Hi all.. me and the others were in shock when we saw the girl in the new pic. If she has brown hair.. she'd be my oldest sister Marisol!!! Um.. why does her shirt look like it was colored in with a marker? or did I just answer myself? Oh well Kendal, Belinda is 19 so she's a few years younger than my cousin Miquel. Um well.. sometimes we buddy potty together at home. um let me explain .. we have bidget (I hope I spelled it right) next to the toilet. Somtimes if I have to pee and someone's already using the toilet I sit on it and pee. Or the other way around... but we never poop in it. though.. I did poop on the toilet while Elena or little sisters peed in it. And once.. I did a pee in it while Elena tried to time I peed there why Nora did her scary godzilla poop.(And if I have to poop and say my cousin is already pooping.. I sit on the trashcan and go there.. kinda funny.. but I don't complain cause I'm too busy feeling good.. and yes I only do this when the po! op is forcing it's way out of me) Anyway... it's fun sometimes. Well my cousin being nice put a curtain around the space where the potty and bidget are. Mostly for Elena cause she still gets shy about pooping around us. It's funny cause we see her sit there.. then she grabs the curtains and shuts them and we hear her straining... lots of crackling then a big splash and a sigh then she opens them again.(She does this a few times before she finishes)But me and Miquel try not to force her. Yeah about being shy... if it's people who aren't family or you don't trust.. it can be hard.. but like my cousin... he could be shaving or brushing his teeth.. I go in... undress plop my cute tushie on the potty and just pee and yes even poop like nothing in front of him. Just undertsand Kendal.. people are different.. so her ideals could be different too. Give her time.. she might come around. I feel jealous cause I'd like to be part of your toilet ring ( sounds like a padded circle you put o! n the seat cause it hurts to sit down) It be fun.. but um it just be us girls right? Anyway.. it be cool and fun to make up a story about us doing that. heh. Oh heh feel better after that long Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh? I know what you mean.. there's nothing like it when you sit bare tushied on the potty and just let go.. feels good and you can't help but go ahhhhhhhhhh.. it's like a reflex. But just between you and me.. have you ever gone liek that when you pooped? I have... MANY times. Anyway it's only fair so here goes... We went to a seafood resturant today and we all had iced tea.. I hate those people.. they keep refilling your glass.. and me being polite.. I just keep drinking it. Well after 8 glasses and a LONG trip home I WAS DYING!!!!! It got so bad that I even stopped bretahing cause it felt if I breathed to deeply.. it would come out and drown us all (hey it felt like several gallons in my bladder) Well my cousin had to carry me to the toilet cause I could NOT move.(I was so ! embarrassed.. but even more cause I had a few damp spots in my pamies cause a a few drops came out} I tore off my clothes and like a few inches before my tushie even touched the seat OUT IT CAME. I sat there feeling soooooooooooooooo good... I even had tears in my eyes as I let out a long sigh. It was kinda funny cause my body shook after I was done..kinda like I was cold. I opened my eyes and saw my cousin and Elena watching me from the door kinda in shock. I just slowly got some paper and wiped myself red as a beet. Talk about embarassing.. but who cared I felt great. But a while later I was dying again. is there something in iced tea that makes you pee tons?

