. I still of course do not ! like urinals myself for the various reasons I have often stated and wont use one unless in an absolute emergency were the alternative is pissing my knickers and trousers, but such as system would resolve one of the objectons that of the nasty pissy smell. Of course I cannot see that the urinal would ever be accepted in a unisex toilet as women would not want to see men exposing themselves by the very nature of peeing at a urinal as they went into to use the cubicles. I know that some women would be delighted to see a man's penis but not in that context!

Someone asked about books with toilet scenes. James Joyce in Ulysses has a wonderful piece of descriptive prose where a male character, (Steve Daedelus I think who was an autobiograph of Joyce himself) eats breakfast and then feels the need to do a motion. It is a beautiful piece of descriptive writing as he feels the stirring in his belly, feeds his cat, takes the paper, both to read and afterwards to wipe his arse as toiet paper was expensive in those days. Joyce relates him undoing his belt and dropping his trousers and underpants then holding it back as he sits on the pan and reads, hoping the jobbie wont be too hard as he has been constipated and it might bring down his piles, then yielding and passing a large but easy column of shit, saying "Ah, just right" so the reader knows that the motion was neither too soft nor too hard. Joyce doesnt give any sound effects nor a graphic description of the turd passed. Indeed he soon takes the story on to other matters. Consider! ing when this was written , early last century circa before WW1, it was leading edge fro its time to say the very least! The other good books with a graphic defecation story are "In praise of the Stepmother" By Mario Vargas Llosa ISBN 0-571-14135-8. Chapter Six "Don Rigoberto's Ablutions" gives a blow by blow or plop by plop account of the ???? Spanish Don Rigoberto doing a motion. He obviously enjoys this natural function and would be posting to this site if he was a real character in this day and age.It is too long to quote a lot but this may give an idea "he heard the splash with which the first to leave his bowels plopped, was it floating, was it sinking? into the water of the toilet bowl. Three or four more would fall, eight was his olympic record!....He spread his legs, leaned his head down and looked at the brown cylinders half submerged in the porcelain bowl" Certainly Don Rigoberto did big solid motions.

The other book is "The Fermatta" by Nicholson Baker ISBN 0-09-928671-8 Page 216 to 218 gives a lovely description of Sylvie doing a big solid jobbie into a table napkin held by Marian. I will quote a synopsis. "Sylvie made a moan of warning. Her asshole domed out into a doughnut shape and started to open. Somewhat frantically Sylvie said 'I cant hold it!' Sylvie moaned again, her asshole domed and opened wider and a big dark hard dickshape began to push its way straight out. Marian held the napkin underneath 'oh yeah, keep pushing baby. Push it all out!' she felt the weight as it dropped into her hand." Ive been there watching my wife Moira doing a big jobbie when standing up though she did hers into a bucket I was holding up beneath her fat buttocks not onto a napkin and it was mid brown and carrot shaped. Anyone else know of books with descriptions of people doing solid motions (no diarrhea stories please!).

ILEO: This my first chance to speak to you since you made your post about having trouble going in front of your new love. Doing a poo can be very embarressing when someone is watching. There are all the sounds that are made for a start, as well as the smell ! When Andrew and I first went to the toilet together, we only had wees. We got used to each other's presence there that way, and the fact that you have to undress, and basically you can see each other's bits. We moved on to poo a lot later, but strangely, I don't remember having any problems with Andrew being there that first time. All I can say is you really have to love somebody before you are willing to share an experience like that. But perhaps more, you have to trust them with all your heart. I trust Andrew and Chloe with every single cell in my heart. And if Linda could be with us, I know that I would feel the same about her too. The thing is, there are two sides to this. You have to really want the person to share ! this with you, but just as important, they must want to be there too. Now I'm friends with Linda, I pretend she is with me when I go. Pretending often helps me to work things out. Why don't you pretend that your love is with you. Imagine her presence as a blessing and something you really really want. Learn to relax in this pretend situation. And then when she is really there, you will already have faced up to your personal troubles and doubts and learned to deal with them. But you must talk to her about it. Make sure she knows what your fears are, and if she really loves you, she will help you to overcome them. Ileo, I haven't thought of this on my own, I'm only 10 as you know. Andrew helped me a lot, so this is from both of us. I only wish I could go with you to help you, because I wouldn't do or say anything to embarress you, and would only want to help you. Anyway, seeing as I can't, I'll send you the biggest hug I can instead. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA: I'm so sorry about Andrew. He was very naughty, and I gave him a very big telling-off ! He was only teasing. He doesn't mean any harm. He really is the nicest boy, believe me. And he is very trustworthy. He won't tell a soul. Chloe and I would be mortified if he ever told about what we like to do together to people that we know. But we never have to worry about that, because he never has, and he never will. As I said to Ileo, I trust him completely, as I know you do your cousin.

