Hi just got back from my sister's house,driving on the freeway I had a bad feeling in my stomach to use the bathroom I was 30 miles away and I thought that I would not make it but I did.Soon as I parked the car in the garage I ran upstairs hiked up my dress sat down on the toilet and shit my brains out it was a good one (had to flush 4 times) and it smelled real bad it was one of those gassy stinky ones that filled up the bowl with loose turds. Bye 4 now

Hi all! I took a dump yesterday. I had a stomach cramp and i went to the toilet and I let it out and as soon as it was done, there was flakes of poo in the water. I went to Disney on 9-2-00 to 9-7-00 and I took 9 dumps. 4 on thurs. 2 on wed. 1 on Mon and 2 on tues.

See ya!

Today I had diarrhea. I got up in the morning
and I had to make several trips to the bathroom; by afternoon I thought it was gone.
Then I went shopping at Wal Mart and when I was there
the diarrhea began to hit, with the cramps and pains.
I couldn't make it to the bathroom, it came and I pooped my pants.
Really bad, it ran down my legs because I
had shorts on. When I went to the bathroom there
was a line. What a day! The worse diarrhea accident in public I have had in my life!!!

This happened to me a month ago, on my way to home from work! I work right down the street from where I live. I loved the walks home in the speing, so every evening I make my way home!
I had just gotten over a very bad cold, and had taken a ton of medication and ended up very constipated. I left work the usual time, and headed for my house. It was very nice out and I was wearing a spring jacket, white in color. I was dressed in a green satin shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I went the first block and was stopped by a neighbor Enrique we stood and chatted a bit and again I was on my way. As I got down toward my street it felt like everything I had held up inside me was ready to come out. I passed it off looking forward to the great release when I arrived home.
I got a few houses from mine and as I walked by my neighbors drive way a friend passed on the street in their car and beeped! It shocked me and as I turned to wave another sort of wave hit! I found myself turning and stopping! As I waived my bowels released and I felt a surge of warmth envelope in the seat of my trousers!
I stopped and I believe that my face was as red as a stop sign, I was 22 and I was standing there crapping hard into my pants! I managed to gain control and began to walk again but my neighbor stoopped to chat! There I was in a pair of pooper packed pants and he knew for sure! "Gabriel, are you okay? " he asked witha very werid smerk on his face! "Um uh Yes I guess, had a cold last week, and I haven't gone in a while!" was my response! To which he said "Well thats pretty obvious!" Our conversation finally ended and yours truley began to walk stiffly toward his house! As I got to the door I glanced back and saw my disaster! A load hung in the back of my pants like a proud mountain! I reached back and from that day forward I remember the feeling of guilt, shame and extreme excitedness! I pooped my pants at age 22 and I was very aroused!
As I enterd the house and viewed myself in the full length mirror I was very turned on! so much in fact that I just let the rest go right there in my pants and watched as my slacks moved slowly to accomodate it! I then reached back and felt the bulge and began to masturbate thru the pants!I was extremely ashamed at that point and orgasamed and showered, but The feeling was better after the evening! I will write somemore if anyone is interested, I have done other things like that since! Thanks!

This happened one day when I was in school. I was almost 11 years old. One of the teachers noticed a bad smell in the room, so she started checking the kids to see if they had had an accident. It was very strange, but she didnīt noticed who had pooped in his pants, but finally I got so uncomfortable with the poop in my trousers that I had to admit it was me and ask for clean underwear so that I could change. I know this is accurate, but I haven't told anyone for obvious reasons.

It happened to me about a year ago. It was a weekend night and I was out with a friend. We had been out to a club and were now looking for something to do. Then I felt a great need to poop and I told it to my friend. But he didn't help me very much... he kept complaining about his urgency to pee.
During the night I though how could he react if he loses the control...but it never happened.
Another thought was about if I have an accident what his response would be.
Well, as we drove, I started complaining about the bathroom.
I kept telling him that if didn't get to a bathroom --FAST--
that there would be a huge accident in my pants. He chuckled and said, "Now you know how I felt". So I kept
driving. I started to talk about how I was going to have a accident if we didn't hurry.
Then, as I passed a gas station, I pulled in and jumped outta the car. I went inside to get the key, ran around to the side where the bathrooms are at, but I couldnīt make it on time. Well, needless to say... I pooped my pants. It was
soft and hot... it filled my entire crotch....
I waddled back to the car... he was really grinning. I think he knew from the way I was walking. I sat down in the car... and in my mess... and told him that I had pooped my
He was hysterical, thought it was the funniest thing yet.
That night, after that, we became bettere friends--
I'm not certain if he got turned on by this, but I am
now certain he wasn't too grotesqued by it.

