to the person who wanted to know if anyone ever went to the bathroom on the floor of their house or basement. Well once i was in my basement with my friend Brian(who's 14) and i had to piss real bad. So i just did it right on the basement floor. Brian thought it was disgusting, but i just told him i had to go really bad. But another time Brian was over again and we were playing ping-pong in the basement when he suddenly doubled over and told me had to pee real bad. I told him to piss in the corner but he didn't want to (he doesn't like to pee in front of others i dont think). After starting toward the stairs, Brian stopped, grabbed his dick, and told me he was nearly pissing his pants. I led him to the corner, where he peed and made a huge puddle on the floor. Afterwards, Brian admitted to starting to wet his pants before doing it on the floor.

Another time i was playing tennis with my friend (not girlfriend-yet)Andrea> After a point she suddenly bent over and grabbed her crotch. She told me she really had to go to the bathroom and dashed off. Although she didnt wet her pants this time, i know she came close.

keep the peein' stories coming, they're so much better than the crapping ones!


Phil**(Not my real name)
A bathroom nightmare.

I consider myself "poop-shy" and I think the rest of my family is too. My father, being a plumber, even constructed a small bathroom in the dark reaches of our basement with a good lock and a noisy very powerful exhaust fan to get rid of the smell and cover any embarrassing sounds. I was required to stay in a friend's home in another state who had two teenage children and a very attractive daughter that was close to my age. The house had two bathrooms and one was right off the master bedroom(no privacy) and the other was across the hall from his children but it had an exhaust fan. Unfortunately BOTH bathrooms didn't have locking doors. Crazy! After driving 8 hours all cramped up, drinking diet-pepsi and eating fruit bars the one thing in the world I craved was a relaxing stress-free embarrassment-free dump. So I deliberately tried to take one in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. That went ok but I was scared of being walked in on. The next time I had ! the urge was in the morning after coffee so I shat and the kids complained about the smell. Then on the second day I went shopping with the family then returned to the ranch and me and the cute daughter were alone and I was busting so I took the most horrible noisy gaseous diarrhea-like crap and it smelled hideous. She was nearby and used the bathroom after me. I cannot describe the humiliation that I experienced--it felt like the ruination of humanity!!! It was so awkward cause we both pretended it didn't happen but I knew she smelled it. Then I had to shake her hand goodbye and left for home. :( The was one of the low points of my life.

Remember on Survivor when that one guy said he finally had a bowel movement after two weeks? I bet he felt really good passing that!

Hey everyone!
i have a really good story! Well, there was this one time, my friend's and i decided to go to our old playground at the elementary school for old times sake. so i'm wearing a skirt, and i get up on the monkey bars.( i didnt really care if they saw my undies). well all of a sudden i have this baaaaad gurgely feeling in my stomach...i knew it was time for me to take a shit. and soon. Not knowing that my friends were close by, i slipped off my panties, and took a crap right there on top of the monkey bars! well pushing so hardd, i didn't notice that my friends were coming closer. they didn't know what was happening so they went and stood under the monkey bars, but luckily not under me. if they had come a lil closer to me, they would have gotten a nasty surprise!

