Hey Gold Girl.
I was on a trip with somefriends and I had to pee really really bad. I was holding myself so I wouldnt go all over the car.
I was gonna burst so I just took out a coffe cup and squated on the seat and peed. It felt sooo good. A lot of people were watching from the other cars though

One day I was canooing at this lake far far away from the nearest bathroom. I was with my Instrucor and a bunh of guys. All the guys had to go to the bathroom and couldn't wait,so the instructor told them to go in the bushes. Since I am a girl and I had to go, I just waited. We were right in the middle of the lake and I couldn't hold it anymore. I couldn't row anymore cause everytime the water would make a sound I would start to slightly pee my pants.
I ended up soaking my pants.

Another story is when I was in grade 2, I would never ask if I could go to the bathroom, I was so worried that the other teacher would say no and I was very shy. So one time I really had to go to the bathroom so I pressed right below my belly buton.That seemed to make me feel better, but I had the urge to pee. Then school ended and I had to pee so bad. I was standing outside waiting for my ride to pick me up. It was raining and I started to pee my pants. It felt so good.

Another story was when I was in 9th grade, we were watching a movie and I had to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to ask the teacher if I could go because we only had a 15 mins untill next class. I told the guy next to me that I had to go to the bathroom and he said that he did he got up and asked if he could go, and the teacher said no, wait until the movie is over. I really had to pee and I was figiting and moving and just tapping my foot. The teacher asked if I had to use the bathroom and I said really really really badley.
He let me go but that was the last time anyone in the class could go out.

Lili--it's been awhile since I saw my friend pissing in the bushes. The post is on page 345. Check it out.

Buzzy--I love your stories too. I'd shit in the woods with you anytime.


Lili, I'm glad you liked my story. Since I didn't have any guys respond I guess none have had to shit or piss before or during sex.

Yesterday I was driving home from work & got stuck in traffic. I really had to piss bad. I fidgeted in my seat & had to hold my dick to keep from squirting. I finially got home & as I got out of the car I let out a few drops. I had to hold it again. I let go to unlock & open my door & as I did I lost it & pissed my pants.

I had a similar thing happened last month when I was walking home from the park. I felt the need to go while I was there but the bathrooms are aweful so I headed home. I was several blocks away when the need became urgent. I had to hold myself to keep from going. I started looking for a spot to piss. About the time i couldn't hold it anymore I went down this ally & behind a dumpster & pulled out my full penis to piss forever. What a relief.

Diane, about the European toilets: There are two popular types of toilets here (let alone the French squat-type loos). The one you describe is the older one. It is no longer used because of the disadvantages you mentioned. They are still common in public restrooms. This is a problem, as there are not always brushes in the cubicles (they often get stolen or so), and without a brush it's impossible to keep the pan clean. The newer type much the same, but the hole with the water in it is at the back end of the bowl so that any pool falls directly into it.

Talking about rest stops, I had an interesting experience today. I like watching people doing their business in the open, and I always enjoy having a BM in the woods or so myself. But I'm very shy and afraid of being caught, so I always go to a spot where I'm sure that noone is around. I have often wondered what it would be like when you are having a dump in the open where other people might watch you. I figured that a rest stop - one of those without any restrooms or porta johns - might be the best place. When you go out there in the woods the only people who might watch you are those who need a piss or BM themselves. Imagiging to have a BM there has always given me a turn on, but I have never dared to try myself. Until today.

