Suzanne went this morning at her usual time - 7.45. She normally does one massive long wide log, but this morning she did 7 bits. She is away and she phoned me as she went. I could hear her pushing in her voice and then plop plop kerplunk plop plop, then she began to talk but after about 20 secs she strained hard (whilst still talking) and then kerplunk plop.

It was much bigger than usual she said. Its probably becausse she couldnt go yesterday and she had a backlog.

She is fantastic the way she will never have a poo without me - and she lets me look at what she has done.

I would love to see it come out - either her squatting over the toilet backwards or squatting and doing it on the floor. I just dont know how to ask her. I am afraid she will think it is a stage too far. I have persuaded her that going with her is perfectly normal, but I think that she may worry about me looking at it as it comes out.

Has anybody got any ideas how I can suggest it to her?

Poop Guy
Sometimes I like to poop in the shower. It feels so good to just stand there and let everything out. It ends up with a big clump on the drain and sometimes I will get down in it.

desperate at school-how old are you? are you boy or girl? i am a 15 boy. I know what you mean with not having time to pee during the school day. One time in 3rd period (of 6) i got an incredible urge to pee. I crossed my legs real tight and the urge died down for about an hour or so. After lunch (during which i had drunk some soda)i had english for 80 min. straight. After about 15 min. i had to pee really bad again. The problem is this teacher never lets anyone go to the bathroom during class. I didnt bother asking him 'cause he hadnt let anyone go all year. So i sat in my seat (it was a study period)and sat with my legs crossed as tight as they would go, but i still had to piss real real bad. With about 5 min. in class i was bouncing up and down and had to grab my dick a couple of times (which i dont like to do in public). Once when it got really bad i felt a small drop come out. When the bell rang, i dashed to the bathroom, but couldn't stop myself from wetting my pants a bi! t more. There was a microscopic wet spot on the front of my pants because i had done 2 or three squirts of pee in my pants. No one noticed though and i was so relieved. Hows that for a desperation story?


Sandra: Use a toilet. Avoid arrest.

Buck(IL): We used the word dookie in grammar school. In a saturday music program, some girls would smoke in the bathroom and avoid being detected late. The teacher chased them out. I went in as they ran out. I had to pee. A girl told me not to enter the stall. There was "dookey" in that toilet. It was brown, thick above the water line. I took the next clean toilet stall, lifted my Scout uniform, slip and pink panties and urinated.

Rick: You sound like an Englishman. Let me tell you. I've had your girls in my house. Like me, they have large bowel movements. One of my cousins was a frequent goer. Her name was Wendy. She would move her bowels three times between noon and 7 pm. Her first night we were washing dishes. Quietly, she dropped the dishtowel. Clutching her stomach, she went to the toilet. I did not hear her for 15 minutes. When I called her she opened the door, her dress up and flowered panties at her knees. I heard a splash and a fart. She was reaching for paper. When she stood up, there were these 6 pieces of doo-doo the size of bananas. I clocked her habits. She made doo-doo 5 times daily. Twice in the morning, three times in the evening. In the morning, I would be taking a bath and she would come in lift her nightshirt and sit on the throne. I would turn of the water to hear the plop, plop, plops. After breakfast about 9, her next movement would be loose and would crackle. Then after noon ! her movements were large and firm.

School janitor: I would not go to school under those conditions. Not in a public school. My folks would put me in a private school. That is insane. Passes. My friend, tawana had to drop out and get a GED, so she would not be treated like criminal.

I see that my husband posted behind my back. I was surprised that Gary posted a story, considering he still has trouble understanding why I'm so interested in this topic. I asked him what possessed him to submit a story, which he did while I was on the phone, and he said the opportunity presented itself and that he was inspired by the picture of Baby Spice. I told him that is not Baby Spice on the masthead. I'm sure our British friends can verify it.

The other day I was on my way home from work when I had a very sudden urge to poop. While driving I let go a fart in order to relieve the pressure. It turned out to be a much bigger fart than I thought, and it was a major stinker. In fact, I thought I had pooped in my panties. Luckily, I was approaching a mall, so I decided to stop by to use a bathroom. I went into a department store straight into the ladies room. I farted loudly as I got to the door.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and panties, and sat. I inspected my panties and found I didn't leave behind any skidmarks. I pushed out a long turd that was very soft, followed by a huge soft load that must have produced a dozen plops into the toilet. I let go a booming fart and proceeded to push out another massive load of soft but not runny poop, then farted loudly again. There was a strong poop smell, so I flushed the toilet while seated.