I'm so glad you got a big kick out of my post last time.. I don't take anyhting seriously unless it's done to be just mean so don't worry. Okay where to start well you can read about Nora's huge monster poops in mine or Elena's past posts.. you may have to go back a while mind you but they are there. Nora poops.. long huge rock hard poops that has clogged and even once almost broke our toilet once. My cousin laughs at this when she goes and says"Go ahead.. we have Roto Rooter on speed dial because of you" Joking about how he'd call a plumber here fast while she poops so they'd be here in time to fix it as she gets out. Trust me.. her poops make no splash.. from being so long but man..are they huge.I'll post about her next time if we take turns in the bathroom. The trash can I mean is a small green bucket we have it's small I could NEVER sit on the big one we put out to be picked up.. it's a giant one with wheels and well it's big enough to hold my cousin in there so imagin! e me.. I'm kinda short being the smallest girl in my class so I'd fall in and never get out!!!Oh well she does it when my Cousin her husband is in there.. she complains saying I know I can trust him but man when he watches me he doesn't even blink and I can feel his stare on me.. and well it makes it difficult(Ileo you may want to write to her she feels your pain and goes through the same thing)I guess it's just different around other girls besides I blink hee hee. Anyway yeah I agree with you it's funny.. but I try not to laugh but it's just crazy as you see a look come on her face and her feet bob up and down and she goes "GOTTA POOP" and closes the curtain and you hear it come out with an ahhhhhhhh and she opens it her face all flushed and breathing hard a bit. But she can do it sometimes if she reads something.. she says it takes her mind off of him being there and she can relax a bit and "unload' Ileo she has a problem with her poops make tons of noise and stuff maybe you! should try do something to take your mind off of it... or maybe try having your love comfort you while you go.. worth a try I think. Anyway back to you Kendel. Okay well I'm like I said kinda short.. I've always been tiny.. I cut my hair so it barely touches my shoulders.. My cousin says I look like I have helmet hair.. that mean guy. Anyway I have amber eyes and redish brown hair. I'm a bit of a tomboy so you'll always find me wearing overalls or jeans if I'm not wearing my school uniform which is a white blouse and vest(icky and hot) and a navy blue skirt.. under them [blushes] I wear boyleg short cut pampies. They look like small short shorts but they are underwear. I usualy wear purple and the guys on this site BETTER NOT BE READING THIS PART!!GRRRR!!! Heh but you may get a bit upset as I take a while when I poop as it takes it's time and somtimes I let it come out by itself.. and well it's embarssing as I tend to tremble and go ooo and aaaaaaaaa as it slowly comes out of! me. I'm very vocal you can say as somtimes I go OH IT'S COMING OUT and somtimes say everything that's happening .. without even wanting to. I try to leave that part out but I guess since you are trying for it to be as real as possible then you have to know. Also please know I don't mind going last.. you gals go first.. but if you let me go first and I'm taking to long and you girls are dying I'll strian my hardest to get it all out heh but you can tell when I do have to poop as I am always holding my bottom..well when guys or a large crowd can't see. Oh boy this is going to be fun!!! I'm excited. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut if Andrew does come along.. you have to promise to cover his eyes hee hee. Oh well I hate cold seats too what i do in winter and f I don't have to go bad i sit on the seat still with clothes on and wait so then when i sit bare tushied.. the seat is warm TAADAAAAAAA!! heh well trust me I go ahh everytime I poop.. it just feels good to be much lighter. hee hee well I ! have to go now.. and hey don't waste all those tissues.. we may need them if we run out of paper in the bathroom . LOL Okay I'm gone

Kim, I guess we have the same idea on spandex - that if it's tight all over it's not as hard on the bladder as something that presses against you in just one place. No underwear is definitely the way to go, though, which we both seem to agree on.

I just returned from vacation in Europe and noticed something interesting. The European toilets I encountered just don't seem to be able to take care of a large load of poop as well as American toilets do. American toilets use a siphon to suck the water out of the bowl, whereas the toilets I saw in Europe were such that the poop fell onto a pan and was supposed to be washed away by water during the flush. To make matters worse, not a single toilet of this design (or of the standard bowl design) utilized a siphon. Instead, massive quantities of water poured into the bowl which was supposed to wash everything down, but did not always do so.