Anyway, I couldn't stay angry with him for long, especially when he let me watch him poo ! This was so unexpected, and so soon after he promised that he would try to make it up to me for helping him and Chloe to be together while he had his monster constipated poo. He wasn't constipated any more, and he did three nice big ones for me. Linda, he had no idea that you were there as well until I told him after ! So I hope that has enabled you to get your own back on him. Oh, and he was wearing sky blue underpants. Have I provided you with enough ammunition to fire back at him ? I hope so ! I'm sure we can both teach him a lesson between us. Oh yes, I must tell you though that he was very very good when it was your turn to go. He went away to give you and me some privacy, and he didn't stand outside to listen either ( that's another trick he gets up to ! I went to check ! ). You didn't have to warm the seat either, because he had done that for you ! I watched as you pulled d! own your purple pampies and then you had a very big wee which went WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH, and you couldn't help telling me how good that felt and going "Ahhhhhhhhhh". That was wonderful Linda, I really enjoyed it. However, I didn't want to go myself in Andrew's house without him being there, and especially as he had done a nice poo for me ( sorry, us ! ). So I called him to come back upstairs. I had done my poo at home after school before I read your post on the computer, and Andrew's naughty reply. So I knew I would only be able to wee. In the end it was disappointing. I only managed a little trickle for five seconds, but he was so nice and kind, and said how much he enjoyed watching me go anyway, especially as I still had my school uniform on ! And you told me off ! Not because I could only do such a tiny wee when you had just done this massive whizzer, but because I didn't invite you in while I had my poo earlier ! Sorry !! I won't forget next time !

Look, I have to go because Mum has come in to tell me to switch the computer off. I loved your description about yourself. I'll tell you about Chloe and me just as soon as I can in a couple of days.

Love you loads, from Kendal xx

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

I went into the restroom, just to piss. When I finished, I washed my hands and fixed my hair. While standing in front of the mirror, a beautiful, tall model-looking woman came in and went straight to a stall. She starting farting loudly while pissing, then I heard an explosion of shit followed by more loud farting. She didn't care who was in the restroom, she did what she had to do. I'am toilet-shy and wish I could be brave like her.

I was at a park yesterday and had to go to the toilet. I found the ladies toilet and went in. There were 6 stalls, 3 on each side, only 1 with a door which was occupied. I needed to poop so I took my shorts and underpants down and sat down, another lady came in and sat down in the toilet next to mine. I started grunting and a big wet fart exploded followed by about 5 loud poops, the lady next to me said "Oh my!" and she let go with a big wet load herself. After she did this we started talking like we were at a picnic table, but we were grunting and pooping the whole time. It was wild. I wiped my fanny and said good-bye as she gave me one last fart to send me off. please send all your pics of u pooping or peeing or your *private storeis tom me