I pushed out more waves of soft poop as well as several pieces of more solid but still soft poop. I flushed the toilet while seated three more times before I was finished. I wiped several times, then I got up and saw I left a big skidmark in the middle of the bowl.

I went to the shops today and had to go for a leak, I always go into the cubical cause I don't like standing in piss.
Anyway this guy comes in next door and pulls down his duds and sits on the seat, then you hear Psssssssss plop plop plop then some more Pssssssart, and then some more psssssssart.
Then a couple of pushes that produced a sort of clicking sound and he reached for the paper.
Turned me on no end.

Today I had a mindblowing experience. I'd been needing to shit for quite a while but couldn't get a break. I put it out of my mind & delayed it for a few hours. By late afternoon I had to go BAD. I quickly took off for the toilets. As I sat an enormous fart came out of my ass followed by an exposion of shit. I farted a couple more times & a long wide turd started out. I had to push & grunt a bit before it fell heavily into the water. I farted somemore & a wave of soft poo followed. There was a long pause but I knew I had to go some more so I waited. Soon I let out an incredibly long tight fart of about 5 seconds & several small turds shot out. One more barrage of farts as I pissed. It took 4 wipes to get clean. I haven't had to go so much in quite awhile. It sure felt good.

Louise--Not sure if you remember me telling about seeing my co-worker pissing in the bushes? Anyway I've seen him again. I was at his place watching videos when he said he needed to pee. He went into his bathroom but didn't shut the door. I got a nice side view as he whipped it out & began to piss like a racehorse. He noticed me watching & said "oh sorry i should've shut the door." Told him I really didn't mind. Unfortunatly I didn't have to go or I'd have returned the favor. Hopefully next time.

Speaking of pissing I really gotta go. Talk to you later.

I heard this joke today here it is...The bathroom part of the joke is in the middle and will be in ('s just like this.... (Hi)
I delteted part of the joke cause i didn't think it would make it cause it talks about some xxx stuff.

"Relationships Before And After"

Before she moves in, she wears teddies and suspenders, and you hold your farts

2. Bodily functions
Before: You spray aerosol after a crap; piss on the side of the bowl to reduce
noise and never, ever fart in her presence.

After: You fart in front of her with impunity and obvious pride, commenting on the
food intake for the day and speculating on the resultant odor. Despite repeated
pleas to the contrary, you fart in bed and hold her head under the covers. You
think it's hilarious.

3. Relations/Friends
Before: Her auntie Jane is a real character with a lively personality and interesting
views about politics, and her unemployed girlfriend Amanda is a genuine,
charming supportive friend who you think is really nice.

After: Auntie Jane is a loud-mouthed, pain-in-the-ass with all the personality of a
cold sore. Amanda is a manipulative loser, but you wouldn't mind doing her if the
opportunity arose.

After: She KNOWS you're full of shit!!

one time when i was like in 3rd grade we wrote these stories and we had to share them infront of the class and this girl got up to do her story infront of the class and she started telling the story and then she said out of the blue she say " i'm having an accident" and everyone is looking at her and she;s standing in this poodle of yellow urine anyone else have any pants wetting stories? email me

The adverts state that every room in the Madonna Inn has a theme. A number of web sites mention (and show pictures) of the 'waterfall' urinal in the mens room. Yet the Ladies room is never mentioned. Does anyone know what the theme is in the Ladies room? I think it would be most unfair if the women only had "plain porcelain" in which to pee while men have the exotic waterfall setting.

I am really quite constipated at the moment, been eating a lot of white bread and cheese all week. For the last few days my poops have been getting dryer and more solid and less frequent, I suppose I'm not eating enough fruit and fibre. I had a poo this morning at 7, but it was a hard one that I had saved from last night when I ignored the sensation to poop, it was about 4" long by 2" thick and was quite painfull as it oozed from my butt, then I started getting mild cramps at about 10 O'Clock, but decided to ignore them as they were'nt urgent and I decided to wait until I got home, for the rest of the day I felt heavy in my bowels and continued to get mild cramps, followed by small amounts of really smelly wind.