While on this trip, I noticed that many of the rest stops along the roads in Europe are well equipped with either real toilets or porta johns. On one of my longer highway journeys while there, my bladder was almost bursting from an overload of piss that made its way through my system from an oversize cup of coffee I drank. So, I stopped at the next convenient rest stop, and it had neither real toilets nor porta johns. Instead, it was simply a pull-off point with a picnic table and no other amenities. This rest stop backed up to a nice thick woods, on the other side of which was a breathtaking view of a mountainous region. There was no way I was going to continue driving to find a rest stop with toilets, as I had to find a place to go and do it soon! I figured why not make the most of the situation and go while taking in the beautiful view. Two other cars were stopped at this rest stop, and they knew exactly what I was doing, but I didn't care. I got out of my car a! nd walked into the woods to the far edge with the beautiful view. I found a convenient rock and sat at the edge of the rock and let go a huge torrent of piss onto the ground next to the rock. When you have to go, you have to go.

Don't worry I know you're not making fun. It's just that well.. it makes it hard to go.. I have trouble going on my own.. but to have someone watching the whole time makes it difficult.. my bottom just won't open and well as you can guess that makes things difficult. I don't have a problem with Miquel or Linda watching me on the toilet.. first of all Linda's a girl(which goes without saying) so well we're both girls.. me being semi nude is nothing plus she and I have a strong bond together and we're very close.. second Miquel is my husband.. and weather I like it or not he's seen me worse off than that. it's the act of pooping that I like privacy with. before I used to go infront of him but it became more and more difficult to. Finally I fessed up to him.. oh he made me feel oh so lousy when he said he understood and said he would not force me.. made me feel even worse when he put those curtians in just for me. but I try anyway.. for him.. mostly cause he let's me go at my! own pace.. and if I can't and I ask him to leave and such he sighs and I can see he isn't thrilled but he loves me and respects me enough to do so. I allow him to remain as I go behind curtains knowing he can hear everything. I just start off slow and maybe someday he can sit there with me and watch as I go with no trouble.( I watch Linda as she undresses and just sits there doing her thing like she was alone.. but she talks to him and such.. I can never figure out how she does it) Ileo.. that's my advice to you.. you should try slow.. like allowing them to wait outside or even behind the show curtain and just work your way up to there.. but also.. talking is the most important thing you can do.. I know it's embarassing but in the end.. you'll feel much better. (And no that isn't a poop pun)

Some years ago, I stayed in a hotel in southern Spain near Gibraltar for a week or so. Got to know the owner's son...we went out drinking a couple of times. He told me that they never rented rooms to Moroccans (Morocco is just across the Straits) because they always shit in the shower stall. Apparently they were used to the hole in the floor toilets and damn the western style bowl. So they'd squat in the shower and pinch one. Cleaning up hotel rooms has got to be the worst job.....

Has anyone had any unpleasant experienced with unisex bathrooms, like men making fun of the noises the women make trying to crash out a big log?

Lisa: You mentioned a story that you've already posted about seeing a co-worker peeing in the bushes. I've searched for weeks back, but can't find it. How long ago did you post it? Sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

Louise: Your stories about the beaches in Spain are FANTASTIC! Just a funny question: Why do you think Steve and that Spanish guy felt the need to even hold their cocks? If they were simply whizzing on the sand or in the ocean, why aim? hehe

Wizzer: That camping story about your girlfriend watching you take a leak in the woods really turned me on. Please write more if you can?

Jeff: There are a lot of women here who pee standing. It's a real thrill. Scroll back in the posts and see what you think. I agree that we need more pee stories.

Paul: Don't know if your question about using the basement as a toilet was for peeing, but it's something I do frequently. As I've posted before, it helps me with my pee standing techniques. Sometimes I make a promise to myself that I won't pee in a toilet for a day or two or three at a time. It's fun.

Nick: Please tell us whether your 9 year old friend Catherine helped you get over being pee shy?