I was driving my car on a highway when I decided that today was the day to finally try it. The weather was great, there were a lot of people out there and - most important - I was feeling a strong urge to dump. So I watched out for the next stop and pulled off. I stopped the engine and sat there for a while to see what was going on. There was only one other car but I couldn't spot the driver anywhere. Then another car stopped some 50 meters behind me. A family with two kids got out, one girl (maybe around 7 or 8) and one boy (a bit older than his sister). The mother was talking to the girl and pointed at the bushes. She took her daughter by the hand and went into the woods. Too bad that I couldn't get a glimpse of them. The boy followed them after a while, then the mother and the girl and finally the boy came back out. After they had left, I went to the spot where they had gone. I noticed that there was a road right behind that bushes and decided that this was not the plac! e to go for me. So I got back into my car again and headed to the next rest stop. There was some kind of narrow hill at the right hand side, with a lot of trees and bushed on it. Once again I wanted to take a look at what was going on there (there are strange people at the rest-stops sometimes, you know). A car stopped some 50 meters ahead of me. A girl (aged 20 or so, with blonde hair) got out and rushed up the hill with some tissues in her hand. She must have been very desperate! After two minutes or so, she came back, got into her car and left. I wondered what she had left in the bushes, but I didn't dare to take a look, as two guys with motorcycles hat just arrived. They were standing half way between my car and the place where that girl had been, smoking a cigarette and chatting. I decided that I wouldn't care about them and that the moment had come for me to go myself. So I got out of the car and walked up the hill. A small path lead into the woods at the right hand side! . There were a low of tissues at the ground, most of them with skid marks on them. I saw a few piles of dump, most of them must have been a few days old. The path ended after about 25 meters. There was a fence, obviously intending to keep people from walking further into the woods and leaving their waste there. Looking down the hill, I had a good view of my car and the path. So, with my back to the fence and my face to the path, I pulled down my jeans and underwear too my knees and squatted. I dropped two medium sized, quite firm logs, and finally a small one. Although I had drunk a lot of water on my car ride before, it didn't pee alot. Instead of trying to strain and push the rest of the poo out of my bowels, I took some tissues I had taken with me and wiped. After pulling by jeans back up, I decided to wait for a while and see if someone would arrive at the stop and walk up the path. After a while, I felt the urge to piss (strange, huh?), pulled my penis out of my jeans an! d pissed at a tree. Unfortunately, noone did arrive in a while, so I went back to my car and drove home.

Although my mission was not really done (remember, I wanted to go where others can watch me), there's still something positive. After all, I had a BM at a place where I wouldn't have dared to go before. Although noone had walked up that path, at least those two motorcyclists must have known what I was doing up there. Maybe I have better luck next time. I still want to have a dump while being watched by someone who is having a dump as well. Kind of anonymous buddy dump in the open, you know. But I still don't know how to arrange this. Any idea?

Anyways, have fun reading and keep on posting.

water 101
today, i witnessed one of the most embarrassing moments ever! My best friend and i were at lunch, and she was dared by my other friend to drink a 2 liter water bottle and not go to the bathroom till 10th period (3 hrs later). Being as daring as she is of coure she accepted it. Well i am in her 9th and 10th per. class, so i could wait to see how she was. At the beginning of 9th per. she seemed ok, but by the end, she was dying, and i could tell. she was bouncing with her legs crossed, holding her crotch. On the way till 10th per, i asked her how she was and she said she was going to have an accident really soon, so i told her to stop in the bathroom. We had time so i didnt think it would be a problem.Nope she said, she wasn't going to lose the dare. There was nothing about wetting, only about not using the bathroom. i was surprised, she wasnt one fro embarrasement. Durring 10th per, we had public speaking class, and when it was her turn (about 7 min through the period) she went! up there squeezing her crotch. Our teacher told her to let go and stand w/her hands by her side, but she said she couldnt. He asked her why and she told him. He started laughing so hard, while at the same time she peed all over the plae. she peed for at least 4 min (i am not joking). afterwords, she stood there and cryied.

i was sooo embarrassed for her....does anyone have similar stories??

