Yesterday I made a field trip to a client's work site. I had a meeting with some of the employees from mid-morning to close to lunch time. Toward the end of the meeting I was developing an urge to poop. The night before, my husband Gary and I went to dinner with another couple in a fancy restaurant. I did eat a lot then, but I was just feeling the effects now. When the meeting ended, I said my goodbyes to the employees and quicky dashed to the ladies room.

This bathroom had some interesting acoustics such that even the dripping of the sink was audible from inside a stall. I went into a stall, pulled down my black slacks and white panties and sat. I let go a fart that wasn't that big but nevertheless echoed loudly. I pushed out a huge thick solid piece of poop that made a loud ker-splunk sould as it hit the water. Then I made one very long solid continuous motion that broke off into pieces before hitting the water. I counted about a dozen medium to large plops, all of which were echoing throughout the ladies room. For a minute I thought I was done, but my stomach started to ache and I felt another motion coming. I pushed out another solid motion of nine large pieces of poop. The poop smell was unusually strong. I proceeded to flush the toilet while seated.

I continued to push out several medium to large pieces of poop. After another load, I flushed the toilet again and continued to push out more poop. Someone came into the ladies room and mumbled "Phew" as she went into a stall. She peed as I pushed out a few more pieces. She was done, flushed the toilet and washed her hands. I flushed the toilet and started to wipe as she exited the room. I wiped several times and flushed the toilet a final time. There was a strong poop smell lingering but no skidmarks on the toilet. As I was washing my hands, two of the employees I met with came in. We said hi and bye as I left. I'm sure they noticed the poop smell, but I hope they didn't attibute it to me.

hello all!TO BUZZY-believe it or not I am not a fat big girl. I am a cute, five foot four long haired blond.40 -20 -31 measurements. i do eat alot of grain cereal so that might explain my ENORMOUS BOWEL-MOVEMENTS .bye. TO DIANE hello! I do notice what you notice about tight wearing clothes. when its better if they are tight all over instead of cramping you in one spot. plus I usually wear spandex seperates with no underwear. sometimes i wear underwear mostly not. I love to wear spandex for exercising and it emphasizes my body too. bye. I also have a post also . recently one night i was sitting nude on the toilet seat and i suddenly got that full-erotic feeling one gets when you know you are just about to crash out an enormous bowel-movement. i immediatly felt a great tingling sensation in my ass as i felt my anus open up real wide to let it out. suddenly i heard my mothers voice from behind the closed bathroom door. my mom was having a conversation with me while i was having a! huge dump. i kinda got excited by this even though my body was already very excited,energized and all pumped up due to my swimming laps and weightlifting i have done at the ymca earlier in the day. as my mom continued to talk my turd kept getting bigger & bigger. the conversation with my mom went like this folks..."Yeah mother!thats right." I said.when my turd was 6 inches long. "Ok mom" I answered .when my turd was now a foot long! "Dont worry i will do it mom" when my turd was now 14 inches long! then my mom started to ramble about something and i saw this as my chance to crash the rest of my log out as i braced myself and squeezed out a 16 1/2 in ch monster! (I measured my log later) i tell ya crashing this monster log out really curled my toes. it felt great! then like clockwork i started to add piss to my log. (wow! my man scott would sure get a hard on if he saw me do this and i am sure other posters here would as well. haha!) scott wasnt with me this time so i wo! uld have to tell him all about it later.. wow! would my mom be red in the face if she saw me actually taking this huge log while she talked to me! well hoped ya liked my story. did this situation ever happen to anyone else?. bye now. love,kim

Wow This is awsome! I was looking for some porn sites to post the e-mail addresses of some people who keep sending me spam and accidently found this site. I love pooping and
farting. One time in the 3rd grade I felt the urge to go and the Nun wouldn't let me. She said to wait till after class. Well I tried to hold it in by moving and squirming around in my desk, but I had no luck. The biggest, loudest,
longest fart I ever let in my life came out and made the other kids jump in their desks. Thge Nun finally said I could go and I began to run from the room when a turn plopped on the floor. I stopped and looked at it, thinking I should clean it up, but then I just ran to the bathroom and took the rest of my dump. I had so much gas and I remember how much fun it was farting with force to make it echo louder in the girls restroom. One girl came in who I didn't like and I let out a long loud one so I could hear her say Eeeeeew! and run out. When I was done I had to go back to class, but when I got there Someone had cleaned up my turd and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to guess who did it. I also had to take a note home to my mom saying that I wasn't wearing underware to school, but on my way home I took another poop by the creek and used the note to wipe with. My underware was there drying in a tree cos I had t5o poop on the way to school and I crapped by the creek a! nd used my panties to wipe. I washed them in the creek and put them in the tree to dry so I had panties on when I got home. The school called my mom and she was waiting to ask me why I didn't have any on, but I showed her that I did and she called the school back and told them that they were full of S--t. Well I feel a good one coming on, so I'm off to feed the gulper a pile or two, see ya and thanks for this kewl site! Prunella

Several years ago one winter me and my friend Trish went to our cabin up in Michigan to meet our boyfriends who would come up the next day. Trish said that she normally pooped once a day but that she hadn't gone in more than a week. I told her we had laxatives and stool softners and not to worry. We got our groceries and came back to our two-story cabin. Soon after we got back it started snowing harder.