Plunging Plop Guy
Many thanks to those of you that within such a short time have read my postings and responded.
Thanks to Tony in Scotland recommending toasted cheese sandwiches using white bread for increasing the bulk and solidity of my turds.Also to Anne re the importance of consolidating the diet.I've certainly noticed a difference in my shitting,often for the better,when I'm subject to other people's hospitality but can't make out what the main differences were!As I'm going away this week I'll make a detailed list of all that I eat and all that I shit!
Great to hear from you,Chris 1 (UK).The detailed session you wrote about could have been written by myself,you knoe EXACTLY what I mean.I'd love to hear about the frequency with which you drop good arse-splashing logs and whether anyone else hears and appreciates them!Tell me about your diet and the toilet you sit on.It's great to have the technique of controlling the shit as it sticks out,to retract it back up the shit hole and out again and to nip bits off so you can drop more individual turds from the same big turd and get a greater chance of getting splashed.I really like the feel of a toilet seat under my hairy arse that pinches my thighs a bit so that I know that when I finish my (hopefully)splashed toilet muscle is framed by the toilet seat imprint!!Great if you ever get the chance to see a guy who's just been having a great shitting performance in the toilet next to you,come it and you see he's got shorts on and you see the toilet seat imprint on his legs!!!
Yes,I love the whole thing.Hearing a guy pull his jeans and pants down,sit on the toilet,grunt,fart,push,PLOP,and sit there for several minutes shitting and finally wiping his arse.To go in there after and sit on the same warm sweaty seat,with his skidmarks under you as you do the same as he did and get a soaking wet pair of buttocks,arsehole and a splash on what's hanging down at the front as well????? Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!
I'd love to hear about what you@ve seen and heard,it@s a pity there aren't the open plan toilets I've heard so much of in America.At least I've occasionally discovered cubicles where the toilet door started at least 2'6" off the floor so anyone sitting on the toilet could be seen.One was in Leeds at Lewis's department store and another in a store in Hull but unfortunately my latest visits there showed they'd been altered to the usual style of coy,private boring type of door.Anyway I'm always looking and I've not been everywhere in Btitain yet.
All best wishes to you Chris and to everyone else.It's great to feel so at home amongst you all,and thanks again to the moderator,
I'll be in touch as soon as I can,Have some great shits
Plop Guy.

Midnight Cowboy
TO NO NAME GIRL: You said you would've given those older boys who caught me having a BM in the woods a piece of your mind, if you had been there. I wish you had been there. It would've been more fun doing it in front of you than the humiliation it cost me in front of them. Being forced to take the turd home in my pocket made it that much worse.

TO BRYIAN: When this woods incident happened to me I was just going on 12 years old. The three boys who did it to me were all in the 15-16 year old range. And there were THREE of them, so even though they had their fun humiliating me, I felt lucky to have not gotten beat-up. For a while I blamed myself for the incident, thinking I had done a "bad thing" by having a BM in the woods. And I'm the one who pulled my own pants down to do it. They just wouldn't let me pull them back up.

You asked if there was that much difference in our genitals because they were making fun of mine. I didn't get to see theirs, but I'd imagine a 16 year old boy's penis has grown a substantial amount since he was 12. They were making fun of my penis, telling each other they had never seen anything so small before and laughing. Being scared and cornered like that, it was probably shrunk up more than usual too. I didn't believe anything they said about it being unusually small. It's just that when you're that age, being seen naked or partially nude with your genitals showing is absolutely the WORST thing that could ever happen to you. Especially if it happens to you in front of other kids. Has anyone else experienced this strange phenomenon during their childhood? That's one of the reasons being seen dumping in the school bathroom was so bad. I don't think they've ever built a school bathroom with doored stalls. It must be done on purpose to torture kids. It must b! e why I'm such an exhibitionist now and love using public toilets that have no stalls at all.

Have you ever been defecating on a public toilet with no door on the stall or no stall and someone else comes in to dump too. They see you sitting there and then they're absolutely horrified of the prospect of having to do it in front of other people, so they leave in pain, looking back at you, wondering how you can manage to do it? I think that's funny when it happens.

ALSO TO BRYIAN: You had asked if anybody has had a colonoscopy and what it was like. I have had several of them. The first was about 10 years ago. I had been noticing some red blood in my stools and my doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist. He wanted to do a colonoscopy to find out what was causing it. 2 days before the test I wasn't allowed to eat anything except clear liquids (broth, jello etc.). One day before the test I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything and I had to take a massive dosage of laxatives. Once you do that for the colonoscopy, you might as well move a TV into the bathroom, because it's like being chained to the toilet. Just when you think it's safe to get up, SPLASH, you're back again or changing into clean underwear again. Eventually nothing but yellow water comes out of your rectum. The brown color dissipates after a while and it looks just like pee. And every time you have the urge and let it go, it's like this gushing hot waterfall. ! Have you ever heard the expression, "Well that just chaps my ass!" After a day or two of this, that's exactly what happens. Your asshole gets all chapped I guess from the stomach acid roaring out like Niagra Falls.