Yesterday lunchtime I was in the ladies room at the sinks, washing and putting on makeup after doing a poo. A woman came in (one of the people in accounting) and took the middle stall. This is the stall that has the wide gap between the door and the stall so if you are looking in the mirror, you get a clear view of the person inside. I was putting on my lipstick and couldn't help see the woman in the mirror. She pulled up her skirt and showed her blonde pubic hair ust before she sat down. I heard a torrent of pee followed by a gassy "pffftt" sound. I heard the crackling sound of poo coming out. As I glanced in the mirror, I noticed the woman raise her left butt cheek and I could clearly see a dark brown log slide out while she watched it. It fell in with a small splash. Then her cheek came down again and the woman rested her elbows on her knees and looked at the floor. Then, once again, I heard a fart and she raised her cheek once more. I clearly saw 3 or 4 smaller poos drop o! ut which made some more splashes. Then she took a wad of toilet paper and wiped her vagina. She then tok another wad, raised her cheek and wiped her bottom from behind (which is how I do it and the way all woman should do it to avoid urinary infections). I saw a few streaks on the paper which she threw into the toilet between her legs. she got up, pulled up her panties and pantyhose, and adjusted her skirt. She flushed with her foot. As she was coming out, she looked up and saw me looking at her in the mirror. when she came over to the sink, she was bright red and didn't say a word. I left the ladies room before her while she was doing her makeup. I didn't run into her all day after that.
By the way, at the end of the day I had to interview a young man for a position. As the interview was coming to an end I let out a huge fart as well as a small amount of poo. The poor boy didn't know what to say! I apologized and said that I probably needed a poo. I shook his hand then left for the ladies room to do another poo. I wasn't wearing any panties so the small amount of poo that came out at my desk had become encrusted in the skirt. After the poo, I went over to the sink and took my skirt off to clean the inside. I was naked from the waist down. One woman came in and went to a stall without looking surprised! While I cleaned my skirt I farted, then I put it back on and left.

We were on vacation, Satuday night, pubing. It was raining and took a while standing under an umbrella trying to hail a cab. My pretty wife mentioned, more than once that she needed a toilet but said she was okay until we got back.

She was bouncing her legs and holding herself in the cab and had already wet herself a bit by the time we got to the hotel. The hotel was huge and modern, the lobby massive with an expansive sitting area just off the elevators to the left and toilets just past that. I went to the right for our room key, the desk about thirty feet away which was maned by a night clerk and was set in out of view from the sitting area.

As soon as we entered the lobby my wife said she couldn't hold on until we got up to our room so would need to go down here while I got the room key. She went off to the left and I figured she was using the lobby toilet and thought nothing of it. Getting the key took like seconds so I was a bit surprised when I saw my wife sitting on one of the plush chairs in the lobby.

Both of us had been drinking, my wife was a bit drunk but still she is a classy lady. She was wearing a fairly short black skirt, matching jacket, dark stockings and high heels. Not much shocks me but when I got up to her I must admit to being mildly shocked. My wife wasn't sitting there waiting for me as I first had thought.

She didn't know the lobby toilet was right there and so had hiked her skirt up a bit off her bum and was sitting on the edge of the chair peeing through her panties and tights. There was a puddle begining to form on the carpet below her and her pee was starting to make a splashing noise as it poured into it. But she was almost done so I just stood there and watched.

I'll never forget the look on her face, it was one of pure and utter pleasure. The front of the plush chair was a bit wet and the carpet saturated. She was giggling like a naughty school girl when I helped her up and into the elevator. We had great sex that night. Next day when checking out I went and looked where she had peed and you couldn't even tell.

To Brenda,

I really enjoyed your story. Feel free to post more. I hope to post some of my own in the near future. But let me ask you something. Wouldn't it be a lot easier and more comfortable to lay on your bed, on your side with your knees bent, while your mom is giving you a suppository? Instead of leaning on a counter top?

To Bryian,

I don't know that a 17 year old girl is too old to be given a suppository by her mom. As for being embarrassed , that's different for every person. I guess it all depends on how close she is to her mother and what kind of relationship they have. I have a 17 year old daughter. If she needed a suppository I couldn't picture her reaching around and inserting it herself. I'm sure her mother would have to give it to her.


I see dear Louise has directed you to her own prior exploits on past pages -- take a stroll through the archive, there are some fab entries.

Okay, you want me to talk you through the process of a gal doing it like a guy? O-kaaaay! (Throat clearing sounds.) Here goes.

