When it's too wet or cold to pee outside, I usually go to the basement floor drain. It's easy to practice several styles of standing to pee or just to play around. If I miss the drain too much, I can always hose down the floor so that no one else in the house suspects by the pee smell on the concrete. It's not the same as whizzing in the great outdoors but it has its own appeal. Try it, you'll find it fun.

Pooping For Pleasure (P.F.P.)
I have a real intresting bowl movement this
afternoon! I woke up from a nap and felt this real
strong urge to poop. Well, I went into the bathroom,
sat down on the toliet and pushed. Nothing. Pushed
again, this time a little harder, nothing! Now I am
thinking uh oh! This time I pused with eveything that
I had, a long slow fart sliped out, but nothing to
releive the intense pressure that I could now feel
on muy butthole. Now I really started to worry. I
leaned forward and sperad my buttcheeks apart stretching
by butthole open as far is it could be stretched. I took
a deep breath, and pushed really hard and started moaning
large farts and then I felt my butthole gettig wider than
I ever thought possible! It hurt! But now I was at the
point of now return. I pushed again and could feel this
enormous log start to push through my butthole. "AAAAAHHHH!"
More came out, just a few inches at a time. "MMMMMMAAAHH"!
I looked down between my legs and saw a log aprox 5 iches
long just hanging there. I took another breath, "One,
two, threeeeeeeeee-aaahhhhh,mmm,aaaahhhhhh!" and the log
finally slipped out and crashed into the water with a
"KIRPLUNK"! As soon as the log hit the water diarriah began
GUSHING out of my butthole!!! I must have sat there for a
good 5 minuets and this tourent of liquid brown poop poured
effortlessly from my butt! The water truned a rich darrk
brown color and I could still see my huge log floating on
the surface. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity,
the diarreah stopped. I had to wipe 4 times to gt completely
clean because the first explosion of diarrieah splashed on my
buttcheeks! Now I am sitting here with a somewhat sore butthole and some very intresting memories!


The pooping women
Well today i had another experience i was out with my boyfriend and we were watching a romantic love movie. Well i was sitting there in his lap and i let the biggest fart on him and then he farted loudly i asked him if he need to go shit he said no i told him i did if he wanted to go with me and watch so i was already naked so i went in the bathroom naked and I leaned over to get a book off the floor when a huge Long round turd started easing out slowly and hard and i farted he said baby push it out he rub my back and rubbed my stomach i farted some more then pushed out few more and he said when u are finished i need to let some turds out to that is the first time i heard him say something like that in front of me because when i have to shit i will go where ever i'm at bye now

To Midnight Cowboy: If i was in the positon of those boys that hurt you in the woods, i wouldn't have done it to you.
I've never experienced this strange phenomenon during my childhood...If i have i've never noticed it. Im sure older/younger people have seen my genitals when i was younger(ex in a public shower, public restroom).
I've never been seen dumping in a stall with no door cause i never have used a doorless stall. I would use them but i know of no doorless stalls around my area.
I see about your colonoscopy.....Thats intresting cause no one on here has ever mentioned about one. That sounds like my step parents when they got one. I've never heard the expression, "Well that just chaps my ass!" . Im sure you would be nervous on the day of the colonoscopy, i would too cause i've never had one. I don't know who designed those hospital gowns and why they are designed to show peoples asses. So when your had your colonoscopy(s) did you fart?
I think i got one more question for you. When you had your polyp removed, did your colon have to be empty...know what i mean??(did you have to take more laxitives like when you had your colonoscopy so the colon could be clear so the doctor could see what he was doing?)

As a furniture systems installer I have to work in a different office building sometimes five times a week. This at times has wreaked havok on my regularity. But I have slowly learned that if you want to be happy in life you gotta let it out. So even the worst porta pottie is a great place to take a dump

Buck (IL)
Here's one good thing about this page. You get educated about slang terms. I had no idea that some people called turds "dookies" until I read this, which cleared up a strange story from last year. I was at a football game at the local university when I thought I heard a girl with a heavy Chicago accent sitting behind me say, "I have to go really bad. I've almost got a 'dookie' in my pants." At the time, with her accent, I thought she said "donkey" or "dongy", and it conjured up some really strange and unusual images. At least now I know that she only needed to poop, and no perverse activity was involved.