When I was 16 I was outside at Physical Education class and I had to poop really bad, I asked if I could go and the teacher said wait we are about to go in. She blew the wistle and we lined up against the wall to go in and I let go. the poop gushed into my shorts and started running down my legs. As I was walking in I was leaving a trail. I have never told anyone before. It was very embarassing.

Hi all.. I just got back from the mall and had a buddy dump I just had to tell you. I was at home watching Digimon.. when Belinda Elena's friend was over.. she said she wanted to go to the mall as they had made changes to it. Elena said she could not as she had work to do.Elena does the books for the condo we live in.. and well she was paying for slacking off... she likes to keep every month in oder.. but well she was a month behind I guess. I said I wanna go. Belinda said well okay..I could pretend I'm lost and go up to cute boys and ask for help and she'd come and talk to them.(Boy.. dating seems to have lots of trickery in it.. I thought my cousin was just being mean when he said that) Anyway we went.. the mall looks cool.. and boy is it much longer. Well we stopped at a snack place and i had frito pie.. oh I love the stuff. Belinda was daring so she ordered a huge bowl of it so we could share(For those who don't know it's fritos with chili and melted cheese on them)Well as! you guessed.. after a while.. WE HAD TO GO POOP BAD!!! We went to the main restroom and oh all the stalls were full... and Belinda didn't want to poop with so many girls around. So we left and tried to find a potty we could use. Finally we were both with our hands clamped tight on your tushies when we went to where the old bathroom used to be. We went in and saw.. there were 4 potties.. but the stalls had been taken off. Now we knew why they were empty. Well Belinda looked at me and said"Well I won't mind if you won't" I told her beats having our pampies explode from us having a huge accident. Well the door had a dead bolt so she locked it(extra privacy.. bad enough were were going in front of each other.. don't wnat others around too) Belinda was tearing off paper and putting on the seat (It was kinda funny.. she was dancing around.. and a few times gas escaped) I took some paper and gave the seat a good wiping them undid my overall shorts, slipped my purple pampies down and! sat down and peed. As I was feeling good going AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH loud enough for people in the food court to hear me..( I hade a huge 36 oz root beer) Belinda undid her jeans.. looks at me for a bit.. then pulled the down and her pampies and sat. She let out a HUGE burst of gas. She sighed a peed a bit. She looked over at me and I looked back. I thought for a bit and said.. "um.. why don't turn side ways like this?[I turned sideways facing her] this way our tushies don't show?" Belinda nodded and slowly turned toward me facing me. I smiled and said.. "not that you don't have a cute tushie." Belinda smiled and said" nah.. it's too big.. I'd give anything for a tiny one like you' We laughed and we made faces.. it was time to poop. I sat and wrinkled my face a bit as my tushie opened up. Belinda turned red.. but I knew it was cause she was a bit embarssed. I smiled and said.. "hey it's okay.. just (gurnt) let it go." Belinda nodded then sht her eyes and..... out ! it came.. sounded like someone dropped tons of pebbles into a tank of water. She opened them and looked at me. I said.. "way to go Belinda.. bet you feel(grunt) better." She smiled and said. "yeah but I sound like a bunny pooping." I strained and said.. "bunnies..... are... cute. [KASPLASH!!!] Ahhhhhhhhhh." She looked at me with wide eyes and I giggled and said.."beat pooping watermelons like me" She laughed and I guess she realxed cause she unloaded like crazy. After like minutes of tiny plops and splashes she sighed and said she never felt this good.. ever. I made 6 more spalshes and said.. "yup.. see and you were embarassed." belinda said yeah.. but I made her feel comfy. Well we stayed.. POOPED LOTS.. and stinked up the place bad.. we wiped.. got dressed and ran out of there. I told Elena and she laughed.. she patted Belind aon the back and said.. glad to see you're geting over you embarassment over your''"pooping problem" Belinda looked at her and said.. "she poops like y! ou.. bet she even broke the toilet. Elena glared and said no.. that's Nora." We all laughed as my cousin walked by and shook his head saying"You sound like a bunch of guys the way you talk about pooping out loud like that." We threw pillows at him and then I came to write to you guys. Well hoped you enjoyed it. I have to go pee so later.. unless you guys wanna come along and keep me company?Hee hee.