First of all, understand that there is NO biological reason why females can't do it standing (at least three quarters of women are 'engineered' in a way that's applicable). The modern taboo is rooted entirely in cultural prudishness. I'm talking about the mechanics of the act, here, not necessarily about how a girl handles the emotional aspect of being watched -- that's another matter.

The reason gals are supposed to not be able to do it standing up is the angle at which the female urethra exits the body, it points more down than forward in most women. The 'secret' is to use your fingers to change that angle.

Okay, I'm out for a walk and feel the urge to pee. Let's say I'm in a mall and go to the ladies' room. No urinals here, unfortunately! I go into a cublicle and decide to wee standing up. I put the seat up like a guy (novel experience in itself!) and then it's a matter of getting into the right position. Put feet about shoulder-width, bend the knees slightly, push my hips forward and band back a bit from the waist, then raise the front of my skirt and lift my panties aside. I hold them over with my left hand, a tissue held in the fingers under my slit in case of drips, then make an upside-down V with the first two fingers of my right hand to part my lips. Then -- the secret -- use those fingers to gently lift the flesh. This angles the urethral exit upward. Then relax and push for plenty of force to start and stop the stream smartly.

Control is surprisingly good when you're used to it, you can wave the stream around -- one bit of fun is to walk the stream around the sides of the toilet, avoiding the water. So long as you keep up the pressure you can stop quite neatly, and I use the tissue to wipe dry. Then ease panties back into place, smooth down my skirt and I'm done.

I've used urinals like this lots of times too. On a couple of occasions I've used open wall urinals while in the company of other women, and seen them do it. It's pretty exciting, I can tell you that! Pants are a slightly different technique, I need to lower them about four or five inches so I can wee out the wide open fly with enough clearance to be sure of not getting them wet -- this is a common technique, though some women say they can go through the fly with their jeans still belted!

Hope you enjoyed my Women's Standing Pee Training Manual!




Hi dear,

Nope, I didn't visit the Olympic City, but I've been remembering our Peelympic fun and thinking wistfully of what such an event would be like. Remember our competition uniforms? Hahahahaha!!!!

Sign a wall for me!

Your pal,


I'd like to try being a part of your joint thing. So count me in.

Lawn Dogs Kid
I'd becareful if I were you. Linda says you best not tell any of your guy friends that knowledge or one day she'll show up on your doorstep and beat you within inches of your life. But I'll let you in on a little secret too if you promise not to tease her anymore. I wear the same color under there too. [winks]

I always hear about peeing accidents, but has anyone had a genuine poop accident?
This whole topic has fascinated me since I was a kid. I've rarely witnessed any performances,but 2 spring to mind: once I was in a stall in this youth hostel in France(having a dump) when a girl rushed into the stall next door to mine(unisex toilets you see). She obviously didn't know I was there, and began to pee strongly into the water in the bowl, sighing as she did so. She had a good fart, but no poop. Another time when I was out with my mates at night, we were joined by a group of girls. One girl was very drunk and held on to the wall for support. Suddenly I noticed a large wet patch spreading over the crotch and thighs of her tan trousers. One of her friends also noticed, and whisked her away.
I think the first case was my favourite. Anyone got some more?

I am doing a research project and attempting to redesign the toilet so that it promotes better posture- i.e. squatting when going and avoiding sitting directly on a toilet seat for sanitation purposes. I am interested in any commentary anyone has about this method as opposed to the longitme Western tradition of using the throne-style toilet. I am also interested in potty habits like when do you flush, do you sit ot stand (boys and girls) do you feel uncomfortable inpublic restrooms, etc.

Jenny - I would love to participate, but I don't think I could withstand the pain, I would have to eat a lot of 'stodge' beforehand, and would probably crap myself in the first day or so.



To Fizz: In my last post i mentioned about a good book with a toilet sceen. The book is by gary paulsen, i forget the title.

Undin (Athens, Greece)
PV. Can you give me more details about the Icelandic girl?