Last month I went on a weekend camping trip with my girlfriend and her family (I'm a 17yr old female). We left for our trip on a late Friday afternoon, and I had not had my BM yet that day. By the time we got set up at our campsite I had the urge to go. My friend and I went to use the outhouse. She peed first and then it was my turn to go. As I was peeing a few other girls walked up and were waiting to use the outhouse. The poop was ready to come out of me, but I didn't want it to let it out with my friend standing there and others waiting just outside the door. I decided to hold it in, so I pulled up my jeans and left the outhouse thinking that I would go later when no one was around. For the next two days I kept thinking that I should try to go whenever I sat down to pee, but I didn't have a strong urge to poop. I didn't poop all weekend and I knew I was constipated. By the time we drove home on Sunday evening I was miserable (it was a five hour drive), and all I could thi! nk about was getting home and forcing out my constipated turds. My ???? felt so full and bloated and I didn't feeling like eating anything else until I took a nice, big dump! I wished that I had gone on Friday night when I had the chance! When I got home Sunday evening, my mom asked if I had fun. I told her yes but that I felt terribly bunged up. I told her I hadn't used the toilet since Thursday (three days ago). She said I needed to take something to make me go...either a suppository or an enema. I didn't want either one but she insisted on a suppository. She took me to the bathroom and I removed my jeans and panties. I bent over with my elbows on the counter top and mom smeared vaseline on my butthole and gently probed her finger up me a bit, and said that she could feel a hard mass up there. She reached for the unwrapped suppository and gently but firmly shoved it up into me. She told me to wait until the suppository made me feel like I couldn't hold it any longer (as if ! I didn't know that..she's given me suppositories many times before, but not in a long time.) Anyway, I went to my room and listened to some music for about 30 min. All of the sudden I needed to do a big fart. I ran to the toilet not knowing if I was going to fart or poop. As I sat down on the toilet I let out a deep, long fart. I felt a large, solid poo moving down and I knew there was no stopping it this time! Gradually I felt my anus being forced open. It hurt so much and felt good at the same time. That first log was so thick and hard, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it come out, but the suppository had its way with my now stretched open, aching hole and with several grunts and pushes the first monster finally dropped into the bowl with a big splash. I looked with relief and saw a very thick, hard, knobbly, dark brown turd about 8 inches long. I did a second one that was just as hard but shorter and it came out with slightly less effort. Then several mor! e pieces plopped out. Finally I felt like there was no more to come out. When I wiped there wasn't much poop on the paper. I went to my room to rest and listen to music. My mom came into my room and asked if the suppository had worked. I told her yes and that my butt was sore! After breakfast the next morning I couldn't believe how much more poop came out of me. I felt so much lighter after shitting out three days worth! Now I make sure that I poop whenever I have the matter where I am! I hate getting constipted.

I remember reading a book years ago titled "Alive". It was about a plane crash in the mountains somewhere. It was very cold and the survivors were huddled in the remaining rubble of aircraft while waiting to be rescued. As others died, the survivors ate human flesh for food. In one scene the book describes a survivor who became severely constipated and tried desparately to have a BM and finally had to reach behind, while sqatting in the snow, to pull out the hard, dry and compacted feces. Did anyoone else read the book? I would like to re-read that scene, as it is a big turn on for me to hear constipation stories. I also like stories about suppositories and enemas. Anyone have some good stories for me?

Midnight Cowboy
I agree with you. I wonder what some architects were thinking when they made crucial decisions on people's privacy while toileting. I've always wondered why men's public toilets didn't have doors on the stalls or privacy the way women's did at the same location. It always fascinated me growing up too, that men were just supposed to be used to going in front of each other. But what's with this current trend of privacy. All new men's toilets now have privacy and older ones are being rennovated and the lost art of toileting togther is being ruined. And what's with this partitions between urinals now? It's always been a right of passage to see how the other guy's hung while urinating, or to see how heavy his stream is. Now, they're taking it away from us!

TO BUZZY: After I said that statement about being watched in New York City, I had a link to an article, but I guess that's not allowed here and was edited out. Anyway, the article told of a study done by the American Microbiology Association to see about people's hand-washing habits. They put observers in public toilets in 5 major cities and concluded New Yorkers were the dirtiest, washing least. Imagine being paid to be one of these observers. Not only were they watching, but listening and smelling...

Yes, during the colonoscopy the doctor was pumping air into my butt and told me to fart away when I needed to, so that's exactly what I did. When I had the ploypectomy surgery I had to go through two days of the comkplete laxative cleansing that I did for the colonoscopy. The expression, "That just chaps my ass" is a southwestern American expression meaning, "That really annoys me." I've noticed most people here are British is that correct? The terms, "jobbie," "pan" and "bloke" are all new to me.