School Janitor
Here's the story I promised some time ago. Before I worked in the high school where I work now, I worked in the school district's middle school for several years. For the first few years I worked there, it was a "junior high" school with grades 7-9. It later changed to a middle school, and the 9th grade was moved to the high school after I left.

In all honesty, the bathroom situation there was horrible. The school had 900 students and four pairs of bathrooms, but the administration only wanted one pair kept open. The other bathrooms were used for storage, and for one year, three bathrooms were actually used as temporary classrooms due to an overcrowding problem. (The teachers in those "bathroom classrooms" were told to send students to the regular bathrooms and not let students use the toilets in the "classroom.")

The only operable boys' bathroom had two doorless stalls and three urinals, and the girls' bathroom had four stalls with doors. The mirrors in the bathrooms were taken out because of vandalism, and the water supply to the sinks (there were two) and toilets was shut off because students would clog them and make them overflow. Everything was flushed once a day by the night custodians.

When the school was switched to a middle school, the district brought in a national educational consultant to help with the changeover. The consultant had an opinion on everything, including the bathrooms. It was decided that the school would operate on a "lavatory pass" system to keep students from using the bathrooms too often. This meant that each week, every student received a card with ten lines on it, and in order to go to the bathroom, the teacher would have to sign a line. Students were prohibited from using the bathroom between classes, so the intended effect was to make sure no one went more than twice a day or ten times per week.

The problems started when the system went into place. Many students lost their passes, and they weren't be allowed to use the bathroom at all. (The school day was officially seven hours, but most students were away from home for at least eight hours due to bus rides, and some had bus rides that kept them away from home for ten hours.) Other students would try to hold it all day so they could sell their pass to other students.

The next year, the administration decided to change the passes to prevent fraud. The days of the week were written on the passes (two trips to the bathroom each day), they were color-coded from week to week, and the students' names were preprinted so they couldn't sell their passes.

As a result of the lavatory pass system, I had to clean up many messes from kids who lost their passes or who had to go more than twice a day. The school was recently remodeled and has more bathrooms open that are much nicer, but the "toilet sadists" in the adminstration still insist that the lavatory passes are handed out each week.

From what I understand they've reserved that honour for the station's first crew.

I have a story about my childhood. My mother was always picking on me about managing my weeing and pooing because at kindergarten I would forget sometimes and have an accident. Funnily enough, she couldn't stand the thought of me pissing outdoors. One day when I was caught short, I was outside playing with my Star Wars toys and the urge overtook me. Walked over to the bushes, bare arsed, cock out giving the bushes a good hosing. I put everything back turned around and was suddenly in the beach landing from Saving Private Ryan. Mum was machine gunning me with slaps to the head saying what a filthy boy I was."you never know what filthy people could be watching!" "how dare you do this in my garden!!" etc etc. I have read lots of posts about those idealic moments of growing up when you are with your freinds and you all point your penises at a tree and giggling hystrically wave your yellow streams around. Or those quiet moments with your first 9 year old love and you watch each oth! er as she crouches for a wee smiling up at you and you wee for a big distance.After this incident I could never go I always be came incredibly pee shy and was never able to join in those peeing sessions which seem to be such a natural part of growing up. Years later when I was nine, the church youth group assigned pairs of its sixth grade sunday school class to experiment with some bible study work sheets they had designed I was one of the guinea pigs. So Catherine and Jenny took me out into the back of the church grounds and we set to work. Sure enough after a short time the uge overtook me and I was losing concenrtation, they asked me whats wrong and I said i needed to spend a penny. They said I could just duck over by a tree and go for it there. But I already knew how far that would get me so I said I would wait, But I just became more and more distracted so I told them my story of how I was destined for serious trouble if I weed anywhere except a toilet, I was in deep trou! ble. Catherine took me by the hand and took me away from Jenny and said very seriously that she had brothers that always did this and it was fine to go when you had to. To prove her point she squatted down and peed right there. Her stream wetting the leaves and making a foamy puddle. she said it was my turn and I nervously took out my little penis and and she smiled as my wee flowed, i giggled triumphanty as a pushed out my stream stream and Catherine applauded.