Anne. Yes, It would be great to honor our toilets in Athens. I remember once I had seen a huge jobbie about 14" long in the toilets of the National Garden (behind the Parliament). This is a great place to walk & rest so many people particularly tourists Njoy their dumps there as well. I decided the next day to pass by in the very morning where I saw the cleaning lady cursing the person that made this log. She made the mistake to push it down with the brush and toilet was blocked so she took an elastic pipe of water with high presseure to smash the thing. If you take a dump there in the ladies whatever your effort to flush they won't get down.
About the word coprophilliac you're 99% right. To be more accurate the word Philos means friendly to. Also the word "kaka" is a Greek one - means bad stuff. When we need a motion we say "Thelo na kano kaka mou" meaning literaly "I want to do my bad stuff".

Buzzy. I think that height and weight are not so important about the size of poops. I have mentioned about an American girl (19 yo) and 4'7" tall that usually her jobbie is between 15 to 20 inches and coils around the toilet a bunch of times. She is pretty slim and none believes that her bum makes such a huge monsters!!! I have noticed that slim ladies usualy make much bigger stools than fat ones
because whatever they eat everything goes away. My exgirlfriend from
Russia (27 yo 5'6" 110lbs) when she came to Greece for holidays she was eating three and four times than usual plus lots of sweets. I told her the first days of her staying that she would spoil the fantastic body she has with so much food. She said "I have very good
metabolism and even If I eat a horse I will not gain a gram!". That's
why when she was going to the toilet she was flushing usualy 3 times
and intermediately "killing" the monsters with the brush. Once she had eaten too much (A full British breakfast in the morning 4 portions of Greek mousaka at noon and 6 big Greek kebabs in the evening) and I was waiting to see her "creatures" the next day. After
the morning breakfast we sat in the balcony and she felt and urge to
dump. She went to the toilet and after a small wee she started OOOOHHHH NNNNNN OOOOOOO small PLOP and again NNNNNNNNNN UUUGHHHH
and after some minutes of silence she took paper to wipe her bottoms.
I got in and she said "R U crazy why did you come in" I started kissing & cuddling her and I saw a HUGE pile about less than 2" thick but more than 20" long!!! I said "OOOHHH That's really big, Elena" and she felt embarassed but said "That's why I have so good
body.... " she noticed that I had got a very hard one and said "I have never seen such a big one as well!!!!". Then she asked me to "permission" to wipe her bum and them she "killed" the monster
as usual. Of course we had sex after this for several hours and she
could not believe why I was got so excited about her motion. At least
she admited that it was the very best sex in her life...

Rick (used to see women poop through the looking glass)
In response to Jenny's challenge to hold poop forever. Well, That almost happened to me some years ago when I was about 13. I don't know why it happened, but I got severely constipated and I could not poop worth beans. I mean, I could feel the poop up in my hole area, but I could not get it to come out. I sat down, pushed and grunted, nothin'. That was the most uncomfortable feeling, walking around all day with your rear end puckered out. I even sat in school all day long unable to go. Some kids even laughed at me and commented why I was walking so funny, as in having saddle sores. As the days went on, I got really scared that if I tried to poop, my ass would split open, so that caused me to hold it in. I had stopped eating after about 5 days. Finally late on the evening of the 7th day, I went into my mom's bed room crying and I told her I could not go. She wiped the tears from my face and ran to her medicine cabinet. She emerged from her bathroom with 1 suppository and she re! luctantly pushed it up my crack into the solid mass. I really felt shitty now, no pun intended. I wallowed back to my bed room to lay down on the bed. After about an hour, I conviced my self that I had to get that thing out no matter what. I went into the bathroom and sat down, mom was totally uninterested as she went downstairs to tend to her own chores. I sat and grunted and groaned as I was bent all the way over with my hands wrapped around my ankles. All the sudden I heard a cracking sound that scared the hell out of me. Then I could feel something huge sliding out of my rear end. When I think back on it, there was not a lot of pain associated with this BM. I was bouncing up and down on the toilet trying to get it to drop out. Finally, I squatted over the floor infront of the toilet and THUMP! (This answers Leo's question about shitting standing up. It came out! I let out a huge sigh of relief as I closed my eyes briefly to thank the man upstairs for getting me out of my w! eek long termoil. As I stood up and looked down on the floor, I was horrified by what I saw. It was a 10 inch long very fat light brown turd. Man, I freaked out as I could not comprehend how I let something that large grow inside of me. A few minutes later after the shock wore off, I picked the huge turd up off of the floor. I used my bare hands and I could feel how warm it was and how heavy it was. Wow! Afraid that it might not flush, I used the pointed end of my tooth brush hanging over the sink and proceeded to cut the thing in half the long way. I then threw both halves in the toilet and flushed them away. Good riddance.
I never wanted to go through that ordeal again as long as I live. That is why I try not to get constipated by eating a decent diet of fiber and v?????s and drinking enough water. Sorry Jenny, I am a wimp, a coward, you won that challenge!