Well, eventually it was colonoscopy day and I sure was a nervous som' bitch. It was done in the doctors office. I had to completely strip and put on one of those hospital gowns that leaves your ass sticking out for the world to see. Who invented those, anyway? I mean, I can uderstand why my bare ass had to stick out for this now, but normally when they make you wear one of those, why were they designed to let the world view your "assets?"

I was laid up on the table on my side in a curled up position and an IV was started with a tranquilizer in it. Usually they use Valium or Versaid and it does an excellent job of relaxing you which is absolutely necessary. I've heard of some people having this done without a tranquilizer and I wouldn't advise it! You stay awake and have this very pleasant drunk-like feeling. You're on the brink of la-la land, but not out. It also destorts time and makes it seem like it's over quickly.

The scope the doctor uses is this long black plastic snake about the diameter of a garden hose. It's VERY intimidating when you first see it and you say to yourself, "no way is that thing gonna fit up my butt!" But the doc lubes it up and to your amazement in it goes. As he's feeding it in, he's also pumping air into your anus so it opens up to accomodate its new visitor. The doc told me that the air would cause me to flatulate several times throughout the procedure, but it was perfectly normal and I shouldn't be embarrassed about it. He told me with a grin, "I'm perfectly used to getting farted at in the face." Glad he had a sense of humor.

It was a very uncomfortable feeling. I think it would've been quite painful without the drugs. The worst part was when I felt that snake thing scraping on the inside of my stomach. Oooo, that was bad. The snake has a tiny TV camera at the end of it and some doctors view your colon on a TV monitor and some just view it through an eyepiece. My doc just used an eyepiece. He found the culprit and it was a small polyp. Then he offered to show it to me! He brought the eyepiece around so I could look through it and see the polyp. I couldn't believe I was actually looking up my own asshole! Now how many people can say they've done that?

Anyway, a week later the polyp was removed in outpatient surgery where I was completely put to sleep. It was tested and found to be benign. If you ever have a polyp, you're supposed to be prone to getting them again and they need to be found and tested for cancer as soon as possible. So, I'm supposed to get a colonoscopy every 4 years and so far they've been all clear. Hey, that reminds me... It's about that time of the decade again...

Oh, hey, one more things for my commode comrads. Be careful when you're in New York City... Someone IS watching you and conducting a survey. Follow this link to read about it:

My Motto: Why take a shit when you can leave one?

Anne (the bus driver) and my favourite poster! Like you I appreciate fairly firm, solid motions - not the runny type. It was interesting to read about Thelma's output. I'm glad you were a good friend to her. It's so easy for people to become marginalised and excluded for no good reason. I'm glad she's got a husband who appreciates her jobbies.

This morning I had a fairly solid jobbie about six inches long and a moderate thickness. I went again after tea and did the equivalent of about 14 inches in two large chunks which were about 2 inches thick. It certainly felt better getting rid of that lot but I've had to flush about three times and use bleach as I like to leave everything clean for the next person.

I love to hear about your jobbies - keep them coming!

Lawn Dogs Kid
Just for Kendal, although this probably won't be what you are expecting !

Chloe did come round to my house for a poo on Saturday, but unfortunately Dad was home. When she arrived we went up to my room and it was there that she told me how much she needed to go. However, with Dad there, we decided she would have to go on her own. Chloe , Kendal and I are very careful to ensure that we are never discovered watching one another at the toilet. Still, it was very annoying as Chloe and I haven't been able to enjoy one another's company in the bathroom for around two weeks now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say !

So Chloe went into the bathroom on her own and shut the door. I told her I would try to listen and ventured just outside my bedroom listening hard after she had gone in. I could hear the distinct rustle and shuffling noise as she lowered her jeans and panties, and the pat of her bottom as she sat on the seat. I heard her wee begin with quite a hiss which tailed off to a steady tinkle after 5 seconds, but it was only a couple of seconds more before what must have been two enormous poos crashed out into the water with huge plops, followed by a third flump noise soon after.