After supper she said she had the strong urge to poop and went into the upstairs bathroom. A few minutes later I went up ther to get a Cosmo Magazine that I had bought. As I passed the bathroom I could hear her grunting loud, with lots of gasps and groans.
I asked if she was alright and she said, "My poop is too large to, UHHHH, come out." I asked if I could come in and she said "Yes." When I came in she had removed her sweat pants, shoes and underwear. She contorted her face in effort and went, "NNNNNNNGHNN!"
"Oh my God, let me get the softner," I said and left. Unfortunately we didn't have anymore softner or laxatives. When I told her she started crying a little and suggested going to the store for softner, but it was snowing to hard. She asked me to see how much was coming out.
Trish got down off the toilet and squatted. "UH! NNNNNNGH!" Her perenium was buldging she was so full of poop. Then her hole bulged and the wide brown tip went out and inch.
"Oh God!" she gasped from effort. After she stopped straining it slipped into her. Her face was red from effort.
"You're gonna have to strain with all your might!" I said.
"It's too big," she said, a tear running down her cheek. She got back up, gripped the roll of toilet paper and began giving a SUPER PUSH! Face contorted, she began birthing the monster from her ass again. This time a little more came out. She stopped from exhaustion and said, "why can't it just come out!"
The big knobby turd hung between her legs. She moaned from being opened so wide and panted from effort.
"It's coming," I said. "Just keep pushing, Trish. You can do it," I encouraged.
"It's stuck," she said. She reached under to feel it and said it felt like clay. "UH!NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH! Gasp! Oh God!" she cried. She twisted her body at an angle and pushed some more, faced contored in birthing effort. The monster turd didn't budge for a minute, then slowly began coming down. Trish rested then got off the toilet for me to see. About 10 inches were out. There was very little smell but her entire bottom was turning red from pushing.
"Ooooooh," she moaned. "UH!" Another inch slid out, this even wider, causing her to yelp in pain. Red faced, she got back up on the toilet, twisted her body and grunted like my sister did we she had a baby a year ago. I had never heard such grunting! I thought it would bring the neighbors over.
Finally the monster poop slipped from her asshole, which pulsated from the birth. I knew it would never flush so I got an old pie pan and plastic spoon to scoop it out. Trish moaned when she wiped, then said she felt 10 pounds lighter. We giggled when we wondered what the guys would say if they were hereto have seen or heard her performance. The turd was a good 14 -16 inches long, heavy and incredible thick. And I mean thick! She said her pulsating hole hurt but I didn't have any Vaseline for her to use.
I took the monster turn, walked out on the deck and tossed it onto a snow drift for the snow to cover.

Name that dump
My name is Hance. My wife, Teah, is famous for clogging up toilets and eating anything she can squeeze into her belly. She has a very big butt, too. Her body measurements are 30-24-38. I like when she paints her nails; it's sexy. But don't fall in love yet. Last week I was taking Gina and Tom to Maryland for Gina's birthday. Gina is Teah's friend, and Tom is Gina's husband. Everything on the trip from Georgia was fine, until we got on Interstate 95's Washington D.C. Belt. 2 days before the trip, Teah had eaten a lot of who-knows-what, and she was ready to pop! She was complaining of stomach pain for about 3 miles, then she started farting loudly. After giving us the gas chamber treatment, Gina suggested that we drop Teah off at a rest stop, and leave her there. But we were in the most congested part of the Interstate, and I wouldn't see another rest stop until we got to Silver Springs. Teah kept telling me to stop the van so that she could take a dump. When traff! ic slowed to a complete stop, she jumped out of the van and ran up a grassy hill. She wasn't far up either; we could all see her stopping near a brush. She arched her back, pulling up her tight, floral pattern spandex dress. She got the dress up around her waist and ripped her black thong from the crack of her bubble butt. Then she crouched lower; a smooth brown burden oozed out of her puckered hole and dropped on the grass beneath her. She pissed a bit and pushed out more turds, breaking them off as she did. From afar we all saw her huge ass spread open, pushing out big logs. Then a patrolman slammed his car door and stared up the hill. We all turned and faced front. In the passenger side rearview, I saw the cop going for his radio, then he paused. I looked up the hill and Teah was still pooping! A putrid pile had accumulated beneath her, and she was careful not to step in it as she opened her purse for tissue. The cop watched her wipe, pull up her thong, and pull! her dress down over her great big donkey ass. She came down the hill and the cop approached her. At that point we all got out. The cop saw us coming near and took out his ticket board.
"She with y'all?" the cop asked.
"Yes," I said. "She's my wife."
The cop asked Teah, "Miss, were you sick?"
"Yeah," she nodded, knowing he saw her. "I had to dookie."
"Dookie," the cop said, writing out the ticket. "You're lucky I can't get another unit out here, or you'd be pinching loaves in the D.C. lock up." He copied the plate number. "I don't know how y'all do things down in Atlanta, but up here we crap in private."
"She won't do it again," I told him. "I'll duct tape her butthole shut if I have to."
The cop gave me the ticket and then took some notes. He kept looking at Teah, then he said to her, "Turn around." When she did, he removed his sunglasses and nodded.
"Is that all?" I asked, because I recalled the first I saw Teah's thick thighs .
"First name," the cop said to Tom.
"Thomas," he said.
"As in Tom," he cop echoed. "And you?"
"Regina," his wife said.
"As in Gina," the cop repeated. "And you, the crapper's husband."
"Hance," I said, embarrassed.
"As in Hancebridge," the cop said. He nodded to Teah. "And you?"
"Shyteah," she said, gapped 2 from teeth showing as she spoke.
The cop grinned. "As in sh_t."