I have just discovered this site and think that its great. All my life I have been obsessed by girls shitting. I am now lucky enough to have a girl friend who lets me sit with her every time she goes - and if she is not with me she phones me on her mobile phone whilst she poops. What is really great is that she shits really long wide and heavy turds. I keep a record of every shit she has.

I have so many stories of her, and my encounters before I met her - I will tell some of them soon.

PS I agree with the survey findings that girls go more often in the afternoon and evening than blokes, but in my experience girls are more likely to do big wide hard turds than blokes - does anyone agree?

I love the picture of the new girl sitting on the toilet pan. She looks like my friend Michelle, a girl I have known since Secondary School and who plays hockey and netball with me. I dont know of course what this lass passes but Michelle does big long fat easy jobbies, usually beachers, which curve round in the pan. Like me and a lot of others she enjoys doing a nice big one, and the girl on the new masthead looks as if she is enjoying herself too. Keep up the changing pictures.

Richard, i know its a difficult matter to broach with a girl, you can ask her to have a meal with you, have a dance, even to have sex but to ask her to let you watch her doing a poo, well, that is a hard one, if you pardon the pun. Perhaps if you find a girl who is very open about such matter, (AS I AM MYSELF) you can praise one of her big jobbies if you see it, or if she is a bit bunged up offer to rub her ???? for her, or leave the door open when you go yourself and tell her she can come in and keep talking as you do it. Anyway, all the best, but always remember you cant unsay it so choose your woman and your moment.

Spike and the cardinal. Yes weightlifting and gymnastics can lead to some mighty farting and accidents. I have had this happen to me , thankfully not at work, YET! Once at home I was working out in the mini gym my husband bought me as a Wedding present. Its built into the wall of a spare room in our house and has weights, a bench, cycling and rowing machine. I was using the weights one day and I had already been for a motion, having passed a nice big solid jobbie. There was however a short fat lump still up my bum and as I squatted and lifted I pushed it out into my white Sloggi knickers making a fat bulge. As I was at home it didnt matter but my husband found it terribly funny saying "Nicky has laid an egg in her knickers" Fortunately it was only about 4 or 5 inches long and very solid, so it didnt squash but just hung down in the seat of my briefs. I simply went to the toilet, stepped out of my knickers which had got away with just a brown skid mark in the seat,and empti! ed them out into the pan where the lump dropped with a KU-PLOONK!" I cleaned my bum with a moist wipe, put on clean knickers and got on with it. Once i saw a PE teacher at school when i was a teenager have a similar accident. She had been farting earlier and should have gone to the toilet but wanted to show us girls a gymnastic routine. As she stretched up and strained there was a fart then she went "OH! NO!" and did a big poo in her navy blue cotton Montfort knickers. Now it was a soild jobbie and the elastic in the leg openings kept it all in her underpants and stopped it from leaking out down her legs but she had to go and get cleaned up in the shower so left me and the girls to work out as she did. Now we didnt mock her in any way as it could happen to anyone and had happened to most of us, (I did a big jobbie in my own navy blue knickers when i didnt want to be substituted in an important hockey match). Unfortunately one of the girls told her young brother who spread the! story to his mates and thus the whole school soon knew.

School Janitor
To Moira: I've thought about complaining, but there really isn't anything I could complain about. State law only requires that one bathroom be kept open somewhere in the building, and the bathroom that counts towards that provision is the one in the main office. The students are never allowed to use it, but the law makes no mention concerning that. In a recent court case in a neighboring state, a court upheld that schools can lock any bathrooms as long as one remains open.

Fortunately, there's less to complain about than before. The middle school I used to work in still has the bathroom pass system, but it was renovated and now has new bathrooms that are much nicer. The high school I currently work in has decent bathrooms, but the bad part is that they have to be locked for stupid reasons like power failures. As for getting the school police department involved, we began locking all of the bathrooms at the end of the day last year. Rumor has it that one of the reasons they are locked is to make it worse for students who have detention, but I don't know if that's true. Anyhow, there was an incident where a janitor who went to lock a bathroom was attacked by a student, so now the end of the day bathroom locker (I've only had to do it four times when the regular was out) must be accompanied by a school police officer with his gun drawn.