TO JANE & LISA-You ladies are the best!I just love to read your stories of you ladies really letting out a good load-I always like when i see your posts coming up for my enjoyment-I sometimes read your posts as i'm sitting on the bowl doing a similar BM myself-good stuff.ladies!Let's poo in the woods together!What fun that would be! TO Paul-It happens to all of us once in a while it was probably your body purging itself of something-sometime's it does it on it's own-I wouln't worry about it-just nature taking a different course!
TO HIKER(uk)-Very Interesting story about the woman having that discharge-I guess it was her way of feeling good while pooing-I had a girlfriend years ago who when she pooped that happened to her a lot-(I guess It's a woman's version of an erection) and boy-did that turn me on to see-so enjoy it, hiker!It's a cool thing to see!!
Nothing new to report-my poos have been non-eventful-I guess it's that cycle of ups and downs with pooing!laterBYE

I have been reading past posts, and I ran across Shy Pam's accounts of having accidents during childhood. I thought I was the only one! I had several accidents a week until I was seven years old and in second grade and more later, although they became less frequent. I also had several accidents at school. I remember all of them, but I will tell about the first one here.

I had been in Kindergarten about two weeks. It was recess time and we were playing dodgeball. I knew I had to pee, but I didn't want to quit playing. I was growing ever more uncomfortable and then suddenly the ball came my way. I jumped out of the way and the flood started - all the way down my legs and puddling on the floor! The teacher asked, "What happened, Terri?" and all I could do was cry and say, "I didn't want to miss any of the fun!" Little did I know that this was only the first school accident I would have...

When I heard that a female British Judo competator had been disqualified at the Olympics for being a mere 50 grams ( that's only a couple of ounces), over the weight limit I was incensed at the pettiness of the officials. (there ought to be a de minimus rule to allow for such small variations). I did however think that, had she gone to the toilet doing a wee wee and possibly expelling any poo that may have been in her rectum she could have lost the required excess weight and qualified. I know that if I weighed myself before and after a good motion the weight difference would be a lot more than 50 grams!

Ileo, given the nature of your previous problem and the radical surgery you had to resolve it, this may have a bearing on your inability to have a BM in the presence of your girlfriend even although you want to and she I presume is quite happy for you to do so. I suppose only time will cure this. As for the smell, shit smells! I have told you of my husband who usually really enjoys accompanying me to the toilet soon left me sitting there on my own when I did a big easy smooth eggy jobbie which I have to say did stink out the bathroom! If one is coprophiliac then the smell of human feces is part of the scene. Indeed the smell of a normal solid formed motion can be attractive to some people.

DM, as previously stated I echo all you say. I am only too pleased to tell someone about the big solid jobbies, often panbusters, I pass, but if I had suffered the runs I would ensure the horrible mess was flushed away and say nothing. Happily, it is very uncommon for me to suffer from diarreha or even loose stools, my motions are if anything slightly constipated sometimes.

Sandra, I too can see your practice of having a poo outside in public when wearing no knickers under your skirt causing you a lot of problems one day. As has been said you could get into trouble with the police etc for creating a public nuisance if someone who knew your identity shopped you to the authorities. Imagine the bad publicity! then you could make a mess of your skirt as you could pass a motion which started off nice and solid but then turned loose. The loose mush would shoot out all over the back of your skirt if you were standing at the time making a deadful mess! I have done a poo outside when this has been necessary or when out I the countryside but I am careful where I have done it and have squatted in the normal manner. The only time I did a motion standing was at Berrow Sands in Somerset when camping with my husband on the sand dunes above the beach. It was warm so we were sleeping naked and when I needed a motion the following morning I just went out o! f the tent and stood naked with my legs bent in a skiing position and did a lovely big solid jobbie which slid out of my back passage onto the sand. At 5.00am on a summer morning there were no other people about.