majney jackass
today i crapped on the floor at the safeway store, i was so mad at the cashier. the past three days i have been goin in there buying salami since i love salami sammiches. so today i go in there and but salami for my sammich and she says to me " gee, is that all you eat is salami, you seem kinda weird" ooo that rang my bell. so having not made my morning grunt grunt yet, i went to the back of the store and asked wherethe breakroom was, some fella in a safeway hat told me where it was, and i said i had a delivery for janet ????? the cashier. i asked if i ccould leave it near her locker, he said " yeah well ok and eyed me with a look of suspicion. he pointed out her locker and walked away stiffly, prolly to go take a big moopie) i can always tell. anyway, i pulled my shorts down and unloaded about 3 pounds of glommy right in front of janet ?????s locker, i used an apron that was hanging there to wipe my fat ass and got the hell out of there, on teh way out i smiled at ????? and! said " happy christmas rubberbutt" and left, i have no idea what happened ill have to go back and imvestigate.

BRYIAN: I didn't feel too old to be given the suppository by my mom, though I was a little embarrased about it all. But we have a good relationship and I am very close to her. When I think about it, she has given me a suppository many times! (mostly when I was younger). I guess that's part of being a mom. If I hadn't told her I was constipated then I would have grunted and strained it out without getting a suppository. I've never really wanted to insert a suppository myself and have never done it before. Maybe the next time I need one I'll try doing it myself.

To Bill A: Yep, I think the suppository I got last month was a Dulcolax since I know Mom had to unwrap it. Aren't those the ones in the foil wrappers and not in a jar? Those sure do get things moving after a few big wet farts! It's weird how that little waxy plug can make you shit even when you're so constipated you think your poop will never come out! I have a chilhood memory: I remember going to the Dr.'s when I was about 4yrs old because I was constipated. I remember being at home and my Mom telling me that I had to try again, and if I couldn't go "ca-ca" then we were going to the doctors. I don't know how long I had gone without going ca-ca, but I'm sure she tried to make me go with a suppository at home. Anyway, I couldn't go, so we were off to the doctors! I can remember sitting on the exam table while the Dr. felt around my ???? and asked if it hurt anywhere. I was then made to lay face down on the table where the doc (and not the nurse) inserted a suppository into! my butt. My mom then took me into the bathroom where she waited with me for it to melt and work its magic. After awhile, the nurse peeked in to see if anything was happening, which I'm sure she could tell that it was by looking at me at the toilet! I can still remember sitting there while my ca-ca forced its way out of me as if my butt had a mind of its own! What a memory...that incident left quite an impression on me at such a young age!

Anne (Bus Driver)
Hi all especially Adrian. Yes, I DID feel it when I passed that big fat hard jobbie in the woods. At first I did have a slightly sore bottom which throbbed a bit but this feeling soon passed and was replaced by a lovely warm glow as one poster said recently a "proto orgasmic" feeling. Now I agree with your analysis of the situation with the young man who watched me doing a motion but was then guilty. I hadn't given express consent in advance but have always accepted the fact that if you do the toilet outdoors then you may be observed, it goes with the territory. Doing it in a proper toilet is different, there the same rules as Nicola mentioned of having to be in control of the situation and who is watching comes into play. Im happy to let friends watch me and I would be delighted to let you Adrian, and for that mater the Greek Undin, come into the toilet with me and watch as I did a nice big fat jobbie for you. As far as the young man was concerned I was only too happy to giv! e retrospective consent to his watching me. Had I seen him prior to starting my motion I would have told him he could stay and watch if he had wanted.