Just as Chloe's wee was coming to an end, I heard my Dad moving around downstairs and coming across the hallway. He was obviously coming upstairs to check on what we are doing, although he only does this when he is going to go out somewhere. Thanks Dad, your timing was impeccable, just after Chloe had taken the most amazing dump ! I moved back into my room, and sure enough he came trotting upstairs. I sat in the corner of my room where I could see him in my doorway. As he got to my door he did shoot a smile at me as he then went on past to... the bathroom !!

What's more, Chloe hadn't bothered to lock the door, and he walked in on her in all her glory ! There were no screams of surprise from Chloe, and I even heard the bathroom door shut and be locked ! Then.. "Oh God !.. Chloe... I'm so sorry.. I'm terribly sorry !!", and I heard the bathroom door unlock and open, and Dad walked back past my bedroom without looking in with quite a frown on his face, and went back downstairs again. I heard him go into the downstairs loo and shut the door. He obviously wanted a crap, because he always uses the downstairs loo otherwise. However, Mum has banned us from using that one for poos except in emergencies. "With the smells you two make, what if someone arrives at our door unexpectedly, and they have to walk past that !". So he only comes upstairs for a poo.

The coast clear now with Dad otherwise occupied, I ventured to tiptoe to the bathroom, and peeped round the bathroom door. There was my Chloe, still sat on the toilet, uncontrollably shaking with absolute hysterics, trying her best not to laugh out loud ! I tried to kiss her, but gave up in the end as she couldn't stop laughing enough to kiss me back ! I settled for kissing her on her forehead instead, and turned to leave. As I got to the door, I heard her stop laughing and turned around again and drank in the simply beautiful view that is my girlfriend, smiling happily, sitting on the toilet with her jeans just a little more than half way down her legs. As I contemplated how lucky I am, there was the cutest trumpety fart which ended with an equally cute plop ! This was too much for Chloe again who made a loud raspberry noise through her lips as she burst out laughing again. I left the bathroom.. very quickly before Dad might get suspicious about what was going on up he! re.

When he had finished shitting himself ( not literally, ha ha !) he did come back upstairs to say he was going out, and apologised to Chloe again. She gave him one of those beautiful smiles of hers and said "Thats o.k Mr. ( our surname ), I didn't mind". And then as she realised what she had just said and saw my Dad turn rather red, she added "It was my fault for forgetting to lock the door " !

After Dad left, Chloe told me the full story from her viewpoint. How Dad had walked in, not seen her at all, turned and locked the door, turned back to her and had actually begun to undo his trouser belt before he did see her ! She says his feet actually left the ground he jumped with shock so much !

Then she told me how she had left the door unlocked hoping I might peep at her ! I reminded her about our pact on toilet watching when the olds were about. "Yes I know", she said, "but it didn't stop you sneeking a peek after he ( my Dad ) had gone away again". I couldn't answer that one. She had me there ! Except there was no way Dad could catch us when he was sat on another loo himself. But then he may have only had a wee, and come out the toilet before I had time to escape the bathroom ! It doesn't bare thinking about. But I had got away with it this time, and my goodness, it was worth it. I have to say Chloe on the toilet is equally as beautiful as watching my other little princess, Kendal. But then I would have to say that wouldn't I ?! ( I do mean it though ) !