Jeff, I'll talk you through my going to the toilet. It will be my doing a typical motion but as you are into peeing I will describe that aspect in more detail than I would usually do. Its just after lunch. Im at home, alone. Im wearing a teashirt over my bra, pale blue Sloggi Maxi Briefs (size 22), brown bum (butt) hugging corduroy trousers and Nike trainers. I feel a poo come down into my back passage and also the need to pee as the presence of the fat turd increases the pressure in my bladder. I hold back it isnt urgent and feed the Sophie (our cat), then go to the toilet. I undo my trousers and pull them down to beneath my knees. Next I pull down my panties to just above my knees and sit on the toilet pan. I give a loud squeaking fart which scents the air with the smell of the big solid motion. I then give a little UH! and start to pee, the wee wee making a hiss and tinkling with some force to begin with then easing off into the water of the toilet pan below. As the wee! wee dribbles to an end I feel my sphicter start to open. I hold the jobbie back for a moment or two then I yield and bear down NNN! UH! NNN! Slowly the jobbie starts to emerge. As usual its a nice big one, a bit lumpy to begin with fat, well formed. I push it out, NNN! UH! OO! NN! and it grows in length. Its going to be a big one, a panbuster by the feel of it. As it slides out it makes the crackling sound and the smell whafts up through my legs. NN! AH! AH! I am gently pushing my ???? with my hand as I do the big jobbie to help pass it. It is becoming easier now as it is smoother AH! AH! .... FLOOMP! it is so long it doesn't make a "KUR-SPLOOSH!" . I wait sitting on the pan incase there is more to come, yes, another smaller jobbie slides out quite easily "KERPLOONK!" then I do another small wee wee which tinkles into the water. Finished I take a moist "Hakle" wipe from the box next to the toilet pan and lifting my left buttock I wipe my bum. as the motion has been nice and ! solid I only need one wipe. Like most women I wipe from the front, vulva, to the back anus. I dont drop the wipe down the pan yet but pull up my panties and have a good look at my motion. The second jobbie is about 6 inches long and 2 inches thick smooth, light brown and curved like a banana and is floating , the big jobbie is a beacher and is about 14 inches long and 2.5 inches fat, knobbly and a darker brown at the start then smoother and lighter brown like its smaller companion towards the end. Wow! I feel really great after doing this motion. I drop the wipe in the pan and pull the flush, the smaller jobbie and the wipe go away but the big jobbie stays put in the toilet pan, a real panbuster. I leave it for my husband to see and admire when he comes home. Satisfied I wash my hands then pull up my trousers and leave the toilet. Jeff, this is a description from memory of the motion and accompanying wee wees I had yesterday. I hope you and others find it as satisfactory to r! ead about as I did to do it.

I went to a college football game today. It is funny to me that guys will wait in line to pee in a cubical instead of peeing at a urinal. Does this make sense? It is usually the younger guys. I don't know if it is because they are shy are what, but there could be 15 urinals open and all of the stalls full and they will wait. I think this is a product of us sheltering the kids today. Kids are afraid to shower together (as in a team setting) or do anything that involves exposure of their body. Are we teaching kids to be ashamed of their bodies?

Undin (Athens, Greece)
To Anne-Bus driver my favorite toilet poster.
Did you have any interesting motion recently? Any nice huge sausage in the toilet? I hope in your next holidays to be in Athens and
"feed" our toilets properly because all budget tourists prefer the islands the last ten years and the Athenian public toilets seem very "hungry" hahahahaha

Ben in NY
To school Janitor- do you know what pages the posts about locked bathrooms are on?

Ileo- we are not all so brave. I never shit at somebody elses house, not only because of the smell, but because they will suspect me of taking a shit because I am in there a long time. It's weird, but i dont even like to let people know. Don't worry man, it's normal. How long have you been with her?

Got up this morning and straight away I felt a large turd slide down my hole, I clenched my sphincter to stop it coming out then made my way to the loo, my bowels felt very heavy and when I sat on the toilet I felt my hole open very wide as a massive dry poo painfilly began to protrude from my butt and splashed quite loudly into the water, followed my another smaller wetter piece, both at about 4" long, but quite thick, I immediately felt much better.

I love the new mast, she looks quite dainty and relaxed, waiting for a big one to emerge. She looks like a girl I see on the bus in the morning.