Ryan (Massachusetts)
I got a poem,
How dry i am.....
How wet Ill be....
If I dot find.....
The bathroom key......

I found the key.....
I found the door.....
But it's too late......
It's on the floor....

How did you like that?

yesterday I felt this strong urge to crap while on the computer so I went upstairs (nobody was home) puled my black shorts and white Jockey French cut underwear down and began to push. I could tell it was going to be a thick one and had to push harder than normal. The first piece dropped off and then the monster piece started slowly coming down, opening me up very wide. I reached under and felt my ring stretch wider and a thick dry piece just sitting there. I gave a loud sigh and bore down. My legs started shaking and my heart was racing as it crackled downward, stopped for a second and moved again. The feeling of being opened up was incredible! After it dropped off I got up and looked down. It was a thick mass consisting of dozens of round balls. When I went to wipe it felt orgasmic.

TO YOUNG POOING WOMAN-Hey,I'd like your phone #-I'd like to call you and hear you take your morning poop-great story
TO PLUNGING PLOPGUY-Coll story about exchanging tapes of you and your friends dumping-We should all do that on this forum with each other!It would be interesting to say the least!
Took a good explosive dump at the beach yesterday-By the time i biked out there,i really had to go bad,when i got to the men's room there was a realy pretty girl waiting right outside the men's room -she was standing practically in the men's room and i walked past her and said'HI' and she smiled at me very nicely.When i got in there,there was a guy in the stall( I guess it was her boyfriend) Finishing up taking a loose dump-so i go into the stall a few away from him and as i'm cleaning the bowl,i hear him farting a little and squezzing out the tail end of his BM and then i hear his girl friend say to him"YOu feel better now ?' and he said yea,i don't know what i ate" and then as he is wiping he talks to me and says" hope you didn't eat at the snackbar and have those taco wraps,i think that's why i'm in here doing this"I said" no I just came in her from the bike path and i probably have to go as bad as you do" and laughed.Then i sat on the bowl as he was finishing up wiping! and i noticed his girlfriend was almost right outside my stall-this was cool so i pushed and had a nice fart come out followed right away with some soft stuff that came out real fast and hit the bowl with a shloooop sound and it was a lot-just then i heard the girl say to me "wow you really had to go didn't you?" and at this point she was right outside my stall and i saw her trying to look in at me-she was real nice looking and i was really getting turned on by this and i just grunted back to her as i was pushing out some more stuff"Yep,i most certainally did" Meanwhile her boyfriend was just sittin in his stall.i don't really know what he was doing.I was sitting there waiting to go some more and this girl is looking in on me-i don't know if she could see me,but i thought she might-then i heard him fart and do a little watery poop that streamed into the bowl then i got another cramp and pushed out some pudding poop with a lot of gas and as i'm going i see the girl looking a! t me intently,but i had my eyes semi-closed so she could not see me looking back at her_i think they were both getting off on me dumping_ had to hide my erection from this girl-this whole thing was pretty cool as far as i was concerned!Then he wiped again and came out and then i was wiping and the girl was looking at that too-she was being discreet and just sneaking a look when she thought i didn't see her.Then he came out and went to wash his hands and she is stlll looking at me wiping-Then he said to her"hey honey leave the guy alone and give him some privacy "and he and her laughed.I said nothing and then they both said so long and left and then i finished up and left myself-WOW what a cool.experience that was!I love dumping out here at the beach!I've been to this beach before but not to this area that i found this week-very busy in the a.m with all kinds of folks dumping and stuff-Very cool!!I would have loved to have watched this girl poo too-!!BYE

Latly i had some weird dreams about bathrooms. The first one i had the other night that i was in some mall and i went to check out the bathrooms and every stall was occupied by little boys and they all had the stall doors open.
Then the other one was about someone told me to go into the bathroom i think there was supposed to be a ghost of a boy in there...i don't remember much about this one.

Then this morning i woke up for work at 4:30am and turned the tv on and there was some movie on and these boys were traveling in a van and this heavy set boy asked the driver to pull over cause he had to go the bathroom then you see him running back with toilet paper, you don;t see any thing. It was on TNT.

I don't know about you but that new picture on this websites home page of the lady sitting on the toilet is splendid! The Moderator hit a home run with that one!

anal fixated person
hi, ¿does someone have an idea about why some restrooms are designed in such a nasty arrengement? I have always wondered what the architect (or designer or whatever) was thinking when in some cases the stalls are right in front of a door or something like that, and for practical purposes, even if someone is outside, it´s just as if he or she were inside the restroom, and then another question arises. If anyone outside a restroom can witness you shitting, including of course, people of the opposite sex, then what´s the reason for having separate facilities??? Even worst, some men and women´s restrooms which are of the type with 0 privacy are next to each other, and yet you are separated but it´s ridiculous because still, you are exposed to persons of the opposite sex. Don´t you think?