When I got home I continued to abstain thinking I would wait untill just before I got in the shower, even though the stomach cramps were now stronger than ever, I could feel it's head poking from my butt,but now the feeling has gone away again, I can't wait till tomorrow morning when I know i'll REALLY need to poop!..

Yours bloatedly


Plunging Plop Guy
I call myself that as it's what I want to aspire to-to resume dropping big stiff healthy logs that really splash loudly but I know I've got to resume the right diet to do so.I'm going away on holiday now for about 10 days and on my return I'll give an account of the last 2 years during which I had a strange bowel problem that may or may not have been caused by antibiotics and which I hope has at last been cured,also by antibiotics!Basically it was often sore when I shat,thinking it was heamorrhoids I sought medical advice and dietary changes etc.Anmyway I got better after having a barium enema and no treatment!Apparenyly there was nothing wrong-just soreness of the anus which went and for a few months all was well.Then I realised that now and again and then more frequently I was getting either sore during or after a shit,feeling like something was sticking out but wasn't,passing blood when straining on small hard turds or even on shit that was so soft that it was difficult to ! get done,and sometimes days when I had to rush to the toilet upto 8 times to do a minute shit.As you can imagine all of you who love shitting this was avery miserable time especially for a real lover of shitting.
Hopefully that episode is all behind (!!) me now and that is why I'm very careful not to either overdo the laxative effect of a high fibre diet or the opposite ie.lots of white flour and stodgy food.Like a lot of posters I love hearing a guy grunting while he's working hard on a big hard turd and I love pushing out a constipated one but don't want to risk making myself sore again,as during those months when I would feel great one day and bad the next-the strong interest never left me as I think I knew it wasn't anything serious but something dietary doing it.
You'd hardly believe the wide ranging opinion within the medical world re.intestinal health.Drink lots and lots.Don't drink too much.Avoid white flour at all costs.Eat lots of fruit.Fruit in moderation.Laxatives.Go easy on laxatives etc.etc
I'm actually weaning myself off Fybogel very gradually.This was prescribed by my doctor and contains Isphagula husk which is regarded as being noncolon -dependent.
So there we are .My tale of woe that I would not wish on anyone,and what a cruel trick of nature to play on me!

Glad you agree,"DM" about those sounds that just happen at the wrong time when you're "all ears" in a public toilet.The one I visit here has great metal pans high off the floor but it's near several museums and unfortunately lots of fathers with their small offspring seem to come in and talk ,or old men cough,the urinals flush a door slams or a lorry stops outside etc.However Sometimes I get to hear the sounds of a guy's every move and I'll tell more of the great sessions I've heard in there,also about a young man staying with me for a few months,my best friend's use of the bathroom and my patience being rewearded,and my growing interest in shitting since puberty.Too much to say now so I'll tell more when I'm back home.

To "Buzzy",Hope you too get the opportunity to sit on a warm seat and have all the reminders of him still there,skidmarks in the pan especially.

This is a terrific site and I've not even read a third of what's been posted yet.It's certainly exceeded my expectations as I found this accidentally by a reference from another site and what I found before related to shitting was not for me at all.
All best wishes and great plopping !

Maybe I'm a tad late here, but I was reading some older posts today and came across Tony's thoughts on political correctness. Well said, sir. This being an election year here in the good old PC States of America, the air waves are full of the most pretentious BS you've ever heard. Like Dennis Miller, I don't want to go on a rant here. But why can't politicians - and all people, for that matter - just accept that life is imperfect, use the words and phrases that people understand and get on with it?

Sorry, that's my opinion for today. Anyhow, I also don't understand the ability for some people to explain their diarrhea and not their other toilet endeavors. For me, it was always embarrassing as a child to tell anyone about my "bad poop" and it still is. Like some of you have mentioned before, I also don't relish looking at anything but a good, solid (or soft) turd.