Hi all! My husband and I (blimey, makes me sound like the Queen, I wish he would let me mention his name on this page, but for professional reasons he doesn't want me to make him identifiable, so I afraid it got to be the impersonal). Anyway, I managed to get him to come with me to have a properly supervised work out at the sports centre as , owing to the UK petrol crisis he had been using my mountain bike and although it has 21 gears he was out of puff when he got to his office. Some exercise is in order I felt, too many business lunches with clients and sitting on his fat arse in his BMW.

So Saturday morning we set off to my work, as I can have free use of course of facilities for self and reduction for family. After a light work out, with of course his blood presuure etc checked out beforehand, (I dont want to be a young widow!) We had a snack in the canteen, no stodge, pasta, nice and healthy, then he told me he needed a poo. Of course I couldn't accompany him to the toilet there but he did use the Male Staff toilets. When he came out 10 minutes later he was smirking and he told me he had passed a nice big long fat carrot shaped jobbie of about 12 inches long (he can match me inch for inch these days, it must be my good cooking!) and of course it had stuck. When we were going one of my male colleagues came out of the same gents toilet and with a laugh said, "Nicks, it must be a family thing with you as even your other half drops huge torpedoes which stick in the pan" as this was said in amusement and with no malice we all had a good laugh and went for a p! int afterwards. On my own part when we got home we went to the toilet where I did a similar big jobbie to my hubbies, the smelly eggy stuff had all been passed in the previous motion, (see my post of a day ago) and this one didnt smell bad, just the usual smell of a solid healthy poo. This one was a "four flusher" as it took that many pulls of the chain to get it to go away.

Hance, I loved your story of your wife doing a big load and the cop . Ive done a few motions outdoors myself but havent been apprehended by a copper for doing so as I have always chosen a remote spot, in the woods, on the sand dunes in the countryside on a walk etc.

Kim, as one who also does "enourmous bowel movements" I can empathise. I dont have your extremely small waist though I do have big boobs, DD cups these days, and a big firm butt. I have always passed larger than average turds, doing adult sized jobbies even when a young kid of 8 or 9 and once got an older boy cousin a row from my aunt for clogging the toilet pan when I did a panbuster when visiting these relatives when I was about 9 or 10 I think but his mum wouldn't believe a kid that age could do jobbies that big and blamed him as he was always doing big whoppers (I saw a few and they were big) although I owned up to doing it. I often had conversations with my mum when either of us were doing a motion as she had no problems about my being in the toilet with her and vice versa. I also didnt mind my young brother accompanying me and once I recall sitting on the pan doing a big constipated load, (many big balls then a couple of large knobbly logs) and helping him, between ! going NNN! UH! and loud "KERSPLOONK!s" with his science homework- a different slant on "Newton's three laws of MOTION!"

Who wrote the post where they were constipated when they went to camp but were afraid they would make noise in the cabin bathroom when they tried to go. Then when she got home she had a really hard time going and had to pull it out as she pushed.

I need to post something that i over heard at work the other day. I was doing my work, i think i was diping something in to little cups or something like this. One of the other ladies that work there walked bye and out of the clear blue sky i hear her say(she was talking to herself), "I havta use the bathfroom"(sounds just like i have bathroom spelled,not a typo), Then she says "I haven't been all day".
Speaking of work i was at work today and on my 2nd break i went upstairs to get a soda for me and a supervisor and i got some change back($.05) and then after break i did my work and then when i was all finished i went to use the bathroom and i pulled my apron up, so i could unzip my pants so i could pee and my money($.05) fell out of my pocked and landed into the toilet. I thought this was sooo funny...Im like what do i do, so i decided to flush(there are signs there saying please flush toilet) so i flushed and didn't want to leave my "waste" there unflushed. I was afraid that it would clog the toilet up, but it didn't and i was glad. I wasn't sticking my hand in a public toilet to fish it out. I wonder if any one will notice what i left in the toilet. Thats it.

Plunging Plop Guy
HI there,and especially to Buzzy and Nicola(UK) who have jusy responded to my first message here.
Thanks for the tips ,Nicola about eating more bread to produce firmer and more solid logs-I'll try some white bread or at least to increase the bread consumption anyway.I was having problems about 18months ago with constipation and what I thought was haemorrhoids due to straining on the toilet but which apparently according to anexamination was merely soreness in the anus exacerbated by too much pushing .That seems to be cured now but I'm still being careful to eat enough fibre.
I'd love to be able to strain and work hard on pushing out some big stiff logs like Carlos described in his constipated sessions but don't want to risk the soreness from straining again.All the misery of piles without actually having them!
Hopefully,that episode is behind (!) me now and I want to go loudly and satisfyingly and without any soreness,and get my bum splashed every time by a good solid log.
So,I'll try the bread tip.