By the way, I am bisexual and I enjoy everything related to shitting. For me, it´s a real turn on when you´re in a shitting situation in which men and women are involved, cause I think the taboo nature of the subject makes it more erotic. Well, I´m crazy, and I have said enough for today. BABAY!

Undin (Greece)
To Anne (bus driver): Thank you for your great toilet stories; They are my favourite ones. I have seen your diet but If you eat plenty of Greek food (like moussaka or kebabs) for sure you're going to have a nerw record!

Unfortunately in Athens (where I live) there are rarely good
toilet stories. As I had stated previously, 10 years ago and more you could see almost every day huge unflushable poops because of many budget tourists consuming plenty of cheap but good Greek food. Nowadays it only happens once per two or three weeks! In the National garden toilets there are two stalls in the ladies (and gents too)and some years ago used to be like a poop competition; Nowadays all tourists that come to Athens usualy stay from some hours to a couple of days to see the ancient stuff and then escape to an island. I remember 3 Scandinavian (most probably Swedish) ladies that came to the toilet carrying all of their baggages in the toilet. They must have already been in
an island since all of them were chocolate colored and were
"killing" their time until the next morning flight back to their country. I stayed of course in the gents toilet since
the space above toilets is open and you can hear everything.
The short blonde used the left one and the Brunette the right while the tall blonde was waiting. The Brunette had along wee and after finishing the tall blonde got in. The short blonde released two small plops like PLOP PLOP and then there was silence for about 3 minutes until she wiped 3 times. She was flushing repeatedly. The tall blonde was silent for more than 5 minutes until she wiped and flushed repeatedly as well. I could listen them shouting & laughing (probably who has made the biggest) like WOW!!!! When they left I got in and I saw that the short blonde (about 5'3") had made a log of about 12" long (2.5" fat) while the tall one (6') had made a turd of 8" long but more than 3" fat.

If any of you decide to come to Greece for holidays I hope
to "honor" our public toilets properly.

I also want to comment this: I have rarely seen a fat lady
making huge turds while slim and good looking ladies make realy long and fat ones much more often. I also know a short American lady of about 4'7" tall that usualy makes huge turds (15-20 inches long). Can you tell me why this happens?

I agree with Tony from Scotland on the subject of people talking about diarrhea, Captian Poo Poo. Its my experience since I was a kid, (since Im in my mid twenties that's 20 years or so), that while people WILL mention doing a good solid motion, if they suffer from a bout of the runs then if they mention this at all it is usually as an excuse to explain going home early from work or school, or even to have an absence. Let's face it, even the strictest teacher or employer is unlikely to want to see the evidence! In some work it is actually a requirement that you stay away if you have the squitters, catering and food industries being one and I think Anne the Bus Driver said that her employers accept a driver going off sick if they say they have diarrhea as it is a safety hazard to try to drive a vehicle while struggling to avoid shitting your pants. From schooldays I found that other girls and boys and some adults would happily mention the big solid jobbies they had done, with p! ride in many cases and were glad to let others see such big turds in the toilet pan, (I certainly do), but I cannot remember anyone talking in detail about having an attack of diarrhea although this happened of course and a few times I had the unpleasant experience of going into a cubicle in the Girls Toilet at school and seeing a horrible load of liquid shit or loose poo unflushed in the pan, to me a total turn off. In contrast, seeing a nice big solid turd was a sure fire turn on as it still is. No girl ever said, "I left that load of diarrhea in the pan" but quite a few did say "Ive just done a motion after being constipated yesterday and it all came away in a big lump, have a look it wont flush away!" or words to that effect. I agree with Gruntly Bogwell that doing a big solid poo is proto- orgasmic, but I have no problem admitting this!

Plunging Ploppy, eating more bread helps make big solid but not too hard jobbies as it adds bulk to the stools. If you are usually constipated and your motions are too small in quantity and too hard and lumpy try brown wholemeal bread and experiment with the type and quantity until you pass the type of motion you like. If your poos are soft but small in size and amount eat white bread instead, believe it or not it is also high in dietary fibre. I certainly agree with you about the sound effects made by large solid turds when they drop into the pan being a turn on both when they are your own and when you hear other people doing them. Like many others here from childhood I can rememeber getting a buzz when I heard other girls in the toilets at school grunting then the "Kersplonks! and Kurpsloonks!" as their big solid jobbies dropped into the pan, and hearing adults such as my mum and dad and boys doing so too. There is something about the sound made by a really big fat solid! jobbie. The very long ones, such as I often pass myself, dont make a lot of sound only a "flump!" as they slip into the pan and these are often "beachers" where part sticks up out of the water they best sounds come from the fat, solid jobbies which are from 6 to 9 inches long. These turds make a really satisfying deep and resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOONK!" when they fall into the toilet pan. As you say the stainless steel pans, quite common in Public Toilets in the UK, make a really satisfying sound!