RICK - Maybe you could suggest to your wife that you really want to watch her poop and if it makes her feel uneasy say that you wont mention it again, but you have to test the water, you might be pleasantly suprised when she says yes!



Yes! Girls can and do pee standing up, just like guys! If you've been reading back over the old posts you should have found descriptions of how it's done, but if not I'm sure we'd be delighted to answer all your questions. We have several exponents of the art here! Look for posts by a wonderful sporting lady named Louise, and by myself. We both use urinals, and enjoy it immensely!

Looking forward to chatting,


Kendall , you are sweet . . . I'm right here reading your wonderful posts and hoping you will give me some expert advise ! Mega-Big hugs to you dear . your friend ileo .

Do any of the women on the forum really sit on the toliet like the
girl is on the masthead? Do you sit any different for either
pooping or peeing?

Saturday, September 23, 2000

Question to all . . I am having an awful time trying to go to the bathroom in front of my new love . . I want to , I really do , but I start to feel crampy and tense and just hold it in !! Several times in past years , I have snuck out the door to go poddy in the side yard !! I am a Scorpio too !! What's wrong with me ? I'm very worried about the smell , which not everyone is thrilled about .
I sooo admire the bravery that is shared at this site on a daily basis , but I really dread being ridiculed or embarrassed .
Any tips ? your friend ileo .

This is a story from last year when I had a rude awakening, literally. I had woken up in the morning with bad stomach cramps, which is odd for me to wake up not feeling well. I rolled around the bed for a while hoping the cramps would subside. But I was really sweating and could feel the urge building and I knew I'd have to go to the bathroom to get whatever was in me out. I was just wearing boxers, so I slid them down and sat on the toilet and had a massive explosion of diarrhea. There were gassy farts in between and more loose liquid. It was probably the worst diarrhea I'd ever had. I kept going with loose crap and liquid shooting out for several minutes. I was so weak from losing so much that I was pale and couldn't even stand up. I actually just laid on the floor with my shorts still around me legs, my butt still dirty, pointed towards the ceiling, just sleeping until I got some energy. It's that still sick feeling you have even after going. I finally got the st! rength to get up and clean up, then shower. I felt better and had some breakfast to get some food into me - mistake that was. I felt the girgling in my stomach and had yet more diarrhea, which made me concerned that it might be a bug (usually one trip to the bathroom cleans out the cause of the cramps). Anyway, I stayed home that morning and felt fine afterwards - but my rearend was sore from going so fast. I also had to clean under and around the toilet seat as the diarrhea literally blasted out of my butt. I have no idea what caused it - probably something I ate didn't agree.

Does anybody have any storys about going to the bathroom on the floor like at home in the basement or something like that?

Mrs. Betty
I can't help it, but I truly love the sound and smell of a good fart, don't you? I been this way since I can remember and I was in therapy for 30 years until the therapist finally told me to "just enjoy those farts" and to live my life.

Jeff (likes girls peeing)
Hey everyone i really love this and i'm in the middle of readin the old posts...I really like when girls pee and never seen 1 go in my life...but this weekend this girl is goin to pee for me which i'm very exited for!!!so i'm askin the ladys on the site to describe how u go to the how u pull down ur panties and stuff and tell me how u sit on the toilet, then tell me how u wipe. ok? can u ladies do that for me?? And another thing i heard women pee standing up?!?!? if any of u do that can u please tell me how u do it? and we need a lot more peein stories! Thanks!

DEAR LINDA: Thankyou for that last post of yours ! It was so funny I had to get some tissues to wipe my eyes ! You really are a lovely person ! Now you've told me about your bidet, I really wish that we had one of those too so Chloe and I could go together. Still, I quite enjoy us taking turns to go to the toilet while the other watches. Whatever was Nora's scary godzilla poop ? Also, when you talk about sitting on the trashcan to poop because your cousin is already pooping, do you mean the small bucket variety ( like Chloe thinks ) or the large dustbin variety that are collected by men in a dust cart. I thought it was the latter, and was having hysterics imagining you sitting on a dustbin until Chloe came up with her interpretation !