Tuesesday, September 19, 2000

This happened last year on the way back to college. I was giving a girl I knew from high school a ride back, as we went to the same school. Apparently (as I'd later find out from her) she had been constipated for almost a week, and she had a function at school to go to, so she wanted to feel better and thus took some extra heavy laxatives. Anyway, we started the drive of several hours, mostly on a highway with no stops or anything. We'd been on the road for about 90 minutes when she started to squirm. She asked if there'd be a stop soon, and I said no, and asked if she wanted anything. She said no and we drove on. A half hour later she turned pale and was squirming uncomfortably. At this point we got stuck in traffic from roadwork, where everyone had to get into one lane. I more directly asked her if she was sick or something, and she said "no, I'm all right." Finally in about 10 minutes she started farting, lightly, but it was audible - and at this point she turned ! the radio up to cover it (I pretended to ignore the smell). We came out of the construction and took off, when all of a sudden she moans "Oh God " and lifts her butt off the seat and begins to fill her underwear. I swirved the car over into the shoulder, and she jumped out. She pulled her skirt and panties down and continued to crap loose poop and diarrhea - her pants were filled. I got out of the car to help her, and couldn't believe this gorgeous girl from high school that everyone liked was squatting next to my car crapping her brains out. She must have been majorly constipated, as she continued going for about 9 minutes. She was beat red now, and crying. She finally stopped and just sat there, sobbing and explaining how she took laxatives and thought they wouldn't work until that night. I got old towels out of the car - one to wipe herself, and one to wear back as a skirt since her clothes were ruined. Of course, we drove on and were only a few miles from a rest ! stop. She thanked me for being nice and apologized about the towels. It was quite a surreal moment. On the way back she told me about the party she had to go to and her constipation, to which I suggested lightening the dose of laxative.

Ben in NY
I will have to take Captain Poo Poo's side in the latest subject development. People are always comfortable talking about what bad diarhea they have but absolutely FORBID talking about a nice big dump. I just don't understand it, I would think diarhea is more embarassing. Everybody takes a good shit almost every day. So why won't anybody talk about it????


P.S. TO BRYIAN- I guess my last post got lost, but did it say anywhere in the error message to press any key to continue? Has it happened before? Also, sorry to hear about your dad. I too know what its like to lose someone close.

Dr Poop
I know it's been a wile, I just have a quick question for the women. I have wondered Why women hiss when they piss?

I also wonder where alex and steph are.

I had a big bm today it was very wet it felt so good but smelled like rotting eggs

I went camping with my girlfrien this weekend. Saturday night we had dinner & were kinda fooling around in the tent when I felt the need for a piss. I didn't want to tell her as it would be kinda unromantic you know. Well I figured I could hold it for a while as I didn't have to go that bad. Well we continued & before long I was really needing to piss bad. She noticed I was kinda distracted & asked what was wrong. I figured I'd better tell her or I'd piss all over the tent. She thought it was sweet that I didn't want to spoil the moment but said when ya gotta go ya gotta go. I went out to some trees nearby & pissed for almost 2 minutes while she watched me. Wow she said you really did have to go. When I finished we had a great night!!

Any other guys have to piss or shit at a time like this? How did you handle it?


My dear wife Jane is on the phone and left the computer with this page on the browser. I know she likes to go to this site and is interested in this sort of thing. I don't totally share her interest, but I am trying and even posted a story here last year. I'm usually very private about using the toilet but don't mind if she is around, and she doesn't force me to let her watch. On the other hand, she doesn't mind me seeing her on the toilet and occasionally encourages me to watch.

Anyway, I couldn't resist posting a story about one time a few years back when I was with her when she was on the toilet. We were at home doing some spring cleaning. Jane was going through her clothes, and even asked her good friends Carrie and Sara to come over. Carrie's and Sara's husbands also came over and helped me clean out the garage. I went up to use the bathroom next to the master bedroom, where the women were going through the closet. I was washing my hands when Jane comes running into the bathroom. She says she has to go right away.

Jane had on a gold T-shirt and a very short light blue denim skirt. She lifted her skirt to her waist and pulled down her white high-cut panties to her knees, then started to pee furiously. I told her I didn't know she still had that skirt around, and she said she still has a few of those skirts in the closet. She said she was just trying them on and said they still fit. I'm very much aware of how beautiful my wife is, but for some reason she looked especially good sitting on the toilet that day, showing off her tanned thighs.