This morning I had an amusing motion! I have a day's leave from work and so does my husband, who has agreed to give me a hand with some decorating etc in the house. We woke up at 7.30am and started to have a cuddle as couples do when I let go a silent but violent fart, a real eggy niffer! This was no surprise as I had eaten one of my favourite meals at our canteen yesterday, hard boiled eggs in a creamy sauce. My husband leapt out of bed loudly complaining about the nasty stink. I did need a poo, I hadnt done one yesterday, so went to the toilet, asking my husband if he wanted to come in with me as he usually does. This time he was unwilling saying that if something had died up my arse he didnt want to smell it when it came out, but I persuaded him to come in. As it has been warm we had both slept naked so I sat there with no knickers on and did my wee wee then I felt a big fat knobbly turd start to slowly emerge. I went NNN! UH! OO! as I passed it and hubby was suprised ! that the smell wasnt that bad after all. He rubbed my ???? as I passed it, then it tapered off and shot into the pan with a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" followed by a smaller fat jobbie which went KER-SPLOONK!" I got my breath back while my other half got a moist wipe and said, "Nice ones Nicky, stand up and I'll wipe your bum!" I knew there was more to come out so I remained seated saying, "Im not finished, there's another one coming down" This time my anus opned and a fat smooth easy poo started to ooze out. DID IT STINK! this was the waste product from my egg meal the previous day. Obviously the stinky fart I had done in bed had been caused by this poo and had come out past the harder jobbies futher down my rectum. It was solid and cohesive and formed but easy and just slid out to the gentle pressure I maintained. My husband had shot out of the toilet going "Oh poo Ginge (another knick name given my red hair), what a stink what have you been eating!" It gently tapered! off and made a quiet "Flimp!" as it slid into the pan. Finished I got up and had a look at my motions. The first was a big fat knobbly firm jobbie of about 9 inches long which was 2.5 inches thick for most of its length then tapered to a point, and a second fat shorter turd of 5 inches. On top of these was the long fat smooth curved poo of about another 12 inches long and curved right round in the pan. The first two were a darker brown then the khaki coloured easier one in which I could see embedded some white bits obviously bits of egg white which had passed through me undigested. Curiosity overcame my husband's dislike of the eggy stink and he had his usual good look down the pan at what I had produced but left me to wipe my own bum. He has gone out to try to get some petrol (gasoline) as the UK has had a fuel crisis this last week and I have left my load unflushed till he comes back. I must say I feel a lot lighter for that lot. Cheers everyone!

Just want to say-some really cool posts today-
TO GEFF-Wow-why can't I find a bathroom like that,It must have been real cool to poo along with that woman!Good story
TO MICHEAL-That young girl sounded like she was really into pooing for you!Don't you love when they get discriptive when they are pooing-that's a real turn-on for me-Good stuff!
TO MEL-It depends on how much poo comes out and if it is messy or not,but normally i guess i use about 4-5 squares but it is after i use these handy wipes,and i use them all the time esp when i poo outdoors or in a public toilet-I carry them in my bike-backpak-To me,that's when i can get totally clean-then i wipe with toilet paper-I'm into being clean after a good BM If i get any poo on my hands,i right away got to wash them or better yet,take a shower-If i am at the beach, after i dump' i usually find a shower to really clean up right-That's the best for me anyway
TO HIKER(uk)I really enjoy your stories in the french toilets-you should videotape these moments for posterity!I would lose my mind in there-I should go to europe-good stuff!
Lately,i've really been into pooing along with other guys(i wish it were women,but i've haven't been that lucky) I think this forum has really opened me up to all kinds of ideas about pooing-I really like this place not just for great reading but also for great ideas about pooing with others-I sometimes look forward to going to a men's room esp in the early a.m.when i realy got to poop bad and i run into others getting ready to poop too-It's such a turn-on for me to hear others farting and pooing up a storm as i am pushing out my own a.m. excrement-got to find a woman to do this with-it's been too long!but i'm realy enjoying all these poo sessions lately!Haven't been to the woods lately,been going to the beach-I'm going there again today-I'm going to try and hold my a.m. BM til i can get out there to do it hopefully along with others pooing too Great stories all! BYE

young pooing women
Today is the first day in three i did not shit but i was fixing to watch my soap opera and i felt the urge to take a dump very bad and i got some aluminium foil and some paper towel on top the foil and sat on my knees on the floor to about the time i was fixing to shit the phone rang so i had a very important phone call and my jobbie was peeking out my butt cheeks and i was coming out hard and i had to strain and push it out trying to talk at the same time i let a big fart and the person on the phone new what i was doing so i kept on pushing it out so it was 12 inches long and fat i dont a couple more long turds and some small round ones i done alot more it felt so good coming out and i asked the person to hold on i layed the phone on the floor by my ass and i let out the biggest fart and i done 4 short turds and they were hitting the foil fast and the person asked me if i need to let them go and they told me to call them back so i could finish taking a dump and so i could wip! e my ass so it felt good after i finshed my dump bye now

Michael - great story Mich, wish it had been me, what a large poo (and a half) do you still see her or was it a childhood thing?

Mel - Myself, when I poo I don't wipe, I just get straight into the shower in the morning, part my cheeks and let the warm water wash away the eccess, I find its the best way of keeping clean, although if I poo in the afternoon I usualy use about 6-7 squares per wipe, depending on the job in hand it may require up to 3 or even 4 of these, but then I have found that if I wipe too much I get an itchy butt, so I try and either use wet wipes or wash my butt with water and use soothing creams like Savlon.

Captain Poo Poo - I agree, especialy English people will not talk about they're bodily functions, people frown if you mention you need to poo, or go quiet and refuse to aknowledge your problem, I have met only a few people who will talk about it, (very few women, and never they're own) and they are mostly men, and it is usually a source of amusement.