I also loved the bit about the curtains round your toilet. I had to get more tissues at the thought of Elena opening and shutting curtains depending on whether she was about to poo or not, but not being bothered about you seeing her sitting on the toilet otherwise ! Oh, just in case this sounds bad, I'm not laughing at Elena, just the thoughts in my head !

Talking about Chloe's ( and now my ) friend Kirsty, I understand that she might be shy with people she doesn't know very well yet, or that she might like complete privacy all the time. I was just expressing a thought that it seemed funny that she won't let even her sister in the bathroom while she goes. But then you're right.. her ideals may well be different, and it will certainly be interesting to see how she reacts over time when she is with Chloe and me, and Chloe and I constantly accompany one another in the toilet. She might decide she's missing out and join us one day !

Please don't be jealous about our toilet ring. There's always pretend, and Chloe and I have decided that when we are on our own, we are going to include you. That is, when we have both been, we are going to keep a minute or two at the end where we pretend you are there as well. We will imagine you pulling down your pampies and so on ! But it is a bit difficult to imagine when we don't really know what you look like. Can you give us a description of yourself when you next write, and we will both very much look forward to including you ! Do you believe in telepathy, where you can communicate to someone else your thoughts, even if they are miles and miles away ? Well, we will be trying that, but if it doesn't work, you can always read about it hear, because I'll tell you ! And we promise to keep it just between us girls !

However, I won't ever forget my wonderful cousin Andrew ( Lawn Dogs Kid ). I just love having him watch me while I go. Perhaps I will only have to have half a wee, so I can have the other half with him.

By the way, I had to get a third tissue when I read your description of a toilet ring ! However, I have to say that I hate cold toilet seats, and if that could be termed as hurting, I have a cure for that. I only pull my panties down a little bit, so that where my legs would be resting on the seat front, my panties are underneath them instead, like a shield against the cold.

I don't often go "Ahhhhhhhhhhh". Its usually only when I'm desperate to go, and between you and me, yes that does include a desperate poo as well ! My cousin ( Lawn Dogs Kid, Andrew ) told the story a while ago about he, Chloe and I going to the toilet together at his house, when I had got so desperate to go, I actually leaked a bit in my panties. It was silly really. He and Chloe have this joke that it is always me who needs the toilet first and suggests that we all go together. Determined not to be the first for a change, I held on for too long. I remember showing them both the wet patch as I sat doing my very big wee ! I can't remember now if I went "Ahhhhhhhhh" then, but I'm sure I must have done, as that must be the most desperate I've ever been. So I think I know what you must have felt like in your final story about that big desperate wee that brought tears to your eyes. Except that I was willingly having mine with my cousin and Chloe watching ! Oh, and tea does ma! ke you go, at least it does me anyway ! I'm sure there is a special word for it, but I've forgotten. I'll ask Andrew next time I see him. I bet he'll know what it is !

Looking forward to hearing from you soon ! Take care.

Lots of love from Kendal xx

PS Where is my lovely friend ILEO gone ? I've been saving a big hug for you !

Terrific post Sandra!

To Pooping For Pleasure (P.F.P.): I've had what you have's like the soild poop is stuck up your butt and this loose watery diahreah is trying to escape.

I dont know why people think its the end of the world when they wet their pants. Everyone has to pee, and if you cant find or get to a toilet, the only alternative is in your pants. Just a couple of weeks ago, i was shopping with my Dad, and i really had to pee. I told him so and he showed me where the bathrooms were. On the way i started to wet my pants causing a wet mark on my pants. When i returned, my father asked if i was all set now and i replied that i had wet my pants a little. He thought it a bit odd that his 15 year old son had wet his pants in the mall, but accepted that sometiems you just cant hold on. So when you wet your pants, dont think you're a baby. It happens to everyone at some point.


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