She took a good two minutes to pee but didn't need to poop this time. When she got up and pulled her skirt back into position, I realized how short it really was, several inches above the knee and barely covering her butt. I asked her if she was going to keep that skirt, and she said she would probably hold on to those skirts a little longer. She hasn't put them on again, but I think she would still look good wearing that skirt. Jane certainly looked sexy sitting on the toilet that day.

She's getting off the phone...

kim & scott
hello all! I really have no new stories to post but thanks to tony from scotland,mia, nicola,and john (vt) for the nice letters and comments you have written me recently.I appreciate it. hopefully it wont be too long before another kim post comes up but until then happy dumping. love,kim

Last night i went to my room to watch tv and then i was going to go to bed. I was in bed and had a urge to shit, so i went to the bathroom then when i was done i went to sleep. Then i wake up 2 hours later with severe cramps. So i got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I had to push the first stuff out(the soild stuff was blocked up) cause i had diahreah after i passed the soild stuff. Then i wiped a million times. My first shit that day was very soild and not soft.

Nick, I'm so glad that your 9 year old friend, Catherine, was able to help you pee outdoors. It's like initiating you into the club of freedom.

Did that do the trick for you, or was your mother's paranoia too overwhelming? Were there other times that you needed to pee outdoors to keep the freedom going?

Chris 1
Hi Plunging Plop Guy. Loved your post. I too love watching and listening to other guys taking a dump. I also love it when I haven't crapped for a couple of days which doesn't happen very often as I tend to be a pretty regular guy. There's no better feeling than when you're really bunged up and you start grunting and squeezing. That feeling of your arsehole being slowly forced wide open. That pause for breath and the head of the turd slips back inside. Then another grunt and squeeze and that arse splitting feeling again till all of a sudden the monster turd starts sliding out and you just sit there and let it free fall into the water with a good solid SPLOOMP! and then the water splashing back up your jacksy. Oh man you and I should get together.

LINDA: I really liked your story about the buddy dump with Belinda. I presume Belinda is more your cousin's age ? I've had toilet experiences watching other people and people watching me, but never where both of us could go at the same time.

Chloe introduced me to her new friend Kirsty on Saturday. We went on the bus into town and shopped and had a MacDonalds later in the afternoon. We all needed the loo before we left, so seeing as MacDonalds usually have nice clean toilets, we decided to use theirs.

No one was in when we got there, so Chloe and I went in one cubicle together, but Kirsty didn't want to join us, and went in the one next door. Probably as well, because there isn't much room. I had a lovely wee. It was such a relief to have it, I couldn't help saying "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" as I did it, which made Chloe laugh. We heard Kirsty ask if I was having a poo, but I said no, I was just relieved to be able to wee at last.

Then when I got off the toilet, Chloe and I did a shuffle around one another, and as she was pulling down her jeans we both heard a big splash from next door ! We both looked at each other and laughed and said "Well you're obviously having a poo then" ! Kirsty said that having a poo was why she didn't want to come in with us. She didn't want us to see her beetroot face while she strained to have it ! Little does she know !!

Kirsty and I got on really well. I suppose that was bound to happen with her and Chloe being such good friends now. Chloe was only ever going to make another good friend with a really nice girl. Kirsty is very pretty, with lovely dark red hair that comes down to just below her shoulders, blue eyes, and some cute freckles on her face. She really reminded me of someone, and it wasn't until I got home that I could think who it was. She is very like Lindsay Lohan, who is the girl in the film Parent Trap, another film that Andrew and I love like Lawn Dogs.

Andrew says I look just like Mischa Barton, so I think I'm going to suggest to Kirsty that she and I start up a business, "hire a look-alike child actress" !

I wonder how long it will be before Kirsty joins in with our "toilet ring" ? Chloe says she's not going to say anything for a while, because Kirsty was especially shocked at being spied on by those naughty year 10 girls. Chloe says she won't use a toilet if anyone else is in the room, even her older sister Bev. Well, I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I can't imagine being that shy, especially as I let Chloe and Andrew watch me !