Plunging Plopguy
Like I said in my message of yesterday-I'll certainly enjoy being able to talk so openly and freely about this overwhelmingly fantastic subject.
I'm very grateful to the moderator for the privilege of reading all the messages and those who have sent them in .I'm working my way through them all and love the references to guys enjoying a good splash of water up the bum when sitting on the toilet to drop a log.Dazz in Australia really appreciates that as much as I do ,also Johnny Fartpants and no doubt I'll find others who share this pleasure.I also love to know I'm being heard when I drop one and fortunately am able to use one of the not many public toilets where this is possible.The toilets are actually made of stainless steel and are deep but with shalloe water traps that can really splash the buttocks when a solid turd PLOPS.I love to hear young guys go in,pull their jeans and pants down,sit covering the toilet seat,fart,grunt and procede to drop loud bum-splashing turds at intervals.When he's finished I try to be at the washbasins when he flushes and comes out so that I can go straight in to the cubicle where he'! s been shitting and sit on the same seat warm from his musclrd arse and if possible do the same .Ecstacy!
Any other guys like me into this enjoy the additional turn on of shitting where there's some really heavy skidmarks down the pan from a fit bloke who's just been on
I'd be very grateful for advice as to what in the diet makes the big satisfying logs I love doing as quite often the turds I do are small to medium and I can't seem to get the happy medium of being neither constipated or too urgent.I have a high fibre cereal for breakfast and fruit and vegetables during the day but dont want to be overdoing the fibre which I increases due to constipation a while back.I drink about 6 mugs of liquid per day but can't gauge the right ammount for the body's needs and enjoyment!
I've got a friend I see occasionally fit well muscled biker who also really enjoys having a good loud shit and getting his arse well-splashed.We used to swap tapes of each other's sessions on the toilet sometimes giving graphic accounts of the sensations feelings and where the splashes were going and to hear him describe getting up off the toilet witht the feeling that all of his arse muscle that had been hanging through the toilet was soaking wet with the plopsplashes!!!!!!!!!!!!BRILLIANT!!!
We often refer to the bog-zone i.e.the part of the bum and thighs that is actually exposed to the toilet while someone is sitting on it.What a pity that so few guys now are wearing ripped arse jeans that show off the potential splash area,the bog zone.
Great to hear that Australian toilets are good for dropping loud shits that splash,let's spare a thought for those who miss out on that because of using toilets with smaller or less pleasurable water traps and especially those of Eastern Europe who have to shit onto a ledge.
Anyway ,hope a few other guys will be interested in all this and look forward to some feedback on any of this .It seems from what I've read that there are a lot of toilets in the U.S.A.with no doors!!!!!!!!Where can I see any pictures,does anyone know?
Cheers,Good plopping everyone.

I heard this joke today.....

Staush was hitchhiking to California and got picked up by a truck driver. The driver
was in a hurry and could not make any stops. About 20 miles down the road
Staush said, "I have to take shit!"

The driver said, "I don't have the time to stop."

Staush replied, "Got to shit!"

The driver pulled over and said, "Go down over the hill and take a shit and hurry

Ten minutes passed, and no Staush had not returned. The driver hollered, "Hurry
up!" Staush asked if he had any toilet paper. The driver replied, "No! wipe your ass
on a dollar.

After a while, Staush came up the hill with shit all over him. The driver said, "How
did you get shit all over yourself?"

Staush replied, "You ever try to wipe ass on three quarters two dimes and a

I've gotta take a shit, right now, i'll be right back to tell about it. It's getting very urgent.
Well Im back. I let out a 7" log(not nearly as big as yesterday). Today it was light brown and i only wiped 3 times.

To Ryan S.: That is amzaing and it's cool too.

To Midnight Cowboy: I liked your story how you decided to shit in the woods(i never have done this). That must have been embarssing when those older boys harrased you. How old were you? that you had different sized genitals then the older boys?


Thanks for sharing your experiences in the French toilets. You are so lucky to have found them. I'm interested in how you know the approx age of the women you observe under the partition. I'm assuming that most of the time you're already in there rather than following them in. Also you seem to be able to see their anus very clearly, eg how open it is. Do their cheeks not get in the way when viewed from the side?

I look foward to some answers and some more stories.


Ideally I use no toilet paper at all! My perfect toilet is one that also has a shower with a shower head that you can take off the wall on a flexible hose. I have one at home and often there's one in hotel bathrooms. Once I've fininished pooping I don't wipe at all, but take off trousers, underwear, shoes and socks and squat in the shower and spray up onto my butt. I open and close my hole like I was having a poop and it really feels good. Sometimes a few remnants come out and I have to rinse them away but that's no problem. It leaves me perfectly clean and feeling great. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Lawn Dogs Kid
I see Kendal has explained the problem with my Mum and Dad at the moment. Enough said. So, a quick post.

I finally discovered that my mate Bev, the one whose little sister is now friends with Chloe, and who also suffered the same humiliating toilet experience as Chloe did, finally got those two year 10 girls back !

Bev ( year 11 like me ) took a friend of hers, and was going to force both girls to go to the toilet while they watched. I'm pleased she didn't tell me that before it happened, because I don't personally think that bullying them back would help what happened. However, the best laid plans don't always go the way you think !