Adrian, you say that you "can understand why lots of other men prefer to do so" as regards peeing standing up at a urinal. Can you tell us why this is the case as frankly I cannot understand this when a nice clean, secure and private cubicle is available and peeing sitting down is a far more comfortable position. Im sure many of the men who sit to pee, Scottish George and Tony and some others, feel the same from reading their posts on such matters and I also know this from frank discussions with some blokes I know who also sit to pee in a cubicle. I suppose its because I am a woman and only pee standing when I am in the shower. Is it a male bonding thing? I just dont get it myself, to me the disadvantages of peeing at a urinal, lack of privacy, the chance of being mugged when in a vulnerable situation or of unwanted homosexual advances being made, getting the clothing splattered with urine and the shoes soaked in same, and the horrible smell, far outweigh any benefits fro! m this. I would like to hear your rationale on this.

CC of Australia. Floaters, sometimes I do a floater, most times a sinker and occasionally a jobbie which floats to start off floating for a few minutes then slowly sinks to the bottom of the pan. Its a result of the density, amount of fat in the stool etc. I dont think its more healthy to do a floater or a sinker, that's probably another myth. what do others think and what do you usually do, sinkers or floaters?

Jeff, you like to read about girls peeing so I hope this is of interest. Yesterday I had finished my shift and felt I needed both a wee wee and a motion. As the big jobbie slid down into my back passage it increased the pressure on my full bladder and I spurted a small amount of urine ( about a teaspoon I suppose) into the double cotton gusset of my white knickers (briefs). Now I am not incontinent Im happy to say but this happens to many women, especially ???? girls like me. I always keep a couple of pairs of spare knickers one in my bag and one in my locker to cover such circumstances and also if my period comes on suddenly. As I was going home I didnt bother to change my panties as the dampness soon dried out and they wouldn't get too smelly as I would change after having a shower as I always do when I get home as it gets very warm driving a bus or coach. I went into th toilet and hitched up my grey uniform skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees. I was bursting ! for a wee wee and it gushed out in a torrent hissing and pouring into the water of the pan, no girly tinkle tinkle, but pissing like a horse! The wee wee ended and I felt the big jobbie start to come out. The first few inches were knobbly. As Adrian says, driving a vehicle for a living does make your motions become compacted, some of the other girls who I work with have found this too. I went "NNN! UH! but this one was easier than the really hard jobbie I passed in the woods. It become smoother and then suddenly tapered off and plunged into the toilet pan with a resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". Finished I took a moist wipe and wiped myself, vulval lips then anal region. As it had been a clean firm solid jobbie I only needed one wipe. I pulled up my knickers and had a good look as I always do at my motion. The big fat log was shaped like a naval shell , knobbly at the start and smooth and tapered at the end and a mid brown colour. As usual it was very fat and about 10 inches long! , (bear in mind I had done a big load a couple of days ago). As I watched the jobbie, which "CC" had floated to start with was beginning to sink to the bottom of the pan, the pointed end dropping down like a sinking ship with the blunt knobbly start still on the surface of the water. I did pull the flush but it floated back up so I left it, dropped my skirt back down and went out to wash my hands and drive off home, getting chamnged and showered and dropping my smelly knickers into the laundry basket.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim & scott again with another post. recently my boyfriend scott went with me to the grocery store. halfway thru the grocery shopping I felt the great need to have a MASSIVE SHIT!! it was really coming on all day. I even felt my poor anus open up a bit because this turd was soo large! I smiled at scott and told him i had to have this huge dump and he just smiled. and told me we would hurry the shopping up so I could sit on the toilet. while i was talking to scott a man about 60 years old turned around in surprise. he was surprised with all my talk about crashing out a huge log. I did not mean for him to hear but he did. plus I think he was turned on by my huge bowel-movement talk. not to mention turned on by my abundant bosom and shapely ass in spandex tights. I think hahaha!scott and i then finished shopping and drove to my house . We unloaded and put away all the groceries before I had to sit on the toilet. my parents at this time were still at work.! so I immediately started to take off all my clothes as i was going upstairs. my sneakers and black spandex all came off quickly leaving me very naked(I wore no underwear) my boobs were jiggling greatly as i ran upstairs .scott followed me fully clothes but probably sporting an erection since he loves to see me get nude and crash out my big logs. I then got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat and took a deep breath. as soon as i did this WHAMMO!! an enormous brown sausage was squeezing its way out of my quivering ass! I had to catch my breath from pushing because this turd was sooo large. as i pushed harder my turd kept getting bigger & bigger. I even wondered if my toilet bowl could hold it all! my whole body felt electric squeezing this monster turd out. scott had since took off all his clothes too. his eyes were bugging out of his head in total excitement! his cock a big exclamation point! I then did one last mighty push that made my anus open up real wide as i e! xploded my 21 inch monster into the bowl(scott measured it later) My turd was 21 inches long, 2 inches thick. I told you folks i had to go BAD!!! this was my largest turd yet! I know that fellow posters like anne the busdriver,nicola,melissa and a few others have had logs this big but I was glad to do one also. especially in front of my boyfriend! my turd was so fat,so long,so rock solid, I could not resist banging it around lightly in the bowl with my index finger admiring it! scott then took a picture of it. then i wiped myself and i flushed it down. (BARELY) my log was a bit easier to flush because it was ramrod straight not curvy. after i flushed scott and i had sex all over my parents bed. before they got home. hoped you liked the story! see ya! love, kim. ps- by the way BRENDA my man scott has read the book "ALIVE" as a kid and liked it. we hoped you liked it also. PLUS MIDNIGHT COWBOY- love your stories. and your name. just like the movie scott and i love!! keep up the ! great posts everyone. BYE--hi john (VT) I guess your premonition did come true. I had my monster 21 inch log right about the exact sametime you envisioned me having a 19 1/2 log.How about that john.!! AND ITS ALL TRUE!!!!!AMAZING HUH?