Buzzy, Great to know you like the idea of recording our sessions on the lav.I'm only into enjoying guys shitting but glad to know that so many women share this interest too!I'm amazed,having thought it was a man-thing only.
I had a close friend who often needed to go to the toilet when he was at mine and he knew I wanted to join him in the toilet but was too embarrassed to agree until one day he invited me to watch and listen as he sat on the toilet and dropped his turds.After that he actually wanted me to be in there with him whenever possible,and he also started to enjoy the exhillaration of getting his arse splashed which had previously been something he'd disliked.
As for the friend with whom I swapped tapes-we certainly did'nt hold back on the graphic details of the way it was coming out and where the splashes were going.
Sometimes without any commentary and letting the actions speak for themselves.
We had a few sessions together;one after the other,and would swap and discuss various pictures of guys with tight ripped arse jeans or shorts on that spurred our imagination of them sitting on toilets plunging out some loud arse-splahing logs.
I bet there's a lot of guys who'd love to share that buddy dumping type of experience among those who have shared with us here.Reading through the hundreds of messages I'd love to hear Dazz of Australia on his brilliant toilet and Keith at the airport even though he doesn't like getting splashed or being seen.
I thought it was a myth about yhe public toilets in USA often not having doors and not much in the way of a partition but wow!!!!! Seems like it really is open plan shitting there!
The film FULL METAL JACKET had a long scene shoeing the toilets in the barracks-absolutely NO privacy there,if only we in Britain were as easy about sharing these activities.Incidentally,later on in the film ,you see Tom Cruise's bare backside and muscular thighs as he's sitting on some sort of frame over what must be a toilet as in the story he loses control of his lower body and has to be "helped"
I think Keith said that he was in the stall next to Tom Cruise at the airport as they were both shitting .GREAT!!!
Must sign off now and will be back soon,Thanks for the advice and interest and it's been great to share all this rather rambling message with you all,
Good shitting everyone,
I too wait a long time in public toilets for the sounds I really want to hear but I wish there were'nt so many sounds I DON'T want to hear eg.Doors slamming flushes going people talking at the wrong moment when a guy's just about rady to drop one and silence is needed to hear the crackle of the turd starting to come out.

about one.oneone op one.

Does using Slim Fast cause diarrhea or constipation? I've heard both and was wanting to lose about five more pounds. I used to have a body like Kim (Love your stories!) until a knee, bad leg and foot hampered my fitness walking. I just don't diarrhea.

I had just heard from a buddy about some insider news about a sequel to the Inspector Gadget movie. Apparently, Affleck is going to play Gadget, they're trying to get a big action/adventure star like Willis or Snipes to play Claw, but they didn't know who was going to play Penney. Anyways, they said that there'd be 100 times more poop humor than there was pee humor in the "Big Daddy" movie. I guess this alleged poop humor revolves around Penney. It sounds like she just craps herself a lot - especially in this boat chase moment when Penney is wearing a miniskirt and a big bulge in her panties is visible. I hope it's all true - it'll be a totally awesome movie if it is!!!

Gotta say, especially since the Concorde tragedy, AND, speaking of French toilets, I flew on an Air France Concorde last fall. I made it a point to take a dump, even though I really didn't have to in a bad way. They feed you like a pig on the damn thing, and I thought it would be really cool to dump whilst traveling at Mach 2.02, or 1350 mph. So I did, although the toilet compartments are really small. I'm a big guy, 6'3". Once I actually shit, I couldn't get into a proper position to wipe myself. The compartment was too narrow for me to spread my legs apart enough to wipe, and there wasn't enough headroom for me to stand up enough for me to do it. So I did the best I could, got some poop on my fingers, but there was plenty of fancy French soap for me to clean up with. Then I went back to my seat and ate some more. What a hoot.