I've seen other stories on this forum about locked bathrooms at school, but I truly, truly hope that no one else has had to put up with a school bathroom situation any worse than the one I've been a part of. And I should add that because the toilets and urinals at the middle school couldn't be flushed by students, they would regularly clog and overflow throughout the day. Some male students would pee in the sinks throughout the day, and the night janitor (when there was one) would clean the place by spraying everything down with a garden hose.

First,a comment on the picture on the forum above--I've noticed that the last 2-3 pics of the women sitting on the bowl is that they don't look like they are going -they look more like thay are posing for a picture on the cover of life magazine-it least to me it doesn't look thay are sitting there doing anything at all-although i DO like this latest one of the girl sitting on the bowl as a side view,i also agree with LINDA that the skirt looks like it has been painted on-Idon't know guys--,but that's just my opinion--
TO MIDNITE COWBOY-What do you mean that we are being watched in the toilets of
NYC?Please explain more about this--
TO PLUNGING PLOP GUY-THe one thing i agree with you is when you go into a stall after someone else was in there and you sit on the bowl and it is warm from their butt sitting there-i like that feeling it'd cool!
Hey- ran into a coffee klatch out in the woods this a.m when i went out to my spot to dump.Got of and felt like a poop was coming on so got on my bike and went out to my spot and when i got there,I saw that guy i ran into a week or so ago with another guy with him and they had just arrived there and were drinking some coffee and they looked like they were getting ready to sit down on the log and go when i came up on them they were startled at first and when the one guy saw it was me,he smiled and said"Good morning I guess you are here for the same reason we are-i guess we all got to take a dump" and he laughed.He introduced me to his friend and with that he sat dowm and his friend sat down after pulling down their biking shorts and the other guy farted loudly and started to poo some real loose stuff and the other guy said to me "Hey wait for all of us to sit down first to go together" and laughed-Now i'm thinking to myself WOW this IS really cool looking at these 2 guys si! tting there with their anuses domed and ready to poo-so i quickly undressed and sat down next to them but i was sitting on one side of the log as they sat on the other and I could see their asses and I guess they could see mine.THIS was a real turn-on as i sat down and the one guy said " can we go now?" and with that we started to poop-I let out a fart and so did my buddy at the same time and it was great.meanwhile the other guy pooped some more soft poo with a few farts and for a few mins all 3 of us were pushing out our morning excrement and it was really cool-As we are sitting there i point out to them the huge pile i did yesterday sitting on the other side of the log and they were impressed as we sat and talked and grunted out some more stuff.My buddy did some big long smooth logs that came out slowly and I could see he was digging it.the other guy was pusing out the tail end of his poo and getting ready to wipe-I had did 1 long one and was waiting to go more anong with my! buddy and then i farted and pushed out some pudding and my buddy pushed out another real long lag at the same time.The way we were sitting I could see their assholes push the poo out and I'm sure they could see mine,but again even with this other guy there,nothing weird was going on although you could see everyone had a pretty good erection and i weanted to get off in the worst way but I wouln't dare and ruin the special moment -Then we all wiped at the same time and just talked about a lot of stuff and then as we were getting ready to leave my buddy said"Hey that was fun we should do it again sometime" I said " yea-anytime you guys want " and then i said to my buddy"Do you guys always do this together?"He said" NO sometimes i bring joe here and somtimes i bring my wife or her sis"I thought OH MY GOD and said "They come out here to poo too?"He said "yea-my old lady is a bit hesitant but her sister really digs it-would that bother you with them here?"I said 'NO not at all" and! laughed and said to myself-wow paydirt maybe!!I said to him"yea lets do that somtime" and with that we all went off in our own directions -I was the last to leave and went over to look at what we left--I did 12 long smooth log with some soft stuff-my buddy did 2 real long smooth logs about a foot long each and his buddy joe did a big pile of pudding and some squgglies-This was trully fun!!I hope If i see my buddy again he has some WOMEN with him this time -I could tell this was a turn-on as much for them as it was for me and maybe more so for them but it didn't get weird at all-it was great!It reminde me of the nude beach i go to -meeting other folks doing the same thing you are !Hope to see them soon!!It was great sitting there talking and grunting out our poops together at the same time with 2 other guys--COOL BYE

PPG -- I totally understand about the extraneous sounds in public restrooms, since I've spent a lot of time just sitting on the pot waiting to hear someone have a really good plop. But just as soon as I hear them close the stall door and drop their pants, something always gets in the way of that unique sound. Usually, it's the flush of a urinal or someone being really rough with the poor paper towel dispenser. Just thought I'd take the time to agree on a good point that's always annoyed the heck out of me.