A hernia exam isn't that embarrassing. The doctor just sort of touches your testicles. It's the prostate exam men really fear when the doc goes exploring up your but with his fingers until he starts touching some real sensitive parts and pre-cum starts dripping out of your dick. Once he told me to catch some on a glass slide to look at under a microscope. In the military they had about 100 guys in this big room stripped to our shorts at various stations getting different tests. When you had to bend over, spread your cheeks and let the doc's finger in you had a whole line of men watching you who were next to get theirs. That was humiliating! They did it the same way when I was getting a physical examination to get into a civilian police academy

Once I had to get a barium enema x-ray. They fill your colon with a liquid that shows up really well on the x-ray film. i had only self-administered an enema to myself a few times before I had to do this. Since I had moved to Texas, I had begun wearing a cowboy hat every day because of the blazing sun here. The tecnician giving me the x-ray thought I was a country boy and asked if I had ever had an enema before. I played the part and told him no.

After I was stripped down to a hospital gown I was laid on my back, and had my feet lifted up and spread apart like in a gynecological exam. When I had done it to myself, I was on all fours, doggie style. This position really caused the warm liquid to go up into my stomach a lot further and it hurt. And I was being filled with about 4 times the amount. I squeezed and tried to hold it in, but I started springing leaks on the table and quick "shots" popped out now and then. The technician told me he was going to have to plug me up. He put a rubber bulb in my hole and then filled it with air until it clogged me up like a cork. That was humiliating. When it was over I ran to the toilet and didn't stop to close the door and exploded out the barium. The technician smiled and told me to take my time. He was right. It took about 15 minutes before it all came out in three "waves" and I felt it was safe to get dressed.

When I was about 20, I thought that I had to pee too many times a day, so a urologist sent me to get his x-ray that they take a series of pictures while you're urinating. The technician held my penis in this giant paper-clip type looking thing as I was supposed to piss into a plastic bottle during the x-ray. Well, the paper-clip was cutting off the flow and I couldn't do it and was embarrassd. I told him the problem was the clip and he said he had to hold me penis at a certain angle for the x-ray. Finally I got him to do it without the clip and I gushed out urine everywhere. I guess it's kind of hard to aim another man's dick properly.

The x-ray didn't show any problems so I had to get a "urodynamic evaluation." Again stripped to a hospital gown, a nurse held my penis steady as the doc fed a catheter into it. It was so painful I forgot about being embarrassed. My urine emptied out a clear tube into a plastic bed pan. Then they filled up my bladder with sterile water until I couldn't hold anymore. A computer measured the capacity. then they sat me onthebed pan and told me to piss as fast and as much as I could and the computer measured that.

The next day I saw the doc for the test results. He said, "We found the problem."

I said, "Great, what is it?"

He told me I had an unusually small bladder. i asked him what we do about it.

He said, "Pee a lot." Since I had a smaller than average bladder, to solve my problem I was supposed to urinate more times a day than the average person. I had gone through all that for this information.

All i needed now was for him to say, "Take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning.

two stories:

First, in 8th grade, my mom was giving me a ride home from school when it started to rain, thunder, and lightning. My brother and his friend Philip ( both 11yrs.) were walking home from school and we found them on the street before ours. They got in the backseat of the car and we pulled into the driveway. The lightning was frequent and dangerous now, so we had to sit in the car and wait. Philip announed that he had to pee really badly. My mom told him to try to hang on. He was bouncing and figeting and crossing his legs in the backseat, anything to prevent an accident. About 5 min. later, Philip told my mom that he was sorry but he was wetting in his pants, which was shown by the dark patch on his pants. My mom thought it was funny and understood that he couldnt wait.

Another time,i was about 12 or 13 and was playing with my friend Brian in the snow. We both had our snowsuits on and soon after we got outside i had to pee desperately. Since i had so much stuff on me i couldnt hold myself to ease the urge. I told Brian my problem and he told me to undo my snowpants and pee on the snow. However, i didnt feel like doing that, so i told him that i was just gonna pee in my pants, since i was all wet anyway. Brian told me the only time he had done that was when he was racing inside, and it had only been a few squirts. After a couple minutes more of trying to get the urge to leave, i gave up and peed in my pants. It hardly showed on the outside of my snowpants. Brian saw that i was more relaxed, and asked if i had wet my pants. I told him yes!

hey guys i'd like to hear your stories of when you were desperate to pee but were caught in a traffic jam and what happened!!