Anne (the Bus Driver)
Captain POO POO, I agree with other posters, I cannot ever recall anyone freely discussing having diarrhea but plenty, both amongst the girls at school and the other women drivers at the depot, will mention doing a big solid motion, in graphic details, and with some pride. Often one of the other drivers will be in the ladies toilet at the depot and will see the big jobbie I have done and comment, "that's a whopper Anne, bet you feel great after doing that!" and I have been only too happy to discuss it with her. When I was at Secondary School there was one girl in my class called Thelma. She was what would now be called a looser in most aspects. Fat, dumpy, a bit thick, and frankly was ugly. As happens to such kids she didnt have many friends , indeed i was just about the only other teenaged girl who would talk to her. Thelma did however have one gift, she passed really huge jobbies, great long fat torpedos. She was fat, ate a lot, and used to do a big solid panbuster every da! y usually after lunch in one of the pans in the girls toilet at school . Now this gave her quite a lot of pleasure as she often confided in me. Quite a few times we would buddy dump and I would drop my jobbie on top of her big log. When she was about 18 she met a bloke who was turned on by defecation like some who post here like Tony, George, Adrian etc and they got married. I lost touch as they moved away a few years back but as far as I am aware they are happily together after some 20 years or so.

Meghan, that was a beauty that Trish passed, it was actually lucky you didnt have laxatives or softeners after all. What a magnificent specimen! Ive done one that large when i was laid up in bed for a week and my bowels went on strike. When I was able to get up at the end of the week I went for a wee wee and it started to come down. I just sat on the pan, reading a neewspaper and and just let it slowly slide out with a NNN! and UH! to push it when needed. I was sat on the pan for a good 45 minutes as it slowly came out and it made a thud when it finally dropped into the pan. It was like a naval shell in shape, but all knobbly and dark brown. I had a red ring on my bum cheeks from sitting on the pan for so long, and my ring throbbed. Like Trish's big jobbie it didnt have much smell, I have found that its the soft turds which stink. When I had recovered from doing it and got showered and changed I retrieved it from the pan, I didnt flush as I knew it would get stuck, and! put it in a bucket which i then inverted in the compost heap then covered it with a couple of shovels of compost. I left the turd intact just as it had come out of me but the bacteria, insects and worms in the compost broke it down and there was nothing left apart from a dark stain of the outline and shape of the turd by the end of the following week.

Plunging Plop Guy (just love that name), I agree with others that bread is good to ensure big jobbies. Now what is needed is bulk in your diet as this makes for more waste for the bowel to consolidate into a good big formed stool. This also is a healthy option as it prevents real constipation, that is when the stools are small and hard and difficult to pass and is NOT failing to go every day as some people think. The secret is to find the right quantity for your system, too much will cause soft mushy stools, not what is wanted and will possibly cause gripeing pains in the belly and even accidents in the knickers. Too little will achieve nothing. Unfortunately we dont all have similar systems. I can eat virtually anything with no bad side effects, the only time I have suffered the runs in recent years was once from a dodgy canteen meal and another when many of us caught a virus which gave shivering, sore throat, headaches and a very severe but thankfully short duration atta! ck of diarrhea. I was home for 3 days but Im glad I didnt shit my panties though I did come close just making it to the bog in time.

No Name Grrl
Midnight Cowboy>>>What those boys did to you when you were going poo in the woods made me sooo mad! They had no right to make fun of you like they did!! If I was there I would of gave them a peice of my mind!! It wasnt your fault you had to poo! Some people....

Plunging Plopguy, your playing my tune! Like you I have for years enjoyed the sound effects when good fat solid turds are being passed and drop into the water of the toilet pan with a resounding depth charge "KUR-SPLOONK!" etc. Nicola from England is perfectly right that the really long jobbies, while very enjoyable to pass and a turn on to see when someone else has done one often do not make a loud noise as they are so big that the start is already in the water while the rest of the jobbie is still coming out of the doer's back passage so it only makes a quiet "flump!" as it slides into the water. Only if you have an old fashioned high pan with a long drop and a deep water filled sump at the bottom do the big panbusters sometimes make a spectacular "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" I also enjoy all the other toilet sounds when someone, preferably a female, is doing a good solid motion, the rustle as they lift their skirts and pull down their knickers, the hiss and tinkle of their wee wee, t! he grunts and OO! and NNN! and UH! sounds as they strain to pass what is obviously a solid formed motion, the crackling sound as their turd is coming out of their rectum, then of course the "KER-SPLOONK!" and KUR-SPLOOSH! sounds the big fat jobbies make as they plunge into the pan. Of course to actually see the jobbies afterwards is the ultimate turn on for me. I am lucky that my little ???? wife Theresa is also into defecation and is only too happy to let me join her in the toilet and watch when she does a motion.