Speaking of which, I had a semi-soft snake today of probably 13-14", but it was a bit thin. But for some reason, I had to force it out - which is surprising, because I don't usually have to push all that hard most of the time.

Well, regrets, but I've got a class in the morning and I'm already up too late. Remember, splashers rule...


hi my name is adam im in 6th grade and the other day in math class i had to wee real bad so i asked the teacher if i could go and she said no and then 20 minuets later i asked again and she said no again so i sat their in my seat and i started to move around alot and i couldnt hold it and i raised my hand again and the teacher ignored me. So i peed my pants and i was jeans the whole class started laughing at me and i started to cry so i went down to the nurse and changed my pants and unds anyone else know what it is like for that to happen to you? -cj clemens

we were at the bus stop today and my oplder brother
( 8th grade ) pushed me down to the ground and i had to pee really bad so i got up and he jumped on me and started beating me up and i peed my pants before school!! god i hate him so much he always embarreses me so i got on the bus with wet jeans and everyone laughed at me including me jerk brother . has this ever happened to anyone?

I was waling down the hall i believe it was 5period right before lunch. I had to go to the bath room very bad and starting running to the bath room. As i was running down the hall i felt a shit begin to squeeze through my ass hole. then all of a sudden it shot out in my pants. I can to the bath room anyway but on my way some punk triped me. as i fell i peed my pants leaving a huge puddle on the floor and my poop was smashed out of my pants

France 2000, Part 6.

The final episode from the camp site in France with unisex 'squat' toilette facilities with gaps under the partitions. To answer James's question, if a woman came into the next stall and squatted really low, I could get a good clear 'back side' view of her under the partition from further back. If she didn't squat so low, I could only get a side view but it from lower down and was usually unobstructed by buttocks unless they were quite large! Sometimes when they were peeing gushers, I had to move away a bit to avoid getting splashed!

One morning, I went into the toilettes at about 10:00. A woman come in and squatted down really low in stall #3 when I was in #4. She peed then pushed out a few small round shiny brown poops and then she pushed a bit harder. The pressure caused something to drip from her vagina that I can't mention but let's just say it's a good way to pass the time on a wet morning in a tent..... Then she put her finger just above her anus and pressed, presumably to encourage any more poop to come out. No more came out and she wiped and left. There is a wash basin by the door but she didn't wash her hands there!

TO P.F.P.-Somtimes i too do poos like yours-rarely,but one in a while i get one like that.Doesn't it feel great after you get the hard part out and the rest comes out fast and easy1
To CC AUSTRALIA-I feel the same way you do -when i was in college-i used to go to this men's room which was right next to the ladies room and the toilets were back to back and i used to go in there and hear some great stuff coming out of the ladies room!It was really cool til i met a girl who used to poo for me all the time and then the fun really began!
I'm still "buzzing "about my poo session with my buddies yesterday a.m.-It was fun to sit together and dump at the same time-and we were all pooing at the same time with lots of poo coming out of all of us and seeing it all! Wow!-the thing i want to do is hopefully do it with this guy's wife and her sister-( yea I'll believe it when it really happens!)-hey who knows-it's been an interesting summer-i've finally met some folks that like to poop in the woods like myself-I was beginning to think i was alone except for some of you folks on this forum- hopefully it will get more interesting with some female action good thing i'm not holding my breath C'mon ladies meet me out in the wild to do some buddy pooing i'd be great company it my be fun Oh well i tried -Later BYE

Friday, September 22, 2000

Last night I was coming home from the train station when I felt the need to poo (I hadn't been during lunchtime). It was dark and there was nobody around. Because it's summer, I wasn't wearing panties. so I stopped walking and spread my legs apart a little. Without hardly straining I felt a poo sliding out of my bottom which fell from beneath my skirt and landed with a "floomp" sound on the concrete. It was about 10 inches long. I passed a couple of smaller poos and while doing this, a woman passed by with her dog. She smiled and said hello, completely unaware that I was dropping poos! When she passed, I hiked my skirt up to my waist and peed standing up. It gushed out for many feet and a couple of more poos slid out. A boy came by on his bike, took one look at me peeing and pooing standing up with my skirt up to my waist, then rode off looking terrified! I adjusted my clothing, went home and wiped my bottom.

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