I was passing through the Bruxelles (Belguim) airport a couple of days ago and had to pee badly. I went into the mens room and was just ready to start pissing into the urinal when this VERY beautiful lady walked in and started mopping the floor right behind me. Well, I've seen women cleaning the men's rooms in Europe many times; however, they usually look like somebody's mother (or grandmother). This person looked like she should be in movies!!!

Anyway, by now the pee was flowing, and so, while peeing, I asked her in French how she was doing. She was sort of surprised, but answered okay. I then asked her how long she had worked there, etc. all the time with a big stream of pee gurgling in the urinal. We started a conversation and she was real nice. I finished by turning around and putting my cock back in and zipping up my pants right in front of her. As I washed my hands, she went back to work on the floor. Then, as I left, I shook hands with her and told her I had enjoyed talking to her. Very interesting experience for an American where we are so up tight about the toilet here.

By the way, also saw into the open door of the lady's room a sign stating they had new female urinals. Wonder what they're like?


I had an accident in my panties the other day, when I was with my boss travelling in a busy area we came into a traffic jam and I was desperate to go to the loo, we were stopped for 15 minutes and I couldn't hold on anymore in the car so I told him I was in trouble and started crying, he said let it go its okay! I let go with some wees and then a large poo came out in my white frilly nylon panties, the worst part my boss saw the poos and wees come out and grinned, it was so degrading we still had to travel about 10k and when we got there I noticed a big stain on the seat and promptly went and showered. My boss is understanding and I think it turned him on a bit!

That side view picture is about exactly the way I sit on the toilet! With my feet the same way as I'm quite a short lady. And I look different- I look a lot like the girl doctor on "Providence" as I am 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Salvadoran. And I'm 31, not early 20's like that girl looks.
Unisex toilets- love 'em. My fave public restrooms are the one room one stool jobbers that are co-ed. I never lock 'em cause I enjoy it when men (or cute gals-one of the advantages of being bi) walk in on me. Especially if I've really stunk the bathroom up good!
I am 62 inches tall(5'2'') and once a couple years ago I went naked into the woods at dawn and pooped standing up, and that turd turned out to be 59 inches long!! Not bad for a bitty girl but I hadn't shit for 5 days.
bye bye

anyone ever pee and crap stading up

Ben in NY
Ileo- a wonderful idea just dawned upon me! The next time your girlfriend takes a shit at either your house or hers, use the bathroom directly after her. When you come out, tell her how much the bathroom stunk when you went in. When she gets embarassed, tell her everybody's shit smells and that's ok, she shouldn't be embarassed. Then next time you take one around her, she shouldn't have anything to say. Hey, it my even spark a conversation and make her comfortable with your bathroom habits, leading to some things we on this site would all envy!

David W
For those of you that like shitting scenes in movies, you HAVE to rent the movie, "Any Given Sunday". It is basically about American football players. During halftime, one of those 300 pound monsters is slightly injured and is taking "medications" through an I.V. All the sudden, he has to take a shit and I mean now! He rushes to the toilet still attached to the I.V. The trainers follow him carrying the I.V. stands. He gets to the toilet, rips open the door and sees that it is occupied. "YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE NOW PLACE KICKER!" The kicker immediately complies. The player sits down, with the hapless trainers in the stall with him holding the I.V.'s. Then you hear some of the best sputtering and "evacuation" (if you have the close captioning feature turned on) sounds you ever heard. The trainers immediately turn their noses up trying to avoid the smell! If you like the colorful personalities and antics of football players, then you are going to love this! movie, shitting scenes or not. The scene where the cocky young quarterback gets his S.U.V. sawed in half is pretty good too. I'm sure that there are web sites out there that devote themselves to cars getting sawed in half!