As a bit of advice about what food makes your turds larger. I have found since I was a kid that toasted cheese sandwiches have this effect. Use white bread, no extra butter, simply toast the bread then put on the cheese , cheddar is best I have found, and put it under the grill till the cheese melts, (its even easier and better with a toasted sandwich maker which seals the sandwiches). Eating these I have found causes nice solid , firm, but not difficult jobbies which are cohesive and formed but usually smooth and passed with a steady pressure. The turds are a nice toffee brown colour, quite fat, and as a bonus dont usually have a nasty smell. I have just done such a motion, a single long fat curved smooth sausage of about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches fat which went FLOOMP!. Theresa hasnt done a motion yet today but will probably do one later this morning or after lunch.

Kim, your story of telling me about talking to your mum while doing a motion reminds me of similar incidents when I was a kid. As old readers will know I used to listen to my mum doing her motions. One day during the school summer holidays when I was about 12 she was going out to visit a friend in hospital and wouldn't be back to till late. She had gone to the toilet just after we had eaten lunch before getting the bus into Glasgow and I knew she was going to do a motion. I was listening from the end of the hallway when I heard her call "Tony, come her a minute!" For a moment I thought my luck was in and she was actually going to invite me into the toilet with her to watch while she did a motion but when I got to the toilet door and tried the handle she said "NO!dont come in Im doing a motion, stay there and I'll tell you what i want you to do so your dad's dinner is ready when he comes home. She then proceeded to give me my instructiosn about when to turn on the oven, (! no instant microwaves in those days, the 1960's) etc, punctuated by the sounds of her doing her motion. I cannot after 35 years remember the exact words but it was something like this, (interspersed with the toilet sounds) "Now put the knob at 150 degrees, TINKLE TINKLE TINKLE. Peel the potatoes and put them in the pot with a table spoon of salt in the water. "OO! AH! NNN! PLOP! PLONK! a pause while she got her nreath back then, Turn off the oven at about half past five and just leave it, UH! AH! NNN! NNN! crackle, NNN! UH! AH! KER-SPUL-LOOMP! KUR-SPLOOSH! KUPLONK! AH! that's better, ah!. Lay the table up for three as your dad is bringing his mate dave home with him, (sounds of her wiping her bum then pulling up her knickers, adjusting her skirt and washing her hands). She then came out of the toilet put on her hat and coat amd went out to catch the bus)she hadnt pulled the flush as I think as she may have wanted me to see her motion so I went into the toilet and saw her poo, ! two hard balls, two fair sized logs and one really big fat knobbly jobbie of about 8 inches long.

The other side of the coin occurred when I was a teenager. I had gone to the toilet one evening for a motion when the phone, which in those days was hardwired to a point in the hallway, rang. Mum answered it and called to me "Tony, its your mate Billy he wants to know the maths homework for tomorrow" I answered that I was doing the toilet and would call him back but mum replied that he was in a call box. I had to answer through the door "Its pages 8 to 11 in the blue book, do any 5 from the 8 questions " as I went OO! AH! NNN! and two big fat jobbies dropped into the pan with KUR-SPLOOMP! KER-SPUL-LOONK!" The next day Billy did ask, "Here Tony, were you doing a shite when I phoned as your mum said you were in the toilet and I could here "plops!" in the background. has anyone else ever had a conversation with their, mum, sister, partner, fellow employee or even a total stranger while you or they are sitting on the toilet doing a poo?

Sunday, September 17, 2000

pee loving man
I will tell you what happened to me yesterday. I went to the public toilets at a street festival in a village nearby and heard a young woman complaining about the toilet flushing water didnīt work. Indeed the toilet flushing was cut off. I was very excited by the imagination of all bowls in the ladies room overflow with warm and golden pee and no possibility to flush...

I just saw in the paper today that the space guys put
in a toliet at the space station. I they said none of was
going to use it and wait for the space station people to.

On another note:
It's real boring down here inn Southern Indiana
so for fun I want to a deserted baseball park,and knew i
had to poo real bad. So I went up on the top row of bleachers, pulled my jeans and white nylon panties down,
put my butt over the edge of the seat,peed, and then
I had to strain real hard to get my poo out. It streched
my anus out real wide and I had to pull on my buttocks
to get it out. It came out in three big pieces on the
concreate. I then went to the ladies room to do one
last piece and wipe,and then I left. I felt so good
doing that out in the open.

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