Anyway, I ate a whole pizza throughout the course of the day (you know, a little in the afternoon, a little in the evening), and I'm waiting to see what I can produce tomorrow.


PS -- The mention of the Olympics got me thinking about all those girls in the gymnastics competition. Some of them seem to scurry off the floor pretty quickly, then the camera loses them. I would assume they've loosened up their systems pretty well after their routines, don't you think?

Any ladies in gymnastics who'd care to elaborate?

PPS -- I could swear I once knew the girl in this site's latest photo, but I'm not sure. Whoever she is, she has a beautiful rear end.

Sorry, one more thing. Midnight Cowboy's story about the colonoscopy was interesting. It always helps to have a doctor who's not uptight about these kind of things, as any man who's been through the humiliating hernia-inspection process can testify to. (For females who don't know what I'm talking about, ask your closest guy friend and see if he ever explains.)


Wednesday, September 20, 2000

kim and scott
hi everyone. scott and i dont have any new stories but welcome back louise. we missed you scott thinks the girl is pretty on the toilet picture the moderator put up. but he prefers me getting naked on the toilet having my huge dumps(Lucky for him. hahaha!) by the way who is she? well thats all for now. scott and i love all your stories .keep em up!!


I'm a 19 year old male from Australia. I've been a lurker for a couple of years now and I've decided to finally post. (I now have an internet connection in my room which gives me more privacy) Anyway, I get very turned on by the thought of women going to the toilet, I just can't help myself. I can't exactly say when it started but it was when I was about 6 I think. I don't know why, but women going to the toilet, the look, the sounds etc are all irresistable. Whenever I see a good looking girl I think of her sitting on the toilet. I prefer women doing poo's and I've always listened to Mum on the toilet. Usually though she does them in the morning when I'm still asleep. To fulfill my obsession I usually go into mens toilets and listen through the walls although I've stopped myself doing this now because a) It's dangerous with all the bad people who hang around (druggies etc) b) It's embarrassing to walk out of public toilets looking all hot. Sometimes I hate myself for doin! g this and I try not to do it but I just can't help it. The thought of hearing a women doing her business is so exciting. To anyone else that would sound sick and perverted and I'd probably be deemed a sick loser. But I'm not one of those people you see in movies who has no life, I'm a normal person (a bit shy sometimes though), it's just that I have this interest. I've looked at scat sites but they're sick, not the part where the woman poo's but the part where they put it on there face. I'd prefer to see an everyday woman just doing her daily routine. I hope I can find a girl who shares my interest.

I've only sort of seen a girl doing a wee once, I was at a party and for some reason I was outside and I looked up (it's a two storey house) and I could see into the bathroom. One of the best looking girls in my class was sitting on the toilet, I could see only from the chest up unfortunatly. She sat still while she wee'd and then wiped herself, put her jeans on and washed her hands. Apart from that, I've only heard a couple of women poo in some public toilets.

Thanks for reading.

Did anyone see Belgium Weightlifter Ingeborg Marxs wet herself during a lift. It was very obvious. I felt so sorry for her.

Still no response to my question, so here it is again. Do any of you pee through your leggings?

desperate at school
omg! i had the worst urge to pee on my way to second period today, but i knew if i stoped in the bathroom, i would be late. i asked my teacher and of course he said no. I sat in class with my legs crosed sooo tight, but i still had to pee really bad. I then had to stop at my locker, so that eliminated the possibility of stopping between 2ond and 3rd period. My 3rd per. teacher said i could miss class, it was important today.i was DYING!i started bouncing up and down slightly, but it didnt help! On the way to 4th per. i went to stop, but ran into a friend and had to talk to her. as i ran to my 4th per. class, i never thought i would make it...i did, but again, i had to sit all through that class, before running to the other side of the building for gym. the teacher wouldnt let me go, but i am like if you dont, i am seriously going to wet my pants, and shes like RUN, so i did, and believe me, i HARDLY made it!!!

By the way people, i would really like to hear more desperation/wetting accident stories!!