New picture! Oh Yeah! That one is a winner. Oh Yeah! I know this isn't what we came here to talk about, but damn, she has a nice body. I really did want to see Emma, you know Baby Spice. What gives? I listened to my best friend's wife that a dump the other day. I couldn't help it. I have always wanted to listen to her go, and he was at work so I figured, what the hell. A word of advice though. If you are ever going to listen to someone without them knowing it, silence your beeper. I got caught that way once. Anyways, listening to my friend's wife go was cool. I knew she had to poop. I knew this because she went to the bathroom three times in 30 minutes. Of course, I listened each time. She would tinkle just a tiny little bit, sit for a minute, wipe and come out. She was very unconfortable looking. She squirmed a lot and wasn't paying much attention to the conversation. I think she was waiting for me to leave to poop, but after picking up on that, I wasn't going anywhere. She m! ade her way to the bathroom again and did the same routine as before, but still no poop. She came out and we watched TV a while longer. Looking a little desperate, she asked me if I knew how to stabilize the clothes dryer. I told her I did. I went to the laundry room which was in the basement of the house. She watched what I was doing for a minute or two and then said that she was going to run upstairs and check the phone as she thought it was ringing. I knew she was making the move now. I started the dryer acting as if I wanted to see if it would go off balance. This created enough noise that I could creep up the steps and tip toe up the the bathroom door. I managed to move quickly enough that I hardly missed the beginning of the show. I was so quiet in fact, that I managed to lay down on the floor and see all of her legs and waist. I knew this would be a good one because the pants where not simply pulled down, she took them off completely. The long tinkle abrouptly stopped. ! Her feet went up on tippy toes. Goose bumps where appearing on her legs. The legs began to shake a little. She quickly repositioned her butt and leaned forward. A big, loud, power packed fart was forced out on the first good push causing her to abort that push and rest up for another. She breathed heavily for a few seconds and then up on the tippy toes, goose bumps bigger then ever she executed another big push. She groaned for a good seven or eight seconds, took just one fast breath, and kept right on groaning. I couldn't hear the crackle over the loud groaning and panting. Just about the time I thought I couldn't be turned on anymore then I was, I saw it. Because I had a side view I could see the log moving out between the seat and the rim of the toilet. As hard as she was working, it was barely moving. Then in the middle of a really good push, it stopped. It just died off. She stopped pushing, however, her legs where shaking the whole time. Now it was time for battle. She ! repositioned her legs to spread them as wide as she could and used her hands to spread her cheeks open. This position seemed to work great. The monster slowly sild out. After the big one hit the water, she returned to a normal sitting position. The pee began to flow and several more smaller logs followed. When she began to grab the butt wipe, I knew I needed to head back to the basement so I never got to watch that part. From the basement, I heard the toilet flush. Then it flushed again. Wow I thought. A two flusher. She came back down stairs to find me at the dryer right where she had left me. I asked her who called. She said her friend tina who she hadn't talked with in a while. Nobody even called. That was a classic poop cover up. Lucky thing for me that I am a pro at spotting these things.

Sunday, September 24, 2000

Anne (Bus Driver)
Well, I didnt realise that there are two male contributors who like my postings, Adrian of course from England and also Undin of Greece. If I ever go to Greece, especially Athens, then I will definitely leave a big jobbie in a public toilet for you to admire. I believe that Coprophilia is actually (Ancient) Greek Copros=Dung and Philia= the Love of. Is this correct?

On Saturday I drove a coachload of born again Baptist types to an open air rally and service. They were quite a nice bunch and gave me a generous tip. As I am not into religion of any type I politely declined their kind invite to join their rally and service or the picnic afterwards and it was arranged that they would be be back to the coach in 3 hours.