I would like to organise a joint 'see how long you can hold on without a poo' web event. If we all started together we could describe how it felt, and then give a vivid description of the massive dump that would end it. I regularly dont go for 3 days so perhaps I would win. Bet nobody could beat me!!!!

TO JANE-I have 1 question-are you a big girl or small cause you can poop with the best of them--that sounded like 1 serious dump on your last post!I had a nurse friend who was about 5'5"and 125 lbs and she pooed like you wouldn't believe-I wish i could get in touch with her these days...
TO LISA-Also are you a big or small girl?You're another one who sounds like they poo quite a pile!
TO WAYNE-You sound a lot like me-I too like to poo esp with others pooing along too-BTW what part of the country are you from cause in my neck of the woods(NY area)I don't think you can do that sort of thing at the rest stop-at least not that i know-Sounds like you could run into a lot of potential poo-buddies-have a good time-keep us posted!
Went to the gym yesterday and i went to the men's toilet to pee and I heard these 2 guys in the stalls talking to each other and they were pooing up a storm and they kept telling each other how good it felt and how long they had to hald it and grunting and groaning-i was wishing i could poo to but i didn't so i just enjoyed listening to them going It was like-"Ohhhh man my asshole is exploding" and the other guy was grunting and saying "I thought i was going to have an accident -boy does this feel good" and you heard FARrrrrt OHHH-- plop plop Ahhhhh farrrrrrttt THhhhhhhht plop plop plop plop-It was great!!-The stink was kind of strong and a bit of a turn-off but the audio was super!I may go out to the woods taday to poo...I'll let you know what happens if anything!BYE

cj clemens
I have a question for AJ um my little brother who is 7 always wets his pants like everyday im not kidding do you think it is natural or doeshe have a problem and how old are you if you dont mind thanks
-cj clemens

I see a few people have peed on the floor athome. Has anyone ever pooped on the floor at home like in the garage or basement or something like that?

To Who:

I have taken a dump standing up!

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