Apparantly, Bev and her mate watched as the two girls went into the toilets, and then crept in after them. Once inside, they were amazed to find both the girls had disappeared. On looking at the stalls, only one was shut. So they decided (silently) that they could organise the ultimate get back, that is to do exactly the same to them as they had done to Chloe and Kirsty. So Bev went on one side and her mate on the other, and both climbed onto the toilets to look over the cubicle walls. No force was therefore necessary.

One of the girls was sat on the toilet peeing. They could both hear that. But the other one was stood in front of her friend with her skirt up, enjoying a sexual act which I shall not describe performed by the girl on the toilet for her.

Being caught in the act was a total humiliation for them, probably far worse than they had heaped on Chloe and Kirsty. Bev and her mate have certainly got the dirt on those girls now ! Consequently, an "arrangement" was made that Bev and her mate would not tell what they had seen provided they did not hear of any other girls suffering what Chloe and Kirsty did ! Now that sounds like a fine bargain to me.

Bev is a very honourable girl, although I don't know her friend too well. However, Bev did tell me what happened, and I've told you people now. She won't tell anyone else, and neither will I. We both told Chloe and Kirsty that it had now been sorted out, and I filled Chloe in on more of the details later.

All's well that ends well !

Gruntly Bogwell
TO: Captain Poo Poo Of course they don't want to share the "healthy" poos with everyone, because a good grunt and subsequent relief is a sexual activity…it outright feels good…your whole focus for several minutes is your own pulsating hole and then the feeling of lightness and relief…downright proto-orgasmic for many people and they can't admit that it's a turn on. But, diarrhea is messy, cramping and a royal bother…loss of control…and so gross (for most) that it's a sympathy getter. But, a controlled, poo log struggling with the sphincter and its anal pulsating release…that's the stuff of legends…many of which appear on this very website.

TO: Indian Guddy I would not be concerned one bit about the poo viewing session you had with the priest's wife. Put yourself in her place, her husband is out of town and she has just seen your 15 year old nakedness as she interrupted your poo, then she asks you to bring her water for flushing, knowing you had to come into the squatting loo. She turns her face away and let's you look at her underside as she emptied her bowels (and we all know the sensual feeling that is or we wouldn't be lurking on this website). She enjoyed the hell out of the situation, and even put on a little show for you, NOT your fault, except that she doomed you to a life of desire for repeat performances from your aunt and other women. She probably gave the good father a hell of a ride when he got back, thinking of you viewing her in awe of her pooping. Then made sure you had a good look, by asking you to get more water to flush. She knew exactly what she was doing…it is she who can't meet ! "your" eyes.

TO: bigd I loved your comment that "reading these posts has turned you into a Perve for sure"…been laughing about that for two days. At least we are all harmless "perves" overly concerned with out toiletine labors and those of others. The best thing is finding like-minded "perves" in this convenient forum, which keeps out the real "perves" as are lurking on numerous grossly scatological sites out there…score one for The Toilet.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Captain POO POO. My experiences are EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE TO YOURS. Of the people who will talk about their bowel movements, (still a minority given British prudishness but more than when I was a kid 40 years ago), they will happily mention that they " did a big turd" or "they have been a bit contipated and did a load of hard lumps" or that "they had a good motion and passed a big sausage" but very few indeed will, (THANKFULLY in my opinion!), elaborate on having an attack of the hated runs saying only, if they make any comment at all, "I suffered a bout of diarrhea" or soemthing like that then changing the subject. I am only too happy that people do this as I hate diarrhea, either suffering from it , hearing someone having it, and worst of all seeing a mess of it in a toilet. In contrast, doing a nice big solid jobbie, hearing someone else doing one, and best of all seeing a big fat jobbie unflushed in the toilet pan is a sure fire turn on for me as readers of old posts will b! e well aware. Thankfully it is very rare for either myself or Theresa to suffer an attack of diarrhea, if anything our default condition is to be slightly constipated but we have both been afflicted by the runs in the past and Im sure we will be hit by this horrible condition in the future but Hell will freeze over before I post any details about it here. On the other hand, big solid jobbies, loud "Kur-sploonks! beachers and panbusters stuck in the toilet pan, Im your man!

Like you, Captain, I detest "political correctness" Yes, we should't use bigotted language about races or genders but that is common courtesy. What I hate is the clumsy words and phrases that PC uses to avoid being in the slightest judgemental. Well, Im sorry, but life is about judgements, some good some bad, and different cultures have diverse opinions. I eat and enjoy roast pork, unclean and loathsome to the devout Jew or Islamic, I like an alcoholic drink, sinful to Islam, eat beef, sacred to the Hundu. In those cultures I am wrong, im my own, no problem. I take no offence at the Jew, Islamic or Hindu considering my diet as wrong in their eyes and saying so as long as they dont try to stop me eating what I like in my own country. Likewize, Im a bit overweight, so cant complain if Im called fat, its a fact. I refuse to use thePC phrases. A friend of mine is deaf, I refer to him as such, not "auditorily challenged". My mother is old, not "a senior citizen" or "in her thir! d age" she would still wallop me if I used such silly words to her. Let common sense prevail!