I took my packed lunch and went off into the nearby woods as it was a nice day and I enjoy watching the animals, birds and insects. I strolled about for a while then ate my lunch and as often happens thereafter I felt I needed a motion. I hadnt been the day before so knew it would be a nice big one. Looking for a secluded area I left the pathway and soon found an ideal spot a small opening with bushes around. Indeed someone had already had the same idea as a solid jobbie of about 10 inches long and 2 inches fat and carrot shaped lay on the soft sandy soil with a rolled up piece of pink toilet paper nearby. The turd was fresh looking and still had the shiny look a recently laid poo has. I looked around but saw nobody so hitched up my grey skirt, pulled down my white Sloggi briefs and squatted, holding on to a convenient branch as the previous dumper had done. I started to do a wee wee, the jet of urine hissing as it gushed onto the ground making a dark stain. Then I felt th! e jobbie start to push agaist my ring. "OO! UH! NNN! I knew it was going to be big and a bit constipated but this was a brute! I relaxed, it slid back up my back passage then I tried again, !NNN! UH! OH! OO! NNN! This time it protruded a bit more then slid back. I waited a minute or so, my arsehole throbbing, then as I felt it slide down again I bore down, OO! OH! NNN! UH! NNN! this time it started its final journey out of me. It was a big fatty I can tell you, lumpy and textured. Slowly but surely it slid out with my sustaining a firm pressure, "OO! NNN! UH! until it tapered off and dropped onto the ground beneath my fat bum and behind me. I knew there was more to come so I stayed squatting and after a loud fart an easy but properly formed sausage slid out of me making the crackling sound that many people refer to and silent dropped beside its fatter harder "sister". I then did another wee wee and then carefully stood up to have a look. WOW! The girl done well as they say! ! The first hard jobbie was the size and shape of a British Pint milk bottle but knobbly and with the lines showing the compacted lumps, the easier poo was about 2.5 inches thick and smooth like a big curved sausage. Both glistened from the lubricant mucus from my back passage and I noticed the musky smell this often gives. I took a moist wipe from my bag and cleaned myself, folding the wipe and placing it next to the previous person's toilet paper, then pulled up my knickers . I was standing with my skirt still round my waist showing my big white knickers to the world when I heard a sneeze. Looking round I saw a lad of about 20 who I recognised as having been on the coach. He started to stammer an explanation and was as red as a beetroot. I put him at ease at once by saying "Dont worry, Im not offended. You were watching me doing a motion weren't you?" He said that this was true and that he had just done one himself, pointing to the carrot shaped jobbie and toilet paper I had! seen when I came to this little clearing. He had been going back to the group to join in the social events when he saw me approach and had yielded to temptation (his words not mine) and decided to stay hidden and watch if I was going to do the toilet. He then said he was ashamed as he had sinned by looking at a naked woman doing a very personal private function. I laughed and told him that although I am no Theologian it was surely only a sin if I had been offended or hurt in any way by his watching me defecate and as I most certainly was not and indeed was quite proud to have had a spectator for my gala performance then in my book he hadn't sinned but if it helped him I forgave him for spying on me. This seemed to pacify him and I found out that like so many men who post here he had been into defecation since childhood and especially listening to and if possible watching women doing a large solid motion. I was only the third woman he had seen doing a jobbie, the others havin! g been a girl cousin on a walk and a woman on a beach when on holiday. He then heaped lavish praise on the big jobbies I had done, we went over to have a good look at them and asked me what it had been like passing something that big and I praised his efforts in return, (he said he had held it in for a couple of days to do a nice big one). I mentioned this website to him and told him of the many people of both genders, all ages and cultures who enjoyed defecation and toilet subjects in general and said that since this was a natural function and hurt nobody what evil could there be in it? I walked back with him to the picnic which was ending as was introduced to his parents (a pastor and his wife) and his older sister ( he had told me he often listened to her doing her motions and had sometimes seen her jobbies when they didnt flush away). We then got back on the coach and, to the sounds of the passengers singing various hymns I drove them back home. Im sure he will remember ! this experience for a long time.