Lawn Dogs kid will be back on the air soon. I just know he won't be able to resist talking about Chloe having a poo for him when we got home from town. She didn't poo at MacDonalds when she normally would have done at that time of day, and then she told me she had saved it for Andrew, and she went off to his house while I went home. Look forward to reading about that because she said it felt as if she would be having an enormous one !

Bye Bye everybody. Love from Kendal xx

School Janitor. I know its not YOUR fault and that everyone has to do a job to live and nobody wants to be sacked, but I feel there must be some way you could complain to the authorities in your State or even the Federal Education body about the way that pupils are restricted from performing their natural functions both by regulating of use of the toilet, "Toilet Passes" and closing the number of toilets at the school. If they did this in Britain nowadays the legal consequencies would be dire and the Governors (Board), Head Teacher (Principal) and others responsible would get the push, rightly so! This treatment of anyone, especially schoolchildren, belongs in the Old South Africa or Nazi Germany not the USA of the 21st Century! The effects on health alone of shutting off the water to the handbasins! and as for the physical and psycological trauma to the kids! here in the UK we go to great length to encourage our kids to always wash their hands after using the toilet for eith! er function. If misbehaviour or vandalism in the toilets is a problem then the use of monitors, or security staff is the answer as is done in some of the schools in rougher areas in the UK.

Plunging Plop Guy, yes enjoying shared defecation and listening to the sounds of someone else doing a nice solid motion is as much a "girl thing" as a "man thing". I have enjoyed doing so since I was a kid and even in Primary (Grade) School we would buddy dump and got a buzz listening to other girls doing a poo and seeing their jobbies. I must say my big turds were often the talk of the toilet, and even the talk of the playground when i did a big panbuster which stuck and one girl told her young brother who told his mates. One even came up to me in the playgound (schoolyard) and asked "Hey Moira did you do a big jobbie that stuck in the toilet pan and wont go away" With pride I told him yes, I had done it. Even today, in my forties, I find that many women and men are equally turned on by such matters though they may not discuss it as freely given the mores of society. I was at a dinner party recently with some friends, as it happens we were all professionals with our spo! uses all liberal open minded types. After we had eaten I felt the need of a motion and was going to drive to the nearby open all hours supermarket, (I hadnt been drinking alcohol as I was driving George), and do it in the Ladies toilet there as I knew it would be a big one and get stuck in the pan. I metioned this to Diana who has known me for years, (she's my firm's accountant) and is well aware of the panbusters I produce. She told me not to be so silly and just to do my motion and leave it if it stuck as hers often did. Well, surprise, surprise, it did, being a big fat "beacher". When I came out of the toilet she asked me "Well Moira, I suppose it got stuck?" I confirmed that it had and she went to have a look herself. Later that evening a couple of the men went for a pee and of course saw my big jobbie, as of course did George. There was no embarassment as they remarked about it. "I see Moira has had a good motion! bet she feels a lot lighter for that!"

I also play (Field) Hockey for my school "Old Girls" team. Its quite comical seeing ???? matronly women in their late twenties, thirties and forties running about a field in short skirts and navy blue knickers on their fat bums. We played the current Sixth Form senior girls team, in which some of the team's daughters play and got thrashed! The point is that I have found that the women in the team are also into toilet fun and will happily comment on the big turds they and others have done. My big friend Donna plays in goal and her partner Lauren is our Coach, (everyone knows that they are an item but I have found that women are far more tolerant towards lesbians in a team than most men are towards homosexuals). Donna often passes her big whoppers I do mine so do many of the others. as a slight aside I was playing one Saturday in a local park when one of my clients was walking his dog with a friend and saw me. As I was standing near the edge of the field I heard him say,! "that's my lawyer Moira, the ???? lassie with the red hair" The other man replied "Yes, you can see she's a good lawyer by the size of her briefs!"

Incidentally, watching the Olympics and the weightlifters of both genders I had a thoughtk, I hope they all ensure they have had both a wee wee and a motion before they compete as all that squatting and pressure would be sure to make you pass a poo in your leotard or briefs! Perhaps Nicola or other sporting types could elucidate? Has it happened perhaps to them?

Monday, September 18, 2000

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