Took a nice dump out in the woods this a.m.When I got up i felt a bit bloated as i rose out of bed-last nite went out with some friends to an italian place to eat and we all ate PLENTY!When i woke up ,i looked at my ???? and it was bloated slightly and i didn't feel pressure in my rectum yet but i knew it was coming soon,so i got on my bike and rode out to the woods and on my way out there as it so often happens i started getting cramps and by the time i got to my spot,i had to poo,but the urge was holdable so i got undressed and went over and sat on this log and just relaxed and didn't pass any pre-poop gas and the poo started coming out right away-I didn't push and it came out on it's own-very slowly and well formed,it kept coming and coming until it stopped with about a foot of it out my anus,which was fully domed out and i just let it hang there like a long tail and just admired it and I love the feeling of that turd just hanging out my ass-and boy was it long!Ooohhh did ! it feel great-i just sat there breathing in the morning air and waiting for another cramp with this poo-tail!Then I guess anter about 2-3 mins the poo on it's own started to move again-again i didn't push-I have very good anal comtrol- I can let a turd hang out by butt for as long as i want or until i get a big cramp and then it moves out on it's owm-so out came the rest of the turd and then it got skinny and softer as it finally fell on the ground and curled around like those Italian sausages-It must have been over a foot long and about 1 and a half in thick and smooth-at that point i got up and turned and looked at this monster as i waited for more-I love to take a breather when i'm out in the woods in between poops,it' great-This was one of the bigger turds i've done in awhile-then i felt another cramp but chose to hold it for a bit and let my rectum really fill up-It was so quiet this a.m.out there in the woods as i walked around this clearing for a bit-then after about 5 ! mins of holding off,i went over to the log and sat in the same spot and sat down and relaxed my asshole and another long turd came out,but this one came out a bit faster and it was softer,but it was the same size as the 1st one and it landed right along side the other one.This poop was a bit thinner and again smooth and slightly softer but also about a foot long.It looked like 2 people pooped there!I sat back down and felt another cramp and this time I farted a hissing fart and pushed out all this pudding poo all over the other 2 turds -this stuff came out fast with a lot of gas along with it and completly covered one of the big poops.At the end of the pudding poo,this long skinny mucus thing came out my pushed out anus a dni had to realy push this stuff out-that's when i felt done(finally!)I hadn't ate that much food in quite awhile and boy did it all come out in quite a pile this a.m!Wow did it feel good-I knew it was going to be quite a load when i got up-I'm glad i got out! to the woods to unload this!I wish i could have done this load with someone else pooing along with me ,but i still enjoyed this poo-I had to wipe quite a bit- it was a bit messy.Then i got dressed and got on my bike with m,y now flat ???? and rode home to tell you all about it-I wonder if that guy I ran into last week goes back ther and boy is he going to be surprised when he or in fact anyone sees that big load!I loved sitting there letting all this stuff flow out of me in the outdoors-it trully was super!I love pooing outdoors-this summer i really loooked foward almost daily to dumping outside!More stuff later BYE

The Cardinal
Yes Moira, some and peeing and pooping, and an awful lotta farting accidents, tend to occur with some frequency among bodybuilders and weight lifters. The serious amateurs and professionals also tend to battle gastronomical distess because of their superior eating habits, which often include supplemental fiber. Also, gymnasts and cheerleaders are subject to the same.
Some very interesting sounds and smells are emitted when cheerleaders are engagad in some of the more complex activities. I had a male friend who was a cheerleader and as such, he was involved in all the lifting manuevers. He remarked that while holding female compadres overhead, the silent-but-deadly's were quite frequent, audible farts occured occasionally, and every blue moon, the aroma of something more substantial, as well as visible evidence, appeared on the panties of those held overhead.