Pboy. I read your post and its not that modern men are whimps but that at last men are becoming more attuned to hygiene, and associated matters. I work with many men of all ages from mid 60s near retiring to 21 and find that the older men are not so hot on the personal hygiene as those in the less than 50 catagory. A few months ago we took over another bus and coach company and the staff and acquired 8 more women drivers. This meant that we had to have more ladies toilet facilities, (no unisex loos here Im afraid), and the company decided that they would change our small Ladies toilet to being a second one for the men and build us a bigger 12 seater ladies. Now they DIDN'T put urinals in the former ladies as there were sufficient cubicles (stalls) to cover both functions. There was an interesting split amongst the male drivers, the younger element being very happy to have a nice clean toilet giving them twice as many cubicles and a bit of privacy to pee while the older gu! ys, (those I have mentioned above who think that smelling of sweat, piss and having greasy hair is somehow attractive to women) moaned and said they would stick to using the older larger Men's toilet with the urinals. So both sides were catered for. Personally, having had to use Gent's Toilets on many occasions when there either hasnt been a Ladies, as at some coach and bus garages and public toilets when the Ladies have been closed or had a large queue, I hate the stink of dirty pissy urinals and dont blame men who prefer the privacy and cleanliness of a locked stall. I also wonder if the type of underpants that many younger men now wear has a bearing as these are very similar to womens' panties as they dont have a fly at the front and have elastic threaded into the leg openings. It would therefore be a lot easier and safer for a man wearing these briefs to go into a cubicle to slip them down at the front to pee, or even sit down to pee as many men now do. (According to a s! urvey in a woman's magazine about 20% of men who answered said they use a cubicle and sit to pee, a larger percentage than one would have thought. Also the teens to forties men were far more likely to use a unisex toilet than the 50 plus group). In the end I have to ask DOES IT MATTER??? If a man prefers to have a shower or a pee or a shit in private, good luck to him, its his body . He isnt ashamed of his body but values his privacy and this is a human right of respect he deserves!

Finally, the girl sitting on the pan on the masthead of this page looks a lot like Melanie one of the girls in our wages and accounts office. I know it isn't her but it sure looks like our Mel, (who incidentally usually does big hard lumps, the sound effects are fantastic if she is using the Female Drivers@ toilets KUR-SPLOONK!" KER-SPLOOSH! KER-PLOOMP!").

Pboy, many men nowadays prefer the comfort, privacy and cleanliness of using a cubicle (stall) with a lockable door to pee rather than stand in a line at a urinal with others watching them and their genitals in full view getting splashed with urine and getting their shoes soaked. This is a change for the better in my opinion!. Women have enjoyed this comfort and privacy for years of course and many men now copy them. It is marvelous that the move towards unisex toilets in Pubs, Clubs, Resturaunts, Shopping Malls, and now Schools and some places of employment is sounding the death knell of the smelly comunal urinal. As to why younger men are more into using the cubicle to pee , I am in my mid forties adn dont use urinals , but I feel that the teens to thirties are doing this as modern male underwear is in effect unisex and doesnt have a fly opening so it is easier and more comfortable to undo one's trousers and take these underpants down to pee than try to fumble and get the pe! nis out of the elasticated leg opening with the great risk of wetting yourself. It is a lot easier, safer and more private to do this in a locked cubicle than at an open urinal. Some men of course as I have done since childhood, prefer to sit to pee anyway as it is more comfortable, ensures complete emptying of the bladder, and prevents having a shitty accident in the underwear if an unexpected motion comes on, as can often happen. I have known many men shit their underpants while standing peeing at the urinal but this just cannot happen if you sit to pee like a woman as the poo will just drop into the toilet pan in the normal way.

You may not like this Pboy, but the times they are a changing and I hope this post goes some way to answer your question.

When I was about 4 years old I had this babysitter who I really hated. She favored this one other 4 year old girl, Kristen. Kristen was always sleeping, so Barbara (the babysitter) called her "Sleeping Beauty." Anyways, "Beauty" was a very bossy little girl and what she said went. She wanted me to play house outside with her dollhouse on the porch, but I had to pee real bad. But, of course, I didn't want Barbara to lock me in the closet and make me read Dr. Suess, so I obeyed and followed her out to the porch. Kristen said something silly that made me giggle. Big mistake. I flooded the porch, literally flooded. I didn't get in trouble for wetting my pants. Mimi, I think that's what we called her, Barbara's very nice mother helped me change. I didn't stay at that day care much longer, though, because my mom caught Barbara beating my baby brother for not holding his bottle and we got transferred to my first babysitter Laura, who I also have good bathroom stories for.! I'll post those later.

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