I tried an interesting experiment yesterday. I was alone in the house, Theresa having stayed over with a work colleague as we have a pertol (gasoline) problem in the UK at present and didnt want to run out of fuel. Anyway, I neede a jobbie, I could feel that it was going to be a nice big solid one. I was going to the toilet to do it when I thought, "Would it be possible to do a motion while lying on your belly (prone)?" As the need wasn't urgent I took off all my clothes and arranged the mirrors so I could see my buttocks as I lay on the vinyl tiled floor of our bathroom / toilet which of course is washable. Not to make too much mess I stood to pee into the toilet pan, (nowadays I often copy my friend George and sit to pee as many modern men do). I then lay on the floor. When i felt the turd come down I gave a push "OO! NNN! UH! and as I watched I saw the fat brown jobbie start to push up between my buttocks. It slowly grew into a big brown column as I pushed it out and st! ood up for a few moments until I gave a final NNN! and it came out and toppled over between my legs. Finished I carefully stood up then lifted the big fat turd and put it down one of our twin pans, washed the floor, (it was solid and hadnt made any mess,) and cleaned off myself and got dressed again. Has anyone else done a (solid) motion in an unusual position?

Sandra and Nicola, great stories about do dos at the dentists, especially Sandra's about hearing the huge deep KER-SPLOOSH! as the nurse did a big one into the pan! WOW!

Midnight Cowboy, what a horrible experience you suffered. My total sympathy to you. I have often shit in the woods since i was a kid but have often been with a trusted friend or friends and in any event have always gone off the beaten track where I cant be seen by strangers although I have heard people some yards away. This is both to avoid being assaulted in the way you mention and as in the UK it is an offence to expose yourself (that is your genitals) in public.

Captain PooPoo
And now, a riddle for those who, like myself, don't care for this whole "political correctness" business:

Why do you suppose it is that people who would never DREAM of taking about their ordinary, everyday poo in a social context--people who prefer to cover up all indicators that they ever have to poo at all--don't hesitate to talk about their DIARRHEA? Your spinster aunt, the nun in the library, the shyest most inhibited fuddy-duddy you can imagine won't hesitate to report what a bad case of diarrhea they recently endured. But to make mention of a huge, satisfying log they passed earlier in the week? Not a chance!

All theories are welcome.

Young women who loves to shit
I had another experience i was riding the road and i went to this fast food restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat and when i finished eatting i felf this urge and it was very strong well i was at the red light i had a short skirt and i took my panties off at the redlight and i felt it the turd trying to come out it was very hard so i had a empty trash bag and i was at the red light it took a few minutes to change green as it changed green i put my ass in the bag in my seat raised up as high as i could go and the turd was long and hard and big around to it was 71/2 inches long and this guy in the truck saw it coming out i had to go through the light and stop at this gas station and finish trying to shit and it felt so good when i stopped the car i leaned in the passenger to push some more out i pushed two more long ones and 4 medium size and some loud farts and some medium size short ones and it felt so good i wiped my ass and left the store i did not care if anyone saw me bye n! ow

I am very interested to know how much toilet paper people use when they wipe themselves after a crap. Specifically, how many sheets do you pull off at one time when you pull tp off the roll? I generally pull about 5 or 6 sheets off at a time. Is that about average, or do you pull more or less? I find if I pull off much more than that, it makes clogs more likely. If I use less than that, it gets too messy and I get shit on my hands. About 5 to 6 sheets at a time is my average. What about everyone else? Also, is there a difference between guys and gals on this?

man I have've posted in a LONG time.Welp I don't have any good recent stories,but I do have a story that happened to me when I was about 14 or 15.In my neighborhood there was this girl who has brown hair,cute face,and was quite popular in the school she went to.Anyway we became girlfriend and boyfriend a little while after we became friends,and usually walked through the park right across from where we lived.One day she was wearing jeans,and a cutoff shirt,and we were taking a usual walk through the park.After awhile I heard her ???? started grumbling and like most would've,I thought she was just hungry.Then she said"oh man i gotta take a dump"I was very surprised.Then she asked if I wanted to see her dookie.I said sure.First we went to our secret spot in the park so noone could see her.She then turned around pulled down her jeans and her white panties.She looked behind herself at me and started to groan.First she starte3d to do a little wee.Then she stopped and I just stared! at her as nothing happened,then I heard loud farts,and since I was so close the smell hit immediately.She was in a squatting position.I watched as her hole opened up and a large long turd began to come out.
It slowly moved out and then went back up again.This is gonna be a big one she said.I can see that was my response.
She closed her eys and began to push hard as the turd came halfway out and formed a poop tail.She pushed even harder and more farts started coming as the 17 incher fell to the ground.She sat there still not moving so I knew more was coming.Then a fat turd started coming out and stopped midwasy and this showed no signs of coming out.She told me to come over and place a hand on her stomach to help.She closed her eys and I just stared at the poop tail. hanging out and now the smell of her farts was getting strong.I pushed as with her as the poop rushed out.Then a explosion of medium size turds came out.With thuds to the ground and little poop balls came.Finally she pushed hard as a huge turd followed by tons of poop balls came out.She knew I had tissue from my constant sneezing lately so I got to wipe her.She spread her cheaks for me as I got a good view of her ass.It was'nt that dirty,but I wiped inside anyway and threw the tissue away.She stood in her position and let out a! couple of stinky farts before pulling up her panties and jeans.How did you like that she said.I said great.we looked at her little duty she left for a while then left.

That was the first time a girl took a dump for me

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