This is my first post in awhile. Lynn and I had several adventure dumps together over the summer. I will tell you about two incidents that happened before telling you about our latest episode at home. Lynn and I went camping in early August and decided to rough it in the woods of Maine, instead of going to a crowded campsite. We had a meal of beans and franks (traditional camping fare). We both tried to shit before climbing into my sleeping bag. We had dug a hole down range from our campsite. We both bent over the hole and pulled our pants and underwear down. We squatted cheek to cheek and began pushing. Lynn and I both began peeing and strained and proceeded to fart on each others asses. We began banging each others asses together and our faces were turning red. I finally began passing a small turd that smeared Lynn's ass. Lynn's ass released a brown watery discharge, and finally a small log. We let out a few more farts and then wiped our asses. I still felt like I had to shi! t. We stripped naked and were all over each other in the sleeping bag. Lynn and I began letting out the most putrid farts we have ever released in the sleeping bag. We both stuck our head out of the opening for fresh air. Believe it or not our farting kept us awake, so we got out of the sleeping bag and wrapped a beach towel around our waists and walked semi naked to the hole down the hill. We were too tired to squat, so I sat over the hole and Lynn sat in my lap (modified face to face position) and we held each other tight in a bear hug. We began peeing a little and once again began straining. We were forehead to forehead and pushing. Our faces and heads were a crimson red as we strained. At first all we did was let out some farts and pee. We were rubbing our ???? together briskly when we finally each began passing a very large log. Our thick brown logs squished together and we got shit on our inner thighs and private areas. We both passed three large logs into the hole. W! e wiped ourselves and decided to sacrifice the beach towel to clean our legs and private areas (there were no showers obviously). The second adventure dump was at a Jimmy Buffett outdoor concert. We were tailgating before the show and decided that we would clear our bowels and bladder before heading into the show. The lines for the porto toilet were long, so we went into the woods and squatted side to side and released several large logs. A couple and two young girls walked by and were laughing at us. We both woke up yesterday and took a long morning dump together. We used the face to face, Lynn in my lap technique. I proceeded to drop two medium size logs, but Lynn had a touch of diarea, as her shit was loose. I had finished after about 10 minutes, but Lynn stayed on the toilet (and my lap) for about 30 minutes. She wasnt feeling well and was resting her head on my shoulder. We both decided to call out sick, and Lynn was on the toilet every 20 minutes. I would wipe her ass an! d help her back to bed, this continued all morning. She is feeling better today. I will write again soon. Alan & Lynn

hey new here and i found this site by accident,im 18 years old and as far back as i can remember ive been turned on by women having bowel movements and I dont know why. some of the girls ive been with have openly talked to me about thier bm's and it turns me on but ill never let them know it does.well anyways i gotta go...but ill post my one and only expirience seeing a women crapping later....peace

There are two unisex bathrooms at Twingo's, a French restaurant in Detroit.
Has anybody ever gone to it?

i was in the middle of class on day (im in 10th grade) and i was sorta day dreaming and i was rly lazy to get up and go to the bathroom so i just pooped in my underwear, ne one have an experience like this? my teacher changed my underwear for me bc i insisted on keeping the poop in there. lol.

Hello Everybody.
Poor Steve is away from home working for a couple of
weeks more just now, so I am having to think up some
fun things to do all by myself.
This morning I got up out of bed, which is not too
much of a fun place just now. I decided to have a
shower and when I was finished I turned the water off
and held my large hand mirror in front of me. I was
quite bursting for a wee, and when I stood up and let
it go I watched it squirting out of me. It was a lot
of fun how it came out. There was a big gush type
stream and I just dripped some as well. When it
finished off, some ran down my legs because they were
close together and I was pissing hands free.
On my way home from work today I stopped by in the park
again and had a squat in my usual place. I pulled my
knickers down and let go a burster between my feet. I
could see a guy walking his dog some way away, but I
do not think he saw me. Hehe.



Hi dears. I know I've been awful silent -- I've been offline lately, some family crises and such, but now I'm catching up again. I have your most recent postings, and I'll write a really nice letter for you both very soon.

Wishing you massive mtions and piquant pishings,

Your friend,


Whos is that lady in the picture up top?? Thats a good picture cause it shows alot(the others had stuff blured out).

To Ben In NY: I belive it said press any key to continue, but im not possitive it said so. It's happened before.

Today I was away all day and i was at someone elses house and i had to shit and it was in the middle of lunch so i went up stairs to go and it was really loose. I was gone like 5 minutes. Then i had supper there and afterwards i went home and i was half way home and i felt a strange feeling in my stomach that i would have to shit...Well I held it till i was almost home and then i get 5-10 min and i told the driver to stop at a gas station cause i couldn't hold it any more, i went into the pretty clean restroom(single mens room) and i sat and shitted for like 5 minutes again and it was loose again. I think it must be my nerves or something. I haven't gone since(3 hours ago).

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